Would You Wear Clothes By Pete Doherty?

11/07/2006 at 11:00 AM ET

Many of us know Pete Doherty better for his arrest record and his turbulent relationship with fiancee Kate Moss than for his fashion cred, but his personal style has become hugely influential, especially in his native Britain. From bowlers to porkpie hats to skinny jeans, Doherty has helped kickstart some of the biggest looks for men, and he has just inked a deal to design his own line for Gio-Goi, launching in Spring 2007(he’s already loving the line, left). That does mean that his line will go head-to-head with lady love Moss’s line for Topshop in stores- whose line to buy first? Tell us: Would you wear clothes that Pete Doherty designed? Do you like his style?

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Photo: EMPICS/Landov

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Jay on

Are you kidding? This guy looks like a train wreck. I’m not sure what the allure is for Kate Moss, because he is ridiculous looking and so are his clothes.

the libs on

If they look good and have a reasonable price, why not?!
He does have a sense of fashion but I doubt his professionalism. He doesn’t even show up to his own concerts, why would he be more involved with this?

mono on

God, I love this man! Talented musician, beautiful poet, fashionable guy, British junkie…what more can you ask for? However, I’m not sure about his line…does he have to do them all? Stick to your day jobs, people!

Kristin on

Ummm… NO

Allison T. on

This getup is a sample of his personal “style” . . . For his sake, I hope not!

EChizzle on

Oh, Hell No!

liz on

He and his girlfriend both offend me. Rules apply to everyone else, huh? They both always look like they need a bath. To answer the question: an emphatic NO.

Jennifer on

Gross, no.

Rebecca on

Agree with post #1: train wreck… not to mention the endless drug problems.

mary on

Yeah, my criteria for a fashion designer is: Does he/she do hard core drugs? Is he/she a gross, complete idiot? Yes? Well, show me to the clothes!!! They’ve gotta be gorgeous!

AnnieM on

Hell no and I can’t believe you’re even asking!!!!!!!!!

AnnieM on

Hell no and I can’t believe you’re even asking! Also, is there any evidence this person bathes?

sharon on

No. Not ever.

susie on

seriously? if i saw this man on the street, i would think he was homeless & offer to buy him a cup of coffee.

dawn blagborne on

let me think about this one…..NO

Listerino on

I can only assume that Kate Moss is doing the whole I can’t date anyone hotter than me thing or else she’s so drugged out she can’t see how freaky Pete is.
Or am I the only one who looks at him and thinks my god what the hell is that?
And Modelling????? Are they crazy??? Who would pay to see him in their clothing designs?
But then again could this be the fashion industry turning a new leaf? Does this mean that someday anyone could become a model? If so then maybe it’s a good thing as it’s time people get over the whole body image thing.

arty on

I agree with most who have posted so far about his horrible look.
But even if i liked something i’d pick up from a store, I would not buy it if I saw he designed it. I honestly do not believe people should do anything to provide junkies with money.

Jen Stone on

Hell to the na!!!

AnnieM on

Love Listerino’s comments – right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

night on

Who is this guy? AND, I think he needs immediate medical attention. He looks very sick

t on

He looks stupid !

sall mcneil on

I wouldn’t wear anything from him nor will I buy or wear anything that Kate Moss wears in adverts. She is as big a loser as he is.

Andrea on

He looks like Mr. Bean in this picture.

… and there is no way in the world I would wear his clothes. That shirt that he has on is too short also.

soricica on

First of all, it’s obvious none of you know what you’re talking about. It’s a bit unfair that they wrote this article, when 99% of the readers have absolutely no idea who Pete is. And that picture of him is just a bad example of his style. So…I recommend you all to do a little research before opening your mouths.

sasha on

He looks wafer-thin, un-healthy and like he couldn’t protect a woman if he was paid. Give me a real man anyday.

I can’t believe women find him physically attractive.

Must be the drugged-up bad boy fascination some women suffer with (Nicole Kidman anyone?)

Leslie Ann on

I am dying laughing over some of these comments…especially the offer to buy coffee and Mr. Bean!!
Why doesn’t every freakin famous person in Hollywood get a clothing line all at once and save time? I mean, that should be in everyone’s contract by now…make an album, have a perfume line, and have a clothing line. It’s a mockery to real designers I’ll tell you that. I mean even Justin Timberlake??? EVERYTIME I see that guy he looks like a damn nerd! But he knows how to dress?? NOT

Andrea on

Sorcica– No offense, but we don’t need to do anymore research. Every picture I have ever seen of this guy shows that he has the tackiest fashion sense, and he looks completely unhealthy. His clothing is extremely unappealing and it appears that most are in agreement. Sorry, I think you’re outvoted.


This is a joke, right? This guy and his girlfriend both need serious dental work and a good scrubbing from head to toe. He looks as if he has lice and other garbage dumpster related diseases.

NICOLE Richards on

oh my GOD if anybody eles copyed him i would shot my self.

Haley on

Oh my, and the news is that Kate Moss is going to marry him “sometime soon”… gee, how promising! They both need to get off of the drugs and then decide what they want to do with their lives. At least there are no kids involved.

gia on

Well pete is musically talented and he does have an original style but the things he wears can be purchased anywhere…jeans and a polo? Why have a clothing line of items you can already buy at h&m.

Meg on

Pete is an awesome musician, and he’s got a style all his own.

Meg on

Pete is an awesome musician, and he’s got a style all his own.

T~ on

he doesnt do it for me, but as we have seen the more money you have the less fashion sense some people have…so i am sure there are some people would be proud to say they 200$ for a P.D. t-shirt.

i would not be one of them

xoxo on

Kate and Pete…princess and prince of British fashion!
I can’t wait to get my hands on what I’m sure will be a line of pin-thin, dark, and rocker chic Doherty creations. I hope the clothes are as poetic and creative as Pete himself.
I’m sure Kate and Pete will give us Brit rock n’ roll types something to be proud of and IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!

E.Miller on

yeah why not. If there as pretty and nice as he is then deffinitly. :) luv u pete xx

John Stamos on

If you dont like his style than go to the mall and buy some abercrombie or gap.

joanne on

I don’t understand why nobody likes pete, so what if he has a drug problem who are we to judge everyone has there bad days! I will live in his clothes till the day i die ha! just give the guy a chance! Buy there albums listen to all there songs then see how you feel!He is amazing! WE LOVE PETE XX

john on

Pete is an amazing guy!I’d like to see what some of you are wearing bet it dose’nt look half as good as pete! Ok sometimes it does look like he needs a wash but thats the look his going for he is in a rock band what the hell do you exspect its the same as the look that the rappers have hoddies and baggy trosers its what ever style people have i just happen to prefer pete’s. He is also the best song writer and singer ever! I agree with joanne (above)

kate on

pete does have that cool, rocker thing going on. I dnt no abt the US but in Britain, loads of people already dress like him- at least he has a unique edgy spin on things!

Alexx on

I’m from Belgium and (so my english isn’t very good) and Pete is Great!!! I love his style and his music is amazing!!!

Dave Heaslip on

ABSOLUTELY. Pete’s style is rocker chic and quite personally he dresses really well…aside from his drug habit his music is amazing as well!

Doraaaaaaaa on

yeeeeeeeeah hes lovely:)

Damien on

I think all these people posting negative doherty comments are jealous haters. You all talk garbage because he’s having way more fun than you,he’s a great musician, and he has his own style that he’s not afraid to show. Most of you are probably losers who dress (hip hop) because you think it’ll make you look tougher and you yearn to be accepted. your cowards who don’t have the balls to wear this stuff even though it looks great because you’re afraid of what people will think kind of like all you most likely fat, potato chip and soda pop gut sitting behind your computer posting blogs all day idiots.

t.e. on

definitely…he’s got style

tasha jackson on

omg peeeeete is loveley i love his music xxxxx

jared on

Absolutley! Speaking as a male I think doherty has brilliant style! The rest of you barbie dolls would probably have your men dressed up in Bootleg jeans.

Tommy on

What do drugs have to do with style, almost every artist/designer is on some high, be it legal or illegal. Pete has style, and its quite tasteful, especially for a musician.

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