How To Get Britney Spears' Skating Look

11/08/2006 at 12:00 PM ET

When she decided to go skating at Rockefeller Center last night, Britney Spears grabbed some affordable and cozy duds from the Gap. Her over-sized striped sweater and knit cap are so adorable, we might have to buy them too. (Though we’d wear a shirt underneath!) All and all, we’re loving the new and improved Britney Spears that we’ve seen this week. Can’t wait to see what she wears (and does) next!

Click here for Britney’s Gap Striped Shawl Sweater, $68, and Gap Pom Pom Beanie, $24. And if you loved her L.A.M.B dress from the other night, click here to buy it for a steeper $565.

Click here to see all of our coverage on Britney & Kevin’s breakup.

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

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night on

She looks fantastic. Divorce becomes her. But she really needs to be wearing a bra after two children. The sisters need a little boost if you know what I mean. Still she looks wonderful.

Sandy on

It’s about time !! Good for her !! not that I’m a huge fan but certainly not a k-fed fan if there is such a thing

regina on

*lol* no, thx. she can keep that look. britney was never one who knew how to dress.

seanan on

Three words: Nursing bra please.

The girl should be wearing a bra.

Anne on

Please Britney, do us all a favor and add a little something {i.e. tank, cami, oh hell even a wife beater would have been better than nothing!} under that sweater. I guess she can never totally escape her inherent tackiness; she just misses every time. Good concept … just not well executed.

Vonnie on

If she doesn’t continue to wear a bra, they will hang to her knees!!!!! I needed to get that out of my system. With that said. I think the look is adorable, it just needs the added touch of a shirt underneath the sweater and a bra. I have something similar. But I still wear a shirt underneath, and a bra. :D

Jess on

She looks so young again! She defintely needs a bra though for numerous reasons.

tree on

He is a major looser !

beth on

The hat and sweater are cute! And Britney certainly is looking cute herself! But I think she should’ve had a shirt on underneath that low cut sweater.. if not for fashion’s sake, but for comfort’s sake – she was in NYC on the ice!! Brr!!

heather on

good for her! divorce certainly looks good on her, but i agree, put a bra and tank on underneath! you will thank us later…

Lisa on

She looks stunning, Kevin made her look trashy!!!!! Team Brit!

Portia on

i thin that she looks great she needed to get away from hin couse all he done was put her down. I thin that were goin to see a deffrent side of britney know and thats good who cares if she isnt wearin a bra god people for get she is still only so young. Plus even if in the future she can have a boob job shes got the money . you go girl have fun stay away from men for a bit

Lover on

Ha ha…all of you saying “She needs a bra”, she is nursing, and perhaps your teenage minds can’t understand that some things ARE more important than fashion, or what you think fashion is. She has no inner takiness, she’s lovely. You’re not better than her and she’s not better than you, and unlike you she knows that.
On a less negative note; I think Britney looks amazing, she’s 24, she’s young and has her whole life ahead of her. I can’t wait to buy the new People Magazine, they used a gorgeous photo of her from David L.

anoy. on

she NEEDS a BRA!!!i love the jumper its really cute not a fan of the hat though or the lackage of bra!

Rebecca on

She looks pretty good, but something, *anything* under the sweater, PLEASE!

lauren on

I can’t believe how wonderful she looks. K-Fed really trashed her up! I’ve never been a huge Britney fan, but it’s nice to see her looking like her former self.

Lillian Gorham on

She looks so very old. And like everyone else–what does she have against a bra? Those deflated flaps need some assistance.

Courtney on

She looks SO GOOD!! LOVE HER!!


kate on

she doesn’t need a boob job, just a bra!
Britney never had any fashion sense so I think that this is actually one of her best looks.

Lisa on

Never been a fan favorite of Brittany. I will agree with alot of the comments girlfriend needs to wear a bra.

Danyale on

It seems like so long since we have seen Britney smile that big! She almost seems relieved about the divorce. She does wear divorce well. She is probably making a statement with no shirt under the sweater…ha ha ha ha Kevin I am hot again and you lose out!

Erica on

Free advertising for the Gap! Now, they’ll probably sell out of that stuff in a week! I think it’s cute, but for teens. Maybe just the sweater without the hat? On it has a tank under it, and it looks better that way. This is not a “sexy” sweater so trying to sex it up just makes it look funny. It would have looked better a size or two smaller, but it’s a nice sweater. I love when celebs like her, Alba and Witherspoon shop at the gap! Not everything needs to cost a million dollars to look cute.

Mac on

Please do not take that loser back! He has no talent at all. Good luck to you Britney.

Lauren on

good for her.
the outfit is cute, but she needs a bra!

finally, she dumps kevin…king of trash

Irene on

Hey I am glad she finally ditched that loser, But britney put some clothes on you are way to cute to look cheap..Keep smiling..Move On !!

Chelsea on

My god that’s her REAL hair?? I thought she was wearing a really bad wig on Letterman. Please tell me she didn’t pay for that look. Sean Preston gone wild with the scissors maybe.


To Britney, All I have to say is U GO GIRL!!!! I started to wonder if the new hit song by Justin Timberlake was meant for Britney… But if it isn’t… IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT SHOULD!!!



pink lilys on

awhhh, britney u look amazing!

u should b proud of yourself:

1.) losing all your weight
2.) Spliting with k-fed
3.)….and looking gorgeous!


Kim Brown on

I am sooo happy to hear that Brittney is shakin the biggest downfall of her career. All she needs to do is get back on the same track she was on before she was derailed. She is a beautiful, talented young woman & could have her career back in a flash. No #151 on her list of hits. Hire a sylist, get a Beverly Hills makeover and be the best she can be for herself & her boys. Once she gains her self esteem she’ll wonder what she was thinking, K-Fed who? A real man will find it a pleasure to love you & your boys. You Go Girl

jv on

good! she looks great now single! congrats for her! :)

Haley on

Could she go any lower with the tops lately? My gosh, one of these days with her low-cut shirts and no bra (not to mention she just had a baby), the paparazzi are going to have a heyday with her flash shot!

Kathy on

She looks amazing! Even though she isnt wearing a bra she still knows how to pull it off. I also loved her dress from earlier that night. Way to go Britney!

Listerino on

Okay although I’m happy Britney finally ditched K-Fed and everything and I agree she is looking great.I can’t help thinking now that I’ve seen heaps of photo’s that nobody can be THAT happy after announcing a divorce… Then again maybe it’s been a long time coming and she’s finally feeling free… *shrug* There certainly is a glow about her.
Anyway on the subject of her outfit I think it’s cute and it suits her. Although I don’t like her taste and I wouldn’t wear it I think it’s good she doesn’t let all the fashion critics make her bend or change her style. She always wears what she wants and you can tell that she is comfortable and confident in whatever she wears so good on her. Although to ice skate she might want to wear something under that sweater for warmth’s sake!

newie on

Well done! The team behind Brit’s come back new what they were doing: new body + new hair + divorce + public appearances + new good clothes = good come back! I was never a huge fan, but you go Britney!!

If music is coming soon, she’ll do well :)

BritneyUGoGirl!!!! on

Ok..Can someone get her some nice clothes! Pleeeeaaaseeee! Although she looks better than she has been for two years, we need the Fashion Police here lickety split!! Britney, we know you’re sexy but confidence is sexy… showing off more skin isn’t showing us sexy, it means you’re showing a little bit of insecurity so hurry up, cover up and when you feel better, you’ll shine shine shine!!!!!! No need to flash us the boobs. UUMMMMKAAAYYYYY?????? We love ya always!

Allison T. on

Britney really glows in this photo—must be the absence of that low-life she married that’s making her look so good. Like the cute outfit, too! Just hope that she’s able to re-ignite her career as she’s got lots of talent and charisma (when she’s not chewing gum or looking super-tacky).

Ann on

This is out of topic, but i have to let my words out..

OMG!! can u believe that federline asking for the custody of Sean Preston anf Jayden James.. And he is asking for spousal support..

is this guy insane or just stoned! you cant even be responsible for your other 2 kids what more for these other 2.

what are you goin to teach the kids? rap like u suck?!!

and party like you just dont care (care about your wife at home who just gave birth and your silly ass out in vegas partyin?)

all these time i thought people are misjudging kfed about his love for britney…’s money!!

but hey all the thoughts about that kfed guy were just true..

1.. you spent brit’s money that she worked hard for..

2.. you used her as your stepping stone to your illusioned carrer..

3. now that brit dumped you… haha its your end boy!!

4. no more career..

5. your dream is over..

6. no more money..

7. and those heavy partying for you is over..

8. cause hey.. you have no name anymore..

9. Kfed boy, cmon show some man in you.. dont humiliate yourself some more..


Sue from KY on

Still laughing at Ann’s post…………

I have always been a huge fan of Britney’s. I accepted Kevin because Britney loved him. But I never really liked him. I always felt that she was too good for him. IMO the only good thing he gave her were two beautiful baby boys. I hope she’s able to be friends with him for the sake of the boys (but it’s looking like Fed-EX is going to make that a bit hard for her), but that’s it. I DO NOT want her to take him back.

About Britey’s look: I think that Britney looks A LOT better since she filed for divorce. When she was seen out before, she smiled, but it looked fake. (Except for one picture I saw of her playing with Sean Preston.) When I saw her on Letterman, She looks gloriously happy. Her smile was no longer fake looking to me. And I think that her skating out fit was adorable. Britney looked very cute in it. But I have to agree w/ everyone else. I would have worn a bra, and maybe even a cute white or light grey tank underneath.

But all in all, Way To Go Britney! We Love You!

liz on

Who knew that sweater was Gap?! She looks hot–with or without bra! Go Britney!

tina on

brittney really lost weight fast …she is such a pretty girl…….poor ..Fed-Ex lol

Stacy on

I love Brit!! I think she has amazing talent. I wish her nothing but the best!! I will keep her in my prayers through her divorce. She has been through alot in the past few years and it breaks my heart to see the tabloids and Tv making such a big issue over what she’s doing and what’s going on in her life. I love her and her music, I love hearing that she is doing good. She is human just like everyone else, we all need to realize that she has feelings as well. This is the perfect time for us to all show Brit our love and support! I love you Brit, keep your head up girl and everything will be just fine.

Mags on

that hat is beyond hideous.

Just my opinion.

Tara on

I am not going to hold my breathe waiting for her to get some brains. Every one including my dead gold fish knew they wouldn’t last. HA HA HA!

Kristin on

Happy for her. She needs to get past the “too much information”. Bra please and the longer skirt look is dynamite. After two kids her body isn’t an 18 yearold body.

Haley on

Listerino~ She would be an idiot if she hadn’t seen this coming, which obviously she did.

sharon on

Thank goodness she’s ditching the deadbeat husband. If she would only buy a bra and hoist her boobs back into place she would be A-okay. Underwire, underwire, underwire.

Gi on

Britney, just stay away from the media…. and take care of your kids… that is your new career.

micheleeee. on

Though everyone else has said what I though about the lack of a bra,
I will say this:

BRIT: Loose the hat.
It looks like something from the movie “The Grinch”
Is that just me?

Michelle on

Wow! Somethings missing… oh! No more trash! Whether I like her outfit or not, she looks brighter, and much better without K-Trailer hitched to her side, if you know what I mean… She looks awesome in so many of her outfits recently… time to step back up with the glam.

night on

I don’t really like the hat either , michelleee…but…she looks so happy…she looks so much better than she has in two years..remember the pregnant , gum snapping , revealing short skirt and nasty mascara interview?…anyway…she looks good…she looks like she feels good…so…so what if I don’t really like the hat…she is trying to make right the biggest mistake of her life…( hey , I mad a similar mistake) I’ll forgive her the silly hat.

Shasha. on

so cute i love her! Hot mama, Stupid haters .. she looks freaking good without the bra, whats wrong with you guys.

Rob on

i just dont get the tremendous fascination with this girl. she’s not particularly beautiful and not particulary talented. i saw her the other day on an old Saturday Night Live show performing and i kept waiting for her to belt out something so great…so wonderful to explain all the star power she seems to have and i was left short. she sounded awful and didnt look so great either. now im not saying she’s some awful person or even that she talentless. i think if anything maybe she gives a good performance on a concert stage and a few of her long ago songs were a lil catchy but theres an interest in this chick that percedes her talent. and as far as her and kevin…well hey not like Stevie Wonder didnt see that coming and YET another Hollywood marriage BITES the dust!!! these marriages and divorces have really just become expected and down right comical! Brinkley, Mcartney, Simpson @ Lachey, Electra & Navaro, Torri Spelling, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Witherspoon, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Locklear, Houston & Brown, Prince, Shana M, Nicky Hilton, Baby Face, Kamora Simms & Russell Simmons and thats just what i remembered off the cuff. and a bunch of on again off again engagements. and the divorces are always the ever so popular IRRECONCILIBLE DIFERENCES!

Vanessa on

Now that Britney is single, do we all have to see her boobs all the time ???

Bridget on

WAY TO GO BRITTNEY! Thanks for dumping your loser nobody and getting back out there!!!
First, take care of your family, then give us the music we have been waiting for!!!
About the outfit though, it looks great, just with a light grey tank underneth

LeeAnn on

that sweater is soo cute i love that kind of style just needs a little support there and she would be rockin it hard

Rob on

Everyones on Kevins back. Come on! Maybe they were in love. Maybe not. Nonetheless they “BOTH” said I do. And theres plenty of guys out there that wouldnt turn down a young attractive blond famous chick with money. Ya know?!
PS…I think ShareJax will take KFed back…and I think he’ll go. ShareJax + KFed + 2 prior kids + 2 step kids + one famous exwife = ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

Tim on

she looks fabulous, and its great that she dumped kevin, she can have better then that,and people if she doesn’t where a bra just let her its her life and that’s what I like about her she just being herself :o)you go Brit !!!
I can’t wait when she will make her comeback

Shortstack on

She is gorgeous and seems like the weight of the world is off her shoulders…as for the low-cut look–I bet she’s still nursing and very proud of the “full” look that breasts have when breast-feeding–PLUS, we must consider easy access if she’s still nursing–all that said, in the same situation, I would have completely put on a t-shirt and nursing bra under the sweater.–BUT she’s promoting the NEW and CAREFREE Britney–GREAT for HER!!!! I look forward to seeing her former genuinely happy self…YOU GO, GIRL!!

Windy on

I just can’t wait to see her dance again–she’s sexy, full of vitality…and it’s all BACK, just look at any picture from the past few days–she’s BACK, thank goodness!! Yes, you proud Mom (THE most important job)–PLEASE harness in the sisters and wear a nursing bra and low-cut cami underneath and you are GOOD TO GO…I’m so happy to see genuine joy on her face again… GOOOOOOO BRITNEY!!!

Natalee on

Ann, you go girl! I couldn’t have said it best about “K-Fed.” He is a loser, Britney was his suga mama, she got his name in the papers, without her, he wouldn’t even remotely of had a whiff of success and to make that lame ass album of his. I went to and came across his CD in the mark down section, lol. It was only $9-something. You can play clips of it, and I seen he did a song with Britney. How could he have used his wife for any success that he had gotten or tried to get? I’m glad she wised up. What really gets me is, he asked for full custody of their 2 children and wants spousal support. For one, now we know he CAN’T make it on his own and was only USING Britney for her money, because he requests spousal support. Any real man would not do that. Under no circumstances is he obligated to that money, she made that money and she didn’t use his image to make it. That is her money, which also belongs to her children as well. As for the children, he can’t even take care of his 2 other children, how can he take care of his and Britney’s? Sorry if I got off track.

I think Britney is very pretty and I commented on a previous blog about her hair and fashion choices. See, I love Britney’s sweater, I have one just like it, but she messed it up when she didn’t wear a shirt underneath it or something. Unless you are a horney man, no one wants to look at her baring cleavage. I think with a cami or something, the outfit would have suited her better. I do love her hat, I have one myself. Regardless, she is pretty, she got rid of her mooch ex-husband and can now focus on her children and her album she is working on. Kudos to Britney for making the decision to divorce “K-Loser”, it was long over due.

Tiffany on

She looks awesome. Ive been waiting for her to get a divorce, Kfed treated her horribly, and his music sucks really bad.

Rachel on

She looks so cute!

Ashara Mackey on

She is so dang cute!while I wouldnt mind seeing her whare a shirt underneeth either, she looks adorable and I’m so glad! I love that girl

Jayne on

britney always dressed like a trashy, wannabe blonde bimbo, why is everybody acting so surprised?

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