What To Do When Mischa Barton Steps On Your Dress

10/27/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

It’s not easy to walk down the red carpet with a long train on your dress, as Anne Hathaway learned when she donned this flowing Zac Posen gown to the Fashion Group’s Night of Stars event last night. “The biggest problem,” Hathaway told PEOPLE, “is not the train itself, but other people stepping on it.” And guess what? A moment later, Mischa Barton placed her stiletto heel on the back of Hathaway’s dress, didn’t notice and wasn’t moving. Hathaway turned politely and asked, “Sorry, Mischa, can I have my dress back?” Mischa lifted her foot and the two said hello. As for Barton’s dress, though not everyone loved her puffy, one-shouldered Bebe number, stylist Rachel Zoe, who was being honored that night, said it was “fabulous and edgy and gorgeous.” — Jeffrey Slomin

What do you think? Do you prefer Anne Hathaway’s classic gown, or Mischa Barton’s edgy dress?

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Photo: Humberto Carreno/startraks; Jackson Lee/Splash New

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Showing 76 comments

j on

love anne’s, hate mishcha’s. classy vs. trashy. atleast mischa’s consistent!!

rayray on

Hathaway looks like a princess. Barton looks like a dumpster.

Sofi on

Ann is so pretty and elegant in that dress. I love Misha, but her new outfits drive me crazy! Fire your stylist Misha please!!!!!!!!

Jamie on

Anne Hathaway is ready for a ball.

Mischa Barton is ready for the world’s best trailer trash pageant.

Erica on

Hathaway always looks like a freakin goddess! She is so young too, but dresses like a hollywood star should dress. And who dosn’t love a train?? It’s like your wedding day, everyday!!

Oh Mischa, can someone teach ya how to dress? Stylist Rachel Zoe is wrong. Did she find this thing in the 80’s prom dresses from hell bin? When will this 80’s thing die already? All she needs is some mall bangs and she’s set. If I wore this outfit I would be laughed at!!

Norah on

This is the most beautiful I have ever seen Anne look; the open back on the dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! Mischa looks healthy, beautiful and NOT TIRED for once!! Most people probably think the dress is trashy, I like it, she looks really cute, and her bangs look great!

Tiffanie on

I think Mischa look beautiful!!

Wendy O on

I actually like Mischa’s dress for a change, but the footless tights have to go. Its so not cute.

Ashley on

I’m sorry but since Mishcha has left the OC her wardrobe has went from Fab to Flub. What is with her with all of these over the top,crazy print and swallowing material? Girl, go get a new Stylist!!

Kate on

Anne is sooo beautiful. I love how she’s just this beautiful hollywood star who does movies, is endearing in interviews and shows up to events looking stunning. No feuds, dui’s or anything. Class act all the way!
Mischa looks cute too, just a huge style contrast to Anne here, but cute.

Katie on

Mischa’s tights are not cute with the dress, but other than that, it isn’t TOO bad. I’ve seen her look worse. Anne’s dress is gorgeous, however. Very classy.

micheleeee. on

I think to make Mischa’s dress lok “better” she should hav put her hair up and wore smoky makeup

She looks too sweet for this dress.

If she is trying to be edgy, then put some EDGE on her face.

Allie on

Anne Hathaway’s dress is beautiful, and I think that if Mischa got rid of the footless tights and had a different pair of shoes on, her outfit would be cute.

Sandra on

I agree with most of you here:

Ann- gorgeous, beautiful

Mischa- not so great

Andrea on

Mischa has absolutely no fashion sense. Was this dress even cool in the 80’s?? …and those shoes should have stayed on the stripper.

David on

They both look amazing. It’s nice to see different points of view on the same red carpet. Just goes to show that there isn’t a right way to dress as long as you put personality into it.

rakel on

Mischa looks her age and I think she looks hot. Anne just looks boring, she should get some tips from Mischa.

Jen on

Anne looks gorgeous in this dress. Mischa could use some improvement, that is not that nice of a dress.

Tricia on

Mishcka’s was the worst, Annie looked great, as always

Andrea on

Was this even in style back in the 80’s?! Wow. That’s pretty bad. Poor Mischa has zero fashion sense. And.. the shoes should have stayed on the stripper.

P Tabbernor on

Love Anne’s dress a lot..but Mischa’s I just don’t like..maybe without the leggings it’d be better

Mel on

Mischa looks like a goth cupcake. And not a very tasty one at that.

Anne looks magnificent. But why bother with the train? Every red carpet, someone wears a train, and it gets stepped on. Learn, people!

Andrea on

The only word that comes to mind is .. horrific. When will the leggins trend die..? It’s just tacky.

Alina on

Anne looks gorgeous in that dress and mischa looked like she just stepped out of a garbage trunk!!! Plus I loved Anne in The devil wears prada!!!

Sarah on

Mischa really needs to learn to dress. Her style is horrific to say the least!

Sarah on

The fashion police REALLY need to come and pick up Mischa, because she just keeps committing fashion felonies!

Peach on

I have to disagree with Rachel Zoe- Mischa’s dress is hideous, especially with the leggings and stripper shoes. I like Anne’s dress a LOT- not sure about short sleeves + backless but I’d have to see the front view to really comment on that :)

Andrea on

Sorry for the multiple posts. My computer went haywire. For some reason it wasn’t showing my posts. Anyway…. yeah.. Mischa, hire a stylist or whatever you call them. Someone needs to send you back to the basics of how to put an outfit together. I put better outfits together in elementary school.

MarénfromGermany on

Mischa Barton could look so much better. Her dress looks horrible. Sorry. Dresses like Ann´s would suit her better. Grüße!

Christine on

I personally must agree with Nora above on one thing, and that is that Mischa Barton does look healthy for once rather than rail thin! However when it comes down to who looks better Anne definitely takes the cake. Anne’s dress looks absoulutely GORGEOUS! I simply love the back!

Dee on

A goth cupcake! Too funny.

Anne looks fabulous. Bubble-skirted dresses were cute in the 80s – on anyone under the age of six.

Joy on

Is there any comparison?

Mischa should ditch the dress, stockings and shoes…and while she’s at it dump the rest of her wardrobe. She could do with hiring a new stylist or maybe just get a clue. She looks so bad.

Ann looks stunning.

=] on

I think that its ridiculous that we are picking apart these poor people. Mischa made a bad fashon mistake but she still looked beautiful, and Anne looked ah-mazing but either way i solute them for putting up with all this gossip~!!

dutchie on

anne: wow..

mischa: no comment..

ana on

I prefere Anne’s dress, it’s more feminine and more appropriate for an evening event or any more nobel ocassion. The dress that is wearing Mischa is for a party, I think that stars are sometimes exegerating with fashion – there can not be everything that is IN at the moment good to wear wherever they go…and I found out that most critics are positive about what celebs wear, although many of them are not having a good style. Like for example – black, brown, silver colors do not fit to each girl, woman, lady…there are different types and when this year everything is black or silver, grey, IN, it’s like THE FACTO, like this is now the only good think to wear. And in shop I can not see other colors – stupid.
Anyway, I like fashion, just in the way I chose close that really fit to me, to my personality, to my figure…

Ana from Slovenia (Europe) ;)

rachel on

i def. don’t like mischa’s, but anne’s is not bad.

Ella on

Anne always looks great. Mischa never does any more. I noticed a change when she became the “Bebe” rep. Maybe even a little before that. I know that “Bebe” is known for its unusal styles, however, not ever as unusal as Mischas new style is. She can be a very beautiful young lady if she could just find the correct clothes for herself.

omg on

Anne looks gorgeous but mischa i luv her but wats up with the fashion!!!??

Kelly on

Anne’s dress is gorgeous and elegant in royal blue, it also made her apear slim and tall. It matches very well with her, and I personally love a good train. But maybe it is a bit safe??

Mischa’s dress on the other hand, looks bulky and the thin footless tights are trashy looking. The bubble skirt did her no good as it made her look short and frumpy. I was gonna compliment on her shoe until I saw the hideos tie-up thing around her ankle. Although I do like her hair, make-up and jewelry.

Kelly on

Anne’s dress is gorgeous and elegant in royal blue, it also made her apear slim and tall. It matches very well with her, and I personally love a good train. But maybe it is a bit safe??

Mischa’s dress on the other hand, looks bulky and the thin footless tights are trashy looking. The bubble skirt did her no good as it made her look short and frumpy. I was gonna compliment on her shoe until I saw the hideos tie-up thing around her ankle. Although I do like her hair, make-up and jewelry.

Chris on

I just don’t get why Mischa Barton has ever been referred to as a fashionista. Everything I see her in is like “Worst of the 80’s”. I mean every single picture. She does whatever she can to emphasize her most awkward features and just never looks classic or well tailored.

Anne, you lyook *mahvelous*.

sofia on

The footless toghts are AWFUL, why do people keep wearing them with everything?!

Shasha on

Whoever has Rachel Zoe as a stylist MUST FIRE HER!She doesn’t even dress nicely herself so who would hire her as a stylist?!

sean on

they both look amazing. i love anne’s classic looks and dark hair, and at the same time, mischa’s edgy, rock/glam look totally works wonders for her!!!

Linn on

Ann’s dress is gorgeous. Misch, who usually dresses very fashionable, looks like she got dressed in the dark, not deciding to the last moment what styke she’s going for. She had a great bod but looks deformed in the dress.

Becky on

Again, Mischa Barton the no job walking around like a bum. AAAHHHHH enough! When the stylists put ungly clothes on their people they call it edgy, why can’t they accept it is just UGLY.
On the otherhand, most picture i see of Anne Hathaway are of her dressed beautifully. Why doesn’t she get mush attention? Is it because she actually has a job and goes to work so she doesn’t have the drama?
Let’s hear it for a young actress with taste! Way to go Anne!

sarah on

these are two completely different looks, but anne pulls hers off better. i love anne.

sarah on

anne looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

katgrrrl on

Rachel Zoe, hmmm… I haven’t seen this girl put any of her clients (Nicole Richie, L. Lohan) together nicely. Of course she likes Micha’s dress. It doesn’t even look like Micha and Anne are attending the same event! Anne looks fabulous! Micha looks like a fashion victim with too many looks goin’ at once. The leggings, the bubble skirt, the one shoulder stunt, it’s…bleeeech!

loerie on

mischa is looking lyk hot air ballon that has been pricked ,jus stop that style gal and go back to tour old style,it’was better

Laurs on

Once again, Mischa Barton makes me wonder if I should have sent her that bag of clothes I put in the Dumpster last week. Anne looks absolutely stunning. I know she’s young, but other members of “Young Hollywood” need to take a cue from her.

Mike on

IMO, it’s hard for a young woman like Anne Hathaway to pull off elegance but she does it effortlessly and (for what it’s worth) I’m really impressed.

By contrast, Mischa Barton seems very confused in terms of her personal style. There’s no doubt that she’s very pretty and she can look very sophisticated when she wants to. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. I agree with the person who said that those shoes looked like they would be part of a stripper’s wardrobe.

EChizzle on

Anne Hathaway looks lovely.
Note to Mischa: Gurl You Look A Hot Mess! Stop Tryin So Hard.

dawn blagborne on

the dress anne has on that’s really pretty.. the other dress that mischa has on..if you can’t say anything nice
don’t say anything at all..

anna on

omg. anne rox but misha shud definetly get a new look/life.

Mackensie on

Hathaway looks so beautiful. she looks like a goddess. she is absolutely gorgeous…. love her

Tia on

I always love Anne’s red carpet look.
I think Mischa’s would work if it weren’t for the tights!

summers on

i dont like the way mischa barton dressed…she dressed real awful!!

Cassie on

I think they are both gorgeous girls with great style. Anne couldn’t pull off Mischa’s dress, or vice versa.
I can’t say I like one more than the other.
They are both great dresses.

Although, Mischa’s bangs make her look 14. :p

Holly on

I like Ann’s dress the best. Micha’s dress wouldnt be as bad if she didnt wear the leagging and had some stilletoes instaed of those ugly shoes. It would have made her look more classier and less trashier.

Courtney on

Uhhh…So what is the deal with this Rachel Zoe woman? She is super stylist – but to whom THAT DRESSES NICELY?? Can someone clarify her role in fashion?

nita on

what’s wrong with u mischa??

Nia on

Mischa`s stiletto looks nice but i love Anne`s gown

Savana on

Anne look so elegant and very very nice ,she face make up and she hair are perfect.and color of dress with color of she hair and skin make one great combitation.
Mischa have very bad test this time..mnaybe is good she look Anne for learn haha..

Beth on

I think Anne Hathaway looks beautiful and classic. And I must say this is the first of Mischa’s outfit’s that I like. It’s hard to pull that outfit off, but it looks great… kind of like a prom queen from 1986, but those shoes are hot and her hair looks healthy. No complaints on either dress. I can see why Anne wants to dress in an elegant dress, it’s beautiful, but I can also see that Mischa is young, and the event was for a stylist, so it was appropraite to try a new style!

Hoddle on

i think since leaving the o.c mischa is trying to find a new groove or something like she’s lost. since leaving behind marissa i reckon she just wants a totally new perhaps more grown up image. sorry but so far, no success…i feel like im stuck in the 80’s everytime i look at it…anne looks fantastically classy. love it. hang in there mischa, you’ll find your rhythym soon enough.

danielle on

i really like anne gown but not mischa’s

Elle on

I think this pic of Mischa is just an unlucky one. I’ve seen her in this outfit in some other pix. Looks OK!

heidi on

anne hathaway looks amazing but mischa is always really brave when it comes to fashion and although she looks like shes wearing a bin bag the annoying part is she still looks beautiful…. so i say congrats to both of them.

Kaila on

Anne looks beautiful. She has made some wise classic moves as of late on the red carpet. Mischa is always one to take risks, and I think she would have pulled the dress off better if she didn’t wear the leggings stocking tights and those shoes. I have seen Mischa’s latest commericals with her advertising “BeBe” dresses, and those dresses were gorgeous looking. I wonder why Mischa isn’t wearing any of those dresses? One thing I don’t really care for about the “BeBe” dresses are the awful big bows they display on the dresses. Some of them are okay, but some of them are just out landish.

Note: There is nothing wrong with leggings. I have leggings and they don’t look like that, those are more of legging tights, they are see through. Real leggings, you can’t see through them, believe me, I own a few pairs of them. There isn’t nothing wrong with wearing them and many have been wearing them, just not in the 80’s. Go catalog shopping sometime and you’ll see them in their, jeez. You’ll also see them on the racks of super chic clothing stores, a lot of vintage stores also.

Audrey on

I love Anne’s dress.
I think Mischa needs to lose the one-shoulder thing. And the footless tights, it looks sloppy and not occasion-appropriate.

melinda on

Mischa Barton can pull any outfit off that she wants, and although they both are beautiful dresses, Anne’s looks so common, what everyone would wear, while Mischa’s is original, just like all of her fashion choices – It may be different but dont put it down so harshly just because it’s not what everyone wears and not what you would wear – the point is to be different so you dont blend in – she stands out incredibly so the dress worked.
Classic may be beautiful but it’s OUT, being unique and inventive is IN!

carrie on

I agree,PLUS, if they are going to compare pictures and wardobes its kind of unfair how they chose the perfect pretty pose for Anne while the picture of Mischa is at a more awkward angle – if you just traded their positions so that Anne was in the awkward angle and Mishca was posing nicely i’m sure the opinions would be different, even if only slightly. I’ve seen other pictures of both of these dresses and from the front Anne’s is pretty boring and unappealing, while Mischa’s is well put together in all other angles.

nette on

mischa if you ever read this i hope you look at yourself in the mirror and agree. you are the worst dressed star i’m not going to even say star how about the worst dressed person ever. you could not have a stylist because if you do the should quit the business.please honey get some help i hate to even see your name in magazines because i know you are going to have on something terrible,all that money you have and you just waste it………:(

Anne on

I admire Anne’s excellent taste for fashion. She should have been a model herself. Mischa is beautiful too, but her style is awkward for her taste and I think she should learn how to be glamorous from the genuine glamour queen, Ms. Anne Hathaway.

bgill on


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