Carmen Electra's New Dark Look: Love It or Hate It?

10/24/2006 at 01:00 PM ET

The brunette trend is still sweeping through Hollywood, and formerly blonde bombshell Carmen Electra is the newest convert. At a Mohegan Sun party over the weekend, Electra debuted her dark espresso locks, which are a radical departure from the light caramel color we are used to seeing her in. (Her reps confirm that it’s just for fun, not a role.) We have always loved her as a blonde, but the dark hair does set off her baby blues. Tell us: what do you think of Carmen Electra’s new look? Love it or hate it?

Photo: Leon/RD/Retna; Evan Agostini/Getty

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Sandra on

I think Carmen Electra’s hair looks better as a blonde, not a brunette. I think people’e natural color looks the best on them usually. (I hope blonde was her original color and I’m not saying something dumb)

Kimberly on

I think she looks beautiful either way! We all need a change once in awhile and hair is the easiest thing. She looks great!!

rayray on

I love Carmen’s hair blonde or at least on the lighter side! Her darker hair changes her skintone and makes her look somewhat sickly. She still, of course, is completely gorgeous, but go back to honey, honey!!!!

Tesa on

Sandra, you might want to take a look at Carmen’s roots. She is a natural burnett. Carmen look better as a burnette. Dark hair is back in for the FALL.

Tesa on

If you look at Carmen’s roots, you will see that she is a natural burnette! It looks better dark!

Nicole on

I like her better as a brunette.She looks better with dark hair.

Lily on

Carmen is hot no matter what she does to her hair. Lucky her! She would look hot bald. .

Pam on

Sorry Sandra, she’s a natural brunette.

Shannon on

I think the darker color is TOO dark…I think if she found something in between what her hair was and what it is now, it would look awesome! But either way…this is Carmen Electra we are talking about! She is a total hottie no matter what color her hair is!

Susan on

I think Carmen makes a great brunette. I like the play of her light eyes against the dark hair. She looks as beautiful as always.

Chantelle on

Carmen looks sexy as a brunette…she just needs to tone it down on all that eye liner!

Rita on

well her original hair colour wasn’t blonde as you can see from her slight roots and dark eyebrows in the left picture, but I think she makes a pretty blonde. Just lighten up on the eyeliner a bit! It doesn’t suit you.

Angie on

I like her hair lighter. The brunette look she has now almost looks too dark for her complexion. But, I’m a brunette, so good for her to go darker instead of lighter!


I think Carmen looks beautiful regardless of the hair color
she has.. with this dark color her beautiful eyes stand out.. YOU GO GIRL!

Jen on

Both Carmen and Jennifer Lopez look older with dark hair. I agree she could have gone a little darker, but this is too much. If the look ain’t broke, why fix it??

Lisa on

She’s gorgeous no matter what. It really doesn’t matter what she does to her hair.

Mary on

She needs to go back to lighter hair. The darker hair makes her look older.

Renae on

She is beautiful either way but I think she looks better as a blonde.


i like it both ways, but i like blonde a little bit more. she is beautiful no matter what.

Wendy on

She is definitely honing into the trend this season which is the darker hue and thicker eye brows. I say do what makes you feel good and change is always a good thing. Go Carmen!

Anne on

The darker hair is better, but the raccoon eyes are far too overdone and should be toned down dramatically. Blechhh!

Millie on

This woman is so pretty anything looks good on her…

j on

i think she looks good both ways, better dark. wait a couple of weeks and she’ll probably have some blonde hightlights back again. she need to chill w/the eyeliner though!!

Courtney on

Carmen looks good with every color hair but I really like the caramel color the best.

Stephanie on

I like her both with light or dark hair….

Norah on

Blonde is much better. I agree with Jen’s comment above. Jennifer Lopez looks much older with dark hair, so does Carmen. She should go back to blonde if she wants to look younger!

Natalie on

I think that carmen looks good with both brunette and blonde but i think that she should lighten up on her eyeliner now that her hair is dark.

tonya on

OMG she looks great I love her dark hair….bring out her eyes….I LOVE IT

sharon on

hate it. she looks better with a lighter shade of blond.

Kat on

I love it!

Angelia on

She looks great with any hair color, even her own natural color. She has that inner beauty that makes her radiant.

Delayna on

I’m not crazy about the dark hair color, but she is beautiful no matter what. Carmen is a Goddess!!

Mary on

I don’t care for the darker hair. I think it makes her look a little bit older, and she isn’t getting any younger!

Teressa on

Agree with Rita. I love the dark hair and think she looks more exotic and it plays off her eyes well…but the eyeliner would look better replaced with a blended smokey look. She’s a very pretty girl.

sarah on

i love the natural brunette look on her. it looks really good!

enigma on

I guess I am the only one who thinks she is UGLY either way!

rakel on

I would love to see Carmen with less makeup, she doesen´t need it, she´s got that natural beauty going for her. Anyway I think she looks better as a brunette.

MBS on


Ainsley on

She looks gorgeous no matter what she does with her hair

Daphne on

She’s not actually a natural beauty, she has had all kinds of plastic surgery done. Along with all of the makeup and treatments, of course she looks good. That’s her job.

Sarah on

Carmen has got to be the hottest woman in the entire world and she looks great no matter what her hair color! The brunette and blonde are wonderful! Its nice to go through a change every once in a while!

Holy Candy on

Why do celebrities so often go to extremes with hair color? A golden brown would suit her nicely…

Tity on

I think she looks really good.

Stefanie on

Both of these pictures are terrible, she looks like a man! I think she would look better with blonde hair.

Rebecca on

Yay Carmen! I’m so glad she went back to her natural hair color- as a brunette, she looks younger and healthier. Now if she would just leave off a few layers of eyeliner, she would look that much more fabulous.

brittany on

I think she look way better as a “brunette” it brings out her eyes more and she looks gorgeous!!

Ivana on

I personaly think that she looks better as a blonde, because it lightens up her face. I also think that almost all blondes look better than brunettes, no offense to all you brunettes out there

Sandra on

You’re right Tesa! She does have dark roots. I guess I’m just used to her blonde hair. Her brown looks fine though. She’s still very pretty.

Kay on

I like Carmen as a brunette. I just think she need to soften her eye makeup, now that her hair is darker. Other than that it’s fabulous.

Gabi on

She looks ollder, she should return her blonde look.

christy on

she looks better. the blonde look made her look like TRASH!

micheleeee. on

Carmen is a BEAUTIFUL woman

But this darker look does not light up her face like the blonde did.

But she looks good either way!

dawn blagborne on

whatever makes her happy. after a couple times to the salon with the same hair color i’m always in for a change
the same hair color gets boring after awhile…

yvette on

she is just jumping on the dark haired bandwagon. its sad how everyone follows lead, even when it doesn’t look good.

Jen on

I think Carmen looks great as a brunette, but I think it might look better a little lighter brown.

Nicky on

Darker..Love it..she looks good either way though..

Sophia on

The brown hair looks fine. I think the glaring problem — in both pics — is her eye makeup. Yikes! Time to tone down the Tammy Faye Bake liner and lashes. She really doesn’t need it.

Melissa on

I think she is beautiful, both. She has amazing eyes and her skin tone looks nice with the blond highlights but makes her eyes pop with the darker hair. Who cares really as long as she likes it.

Amber on

Meh it’s okay, I still prefer her blonde though.

M on

Looks much better as a brunette…but I have to ask, is she trying to look like Lindsay Lohan?

Beth on

I think her new hair color looks okay, it would have looked better if she wasn’t wearing as much eyeliner, and wore gold/bronze eyeshadow and a darker pink lipstick. I seriously need to be hired by some of these celebrities. I’m sure I’m cheaper than whoever they are paying to make them look trashy.

AnnieM on

I find that darker color a bit harsh for her beautiful features (maybe it is part of a Halloween costume). But if I looked like her I’d do whatever I wanted with my hair!

Tiffany Hopkins on

Tesa….It’s “BRUNETTE”….not “BURNETTE”. Leave Sandra alone girl.



Judy Langdon on

Anytime anyone changes their hair color drastically (a blonde to black or red), it just doesn’t look natural…I am not talking about highlights, because I think they enhance haircolor and don’t take away from a person’s skin tone. But a drastic haircolor change? If it doesn’t look good against their skin tone, it just doesn’t look natural.

Emily on

She is a natural brunette. I think natural is better on most women.

Sandra on

Tiffany Hopkins, Tesa didn’t do anything to have to leave me alone. In fact, she’s right. I still believe that people’s natural hair color suites them the best but let’s all face it most people dye their hair. I do like Carmen’s hair blonde better that dark brown. Maybe a color in between the two would look the best.

P.S. Tesa, I’m not offended one bit by your comment.

Sandra on

I do feel kinda dumb now that I realize that her natural hair color is brown. I had the first post so everybody sees it. Oh well :)(:”

relle on

She doesn’t look sickly her skin is glowing it doesn’t matter she looks beautiful both ways she needs a change

Kristin on

darker- has a sexier / seductive look

Jennifer on

She looks washed-out as a blonde. She looks better as a brunette.

Jamie on

I think she should change her make-up to go with her new do..I like the brown, its pretty close to what her hair color was before she started going lighter…I’ve also noticed the longer you have the color the more you get used to it, kind of like cameron diaz’s hair, I didn’t like it at first but now I think it looks great. It’s just getting past the initial shock.

Lauren Cole on

You know Carmen I think you look fabulous both ways so if I were you don’t even look at some of these stupid comments. Because some people are just jealous!!! And if anybody had looked at your pictures from awhile back they would have known you were a brunette and that it just got lighter and lighter mine did. And I saw a picture of you abiut 4 yrs. ago and loved it and that is what wanted to back to my darker color for awhile. you can always go back….



Mrs.Borrego on

I have to say Carmen looks so FRESH…with her new hair color. I love it.

Miranda on

i think that she looks better as a blonde than a brunette.

Angell on

I think Carmen Electra is a very beautiful women who looks great in both hair colors, however, what’s with the eyeliner, it really ruins her beauty and well… that look is just too trashy. Lay off the makeup and you’ll look awsome.

Angell on

Her hair looks great but her eyeliner is disgusting in both pis


I think if you are going to dye your hair a dark color, you should get rid of the racoon she looks like Mortisha Adams!

Claudia on

I think that Ms Carmen Electra, is Drop dead Gorgeous in anyway she colors her hair! Keep up with what you are doing Gorgeous, your Awesome!

selin on

blonde hair looks better

katgrrrl on

IMO, she looks great with both. Personally, I’d like to see her try red hair too. The blonde’s more attention getting and the dark hair brings out her eyes. She could prolly get away with royal blue hair with baby blue highlights or orange hair with yellow highlights. Anything’ll look good on her.

Donna hendricks on

way too dark for her

Kitty on

Regardless of her hair color, I find Carmen to be a little too generic. Variety maybe???

Gabby on

i dosnt matter what color her hair is she looks good anyway!

Tresca on

The dark brunette color washes her out..she needs a lighter shade!

Rio on

We’re discussing her hair? What about her make-up?? Goodness, Too much of it.

Jennifer on

I think Carmen looks great with darker hair. Now that she is a single woman her new look is going to work wonders.

Jessica on


Jackie on

in my opinion, everyone looks beautiful with their natural hair color. i love it!

r on

I think you all need to get a life and worry about your own hair color

r on

You can’t look great being fake!!!

Jeannette on

She is hot with any color- but I feel darker for winter and lighter for summer suits her best:)

anonymus on

She looks fresher, younger when her hair is lighter, as opposed to darker. I think some where in the middle of those colors would look nice. But not that ages her.

Lillian Gorham on

Regarding JLo’s hair, which everyone keeps mentioning, she can go any color she wants. JLo is actually nearly almost completely bald. She has many wigs.

stephanie on


Fernanda on

Carmen looks better with……..what??? I’ve got better things to do then be in front of a computer writting about someone else’s hair!!

Rachel on

She looks good either way, but the blonde wins by a tiny bit.

mare mare on

she looks better in blonde and maybe it is just a stage or she is insecure about wat color of hair in right now but i say right on to the blonde hair


I LOVE the dark hair she looks fabulous… i went dark and everyone loved it too but she really looks great

LizFromNYC on

I think she looks better in dark brown hair. She’s got magnificent eyes, and the dark hair shows the intense color of her eyes. Also, the blond hair against her dark brown thick eyebrows just looks dyed blond hair, not natural.

LeeAnn on

i like the dark hair it brings out her eyes more

Natalee on

I love it. I like her blonde color, but I REALLY like her new brunette look. She is such a beautiful woman either way. Her eyes are beautiful and her make up just looks flawless. The eyeliner could throw someone off, because it looks like a lot, but she is just beautiful.

Jennifer on

I LOVE her as a brunette….it brings out her eyes…but her skin tone looks more orangish with it,……..if the eyeliner weren’t so dramatic and dark, it would’ve looked great.

kngalicia on

HELP ME!! what brand of boots is carmen wearing on page 29 in the ‘STYLE WATCH-every look you need’ issue ?

christine on

I think it would look nice medium brown with carmel highlight through it. dark is too harsh for her, even though it’s her natural color.

Kris on

Regarding the person who said s/he had better things to do at the computer than commenting on hair color and the mind your own business comment. People asked for opinions, so minding business doesn’t really apply here. And if this person had better things to do then why the response at all? Just curious. And I think Carmen looks great no matter what she does, she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Satig on

I love just the way she is and the way she looks….She exudes beauty no matter where she goes or what she does….She is definitely the very best….

Sarah on

both are gourseous…. but i like the blonde on her better.

jess on

hate to break it to you guys but carmen’s def. a natural brunette..back in the day her hair was her naturally dark brown brunette color…and check out her roots on other pages…no natural blonde has alnost jet-black looking roots!

lauren on

I’m in the same predicament myself. i have naturally dark hair and i want to try blonde, but i hate that yellowish in-between color.

briana on

I think she looks better with dark hair,she is pretty either way but looks better with dark.

sarah on

carmen electra is beautiful, no doubt about it. but she looks better as a dirty blonde w/ highlights and anyways she’s not a natural brunette, i saw a picture of her when she was like 9 yrs old, she’s a dark blonde. there’s other pics of her with blonde hair that are beautiful, but she doesn’t look right as a brunette for some odd reason, i can’t frigure it out!

Emma Stevens on

I personally think she looks better as a brunette,it gives her subtle features. Just stunning!!

lulu on

I think I like her better as blonde. Darker just makes her look oolder and more tired..

Miranda on

even tho with blonde hair her roots look brown, that may not be the case. I change my hair color all the time. I’m a dirty dishwater blonde. When my hair is really blonde my roots look black when my hair is dark my roots are blonde. But n e ways she looks awesome with dark hair.

kathy on

It is a well known fact that brunettes look younger than blondes wrinkles don’t show as much on brunettes

Abul on


Nathan on

Eww! She looks like a skanky more alert Paula Abdul! Although I don’t really care for the blonde version either. Maybe if she didn’t have the heavy raccoon eyes. I mean! There is definitely a fine line between Vampy and Trampy!

jeff the gentleman on

She is so lucky! She has the most beautiful face,eyes,complection,and body! I think she looks like an angel! Where does she hide her wings? As for her hair color i really liked it light; but because she is so versitile and dynamic she could really get away with anything. She is a natural beauty. I HAVE HER AS MY SCREEN SAVER. There isn’t a hair color in the universe which would not compliment her. If she were mine i would worship her like the mayan’s worshipped the sun cause she is so
hot and angelic looking. WOW.

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