You Decide: Is J. Lo's Bubble Dress a Hit or a Miss?

11/02/2006 at 02:08 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez is one star who is not afraid to take fashion risks — remember that plunging Versace at the 2000 Grammys? — and last night was no exception. With husband Marc Anthony by her side, J. Lo stole the spotlight at a Latin Grammy event in her red-hot Alex Perry bubble-skirted mini dress and major Lorraine Schwartz jewelry (don’t miss the blinged-out heels too). She’s definitely got the legs for this micro-mini and the strapless neckline sets off her flawless hair and makeup (no more mistakes there!). It’s what’s in between that we can’t decide on. Tell us what you think: Is J. Lo’s bubble dress a Hit or a Miss?

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Photo: JOY E. SCHELLER/London Features

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Aiden on

Miss. Jennifer’s choice of clothing lately has been bad. Remember that neutral colored dress she wore to an event recently that had this weird hood thing?

Aisha on

Finally, she is dressing sexy and stylish again!!! She was looking like an old lady for a while and that is not the J.Lo we know. I like it, her legs are nice enough to pull this off, she looks awesome, it’s a hit!

Bunky on

It looks like someone took a nice dress and fed it to a paper shredder. And why does she have to wear her hair pulled all the way back like she’s a school librarian?

Sarah B. on

Well, i usually don’t like bubble dresses, but in MY opinion, with her skin tone and the color of the dress, she may be able to pull it off!! :)

j on

i’d say ALmost a hit. her hair, accessories, and dress color are great. but it accenuates her already large hips/butt. i’m sorry, but it’s SUCH a double standard: if she were a ‘white girl’ in hollywood she wouldn’t even be employed!! why is ok for latinos or african americans to have ‘curves’, but white girls feel the pressure to be toothpicks?!

Katie Mayer on

mono on

This dress looked a lot better on Natalie Portman.

Alice on

ewwww please never again

Amy on

The colour is amazing, and she wears it with confidence, but I can’t say it’s one of her best looks.

Chrissy on

The dress itself is alright, but Jennifer looks lovely as ever. She accessorized it head to toe very well. All in all, it’s not so bad.

liz on

JLo used to be all about style, but lately……I think she needs to have a little chat with her stylist. Her assets are not being properly represented. She is looking , well, just WEIRD lately……

Brenda on

I can just hear Michael Kors on “Project Runway” saying, “But the proportions are wrong—if only that dress was longer—while Heidi and Nina both nod their heads!

Nicky on

Can’t stand her..She looks like she going to a freaking Prom..She’s too big for that dress..Can’t she dress her age?…MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Ashley on

I think that it looks sick personally

Lola on

Well, I’d say she is too old for this kind of dress, it
doesn’t suit her, and dress itself IS ugly.

Ashley on

im loving the red color on Jennifer…and her skin is GLOWING..though i wouldve preferred her hair down and wavy..she still looks gorgeous. better than she has lately thats for sure!

Michelle on

I think the color is just fabulous, but the dress itself is horrible. Love the shoes and jewelry though!

EChizzle on

She looks Lovely.

NOTE TO KATIE MAYER: It’s okay for Latina/Sisters to have curves because it is what it is. We embrace and work with what we got.

There should be room for everyone in Hollywood. If you have talent and know how to work your craft, then you belong. It shouldn’t matter how skinny, fat, black or white you are.


marianne on

It takes a very bold person to wear a dress like this….I like the dress but not on her…it can look great on someone younger and very slim….Jennifer’s curves make the dress look funny, not elegant or classy…

Mrs.Borrego on

J-Lo looks great in red just not so great in that dress. Maybe she should of paired that dress with black heels it would of made it look so much better.

I am not trying to hate but I think this is a MISS for her.

A on

But she does look better than she has been lately!

Rachel on

Amazing. That’s what jennifer lopez is.

spice on

She looks absoulutely hot in this dress! You go girl, you’ve got your fashion mojo back!

Marisol on

If J.Lo has the body then let her be. She looks awesome

mica on

that dress is god awful did she not look in the mirror she looks like a red balloon

Sharese on

She looks great! J.Lo has the ability to look great in just about anything.

ALo on

She looks Beautiful.

I too have a NOTE to KATIE MAYER: Although I am a latina, i disagree with your statement white girls also have curves.. look at Scarlet Johanson’s beautiful body! Embrace your body Katie.. even if you do look like a stick figure!

Karla on

This dress looks so bad she needs 2 start dressing her age and less like a 20 yr old.

Courtney on

JLO can pull of anything!

Rebecca on

Wow, I think she pulled it off pretty well, even though I’m not usually a fan of the bubble dresses. I don’t care for the harshly pulled-back hair, but the color of the dress is great on her and her skin looks flawless- a surprising HIT in my opinion.

CD on

Jennifer, you are a Beautiful Latina, Always,

What you wear and what you do…it’s all up to you! So, I give you a hands up, and say, J-Lo — how much we all wish to be. You have brought the latina level to the extreme and it’s the envy of all.

“You, Go Girl, Lady and Beautiful Latina…..

rachel on


Sam on

It looks like she took a bath in glue, then rolled on the floor in front of the christmas tree with all the unwrapped presents….

Rio on

Jennifer Lopez could have green teeth, purple hair & smell of rotten eggs. She’d still be beautiful!!

J on

Does her stylist not like her? J Lo has hit a new low!

Katie on

I think she’s hiding a bun in the oven! ;)

Vonnie on

The first look of this dress and I went, Oh Dear God. Not something flattering on her. It looks like someone wrapped part of a pretty dress on her torso and then glued large pieces of confetti on the rest.

megan on

I love this dress on her! The color is great, and I like these dresses short better than long.

Kasey on

Can her fashion sense be any worse? She cant wear this dress to save her life. And also, her butt, it may be reffered to as a nice “bootie” but come on, we all have a butt, but some others BIGGER than others……im just saying…..

AK on

Wasn’t Halloween a few days ago??

Sam on

It looks like she took a bath in glue, then rolled on the floor in front of the christmas tree with all the unwrapped presents….

Rebecca on

I can’t say it’s one of her best looks although the colour is amazing, and goes rather well with her skin tone…but i wouldn’t say that it’s a hit

Letty on

Its just getting worst every time .

Evelyn on

Great color. Too short.

Jordan on

I actually really like this dress on her. It’s flirty and fun and she wears it well. As long as she stays away from that “nude” colored lipstick she’s got pretty good taste and style.

Besides…she might be hiding something under all those tufts of red–maybe a baby bump? Hum…

j on

She looks stunning! the dress is very vouge…hottt.

dawn blagborne on

i would say it’s a miss

Ginny on

well…I really want to like it but truth be told?! I’m not sold on this look. Everything else is fabulous!…even the neckline on the dress….but the skirt portion totally conflicts with her natural shape.

vIcToRiA on

Jerry Springer would probably look better in THAT! But her face is Gorgous!

blue on

this is in response to j’s post…”curves” are acceptable for latinos and african-americans because in our cultures womanly figures are embraced. however, white culture does not appreciate curves. stop blaming us when your own culture is to blame. if you don’t like it, do something to change the standard the way jennifer lopez and beyonce have.

red on

this is in response to j’s post…”curves” are acceptable for latinos and african-americans because in our cultures womanly figures are embraced. however, white culture does not appreciate curves. stop blaming us when your own culture is to blame. if you don’t like it, do something to change the standard the way jennifer lopez and beyonce have.

kelly on

No, it looks horrible…it does not go with her body type i dont care what anyone says…this dress does not go with her it looks stupid..iam sure she could have looked way better in another dress but not this one

Noemi Lopez on

I think she looks great! From one boricua to another Pa’ riba chica y pa’ lante!

donna on

This is the best I’ve ever seen a bubble dress look. They seem to be in, though I think they’re hideous, so if you’re going to where one, she pulls it off the best so far. The color and everything else on her is great.

Jennifer on

She is looking more and more like his ex-wife. What happened to the stylish Jennifer that we were so used to seeing. I think she either needs to get a new stylist or a 3 way mirror!

GC on

Latinas have curves in the genes, and most of us embrace them. Learn to love yourself no matter how you look. I think she looks beautiful, this is one of the best versions of those why-did-they-ever-comeback bubble dresses. She looks beautiful and fresh!

ch on

cute dress. bad accessories seems a little over done. and the hair is a no no for this dress. good color on her though.

Sonya on

She’s gorgeous & beautiful and CAN pull this dress off, but i don’t really love it. I think its just a little too short, maybe 2 inches longer and it would be perfect.

Lola on

I think she looks great. Not the same boring lil black dress. WOW! What a great color and the shoes,bag, and jewelry are also right on. If j-lo’s hair were down it would over power the whole look.
Also, white girls have to learn to love their bodies and teach their young daughters to embrace how they look.
It’s not just what you say, but also what you do. If your girls see you thinking you’re fat, then they will begin to have body image problems from a very young age.
Positive body image comes from being positive.

Sandra on

I don’t like it

Daly on

Tacky, just like her!!!

Christine M. on

This is not working for her. It looks like the bottom if the dress is crushed up paper tissue!

Laura on

i think off j.lo it wouldn’t look so good but she actually somehow and i can’t quite point it out pulls it off! the legs man! look at those things!

sexyback on

it stinks as much as she does

Tina on

I don’t really care for the dress that she’s wearing.

Don't on

EEK! Looks like someone had an accident with wrapping paper, ribbon and tape. Please leave the bubble dresses in the children’s department, where they belong.

Karen on

OMG…. oh, no, she didn’t…..

This is horrible. To those of you who say she can pull it off, that’s exactly what she should do. Pull it off (very quickly) and put something, anything, else on before anybody else has to see this.

elham on

For the past few months Jennifer Lopez has been dressing down lately but now shes got her sexy image back on track.

Donna on

J Lo is gorgeous with a gorgeous body! The color of the dress is gorgeous. Love all the accessories. That dress is a mess. No one can pull that off. It’s just a bad choice.

Kitsa on

Horrible! She is too beautiful to subject herself to something as hideous as that. Where’s the rest of her dress…??

Phyllis on

As usual, she looks a red hot mess!!!

Linda on

Good grief…..see money can buy you everything…even a really bad dress. Lopez’s choices lately have not been in her best interest.

Cyn on

She looks like a little, red popcorn kernel.



Jeri on

OMG! That dress is one of the worst things I’ve seen her in. It’s great to take risks but make sure it’s a risk that you can pull off. I am latina like her and I know I can’t pull of a mini because of my thighs, she is no exception. Generally Jennifer is gorgeous and knows how to dress herself in a way that is both beautiful and complimentary to her fantastic body. This, unfortunately, is not one of those times.

Kirsten on

Oh noooooo! I agree J.Lo has had bad taste in clothes lately. I don’t like the dress and I think it makes her legs look too skinny. She can look way better than this.

Marian on

This dress look horrific on her!! She doesn’t have the legs to be wearing short dresses. They are too skinny and her knees knock.

melissa on

omg…she looked great but the dress has to go lol…lets just leave it at that…try again jlo

RJ4 on

The color suits her, the dress is hideous. As of lately her taste is terrible. Was Diddy paying for her stylist? The bubble look is for people who do not have a shape.

I can say she was brave to wear it. Its ugly.

Dana on

Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman, but this dress is awful and does absolutely nothing for her.

Lillian Gorham on

JLo is too MATURE for that dress. She’s almost 40!

Heather on

Not quite sure what is going on here

b on

my first thought was oh gawd but then i thought- she still looks hot though!

kochi on

j’lo looks great! everyone wish to have her body and charm..all u haters go to the gym and try to look like her! dont even try.

jenna on

maybe the dress looked better in person.

Sarah on

She should dress her age, and we should
pay more attention to more talented woman than her.

Sara on

I think she needs to dress more her age, her problem
is dressing to young. She needs to dress for her age!!!!

Michelle on

She looks like she should top a jewelry box, spinning around to some romantically sad ballad. I don’t know what is up with the bubble-type skirts, but COME ONE PEOPLE!! That thing doesn’t even cover enough leg to be called a skirt! It’s a puffed up mini! So sad to see such a beautiful lady like this too. I actually thought she was Posh Spice at first…

Diana on

Well the color looks great on her. But I think the bubble part is a little too high and makes it look like she doesn’t have a waist. Maybe if they had started the “bubble” effect a little lower it would elongate her waist and not make her look stocky.

Anyone notice the difference with the space between her eyes? Lately that area looks a little wide.

Marie on

Too much going on sorta reminds me of the lining in a coffin. She should wear longer, tight fitting dresses she has the body for it. Red is a good color for her but this dress is definitely not a good style.

nel on

she looks amazing as always, but I think she could have made a better dress choice.

knipptt on

Jennifer is gorgeous. I love the shoes. The dress is ok. I think she wears it better than most people could.

TD on

Too bunched up – like a straw pushed thru a strawberry!

Hea on

ekkkkkk. so ugly dress i ever see!!!!

Michelle on

I think the dress is a hit. The thing is cute and shows what she got. I would to if I had that body.

Sophie on


Peach on

What an awful dress. There are better ways to show off your legs than wearing wrapping paper :)

Melly on

It looks like she raided Dakota Fanning’s closet.No wait that’s an insult to Dakota.JLo is beautiful and has a great sense of style but this dress is a big boo-boo.

C.A. on

A giant red skrunchi wrapped around the hips.

ra on

she looks like the tacky tastless woman she is. that’s why she is with one of the slimiest men in the music business.

Amy on

Her stylist must have taken the day off

Dee on

It looks like someone popped all her bubbles….

Shersey on

Jennifer looks amazing. She is a very beautiful women. She looks great in the red color but the dress looks like the topping on one of the toothpicks they stick in clubhouse sandwiches.

Maria on

She looks like a big, round, Christmas ornament.

Robin on

Her dress is fun. She’s looks great. What more can you ask of a celebrity?

melly on

Looks like she raided Dakota Fanning’s closet.Wait,that would be an insult to Dakota.JLo is beautiful and has a great sense of style,but this dress is a big boo-boo.

Ana V on

The dress is absolutely UGLY! It’s not glamourous, it’s not classy, it looks like a prom dress from a prom that went really bad. But I love the color and it suits her skin tone, her makeup is well done (this time) so I guess it’s better than the green dress/chocolate hair/nude lips disaster.

brian birchall on

I would wear this dress. some may think its a bit much

Yael on

gah! it’s bubble dress gone bad! i am not a fan of bubble dresses but the color of her dress is fine. i feel though that if it had been a little longer (knee-length perhaps?) then the dress would have come off better.

Kathy on

Hey JLO – the 1980’s called, they want their bubble dress back!!!!!!!!! Dear GOD does this woman not own a mirror? Does nobody have the cajones to tell her she looks absolutely ridiculous?? I don’t give a flip if she has the body to wear a micro-mini, she’s too damn OLD to wear one. Have some class, I know it’s in there somewhere. And that HARSH pulled back, tight as a librarian bun – gimme a break! The color and the bling are great, but other than that, she looks like a librarian tramp!!! And believe it or not, I actually kinda like her!

And regarding the posts about Latinas and black women having curves and being accepted – I don’t think the original poster was being racist at ALL – I think she was questioning why white women feel compelled to be toothpicks when CLEARLY women with curves are not only accepted, they are admired and loved in part FOR their curves. Scarlett Johannsen being a rare exception in the “white” world. I’d take hers or JLO’s body ANY day of the week over Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley and all the other 20’somethings (and older!) who are starving themselves into ugly, grotesque skeletons!

People need to stop reading racism into things where racism isn’t present.

Mrs Fashion on

Does Jennifer have a stylist? If so then that person should be SHOT! This is an abomination of fashion! Jennifer is an extremely classy woman and she should be dressing like one; the shoes, the hair, the jewels, the length of the dress and the colour are all WRONG for her! This is most definitely a miss!

Clara on

I´m not loving the shape of this dress, though the color is perfect.
I do agree, however, that it´s very nice to see her again all glammed up and sexy! She had been looking older lately, now she looks like the bomb again!

Deb on

Dressing sexy is one thing..but this dress is just wrong! It is not a good look for type. Just picture it from a side angle.

kim on

I luv JLO but not in this dress too short..great colour on her thou. Love the hair and make up. Was kinda worried ..she has not been dressing like herself lately..and that’s what I have always loved about her..her great since of style.

donna on

all i can say is MISS

Courtney on


Calm down…J Lo looks FAN – FREAKING – TASTIC! Marc should not let Miss Thang slip away.

Also, as for their being a double standard for White/Black/Latina women, who do you think created it? Have you ever seen black or Latina men or women putting pressure on White women to be skinny?

Carla on

It looks like one of those poofs you shower with!!!

mespericueta on

She looks like a pinata….can you say j.loco.

j on

THANK YOU for being the only one who got the point of my post. i was not being racist at all, was just simply stating body standards between ethnicities is VERY different!!!

Katharine on

The color is great on her, but I agree with what many others have said: That shredded Christmas wrapping paper at her hips looks bad. Also, it’s too short, as if she were trying to pass herself off as a 21-year-old.
As for the latina/African-American curves vs. white thinness controversy, I don’t think Katie was being hateful. As a pear-shaped white woman, I love J.Lo and Beyonce for making hips/bootie sexy in mainstream culture. But it does seem that white actresses are still expected to be stick-thin or they’re crucified in the press. I hope the more realistic, womanly look becomes celebrated for all races.



dee on

I like it. You usually see these kind of fashions on thinner celebs who r trying to add shape but it’s fun on her. It makes her look more youthful. the color is fabulous for her too.

Brandi on

I love this dress. Jennifer looks great in it. VERY SEXY!!!!

Terra on


kate on

HOT! Leave it to JLO to take risks! I love her for it!

Bonnie on

Aye Yi Yikes!!!


i think that anything j.lo wears she makes it look good. i wish i had her body. she is in shape. she look great. keep it up jennifer.

Erica Nicole on

I’m not the type to comment here-
But had to say something-

I can’t believe all the people on here who are saying that Jennifer Lopez isn’t skinny enough to wear that dress?


I think most people forget maybe that she is so much skinnier than we think/see. Cameras put on 10 lbs. Her curves are nice, beautiful. But she is also thin.

I personally think the dress is great on her. I usually don’t like bubble dresses, but on her it’s nice. She’s glowing..

LOL at people saying shes not skinny enough. Big effing joke.

Yeah umm and Nicole Richie is fat.. pssh

Karina on

I think the color and the dress is ugly !!!! what was she thinking!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara on

Jennifer Lopez has never really been a style icon, by any means to me. And this whole ensemble just reminds me why. The shoes are cute, but with the dress they look like prom shoes. Her necklaces are cute but there is way too much silver on her body. The clutch is over-kill, and so are the earrings. The dress is trendy, but she doesn’t accessorize well.

kris on

miss. miss. miss.

Christina on

An absolute miss!

Piper on

YUCK! Her dress is disgusting. Why would you wear something like that?

micheleeee. on

Jennifer’s style is getting worse and worse as the years go by.

How money can change people!

Sophie on

Thank you Kathy!

“People need to stop reading racism into things where racism isn’t present.”

I didn’t find a racist undertone either. Being thin or extremely fit is a Hollywood standard and expectation. More than 20 yrs ago models were a size 6, now they are a size 0, which very much parallels Hollywood standards.

funfun100 on

I think this dress is great! Especially with her skin and haircolor, the red is a beautiful color, and the shape is exciting!

fin on

i think J.lo never makes a mistake, she a pacesetter and has always been. its a hit. go grrl

KAT on


simona on

she’s just sooooo beautiful!

charlotte on

hi….i really love jennifer lopez n i love her fashion choices…can u tell me where i can dresses like the ones she wore in monster-in-law….those were really lovely…

night on

Great woman. So So dress. At least she is looking a little more like her old self again. She was dressing and looking like a 50 year old woman for a while.

AnnieM on

I liked Christian Lacroix’s better, but the thought of that is giving me 80’s flashbacks. The color is nice on her.

regina on

great colour, terrible look. doesn’t suit her at all! she should have looked in the mirror before leaving the house.

Lisa on


Mrs. Avelar on

I think she is trying too hard, talk about trying to be the center of attention!

axelle on

I think it is a pretty dress, but it better suits people with proportional body weight (fuller set of legs). I think her legs are too skinny and besides, she alrady have a full boottie, so all the puffing in the dress just makes her look very disproportional, too much fullness in some places and not enough in others. That is just my opinion.

Andrea on

I’m not really into it actually. I think it would look better if it just went straight down instead of all that poofy crap. Great figure though!

Leigh Ann on

J-LO’s bubble dress is hidy-fied!!!!! YUK!!!! She looks like a 6 year old trapped in a 30 year old’s body!!!! 2 thumbs way down!! Shame on you J-LO!!!!!…..thought you knew better than that!!!!

My_Self on

That’s HOT

bibi on

i like it! she looks cute!

diana on

I think she looks great. Its all well put together. Her hair pulled back makes it better b/c with her hair down it would’ve been too much. Why shouldn’t she flaunt her curves and legs? If you’ve got it flaunt it.

cherfer on

Yuck. All that money, and no taste at all.

Miss Patty Garza on


Miss Patty Garza on


maria on

it looks like she just got out of a red bubble bath, not a winner in my book.

DeeCee on

I’m glad I found this board…I’ve been wondering what people have been thinking about Jennifer lately. I personally think she’s been making some really strange choices which are not working well with her. I miss her old makeup artist, who had her looking so incredibly beautiful during her “The Wedding Planner” period. Now she just looks like some unknown Vegas wannabe. She looks like she decided to become a hasbeen before she was done trying to be.

japajp on

Althought this is a terrible choice for a dress, it looks sexy on J LO.

veronica on

i think she’s been dressing weird lately but since she’s so gorgeous and beautiful she can pull anything and when i say anythind i mean it! I PERSONALLY THINK SHE LOOKS NICE BUT THE HAIR-DO HAS TO GO!

Chloe' on

I think she looks AMAZING as she always does. i agree sometimes she dress a little old fashion for as beautiful as she is but she wears this dress with style and class.

dominique on

I love it. I think the Jlo we love is back

Betty on

Kathy is right on! J.Lo would be J. Unemployed-Lo if she were white!

beck on

I think this dress is great on her.
She can pull it off well.

marite alarcon on

She looks fine, is true the dress is really not a hit, but on her it doesn’t look that bad!

Jessica on

HIT!!! I personally love her style, and she looks FANTABULOUS!


what the hell is that! I’m blinded!!

K on

Somebody pull the curtain down…I feel like I’m at the movie theater and the curtain was just raised.

sam on

I’ve worn a bubble dress to an event before and trust me she doesn’t look good in a bubble dress. It excentuates her already really curvy figure and it makes her look bigger. The colour is great, cause it just pops. However, if she really needed to wear this particular dress, she should have worn her hair down, in natural waves and curls. She shouldn’t always pull back her hair; it’s getting boring.

Tracy on

She looks Like a Christmas ornament.


Jennifer Lopez always looks amazing she has a great body and can pull anything off! I love it!

minerva on

Finally something young sexy and stylish!! It’s been a while! I have been soo dissapointed with all the stuff shes been wearing lately, very classy but more for like Sofia Loren.

LeeAnn on

I dont know why everyone is saying that she is too old for this dress, age is just a number if she feels young let her dress young. i think the dress is unique, and im one for unique stuff, the color is great and jlo can pull off pretty much anything, and about the thing that white woman dont embrace there body..i happen to be a white woman with the curves of a latino or black and there are lots of other ones out there too, it shouldnt be targeted towards a certain culture that we dont embrace our bodies cause we do just as much as any other culture out there.

Yo_Nel on

She looks great, the color looks great on her! Her hair is up, her make up is very natural, the sandals are hot she is a total hit!! She is so pretty and honestly she dresses very well, there are others out there that really are not great dressers at all at least she coordinates.

liz on


madelyn on

Jen is beautiful and has the curves of a sexy Woman. She looks gorgeous in her bubble dress. I love her taste in fashion and her sense of adventure. Did you see her look at the Latin Grammys ceremony the next day? Totally different, and just lovely! Jen will be on the cover of December’s Harper’s Bazaar, their #1 choice as Best-Dressed.

Rosie on

Jlo, with her skin colour (which is sooo pretty) can pull off anything! so she looks god in anything

chloe on

i am a big fan of u!!!!

marlena on

that is a miss j-lo i love her cloths but that needs to be dissmissed off the list . stay fashionable i relly people think if you were in that dress thats just not cool .but relly its the werst of them all unless shes managed to come up with a box dress.resonable critcist ,marlena

Kaila on

I actually love it. Maybe a little less ruffle effect, but I love it. The color is so bright and radiant. It exudes Jennifer Lopez. I love how she accessorized, especially with those necklaces. Those shoes are amazing looking. Wow. She just glows. I like the hair up, but I also love it down on her, in a wavy loose effect. Either way, she is stunning pin-up. She is one of the best dressed red carpet starlets. Sexy with class. You go Jennifer.

Carrie on

J. Lo has been a bad dresser lately! I use to love the way she dresses! WHAT HAPPENED???

Geneva on

A master at her profesion and obsolutely original, contemporary, fresh and loving it.

Paula on

Jennifer could wear a wet paper bag and make it look nice. No matter, what that woman puts on, she wears it well.

Adriana on

I love this look on jennifer…she looks beautiful!

Andre Wedderburn on

a definite knoch off.This girl knows how to work the fashion catwalk with poise and elegance.There is no holding back thi queen of fashion.Haha-“I’m REAL”

Morgan on

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«Где забрать? Ужин.»
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– Спасибо.
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– Ну что я могу на это сказать: только предложить тест-драйв!
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«Тойота – управляй мечтой! Приглашаем на тест-драйв».
– Лучше бы всем миром управляли мечты, – вздохнула Лиза и проехала свой поворот.
Дома был жуткий бардак, но Лиза не хотела больше в нем находиться. За десять минут вещи были на своих местах. Белье стиралось. Посуда мылась в посудомоечной машинке.
– Марина Николаевна! Это Лиза беспокоит. Извините, что так поздно, я хотела бы вас попросить завтра убрать мою квартиру. Полностью. Идеально. Спасибо. – Как только Лиза закончила говорить, пришло сообщение.
« Ты добралась? Я уже ложусь спать».
«Да, все хорошо. Сейчас распланирую дела на завтра и тоже лягу. Спокойной ночи».
Лиза открыла комод и достала небольшой обруч. Она протерла его мягкой тряпочкой и открыла маленькую, незаметную глазу крышечку. Вытащила оттуда шнур и вставила в сеть. Тина позвонила сразу после того, как обруч начал светиться едва уловимым светом.
– Привет, Сестренка. Как ты? Решила зарядится? А я вот слышала, что тебе надоело это тело.
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– Смотри, окончательно очеловечишься. Что там за звуки у тебя?
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Еще бы не задумывался… скривился профессор. Да только из тебя и клещами ничего не вытащишь. Но это неважно. Если у тебя есть такой флот, то какого хвоста Проклятого ты сидишь на месте и не атакуешь?
Нет, покачал головой майор. Это какой-то новый тип видеосвязи. А у нас в гостях внучка маршала Дармита Рассмера, капитан Лави Рассмер.
Орден Аарн, ответил седой. Позвольте представиться, дварх-майор легиона «Коршуны Ада» Рен Аркин, слева от меня дварх-полковник Эваль Релир, командующий легионом «Ищущие Мглу», справа альфа-координатор Никита Ненашев.
Никита и сам глядел на Лави, тоже мечтая обнять ее, и ругал себя в уме за такие мысли последними словами. Вериль посматривала то на одного, то другую, приподняв бровь. В глазах Целительницы прыгали хитрые бесенята, она явно посмеивалась над ними. Но почему? Контрразведчик не понял, зато понял другое он попался. Теперь его под конвоем отведут в каюту и уложат спать. И никакие протесты и ссылки на то, что дел немерено, не помогут. Целители, мать их! Если уж что втемяшится им в голову добьются своего любой ценой.

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Most registrars, including Go Daddy, automatically lock your domain. I got an email from go daddy fraud dept stating my account info does not match that of the billing info and my account is now locked. Customer support has no idea other than what the email stated. I did just get another email today from my reseller store (which is run by GoDaddy) reminding me to check my WHOIS data. The WHOIS information for all domains was changed. The nameservers associated with all domains were changed. Some domains expired during the GoDaddy investigation, I was never given a chance to renew. I have requested the ability to transfer my domain names to another registrar, I am ignored. Many of my domain names had established a positive Google Pagerank, this has all been lost. GoDaddy has stolen my domain names, stolen my traffic, stolen my business, and continues to ignore === WARNING: Stop use Domain registrar GoDaddy customers, GoDaddy lock domains.

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Высокоскоростной доступ в интернет сделал возможным просмотр ТВ передач и фильмов высокой четкости онлайн, для вашем компьютере. Зачастую абсолютно бесплатно. А беспричинно, подобно большинство компьютеров еще и в состоянии читать DVD диски, а некоторые и Blueray то отпадает нужда в DVD и Blueray плеерах, соответственно. Всетаки, извлекать относительно малый компьютерный монитор чтобы этих целей когда около без дела стоит исполинский HD телевизор, было желание как-то не логично. Избежать этой ситуации можно подключив ваш компьютер к телевизору, используя HDMI либо HDMI-DVI кабель. Таким образом, вы сможете радоваться мультимедийными возможностями вашего компьютера, предположим, сидя на диване в гостиной.
[b]Высокое разрешение.[/b]
Для передачи изображение высокой четкости необходим интерфейс, обладающий соответствующими характеристиками. Именно следовательно, использование стандартного «тюльпана» сиречь S-Video для соединения среди компьютером и HD телевизором не сможет обеспечить всей четкости изображения. В конце концов, эти интерфейсы были разработаны задолго прежде появления HD стандартов. HDMI кабель, как единовременно навыворот, предназначен чтобы передачи высококачественного, несжатого видеосигнала.
Некоторые намерение кабеля, такие, как S-Video, не предназначены для передачи аудиосигнала. Что касается HDMI кабеля, то он кроме изображения, в состоянии препоручать многоканальный цифровой аудиосигнал. Также, в дополнению к стандартному звуку, он поддерживает такие стандарты, как Dolby True HD и DTS-HD Maven Audio, однако в конечном итоге безвыездно зависит от возможностей вашего компьютера.
[b]HDMI-DVI кабель.[/b]
И что большинство современных компьютеров имеют HDMI разъем, безвыездно же довольно почасту позволительно встретить компьютер без такового. К счастью, HDMI разъем обладает обратной совместимостью с вторично более распространенным DVI разъемом. Окончательный порядочно сложно спутать с разъемом HDMI, следовательно быть подключении проблем не надо возникнуть даже у человека вконец не знакомого с этими интерфейсами.
[b]Длина кабеля.[/b]
В продаже наиболее распространен кабель длиной от 1,2м накануне 5м. Тут, как начало, все просто, берется тот кабель, который обеспечит максимальное удобство подключения.

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