Angelina Jolie's Favorite Body Lotion

10/23/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Angelina Jolie doesn’t just help the needy in Africa when she visits (or adopts) — she is even in a charitable state of mind in the shower! The star just requested Shea Terra Nubian Honey Shower Creme, $9, and Shea Butter Body Lotion, $12, which contain Africa-harvested ingredients. Fifty cents from each bottle sold will go to the (greatest named charity ever) Nubian Goat Project, which purchases goats for needy families in Ethiopia. So, not only is Angelina’s heart softened, so is her skin! — Clarissa Cruz

Photo: Michael Kraus; (inset) ANTHONY DIXON/London Features

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Sandra on

I think that is so cool. It’s nice to see how many celebrities are working to help Africa.

donna on

I love Angelina Jolie I have great respect for her and the Work she have done for children so many of our children are suffering today and with her celibrity status it helps may God keep her safe when she travels I also uses her favorite body lotion Shea Butter Body lotion. Thank you for your caring spirit.

sheena on

I love Angelina. She is very confident, beautiful and independent woman!!!

Elly on

I too love Angelina Jolie. She is ELEGANCE personified!

The way she cares for her children (and no doubt Brad) you can tell that she shows nothing but RESPECT for all the African people, not just the children. In fact, most probably all people who have crossed her path love her.

She has this Princess Diana quality about her. It oozes from her. She has a great big heart for what she does for charitable causes.
Now, when she even showers…money is going to the less fortunate people.

Aewsome, just AWESOME. What a great gal.

Brad Pitt is one lucky, lucky man to have her.

Kristin on

Sad, so many celebrities help other countries but not our own. Truly sad.

AnnieM on

I agree completely with Kristen. Also, People often runs items on what products celebrities use, but honestly, I find it very hard to believe that they really do.

Mary on

In this age of self absorbed celebrity, it is so refreshing to see Angie so committed to these causes. Her dedication for the last six years is inspiring. Her children are so lucky. I wish her and Brad well.

Jennifer on

Sad that American’s have such a narrow minded view of charity. Sad that to American’s charity starts and ends on their door step and not outside of it. Sad that people will be bitter about millions getting help they need to survive. Sad that someone would waste their time on a blog being bitter than doing something themselves to help their mother country. Yes it is sad.

Love the lotion, thanks.

Paula on

I totally agree with you Kristin!

ligaya on

Celebrities, just like like us ordinary people, help both in the U.S. and internationally. Each person may not do both, but I bet most do. I read about celebrities — actors/musicians/athletes etc. — donating to U.S. charities ALL THE TIME. A lot of them have even started their own foundations, e.g. George Lucas’ education foundation, Tiger Woods, etc.

The Jolie-Pitt family and their Foundation contribute to the recovery of New Orleans and Katrina victims not only with building low cost, sustainable ‘green’ housing, but filming there as well. Angelina Jolie has also supported the New Orleans campaign of locals such as Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick and the Neville Brothers to bring back tourism to help the city recover economically.

Let’s face it, there are people in need everywhere around the world. Few individuals (or even entire countries like the U.S., the richest country in the world) have the resources, emotionally as well as financially, to take care of each and every person in need.

People do the best they can, according to what moves them most and is closest to their heart.

Isn’t that what each of us individually does when contributing to a worthy cause? We’re moved by everything but what we can give is not enough – so we choose to give to a particular church, school, youth or senior program, food bank, shelters for the homeless or abused women & children, disease, drug prevention & rehab, etc.

And isn’t it better to applaud someone for doing something good instead of doing nothing (or because you don’t agree with their choice, or maybe you just can’t stand that person)?

It’s easier to knock people down — much easier than turning that same judgmental spotlight on ourselves and asking “what am *I* doing to help?”

Elly on

Kristin, which country do you live in? And how can other people agrree with you, when you obviously haven’t checked the facts?

You seeem to be just blubbering off!

Look, what Angelina and Brad did for Hurricane Katrina! They have also been helping all sorts of people in THIS country with their own joint foundation!

Didn’t you see all that coverage in the news and magazines?

They help out – much more than you’ll ever know.

You need to read more on who does what in this country before you “sound off.”

Elly on

And another thing, Kristin!

Didn’t you just read in the papers and online that Angelina and Brad just donated $100,000 to the Daniel Pearl Foundation?

Puuulease, make sure you know what you’re talking about…before you give the worng information.

Kristin on

Elly, since you asked, I live in the USA. Chicago, Illinois actually. Kudos to the Jolie-Pitt family. I am not clueless, quite the opposite actually. And I am an educated individual all the same so I do have an idea of what is going on in the world today. I just find it more or less ironic that those who can bring focus on organizations tend to focus on overseas charities whereas focusing on the issue here at home. Great they donate their excess money to foundations. The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed in memory of journalist Daniel Pearl to further the ideals that inspired Daniel’s life and work. The foundation’s mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, music, and innovative communications. Although I am not certain how that keeps the US borders safe, or decrease costs of health care for all, or makes our schools safe form gunmen. But since it is a foundation supported by them it must be good, right? And, please don’t get me started on Katrina relief- I had family there who lost everything. I also volunteer my time with Habitat for Humanity- you know helping people build homes who could not afford to buy otherwise? Just because you go to a Third World country on a PR campaign doesn’t make you a humanitarian. So don’t sound off on me without knowing the facts, either. Why not look in our own backyard and stop being the watchdog of the world- can’t hurt to try to resolve the issues here in the States.

But, hey, I can be just like Angelina if I use her lotion, too, right?? Assuming she actually uses it, though.

Courtney on

I LOVE ANGIE! She’s my favorite actress & biggest inspiration.

Ana on

I love Angelina. She’s a great actress, mother, and humanitaritarian. With Brad and Angie together as a couple, can do more to help other in needs with their effort, time, money. These two are a great inspiration to me and my family and we love how they use their celebrity’s status to help others despite a strong critism from the haters.

S on

there is always someone who has to say something bad about someone else. Angelina is wonderful.

Beata on

Kristin, since you are an educated individual, you must come across the phrase: “To each their own.” Everyone will have their own paths in life, their own passions in life, their own way of fulfilling those passions … if it means that I want to support children in Poland and not Africa, that is my choice … and the right to speak freely in this country prohibs you from judging me.
And since you are an educated individual, you must also know that all of the third world countries do not have enough money for a meal on a daily basis … much less two or three meals. That of course is backed by the governments that are in such turmoil that it will possibly take the next 70 years for any country in Africa to step back and realize that this is not the way to go. In the meantime, we all have one thing in common … all of us … on the face of this earth have one thing in common … we’re all human … we all have the same dreams … the same fundamental needs … people in Africa are no different than people in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, etc.
Do not judge people for their own individual paths and passions in life … I also have a passion for Africa … I think that it’s a continent in great need of human compassion and assistance … as is the USA … but the USA is in a much better place to assist its own country with its own problems. There is enough money to support everyone …
And a final though Kristin, since you are an educated individual, you know that this type of a conversation with its many opinions can’t be thrown upon everyone else … because everyone has their own opinion and we as a human race judge way too quickly if it’s not our own.

Annalicia on

I usually just read this stuff but had to comment not on Brad and Angelina but on how worked up people get about this. Who really cares what they choose to do with their money. What they do with it is there business. No one tells you how to spend your money why should we tell them just cause they’re celebrities.

mimi on

krisin get over it. The needy ppl over here have way more opportunites to get help than the ppl in third world will ever have! Hello ?! thats why they’re 3rd world. Helping ppl anywhere in the world is great. Some ppl are just too damn nitpicky. And i dont think Angie would waste this much time of her life and money on a PR campaign. Dont ya think spenndind tons of time annd adopting children is taking a PR campagin too far. Well i guess Angelina must re ally care what WE think about her. LMAO NOT!! Wait a minute this might be totally of topic but i need to ask Are you a super duper big jennifer aniston fan?. I’m reallygetting that vibe and if that’s the case then all I have to say GET OVER IT! Jenn obvouisly has and rightfully so…

Andrea on

I absolutely love these body products, and any other natural scented products.. oatmeal, lavendar, mint,etc. It’s like you’re at a spa when you use them. It’s great.

Andrea on

P.S. There’s also a line called “Nubian Pride”. Odd name I know, but yeah.. they have absolutely out of this world bath products. My husband has been looking all over for the products. Someone sold him a bar of the soap in Santa Monica from one of those little booths, and the guy that had the booth just disappeared and so my husband has no idea where to find these products. If anyone has heard of this, let me know! :) Thanks.

victoria on

I think that Angie & Brad are good people for helping others in need.An not self-obsorbed like some clebs.

it on

What is all the fuss about? She is a woman using her beauty to get what she wants… men, fame, and attention! Sorry but she is no Audrey Hepburn nor will she ever be a woman respected as Audrey was. And why now is Jolie worried about her “naked” image? Wake up people and stop promoting the world of make belive. Feed the hungry in the USA first then the rest of the world!

josie on

I think what Angelina Jollie does to underprivelege people is commendable. Other celebs does it for publicity reasons only. I admire her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy on

I think Angelina Jolie is perfect in every way inside and out she loves her family and has a great passion for life. And her charity work is great.

foozy on

lucky lucky brad. these two are just great!

Amber on

Sounds like a good cause, I’d like to purchase a few aswell I think.

lena on

i agree with kristin, so many celeb do not help our own county but see fit to help others.

person on

i think angelina jolie is cool and is charitable and stuff, but cmon…africa aint the only place to support. look in your own neighborhoods and other contries that arent overly publicized. how do you choose who to save? whose life is worth saving? you can’t save em all. so save yourself.

AnnieM on

I’m still with Kristen on this (and yes I live and pay taxes in the United States). As long as celebrities are making their money selling their “product/commodity” to the public, I’ll say whatever I want. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy these do-gooder acts. I feel sorry for the children IN the United States waiting to be adopted into good homes.

scott on

Hi all.
Our firm designed the web site, bottles, jars, tubes for these products, and i would love your feed back! We hope they grab your attention and compel you to try the product…which as a user of Shea Terra myself, I can assure you unparalleled. My wife constantly asks for me to request more samples. We will have a new cart and a fully functional web site up very soon please check back at for updates, under Portfolio>Current Projects> Shea Terra


Dave on

Hey. Silly as it may seem, the graphics on the packages and bottles are terrific. Very hip, well balanced and inviting. Make you want to buy. Anyone know who created the graphics?

Anay on

I think she’s Awesome!

JillH on

I respect Angelina for her charitable work and what appears to me to be a no nonsense attitude towards Hollywood. I also still marvel at her beauty now and then.

I haven’t tried these two particular products from Shea Terra but have used a number of their other products and everything they make is fantastic, especially the Mint Vanilla stuff. And, the company donates a lot to different charites, which makes me feel better about spending my hard earned money there!

I also applaud Angelina and Brad for donating all the money from photos of their baby to charity, in addition to what I understand are many other donations to charities including Katrina. It’s nice to see celebs putting their money where their mouths are.

renee on

50 cents is not a whole alot off of $9,& $12 a bottle!
you think they could at least give at least $1?
I guess it’s better than nothing…

delfina on

I´m from a 3rd world country…. Argentina, and i do help my people in need, as well from people abroad… I believe the world is a mess…. and we all, humans, need to help each other… I get really emotional when I see people suffer in any part of the world, Argentina, Africa, the tsunami victims…. Katrina Victims…. the whole world is in need…. and listening about people feeling SAD because celebrities choose to HELP other countries in need and no their own is just to much for me…. need to grow up… the world dont have boundries when we talk abput helping each other
Even though thats not the case for the Jollie-Pitt family since they clearly do help in the US´. Dont you think that taking in children and giving them a loving home isn´t a loving commitment? I wish that all of us that could do that would find such strength to do such a big sacrifice and raise children for love,,, since they dont do it because they cannot concieve….
Anyway… I get carried away , and the point is…. dont judge badly good people that help… it has no sense at all!

Nicky on

Kristin sounds like she has a bone to pic with Angelina..Kristin are you related to Jennifer Aniston or maybe you are her…Koodos to Brad and Angelina to all that they have done for people all over the world..They are setting examples to celebrities all over hollywood to do the same..They are Perfect together, God knows why he place the two together..They are king and queen in my eyes..people just need to get the f%#k over it..As Americans We need to check on the people that we put in power like your president (Bush) ask what he’s doing for the poor in the United States..And Angelina gives millions to the poor in the united states also..Do your research “Kristin” and get over it..And i Love this product i use it myself i swear by it..Your comment sounds very personal..Didn’t u say you was educated?..well i think the question was about the product not the person! or did u just not understand the question?

Nubian is a great product line!

Samantha on

This is completely ridiculous!!! “Grown ups” fighting over which country Angelina should help, really, it´s sad. I´m 13 years old and I seem to be more mature than you!! First of all, which country or foundation a celebrity/star wants to help it´s completely none of your business!! It´s their money, they worked to gain it, not you!! Second, this page is for us to leave our opinnions, to say whatever we want to say! Not to have people practically insulting each other. Oh, right, my opinion, I don´t think the United States it´s in more help than Africa and if Angelina and tons of other celebrities/star want to held africa, good for them!!

Jessa on

The important question is, if I use this product, will I look like her when I wake up tomorrow?

Heather on

Kristin & the rest of you narrow minded people who agree with her- we are all ONE…..there are no boundaries when it comes to helping our fellow human beings. Do people deserve to suffer because of geography??? Because we are lucky enough to live in the US, that entitles us to block out the rest of the planet? I don’t think so….. I think it’s a shame that you are holding yourself up as a charitable citizen by pointing out that you volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. They go well beyond our US borders in the name of humanity, so if you only support organizations who benefit the US, then you’re working with the wrong group.

Kathi on

I just cannot find it within myself to like anything about Angelina Jolie. Beautiful? Yeah, ok. But, she is a class-A homewrecker from the word go. She marched off with Billy Bob Thornton, took PDA to a new level and then hooked her lusty claws into Brad Pitt. Sorry. I have ZERO respect for her as a person and I’m not too impressed with her acting. I don’t care how many good causes she takes up to divert attention from her total lack of moral character, she’s still low class in my opinion.

sara muñoz on

angelina jolie is a beautiful woman and very talented and I admire much by its great heart, also it meant to them to all fans that we say to him that pardons to his its father and who not aga but the one of the hard heart. To others the angie girl is very similar to the grandfathers

Heather on

Why not help out the United States and all of the orphaned, crack addicted children we have here? Stars are so quick to become involved with charities (which they should- as they make a ton of money for what they do), but they should concentrate more on where they are from, not where they dream of living.

Joe Kurre on

Those labels are so pretty, and they have a really nice design!!!! They really tie in with the product nicely!!!

Tammie on

I wanted Angelina to have the products. Regardless of her personal family issues, I totally admire her sincerity to help people. I respect a person in her position of wealth and fame to go out of her way to go to depressing places with dieing, suffering children and taking the out of her fairy tale life to help. I feel that she is a true, warm and compassionate person. I think that all of you who criticized Ms. Jolie need to take a real, long and hard look in the mirror and ask, “What have I done for anybody? What do I do on a daily basis to help alleviate the suffering of others?” Ms. Jolie could live in her castle complete with servants and pool parties, but instead she chooses to go places and do things that your average American would never want to take the time out to do. She has fed children as she watched them slip away. She has help set up schools so that girls could at minimum be touched by the written word. It is for these reasons, that I wanted her name, and probably no one elses, associated with my products.

Not only do our products provide a means of income for many in Africa, but they also provide jobs for Americans. We produce our products right here in the USA. It is called global exchange. We are all on this planet together. The earth was not created with boundaries and checkpoints. Our ancestors have migrated for thousands of years. What difference does it make if a person is born in Africa or in America? We are all people. We all deserve chances. And if our parents were given the chance, or if our society was given a chance, and so therefore we inherit a chance, isn’t it our duty to offer those same chances to those who were not born with the same opportunities? Remember, we all came into this world naked and helpless. Tammie Umbel Founder of Shea Terra Organics

Faye on

I have the utmost respect for both Brad and Angelina. Their dedication to helping refugees, orphans and those affected by Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Pakistan, has inspired their fans to get involved both locally and globally. If one takes the time to visit their respective fans forums and those forums dedicated to them as a family, one will see threads devoted to their humanitarian efforts. These threads have links to organizations such as but not limited to UNHCR, the Genocide Prevention Network,, Yele Haiti and Global Green. Fans encourage one another to write to their respective Congressmen, Presidents, and/or other political leaders on behalf of these causes. Fans pool together whatever monies they have for donations. It is amazing to witness how two actors can inspire people of all ages, nationalities, religions, genders and political alliances to be better people by becoming actively involved in helping others. I say, not too shabby for a couple of pretty actors.

I love shea butter and I like the idea behind this product, so I will make a purchase.

Boo on




Pascale on

I adore Angelina Jolie. She is the best.

martha on

weird. weird. more weird.

Cheryl on

I must admit that in the beginning I didn’t care for Angelina’s ways, back in her Billy Bob Thorton days. But over the past few years, I have become to admire her strengths and passion to help the poor and underprivledged. Angelina is doing the work of the Lord. It does not matter what country or continent your in. We are all Gods children…It just so happens that in these other countries they don’t have what we have. They are starving, they have no homes like we do, they live in tents, shacks, they have no corner grocery store, and barely have any clean water. They don’t even have the means to grow food. They barely have clothes or shoes. The people in the USA need to consider themselves very very blessed. Angelina does not think highly of herself. She gives and gives of herself and her money to the deserving,(the Poor). She is one of the most humbled people I have seen. Not to many so called stars would ever make it their lifes mission to travel to all of these under developed nations to give their all to help the people of these nations. She doesn’t dress in bright colors, but dresses in dark colors as to not bring attention to herself, because she knows it is not about her, it is about the needy. It is very respectable and shows respect for the poor countries and their people. I say keep on doing God’s work Angelina and Brad, and don’t pay attention to the jealous, your rewards wait in heaven. GOD is in control, and when GOD puts something on your heart for you to do, that is what you do. So, be careful you out there that are judging what Angelina and Brad are doing. Because you are judging what GOD has called them to do.

Teri on

I love Angelina Jolie and her family.

She’s a lovely lady with big hearts.

jill ann cruspero on

Angie looks good in anything she wears from eyewear to dresses she has a style that makes her standout.I admire her unselfish support of the needy.It’s a very rare trait.As a famous artist she didn’t focus her horizon inside the showbiz environment alone and she is aware that behind those fame and glitter there’s a real world outside the set.She’s a real model as a humanitarian and Bradd Pitt is lucky to have Angie as his wife.I wish you both happiness and I hope that your marriage will last forever.Take care Angie and Brad.Iknow how hard it is as a parent.

sam on

Freaking Americans are never happy. They complain about everything. That’s why your country is looked down upon by other countries. Grow up you imbeciles.

Donita on

Where can you purchase the Shea terra products?

Rose on

Donita, you can order at

In response to other posts on here:
I am a citizen of the world, and human kind is my business whether it’s local or abroad – it should be the same for everyone else too. I admire Angelina and all her hard work raising awareness for many causes. Yes in her earlier years she was troubled, but as she herself said being a mother has completely changed her life, and her outlook on things. More power to her.

About the products – I use Shea Terra products and they are great!

LL on

Angelina is a very unique individual. She’s a different kind of Hollywood starlete & should be applauded for her efforts.

polly on

Get a life people! Leave the hot people alone!

AngelinaHugeFan on

I love Angelina Jolie, how can anyone hate her?

Just Me ... on

I HAVE to comment on this ~

Re: Kathi comment: “she is a class-A home-wrecker from the word go. She marched off with Billy Bob Thornton, took PDA to a new level and then hooked her lusty claws into Brad Pitt”.

I don’t recall Angelina hitting any man over the head & slinging them over her shoulder & caring them off. They walked of their “OWN FREE WILL”. Every one makes choices in life, No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Stop JUDGING people you don’t know.

As far as their charity work … it’s HIGHLY commendable that famous people are giving back … ESPECIALLY to 3rd World Countries. Yes, we do have people in America who are having it hard (Ever heard of AFDC??). The people & children in Africa are STARVING TO DEATH on a DAILY basis & Not because they don’t want to work either. They are a hardy people who manage to smile in the face of devastating loss & hardship. People everywhere could learn something from them. Because of Angelina’s generous contribution’s to poverty-stricken countries … now OTHER famous people are following suit & also lending a helping hand (It’s a Domino effect & Angie is responsible for starting the increased generosity Hollywood is now showing).

Back to the thought of what this comment was intended for … I have & always will support item’s that are safe from Animal cruelity & have the added benefit of helping others in need.

Erika on

I too have used Shea Terra Organics products for years and I LOVE them!

KP on

What’s sad is that usually those who are critical of people giving to other countries and believe that they don’t do enough for the US aren’t doing much, if anything, for this country themselves. So how can you judge?

jezreel on

you know what kristin? if you just see the condition in the third world countries you will surely understand how needy they are than americans do! i’m living in Phils.,and i can see beata’s point! if you have time see it for yourself and you might eat your words!

Ben on

Angie can do what she wants – she makes her own decision in her life! Who are you sick people to judge and throw stones at her? Don’t you have a life of your own to live?

And while you’re at it, why don’t you look at your President for a change? What’s HE doing for THIS country?

Gosh – you people are so f***** insane! No wonder this country has problems!

AKinyemi Akinbowale on

WOW, Angelina, you are the most wonderful, awesome, beautiful and exciting actress i have ever heard of and seen in the whole wide world. I really look forward to meeting you because you are just indispensable. You are my role model and i love everything about you.
please i really hope to hear from you directly.
And please if it is possible for you to make me an actor like you, i wouldnt mind. I really love what you do on movies and i wanna be like you.
Hope to hear from you soon.

(LOVE- J ) on

I’m happy Matt Daman is the sexiest man alive .

Rachel on

I need to try that!

junis on

Hi I wish u n your dad already patch up things let bygones be bygones

Julia on

I am very grateful that I have discovered your posts, thanks for all the informative info.

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