What's On Kate Bosworth's Head?

11/06/2006 at 04:00 PM ET

We know that hats are usually part of traditional Derby Day outfits, but we are still a little confused by Kate Bosworth’s unusual headgear that she wore to the Victoria Derby Day in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend. We can’t help thinking that it looks an awful lot like something Cher would have worn in the 80’s, and it’s a little late for a Halloween costume. Tell us: What do you think of Kate Bosworth’s headpiece? Would you ever wear it?

Photo: Paul McConnell/Getty

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Jennifer on

She looks rediculous.

RT on

I would never wear something like that. It looks a little odd. Kate is probably wearing it so the tabloids have something other then her weight to talk about!

Gayatri on

Kate is wearing is what looks alot like an East Indian Tika. It might not be though. I’ve worn these loads of times and they are cool. The problems I have is
1. Her hair is not done properly to wear a tika
2. It’s too loose, practically hanging off her head
3. It looks like the cheapest tika in the world and its an ugly color
4. It does not match her clothes whatsoever

I like her alot, and I like tikas but, I don’t like how she wore it.

Bunky on


Jodi on

Now we know what Kate spent her grocery money on…

Andrea on

That is absolutely one of the tackiest accessories I have seen a celeb wear. Not to mention.. her hair resembles a wig and is too blonde or something. Yeah.. big fashion mistake here..

Lena on

The headgear sure is ugly, but it seems to add a few pounds to her faminished body.

Hannah on

i love kate and i think that this is a little weird but she still looks gorgeous like always. except does she have one blue eye and one brown eye??

Sarah on

Oh my….it DOES look like she has one blue eye and one brown one…how freaky!!

aj on

i hate it, it looks like she is working for star trek. i just hate this isnt fashion, its ugly

Elizabeth on

Everytime I look at Kate one of her eyes looks brown and the other eye looks blue. Does anybody else notice that too? Look closely. As for her head piece its so bizarre.

n on

One eye looks blue and one looks brown because they are! You all have never noticed this? Look at her make up ads and any pics on the red carpet. Her eyes only match in movies because of contacts. I thought that was common knowledge?!

marianne on


Meg on

She does have one brown eye and one blue. I think it’s some sort of pigmentation disorder, usually harmless but interesting-looking.

Rebecca on

She has talked about her different eye colors in public- it’s more noticeable up close.

The headgear looks goofy and completely out of place. It wouldn’t have looked so weird if she had worn it out at night with a black beaded dress.. something other than a flimsy white blouse/dress.

Jordan on

First of all, everyone commenting on this board is probably too young to remember a decade not to long ago when beaded or ribbon head bands that wrapped around the forehead and acted like a crown were all the rage. I’m included in that group (I’m 18), but I am so glad it’s coming back into style. I don’t care what other people think of the fashion choices people make, because if it makes them feel attractive, well, it’s their choice. I might not have chosen something this large and chunky, but I admire her for trying something slightly daring. I wear little beaded head bands all the time and there’s nothing wrong with anyone else wearing them either.

charlotte on

I kinda like it. and I think it’s nice when someone tries something that isn’t part of the mainstream. People shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. fashion or otherwise.

ma.gracia on

she looks absolutely ridiculous! what was she thinking??

Curious on

I agree with Hannah, she does have 1 blue and 1 brown eye. I thought I was seeing things.

The hairpiece looks like hell

Liz on

she looks ridiculous!

rakel on

Ok she wasn´t thinking period. Another thing, Kate and Rachel Bilson kind of look alike don´t you think, if both of Kate´s eyes were brown and the hair darker…..

jessica on

its very big and tacky and i hate it

emily on

kate has heterochromia, which results in having two different eye colors.

get over it people, i think she has beautiful eyes.

Chris on

Looks like she put her thong on in the dark.

Elle on

Um..ew..ew..and EW!

Kelly on

She has one blue eye and one hazel…didn’t anyone see the Nicole Kidman..Sandra Bullock movie Practical Magic?? Aidan Quinn’s character had the same thing.

Pammy on

It’s one thing to go with the headband trend, but this is completely different!
She gets kudos for trying something different, but that’s all that it is–different. Too bad it doesn’t look good, just looks weird.
She’s still beautiful.

sceet22 on

I bet Orlando is so glad it’s over.

Denise on

I agree with some of you, I think she is just gorgeous. I also thought it was common knowledge that her eyes were different colors? Although I also agree that her shade of blonde doesn’t look right, it’s a little off. . not sure if it’s too yellow or what. The head-gear. . . well it’s interesting. I think Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have made worse choices.

Carrie on

I think the head gear is awsome. It gives her a classic appearance. Notice the lace material on her chest, I think you all would feel a little different if you saw the whole outfit. Im assuming in the next year you all will be wearing something similar, because it will be the next big accessorie.

Jen on

I think she looks pretty, but I would never wear anything like that, except maybe on Halloween…

Ali Peters on

It looks like a gigantic tarantula on her head! Hideous! Awful! I don’t care if it was all the rage in the 1970s; this is 2006 and it still looks crazy!

candi on

Why does she have two diffrent colored eyes?

jess on

I’m from Melbourne, Australia, and I personally think the headpiece is great! She wouldn’t look out of place at the Melbourne cup whatsoever!

enigma on

You know poeple……there are other people out there with differences and different tastes and no one is perfect! You people need to open up your fricking minds!!! That style of head dress comes from other parts of the world like India, Burma, Thailand, and places in Africa too….oh wait you probably don’t know where those places are because the US is the only place on the planet that exists to you!!
Plus, David Bowie has a blue and brown eye! Oh my god he must be a freak too!???
The head dress needs alittle tweeking but, I think it rocks because it’s so different!!!

Haley on

It looks like a giant spider splatted on her face!!

Kendra on

I think it’s funny how on an opinion board people get all defensive if someone says something they don’t like… HELLO! If you’re going to get pissy, go somewhere else! Just because your opinion differs, deal with it and act mature!

Vicki on


Mollie on

I like it. Kate can pull it off because she’s really pretty.She probably didn’t want to wear a hat (more people are opting for beaded fascinators or headresses) so this is cute. Who knows, next year at Derby Day it might be the look!

micheleeee. on

She looks so PLAIN!
Like a piece of dry, boring toast

The hair piece is just a little bit of butter on the toast
Not much different though.

Ann on

i would wear it to ballmaybe, stage play or custume party.. thats it!. but she’s an actress and she wants attention and it doesn’t matter if she looks awfully funny.

Brittany on

what the hell is that thing?

Michelle on

Everyone seems to be forgetting that she has worn this this as part of the tradition for the Melbourne cup, not the oscars or a typical awards ceremony… Everyone in Australia either wears a headpeice or a hat for this event. Due to this reason I think she looks stunning!

Jenny on

Aside from the fact that she’s a walking fashion mistake – and diet catastrophe, I think this actually works for her. It’s plastic so her head and neck can actually support the 1/2 oz. it weighs and it appears she’s finally found a fashion that actually takes the attention off of her skeletal, refugee-looking frame.

Stephanie K on

i don’t know what to say … but she does have pretty eyes! very unique!

night on

Nice eyes. Very unique with the two different colors, but someone should get that black widdow spider off her face.

Catie on

The idea is to wear a head piece of some description. Usually a hat or a fascinator is worn. I think this is a gorgeous alternative. Good on her.

Tracy on

They say that people with two different eye colors are extremely smart. I think she looks cute no matter what she wears.

Holy Candy on

I’d never wear it — but it *is* a good way to cover up roots! ;-)


Suzie on

I really like it, maybe the only one who does lol. I dunno if anyone else is from Australia, but we can wear either hats or fascinators n this would fall in the fascinator category, its different but i like it very 1920’s flapper sorta thing

Rania on

she looks like a character from star wars!

Cristina on

About the eyes colour: Yes, she has different eyes colour. It’s a condition known as “Heterochromia iridium”.
About the headgear… Well, wasn’t a smart move.

Angelia on

Why are her eyes different colors???????????

Danelle on

I like the “headgear”. Also, she does have one blue eye and one brown eye. So does Jane Seymour. It is not very common, but it does happen.

Kristin on

Looks odd, but I suppose if wore that right way it could look cute.

Jordan- Don’t take this the wrong way but at 18 you are still a youngin’ out here.

AnnieM on

Appears to me to be an attention-getting ploy. Looks stupid – it is a shame that today’s starlets (or whatever they are) are so starved for publicity they compromise their natural beauty/assets. They would be much better off being themselves than slaves to trendy stupid crap – ie: Sienna Miller and that horrible Nellie whats-her-face tasteless/classless tattoo.

AnnieM on

Appears to me to be an attention-getting ploy. Looks stupid – it is a shame that today’s starlets (or whatever they are) are so starved for publicity they compromise their natural beauty/assets. They would be much better off being themselves than slaves to trendy stupid crap – ie: Sienna Miller and that horrible Nellie whats-her-face tasteless/classless tattoo.

Heather on

I personally wouldn’t wear the headpiece, nor am I a huge fan of Kate’s. But some of these comments are so catty! No one here has achieved what she has and you’re all just being mean girls! I mean, can you imagine a place where people write in about how “dumb” you were to wear something or that your hair color is off or your ex is “glad it’s over”? Not only is she a beautiful lady but she is a PERSON, and her success doesn’t make it ok for you to say such mean things out of jealousy.

funfun100 on

I have no idea what on earth she was trying to achieve with that look! If she was latino, she would look a lot better, but even so it is strange. Also, the black really stands out too much on her light skin and blonde hair.

AnnieM on

Heather – she makes her money off the public buying her product – I garuntee she could care less about us (unless it affects her paycheck).

dee on

ok, for those just noticing her different colored eyes, i just don’t know what to say about you. This condition is called, Heterochromia iridium. as for the headgear, it’s a very eccentric choice. i searched for other pictures to see the outfit in context. instyle magazine is spotlighting the whole look on their website today (11/7). in context, it looks better but it is definitely a fashion forward decision. you can tell that she is nervous about the look by her posture but it its interesting. the best news is that she looks healthier in that picture!

again on

i think the point about her being in australia for the melburne cup where the taste is different and it is a tradition to wear something on your head is well taken. i can’t imagine her wearing a wide brim hat either. that would be too old for her. i admire the risk she is taking.

Samantha on

she is such a freak; i’ve never liked her. and that headpiece makes her look even more ridiculous!

SDC on

Well, the idea is not a bad thing. I mean like one person said in India and in Pakistan, the middle part is known as a tikka, and with the beads going on the side, the whole piece is called a Bindi (different than the sticker you put on your forhead, that is also called a Bindi, but so is this). I wore one on my wedding, except it was gold and had red, green and gold beads on it. I think that her idea is nice, but it’s just a tad bit too big, and it doesn’t match. Maybe if she wore something a little smaller and a little less tacky, it wouldn’t have looked bad. She just needs to change it thats all…

alicia on

i think shes beutiful but she looks bad hear.

Pamela on

By the way, SDC… the entire piece, inclusive of the beads on the side, is called a Maang Tikka, not a bindi. A bindi is solely the ornament – whether of kumkum powder or a decorative sticker- worn on a woman’s forehead.

merel on

you guys didn;t know she has a blue and a brown eye???? she was born with it!!!! and i agree, the head thing looks tacky…

J. on

Maybe she wanted to make everyone talk about something else for once…looks like it worked.

JenB on

I first saw Kate when she was in the short-lived WB series Young Americans, and I absolutely LOVED her in Blue Crush. She was so confident and had the most gorgeous body. It’s sad to see her melt away to nothing. She looks so sullen lately and some of her recent fashion choices are frightening, including this headpiece. I wish I knew what was going on inside her head.

sharon on

I like it on her. She’s young and hip….why not try funky things once in a while?

me on

its kinda kool.

Leana on

That chunky thing on her head is seriously ugly…but then, I guess it exactly matches her 40year old face. Some people would do anything to get attention.

Impo on

It’s usually known as the Melbourne Cup [Day = optional], not usually called Derby Day. Gah, every American site is calling it Derby Day.

I think she needs to put some caramel colour and some conditioner (mostly the conditioner!) in that hair. It’s looks so brittle, it looks painful. I do like the actual beaded headgear though…she looks very 1920’s.

Neko on

O_O ARACHNIDPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s with the spider+Cream/Angel look?!

Aranel on

Kate as a whole looked so much better when she first came out, not only did she have the athletic physique, but her hair color was more naturally looking (though i love the bob on her). Here the color seems really awkward compared to her skin complexion (she needs some low lites added and a ton of super rich/deep conditioning treatment, she also needs to be banned from any chemical process and dryers/irons bec. her hair looks like it could break with a slight breeze). She should wear her hair natural, without straightening it…too harsh for the color.
Now for her headgear. It’s an interesting piece. Not with her at that moment though. She should have worn one with a smaller piece in the middle, and with a black dress, and leave her hair curly. That would have looked better.

Listerino on

I don’t know what the hell that thing is or how she could look at it in the mirror and think “Hey this looks cool” but she seems happy about it so who really cares?
Everyone’s got their own style and it’s good to see someone trying something different for once. Then again you won’t see me rushing out to buy one of them…what the hell is it?

Geekwench on

Okay, first- Kate Bosworth’s left eye is blue. Her right eye is about 2/3 to 3/4 blue with a patch of brown in it. (see here: http://img388.imageshack.us/img388/6344/kate2eo.jpg ) She has what is known as sectoral heterochromia, which is the rarer form.

Second, Jane Seymour has one green eye and one brown eye. No blue. She has complete heterochromia, which is the more common form of the condition.

Heterochromia (or heterochromia iridis/iridium) is either congenital, as with Kate Bosworth and Jane Seymour, or it is acquired, as with David Bowie.

night on

Dear Dee, as you said…
“ok, for those just noticing her different colored eyes, i just don’t know what to say about you. This condition is called, Heterochromia iridium”

As for that comment…we can’t help it if you are so much more smarterer than the rest of us…golly gee, i wish i was as intelegunt as you.
That thing still looks like a spider trying to eat her face though.

ellie on

Impo, Kate *was* at Derby Day, the actual Melbourne Cup Day is a different day altogether, they’re both part of the Spring Racing Carnival.

I think Kate looks fantastic. It’s great to see people doing something not safe.

Jen Stone on

She looks like an idiot!!

Miss shopAlot on

Is it really that strange that Kate has two different color eyes? I also have one blue eye and the other is mix of blue and hazel which makes it look like green overall. However, I think mine is less noticeable unless really up close. Anyone else have eyes like this?

SDC on

Pamela: “By the way, SDC… the entire piece, inclusive of the beads on the side, is called a Maang Tikka, not a bindi. A bindi is solely the ornament – whether of kumkum powder or a decorative sticker- worn on a woman’s forehead.”

Hmm…actually, i’ve always heard of it as a bindi tikka…maybe thats what they call them in Pakistan…

Alyssa on

her headpiece is totally random if she was like on a red carpet – but shes at the derby (youre supposed to wear funky and eccentric stuff) too bad it weighs as much as she does!

regina on

it’s a NO – it might look great on dark skin, but it doesn’t go at all with her blonde do

Seanan on

The problem is that the dress and head piece don’t match. The dress should be a dark or jewel toned bohemenian/Eastern style with that headpiece. Her head would not look so out of place with her body that way.

penny on

she does have two different colored eyes! Always has.It’s rare, but it does happen.Jane seymour does too.

penny on

David Bowie pupil is dialated permanently because of a childhood injury

Lydia on

I’m not personnally a fan of hers, but she is a beautiful lady. If the headpiece was smaller in size and perhaps a lighter color, it would have looked wonderful. Its not ugly on her, just too big.

Deb on

It looks like cheap plastic jewelry-she probably did it for exposure.

Patwant Kaur Khalsa on

I think Kate’s headwear is very creative, I am happier to see she is looking healthy again. Instead of picking on her for doing something different from everyone else we should congradulate her on her beautiful glow and courageousness.

Tracie on

I can’t believe everyone here is talking so much about her eyes! GET OVER IT! WOW! That’s what’s wrong with people, the minute someone is a little different people are so into talking about it. THE TOPIC WAS HOW DO YOU LIKE THE HEADPIECE! Not “Why are Kate’s eyes two colors and do you approve.” My GOD! It’s people like you that keep circuses and freak shows in business!

Madeline on

It looks like she took a peice of a chandelier to use as a headband.

Karin on

Well, yes folks. She does have one blue and one brown eye. Funny you just noticed now, she’s born with it you know…

Laura Brown on

The thing on her head looks dumb. Orlando, you had a lucky escape.

Christina on

I love it! I’d like to know if it can be ordered online; anyone who knows, please advice.

Mintie on

Maybe in a different color; too much contrast with her straw looking hair

loufromparis on

I’m very astonished about all these negative opinions. I think it is a very smart choice, it is looking very precious and very original. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

sandra on

did a spider land on her head and die!

Brittney on

i dont like it at all! its sooo weird! thank god orlando left in time! cause he would be on the hate list if he was seen with her and that thing on he head! oh and the fake blonde hair is bad too.

trish on

well, at least noone was tlaking about her weight. Maybe that was her plan.

Em on

The headgear is questionable. Maybe it’s a joke. It’s a fashion miss for sure if she was serious about it.

**Regarding her eyes….she has blue eyes but one of her eyes has a spot that’s brown. The eye is not completely brown. The upper portion is still blue. and in most magazine covers and ads they actually retouch the photo so she has two completely blue eyes. But sometimes they don’t retouch it because it’s so unique looking.

kimberlee on

what made her choose this?

Lisa on

Wow. Losing Orlando must have sent her senses into crazyland. Totally ridiculous.

Lisa Hartmann on

Give the girl a break, would you all. So what? She’s wearing a different headpiece? Why don’t you write something nice or uplifting about her? Where’s the compassion? I don’t critique your every fashion choice. So what????

Danielle on

It’s like a droplight on her head

YEA on

Actually one eye is blue and one eye is half blue halfe brown . . . it’s kind of common knowledge . . . but yea the headgear is a little strange, maybe she was bored. Who knows and who really cares?

Jenn on

I like the fact that a star other than someone who is totally outrageous (ie: Madonna) has decided to go with a style that isn’t traditionally considered Western, or American. The hair is not styled properly to wear somethinglike that, which is why the head peice looks so out of place. It’s also the wrong color for the outfit, and the makeup job has done a terrible job of making the head peice look completely out of sorts. It was absolutely the wrong thing to wear with that outfit, putting a more Eastern style in a bad light because she has no idea how to wear it.

Sheena Mannina on

I think she looks absolutely fabulous. She is taking chances and that is what counts, right? Go skinny people taking chances!!!!!!!!!!! Skinny people rule the world!!

night on

Who is this woman anyway? Her eyes are beautiful, yet that thing on her head takes away from them….
by the way…what hospital will she be in for nutritional support? Her face is gaunt and hollow looking. Looks like she could use some treatment for her “thinness”…just like Nicole Richie

Lanikai on

In response to the head piece Kate chose to wear to the Derby recently, she was as beautiful as ever, but the head piece was … well, awful. A different hairstyle, hair color, and different event it might could have worked, but not this time. Kate come on … in the past couple years you’ve went from IT to S*IT. Gain some weight, dye your hair back the right color, and score a blockbuster role and you should recover from whatever you’re going through.

madison on

eww hideous

Molly on

Ok, I wouldn’t wear it definititly, & yes it does look kinda weird but go Kate for trying to be different! But next time, don’t go so pastel. It looks kinda freaky, transparent almost. Also, the eyes look odd but really cool

SeaWitch on

The headgear is rather silly. What strikes me most is that she looks very “dried-out”. Her skin does not look good and her hair is waaaay over-bleached.

Hoddle on

I applaud her individuality. GO KATE WOOO! as long as she is comfortable with herself, i dont care how it looks. but if she’s down in Melbourne for the Cup, then of course she’s gotta wear something on her head. and im happy she didnt follow the mainstream trend of big, usually hideous hats…i think its a step forward in breaking the mould of wide brimmed hats at the melbourne cup. oh and about the bindi thing. bindi is short for bindiya, so as for the original name, im not sure, i’m thinking bindiya is just another translation, not the origin. i could be wrong tho, im not bona fide…

katie on

I think she should take that thing off

LeeAnn on

one word awfull! i guess she was trying to make a fashion statement but she made a bad one, her hair needs to be darker and her face needs to not be so thin, im sure orlandos glad hes not with her anymore too but hey he can always come my way hes freakin hot!

Leilani on

it would’ve been nice if People.com had shown her whole outfit (InStyle did)because clearly people don’t always read to get the context before commenting on things lol. no she is not looking for attention or trying to distract people from her skinniness. she is wearing it for Derby Day. it’s like wearing a costume guys. relax…

SDC on

Whoa I just read that someone saw this look in InStyle…so I checked my mail because I get it in my mail and she’s wearing a totally different outfit with it…it doesn’t look bad with that because she’s wearing black, but here she’s wearing white…whatsup with that? Well, check it out at http://www.instyle.com on November 7.

Natalee on

This is part of a costume, like someone already stated. InStyle had a picture of her with it on. Would I wear it? Not for an everyday thing. For a costume? Why not. Someone said something about her hair and it’s too fake or something to that extent. No it is not. Her hair is very pretty, and I love the color. My hair is a similar color to hers and is a natural blond. As I’m not too concerned about her hair, I’m more about her pettit little figure. She is such a rail. I hope she comes back as the old Kate Bosworth soon, she is so pretty. I’m happy Nicole Richie has come back looking more healthier.

liakia on

the piece looks pretty by itself not on her though

Walsta on

Maybe she’s trying out for a role in the next Star Wars. Maybe she’ll do us all a favor and quit Superman and do that. Rachel McAdams should have that role

PJ on


Maru on

I think Kate looks amazing with this accessory over her head. She has a personal style that I love!, although she is too skiny, and she must start to eat…

Ellarose on

Ditch the headgear, ditch the blonde hair, and EAT SOMETHING!

ashleigh on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!-it sure does make a change from all those boring, identikit, over-styled celebs ya see!-it is so funky nd retro nd different!!!-kate my hat goes off to you (no pun intended)!!
11/10-for bein different!-YOU ROCK KATE!!
p.s you stupid, saddo yankies don’t know the 1st fing bout STYLE!!-not fashion!
xxx-get an effing life u fat f**kers

sachin on

she is the righ girl in hollywood

Jillian on

I LOVE the fact that Kate has two different colored eye’s, i have the same thing with my eyes and it is a brown spot as well almost identical to Kate’s other then the fact that my eyes are green and not blue, so one of my eyes is green while the other is hazel.
The medical term for it is “sectoral heterochromia iridis” Usually caused by some sort of trauma to the eye or head, like David Bowie…Mine was caused by a car accident when i was 6. But on the subject of the thing on her head.. I don’t think i would wear it unless i was in a movie ha ha

aron on

ok people the hat in question is a (richard nylon) designer hat! its a one of a kind. think of your fave female celeb and i bet you they have one. in australia richard nylon take the prize for best hat design almost every year he’s amazing! google his name and you will see why.

Bee on

I’m all for head peices.

What I’m not up for is sporting cheap mardis gras throw up on my head. Get a new hair style, a new fashion consultant (for everyone’s sake). About the eye thing-are we sure she’s not color blind? She DOES realize she’s wearing BLACK that does not match. It does nothing for her, in my opinion. As if her head wasn’t big enough already.

Cheers for Orlando.

Animalover95 on

I would maybe wear it! It’s unique!

Tinna on


Tom Forber on

Can I simply say what a aid to seek out someone who truly is aware of what theyre talking about on the internet. You undoubtedly know how you can deliver an issue to gentle and make it important. More individuals have to learn this and understand this facet of the story. I cant imagine youre no more fashionable because you definitely have the gift.

lola on

She looks like a lamp

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