Has Hilary Duff Gone Goth?

10/31/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Was Hilary inspired by all the other Hollywood brunettes (Lindsay, Cameron, J.Lo), or by punk rocker boyfriend Joel Madden? Or is it for a new role? The formerly blonde star darkened her locks to a deep auburn earlier this year, but turned up at the Carousel of Hope Ball this weekend with dark, almost-black hair. While it’s a little disconcerting to see Lizzie McGuire go goth, we think the dark color really brings out Hilary’s hazel eyes and porcelain skin. Tell us: what do you think of Hilary’s new look? Love the dramatic dark color or miss the light look?

New hair can totally change a look! Check out more star transformations by clicking here to see our Makeovers Gallery.

Photo: Devan/INFGoff; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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Katja on

i think hilary’s hair looks great!her eyes really do stand out and dark hair is lovely.

just because she’s got dark hair now doesn’t mean she’s turning goth!!and joel isn’t a punk rocker.not at all.good charlotte’s a pop [hardly punk,people tend to label them as punk rockers just cus they’ve got tattoos.] band.

i say you shouldn’t label anyone (especially if you’re labeling them wrong,sorry guys).

you wouldn’t wear punk clothes and run around saying “i’m oh so punk” eventhough you’ve got no clue about punk music now would you?

labeling’s idiotic.

anyway hilary does look gorgeous.

Sara on

It’s not that it looks horrible. She’s pretty no matter what she does. It’s just that absolutely LOVED it chestnut brown and hated to see her change it. She does look better with dark hair and porcelein skin than Lindsay Lohan does with her reddish freckled skin.

Deepti on

It is nice, and does bring out her eyes … but I am getting a Morticia Adams feeling out of it. Personally I like the lighter, she looks brigther and more youthful.

— rather than somewhat “corpse-like”.

Michelle on

I think Hilary looks fantastic with dark hair and I agree it brings out her eyes. Just because you go dark doesn’t mean you’ve gone “Goth”…my goodness! That’s what makes us girls so interesting; we can try different looks and still be the same person inside!

Cathy on

I actually think the color looks good on her….as long as she doesn’t dress dark. Otherwise she looks good!

Catie on

I think she looks pretty either way!

Niki Bensley on

No too dark!! I think she is a very pretty young lady, but the color is not flattering for her.



Rara on

I like her new hair color, although she does look a little bit like her boyfriend, I think it’s a nice change, she shouldn’t stick to the same hair color all the time, that’ll just be boring.

J. on

I think she looks adorable. She’s growing up to be a very beautiful woman.

Lillian Gorham on

Actually, on a beautiful young woman like herself, dark hair can look strikingly beautiful. Of course one should have the right skintone. I think she looks stunning. It’s around mid-30’s+ that going really dark is aging.

Vonnie on

I’m not a big Hilary fan, but I agree. That color emphasizes her hazel eyes and pale skin. I think it’s a nice change that makes her look great.

j on

a little too dark, but she still looks good

beth on

I think I like it. It does bring out her eyes, but with her pale skin, I think it washes her out a little bit. Hilary can pull off any color, blonde, red, brunette, and even black. But my favorite hair color on her is blonde. I know from experience that it is going to take months and a few different trips to the salon if she ever plans on going blonde again! PS. I am a brunette and always feel a little flattered when stars realize that being brunette is just as fun, it not more fun than being a blonde.

Lola on

I think she looks amazing with black hair – it actually really suits her and does indeed make a feature of her eyes – I hope she stays this colour!

Misty on

Pretty. I like her any way but this is a nice change.

Rebecca on

Hilary looks great in both photos, but I like the deep auburn shade better on her. The almost-black color is a little too harsh for her fair complexion and delicate features.

Mags on

I think she really is a beautiful girl…but the super dark is just too harsh for her skin tone. She looked stunning with the deep auburn color!

Michele on

is it me or does she look a lot like JLO?

Ella on

She is so pretty. But she needs to go back to blonde. Her complextion is to pale for dark hair. But…she will always be pretty.

Andrea on

Terrible. It makes her look pasty.

Jen on

Better lighter

Nina on

I like it, but I like every hair colour on that girl… well the opnes we’ve seen so far!
But I think she’s dyed it for a movie role… the one she shooting with John Cusack… I’m not sure but I think that’s the explaination! But it looks good either way…

Claudie on

I really like the light look but change goes with the job.

Antonia dheere on

I think she is soooo beautiful but i miss her sweet image with blonde hair. It does bring out her eyes and skin but i loved her blonde hair.

Celestina on

Hilary looks a bit strange, but very pretty in black. Her eyes are so beautiful (like mine :D ), and face looks fresher (thought lighter). She’s very beautiful in every hair color except for blonde. :)

brandi on


A Fan on

I really think she is so pretty and would love her no matter what, I keep up with every thing she does my 8 year got me started and I got very happy with the person she is and how she holds her self in everyones eyes. I’m very plesed that my little girl looks up to her. I know that tis does not have to do with the ? BUT… Thanks anyway

Andrea on

Don’t you just love how people come to the boards and say things such as : “Who Cares!”.. when obviously they do or else they wouldn’t come to the boards. Baffles me.

I still say it’s better lighter, but could be for a movie role. Hey, some people have to shave their head completely for a movie role. At least she didn’t have to do that.

Rachel on

Ok, i think that she has taken the “goth” thing a little to far.Ever since Hils met joel madden she has changed EVERYTHING about herself. She’s no longer Hilary anymore and now she’s turned into some kind of goth rocker chick wannabeb i want the old hils back!

LD on

I saw her on E Online last night, and she said it was for a new movie, she had no choice. I liked it lighter brown.

Just a outsider on

I think she kind of looks like Angelina,a little bit…with the dark hair. I think it is a nice change.

Estefanía on

I don’t think that it looks good. She looks better with brown hair, black hair my bring out her eyes but she doesn’t look that good. I loved her brown hair better.

Sandra on

I think a like her hair a little lighter but come on…..
just because she has black hair doesn’t make her Goth. Sometimes people make such a big deal out of little things.

yajaira on

hilatry’s hair its beautiful i used to liked her hair when it was brown but i like this new look better she looks sooo cute and i absolutly hated it her hair when it was blonde

betty on

what is with all the dark hair these days ….i guess all these stars were tried keeping up on their growing roots

Kristin on

she looks better with the dark hair vs. blonde- I like both colors on her but the lighter of the 2 make her eyes really stand out.

micheleeee. on

This change is good for her.
I just wish she would gain a little weight backk.

Sandy on

I’m not a fan. It ages her. The lighter color goes better with her skin tone.

Alicia on

I find this color really harsh on her. It looks like her hair is a bit unhealthy now. Maybe it is just me.

Ellie on

i think she looks gorgeous with blonde, brown, or black hair, but i like the chesnut brown the best. i also i love the styling of her hair better in the pic on the left.

amee on

i’m ready to see hillary duff wear another look besides wholesome. besides, i love the way her dark hair contrasts with her eyes. very cool.

anahi on

She sees better with the black hair that Lindsay

And I believe that it is for a movie..!!

Kristina on

The hair’s fine but she’s still too skinny. When her face was a bit fuller she had that ‘angelic’ look and I wished I looked just like her. Two words, Hils: ice cream!

caitie on

it looks so ugly. she needs to go back to blonde.

maila on

yea she looks good its for her new movie war inc!

Kate on

What is more creepy than her black hair is her older boyfriend. That’s like not right

night on

What has this child done to herself. She was a cute kid who could have grown into a gorgeous woman. Now she looks waxy , pale, undernourished, ANd it appears she tried to swallow MR ED’S teeth.
Hilary. Eat a little more, go back to your natural color, and ge a lawyer to go after the dentist who destroyed your gorgeous smile.

isis on

i think that since she started dating joel she’s changed a lot, she looks very skinny, not slim. she has let her relationship turn her into the opposite of we all known her for, a sweet ‘looking’ girl, and with her’own’ personality. she should goback to her blonde and healthier days.

Stina on

She should go back to blonde. She was much prettier before she changed her hair all different colors. Now she looks really bad!

Natalie on

Black hair doesn’t make you goth. And it would be really annoying for someone to say she’s goth because, well, listen to her talk. Listen to her music. Look at what she wears. She’s not goth. But I think the dark hair suits her. I’ve always said she has amazing eyes.

Sam on

I think she looks terrible when she was larger and blonde that was mt hil not this skinny brunette !

MARIE odabas on

shes such a biter. she always copys someone elses look.
she should just find her own and should stop being a poser!!

Catie on

I don’t like it all that much.
I liked her when she was blonde and when she went a LITTLE darker but this is a little much. But it’s her choice

nelly on

She lokks mean with darker hair

Kristina on

I think that the really dark hair is a little drastic for Hilary’s fair skin, but it does make her eyes stand out beautifully. Honestly, I think Hilary is a beautiful and talented young woman, who can pull off pretty much anything. If anything is making her look less good than she normally does it isn’t her hair, but how thin she has become. I think that Hilary was the most healthy looking in her “Fly” era, when she put out her self-titled album. Like I said, I think she is gorgeous from what I know of her as a person and in looks as well, but she should really put on some weight.

Allison Stevens on

she looks like she should be in the addams family!!! it doesnt look good at all!!!

Katie on

O.K. so she is turning into a girl verison of her boyfriend. EW!

bebe on

she looks soo good! she si soo beautifull and intelligent she act, ahe sing, she is a designer, she is an incredible women and she looks soo good with her hair black, blonde, blue green,white,anyway..she is so…wow!!!!

Colleen on

she’s filming a movie at the moment, so i’m guessing its for that (its with john cusack – yay!)
i saw photos on teddyandmoo from the set, and her hair was dark like this

she’ll probably have a new hairstyle in a month anyway, who cares?

Liz on

Both hair colors look good on her!

Hilary Duff....NOT!! on

i am not a fan of her music and will probably never be….no offense but it’s not my style. i think hilary duff is beautiful and will always be. i especially like the change from blonde to auburn….it really suits her new body and brings out her GORGEOUS eyes!! i love her style of clothing and the way she dresses for her body type.

now that i’m done saying all the things i like about hilary i will talk about her hair.

I LOVE IT….!!!! The brunette is a nice contrast to her fair skin and hazel eyes as long as she knows how to excentuate it. wear colors that bring her new hair color out!


Merel on

the red looks better than the black one, that one is to dark
but i already liked her blonde

alexsandria on


amanda on

I think the new color definetely brings out her hazel eyes…..but I think that the auburn hair definetly suited her skin tone.her makeup looks much better in the auburn hair photo.

Ashley on

I Personally LOVED her hair reddish brown. and though I love black hair. i think Hilarys looks a bit greasy..so I guess I prefer her auburn

Erin on

I like her with brown hair like it was…i also like the blonde hair….but i do also like this hair she has now….she always looks pretty. I hope tht Joel isnt getting to her head though and wants to be like him. I just want her to be herself. I like Joel just I haope she doesnt copy him in a girl’s way. I hope tht the reason tht she is changing her hair this way is because of a role.

Chloe on

I love hilary, and really admired her for not letting what other people thought of her and joel. I do however feel that she has changed. She has lost a significant amount of wiat,and doenst seen nearly as bubby and energetic as before. She looks good in anythign and eevreyting, but i do miss the blonde or copper look. it made hilary look so down to earth, and fun. Either way she looks great, but i do prefer the old hilary.

melly on

It really brings out the green in her eyes.Itlooks surprisingly pretty on her.

melly on

The chesnut hair goes better with her coloring and face shape though.

melly on

I like her hair blonde too but just not the ditzy platinum blonde.

Lale on

Put on some weight, Hil! You looked so cute and natural as a blonde with curves!

As far as her hair, well the bad news is that her sister will be jumping on the bandwagon within the next month. That chick needs to get her own thing going and let her sister be the star.

Gabi on

Hilary looks great, either way.
Her beautiful eyes steal all the attention too.

oompa-loompa on

i think it looks nice this way, many celebrities totally go off with their new hair, but i think this is a nice change for Hillary

oh and by the way = her boyfriend is nowhere near punk-rock
he’s emo or commercial rock!!

Kesia on

i think that the black looks bad on her. i like her old color. i think that people that just deside 2 go with black hair have made a bad choice, but thats their choice

Caitlynn on

I think her hair looks awful! Her hair needs to go back to the way it was!

nina on

I think Hilary’s hair looks great dark. Athough I do prefer the color she sported before the black was better. Darker is better for her. More mature and her eyes looks FABULISTIC!

shaelynn on

Hilary Duff Looks Beautifull Either way Everyone Judges Her But I Luv The New Styles She Tries She Is An Insparation To Me I Love Her Either Way Isay No Way She Went Goth Even If She Did We Still Love Her For Who She Is Not What She Looks LIke

Morgan Rogers on

I loved Hilary Duff the way she was. I am at this moment listening to her music. I think the sweet Wendy has left the building and a much more mature women has taken the spot.She has had so many changes that it is hard to keep track. Goth is not what you should call her she is just probably tryin out new stuff. With her boyfriend. But I do wish The Auburn was back.I LOVE YOU HILARY DUFF!



LiIly on

I agree with clohe she. Put your hart in it hilary but I still Want to see a more happy side of you

loulou on

I think she looks brilliant. She’s turned from a teenager to women, with this look. Finaly she can shake off her young, ‘Lizzie McGuire’ appearence. Everyone has to grow up sometime, and this is a good way.

mo on

Hilary has the new hair color for her knew movie. Check out oh-hilary.com for details.

danielle on

I think she looks good in both pictures

She always has a way of looking good

I dont mind either of them !

Brianna on

i think hilary looks gorgeous in whatever see does but i really think the cheastnut colour really brings out how pretty she really is, but im not to keen on the dark dark colour it almost washes her skin out.

chloe on

it’s too dark but hilary is always cute!

LeeAnn on

i think it looks awfull, the brown hair looks way better but hilary just looks weird. her face is so shrunken in and she just is not pretty anymore i dont know what happened to her but she needs to gain some weight and dye her hair back blond she can not pull off the rocker chic look at all

GothicGina112 on

i think it looks great but i also think it is because she is dating Joel Madden with is a punk goth sorry but its true

shaunah on

i think hil looks fab . it suits her well . everyone is going dark like ashley olsen has goy dark hair now . you go hil . work

Maraiha on

i thing is better with blonde hair because she is blonde and is more nice that her hair will be blonde.but eighter she looks buitifull anyway.but with blonde hair look better

fannn on

i think blonde make her look young and cute …. With brown , she look more like an adult and shining beautifully …. Anyway , i prefer blonde ..

sarah on

hilary is gorgeous. if i had the choice to be any celebrity i would be her. Love her hair brown but the black looks good too.

Kaila on

I prefer the chesnut color on her. It made her look very mature for her age. I liked the blonde when she was in that teeny-bopper stage. Even though she is still young, she acts very mature for her age and with the chesnut color, it made her more appealing for different age groups of girls. She is more less, growing up with her audience. The dark is cute, but makes her skin too white. Maybe she should seek a spray on tan or something? I saw an interview she did on E! and she said it was for movie purposes, so that is why she changed her hair color. I do agree with one thing, the dark color does bring out her beautiful brown eyes, very pretty indeed.

samara on

Her hair looks pretty in the first picture
The other one has got to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole on

Hilary looks way much better with blond hair or even brom but…………… black I think shes gone wild or like punk cause of her boyfriend hes telling her to be punk WOW her boyfriend is such an idiot

alyssa on

I think she looks really cool, shes interesting and open minded and i think her new hair fits her personality better. I read the book she recamended , The Prophet, and it was really eye opening and pure. I think shes finding herself but i think she should loose the black clothes, i havent seen a picture of her without black in a long time, i love black but not alll the time.her clothes would be the only thing i would categorize as gothic.

Amy on

I don’t like it. I don’t like the dark hair on her at all. I have been a fan of Hilary’s forever. I know she’s growing up and everything but why does she want to look so “goth”? I like her blond, wholesome look much better.

kat on

im a goth myself i didnt lke her blonde she looked o like a barbie doll but black t brings out her eyes yes but it dont look right on such a sweet face i like her with brown tough it matches her eyes

(i want her eyes)

kat on

im a goth myself but i didnt like her blonde she looked to much like a barbie doll and black dont suite her eye’s show in black but it terible part fom dat but i like her in brown same colour as her eyes
(i want her eyes)

Michelle Draper on

I think its totally kool knowing that I am Kinda goth myself. Though I know that I shouldn’t be at the age 12, but I think that it soooo kool! Whoever wants to contact me just for the heck of it send a message or something. My e-mail is Babygirldraper@cox.net.My name is Michelle or Kate (whatever).

Jean on

She looked much better with the lighter hair. She is only 19 so that black stringy stuff does not suit her. Now that she has broken up with the 27 year old guy, she should look her age and go with younger guys.

wendy on

she looks nice

sofia on

dark or black isn’t gothic. Most of the asians have black hair. I do have black hair. You can’t say we all have gothic looks.

Sophie on

hay hilary looks great she will never be goth and she looks great my mum has black hair she aint a goth
y mate has black hair and she is more of a girky girl than anyone xxxxx love you hil i saw you live in concert it was the best night of my life xxxxx

Kelle on

OMG she looks so much like Haylie with the dark hair! I prefer the dark auburn. But I definitely understand the need to have go black and goth-y sometimes. This better not have been because of Joel, though! Hilary rocks:)

Erica on

if hilary duff even thinks she could pull off goth she should go stick a knife in her heart.

daari on

hilaery used to be a role model but now all she is worried about is joel madden , So it shoul;d say in lights hilary duff gone goth

Kayti on

Her hair looked way better blonde! Brown is okay too, but that black hair looks like she dyed it herself, in the dark, with her feet.

October on

I think she has gone poser. Not Goth,not punk. Ever since she has been dating this Joel Maddan, she has turned into someone she’s not. She does dress dark now with her black fingernail polish. Just about everyone I know, thinks she is going poser. Her music video makes it look like she is trying to put the punk front on, and everyone knows she’s not. She looked good when she had her blonde hair and pink preppy clothes.

This comes from a Real Goth.
(people who label other people is wrong expecially when there is not such thing as “gothic” it’s goth.

wickedwayz on

I think she looked better with blonde hair.

Amarnd on

I think here new hair just isnt her. I miss the old hilary. all my cds have here old look. She Needs ; Needs; To change back!

eva on

I do not think hilary looks good with that dark of hair. It makes her look too plain, old and tired looking. The auburn/chestnut color makes her face look more lively. I love her natural blond hair though. Its suites her the best. Shes just not the same sweet little sunkist blond girl ive always liked. The black hair is way to fake and soild looking, its also makes her look unhealthly and old. Change back please!!!

Hannah Almighty on

Hilary Duff looks absolutely beautiful. The dark hair really brings out her features and natural beauty.

Not only that, but it allows her to stand out from a crowd with her unique features.

This is one of the best makeovers i’ve seen yet. Her complexion looks gorgeous along with the dark hair color!

Marie on


ex. #1 fan on

I think hilary duff was way better when she was blond thats what i liked about her i looked up to her but now i dont know what to think anymor…..thanx a lot hilary duff(sarcastic) what are you really teaching me that i should change the way i look? no no no not going to happen you should be happy the way you are you were beautiful before but i dont really like you anymore and at the regina consert yeah you could say i went and you could also say i thought you were going goth so yah. once again thanx for teaching me and other girls the worng things, cause hats exaclly what you are doing.

ex. #1 fan on

I think hilary duff was way better when she was blond thats what i liked about her i looked up to her but now i dont know what to think anymor…..thanx a lot hilary duff(sarcastic) what are you really teaching me that i should change the way i look? no no no not going to happen you should be happy the way you are you were beautiful before but i dont really like you anymore and at the regina consert yeah you could say i went and you could also say i thought you were going goth so yah. once again thanx for teaching me and other girls the worng things, cause hats exaclly what you are doing.

Tilllz-x bubblegum-bubble-x.piczo.com [ma site] on

I think it looks terrible, it makes her face look skinny…
I liked it blonde.
But i love hilary!!

Lexi on

she looks GOOD

Kandy on

No she hasn’t but she’s filming a new movie and has to have black hair in it!

Kayla on

Hilary duff is beautiful either way but i like the brunette look better But she looks great with black too.

Jan on

i think she looks beautiful!

R$ on

i think she looks great both ways i have always loved hillary duffs style and i think she looks great

LeeLee on

I think she does not look good in dark hair i used to think she was so pretty in her blonde hair. she used to be my role model. she looked better before. she disponited lots of us.

old fann on

i think everyone aggres wit me she was way cuter, funner lookin,and much more wit blonde hair. she should not follow other stars. she was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a total role mpodel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but not any more

shawnee on

i like her with the black hair she looks great watever you like i like hilary # 1 fan

Sarah on

i like the lighter brown…. much more innocent and cute. she needs to go backk.

telisha on

hilary duff hair suits black hair she looks older and just because she has black hair doesnt mean she is goth

Josh on

take it from me………her boyfriend is not punk and she is not goth……………

yoja on

SO HORRIBLE !!! hilary you look stupid, i was a real fan of your music and of you like a role model and now you get soooo slim and your teeth looks big, and your music isn’t the same it is like dark and in metamorphosis you really sang but now Paris hilton sings better !! i think that the next step is do an striptease like the pussycat dolls !!!

Get better, cause you’re sick !!!!

kylie on

hey i like ur hair now but i would rather wut it looked like befor

amy on

hey i dnt think she has gone goth i thik she is jst experamenting with coloures and i think it looks nice


Gabby on

noooo hilary noooo i miss ur beautiful light colored hair!!!

dark doesnt do good for u!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

change it back! change it back! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Julie on

I personally think Hilary’s hair looked it’s best in ‘The Perfect Man’ I adored her in that movie :) I think the deep auburn hair looks ok, but I much prefer her blonde locks. I’m not really keen on her with black hair. I wouldn’t say she looks Goth at all, it’s just not that attractive to me. Whatever her hair colour.. she’s still an amazing actress/singer.

Krystin on

i dont care she looks pretty either way just as long as she doesnt get her face peiced!! lol

Draken on

How lovely, another poser -sigh-

samantha on

i think hil looks amazing with black hair.
at first i was a little confused with the colour because shes been blonde soo long.
when she died her hari brown it took a while to get used to it
and thats how its going to be with the black hair
but hilary is gorgeous..
any colour she dies her hair will suite her.
her eyes stand out

massimo on

you gotta think its pretty cause any hairstyle is good on hilary duff! im liking its really pretty but blonde is just a little better so its still cute! if you do not like it your weird!!!!!!

lysandra on

she looks horrible hillary if you see this go back to being a brunett by the way joe wont careif you change he wants to see the real you


Mia on

i think she always looks great and although i loved her brunette i think her hair realy does bring out her eyes they pop

hilary.duffs.biggest.fan#1 on

I love hilary duff she is like the best person ever like some day i would like to mett not like to meet her love to meet her and i think she looks really pretty with bruneete hair!!!

Hilary on

I think hilary looks good what ever colore or styl she dose pick and besides evrything looks good on her and the black look AWSOME! on her it makes her stande out lots more i like the black keep changing you look how ever you like… Hilary–xoxo

Hollie on

I think it’s up to Hilary herself to choose weather she likes her hair colour. Our opinion shouldn’t count. If Hilary likes it then we should like it too.

get a LIFE on

the real question is…
how ugly is all of YOURRRRRRR hair
how badly does the tone of YOUR color disturb YOUR skin color? i bet you that almost all of you have a disgusting color you should have never even considered


emskey on

I love her hair chestnut brown! I don’t think she suits black though! she rules


paige on

hey i fink hilary has wonderful hair 1 reason cus i have brunette hair aswell!!!LOL!!!!!

tammy on

i liked her better blonde becouse she was much cuter and it the blonde brought out everything about her like her personality,movie star look

joe on

she is a poser goth is something i hold close to me. i wantto see the cure,siouxsie and the banshees,and depeche mode,and bauhausthe real goth bands not a stupid holy wood ditz trying to get atention

Adeline Thomas on

I HATE her new hair! Her blonde hair was so mch better. If I were her, I would go back to the hair salon and dye her hair blonde again. She’s lucky she’s a fantastic singer. If she wasn’t, I’d HATE her.

Nikki Miller on

I hate her new hair it makes her look goth!And eva since she died it all she has been wearin is black!!!!!!!ooh….but i still luv her!!

Nikki Miller on

I hate her new hair it makes her look goth!And eva since she died it all she has been wearin is black!!!!!!!ooh….but i still luv her!!

Becky on

Great, we have another wanna be! I think she needs to start being her own person. Not another poser!

abbey tonkin on

I think She looked awsome with the medium brown hair she neede a change from blonde she looks more older and mature. I love the black as well.

lauren on

i think hilary shouldn`t be goth coz she looks so pretty just being normal, and she will have a wider choice of fashion, clothing and accesories.

bleedinghearts on

lol.. rite so goths dont count as normal people then?!


i love her and support her in everythig.

evelin on

i lOve this lOOk On her.. it brinqs Out her butiful hazel eyes mOre..i lOve her sOO much..:]

Gen on

In my opinion, I think that just because of her recent boyfriend Joel Madden, she just used the look to conform to the way he is. Plain and simple, thats what all the young Hollywood kids are doing these days. Just trying to conform. It’s a terrible thing, really. Young ladies like her and young women who are actresses or singers, should stick to being themselves. Did you know that “originality” is what most people want to find in youths these days? It’s plain and simple Hillary fans. Don’t deny it, and if the young singer/actress is reading this, you better learn a lesson.

michelle on

I think hilary duff looks awesome with black hair and how shes changed she has good choices and thats why I like her shes nice ,kool.

from michelle

hannah on

i think out of all the colors shes had her hair blond looks the best by far brown and black make her look older

Lisa on

I think Hillary looks better with the dark hair. The blonde hair and light skin is a bit pale.

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