Who Needs A Stroller? Gwen Stefani Gives Baby Kingston A Stylish Ride

10/25/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

More than one reader asked us: “Do you know what kind of slings Gavin and Gwen have been using? It looks as if baby kingston is very secure.”

It’s true! Baby Kingston does always looks comfy and adorable in the slings parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale tote him around in. Now, your little tike can be too. Gwen’s funky reversible leopard/orange one from The Rockin’ Baby Shop, is totally sold out for now, but check out the others they do have by clicking here. FYI, Gwen is in good company– Angelina Jolie and Courteney Cox are also fans of the Rockin’ baby slings. Gavin’s simple black one and Gwen’s white floral one (not pictured) are both from the OOPA Baby Shop, whose celebrity fans also include Kate Hudson and Brooke Shields. Kingston might be spotted in his slings for awhile since they are sturdy enough to hold infants and toddler. Could Hollywood be saying good-bye to strollers? — Andrea DeSimone

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Photo: Friolo-Flores/Splash News; Jean/AAD/star max

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andrea on

I used a sling with my children 14 years ago before they became “en vogue”. Back then people thought it was strange to “wear” your baby. It was so convenient and comfortable and made my kids feel so secure. I hope the celebrities are usuing it for the same reason.

Wolfy on

Another “fashion statement” for babies gone bad. Yes, many countries use slings for their children, but that’s been centuries of use. I don’t think most Americans know how to use a sling, and it would be best for their children if they learned how to care for their child properly and not risk being dropped or slipping out of slings. Remember the “baby backpacks” celebs were big on a few years ago? And where exactly are THOSE now…?

Moi on

I think its totally cool that they are using slings now..i rmmbr my mom and dad would use them now and then…its really none of our business on whether they decide to use slings or not..its not like we are the ones taking care of their babies..if they decide to use slings its their choice and its not for us to decide whether or not to use them!
FYI-Slings ROCK!

tra on

Slinging and actually nurturing your child is a good thing folks! It is easy, helpful, and really helps a child bond to their parents. It is perfect for nursing, and keeping up with the older children too! Babied need to be held or worn for at least nine months to a year; human babies are not born to be independent or ready to care for themselves.

Sarah on

Slings are fabulous! So much better than lugging around a stroller.

I wish Gwen and Gavin would learn to use them a little more securely, but I think it’s wonderful that they are out wearing their son instead of carrying around his infant car seat.

Jennifer on

I think it’s wonderful that babywearing and slings are finally getting the good press that they deserve!! I wore my son in pouches, slings and wraps and he LOVED them! He honestly would never have napped before 4 months old if we didn’t have him in one. When he was sick it comforted him, and when I was going somewhere inconvenient for a stroller-my carriers were fabulous!! And I think Gavin looks HOT babywearing his little one. I hope more people wear their babies now, and less people think that it is “from another culture” or that people couldn’t possibly “use them properly.” Slings come with instructions and helpful websites. Or you could always visit http://www.thebabywearer.com for great info on wearing your slings correctly!! Helped me immensely as a new mom!!

Q on

It’s nice to see babywearing getting some celeb attention and mainstream press. There are plenty of us who’ve been wearing our babies (yes, even in America!) for a long time. There is even a national organization (Nine In, Nine Out) with local chapters to help promote babywearing (safety included, which really isn’t that big a ‘trick’).

Katherine on

I think it’s wonderful that Gwen and Gavin are using slings for baby Kingston. It’s so much nicer for the baby to be close to a parent rather than lying in an impersonal stroller or infant seat.
I’d like to add though, that if you think the slings look uncomfortable or insecure….. that’s because they’re not wearing them correctly. it’s not the slings fault!! It’s easy when you know how, visit http://www.thebabywearer.com for simple info .

K on

I LOVE to see celebs doing what parents have been doing with their kids for centuries… HOLDING THEM! It’s so sad to me to see folks pushing their tiny babies away from them in a stroller. Babies need to be held and slings keep them exactly where they should be… right next to mom’s (or dad’s) heart.

Brittany on

i think it is thier decision but i think that they do look cute…and i just have to say that kingston james is so stinkin’ cute!!

Kelsey on

Hi think its WONDERFUL that they Babywear. But I do wish they would spread the fabric to baby Kingston’s knees and spread the fabric out one their shoulder more. And Gavin sling is upside down, the tail needs to be hanging directly down to the floor, it looks like its hangning OVER the rings instead of from the rings. And Gwen needs to put the rings in a corsage position, I think shed be more comfortable. There is a GREAT site for a babywearer to go to, I wish they would come on over and make up a alias to get some help, they would REALLY enjoy the forums!

Happy babywearing Gwen and Gavin! your doing Kingston a GREAT service!!

Vonnie on

I love those slings. My daughter’s 10 months old and I still have her slinged. It makes things so much easier when traveling. True, strollers are helpful, too, especially when shopping, but slings help make the baby feel closer to mom and dad, and leave your hands free for everything else. I think it’s awesome that they wear him.

Bree on

See my link (not my site) for lots of great info on using baby carriers (like slings) and reviews of the different brands.

I love what babywearing has done for our family. We’re not confined anywhere because of a stroller or safety issues. I love that celebs have finally caught on to what has been a growing trend for years (well, centuries if you look at history and other cultures). I just wish they would learn to use the carriers properly. There are videos out now (www.mamatoto.org and http://www.tummy2tummy.com come straight to mind.) A properly worn sling won’t even need mom and dad to keep a hand on it.

Way to go G&G for stepping ahead of the crowd.

TnT on

I love that slowly, mainstream America is discovering Babywearing. Everytime I see a Celebrity featured in an article wearing there little ones, it lifts my heart.

A previous comment focused on Americans wearing, and I beg to differ. There are millions of Americans, and American Work at home moms who make,produce and then WEAR baby carriers like the Oopa Baby and The Rockin Baby. See AttachedtoBaby.com for some amazing examples of baby carriers.

Babywearing is an old tradition that was lost somewhere along the way, and it is a tradition whose time has come again

Rechelle on

I use a sling for my 22 month old son. I make my slings myself. Slings are so helpful, especially when your baby/toddler is tired of sitting in his/her stroller. I always receive wonderful comments when I’m wearing my son. It’s great to see celebs like Gwen, Gavin, and Brad Pitt are benefitting from them, too.

Sarah B. on

In my opinion, I think they are very useful, but I guess its up to them if they want to use them or not. Its their decision how to carry their baby!

BT on

What a lucky baby to have parents who want to keep him close to their hearts. Slings are wonderful for bonding with your baby. I’m still using mine with my 2 year old – keeps her out of trouble in the stores & right close to me so we can talk about everything we see. With her stroller she is always trying to climb out & gets so bored, but in the sling we can keep each other company & talk about everything we see. Plus she’s up high to interact with all the people around us. The are lots of other great carriers out there too – just do a search for babywearing & you’ll find all sorts of great info. It’s so good for the children, but it also makes like so much easier for the parents. Beautiful pictures.

Andrea on

I think they’re wonderful. It gives Mom and baby and chance to be close to each other and your baby can hear your heartbeat, which is really soothing for them. Also, it’s wonderful b/c it alleviates a lot of the pressure on your back and such. It’s really helpful. They are quite tricky at first though to get the hang of, but other than that, I really like them.

P.S. Rechelle, I noticed you said you make slings yourself. Do you have a website?

Kimber on

Slings are wonderful and I am thrilled every time I see another celebrity wearing their baby. I wish more people in America would hold their babies near. Thank you People for featuring some great parents babywearing!

Julie on

I am just became a mom for the second time around 4 months ago and discovered babywearing…and LOVE it! My first daughter was independent and happy being set on her own, but my new daughter wants to be held 24/7 so I got a sling for her. I loved it so much I just started making them and selling them online at http://www.cutiecarriers.com Wearing them out, I always get people asking where they could get one. So now I can use my hobby to help me be a stay at home mom. I love that celebrities are taking a more handon approach to parenting…It can only be good for the baby. I include instructions with all my slings and wraps..because safety with small children is always an issue.

G on

I have an Oopa Baby sling and I LOVE mine… and so does my son. The plain black one is nice, but I have this gorgeous silk shantung one in turquoise. There are so many gorgeous ones… it was hard to decide. And I love how I can still feel fabulous, instead of ridiculous, while I carry and bond with my baby.

Erica on

Wow, that other woman has a 2 year old in a sling? I think that’s too old. Overall, I think slings are ok. I used to see a lot of Asian women wearing them on their backs and I didn’t like that because the babies head would be dangling and I felt sorry for them. But the way Gavin and Gwen are using them looks fine.



karrie on

The lead in about ‘this celeb uses a stroller vs. this celeb wears her baby’ is kind of silly.

I’ve used slings, other carriers and strollers. I bet that many of the mothers mentioned, like Gwyneth and Gwen also use a variety. IME carriers and slings worked best when my son was an infant or at crowded events or on public transportation.

katgrrrl on

LOVE the slings!!!! It’s a great way to bond with baby. Little Kingston can feel mommy and daddy’s heartbeat and the warmth from their bodies. Later for a stroller, what they’re doin’ is beautiful. When my daughter was younger, I carried her around in her Baby Bjorn all the time. Now, she’s older and heavier and the stroller’s necessary as I almost always have bags too. Long story short, good for them!

Katie on

I think it is so awesome that Gwen and Gavin have their son with them almost everywhere they go, unlike some celebrities that shall remain nameless. Oh yeah, and I love the sling.

jenny on

Awesome, much easier than having to say excuse me to everyone anytime you go somewhere.

alma on

I think is good for the baby to be close to his mother plus is also good for her to be as close to the baby as she can on her days off before she gets working again

well on

Why do some people (or commenters here) have such issues with older babies or toddlers being carried in a sling? Children don’t stop asking to be picked up after 12 months. Anyone who has tried one and can use it properly would know that they make carrying a heavy child EASIER as they completely take the weight off (and they can absolutely hold the weight). I don’t know why people think some kids are “too old” to be held, in arms or in a sling.
And I wish Gwen would learn how to use it more securely.

Erica on

Ok, she is referring to my comment. But again, a two year old in a sling?? A two year old is a toddler. If you are still picking them up all the time, that is not good!
Watch the “Supernanny” and she’ll tell you the same thing.

And for the life of me, I don’t understand why mothers insist on bringing their kids shopping and everywhere else to do errands! Kids get bored and tired. To sling them and carry them around for your convenience is selfish. My mother told me when I was young, she NEVER brought me with her clothes shopping. Ok, maybe to the laundromat or supermarket only because she had to, but I have seen women bring their kids to the nail salon!! That’s selfish!! And Gwen bringing her baby on tour? C’mon, think of the baby.
Wouldn’t he rather be in his nursery that flying around the place all the time?

well on

Um yes, it is good. It doesn’t mean you are holding them all the time. I feel sorry for any child who is never held because they are “too old,” and aren’t even two.

Tnt on

Ok, I just have to comment.

” C’mon, think of the baby.
Wouldn’t he rather be in his nursery that flying around the place all the time? ”

What baby wants to be apart from their parents for hours or days at a time? Let’s just put the baby in the nursery in its crib, we will see it when we get back. Here, this is your nanny. She will love you and nurture you and you can bond with her.

Children WANT their parents. They want to be held, whether they are 1 month, 2 years or 4 years old or more. There is no time limit on when a child STOPS wanting to be held. That is just silly.. humans CRAVE touch… why deprive your child? If wearing and carrying your baby nurtures their need for touch, then HEY!! Go for it.

To the previous poster, please do not judge other peoples parenting choices, till you have walked in their shoes….someone’s 2 year old, may need to be with them for personal, medical or other reason. And if wearing them while they grocery shop, keeps this child from getting into things, or throwing a temper tantrum in the candy aisle.. YEA!!

Babywearing is a parenting choice. Like bottle or nursing, cloth or dispos., Stay at Home or Work?? Please, remember we all just want to be good parents

Rebecca on

I think it’s wonderful to see Gwen and Gavin keeping Kingston close to them- babies love being snuggled up to mom and/or dad. This works great for small babies, but the stroller can still work better for longer trips or outings where you need your hands free.

Mary on

My grandma used to use something like that for me, but it was a big square piece with 4 ties at each corner. If it works and you don’t drop your baby, then go for it! Kingston doesn’t look all that secure in Gavin’s arms though….I know, big handsome arms…but still, the baby looks like he’s gonna fall.

Erica on

I think people are getting defensive because they are seeing truth in my post and it bothers them.

Hello, a nanny will take care of the baby on Gwen’s tour too! How about this novel idea…have a child and look after him/her yourself? Even if it means not being able to be on stage for a while?

To the “there is no time limit to when a child wants to held”, that is just ridiculous.
No one is saying no to love your child or hug your child! But carrying them 24-7 is not the answer. When will they grow up?
So an 18 year old should be in a sling?

As for the wearing them so they’ll behave issue, How about disciplining your child instead of trapping them in a sling so they can “behave”? I don’t mean physical discipline either. Just teaching them to not throw tantrums. That’s the problem nowadays…no discipline.

Hilary on

I kind of agree with the woman who said some moms bring their kids with them to inapproriate places. I’ve seen kids crying and their moms mot paying them any attention at the mall sometimes. It’s probably better to have a babysitter for some instances when you know you will be taking a really long time like shopping at the mall.

Clare on

I am so excited to see celebs babywearing!! Although, they aren’t wearing their slings properly. I second the above posters comment about visiting http://www.thebabywearer.com It contains a wealth of information about babywearing and the many benefits. YAY GWEN AND GAVIN!!

well on

I use a sling for my baby and I’m not “defensive” b/c you’re making all these brilliant points. I don’t carry him 24/7 and don’t advocate doing so. People are commenting b/c your posts are so astoundingly ignorant.

Tracey on


People are not getting defensive because they see truth, they are seeing the ridiculousness of what you are saying!!!! How many children have you carried in a sling? How many times have you had to be out with children because you had no other choice and they got fussy? There are many people that are bad at parenting and many that are good. Mamas and dads that carry their babies seem to be the happiest to me. And, umm, they do put the dear ones down to play when they want to. I don’t know any babywearing families that keep the baby/toddler in the sling if they don’t want to be!!!

Not wanting to stir the pot any more, but it just seems that you may not have the practical (been there done that) experience to make the claims you are making. Perhaps it is just all opinion. Many blessings.

Minda Bare on

First off! YEAH!!!!! I love seeing babywearing comming out mainstream. I was also encouraged by the pics I saw recently of Madonna wearing her new little one in a rebozo style torso carry.
Also there was a particular person who commented about us americans needing to learn how to care for our babies properly. I have no doubt that several people will comment to this but I would like to add my own 2 cents.

To those who have this view I say that not all advancement is advanced. Studies after studies have shown the positive effects of keeping your babies close. You need only search google to find an overwhelming amount of info. This information can not be disbuted.
People wear their babies not because we are regressing in our society but because we love our children and are providing them with the best care- our personal care.

I hear of moms being told she needs to leave a resturant or department store for nursing or moms that just don’t do it because of the hassle. I but my nursing babies securely infront of me in a RAYA wrap, spread my rails and latch them on. Although I am not at all afraid to nurse in public and always do I can saythat the wrap allows me to do it so discretly that no one knows. My 15 month old still rides on my back whereever we go. While other moms are walking around with their babies in strollers fussing and crying and often screaming. My youngest is securely on my back, happy as a clam and calm as can be.
The true American regression took place when society decided that holding your babies close was not stylish. That you would be a better mom if you put your child away from you. It is sad that women bought into this lie along with all the other “image” lies brought on through out the years.
I think it is FANTASTIC that there are so many different kinds of carries out there to be able to meet the needs of all moms and babies! No longer are we in the dark on the different tradtional styles of holding our children. Sick babies, healthy babies, big babies, NICU babies, babies with brain injuries, babies with g-tubes, babies with club feet,fragile bones, colic, teething,seperation anxiety, tiredness, etc, the list in endless! Their is no baby, or child for that matter, that can not be worn, kept close to a care giver, and be completely secure. Everyone benefits from babywearing!
I even use my Solar Veil wraps to take my 7 year old into the ocean with me! Load her up onto my back and out we go. She knows shes got mom and I know I’ve got her! I could practically do cartwheels in some carries and I know that baby is not going anywear!

Again those who make such rigid comments on parenting styles based on babywearing are just plain “not in the know”.
So bring it on someone… OPRAH?… maybe its time we have a babywearing party- invite all the skeptics- I already know who will come out on top! (the baby peaking out from over my shoulder smiling at the world from his Happy Place”.
I hope more people are encouraged by the celebs they see holding their babies. I hope it will give them the confidence they need to get back to the some of the roots of child rearing.
…Minda Bare

Ruth on

I am sure that celeb parents who choose to bring their children on tour with them DO bring a nanny along. However, these picures are of GWEN AND GAVIN slinging their own child. At least by bringing their baby on tour they get to spend some time with him. (and not just hear the reports of the “milestones” he’s “hit” while they were away.)

I bring my children shopping and on errands with me because I do not always have someone to stay at home with them. I enjoy this and so do they. I use carriers and stay out only an appropriate amount of time. Yes, they get “bored” sometimes, but boredom can stimulate the imagination, teach patience and the fact that the world does not revolve around them. I am also able to teach them good life lessons along the way, such as thriftyness and waiting our turn (such as in check-out lines), just to name a few. My 3 yr old loves to count the fruit that we buy as I pick it out and put it in the bag. And the chance to play in the mall play area or to ride the carousel is reason enough for my children to BEG to come with me! It’s not for my “convenience”, in fact it is alot harder for me to get them ready and to interact w/ them while out and about, but it is worth the extra effort. And sometimes, I leave them home with a sitter, but that is rare because my husband and friends all work full time. My parents live out of state, so bringing my children is often my only option.

I am very thankful that my parents took the extra time and effort to keep me close to them when I was young.

Parenting is never easy, under any circumstance. I applaud all parents who try to stay close to their children and take the time to teach them about the world themselves as much as possible.

Bronwyn on

First of all, I’m thrilled to see celebs wearing their babies.

I have to address an earlier comment though:

WHAT is the problem with wearing a 2-year old in a sling?
Would you have a problem with a 2-year-old in a STROLLER?

Oh, and BTW, not everyone has the “luxury” of leaving their kids with someone when they go out to run errands. Even if I did, I would take my kids, because I love to be close to them, and vice versa.

Kristin on

I was at an Old Navy the other day and a new mom had her little tiny baby ion the sling- most adorable thing I saw. What a great way to keep them so incredibly close. Sort of like recreating the “womb” for them- knowing they are protected etc. Although- I give you moms credit for one thing- if you can handle a 2 year old in the sling more power to you . I am just thinking of my back giving out and we both go tumbling down. But it is awesome all the same.

Ruth on

I would only wear a two year old in a SLING for a short period of time (i.e. less than 20-30 mins…if that even!) For heavier babies/toddlers/children, there are more comfortable options (two-shouldered carriers) that allow children to be close by and safe yet easier on your shoulders/back.

I would also like to note that carrying your child in a carrier of some sort keeps them safe from child predators. It’s scary that we parents have to think of these things, but children still get stolen. And I am sure that celebrities especially think of this factor.

As a mother of 2, I find that both of my children (ages 1 1/2, and 3) love being carried in my carriers, and having their freedom. I do not “trap” my children. They want to be carried sometimes. I by no means carry them all day.

Unless you have had children and have used slings and other carriers, it would be wise to keep your uneducated opinions to yourself. YOU are not “SuperNanny”, so please spare us your ignorant ideas! (Oh…sorry, did I just say that out loud?!)

Meredith on

well my kid is now 30 years old and when i was younger, right when i had him, i got a sling from my best friend and i once droped my kid on his head and he suffered from brain loss. I dont recomend this for your child. Dont make the mistake that i made.

Ruth on

To Meradith,
I am very sorry to hear of your tragic experience while using a sling. Children can fall from our arms as well and have disasterous results, but most of us continue to carry our children in our arms dispite the risk involved. There are definitly safety issues to be concerned with, but my hope is that each parent can make informed decisions for themselves and their children.

I would also like to apologize for my uneccesary comment earlier. Each human being is entitled to his/her own opinion. I was wrong to be so negative, please forgive my unkindness, Erica.

I personally have had very positive experiences in “wearing” my children, and hope that others may have the opportunity as well.

Andrea on

My gosh. I am just reading some of these posts and my jaw is on the floor. How could someone say it is “selfish” to bring your kids somewhere with you. That is absolutely apalling in my book. I bring my 7 month old son EVERYWHERE. He enjoys it and we enjoy being together as a family. I have brought him clothes shopping, to the movies, to the coffee shop, etc. I mean, I could understand if you want to spend quality time on a date w/ your husband or something like that, but I think it’s ridiculous when people say the baby’s too old to go places with their Mom or too old to be held. It’s not saying they are going to be an adult in a sling either. That’s just laughable. Children are only babies once. Enjoy them while you can! Hold them while you can. You will wish you did hold them more when they are too old to hold. I’m so sick and tired of this new age parenting crap. Sorry to break it to ya, but being a Mom does require holding your baby, in case you didn’t get the memo. There have been proven studies that show babies are happier being skin-to-skin with their mommy or daddy. They can hear your heartbeat and feel the warmth of your skin and it’s very soothing to them. So again I say.. There is NOTHING wrong with holding your baby as much as possible or taking your baby everywhere with you. It’s called being a parent, and it may be rough at times, but guess what… that’s the life of a Mom! If my baby wants to be held at 2 years old, you better damn well believe I will hold him. If I have to put him in the sling or some other baby carrier to make it comfortable for me, I will. That is called bonding with your baby. There is nothing wrong with it. It is absolutely amazing to hold a child and have them put their head on your shoulder and hug you. I wouldn’t give that up if my life depended on it.

Kim on

I love using carriers for my baby and can completely agree with all the benefits. There is too much focus now about finding ways to get our babies away from us. I highly doubt that later in life anyone will wish they spent LESS time holding and caring for their little ones- BABIES AND CHILDREN.

With all the hateful crimes going on in the world with criminals that seem to have no feeling for the victims they hurt, it’s amazing to me that so many still try and teach their children they are on their own and need independence as early as possilbe. Love and nurturing breeds love and nurturing. I teach my children I care about them and their feelings are important and someday they will do the same with others.

These parents spending time with their children know what this is all about and their children will thive because of it. I hope more parents will find out the benefits because of this, but hopefully learn a couple easy steps to make it comfy and safe. There are plenty of good resources out there- some were mentioned already.

Jennifer on

Ladies, give Erica a break. She is here voicing her opinion. And that is what it is. Just like all your posts are just…opinions, not facts. I have to agree with many of her points. My mother did not have a babysitter, but that is where my father came in! If she had to spend a long day running errands, she would wait for him to come home to watch me or do it on the weekend so my dad could spend time with me. She is merely saying that women don’t have to drag their kids to the damn nail salon or clothes shopping!! Yes that is selfish!! How are you bonding with your kid while getting your nails done??. If you read her post she said her mother took her to the grocery store or laundromaut when she could not get a sitter! Spend real time with your children doing things they enjoy, not just stuff we enjoy. Go to a zoo, etc, and by all means hold them. But just not twenty four seven!!

And I happen to love the Supernanny. She gives real adive that a lot of middle class spoiled woman could use! Stop letting your kids run the show and get a backbone.
Good advice to me.

Erica on

Ruth, I forgive you and it was nice of you to apologize.

I am not this monster that everyone has described me as. Like you said, this is a forum, where viewpoints are shared. For everyone to jump on me shows not my ignorance, but theirs. Like I said, a sling if fine sometimes, but I don’t agree with bringing children to inapporiate places. I understand that people get defensive, but if you don’t bring your child to the nail salons, etc, this doesn’t apply to you. If you got angry, then yes, you might have brought your children to dumb places or why else would you get mad? My mother never had a babysitter btw, she could not afford it. But she had something that some mothers don’t have nowadays, and I said some, and that is good sense. She raised me with love and discipline. Never did I throw a tantrum in a public place etc. Kids need to love their parents, but to fear them as well. I am against physical discipline, but I believe in respect.

Lillian on

My sister has a little girl. When she was a baby, my sister held her all alot and that was fine, but then she wouldn’t want to go to sleep unless my sister held her. That is still going on now and she’s three years old! She also won’t sleep unless she’s sleeping in my sister’s bed. That’s ok and everything, but doesn’t spoiling a baby make it harder for you as a mother? Someone mentioned Supernanny and I see that show. A lot of the kids on there have this same problem and the Nanny said you are still loving your kids when you are not giving in to them all the time. I agree with that.

Leslie on

To all you moms lashing out at differing opinions…

Is this how you are going to teach your child?

If their opinion is different than yours are you going to label them as “ignorant” or “ridiculous”? Are these the same women who claim to nuture their children so? Doesn’t sound very nurturing to me.

Stop getting your surburban mom jeans in a knot and respect other people’s opinions!

Andrea on

Isn’t that what these boards are for? .. To discuss opinions. We are allowed to voice our opinions. Not everyone will agree, b/c guess what.. people are different! How can you possibly say b/c we are voicing our opinion we are not nurturing Mothers?! That is the most irrational thing I have ever heard in my life. Also, as a matter of fact it IS what I am going to teach my child.. to voice his opinion and to have his own viewpoints. You have the most ignorant argument to say that Moms that have different opinions are not nurturing mothers. Now that my friend IS ridiculous and I don’t care to say it. I will voice my opinion until the cows come home. I respect that you have different viewpoints, but you should respect others as well.

Stop getting your new age Mom jeans in a knot and try respecting others opinions as well! ;-)

With Love

Sarah on

To those of you out there that think you know what is best for other parents: We all have our own parenting styles. If a parent wants to keep their child close and hold them until they are 3 or 4, then it is their choice. Excessive holding can be bad. But holding them also gives them the sense of being safe, warm, and loved. The touch of a mother or father can make a child’s wound seem like nothing. I have a 21 month old. And I agree with the other people about the children getting bored in the stroller. My daughter gets really bored really quickly. If she has to be confined somewhere, why not let it be where she can feel loved and learn things while being with mom. I am not telling all of you out there that you need to have my point of view. This is my opinion as a mom. Whatever you decide to do with your children, just make sure it is safe.

Silje on

I definately respect the opinions people here have, and want to show a point myself. I have a son (10 months) and a daughter (soon to be 4). I wear both of them when they need to. My son needs it many times a day and my daughter… well, rarely. But sometimes she asks “mom, can I please sit on your back for a bit?”. And she’s welcome. My point is, older children does’nt necisarely want to be carried 24/7, but when they need to be close to their parents they should be welcome. Is it really that big a deal wether they sit on your lap in the sofa, or on your back while you’re making dinner?

Kim on

Opinions are great and all, but there are many well documented studies to the benefits of human touch with babies and children. I think some of us moms are defensive not because our ‘surburban mom jeans are in a knot’ (which sounds pretty disrespectful not to mention judgemental btw) but because so many people make negative comments to people using carriers when they are just using them to assist in holding there young ones. Maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for 3 hours, what does it matter? Why would there be something wrong or negative with that? Why would leaving them in a stroller be better? What if they start crying and needing held? And this doesn’t stop at infancy btw.

As far as a 3 year old needing held to go to sleep- it makes it tough but it doesn’t last forever. She will soon be so independent and I’m sure your sister and her daughter will cherish those moments forever. ‘Spoiling children’ is not from giving them love and support, it from giving in to every want like toys and material things. You can still hold, touch and show love and respect without letting them walk all over you. When talking about spoiling with other things it’s when you leave it on a shelf untouched. ;)

Kristine on

Its great to see an article give credit to slings. Many celebrity parents are finally figuring out what many of us “Sling Moms” already knew and have been doing for awhile! Now we just need to get someone to adjust those slings on her, someone please, point her in the direction of a NINO (nineinnineout.org) meeting!

Minda Bare on

I would just like to say that there is no reason to “pigeon hole” anyone and I think it would be good for all those to remember that there are extreams to everything but not to every persons sistuation.
Everyone does things bit different and we all have our own opinions.
I think it would be good to not be so narrow minded in thinking.
For instance that if you do something- like baby wear- it means that every single baby wearing family also co-sleeps, cloth diapers, extend nurses, have 3 year olds that can’t go to sleep without being held, have late walkers, have children who can’t function away from a parent, etc, etc, etc….
and likewise that a parent who carts their child in a stroller/carseat lets their child cry all the time, have disobedient toddlers, don’t meet their needs, leave them in solitude all the time, have other people constantly taking care of their children, don’t breast feed, put their kids on food at 4 months, are detached from their childs needs etc etc etc….

too many people other their associate one thing with another and another and all of a sudden we are hashing out everyones personal parenting styles and judging people inapropraitely.

I have known lots of babywears that also do not co-sleep, do not have toddlers needing them to sleep, give their children baby ceral at 4 months and don’t believe in spanking.

I have known non babywears who nurse until their kids are 18 months, don’t co-sleep, have shy children etc

I have known families that cart thei kids in a carseat until they are bigger and then baby wear and co sleep and do cloth diapers and spank, wean at 12 months and don’t vax.

My point being that every family has different combinations for what they do, what works for them, what works for each child. I could go on and on with different combinations of a gazillion things.

We all have personal beliefs that lead us to some of the decisions we make and we all have personal opions that helps formulate these decisions.

I am not judging the mom who formula feeds into now being an emotionless mother who doesn’t take care of the needs of her child- thats ridiculous! although there are some moms out there who do not meet their childrens needs that doesn’t meen that I should stereotype them down to one decision.

Likewise I do not think that anyone should judge say myself, who takes her 4- soon to be 5 children under 7 with her everywhere she goes with the 15 month old onher back in a wrap. does that now mean that I am the lady who walks through walmart with screaming kids running wildly around dirupting the peace and causing havoc as I ignore them to talk to my friend about home decorating- NO that would be ridiculous as well. even though there are some families that do have those problems regardless of how many kids they have (by the way those are not my child who are very respectful and obedient, hold they cart, help me find what we need with their eyes and are respectful and kind to those that we see- I am happy to say I am always complimented on how welbehaved my kids are and how happy the baby is on my back)

My point being that it would serve us all well to remember that we will hear about extreams sistuation, hard sistuations, difficult sistuation in many families.

It would be hard for me personally to have to sit with my 3 1/2 year old every night for an hour or so to get her to go to sleep. However to the “mom next door” that may be her favorite time of the day with that particular child.
That doesn’t make me a bad parent for not doing it or her a bad parent for doing it. It doesn’t make her way right or wrong or my way right or wrong.

I personally think it is great that Gwen in holding her baby and Gavin as well. I also agree with a previous pp that they are not wearing their baby carriers correctly and I hope that gets fixed. I am sure they have a nanny to help them and am encouraged to see that they are taking a proactive role in their sons life. And on that note I am a personal believer in the benefits to babywearing. Calling yourself a baby wearer doesn’t mean that you have to have your child on you all the time- you can choose too but you don’t have to. And most people who do wear these “more traditional” carriers (things other than a bjorn and a snuggli or a framed back pack)wear them as needed or as their children need it.
I wear my youngest when we are out and only put my three year old in the stroller/shopping cart as needed if not everyone is walking but the babe on me. I wear my children more in the house when they are younger as their needs are different- not that my youngest is 15 months he hardly ever is worn in the home becuase the need in not there. But should it arise (as it did the other night while trying to set the table with a teething baby crying at my feet) I popped him up on my back and he was instantly soothed and happy and 15 minutes later I put him back down and he toddled off to play. There was a need to be close to mom- the need was filled and when the need was no longer there we were good!

I am sorry this is sooooo long but I am hoping to bring people into the right perspective. We are not here to bash eachother so please remember while we all have out different ways of doing things that we should stay understanding that everyone does things differently.

And on my last note the only view I really condem is the narrow minded ones that say there are no benefits to baby wearing or that we are regressing in our society by doing so- To these skeptics I say do your homework because scientific studies prove otherwise.

So happy parenting to all you families and your different ways of doingthings- we may not all agrea on every point but we can all agree to disagree and throw out what doesn’t work for our families and keep what does. Being able to glean from eachother the pearls of wisdom that otherwise we may not have known…Mind Bare

kim on

Extremely well put MindaBear!!! I agree completely.

Andrea on

I can definitely see some of the points you are trying to make and I will apologize for my remarks that may have offended anyone previously. I guess sometimes I just get caught up in the moment and I don’t step back and see someone elses perspective on things.

I love to be close to my son and hold him as much as possible, but yes it is very tiring at times, I will be honest. I am an advocate of baby wearing though. Also, even though I do encourage that.. I formula feed my son and he co-sleeps with us. I’m not militant about certain issues. People have different ways of raising their children. I do understand that.

My view is though, babies are only little for so long. I want to enjoy my time with my son rocking him, holding him, bouncing him, etc., for as long as possible. When he is a certain age, I will no longer be able to do that with him. I want to take advantage of every sweet moment like that. There is just something to be said about having your children be close to you like that. It’s wonderful. Also, I love going everywhere with my baby and my husband. We do things as a family. I do not see it as being selfish. I see it as spending time with my family. You can’t not bring your child somewhere because you’re worried they are not going to have a good time. That’s called letting your child control your life. There are things your children are going to hate doing. It’s part of life. There are places I don’t necessarily enjoy going to with my husband.. for example: the guitar shop, but guess what.. I go anyway and at least we can be together and enjoy good conversation. So, that’s my take on things.

Jen on

Wow. People sure do get riled up over something so innocent. Carrying her child in a sling isn’t gonna harm him, isn’t causing any problems, and frankly, is quite adorable. Although I kinda despise the term “wearing your baby”, cause that sounds a little psycho, I still love Gwen and Gavin and think she’s beautiful and talented. Not to mention their little child is soooo friggin cute!! Who would want to put that little bugger down?? lol

Dazys on

I wouldnt mind carrying Gavin around – yum!

Emily on

All of you are great moms. I’m telling myself “WOW” because everyone is so on the defensive, but many of you express yourself greatly, and I appreciate seeing viewpoints from many of you. Some of you are strong minded mothers and that is definitely good, you’ll teach your children well. Honestly, it doesn’t matter, as long as you can recognize that you’re a good nurturing mother, that’s all that matters. To each their own. On a lighter note, Kingston looks so precious in the picture with Gavin. He is surely gonna be a looker when he grows up.

Elizabeth on

I had a question for all you great moms. I have a friend who has a 6 month old. The baby does not stay in the sling, refuses to sit in the stroller for more than 5-10 minutes and always wants to be held. Since my friend finds it hard to lift the baby as she feels heavy, she does not go out with the baby anywhere except shopping or places where her hubby can go along. since hubby stays busy at work, sometimes she does not get out of the house for 3 to 4 days. Is she doing the right thing? what are the options she has? does an infant not need a fresh breeze of air even once a day?

Mm on

I suggest your friend try a different sling! :) Perhaps another style would help. I like the http://www.babyholder.com slings.

Malem Bedwetting Alarm on

Love this post! Thanks for sharing this…..

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