Guy Style: Are Three-Piece Suits Hot?

10/26/2006 at 12:00 PM ET

Remember just a few years back when all the It-boys were wearing vintage t-shirts and trucker hats? No more. Not only have they cleaned up their act, but they are rocking a very classic classic look– the three-piece suit. Justin Timberlake (left) left his tie at home while rocking his 3-piece YSL suit at the VMAs, while Ashton Kutcher (middle) mixed up his Dolce & Gabbana suit with a boldly pinstriped vest at The Guardian premiere in Berlin. Even better, the look works really well when paired with jeans, as shown by Daniel Craig (right). And come on, who is a better authority on dressing smoothly than the new James Bond?

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Photo:Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Norbert Kesten/People Picture; Spirit Pictures/WENN

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Jennifer on

Justin looks HOT, and Daniel Craig is ALWAYS hot, but he shouldn’t do the three piece suit with jeans : ( if you’re gonna do the 3-piece, make them match!!!

Amy on

I think guys can look hot in 3 piece suits….as long as they find the suit that suits them the best, and they way the dress..!! :)

niravi on

couldn’t they pick cuter guys, the first two i don’t care for at all… So two piece on them is a no for me.

Renae on

Depends on who is wearing the suit. Justin looks HOT….Man, Ms. Diaz is a lucky woman

j on

three piece suits are hot, but these are REALLY bad examples..!

Jennifer Brockel on

HOT HOT HOT!!! It’s a classic look. Can certainly appreciate that.

marion on

it depends on how its worn. Justin and Ashton look very hot Daniel, very not.

pepperjack on

not a fan of the mini~vest & since when are jeans a part of a 3 piece suit?? 3 piece suits are HOT when done right!

Emilie on

Depends on the guy, just like anything else, some men can make pretty much anything look amazing. It all depends on the way they carry themsleves. On these guys, the three-piece is totally hot!

blondie on

totally hot!!!


REAL SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Queen T on

HOT HOT HOT! J.T. looks Hot Ash looks Hotter and Dan is Rockin the 3 Piece. Love it if you can Move in it? like J T dose you can wear how ever many pieces you want.

Sandra on


kelly on

Ashton hot, the rest not!

Rama on

LOVE this look, esp. with slim legged pants…Justin looks the hottest out of the three…Daniel Craig is the manliest but those jeans have to go…not a very James Bond look there!

Liza on

Ashton is ugly…..who in their right mind thinks he looks good?????

Stephanie K on

A guy in any kind of dark, classic suit is ALWAYS a good thing. Odds are he’s got a job and knows how to take care of business (mmmmbaby).

A+, gentlemen…

Leah on

Three piece suits are defenitly hot. Not sure about the suite with jeans though Daniel…

Terra on

I do not think that any of the above are actually hot – but the thought of a three suit in general is hot – when worn properly. Justin’s pants are a little too tight – and Daniel – please never put jeans on with what is intended to be a three piece!!! Fantasy: great, but in reality: I need me a working dirty man – not a suit and tie guy!

Amalita on

I think JT looks hot but Ashton’s vest and tie are really distracting from his good looks and Daniel Craig.. man i can’t begin to describe how ugly you look!!

Angie on

Three piece suits are always hot – as long as they’re matching! (Daniel Craig: you’re HOT, but take notes from Justin & Ashton!)

Aubry on

3 piece siuts are exceptionally HOT!!! But no matter what Justin and Ashton wear they both got it goin on!!!

MichelleK on

Hell no. They look like they’re going to prom or their best friend’s wedding. Too stuffy. Lose the vest, make it a simple 2-piece suit, now you’re talking timeless classic sexy.

Nikki on

I think Justin looks very hot, it really suits him

Diana on

DANIEL, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jenn on

I think anytime a man takes the time to get dressed up they look hot. Two or three piece suit, who cares. These men look great and I wish more men took the time to get ready.

Bunky on

Have to agree – 3-piece suit requires all three pieces. Throwing a suit coat over jeans is one thing, but once you have the tie and vest, you need the pants. Justin here looks like he got into his father’s closet but didn’t know how to tie the tie.



T.C. on

I like Daniel’s take on it. The jeans give the look a modern freshness. I would preferred leaving the tie out, though, to keep a certain casualness to the outfit.

Lisa on

It depends on whose wearing it and the suit itself. I don’t necessarily like the suits shown above.

Tara on

A three piece suit can make almost any man sexy, but when I saw Ashton in one, I knew Demi has finally crupted him! The suit does nothing on him. And mostly, a man in a suit is to represent confidence, and Ashton needs to get Demi’s permission first.

khushali on

only certain guys look good wearing 3 peice suit..they need the right body and the right suit that will match them the most!

Jessica on

I’m not a fan at all, I think all these gentlemen can look 100 times better if your going for a suit look do something simple 3 pieces looks so bleh and none of them seem to flow very well.

Jenny on

Looks Stupid.

L on

I agree with Niravi 3 Pieces are hot but you should of picked cutier guys.

Jess on

I like this look if it matches. I don’t like Justin’s pants and it looks like Daniel Craig dressed his upper half and forgot about the rest, the jeans half to go.

marian on

mmmmmmmm so incredible hot the 3 of them look…. AMAZING

beautiful on

i think 3 piece suits are hot!!! But where are the black guys in 3 piece suits because thats really HOT!!!!

Andrea on

This is a great look. They look clean and fresh, as opposed to some of the female hollywood celebs who look like they just rolled outta bed.

Jan on

Definitely hot, but sans tie, like Justin.

There IS something about a guy who cleans up

Lindsey on

Ashton is the only one who pulled it off. But I dont think they should do it period.

Lynzey on

Yes i think that these suits are very sexy, the picture of the guy in the jeans, not so much, but JT and Ashton, thats and A plus!

Rio on

Ashton looks sooo much better clean shaven. Justin has become quite the ‘Man’. :)

katie on

Justin is one HOT man.. i love him in his suites, ashton looks pretty damn good too. As for daniel, the jeans aren’y working for me.. Did i say Justin looks HOT!!!!!

yourdadcameoverlastnight on

i think they look fine as hell…

tracey on

3 piece suits are timeless. it’s a classy look for men. but here ashton and justin try and make the look seems young. they both appear a little frazzled. they need a clean, sleaker look to make it work. tame the mane and shave guys! daniel craig’s looks like he forgot to wear the right pants.

Nicky on

Gosh I don’t think Justin is cute anymore…He’s so freaking overrated…His face is a little anoying…Maybe its because he with the other anoying looking one…Cameron…but i still love his music..I don’t like this suit..Looks a very Queer to me..Ashton looks handsome in anything but this suit make him look Queer also..Not a fan of 3 piece for men..Queer Queer Queer…Hate it!

Sharese on

Are you kidding? That’s hot!!!

Pink Lady on

I think they all look hot him the 3 pic. And JT looks o so vary HOT!!!!! he did bring Sexy back. mmm just look at him. :)

Gabby on

i think 3 peice suites are so stupid. why waste your time puting something on if people hate it. ashtion looks good in it, but just stick 2 the jaket, the shirt, and pants then everybody will look hot!

allie on

Ashton is sooo hot! Not big on the jeans with three piece and justin is not cute!

Stephanie on

Sexy Back oh yeah! Dun’t know what the big deal is with Daniel Craig, should have made Clive Owen the next James Bond. OohLaLa~

maggie on

It looks great if you wear it right. Justin and Ashton look freakin hot, but Daniel Craig killed it with the jeans.

Andrea on

Very, very HOT! Well, except for on the last guy. Nothing can help him.

irem on

depends on who’s wearing it.justin HOT.Daniel Craig NOT!

CC on

It’s a good look. I don’t like how Daniel Craig paired it with jeans but Justin looks amazing.

mega on

justin really needs his hair back

micheleeee. on

Oh gosh, people!

We are supposed to be commenting on the SUITS not the GUYS in them.

Three-piece suits are HOT on ANY guy.

Alexandra on

I adore 3-piece suits. They are so sophisicated and classy. I hope this is a long lasting trend because they are just lovely.

Kat on

Very classic look, i like it, very masculine. However contestant #3 looks a little odd, he is too dressed up waist up and too casual waist down. He needs to balance the look a little more, if he wants to wear the jeans with the vest and jacket, that’s fine, but then maybe he should remove the tie and open his shirt a little like Justin did to balance the look.

michie on

i love three piece suits very sexy men but bad taste in the suites. just sexy right colour but, the pants leg is too small and the vest is a little tight. man #2 cute the suit is too old fashioned and a little to big need a better three piece and a better hair cut. daniel man # 3, terrible jeans are not the way to go too tight and it just doesn’t look right. if you are going to wear a three piece, wear it right!

Rebecca on

Daniel Craig I’m not so sure about in this photo, but Justin and Ashton look great! This is a classy look I like much better than some of the sloppy looks. Please, just no jeans with tux jackets, guys.

Amber on

I don’t think three-piece suits are hot anymore!

kc-from london on

talking of justin…was just looking at todays star tracks and the pic of cameron diaz she has a sparkler on her important finger!! are they engaged? PS>… justin is a hottie… saw him in london yesterday

Kristin on

3 piece suits look great when worn properly- not with skinny man jeans… sorry James Bond… but Ashton has it down, but not crazy about Justin at all so my opinion would biased anyway….

Keisha on


Erica on

Ashton will you marry me? LOVE A MAN IN A SUIT. But I prefer his hair shorter. Men that are clean shaven, with neat hair and a suit…such a turn on. The K-FED look is not for me.

Sarah on

NOOOO!!!! NOT HOT!!!!!!!!! Ashton is the only one it looks even semi-okay on.

Piper on

Yes, three piece suits are hot, esp on my boyfy.

amanda on

in the middle ashton looks hot!!!!

Rachel on

the suits make them look like up tight bussiness people and not sexy celebs

girly on

very HOTT!

michele on

Heck ya!! I couldnt get lucky for my man to dress like that.

Kaila on

Hello, can we say, “Sexy Back!” Justin is so hot. I am digging how he has been bringing back an old Hollywood classic look back for men. Ashton has been growing up since he has been with Demi, kudos for him. I like Ashton either way, the dress down look and the dress up look, and he looks so mature in this 3-piece suit. Daniel Craig, yum. I knew nothing of this guy until he started doing interviews for his new movie “James Bond: Casino Royale.” He is very handsome. I understand what he is trying to do with the whole top jacket 3-piece look with the jeans, but I just don’t like it, but he is sexy, so I’ll give him a pass.

olha on

yah, hot,but not w/ jeans..

LG on

I personally prefer 2 piece regardless of who wears them. Btw, Daniel you’re the ugliest Bond!

Maci on

Anything Ashton puts on will look hot!! (whos looking at the suit?)

Kate on

three-piece suits can look very hot and sophistocated, especially when done right. not a huge fan of justin, but ashton looks really hot here! i love pinstripes on any guy, and the vest is really cute and perfectly compliments his jacket and tie.

alea on

ashton always looks hot… and i don’t see the big deal about daniel craig he’s not even hot and he looks old…JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS THE HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD..he’s gorgeous and i love him!!!

alea on


liri on

i cant stand you! Daniel looks so hot in that suit -thanks to his fabulous taste ( to remind you- he is best taste bond according to GQ ) he matched the jeanse and looks hotter and cooler than the 2 others who look awful
he is fashionable !

Thato on


sarah on

check out this new article on three-piece suits at:

Emma on

A definite YES!!! If I ruled the world, men would be forced to wear suits 24/7 – and I’m talking cravat, gloves, boots, cane… the lot! A very very very good look for anyone! But please Mr Craig, not with jeans!!!

KC Marie on

Three piee suits are sharp, and almost always look good.
A man in a suit it great, but a man in a three-piece suit is BEST.

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