Who Needs A Stroller? Gwen Stefani Gives Baby Kingston A Stylish Ride

10/25/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

More than one reader asked us: “Do you know what kind of slings Gavin and Gwen have been using? It looks as if baby kingston is very secure.”

It’s true! Baby Kingston does always looks comfy and adorable in the slings parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale tote him around in. Now, your little tike can be too. Gwen’s funky reversible leopard/orange one from The Rockin’ Baby Shop, is totally sold out for now, but check out the others they do have by clicking here. FYI, Gwen is in good company– Angelina Jolie and Courteney Cox are also fans of the Rockin’ baby slings. Gavin’s simple black one and Gwen’s white floral one (not pictured) are both from the OOPA Baby Shop, whose celebrity fans also include Kate Hudson and Brooke Shields. Kingston might be spotted in his slings for awhile since they are sturdy enough to hold infants and toddler. Could Hollywood be saying good-bye to strollers? — Andrea DeSimone

To see more readers’ questions answered in Off The Rack, click here.

Photo: Friolo-Flores/Splash News; Jean/AAD/star max

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well on

Um yes, it is good. It doesn’t mean you are holding them all the time. I feel sorry for any child who is never held because they are “too old,” and aren’t even two.

Tnt on

Ok, I just have to comment.

” C’mon, think of the baby.
Wouldn’t he rather be in his nursery that flying around the place all the time? ”

What baby wants to be apart from their parents for hours or days at a time? Let’s just put the baby in the nursery in its crib, we will see it when we get back. Here, this is your nanny. She will love you and nurture you and you can bond with her.

Children WANT their parents. They want to be held, whether they are 1 month, 2 years or 4 years old or more. There is no time limit on when a child STOPS wanting to be held. That is just silly.. humans CRAVE touch… why deprive your child? If wearing and carrying your baby nurtures their need for touch, then HEY!! Go for it.

To the previous poster, please do not judge other peoples parenting choices, till you have walked in their shoes….someone’s 2 year old, may need to be with them for personal, medical or other reason. And if wearing them while they grocery shop, keeps this child from getting into things, or throwing a temper tantrum in the candy aisle.. YEA!!

Babywearing is a parenting choice. Like bottle or nursing, cloth or dispos., Stay at Home or Work?? Please, remember we all just want to be good parents

Rebecca on

I think it’s wonderful to see Gwen and Gavin keeping Kingston close to them- babies love being snuggled up to mom and/or dad. This works great for small babies, but the stroller can still work better for longer trips or outings where you need your hands free.

Mary on

My grandma used to use something like that for me, but it was a big square piece with 4 ties at each corner. If it works and you don’t drop your baby, then go for it! Kingston doesn’t look all that secure in Gavin’s arms though….I know, big handsome arms…but still, the baby looks like he’s gonna fall.

Erica on

I think people are getting defensive because they are seeing truth in my post and it bothers them.

Hello, a nanny will take care of the baby on Gwen’s tour too! How about this novel idea…have a child and look after him/her yourself? Even if it means not being able to be on stage for a while?

To the “there is no time limit to when a child wants to held”, that is just ridiculous.
No one is saying no to love your child or hug your child! But carrying them 24-7 is not the answer. When will they grow up?
So an 18 year old should be in a sling?

As for the wearing them so they’ll behave issue, How about disciplining your child instead of trapping them in a sling so they can “behave”? I don’t mean physical discipline either. Just teaching them to not throw tantrums. That’s the problem nowadays…no discipline.

Hilary on

I kind of agree with the woman who said some moms bring their kids with them to inapproriate places. I’ve seen kids crying and their moms mot paying them any attention at the mall sometimes. It’s probably better to have a babysitter for some instances when you know you will be taking a really long time like shopping at the mall.

Clare on

I am so excited to see celebs babywearing!! Although, they aren’t wearing their slings properly. I second the above posters comment about visiting http://www.thebabywearer.com It contains a wealth of information about babywearing and the many benefits. YAY GWEN AND GAVIN!!

well on

I use a sling for my baby and I’m not “defensive” b/c you’re making all these brilliant points. I don’t carry him 24/7 and don’t advocate doing so. People are commenting b/c your posts are so astoundingly ignorant.

Tracey on


People are not getting defensive because they see truth, they are seeing the ridiculousness of what you are saying!!!! How many children have you carried in a sling? How many times have you had to be out with children because you had no other choice and they got fussy? There are many people that are bad at parenting and many that are good. Mamas and dads that carry their babies seem to be the happiest to me. And, umm, they do put the dear ones down to play when they want to. I don’t know any babywearing families that keep the baby/toddler in the sling if they don’t want to be!!!

Not wanting to stir the pot any more, but it just seems that you may not have the practical (been there done that) experience to make the claims you are making. Perhaps it is just all opinion. Many blessings.

Minda Bare on

First off! YEAH!!!!! I love seeing babywearing comming out mainstream. I was also encouraged by the pics I saw recently of Madonna wearing her new little one in a rebozo style torso carry.
Also there was a particular person who commented about us americans needing to learn how to care for our babies properly. I have no doubt that several people will comment to this but I would like to add my own 2 cents.

To those who have this view I say that not all advancement is advanced. Studies after studies have shown the positive effects of keeping your babies close. You need only search google to find an overwhelming amount of info. This information can not be disbuted.
People wear their babies not because we are regressing in our society but because we love our children and are providing them with the best care- our personal care.

I hear of moms being told she needs to leave a resturant or department store for nursing or moms that just don’t do it because of the hassle. I but my nursing babies securely infront of me in a RAYA wrap, spread my rails and latch them on. Although I am not at all afraid to nurse in public and always do I can saythat the wrap allows me to do it so discretly that no one knows. My 15 month old still rides on my back whereever we go. While other moms are walking around with their babies in strollers fussing and crying and often screaming. My youngest is securely on my back, happy as a clam and calm as can be.
The true American regression took place when society decided that holding your babies close was not stylish. That you would be a better mom if you put your child away from you. It is sad that women bought into this lie along with all the other “image” lies brought on through out the years.
I think it is FANTASTIC that there are so many different kinds of carries out there to be able to meet the needs of all moms and babies! No longer are we in the dark on the different tradtional styles of holding our children. Sick babies, healthy babies, big babies, NICU babies, babies with brain injuries, babies with g-tubes, babies with club feet,fragile bones, colic, teething,seperation anxiety, tiredness, etc, the list in endless! Their is no baby, or child for that matter, that can not be worn, kept close to a care giver, and be completely secure. Everyone benefits from babywearing!
I even use my Solar Veil wraps to take my 7 year old into the ocean with me! Load her up onto my back and out we go. She knows shes got mom and I know I’ve got her! I could practically do cartwheels in some carries and I know that baby is not going anywear!

Again those who make such rigid comments on parenting styles based on babywearing are just plain “not in the know”.
So bring it on someone… OPRAH?… maybe its time we have a babywearing party- invite all the skeptics- I already know who will come out on top! (the baby peaking out from over my shoulder smiling at the world from his Happy Place”.
I hope more people are encouraged by the celebs they see holding their babies. I hope it will give them the confidence they need to get back to the some of the roots of child rearing.
…Minda Bare

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