Jeffrey Wins Project Runway! Do You Agree With The Judges?

10/19/2006 at 02:00 AM ET

It’s all over for Season 3, and Jeffrey has been named the winner of Project Runway. But whose collection did you think brought down the house at Olympus Fashion week? Did you too love Jeffrey’s Japanese inspired punk polka-dots and stripes (second from right)? Or are you dying for Laura’s elegant black gowns, feathers and beads included (right)? Lusting after Uli’s safari-inspired dresses and teeny bikinis (left)? Or are you on the prowl for Michael’s tiger prints and sexy satin shorts (second from left)? Tell us: whose collection did you like best? Were the judges right in picking Jeffrey as the winner?

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ebony on

I cannot believe Jeffrey won, I was really wanting Michael to win, then when Uli’s collection came down the runway I knew for sure she was the winner, I did not like anything about Jeffrey’s collection. When the first model for his collection turned the corner I just knew he was out, but the judges made their decisions, and I want to know what they based their decisions off.

kari on

Still think Jeffrey had outside help. Regardless Uli’s collection should have won (love you Michael and wish you would have had the best collection, but still, I trust you will get work from the PR exposure) Hers was the best collection, and not so Uli-like after all! Beautiful! Still love you Michael and think you have a great future!

AKS on

I have always been a fan of Jeffrey from the very beginning. Seeing someone work so hard and defend himself during the entirety of the show made me weep at the end when he won. I can’t wait to see his line at Macy’s. I would wear any of those outfits shown on the runway. Congrats!

aimee on

i liked Lauras best but I am happy Jeffrey won. i loved his model and thought she was the best model they had the whole time. im kind of sad that its over, what am I going to wattch now?

kari on

No need to watch anymore PR. At least last season the judging was reasonable, and Chloe was the most talented and prepared designer to win the big prize. But this season seemed like they wanted to spread around the winning, if you hadn’t won one challenge then your chances were greater as the season wore on. You certainly couldn’t win TOO many in a row! Judging was no good, and it seems to me they went with Jeffrey simply for the controversy and outrage that would cause, and thus the increased talk of PR in the meantime. Loved Michael!! but based on the collections, thought Uli should win.

Missed a few episodes here and there this season. Now I could care less about the show!

Darlene on

It’s all over! Jeffery is the winner!!???? Yuk, I think Uli should have walked away with it. They wanted to know how to get ahold of her after the show because they LOVED her designs! So what the heck? What happen? Congrats to Jeffery, I guess. (#*&@^%)How frustrating.

sarah on

yes! jeffrey should have won! his clothing has been innovative and comprehensive and he displayed a wide range of beautiful fashion. i’m glad he won, and i’m glad that he didn’t cheat! he totally deserved it. he came along way, and his fashion show rocked. i’d wear and buy every single piece. i want to know how i can get that green/white stripped dress and blazer! i want the handbag that goes with it too! how awesome! i’m glad he was honest and returned the wigs though. i think laura made completely outlandish statements about jeffrey and i’m glad she didn’t win over jeffrey. uli’s was boring and the same, and michael’s was the same stuff i saw all season. jeffrey totally pushed it. i was rooting for him from the beginning! i cried!

Tina on

Jeffrey? Innovative? I think it was Gwen Stefani who brought the Japanese inspiration into light last year?! Plus, I wouldn’t buy from or support someone who treats others the way he has on this show. Laura’s stuff was gorgeous, of course. But Uli really pulled it out in the end. Her stuff WILL sell, sell well, and that’s what ultimately will matter AND be remembered in the end!

sara on

I Definitely think Uli should have won! Everything in her collection was BEAUTIFUL!! I would have been satisfied if Laura had won too. I did find some of jeffery’s collection cute, but those 2 blue dresses were Awful!! Still can’t wait for next season!

NT on

wow. I definitely think Uli deserved to win. But I believe that the judges thought that Uli would make it on her own given the buzz that was generated at the show at Bryant Park. Jeffrey was the most original and he truly has learned to adapt his style to make it appropriate to everyday clothes. Laura’s creations are timeless and I feel like she will become a favorite of starlets looking for a red carpet dress. I agree with the judges that Michael needs to mature more – his pieces throughout the show were much more likeable than his final collection. In all, great ending!

fiorina on

Ugh! I can’t stand Jeffrey or his clothes (except the yellow dress). As a woman, I am so sick of male designers going on and on about how important it is to be innovative. What about making something we would actually want to wear? I’m bored by his so-called edginess, not to mention his ego.


Jeffrey did NOT deserve the win!! It was Uli all the way! If for nothing else, than because she’s a decent person.. Jeffrey is just such a jerk! Even if his clothes WERE nice, I wouldnt buy them because I wouldnt support him at all!!

Dana on

I cannot believe that Jeffrey won. His designs were the worst of the four designers and I do not see many people wearing any of that stuff. I thought that they were supposed to be designing for I.N.C., and his clothes absolutely do not fit with the brand. I think that Michael should have won, although his finale line was probably his weakest. If the judges were going by the finale only then Ulee should have one. Jeffrey basically sucked!!

KM on

I don’t agree with the judges. I think they’re all on crack. How did any of Jeffreys designs win any of the weekly challenges? Each time they picked one of his designs as a winner, I figured that each of them had a late night out and didn’t feel like using their brains that day. It is more than obvious that Uli should have won. However, I do believe that this whole thing will turn out like the “Clay Aiken/Ruben Studdard syndrome” and after this bubble of exitement wears off we will never hear from Jeffrey again while Uli, Laura and Michael’s star will rise and outshine his.

Leslie on

personally I’ll never watch this show again….not only did the judges pick the wrong person to win….so with that beign said this is why….who would really wear Jefferys designs in the real world. I can’t believe it. The show should be more reality based!!!!!I think a hot designer should cater to the public not only the one is a life time designs for a celebrity. After all Heidi wouldn’t do why should we!

LeiLeiaz on

Overall I think that Jeffery was a good pick..even though my heart was for Michael. I do have to say that Jeffery stepped his game up and I’M lovin his collection. CONGRATULATIONS =)

Tara on

I love love love Project Runway and was so looking forward to tonight’s finale. While watching, I was so convinced that Uli was going to win, even though she wasn’t my favorite designer, so I was a little shocked by the choice of the judges. I could see all the points they made, but Uli just seemed like the clear winner. I guess I just didn’t get it. Michael had been my favorite all season and I so wanted him to win. I think he’ll do great, but I just didn’t think his collection was his greatest work. I didn’t really get Laura’s collection and I thought Jeffrey’s was pretty cool, but not the best of the four. I felt sort of disappointed, but whatever, here’s to next season!

KM on

The fact that Jeffrey won is disgusting. I only hope that in his endeavors to “make it” he runs into people who regard people in the same way that he does.

Wendy on

I was disappointed that Jeffrey won. Laura and Uli showed an amazing collection that I could totally picture myself or my friends wearing. Michael’s collection was nice too, but a bit off the mark…a bit too hootchie.

I don’t find Jeffrey’s clothes practical. Outside of the striped gown, I had a hard time picturing where these clothes would be worn. Maybe I live on the wrong side of the country (East coast). Outside of LA, I really don’t see these clothes being worn. Just my amateur opinion.

I’M SORRY LAURA AND ULI! One of you two should have beat Mr. Trashy-Chic.

Deni Dallas on

JEFFREY, YYYYUUUUUCCCCKKKKKYYYY!!!! I don’t know when I have been so disapointed with a television show! Not only is he terribly unlikable, his stuff was the least appealing to me. I may be boycotting PR next season altogether if that is the best they can do.

Kathy on

They got it wrong. Laura’s were elegant! I may not like Uli, but her show pieces were very nice. I love Mike, but he really didn’t have it lastnight. Jeff’s stuff is a joke. But then, it is almost Halloween.

Courtney on

I can’t BELEIVE he won. He was so rude to everyone!! I wish Uli would have won. Ughhh! =[

hihi on

All the designs were beautiful,however, I believe a certain designer was not the same designer that was a at Project Runway all contest. where di these designs come from? And you know who I mean?

Karen on

I hate to say it, since Jeffrey did have some pieces that I liked, but ULI WAS ROBBED! I wonder if they wound up picking Jeffrey over her because (a) he had been accused of cheating (and seemed to handle himself very well in the face of that– although who knows what really happened, since it’s all so heavily edited), (b) he has been a much stronger personality throughout the season– or even (c) the judges/producers thought they’d seem hipper if they chose the “rock and roll bad boy”? Whatever the reason, I really felt like Uli’s collection –and her work more generally– was much stronger than that of the other three. Michael’s in particular was really disappointing, given his performance in many of the challenges over the course of the show. I think the order of the final collections was (from best to worst): Uli, Laura, Jeffrey, Michael. No doubt Jeffrey does good work, and that he will go far, but come on! Uli’s collection was just unbelievable and she really deserved to win.

Karen on

I hate to say it, since Jeffrey did have some pieces that I liked, but ULI WAS ROBBED! I wonder if they wound up picking Jeffrey over her because (a) he had been accused of cheating (and seemed to handle himself very well in the face of that– although who knows what really happened, since it’s all so heavily edited), (b) he has been a much stronger personality throughout the season– or even (c) the judges/producers thought they’d seem hipper if they chose the “rock and roll bad boy”? Whatever the reason, I really felt like Uli’s collection –and her work more generally– was much stronger than that of the other three. Michael’s in particular was really disappointing, especially given his performance in many of the challenges over the course of the season. I think the order of the final collections was (from best to worst): Uli, Laura, Jeffrey, Michael. No doubt Jeffrey does good work, and that he will go far, but come on! Uli’s collection was just unbelievable and she really deserved to win.

Karen on

I hate to say it, since Jeffrey did have some pieces that I liked, but ULI WAS ROBBED! I wonder if they wound up picking Jeffrey over her because (a) he had been accused of cheating (and seemed to handle himself very well in the face of that– although who knows what really happened, since it’s all so heavily edited), (b) he has been a much stronger personality throughout the season– or even (c) the judges/producers thought they’d seem hipper if they chose the “rock and roll bad boy”? Whatever the reason, I really felt like Uli’s collection –and her work more generally– was much stronger than that of the other three. Michael’s in particular was really disappointing, especially given his performance in many of the challenges over the course of the season. I think the order of the final collections was (from best to worst): Uli, Laura, Jeffrey, Michael. No doubt Jeffrey does good work, and that he will go far, but come on! Uli’s collection was just unbelievable and she really deserved to win.

Nicole on

My style preference leans towards Laura and she had a great showing, so it would have been nice to see her win. But I was really rooting for Michael because he is a great up and coming designer. However, I was REALLY disappointed with his collection. I haven’t cared for Uli’s style … but I have to admit, she had the best collection … absolutely incredible. And Jeffrey? I don’t like his designs, period. I didn’t see anything over the entire season that interested me. But I guess a nasty attitude and designing for the rocker/hooker demographic is all it takes to make sure ‘You’re in.’

catherine on

I LOVE michael…but jeffrey’s dress was really pretty

Toni on

I think Uli should have won, her collection was SO MUCH better than Jeffrey’s. I have actually been a fan of Michael this whole time but I didn’t care for some of the looks that he made. Since Jeffrey won, I am through watching Project Runway that just ruined the show for me.

Ashley on

My son and I have watched and enjoyed all the seasons of Project Runway. Laura and Uli were our favorites in so far as what I would wear, with a lean towards Michael’s collection. I think all of the designers had innovative ideas and a collection could have been done for all of them. Michael sportswear, Laura elegant evening wear, Uli, everyday beautiful casual wear and Jeff, Party wear.
What a challenge that would have been to have them work as a group to build an entire collection!
Congrats Jeff… but we were pulling for Laura and Uli! My 9 year old son loved Uli’s designs!

lauren on

anyone but jeffrey! ewww his stuff was unwearable. polka dots?? big stripes??

i loved uli and laura–just gorgeous and innovative. they were robbed.

i think PR likes to shock, that’s all.

katie on

I loved Laura’s collection. Jeffreys was very different, but I couldn’t see myself wearing any of his clothing, besides the striped dress.

Sandi on

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? That green striped MESS??? It looks like a bad high school home-ec project! It’s puckered in the wrong places and the fabric is HIDEOUS! What were the judges smoking? Between Jeffrey’s disjointed “high school home-ec” collection & Michaels “I’m a HO & proud of it” collection I wanted to scream! Laura’s was elegant & Uli’s was fun – for either to win would’ve been better. Actually it’s probably better for both of them that they distance themselves from this – what a joke! I’ve been a designer for 25 years & I’m baffled by their choice! By the way – if you check out the “Olympus Fashion Week” & take a peek at Badgley Mischka & Michael Kors designs you’ll see a LOT of Laura’s influence. Coincidence? Hardly.

debra on

I thought Laura had the better collection

Annastasia on

Jeffrey definetly deserved it. I loved all of his pieces. I did really like Uli and Michael’s as well, but there is just something about Jeffrey’s work. Im glad he won, he deserved it.

Carol on

Michael did so well throughout the season that I really thought he was going to win. I have to say I wasn’t impressed with his collection.

As far as I am concerned, I believe Uli should have one. Her collection is something any of us would wear. Basically it appeals to all type of women, sporty, classy, fun. Jeffrey’s collection only suits one type of woman; punk/rocker. I believe Michael Kors said it best during the season….Jeffrey is not versatile enough…”all I see is Gwen Stefani”.

As far as I am concerned Jeffrey should not have won!

Diana on

I really do not care what anyone says Jeffrey did not DESERVE to win. First of all, Jeffrey had this cocky attitude that gave me an automatic “X” in my book. He was never consistant with his designs and he may have pulled it together in the end, but I still strongly feel that he did not deserve to be named winner of project runway. From the beginning “Michael” was my favorite and I was pleased with the variety in his designs, however I felt that Uli’s designs were worthy to be named “winner of project runway,” with her weird prints and all. All in all, everyone did a good job, but why why why JEFFREY!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Stacey on

I liked Laura’s collection best. She designs clothes that real women would buy and wear. And Michael’s was decent too. It wasn’t his best work, but still pretty nice looking. Jeffrey’s work was AWFUL! Are the judges blind? He didn’t make one garment this whole season that didn’t resemble a bad acid trip. I am majorly disappointed by Jeffrey’s win. What were they thinking?

Grace on

I definately think that Michael should have won, he did the best througout the whole season!!!Jeffrey’s collection was really weird.

Nikki on

I truly love Michael’s designs that he did throughout the show, however I was not impressed with his run-way collection. I think that he could have made those dresses a little longer and less revealing. I do agree with the judges. I don’t think that Jeffery had the best collection, but he did some very nice designs on the show. He’s creative and seems to know what younger women are looking for. Overall I think that Uli’s collection was the best. Very today and beautiful. It’s made for every woman. To everyone: Good Job and keep following your dream.

Julia on

I LOVE LOVE Laura’s style and her collection…but i agree with the Gunn when he likened Jeffrey to Vivienne Westwood. I would not wear it, but he is a talent. Laura’s stuff is totally wearable and beautiful…I want every peice…even the huge green jacket she cut on Tim’s suggestion.

AB on

Who says cheaters never win? What a crock! Uli and Laura’s shows were beautfiul and fun– and MADE BY THEM. Jeffrey may be good for ratings, but not much else. The producers have really let the fans down.

Jen Stone on

Laura’s collection was the bomb and she should have won!! Hers was the only collection that was cohesive and jaw dropping. The details on those dresses were incredible!! Jeff’s win was not a true win. He was the judges favorite and they made sure that he had a chance at every turn. How do you let someone win that went over budget and could not produce receipts for his work?? Total favoritism! Michael could have won, but it collection was tacky and a total disappointment. He totally blew it. Uli’s was boring, but I would have rather had her win than Jeff.

Linda Scott on

I am so glad that Jeffrey won. Because after what Laura trried to do. I am just glad that she did not win. Because her clothes all look the same. Jeffrey you rock.

amanda on

AH HELL NO!!!!! Why did he win. he should’ve got his butt kicked off that show so many times. I ‘m not ever going to support him or ever buy any of his clothes. OMG he’s so annoying! Michael or Uli should have one, everyone I knew that watched the show wanted Michael to win this SUX!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until next season maybe next time they’ll choose a better winner.

Dee on

What a shame.. All of the designers had their own unique designs however, the most eye catching design was from Uli. She really surprised me when I saw her collection. I actually got chills down my spin. I think the judges picked Jeffery as the winner because they may have felt sorry for him because of his past. None the less if I were the judge, I would of picked Uli! That’s for sure.

B. CALL on


Emily on

Uli’s collection was definately the best but I think Michael had the best overall collection throughout the whole season.

Barbara Pawloski on


Hana on

I hated Jeffrey and he won, which irks me to no end. His clothes were downright ugly.

After the runway show, in all honestly I thought Uli should win, they were right, she designed clothes that women WANT to wear. Her stuff was fabulous.

Laura’s cocktail dresses were nice but I don’t wear cocktail dresses, so it’s sorta out of my league.

Michael’s stuff was nice but I was dissapointed overall but I truly believe he’s young and he will only get bigger and better given time.

I have written off PR, I’m done. I’m not wasting my time watching that show anymore, they pick the worst “winners” and this is 3 times in a row.

Kris R on

I am so glad Jeff won. I have been a fan of his from the beginning. His clothes have always been interesting and unique, unlike any of the other designers. His definite point-of-view is what I loved, and I think that’s what the judges voted on in the end. And thank goodness the whole “out-sourcing” accusation was shot down. I don’t understand why other comments say that he still cheated. No evidence of cheating was found. No one watching the show would have ever thought he cheated until Laura speculated with no proof. Be careful what you accuse people of. No one deserves to be skewered by gossip with no basis in fact.

Melissa on

I wanted micheal to win so bad!!!!! Hes so good and he can design clothes for everyone, not just the “rockers” I just dont think jeffery has proven that. But I still say congrats to Jeffery!! At least the red head didnt win,,,I still cant believe she said that its ok to have one more kid she will just “throw it on the pile” like kids are laundry!!

Kate Combs on

Michael was my favorite contestant overall because he always had such a great attitude, and I loved most everything he designed. Thru the competitions my fashion likes related more with what Laura did, so I really liked a lot of her stuff, but was getting bored with feeling like I kept seeing the same stuff. I never really cared for anything Uli did, but I’m not really a beachy party person. Although I generally found Jeffrey to be a complete jerk and disrespectful, I appreciated most everything he designed for artistic reasons.



Cynthia on

I was surprised that Jeffery won!!! I really tought Uli won this, of course I loved Michael looks from the beginning but I agree that when he was suppossed to make a big impression at Bryant Park he failed at it. It’s not like they all didn’t win, some will have clients so they did get major exposure out of it. But letting Jeffery win when everyone knew the clear winner was Uli perplexes me. So I guess winning throughtout the competition means nothing because it only comes down to the 12 pieces that you put out at Fashion Week.

cara on

i can’t believe jeffrey won: his collection was not innovative, it’s the same 80’s punk. and i’m sure he got outside help. and to think keith who was the most talented got kicked off for having fashion books in his room .
uli should have won: she’s talented and knows how to dress women.

Nikki on

I love Michael but after i saw uli’s collection she was my favorite and i cannot believe the Jeffrey won he was horrible but his son is too cute !!!!

Kathy on

Uli should have won – her clothes were far superior to that of Jeffries. Her clothes look like clothes that you could ACTUALLY wear. Although Laura’s craftsmanship was unbelievable, all her clothes look alike and I felt like I kept seeing the same thing over and over.

anabel on

Well I was really dissapointed in last night’s show! Jeffrey was a total **** in all the episodes!!! who would want to work w/a designer like that? I loved Laura’s and Uli’s collection and even though I love Michael’s clothing some of his collection ,not so much. I dont think Jeffrey should have won. Where are you gonna wear some of his clothes? Really? I guess I’ll keep watching, but really what was the winning based on? I think Uli should have won or Laura for her very hard work on her beading and beautiful dresses.I guess it’s whatever know!

Beth on

What is the name of the song that is playing durying Jeffery’s showing?

Madison on

Jeffrey’s clothing is neither innovative nor beautiful–it’s Hot Topic clothing with better fabrics. He won b/c he’s the biggest personality and “rock star” clothing is so hot right now. His outsize personality gets a lot of attention which is good for ratings which is good for marketing which is good for $. No woman over a size zero could wear his clothing, and no woman not stuck in arrested development would want to dress like a girl who hang out at the mall.

juj on

this is madness! Laura with her consistency and gorgeous craftsmanship, or Uli with her real world, flowy, everyday woman appeal would have been a much better decision, if for no other reason than jeff ‘lost’ his receipts and STILL went over budget! it’s like they rewarded him for breaking the rules. i was totally over it at that moment! i adore the show, and i watch every episode, but i have to say jeffrey’s victory turned me off just a bit. he’s a rock star costume designer for crying out loud; and let’s focus, the whole time they were back at parsons it seemed to be in Uli’s favor, and then heidi was all, “congratulations… JEFFREY” ???!!! yeah…. crazy stuff.


Oh no! Who is going to get use out of Jeffrey’s fashions. They may be different, but attractive or practical? No way! Uli deserved the win hands down. I am actively seeking one of her dresses now. I love all of her work. If you noticed, Jeffrey even attempted to steal one of her looks and all of the judges agreed it didn’t come close to working. Uli, you are the real winner!

Peggy Gilliland on

Well, I want to think the judges for making sure I will never watch Project Runway again. I will get back to my books and talking to friends. My friend and I cannot believe they thought Jeffrey was so good. He is rude, vulgar, disrespectful to women and an overall jerk. Uli’s collection was the best as well as Laura’s was excellent work. Jeffrey’s look was from the back 40 with scraps of material and all over the place. What a major disappointment. How long has it been since the judges met real people??????

Maui Pineapple on

Jeffrey was on the “chopping block” several times this season, while Michael, Uli, and Laura were each there once. His treatment of Angela’s mother is a precursor of his treatment of future clients. He had at least two pieces in his Bryant Park collection that the judges did NOT like. I, along with the judges, were disappointed with Michael’s collection – which left quite a bit to be desired. However, Uli’s and Laura’s collections were described by the judges as impeccable, perfect for every woman, etc. Therefore, HOW DID JEFFREY WIN?

I hope to see Uli, Michael, and Laura going on to bigger and better things. They all have an incredibly gorgeous design esthetic and are gifted, talented seamstresses/taylors.

PR freak on

It was really close between Jeffrey & Uli … I thought Uli’s collection was AMAZING .. so chic, yet fun .. I’d wear it. BUT THEN AGAIN .. Jeffrey’s was by far the most innovative. And ppl forget that high fashion in not necessarily for the every-woman. Look at haute couture! Am happy for Jeffrey .. he really did take the most risks & definitely wowed me. GO JEFFREYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! PR made the right decision .. their top two were just right!! PS: Laura’s collection was beyond beautiful; red carpet material .. but really not “new”. Michael’s entire collection just BOMBED .. badly. Love the guy, but holy geez, what happened there???!!!!

j on

ok, well i haven’t seen the show yet. it’s tivo’d. BUT i will say that i will think long and hard before i watch next season’s PR, b/c obviously they had this year so SCRIPTED that it is all a bunch of bs, just like other reality shows. thanks a lot for the huge disappointment heidi & co.!!!!! :(

K on

Ack. Jeffrey’s was by far the worst of all four. What is up with Nina? She is so jealous of Laura she couldn’t even recognize the best collection. I think I’m done with Project Runway until they get new judges. Nina has to be out.

Denise on

I am happy Jeffrey won. I loved Michael but thought his final collection looked cheap. Lauras dresses were nice but pretty much just evening wear. Ulis collection was gorgeous but I loved Jeffrey’s the most. Loved his different pieces and fabrics.

Congrats Jeffrey!!!

Christine on

Again the bad boy wins. Jeffrey – the World will be watching. You think you’ve had it tough – now you’ll have to really show you can stay clean and sober with the money and fame. Cheats always get found out. The producers and editors of the show have a lot to answer for, as do Michael and Nina. Guys YOU got it WRONG!!!!!

Rebecca on

HA-HA!!! I knew Jeffrey did NOT cheat and you know the judges dug deep! I think he deserved to win and you must know I was jumping up and down that little miss Laura wasn’t even in the top two! It’s called karma… I liked Uli’s collection but like the judges said, Jeffrey is the most innovative. I thought Michael was a HUGE disappointment and I think it’s funny that everyone thinks he’s this perfectly nice guy. He was playing a part people, just like they all were. I’m not saying he’s a horrible person or anything but no one is perfect. Speaking of not perfect… Laura’s designs were very well made, I will give her that, but she is an upper-crust snot with no imagination… I bet no one happened to notice Jeffrey being the bigger person and saying he had nothing against Laura either right?

Craig on

NO need to watch season 4. Jeffrey should have been the judges last choice. “REAL” women could never wear what the judges deemed the “best” PR had a great show…no longer…they let their greed for ratings get in the way

Alison on

Loved Michael’s stuff until the final show. I thought it was good, but I wasn’t in shock. I thought Uli had what it took–her collection was beautiful. Laura’s collection was pretty and I think she’s extremely talented, but I wasn’t blown away. Cheaters never win? Kind of funny how when Jeffrey went $200 over budget, he removed WIGS. WIGS!!! How convenient that he brought them. They looked like “street-walker” wigs to me. So all in all, he doesn’t provide proper receipts, his collection constuction is questioned, he goes over the allocated budget, and he wins. That doesn’t even include his horrible attitude and complete lack of respect for other peoples feelings. I’m so disappointed. Way to go, PR, I really thought you would choose someone well-rounded, an actual winner.

Lisa on

This was a complete scam. I was seriously pissed when they announced him to win. If the judges were actually considering the whole entire show and what every designer made, then hands down Michael should have won. If they based it just on the final show, then Uli should have one. What a rip off!!!

patty on

I’m not surprised that the judges picked Jeffrey, he was always controversial and that is the type of person they usually choose (except for Chloe), the fashion just doesn’t seem to matter. The class is gone as far as fashion used to be, project runway, you’re out as far as this viewer goes. I hope that your fans let you have it, it’s deserved. Click.

SV on

Yeah only punks would wear Jeffrey’s outfits – it was so LA Ghetto. How did the judges see “range” in Jeffrey’s outfits? ULI’s were by far the best! Poor Michael completely had abrain freeze, I think.
But Jeffrey? Ahem, was it because Michael Kors was wearing dark aviator sunglasses all evening while watching the show that he picked Jeffrey? BAD PICK!

Rita on


Becky B on

I was SOOOO disappointed to see that Jeffrey won =( I feel very let down by the show and if I was Uli and Laura, or even Michael (whose line wasn’t very wearable for anyone besides a 6-ft model) – I would feel slapped around by the judges. Jeffrey’s edgieness is nothing more than a bully and a jerk behind tattoos and ugly, ragedy clothing (shouldn’t he look a touch more “stylin”?). It is clear to me that the decision was made for publicity and to keep the decision in the media longer… If they had picked Uli, life would’ve gone on much more quickly. Now, with Jeffrey as the winner – the show will stay around in the headlines much longer. BUMMED OUT in Minneapolis

Juile on

I was very disapointed in the fact that Jeffery won. I was a Michael fan going in to the finale but definately think that Uli’s collection was the most memorable. I guess if your a young celebrity Jeffery’s clothes would appeal but to the general masses??? What were the judges thinking?!?!

marsha on


Rebecca on

Drama people, then don’t watch the show ever again… do you think that they care??? It’s not the end of the world and it’s not some big conspiracy either. The judges liked Jeffrey’s collection the best so they made him the winner. Get over it already.



Ann Marie on

NO WAY!!! Not a chance in H E Double L would I wear ANYTHING that man designed. He should have been the last person they considered. I loved Uli’s collection for everyday wear, and I loved Laura’s collection for evening wear. They had beautiful, wonderful designs. Designs I would wear. I look forward to seeing both of their designs in stores and boutiques.

Vinita on

The worst and most obnoxious designer won?? I’m not watching this show anymore. Obviously, the whole thing was rigged. Waste of time to watch. Rather watch reruns of Friends.

cara on

I am appalled that Jeffrey won. His collection is just as much one-dimensional as Laura’s. Laura or Uli should have won. I have been a die-hard fan, but not sure if I will watch any more seasons based on this decision.

Lia on

Jeffrey completly deserves to win! He was very innovative and stylish. Yes, some of his designs can’t be worn by the average woman, but then again most designers that are high fashion and show at bryant park can’t be worn by everyone anyways. As for Uli, yes her designs were pretty, but i get the feeling that she may have gotten her bone look from a previous project runway contestant that also came from Miami. Do you all remember Alexandra Vidal? I believe she was in season 1. Well she is selling at all the boutiques in Miami and if you look at her clothes she has dresses that are very similar to Uli’s that have been out for sale for about 2 years now. I think that Jeffrey will succeed, he’s pationate and out of the 3 winners PR has had he seems to be the one who wanted it most. Chloe Dao from last season said she just wanted to stay doing what she was last year and I’m still waiting for Jay to do something big.

Sherry on

I can’t believe that the judges picked Jeffrey! If Heidi Klum wore Jeffrey’s green striped dress, she would look like a huge watermelon. AWFUL! I would never wear anything that Jeffrey designed and I thought the premises was what women wanted to wear. I hope to see Uli’s designs in the stores and affordable that everyone could wear them. Laura’s designs wear absolutely beautiful and elegant. Michael’s show was a disappointment but through the season his designs and attitude were charming.


The decision to name Jeffery the winner reinforces the concept that what is truly “fashionable” is not what appeals to most women, is not truly wearable for most women who must function on a daily basis without fainting, and is not what will make most people feel comfortable and good about themselves.

The most telling episode this season for me was when the designers were completely stumped trying to design for the mothers — a segment of women size and style representative of most people who buy off-the-rack. How can you be a good designer when you cannot come up with a beautiful, elegant design for the typical female form? The models on the runway last night were shockingly thin — they might save a great deal of cash putting these designs on very tall sticks and pony-walking them down the runway via strings. At least then it would be clear to viewers that we are not expected to actually wear these designs ourselves.

Who had the collection that was elegant, potentially complimentary to a range of human body styles, appropriate for a wide segment of ages, beautiful and elegant yet approachable for those with disposable income? Laura and Uli were the winners. Laura has the elegant market nicely covered (the bead work was astonishing and the fabrics sumptuous) and Uli won for the resort/casual chic market (covers, yet compliments the body and wow do those pieces have amazing movement!). Jeffery obviously won the heart of those “in the know.” Michael had some nice designs early on but while Jeffery’s design was for rocker chicks, Michael’s were for well-clad hookers.

Perhaps next season the judges will acknowledge that the winner will not be judged on what will appeal to most women interested in looking good while functioning in their lives — but what is interesting to the fashion industry as art for art’s sake.

candis on

Jeffrey F%$kig cheated that is so obvious!!!! I will NOT be watching next year’s show his is getting out of hand we need a woman winner now ULI what about those politics and she was worthy of the title. WTF WTF

kathleen on


Zoe-Bird on

PR just lost a devoted fan.
Shouldn’t a huge portion of the judges’ decision be based on ACTUAL marketability? Designers are there to sell clothing and that requires not only innovation (or the perception of it) but solid business skills.

Yes Jeffrey’s a jerk, but that’s not the only reason he shouldn’t have won. Jeffrey and his L.A.M.B. wannabe aesthetic does fit a certain demographic, but it’s a very narrow market that is extremely fickle. He proved over and over that he is terrible at working with people; not only his colleagues but even his OWN clients. He went over budget and couldn’t even produce receipts for his purchases. All those things are bad business, period. I’d never want that little dork playing with my money. Bad investment.

I was a fan of Laura’s all along (but loved aspects of Michael as well; it’s really too bad he went so hoochie); to me, Laura was the most consistent and marketable; her style is timeless, it’ll be around forever. But man oh man, ULI WAS ROBBED last night. She really really blew me away. She designed a cohesive, innovative, marketable, line that was GORGEOUS and would appeal to women of ALL demographics (unlike the others). She works extremely well with other people, is solid and has integrity. Her line was fun & sexy & chic. What else did the judges want?

The judges were unfair, they chose Jeffrey for drama and ratings. Shame on them. Why is it that in the fashion or art world, the one with the biggest mouth and most bullying attitude gets so much respect, regardless of actual real-world skills? “Edginess” is a turn on, but it will only take you so far in the real world. I thought they’d be above such junior high sensibilities. I’ll never watch again.

Laura on

Michael dropped the ball and made a collection that was more skany, stripper-esqe and slutty than sexy, sultry and another synonym.

Laura’s work was classy, sophisticated, but entirely predictable and over-all, a bit boring. Personally, I think if anyone is to be accused of out-sourcing, it’s Laura. All delicate and intricate that beadwork while raising five young children and being pregnant with your sixth? Doubtful.

Although it was a little predictable, Uli’s collection was entirely wearable, absolutely stunning and was above and beyond anything I would have truly expected from her.

Jeffrey made an amazing collection. Not every piece was fantastic, but at least it showed superb craftsmanship, thought on line and style, and creativity that was unparalleled by anyone else in the group.

Julia on

I definatly agree!!! Congrats to Jeffery!!! I never thought he had outshide help and I thought it was completly redivulous that Laura would suggest it! His and Uli’s collections were the best. I would have been happy with either of them winning!

SCCarter1 on

I have been a fan of Project Runway from the very begining, but once again I am left disappointed when a more deserving and talented designer did not win. I was a total Michael supporter but understood when they told him he needs more experience. Jeffrey was an ok designer, but I feel Uli’s collection stood out the most. This is the second time a more talented designer was left behind (Kara Saun Season One).

Sam on

Uli was robbed!!! I always loved Laura’s designs, but Uli has always been consistently good. I would buy and wear every piece that she made (in the collection and throughout the show)–it was perfection! I loved everyone, but she deserved to win! She has the most marketable and wearable designs.

kate on

After reading a few posts, I have to say that I am shocked by what everyone is saying. Who made you the authority on whether or not Jeffrey cheated? Did you see receipts? Did you see the garments up close? How would you know? Get off your high horse- you are not the end all be all opinion on fashion. Maybe you should trust those in the industry.

penn on

I was sooo disappointed in the decision last night.Michael was my favorite designer in the competition, but Uli was the clear winner……How could they even think of giving the victory to someone other than her. It’s just like season 1 when the judges robbed Kara Sun.

Katie on

I have watched this season from the very first episode. I can honestly say I may never watch again. Michael has been my favorite, but he did not deserve the win. After seeing the collections, I thought that Uli was the obvious winner. She definitely showed more range and women would most definitely wear her clothes. I cannot express how disappointed I am with the outcome. There is no way that Jeffrey should have won last night. It was never more evident then last night, that this show is more about the controversy as opposed to great design.

David on

More ugly, senseless, trendy fashion.

Mary on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won. This is why I don’t get fashion. I wanted Laura or Michael to win. But Uli’s collection was clearly the best. She should have won. The judges said they could see people wearing all her oufits. But instead they go with Jeffrey’s collection, where they clearly said two of his dresses were bad. As a forty year old woman, I can’t see myself wearing the white leather pants and the bikini top. I guess this is why I don’t get fashion….Uli you rocked it and were robbed.

Ginger on

I can’t believe Jeffery won! What a joke. His personality was certainly obnocious – especially the Mom episode. His loss of receipts, over spending and questionable extra help should have made his a non-winner. I thought going in Laura’s collection was gorgeous, but I think Uli should have ultimately won – her designs were original and she accepted their challenge of expanding her vision. Her designs will sell – Jeffery’s will be clown clothes for next Halloween

Nancy on

I loved Laura’s work not only on the final but all during the show. Yes, it was one-note, but so beautiful. I’m sure with her skill she could create other than cocktail and evening wear. I had trouble with her ladylike personality changing to occasional sniping at Jeffrey and the last accusation. Drama for tv? Never liked Michael’s work but he was the nicest. Uli’s was pretty but not special. Jeffrey’s Haute Couture plaid number was great! Nothing else he did during the show really grabbed me. I did his striped dress in the final. Did you note who garnered the most applause at the final showing?? The ladies. I will be back for PR 4.

Dero on

Like everything the public is convinced to be worthwhile, in the end, you find out, its all rigged. I think the judges made a big mistake.

Ashley on

Uli’s was the best collection of the four, although I loved Michael’s work throughout the course of the season the best. Jeffrey was my least favorite and I really think that the only reason he one is because he wasn’t afraid to make different (A.K.A. ugly) clothes. He needs to tone it down– and discover what flatters a woman’s body– in order to suceed.

Rick on

Jeffrey will never make it big. Funny how all of the female judges said there wasn’t a piece in Uli’s collection that they wouldn’t wear. She cleary should have been the winner.

JackieBlue on

I’m 100% convinced that Heidi, Micheal Kors, Nina Garcia, and the guest judge Fern all took hits off of a super-8 crack pipe before picking the winner. There was absolutely nothing innovative or even pretty about Jeffery’s work. Laura’s was gorgeous. Uli’s was pretty although at times some of it seemed bland – but still worthy of a win. Michael’s was gorgeous! They were all beautifully crafted, edgy, modern with a hip but nostalgic flair. I could see any one of his creations on today’s hottests stars. I personally wish I had the body for his signature piece with the animal prints. I definitely would purchase something like that sexy satin orange for a hot summer night at hip parties or clubbing. Laura’s work was just magnificent. I mean, really you could pay money for any of her dresses and wear them for years and years and it would be one of the best investments ever! I would never in a million years pay for anything that idiot Jeffrey made. That hideous green stripe thing? She looked like an acid-washed-leprechaun-milk maid. It was gross. All this proved to me is that Heidi really doesn’t know what she’s talking about after all. Nina Garcia is a Elle and not Vogue for a reason: she has no fashion sense and absolutely no taste. Michael Kors – well, I still like his work but he was too harsh on Michael. He can redeem himself by giving Michael an internship/apprenticeship with Kors, Inc. If the producers are smart they’ll read these posts and take note. Everyone feels the show is set up now after watching a pile of trash win the finale. They need to sit down with Tim Gunn and pick some new judges because they ones one there now are complete idiots.

marla on

Uli was the best! She’s designed great clothing all along, and her collection was truly beautiful. ah, well….I think she’ll go far in fashion even without winning PR

CatM on

YUK – I can’t believe I wasted an hour every week to watch Jeffrey win at the end. When did it happen that a designer doesn’t need “people skills”…Jeffrey only does well when he does what he wants. The finale only showed that he had the best network of help in place – it had nothing to do with who was the most creative designer.

Kate on

If you people have seen any high fashion shows you’d know that most of the clothes don’t go from runway right to the store. Uli created a great collection but you can’t consider her work to be art, they are just great clothes-clothes I’d love to wear. But since fashion shows are really in a sense art shows Jeffrey deserves the win because he created art. Yes, most of it does need to be modified before it could be sent to chain stores to be bought by middle America but so does 99% of the other fashion show clothes.

Millie on

I loved,loved,loved ULI’s collection, i thoought it was beautiful and very detailed. Jeffrey’s was hard core and had edge, Michael was loud but nice, and Laura’s was classy and elegant. I think all four have a future in fashion, they did an ecellent job.

LeighAnne on

ULI should have won. Jeffrey’s collection was OK but ULI’s was stunning. I would wear everything in her collection. Even Heidi Klum said she would wear every piece in ULI’s collection. That flowy dress that jeffery made they didn’t like HOW DID HE WIN?????? We Love ULI

Terry on

Laura or Uli should have won. Jeffrey should have been kicked off a long time ago. What a dissappointment. The fact that he even went over budget should have deducted points from his overall score.

anne marie on

I hate to admit it, since I’m a big Jeffrey fan—yes, even after the moms episode—but I was actually at the runway show: It was obvious that Uli ran away with it then, and it was even more obvious that she ran away with it last night.

That said, she won’t need the win to make it. She’s going to be huge. And I’m not mad at Mr. Sebelia taking it down, but it is sad that it’s ruined the show for so many posters here.

Now if only people cared this much about politics …

Rocco on

yes im very happy for jeff,, is something new,,diferents this is fashion,,uli was great dress woow i love michel look like some versarsacci like the italian man kill in miami,, this dress green like jlo,, ,,laura you can find this on the stores,,,

jeff you won,, now,, you rock the world,,,,,

Merry on

Uli had the most wearable, sellable line. There will probably be another scandal regarding Jeffrey’s work ethics and he will be dethroned. Then Uli can take her rightful place as the winner. Jeffrey is the dog crap you step in on the street. He has no feelings and is fake.

NQ on

I agreed 100% with the judges scoring. Jeffrey 1st, Uli 2nd, Laura 3rd and Michaal last. I had Michael ahead up until the final challenge…thenhe fell apart.
Kudos to the judges in having the guts to make the right choice!

RunwayFan on

Uli and Laura showed the best designs. Laura’s workmanship is perfect! However, Uli went outside the box and delivered clothes that could be worn by anybody! They should have been the final 2 with Uli taking the title for Season 3. I appreciate how Jeffrey has turned his life around, but his show just wasn’t the quality that Uli’s and Laura’s was. However, I don’t think we have heard the last from either lady. I look forward to what they design in the future.

Kay on

It’s bad enough that Jeffrey was even still in the competition at the end, but that the judges should pick his designs over Uli’s? Exactly who are they planning to design for? The one judge said that she would wear every outfit Uli showed. I wouldn’t wear one of Jeffrey’s if you paid me. I’m very disappointed in the judges and have firmly vowed NOT to watch the show ever again. Fire the judges or at least give them a dose of reality of what people actually will and want to wear!

George Howe on

Here’s a question and think about it: Jeffrey said he was inspired by Japanese ghost stories and yet if he hadn’t gone over budget, we would have seen his models walking down the runway with BLONDE wigs??? Had he done so his “story” and look would have been totally disjointed. Even now when you see the mannequins wearing his designs, they’re sporting black wigs. I dunno. Something seems off. On top of that, how can you call someone innovative when the “80’s trash” look is already current?

Carolyn on

As soon as the winner was announced, I turned the tv off and I will not watch this show again. ANYONE but Jeffrey should have won!

christina on

Michael’s collection was tacky. Laura’s collection was limited in range. Either Jeffrey or Uli deserved to win.

Lauren on

Jeffrey really got underneath my skin this season and bad attitude should’ve been judged too. Although, it’s attitude that may get him by. NONONO…he should have won because I didn’t understand his line, to mismatch for me, but ULI and Laura rocked the house. They were given standing ovations for their collection and will definitely make it big someday. I would’ve kicked Jeffrey’s ass a long time ago if I were some of those designers.

Pam on

Jeffrey’s striped dress reminded me of a slipcover I had back in the 70’s. His collection was ugly and so was he. What were the judges thinking anyway?

Murray on

Jeffrey’s collection, and even his designs throughout the season, look more like costumes than wearable clothing. I would be interested in knowing what the criteria was for the judging. Was it wearability? Showability? or was it items that can be marketed and sold in Macy’s? If that is the case, anyone but Jeffrey should have won. Here you have someone that cheated by going over budget win. The cheating should have disqualified him. Also, who cares about his personal issues, he did not care about anyone elses, as he said so many times throughout the show. someone with that bad of an attitude doesn’t deserve to win anything.

rachael on

I was very disappointed that Jeffery won. Uli’s collection was clearly the best and I think she was cheated out of a win. Not only was her collection beautiful – but, it was also wearable and it appealed to every woman. Jeffery’s collection was innovative – but, many of his pieces reminded me of either the Candyland game or pieces of peppermint candy. I just didn’t see the connection to Japanese folklore. And, considering the fact that he didn’t play by the rules, he didn’t deserve the win. I don’t care about his personal history – everyone has a story. The judges should have decided this differently.

Shirley on

I was very disappointed in Jeffrey’s win. While Michael’s collection had some issues, I thought for sure it would have been either him or Laura. Uli’s stuff was lovely, but had that “been there, seen that” feel. I don’t care in any event. Michael Knight will have my business as will Laura and Uli. Enjoy your win Jeffrey, I’m sure the others will be just fine and eventually surpass you. Remember, Michael did win the fan favorite and received the loudest ovation when he first appeared on the runway.

VJ on


kpramsey on

Though Jeffrey’s designs were clearly the most unusual/creative of the bunch, they’re also the least wearable. Unless you’re among the avant garde of fashion and willing to take some risks, you just wouldn’t be caught dead in his clothes! I thought Uli’s line was really wonderful, but all her stuff kind of looks the same -, and not just in style. Michael had a great season, but I agreed with the judges’ criticism that his final line was too “out there.” I found myself wondering if maybe Kayne had helped him! I thought Laura’s designs all season long were spot-on. Sure, her designs are all a bit more formal and of a similar style … but there’s nothing she created that I wouldn’t wear. I can’t say that about anybody else from this season. Laura’s designs might not be edgy or vastly different from anything else we’ve ever seen, but they are all glamorous, tasteful, elegant and very, very wearable. Isn’t that the point?

Jenny G. on

Seriously?! Jeffrey?! I can’t believe the judges would pick someone who is so mediocre, and so mean-spirited! He never had anything nice to say about anyone other than himself. And whenever he went up in front of the judges he was so manipulative and just said what he thought the judges would want to hear about his inspiration for his piece and whatnot! His designs are not even that good, or original, nor are they things that would look good on the general population. His final collection in the end wasn’t horrible…but it was far from being a winner! Uli CLEARLY should have been crowned the winner after the Bryant Park show. ICK! Jeffery! I have lost interest in this show now. It seems like Jeffrey was picked for dramatic purposes, and not because he really deserved to win. This show has gone downhill and there is no way in hell I’ll watch season 4.

Andie on

Uli should have one, hands down. Would have been OK with Michael or Laura winning – but who besides maybe rockstars can where any one of Jeffrey’s outfits? Please – they were plain ugly and Uli was robbed.

Ace on

Way to go Jeffery! He obviously is the most innovative and the judges know what they are doing. I still want to give kudos to Uli for her beautiful collection. I was very disappointed with Michaels showcase and know he is better than that. Nonetheless he will go very far as he is still young and has a bit more to learn.

Karen Nash on

Michael had been my favorite designer for the entire show but I felt like the judges did when I saw his collection. He has so much raw talent and he will continue on in a big way but he needs a little refinement and some maturity. We will definately be hearing from him in the future. Jeffrey was never a favorite and I agree with others that he really didn’t belong in the final four much less win. Uli’s collection looked like so many other outfits on the market already that I was bored. I think that Laura should have won. She has the best sense if style and her execution is beautiful. Her design style could put her at a level of Coco Channel.

Danielle on

I also CAN’T belive that Jeffrey won. I would never be caught dead in anything that he made on the show. I loved Uli’s collection also. I do not know what the judges where thinking. Don’t fashion designers design for the average women. I don’t see too many people wearing Jeffrey’s collection, however, I could see lots of people wearing the other’s collections!!! The judges really missed the boat on this one!

Ex-Northerner on

Jeffrey made me laugh all season with his bad-boy persona, but I never liked his designs. I also never liked Uli’s … until last night. Uli was ROBBED!!! Jeffrey’s collection was crap, and so predictable. He is stuck in the 80’s and only those who love to wear the rock-n-trash look, which anyone can find now in the teen section of your local department store, will buy his crap. Laura was a close second for me, and only because she didn’t show anything for day wear. Michael, while not great, was still better than Jeffrey.

Why is it that the fashion mavens always want to dub CRAP as “innovative.” It isn’t wearable. It’s CRAP. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP.

Leah on

Uli definitely should have won. She is the only designer who’s clothes I would actually wear and I don’t even like dresses or animal prints but I loved all of her designs.

jeffrey is a jerk and that tattoo on his throat is eeewwww. And his hair too. What’s with the rattail/mullett thing.

At the runway show he looked like he just got of bed and picked up the closest dirty clothes off the floor to wear.

Ex-Northerner on

One more thing. WRITE TO ELLE MAGAZINE IF YOU HATED JEFFREY’S STUFF. They do listen to their readers!

alexis on

All of the desiginers are so different. And they all have a career in fashion. I think Uli and Laura had the best collections. In the real world, their clothes cater to the masses and will definitely sell. Although Jeffrey may have had the most innovative collection, his clothes are designed for a very small segment of the market. Michael who is my favorite, was a bit of a disappointment. But he is only 28 and needs to mature. I am hoping that Michael Kors or one of the other top desiigners takes him under their wing as an apprentice. I personally think that Jeffrey should have been aufed after the mom episode. Whatever your station in life, there is no reason for anyone to be rude or cruel or to treat another human being with such contempt. Under any other circumstance, he would have been fired. But it made good TV.

Nicole on

Jeffery is an idiot! I didn’t like him before and I still don’t like him now. He has NO STYLE! And what he does have is TRASHY. I think that MICHAEL should have won. What a rip off. Laura should be ashamed for trying to get Jeffery kicked off though. GROW UP!

audrey on

it’s ridiculous that he won…of all of the collections his was my least favorite!!! Uli had the best collection, but Michael was consistently the best through out the season!!

Michelle on

Jeffrey deserved to win. He is amazing!!!

Pauline Webb on

That really is it for me, I will not watch any more of Project Runway EVER…. what a waste on my time. What is it with you guys are you all just terribly bored on drugs drunk or blind. From the beginning Jeffrey had the worst professional and personal altitude and the most hideous unwearable clothes. Does it just have to be the most bizarre to get your attention? Uli was most definitely the winner and I personally will look for her designs here in South Carolina. I know of no one among my personal friends who thought Jeffrey should win this competition. and judging by the mail I see many agree. I understand ratings, but this time I think you have gone too far out of your way to make this show appealing with your choices of keeping the publics attention. Please tell me where I will be able to purchase Uli’s collection In Charleston South Carolina.

Patty on

I’ve been pulling for Michael and Laura the whole season. After I saw the show, I just knew Uli would win. Jeffrey’s win is an absolute waste of my time bothering to watch next season. His stuff looked like crap! I have no confidence in the judging process …!

cw on

Jeffrey – NO!!!! Uli should have won with Laura second. Jeffrey’s collection was NOT a collection – get it Jeffrey? Collection!?!? It should be cohesive, in the same line, it was NOT! Japanese horror comics? Give me a break. Has anyone ever HEARD of this stuff? Also, the over budget and missing receipts? Unprofessional! To me a desiger’s personality doesn’t matter, as long as their clothes are good. The fact that Jeffrey was a bastard does not really matter. I did like his music, though. Jeffrey was only lucky last night!

Uli-yes! Her collection was, well, a “Collection.” It was cohesive, flowing from one idea to another, but flowing and not stuttering like Jeffrey’s PLUS it was beautiful and a woman could understand it. Her music was wrong, though.

Laura-yes for second place! Although her collection was mainly evening/cocktail, again, at least it was a “Collection!” Her attention to detail is unbleiveable – Kors made great notice of it. Also, her models looked great in her clothes which means Laura fit them well. Did not like her music either, though.

Michael-no! His collection was way too hoochie-mama, too tight, and to be blunt – too pedestrian, really. However, I agree witht he judges, he just needs to mature a little and he should go places.

Mary on

I loved Laura’s stuff. How could she not win? How could she not even be in the top two?? I guess I don’t understand high fashion at all. Having said that, I think Laura DOES understand fashion, and SHE even said Jeffrey’s was done so well she thought he’s outsourced it. So, I guess what I’m saying is that maybe he did deserve to win in the final analysis.

angela on

I couldn’t believe jeffrey won…Uli was the winner

debra on

Laura had the best collection-one women would actually wear. Uli-s collection was also nice and wearable. Jeffreys collection would only work on a runway-not in real life and not for real women, unless you were the Jetsons

Shawn on

I am so upset that Jeffrey won he doessn’t deserve it. But that always happen some wins that shouldn’t have. I wanted Laura or Micheal to win, well looks like I am not going to look at Project Runway anymore. Man I’m so upset.

Mary on

I’m never watching project runway again. I hate Geoffrey. I think Uli and Laura had the best collections. I love Michael and I’m not worried about him, he’ll make it.

Erica on

Hands down Laura and Uli should have been in the top 2. Laura didn’t stray too far away from the norm but excelled in her collection! Uli did get a little adventurous and it paid off! Job well done to both of you gals! Can’t decide between the 2 of you, both are winners in my book!

Stacey on

Without a doubt Uli should have won. Her clothes are beautiful and wearable and she made a point to go beyond her usual prints to do neutral colors and the result was AMAZING! Although Jeffrey may be innovative, he certainly doesn’t seem to have very good business sense especially since he went over budget just to buy some hideous wigs! I almost wish he could have used them so maybe he would have lost! I was disappointed by Michael’s collection, I think he was trying to hard to please so his true star didn’t shine through. I hope we see more of Michael and Uli in the future!

Anita on

Jeffrey, the winner? Gimme a break! His collection had stuff only Goth girls could wear. Uli should have won it hands down…her collection just ROCKED and the green dress that Nazri wore in the show was simply stunning.

Guess being mean and nasty pays off…

Michelle on

Jeffery deserves the win….why, you ask? Because the winner now has the obligations to PR. He will have no time to work on his own creations or use the money to further his career. As with all reality TV winners, the hype leads to the obligation, which leads to over-exposure. Congrats to Michael, Uli, and Laura….you got the best exposure possible, without all the drama of the after-show. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer the fashion world, without the push of PR hype. To Jeffery – good luck with the aftermath….

Susan Pedersen on

Absolutley no doubt that Uli should of won!!! I actually got tears in my eyes when her models walked the runway…her clothes were amazing…like it is said above…ULI WAS ROBBED!!!!! We will see her clothes again and I will purchase them and wear them with pride…you rock Uli!!!!

Trina on

Jeffrey’s collection was the worst!! Know women in her right mind would wear this crap. I had been pulling for Michael, but when I saw Uli’s collection I fell in love. Uli should have been the winner, and from the response you saw and heard at the show the people there agreed. I don’t know how in the world the judges could pick that freak, Jeffrey (who tattoos there neck?). I would love to wear every piece Uli created and really folks isn’t that really the idea of fashion, actually selling the clothes. Nina had people stopping her to buy Uli’s clothes before she left the show. DUH! Who else could you choose with that response. I might be done watching this show if the judges are going to be so ignorant of what everyday women and mother’s want to wear.

Keisha Williams on

The whole time I watched the show, I wanted Michael to win because he was the most consistent. As I saw the collections coming down the runway, I realized Michael, as well as Jeffrey did not think about real women. They were designing for celebrities, whether bold women in hip-hop or the Gwen Stefani crew. My mother loved every single outfit Laura sent down the runway, and wanted to buy all of them. But Uli’s line made myself, my mother, and my two sisters go crazy. She was the underdog, and in my opinion, the underdog pulled it out last night. Uli’s designs were for “everywoman”. And since Jeffrey and Michael are probably going to give their clothes away to celebrities for free, why not design for women who are going to actually pay for your talent.

Erica on

I wanted Michael to win and I think the Jeffery had outside help as well. Time will only tell when the truth comes out.

Tammy on

How is it that Jeffrey won when he broke the rules and went over budget? Uli was the clear winner. T.V. Drama….sigh. I hate it when the outcome is done just to keep the drama factor high and the ratings up. If you had asked me early in the season who I thought was going to win it sure wouldn’t have been Uli but no one can deny what she did on the runway. At least her and Laura’s designs (classic and timeless!) are in touch with what women want. I liked alot of what Michael did but he started sliding down the slope in the last few episodes and in last night’s collection….you could hear a huge SPLAT! What a bummer! Jeffrey? Congrats dude. You mention in your interview that you played bad boy so in the end you could win everyone over with your designs. I don’t think that is what happened. It’s hard to get past the asshole factor. When everyone looks at you they will not be thinking of your designs hon, all they can think now is “why is he such an asshole”? Who is gonna buy from someone they can’t stand? You cheated by going over budget, you abused a middle aged woman because you didn’t like her daughter, you designed clothing that about 1% of the population liked and you won. If that makes you feel good the congrats it is. Lat night was very disappointing to say the least.

Kat on

I personally liked Laura and Uli’s collections the best. It really surprised me because I was rooting for Michael the whole time, but his collection was just a miss. Jeffrey’s collections had good range, but nothing I was awed by. Laura’s was, as always, classy and sophisticated but also a little more daring than usual. Loved it. And Uli showed us a whole new side. Loved the ladies collections!

Carol on

Project Runway just “Jumped the Shark”.

Michelle on

Those judges MUST have been smoking CRACK!!! Michael or Uli should have won hands down! I agree with another post- Jeffery should have been gone weeks ago!!! What a sad and disappointing way to end such a great show…

dawn blagborne on

you must be joking ! they are in one word UGLY!!!

LS on

I am surprise at the fact Jefferey won. I loved all the designers line. BUT… I am coonfused but the comments the judges made. Heidi stated she would wear all the clothes ULI made. Also there was comments that people at the show was asking how to get in contact with ULI. Meaning they are the consumers and they know what they like. Based on that why wasn’t ULI the winner. I would like the judges to explain that one! Micheal my boy love him but a little disappointed at his line. But I will still supoort him. Sorry Jeffrey not taking anything away from you. But ULI should of been the winner. PERIOD!

Carolyn on

I can’t believe that Jeffrey won. He had terrible designs. As much as I liked Michael, I thought Uli’s and Laura’s were the best. I don’t know if I will watch next season

fmt on

I am SO SO dissapointed that Jeffrey won. The other designers’s collections were MUCH more beautiful and versatile. Plus they didn’t break the rules by going over budget and they aren’t selfish jerks!!!!! Yet another example of how Hollywood rewards bad behavior :-(

Gen on

Wow, Jeffrey? They actually commented how ugly one of his dresses was, and told ULI every women would love to wear her clothes? She definately showed much more range in this collection. I thought Jeffrey’s collection was predictable and kinda boaring. Uli should have won, even Laura. Everything those two women made was GORGEOUS! Sorry Michael, you were my favorite, but your collection was a little Tooo Sexy not your best from the show. I think they will all get great jobs from the PR. Really, How can we get ULI’s clothes?
Anyways, congrats to Jeffrey and ULI your collection Rocked!

Renee on

I have lingering doubts as to whether or not Jeffrey should have even been showing at Fashion Week. He went over budget (disqualify him) and was unable to provide all of the receipts (disquality him) .. and still … did he really do all of his own work? The other designers did their own work – including all the hand detail – and Jeffrey sent his out to be done?

Caitlin on

Jeffrey absolutely deserved that win! His items were beautiful and showed a full range of what he can do. I agree that Uli’s was fantastic, but I think the PR judges knew that she had a market whether she won or not. Michael I’m sure will have something amazing to show in a couple of years and Laura will always have a Hollywood glam market as well. I see GREAT things coming from Jeffrey! I love this show!

Roey79 on

There is no way Jeffrey should have won. His stuff wasn’t the best up there. Laura’s creations were much, much better. I may not like her as a person, but her clothes were great. Uli’s also (although I did like her-never had a nasty thing to say about anybody). It was the first time I ever watched the show and I guess it’ll be the last. I feel like I wasted my time.

Karla on


Dannerys on

OMG! I can’t believe Jeffrey won! I thought Michael was going to win but when I saw Uli’s I switched my vote! Uli should have def. one this one!

Rebecca Myers on

ugh…i’m so mad that jeffrey won!!! grrr! i thought michael’s collection was great, and he did the best overall throughout the season. if he didn’t win, i was going for uli, but NOT jeffrey! i love how bravo made it look like he was getting kicked off in the previews, yet he won :(

nyurka on

i have to say i was a fan a micheals all the way but his collection stunk. uli’s collection was nice BUT same thing she did the entire show, she makes beautiful clothes but i live in miami and i can get all the stuff she made in the corner store. laura… please, drama, drama. her clothes were nice & very detailed but again the same through out the show. jeffery, i wasnt a fan but his was the most complete collection and he suprised everyone. it was different and unique and definately fashion show material. i liked his collection and after all they put him through, im glad he won!

felisa on

Jeffrey’s two blue garbs were dump ugly and he shouldn’t have won!!! A piece or two of his collection may have been innovative, but not everyone could wear his collection. Uli’s style isn’t my style, but her collection was versatile and beautiful!!! Laura’s collection was an expression grace and elegance!!! Although I like Micheal, he seems to have a lot to learn. Uli or Laura should have won!

Sally on

This was my first time watching Project Runway and after last nights finale…it will be my last year! What a disappointment???? Not only was Jeffrey rude and a liar, I felt he was a copier of designs out there already. Uli stayed true to herself, Laura was elegant and I think inovative in her own way and Michael very talented and so nice! What were the judges thinking? They should be more diligent in their judging, are they afraid that Laura or Uli will put them out of business?

Frances Paz on

The whole Laura, Jeffrey fiasco smacked of production to me: totally bogus. The only thing that still has me not completely sure is Tim Gunn’s participation. How convennient of Jeffrey to have brought along those horrible wigs. He could trash them and come under budget.

Pauline on

That really is it for me, I will not watch any more of Project Runway EVER what a waste on my time. What is it with you guys are you all just terribly bored on drugs drunk or blind. From the beginning Jeffrey had the worst professional and personal altitude and the most hideous unwearable clothes. Does it just have to be the most bizarre to get your attention? Uli was most definitely the winner and I personally will look for her designs here in South Carolina. I know of no one among my personal friends who thought Jeffrey should win this competition. and judging by the mail I see many agree. I understand ratings, but this time I think you have gone too far out of your way to make this show appealing with your choices of keeping the publics attention. Please tell me where I will be able to purchase Uli’s collection In Charleston South Carolina.

kate on

Uli should have won!! Michael is awesome but Uli’s designs were sure to have her take bryant park. Jeffrey was okay but didnt deserve the win!

Kit on


Stacie on

Ok, the problem I had with Jeffrey winning is that how can he design clothes for women, but not have any respect for women? He used the “B” word constantly when referring to women and that alone is enough for many women to avoid purchasing his clothing. Uli by far had the most fabulous collection.

Lynn on

I LOVE JEFFREY! We were crying so hard that he won..It was so beautiful..Before we sat down to watch the show – I thought that Michael would win – but his collection was just a bit gaudey and too outdated..the silver pockets on the chest? We are Jeffrey fans and even own one of his dresses from the auctions -so we are THRILLED!

Gladys on

The only reason why Jeffrey was choosen is all the talking and more publicity it will make for the show. INC Macy’s selling that collection? That is not real. Don’t be naive people.

Sara on

i am in shock that jeffery won. i was so sure that it was going to be uli. i go to a big college and im majoring in fashion, it is such a big deal that we talked about it in one of my classes today.

CJ on

Uli’s collection was by far the best. Can’t even believe Jeffrey was in the top four.

Rebecca on

This is SO funny to me… Jeffrey’s line is not wearable is what I’m reading the most out of these previous posts. Are you kidding, only a size 2 could pull of Michael or Uli’s collections… and Laura’s would only work for someone over 40. So what’s the difference? Why is everyone picking apart Jeffrey? If you want to say it’s his attitude then you are ridiculous, did you meet Laura??? Uli was the only one who wasn’t putting on an act and was truly a nice person on the show. Jeffrey was only a jerk when provoked. Michael played the “nice guy” well but I’m not fooled. It amazes me how involed everyone seems to be in this show… I am too to an extent but seriously, it’s just a “reality” TV show. I personally think that the judges did make the right decision and Jeffrey was one of my favorites all along.

Jessica on

Uli was by far and away the best, however, as long Laura didn’t win I’m a happy girl! Congrats Jeffrey

RLS on

If Jeffrey did sew all of his outfits, then why was he so nervous and had a look of deceit when told the matter would be researched..the key is and Jeffrey is streetwise…the opening statement, Tim said it is difficult to prove and it was…Jeffrey was not afraid of the one missing receipt, he was afraid of being found out period….his edginess and design style is borderline bordello….he will reap what he sowed with Angela’s mother…and he almost got back all of the tears he caused Angela’s mother when he cried….but Michael is an angel, loved all of his previous work and he will succeed, Laura will succeed, but needs to clean her mouth up! and Uli SHOULD have won, her clothes had range and style and she was the most improved from floral flowing dresses….Dont know if I will watch next year either….this was a bust for me!

Cathy on

Very disappointed in the judges decision. Jeffrey is already set up with his own business why not let one of the others get theirs going. Michael was my clear favorite from the beginning. And although his Bryant Park collection wasn’t his best I believe he has great potential.

Soket on

I missed some of the episodes this season but the ones I did watch, in each and every one, Jeffrey seemed to be either hurting someone or doing something wrong. Inspite of that, he won. I think his collection was good. Nevertheless, his win sent a message to the public that it’s ok to be a mean person because you can still succeed in life?!!!!? That’s so wrong!

rachel on

micheal was my favorite throughout the entire show, however as the judges said, he is still learning and i bet he will be back bigger and better in the years to come. with that said, i think that uli should have won….her colletion flowed better than anyone else’s and her collection is one that could really be seen on the street. her clothes were gorgeous!

Jessica on

Uli was by far and away the best, however, as long as Laura didn’t win I’m a happy girl! Congrats Jeffrey

Gimi on

Let’s face it- the judges never followed the rules of the individual contests during the season. Why bother kicking Keith off if you aren’t going to make the rules apply to everyone fairly? Now they have done it again- Jeffrey cheated and was the only designer to have outside sewing help- so what do they do- let him win. He should have been instantly disqualifed for going over budget- no one else did. That is what a professional does in the real world-follows a budget. The judges even made fun of two of Jeffrey’s dresses as being “nightmares”!!! Micheal Kors and Heidi Klum both loved Uli and Laura’s collections but caved in as usual to nasty Nina- she called the shots at the end because Elle is doing the final spread- she thinks Jeffrey’s crap will appeal to her readers demographic. Well I have news for her- I will not be renewing my subscription to Elle and do not plan on wasting another minute watching PR. Jeffrey’s “collection” looks EXACTLY like the Paul and Joe’s line for Target down to the colors and fabrics. “The dress” with the stripes was worn by Gwen Stefani about 4 years ago to the Grammys. NOTHING NEW OR INNOVATIVE HERE- Good luck selling that garbage to real people- no one will buy it. Uli and Laura got robbed- sorry Micheal- you didn’t have it in the end.

Kathi on

Uli’s collection was by far, the most cohesive, beautiful and innovative for what Today’s Woman wants. There was not one “look” of hers I would not have bought and my tastes very definitely lean towards the non-traditional. Jeffrey has done some interesting pieces throughout the season but I liked NOTHING in this collection – to me, it was blah and boring. Clearly, Uli’s collection should have won. It is also great to see good people get what they deserve. Uli is a wonderfully kind and good person and on EVERY level, deserving of the win. Unlike Jeffrey – an arrogant, self-absorbed cruel person who doesn’t care a hoot about how his behavior and attitude affects others. I don’t care that he was suicidal and in rehab – that doesn’t give him the right to be insulting and cruel to others. Actually, it should cause his heart to be more giving instead of more cruel and vicious. I would never buy ANYTHING he designed if only because of how he treats people. Society should not reward people for being bad people. And, I also believe his honesty is questionable – he went over budget and receipts were “missing” – or is the truth that he purposely did not submit them because he knew he was over budget. I can’t comment on if he did all the work but the fact that he was not completely above-board should have caused the judges to think twice about rewarding his behavior. What message does that send viewers?? Not to watch this kind of show any longer since integrity is obviously not important to those in power. I strongly feel Uli was cheated and robbed of her rightful place in this competition. Jeffrey – learn how to be a decent person because you sure aren’t one now.

Joni on

Laura was robbed! If the collection looks like it cost $30,000 to make when it took less than $8,000 how can that not be the BEST! And Uli also had a beautiful collection. I would have been happy with either of them. Jeffrey has some “serious ugly” designs. The only that was even interesting was the green striped dress. And poor Michael! What happened!!! So sad.

PR turned out to be a total bust this season :(

Kris on

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? I have never been more frustrated in all my life. I have been a faithful follower of PR and last nights finale has me steaming. Jeffrey the “jerk” (that’s putting it mildly) did not deserve to win. He is an arrogant, pompous *%#. The way in which he treated his fellow contestants (and one of their mothers) was absolutely uncalled for. What makes him think he’s any better then the rest of them? This was extremely poor judgement on account of the panel. I would NEVER be caught dead in anything he made and I surely wouldn’t let my daughter wear it either. Only sends out one signal if you ask me. Cheap!!!! Best of luck to Michael, Uli and Laura. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO DESERVE IT.

cesi on

I really felt that Michael should have won. After seeing the show I still don’t know what the judges was thinking!

I decided not to watch Project Runway ever again…

It’s very clear to me, the the person who should win doesn’t win. I think the judges should not do the judging but the viewers. We are the ones who will wear the fashions. If and when it happens, the viewers would be the judge as to who will win,I will watch Project Runway again.. Until then, No chance of me watching the show ever again!!!!!!!!!

Your truly,

Very disappointed with your decision

Cindy on

I think each designer brought their own flare to the table on each design. Some were on and some were not so hip! I do believe Jeffrey was one of the top contenders to win though I do not think the final design was eye catching considering designers should know that strips cross-wise tend to make different shapes “hippy”. I wish he would have reversed the pattern and had the strips down-wise on the bottom half of the dress and cross-wise at the top to enhance the breast line for smaller clients. Anyway….Congrats Jeffrey!

rachel on

micheal was my favorite throughout the entire show, however as the judges said, he is still learning and i bet he will be back bigger and better in the years to come. with that said, i think that uli should have won….her colletion flowed better than anyone else’s and her collection is one that could really be seen on the street. her clothes were gorgeous!

Wendy on

Michael – My fav – he will sell tons, but what was up with the gold belt? That is all I remember.
Laura – elegant and will look for her label in NM,Saks,etc.
Jeffrey – I loved his collection though not my style – would consider lipo on my abs though just to wear that awesome spider string shirt outfit for just one day!!!!
Uli – was clear winner. Her collection contained outfits that size 0 to size 16 could wear. I would save on the lipo and just snap up a couple of her ‘Rico Suave’ outfits. And that pareo that unveiled the bikini? Sheer genious! Every woman will shop for her creations hands down!

SW on

Jeffery’s stuff was horrible. It’s so lame rock 1988. Just circus garbage. It puts on a show but who in reality is actually going to wear that crap? Uli should have won, Laura runner up, and Michael should stick to sporty separates.

joan bridges on

this season was such a letdown jeffrey should have never won al season i was a big fan of michael andlaura and afterh seeing the final collections it really should have been laura or uli they make clothes women can wear jeffrey does not. what a disappointment

Lala on

Laura should have won! Everyone is saying she was limited in range, but that is not true. Her collection was a collection of evening-wear, and within that category she showed great depth and range. Her clothing is beautiful and timeless, every girl and woman would want a “laura” piece for their wardrobe. Throughout the entire season, Laura has delivered beautiful piece after beautiful piece, it is sad the judges wrote her off because she didn’t succumb to risking it all in fear of losing her trade-mark style.

Donna on

Jeffreys collection is great if you are a size 2, 20 something. What about the rest of us women? Uli’s collection crosses over generations as well as sizes. She knows more about what women want to wear not tiny little rocker groupies. I am really disappointed that I wasted my time watching.

Ana Shute on

Throuhout the competition I loved Michaels garments. He lost his own perspective while trying to hard to WOW them on Olympus Fashion Week. Lauras was the consumate glamour woman between the ages of 30-60 while leaving out the younger ladies who spend inordinate amounts of money in Fashion. Ulli’s was by far the very best cohesive, broader spectrum collection and she should’ve won SPECIALLY since I.N.C is giving them mentorship. I buy INC but would not buy Jeffreys ” Vivienne Westwood” inspired hard rock garments no matter how cutting edge they are….we have Galliano,Westwood plus a myriad of others that have that rocker style and cannot compare themselves to the Dolce& Gabannas, Oscar de la Renta, Vara Wangs and Karl Lagerfelds of the world !

Anna on

One reason I like this show is because it is not a personality contest. Real designers are not judged on who is the nicest. You all really think the top designers are are amazingly sweet people? And do you think that every top designer ONLY designs clothes that women would actually wear? Have you seen Alexander McQueens clothes? Even some of Marc Jacobs clothes are made for concept only. They are appreciated for their different point of view. All of these points are for Jeffrey also, he is not the sweetest, nicest gentleman and he designs for concept not necessarily for what a woman would wear to work. That is what fashion is!!

elizabeth on

the judges objective obviously was not what the public would buy. what were they thinking?

Dameta on

Even though, Michael was my favorite throughout the show. My girl Uli, came out at the end on top..
Jeffrey’s collection was okay.. But I truly believe the winner was Uli..

PamB on

Kudo’s to the final, fabulous four. I’m in my 40’s and Laura’s elegant designs reflected my style more than the others. I wanted Michael to win not only because he’s a great designer but he’s just such a sweet, personable young man (yes I’m a mother). I tend to stick with solids but Uli’s incredible flair for colors changed my opinion. After Jeffrey made Angela’s mother cry, I was too through with him. I hated everything he did and it pains me to say that his collection last night was off the chart. Of the four, his was the most creative and daring. He deserved to win (there, I said it).

joan bridges on

this season was such a letdown. jeffrey should have never won. all season, i was a big fan of michael and laura and after seeing the final collections,it really should have been laura or uli. they make clothes women can wear jeffrey does not. what a disappointment

Janelle on

I love this show and cant believe that Jeffrey won-even Laura would have been more deserving. Also note that Jeffrey was told to get rid of $200 an outfit not the wigs!

Plus he had a receipt missing-was that discrepancy resolved or did i miss that.

Uli had the best collection but the industry preferred Michael’s and they are the ones who will ultimately back with thier money the person they believe in.

SH on

I was totally shocked when Jeffrey won, but at the same time
this was a fashion competition, not a personality competition. Uli’s stuff was totally wearable, cute, and especially great for her because it was different than before – and she will be successful no doubt. And hey, at least Michael won $10K for being the fan favorite already!!

BoFan on

Great job Jeffrey!! They all had good designs in their collections. I think the judges have already proved they are looking for innovative and different and frankly he was the only one who took real risks with his collection. Pretty dresses and evening wear are just that, pretty. They aren’t innovative and different. Regardless, congrats Jeffery! You’re a hero to every recovering addict/alcoholic… you’ve proven that all things are possible with hard work and self-confidence.

LS on


Embee on

*sigh* I was really rooting for Michael…even though he didn’t win, I hope someone buys up his collection. It’s hip and now and took style and forethought to design. Uli’s look was great…nice to see her break out of an “all print” look and show what else she can do! I’d definitely buy her clothing…and thought she had run away with the win. Laura…well, she did her Laura thing and it was classy and impeccable, but not too practical, making her the eternal one-hit wonder. Jeffrey…OK…I heard his explanation of the Japanese nightmare inspiration…but honestly, his look reminded me of “circus couture”…with the stripes and polka-dots…he should have had his models outfitted with rainbow wigs and big, floppy shoes. Of all of them, he was the least that should have been awarded the win…I think deep down I expected that he would win…but I kept hoping against hope that the judges would see the potential of Michael and his line or the total wearablilty of Uli’s line. Speaking of Uli…did anyone catch that the Wal-Mart guy liked her stuff??? I hope that wasn’t the person who asked Nina Garcia how to get in touch with Uli about her collection. I don’t think I could bear seeing Uli’s collection being sold for rock bottom prices at Wally World. That would be a cruel slap in the face!!!!

Sharon on

I’m so glad that Jeffrey won! He was my favorite after Keith left the show. I did like Uli’s final collection but consistently liked Jeffrey’s more throughout the weeks of the show. I thought Michael was overrated and Laura shouldn’t have made it to the final.

Wendy on

By the way People Magazine, the above pictures all show the final piece de resistance of each of the designers, except for Michael. This orange dress you have featured was the blandest outfit of his collection. Street Safari, remember? Though I loved Uli’s collection the best and felt she definitely should have won, please at least preserve his fabulous piece on this page correctly for posterity! Thanks

tjg on

We should have known when Jeffrey’s ugly, RIDICULOUS yellow dress won in Paris (inspired by the Statue of Liberty how exactly?) that they were all a bit high on him. I think they didn’t want to trap Uli in an INC contract and thought JEffery at Macy’s would be a funny joke.

Krista on

I have been watching this show since Episode 1 and really feel that the judging this season was ‘tainted’. Early on in the season, I was in love with 3 designers: Michael, Uli and Kayne. I really never found Jeffrey’s work fashionable. Anyone can throw together some fabric in misproportioned lengths and call it ‘couture’. His attitude turned me off since Day 1 and I really feel like he should have been Auf’d a long time ago.

Laura’s collection was beautiful, like always, but isn’t ‘new’. I see similar work already hanging on racks in dress stores. Michael is the youngest designer but has such a great future ahead of him! I was really looking forward to his line, but I know he could have done better. The clear winner to me (and to a lot of other people on here) should have been ULI! I think she will do fine regardless, considering Nina Garcia said that people were already coming up to her after the show asking for Uli’s number.

Oh well, politics in judging and show ratings- go figure.

Carrie on

Let me start by saying that all four of the collections were very impressive. Though I didn’t necessarily agree with the judges when they chose Jeffrey to be this season’s winner, I do have to say that his collection surprised me the most. It was innovative without being too gaudy (unlike most of the work he did throughout the competition). I was really pulling for Michael to win because his designs were beautiful all season long, but I was a tad bit disappointed with a few of the pieces in his Bryant Park collection. All in all though, his tailoring is “impeccable” and I would wear any of his clothes. I guess I was just expecting more from him.
After seeing all four of the collections on the runway last night, I would have chosen Uli to win the title……….but they are each very talented individuals in their own way and I expect that they will all be successful in the future……so congrats to them all.
…and a special congrats to Jeffrey on his win.

YYY on

I have no idea what the judges were looking at, but Jeffery’s collection was the worst. Uli or Laura should have taken this one. I am so disgusted in Project Runway. Don’t think I’ll be watching next season.

Clara Hodges-Owens on

I was very suprised Jeffrey “Won”. His collection was not exciting or fresh…I really feel the judges were in denial…Michael, Laura and Uli collections really showed the time and blood sweat and tears….I will never buy anything from his collection :):)

Simone Malveaux on

If Kayne was kicked off because of his lacking taste level then the judges should be disqualified for the same reason. What Jeffrey produced certainly wasn’t what the every day woman would wear unless her life was a series of rock concerts and parties, I think NOT. Laura was the clear winner of this season. Her elegance, style and product of sophistication is something most women especially those who have and are climbing the corporate ladder would kill to have hanging in their closets. What the heck were the judges thinking and what kind of politically correct pressure were they under? If Jeffrey’s designs are what fashion is returning to, I’m going to learn to start making my own clothes! I know I can do better.

Katie Falstreau on

Fashion is based in innovation, were it not for this we wouldn’t have trends and fashion would stagnate. Laura’s designs definitely headed in that direction. Uli’s and Micheal’s collections were not cohesive and the only truely innovative and cohesive collection belonged to Jeffery. He deserved to win and I am glad that project runway chose someone who actually participates in fashion and not just making pretty clothes.

dana on

As a diehard fan of project runway, truly, I LOVE this show. I’ve been surprised and disappointed with both the past two winners but there was merit there and it wasn’t that big of a deal. This time, I have to say, I turned the show off immediately afterward and don’t know if Ill be turning it back on again. The past two winners have flamed out and died. I guess the judges/producers dont really care if the person takes off and has a huge career. No question Uli won based on the runway show. I understand the Laura comments, even though she’s my favorites. And Michael, he choked, but will do well in the future. In my opinion, Laura will get her own line and it will be sold at Neimans and high end stores Uli will also get backing. I would bet a lot o fmoney that both of them soar in comparison to Jeffrey, who in addition to be a cocky, arrogant, mean person–has already proven that he struggles doing this kind of design work. Hate him. Hate his clothes. And right now, hating PR.

danielle on

I have been a fan of Michael’s all season and was equally disappointed. But still think he will go far. I thought that Uli and Jeffery’s collections were best, most well rounded and connected. I loved Jeffery’s designs, I might not be able to pull all of them off but I think they were great and had great consumer appeal. I have LOVED Uli’s designs all season, she deserved the win as much as Jeffery but regardless I think she’s going to be a sucess from the exposure alone. She has a way of making even a GAP girl LOVE wild print dresses. Congrats to all but especially Jeffery and Uli for fantastic collections.

psychedelic on

I was so disappointed by the result! Even Laura’s collection was far better than Jeffrey’s. What were the judges thinking?!? Michael was my favourite but I think Uli should’ve won, she made a great collection!

Shirdena on

I am highly disappointed! I think that the judges placed more empahsis on “Interestimg” than “wearable”. Most of Jeffrey’s collection made an interesting “statement” on the runway but would NEVER translate to real life. Two of Jeffrey’s pieces would make it to my closet…the rest…I would gladly pass right by. Is this a fashion competition or an exercise in clothing as modern art and expressivism?

Judges…you were disappointingly off the mark.

Uli’s work was just gorgeous, Michael’s was sexy/urban…and Laura’s elegant. But Jeffrey’s? I find it to be a post modernistic joke.

joaan on

cmon guy’s let’s not be too biased. the judges decided according to what a designer should be in the first place. creativity, innovation and variety. jeffrey’s collection showed all. you wouldn’t see jeffrey’s design anywhere. while uli’s collection are pleasing to the eyes – it does not show creativity. there’s nothing in the design that’s unqiue. her 12th dress is the same style as the one she won in one episode.

and please, while michael is everbody’s favorite – the judges are right that he’s not mature enough. i don’t understand what he is trying to show in his collection. and laura’s collection, it’s for old people – you wouldn’t see younger generation wearing her collection.

so, please! jeffrey deserves it!

Gail on

Jeffrey didn’t deserve to win. If the judges were looking at an overall picture of what each constestant could make, they must have forgotten all of his other pieces. Jeffrey didn’t have good pieces until the finale.

Jeffrey’s comment about wanting to be an unlikeable character just for the show isn’t believeable. He didn’t have to make any effort to be a jerk. He was unlikeable because he has no concern for others. For someone who had a drug problem and allegedly considered suicide, he should have been more considerate of the feelings of others. I would never buy any of his clothing.

Micheal or Uli would have made a better winner. My vote was for Kane until he got kicked off.

kena on

jeffrey totally deserved to win he’s the only one who went out of his box and made something unexpected for him. jeffrey good luck and dont listen to all the haters there just jealous

Lisa on

Was I watching the same show as the judges??? Disgusting! Michael’s collections looked like a hooker fest. Uli was fabulous and I loved Laura’s designs. But hello??? Jeffrey wins? Not to mention the fact that he had outside help. He looked awfully nervous when he had to turn in receipts and when he was accused. How could you give it to someone under so much suspicion—not to mention his line was terrible. I wouldn’t wear one thing in his line. I’m so over this show now—-I won’t be watching again until they get fair and decent judging.

CVS on

It seems the final judging is based only on the runway show (even though Jeffrey did not have the best collection and is selfish,rude and nasty). Uli really stepped it up and even Heide commented that she would wear every piece of Uli’s. I think overall Michael has the most “every woman” talent. Isn’t that what the show is about, making a star out of an up and comer?? I will re-think taking the time to watch next season.

Ana on

Lets look at the facts: Jeffery had two dresses that the judges DID NOT LIKE, he went over budget and he did not come up with a receipt, I would also like to note that he just “happen” to have an extra pair of pants lying around. The rules were put into place for a reason. I don’t think that Jeffery going over budget and not producing one receipt warranted him being ineligible to present at Bryant Park, but he should have been docked several points or at the least suffered some kind of consequence.

With that said: Valentino, Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen, are all high fashion designers that present collections that can be worn by the average women and have a sense of style that appeals to most audiences. Uli’s and Laura’s collection showed a form of sophistication and elegance unparalleled by the other two designers. Jeffery’s collection reminded me of a young Marc Jacobs. For all of you Fashionista that can remember, Marc Jacobs was fired by the Perry Ellis Company for his Grunge inspired 1992 collection. He was NOT fired because he lacked innovation but because of “his bad taste as seen in the eyes of the consumer”. Thank god he learned from his mistake and has done well with Louis Vuitton. Jeffery had great pieces through out the season but his collection was (how can I say this without being crude) A LOT OF UGLY.

FINAL THOUGHT: After a collection has been present it is not unusual for members of the audience to place orders for their favorite pieces, as was done after Uli’s collection. Yes, Jeffery was innovative and out of the box but fashion is a business and like any other business MONEY$$$$ talks. Uli you were robbed!!!

Jay on

Oh please, I’m sure INC had the final say on the winner seeing as they are going to be mentoring Jeffrey. INC wanted some edgy cutting talent to add to their line and thats what Jeffrey delivered. It was a fix. Uli was robbed, she should have won. Also Michael may got it is his collection wasn’t so ghetto.

Maria on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won! I’m in shock! I was looking foward for Michael to win, they should do something about it, i don’t think that’s fair!

Quiche Lorraine on

PROJECT RUNWAY R.I.P. The Emperors New Clothes? Innovative? If making unflattering clothes in clownish fabrics is innovative than I’d much rather stick to buying attractive clothes that fit well. Jeffrey’s clothes don’t even look good on the models, they are a joke ~as are the judges. This was my last Project Runway. I realize they kept some designers on for drama, but please, shouldn’t it ultimately be about making attractive, God forbid, wearable clothes? I hope to see Laura’s, Michael’s, and Uli’s careers take off, and Michael’s crash and burn along with Project Runway.

Chrissy on

What a disappointment! I’m still in shock that Jeffrey won! Innovative? I think not. His style is a regurgitation of the 80s when CBGBs was in its prime! There’s no doubt that Jeffrey has talent, however, his clothes aren’t practical and he’s an absolute jerk. The judges probably picked him because his ending would be like a “Cinderalla story”: Drug addict tries to kill himself yet ends up winning at Bryant Park by being an incosiderate douchebag. I’m beyond disgusted!

I was not a huge fan of Uli throughout the entire season. She kept recylcling her looks. It was ALL the same: Loud colors, flowy dresses. Her collection at Bryant Park was amazing though and I was pleasantly suprised! She was definitely ROBBED. She definitely SHOULD HAVE WON!

Laura has SO much talent and she’ll go far. The detailing on her clothes is amazing and I can see her designing dresses for the red carpet. That’s definitely her “thing.”

I was SO disappointed with Michael’s collection! He has been my favorite throughout the whole season! I think he’ll go very far, though! He just has little growing up to do!

I certainly will NOT be watching PR next season. The judges: YUCK. I can’t stand Nina! She’s so abrasive! I think the judges picked Jeffrey as the winner for all the WRONG reasons!

jason on

i agree with anna (above). in the real world of fashion, being as nice as michael or as wearable as uli doesn’t get you noticed. fashion should be art and jeffrey was the closest thing to an artist that this season had.

DEB on



Alicia on

As the collections came down the runway I was saddened by the hoochie look of Micheals, the rock star look of Jeffreys and the lack of color in Laura’s work…but Uli was amazing and I was not an Uli fan all season. I blame Nina Garcia. If you gauge what she loves by ELLE magazine, well their clothes are less about wearable and more trend. I feel its time to hire a new third judge. I also think fans should have a say in who wins.

Jane on

NO! NO! NO! NO! Horrible decision by the judges.
First, having a guest judge in the finale is unfair to the designers. The decision of who wins should be made by Heidi, Tim, and Nina because they have personally witnessed the designers work from the first episode to the last.
Second, I was always a Michael fan, but after watching the show I definately thought Uli had the best collection, hands down. Instead the judges give the prize to a man who treats clients like crap and broke the rules by going over budget! Ummm, so what was the point kicking Keith Michael off if Jeffrey’s actions get ignored?!? I am not looking forward to next season.

jason on

p.s. whatever, haters. you know that you’ll watch next season too!

Alex on

I only watched this series but after watching Jeffrey win when he clearly should not have for all the reasons everyone has mentioned, I will not watch Project Runway again.

Alex on

I only watched this series but after watching Jeffrey win when he clearly should not have for all the reasons everyone has mentioned, I will not watch Project Runway again.

Can we all just get along on

From reading ALL of the posts that are “anti-Jeffery” there seems to be a pattern. First they brand his personality, then his clothing. If you hate him, then you do, but don’t have your emotions get the best of you. I think they portrayed him in a negative way (editing), it is a TV show by the way, and sure he is a bit brash, but I just think he is more upfront and honest,and a lot of ppl out there don’t say what’s on their mind, and he does. Most ppl don’t like those kind of ppl, I for one have no problem. Jeffrey is a good person, and after everything he has gone through, I’m surprised at his staying power. For example, when Laura voiced out her opinion about outsourcing and the accusations turned out to be falsed, Jeffrey said he still liked Laura. Come on ppl, stop looking at all the negative, is Jeffrey the ONLY one who has said anything negative in the show…uhhh, no. The other constestants were just more subtle, and Jeffreys in your face personality just has more impact.
As for all those ppl saying he didn’t deserve to win, well there can only be one winner. Most of you sound so childish and immature. There is a difference between constructive criticism and emotional outrage. I for one like Uli’s and Jeffery’s collection. If either of them one, I would’ve been happy. I would’ve been happy for any of the designers to win, because I know ALL of them are great in their own field. Try not to look like morons everyone, and be more mature about the situation. Seriously.

Alisha Mondesir on

Oh my god! I was totally surprised when they announced Jeffrey as the winner, he didn’t deserver it. I was originally rooting for Michael but Uli ruled the runway. Everything that was sent down was amazing and gorgious. I would buy every piece of her clothing..

Langston on

Definitely ULI. No question. She really brought it out. She was the person I was expecting to see the least from and she surprised me. Jeffrey’s clothes are designed for Jeffrey, not for the client. He reminds me of Santino with his diva ways.

Wendy on

Oh Katie, oh Katie. Your comments rang as accurate as your last name implies. Jeffrey is innovative, Yes. But is that enough? Don’t you have to sell clothes too? I mean, only a size 0 can pull off the green striped dress with the big ‘O’ in the middle. And even if said size ‘O’ ate or drank anything, instant stomach ‘pooch’! Can we feature a show that caters to the people who actually watch it looking for something innovative (yes), cohesive (ok, but who wears an entire fashion line anyway!), but we will rock any outfit that in the end translates to fashion that is wearable to go to a rock concert – not star in it!

Holly on

Laura’s line is elegant and the best crafted! She should’ve won!

Suzy on

I have been cheering for Michael all season. Laura was also a favorite. I had thought that Uli was very “one-note” until I saw her collection last evening. She certainly expanded her range, and her clothes were absolutely the most beautiful. Even though Jeffrey had a few very nice pieces, I don’t understand how the judges could have chosen him over Uli. They must have had a different agenda other than just judging the runway collections.

Amanda on

I think Michael and Uli had the best collections! Jeffrey does have an edge and his line was good but it just didn’t come across as the best to me. On the runway the clothes looked weird on some models and something just was missing. Right when Michael and Uli’s collections started off on the runway, I was excited, I just felt it…they music they chose and the clothes just meshed well for both collections! Too bad, I think they made the WRONG DECISION! But all of the designers are great so I am sure we are not done with seeing them all!!!!

Runway_fanatic on

I think Jeffrey won because he had a great story for the media. Drug addict…tried to commit suicide…I still don’t think he sewed everything himself. Still loved Michael.

Bruce on

I thought Uli should have one. I thought some of jeffries line was very original and cool. The show got what it wanted just like in all fashion shows. They always want inovation and wild, out there designs, but how many of those designs make it into the stores and are actually purchased. Uli’s whole collection could be put in a store today and would sell.

Laura on

I liked Michael before the final, always like Uli’s work, and saw where Laura was coming from most of the time. I’ve never been a fan of Jeffery…and am WAY upset that he won. I think Uli did a much better job of making real clothing, and expanding on what she does.

I’ve never liked jeffery’s work. I hate his coutre dress…maybe i’m just not fashionable…who knows, but i didn’t want jeffery to win…and i like Uli’s collection the best

Kristin on

Michael should have won! He had style and beautiful designs!! I never liked any of Jeffrey’s designs, they were not wearable. I would buy Michaels clothes in a heartbeat, I hope he is able to get his own line out of the exposure! You rock Michael!!

michelle on

I thought Michael was amazing all season, as well as Uli. However, Jeffrey has something that the rest of them don’t have. He has a better handle on what younger people want to wear. He has drive & passion. Not to discredit the rest of the designers, but Jeffrey ROCKED!!! He showed a collection for every day of the week. I thought it was amazing & I’m so happy that he won.

Natacha on

I was so disgusted with the final outcome of this show, that I yelled and woke up my toddler. What a waste of time. Jefferey should have been eliminated when he created that hideous monstrosity of an outfit for Angela’s mother. He is crude, distasteful and an egomaniac. It’s interesting to see his girlfriend is an exact replica of himself…what’s that say about him.
I hope to see never see him again and hope he flops in the fashion world.
As for Project Runway…it was more like Project Trainwreck. I won’t be wasting my time next season. I’ll be watching the Nine!

shopdiary on

i loved uli’s collection the most. the yellow bikini/dress combo was amazing. my second favorite was jeffrey’s. it’s young, hip and edgy.

we’ve seen all the drama behind the runway but as michael kors said once, the judges don’t know anything about what goes on behind the scenes. they (the judges) take out all the “noise” and just go from what they see on the runway. so with that said, i agree with the decision. i’m happy for jeffrey too!

Sally on

Jeffrey’s collection was terrible and I am ashamed I let my children watch Project Runway. All throughout the show, the judging seemed accurate and fair. But to have Jeffrey and his model win Olympus Fashion Week is terrible. He had the worst attitude; he is a terrible role model; he was rude and condescending to his client (a big no-no in clothes making and fashion); sat around doing nothing during the final weeks while the others were just working their butts off; he had work done (even if it was within the rules) by out sourcing; most of us don’t even believe he sewed all of his outfits; he went over budget (in my children’s competition, going overbudget means immediate expulsion – a budget is a budget); but the worst, the worst of all, is that his line was atrocious. The colors were not good for spring, summer, fall or winter. No one wears green stripe. The styles were for rockers, and even then, a rocker wouldn’t wear 1/2 of that collection. As a neutral observer and seamstress, by far Uli’s collection showed the most versitility, wearability, fashion sense, seasonal style, craftmanship and her model wore the clothes the best throughout the show. Even though I liked Michael McKnight the best and love both Uli’s and Laura’s collections, and throughout the show liked one or two of Jeffrey’s outfits, I have no idea what you based your final decision on. An edgy look like Anna Sui or Kimora Lee Simmons really hits the mark, but Jeffrey’s collection was far from #1 material. We feel Jeffrey comprimised the intergrity of the show and we will no longer watch the show based on this decision.

Anne Sogge on

I think that it is pathetic that Jeffrey won. He is nothing but the Milli Vanilli of the fashion world. He’s sitting back and taking the credit for work someone else obviously did. Although I was a huge fan of Michael, I think Uli was the clear winner. I’m not so sure if I’m going to watch Project Runway next season. I’m a little disappointed.

Heather on

I think that Uli should have won. I really liked her. I didn’t like anything about Jeffery.

a... on


Jeffery did fine, Michael dissapointed, Laura was as always boring, but why the HELL DID ULI NOT WIN???!!!

shea on

I am done with PR. Michael was easily the best throughout the whole season and Uli was the best collection. Jeffrey was the same old stuff.

Linda on

My question to the judges is “Would YOU wear any of Jeffrey’s clothes”? I’m guessing your answer would be NO!! Absolutely nothing in his line reflects what the modern day woman would wear. He was over budget, had outside help (come on, he couldn’t find a receipt…please). The judges should be ashamed of their decision based on those 2 issues alone. He was arrogant and mean spirited. Shame on his behavior and the fact the judges fed into it!!

Angie on

It’s all about $ and publicity for Klum’s show. Those people could care less about discovering the next great designer. Judges with their over-inflated egos, as if a 4-person panel corners the market on “REAL WOMEN”, “EVERYDAY WOMEN”, “INNOVATIVE”,”REFRESHING”. $100K and a car is chump change for the winner- considering the money, hype, controversy, publicity the show drums up. Doesn’t matter what we “REAL WOMEN” think- only the 4-panel judges and producers of the show. Cheap entertainment.

Connie on

I think Jeffrey worked hard and it’s good for him to win. But really I liked Uli’s the best. Every single outfit was adorable and you really want to wear. Jeffrey is good, no question but I can not imagine wearing any of his collection. Uli is the winner, what where they thinking????

Jay on

It was Uli’s game to win. Jeffey’s collection was all of the place. Uli was inventive, sexy and just beautiful. Too bad an angry, mean designer won.

Melissa on

I don’t think Jeffrey deserved to win – I thought Uli’s collection was amazing and Michael’s was a great runner up!

KC on

There is a pharmacy where I love that has an awning exactly like the fabric Jeffrey used for his clothes! I own a boutique and would not have his clothes in it! They are too trashy. Laura’s clothes were absolutely amazing, and considering the amount of work SHE put in to it, doing it all HERSELF, not outsourcing anything, legal or not, she should have won.

danielle on

You know I didn’t read many of the posts before leaving mine. I am STUNNED at the number of haters, saying the nastiest and rudest things all the while making personal judgments on Jeffery’s personality…IRONIC. All of the designers were good, all will have a consumer base. If you don’t think Jeffery’s cloths will sell you are in my opinion either 1)don’t read celeb mags or keep up w/fashion & what is being worn 2) are too old 3) don’t like real fashion much

No arguing that Uli’s collection was fab and that she will sell LOTS and LOTS of cloths…I hope I can find a couple pieces myself sometime.

Michael, I know he will go far for both his cloths and his persona

Laura, appeals to her 1 set of clientele she is aiming to please but not much else.

I love the show even when I don’t agree w/the judges because I LOVE fashion, I’ll be back for more next season!

Jess on

I don’t think Jeffrey deserved to win – this was compensation for the Santino debacle last year, and the judges wanted to prove they could embrace someone with a bit edgier, rock star edge (not something the every-woman would wear). Jeffrey said it best anyway, he started in the bottom two and ended in the bottom two. I loved Michael’s stuff through the show, but he just didn’t come through in the final challenge or the finale. I love Laura’s line – I would wear everything, but Uli showcased stuff that a woman could wear every single day and still be chic – I really think Uli deserved the win in the end.

agayle on

jeffrey shouldn’t have won.
he sucks basically.
he had like 2 good things.
his main dress was cute but thats about all i can think of that was good.
uli did real good in the fashion show and michael did good through the whole thing and i think they should have considered all of that and how rude he was to people and how he pretty much cheated..its pretty much BS if you ask me..i would and will NEVER buy anything from jeffrey.

janelaine on

I was sure I would love Laura’s the most … absolutely, it was stunning – her workmanship is unbelieveable … but it was Uli’s that was definitely the most commercial. Gorgeous colors – a different look to every outfit. Loved her novice “closures” (buttons). I can see it coming to a store soon (hopefully!). Michael’s was certainly (to me) the biggest let-down of the 4. Jeffrey’s was so … Jeffrey. It was so expected … whatever someone 19 to 24 would buy.

Amanda on

I am thrilled that Jeffrey won. Although I would personally wear Uli’s wonderful collection and possibly an evening element from Laura, it was Jeffrey that I thought was the most original and quite frankly had the kind of personal perserverance that I appreciate. Maybe it is a root for the underdog, but I really liked his line and would wear his pieces.

Debbie on

I truly do not believe Jeffrey won. INC is my favorite line of clothing and now I just don’t know. I have always loved Laura and Michaels clothing and Uli really proved herself on the run way. I have no idea what the judges were thinking but if he sells clothes I will be really surprised.

Joi on

Like I’ve have said at least five times this season, Uli Was Robbed! I’m sorry, but even without all of the hatred that Jeffery spread throughout the season, I would have never picked him for the winner due to the fact that I just think that the other designers are more talented. How many times was Jeffrey in the bottom 2? How many times was Uli or Michael or Laura? I think all of them combined were in the bottom fewer times than Jeffrey. It seems that throughout the season they were consistent in their designs and attitudes and performance and I thought that was the whole purpose of the show. To find the next great designer who encompasses all of those qualities, not reward someone who did nothing but send a myriad of inconsistent design down the runway, belittle his fellow designers and make people’s mother’s cry, and just generally be a jerk. I wish that throughout the season he would have just shut up and let his designs speak for themselves. I could have respected him so much more and managed to be a little happy about the win.

Vicky on

I’ve figured out the system! Totally disguise what your interests are and do just enough to get by until you get to the end. The judges will have become bored by the designers that are actually talented and trying and when you take off your disguise they will think you’ve been listening to them and you will become the winner! Worked for Jeffrey.

jennifer on

I was a fan of Laura’s from the start. Overall I agreed with the judges that although Laura’s dresses were GORGEOUS that she didn’t have a lot of variety…sooo Uli should have won.
Here’s my biggest gripe….how does someone who didn’t play by the rules win??? He was over budget, had missing receipts and had to get rid of stuff from his collection and then all of the sudden happens to have an extra pair of whit leather pants that he can use??????? WTF !@#$ I don’t buy that he didn’t have help. I have nevr seen a contestant show up with nothing to do and this time they only had 2 months! I think I may be done with the show and that really blows.

Bailey on

I can’t believe Jeffery won!!!! The only reason is that the producers wanted people to talk. I still believed he cheated, even if they could not 100% prove it. He was pretty laid back about having to pull a piece and the wigs. He probably didn’t put up a stink about those couple of things because he knew he cheated and got away with it!! The producers/judges only care about drama, not fashion, which was made obvious in this season. Uli really deserved to win! I loved Michael throughout the show but couldn’t get excited over his final collection. Laura’s collection was outstanding as well! I love this show but am boycotting the next season because of this season’s winner. I hope Jeffery is happy with winning because of “high drama” points!

cvs on

Hey shop diary….don’t be so naive. If you think for a second that the judges don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes your wearing Jeffrey’s leather shorts over your head. I agree that Jeffrey’s “story” is what made him the winner. I’m certain the judges know about that….

Diane on

Absolutely terrible that Jeffrey won….I LOVED Laura’s collection and Uli’s was stunning…Michael’s was nice also, but I would have been happy to have either Laura or Uli win…NOT Jeffrey. I guess this isn’t about what ordinary people like…too bad, these are the people that make shows like this possible.


I am not a fashion guru or anything but clearly the judges had blinders on. I was a Michael Knight fan from the beginning but when it came to fashion week Uli truly stepped her game up and was the one to beat. Jeffrey’s fashion was less to be desired. But maybe in the fashion world grundge is the new it thing but I don’t see him lasting long. Much success to Uli and Michael for given great fashion!!!!!

Anne on

Well, I have my Wednesday nights free as Project Runway is no longer must see TV. Last night was a farce. Uli or Laura should have won. Laura was the one who got big applause several times. The judges told her that her clothes were beautiful. They tell Uli that every woman would wear her clothes and Jeff wins?

How many times was Jeff in the bottom two? The judges all agreed that his gown was awful (I think the guest judge called it monster gown). He was over budget, and probably had help sewing and he wins? Something is not right.

Obviously the producers are looking for controversy over talent. Hope that works for them next season when their loyal viewers aren’t tuning in.

robyn on

i was expecting michael to blow me away because i loved him throught the show….suprisingly i was dissapointed by his collection. uli by far should have won the show. that little silver dress………..stunning

hon3y on

I really really think that Uli was robbed!!!She was the winner for me and her collections compared to jeffrey were so much better..I just can’t understand the judges..why they would give Uli all the praises but give jeffrey the big stupid of them?I don’t think jeffrey is innovative at all..He’s trying so hard to put up a good show but i don’t like any of his collections..when Uli’s models started to walk the runway, I was damn speechless..she’s got great taste!she really knows what she was doing…I just wished the judges knew what they were doing when they decided to give it to mr. loser!but anyhow, i still know that this is the beginning for uli..she will make it big eventhough she didn’t win..she’s a talent and project runway is not the end for her!I’m pretty sure about that!

Vicki on

I thought as a whole, MICHAEL was the best designer. HOWEVER, his collection did not reflect the talent he showed throughout the season. Based on their collections alone, JEFFRY had the most unique,hip and innovative style. Laura’s was very beautiful,looked expensive, well tailored, but all looked too similar. Uli’s was beautiful, but not everyone lives @ the beach! GO JEFF! Enjoy your win!

Cara on

I was disappointed that Uli did not win. She showed the most versatile-ness, being able to go from her usual stuff to what she showed was amazing! I am not an Uli fan, but I loved her clothes.
JEff was so snotty and rude to ANgela’s mother. How can you be in the service industry and be rude to potential customers like that??

Lori on

I think Laura should have won. Her styles had class. Think the others have been done to death in one shape or another

Cyndi on

I cannot believe that Jeffery won!!! Are the judges insane? He clothes looked awful and I would never wear anything he makes. My only thought when I saw his collection was “how tattered and ugly”. The other three designers did a much nicer job. I don’t think that I will be watching PR anymore, I have lost faith.

Cari on

I cannot believe how mean and hateful many comments are; what is happening to our culture? I had never watched this show before the last month, but truly enjoyed it. I liked the collections of Uli, Laura and Jeffrey. I did not care for the trash and flash of the immature designer, Michael. What’s the big deal with the adoration for him?

Anyhow, congrats to Jeffrey, and good luck to him. People, get over yourselves and see if you could do what any of these talented four people did…then you could talk.

Great show, great fun, and probably the best reality show in the air. Gracias!! Go Jeffrey, and yeah…cute baby Harrison!

Kara on

I cannot believe Jeffrey won!!! Uli or Laura… or for that matter Michael should have won. I didn’t really like Jeffrey’s runway show either. The music was kind of a downer and the models didn’t seem to have any energy. I thought his two blue dresses were horrible. Several times when Laura’s models walked out, people had a reaction… not really so with the other contestents. Maybe once or twice with Uli… I am disappointed!!!
I loved Michael all season but last night, didn’t like his collection. Loved Laura’s and Ulis and am Shocked Jeffrey won… he was such a jerk.
Oh well! I will watch again..

Wendy on

BTW, to any true ‘innovative’ producer who is wise enough to listen to the thoughts of us regular folk, I, once loyal and true to PR since its inception, will gladly defect to a more ‘innovative’ show that will feature these type of wonderful up and coming designers, but who will let us have a say in the decision. Unfortunately, just like politicians, those in the fashion world quickly lose all perception of reality and what translates into what the viewers want to see and buy. They try so hard to find what the ‘in’ thing is, that what they show on the runway now is obsolete and dissed 6 months down the road. How about it anyone? ‘America’s Fashion Runway’ Anyone care to supply some snappy title for this new show? Come on! It’s so innovative and fresh and new that the show is still a figment of some producer’s imagination who doesn’t even know yet that she is brainstorming this concept to the networks next week!
Sorry Heidi, because I love you all to death! But enough is enough! First Kara Saun, now this!

cristiane on

I think Uli Or laura Deserve to be a winner, never ever I think about Jeffrey. It was unfair, in my opnion.

Marilyn Barton on

I hail from Cincinnati here, was totally shocked by Jeffrey winning. It’s not that his line was bad but he should have been disciplined with the Mother’s sequal and was not. I feel the whole outsouced work acusation was a public ploy and was set up. The judges are slippig. Either Laura or Uli should have won. Laura and Ulitely should not have been dinged for having a signature statement. Possibly switching out judges more often may be the answer.



Laura on


WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! I’m almost OVER PR right now with the fact that they picked Jeffrey. He’s awful, annoying, a jerk and a cheater.

Michael’s was a little off and Uli’s was classic Uli and it looked like she was dressing Nathan Lane in The Birdcage!

Laura was my vote for being classy, elegant, timeless and sophisticated.

Judges – please please please… Don’t reward someone who has no integrity and is a blemish to the fashion world. It WILL come back and bite all of you in the behind one of these days and hopefully we’ll be there to witness the fall from grace.

Meg on

ULI, ULI, ULI!!!! Although not my favorite throughout the season (Michael the obvious fan favorite and I admit I was on the bandwagon) Uli ROCKED it!!! Definitely boiled down to two designers — Jeffrey and Uli but there was no doubt in my mind who the obvious winner was. I was in shell shock when they announced the winner. Jeffrey? Sorry man but NO, NO, NO!! What the **** were they thinking? Heidi, Nina and Michael I am disappointed in your decision….but I am already waiting for Season 4…..

lucy on

I love PR…but the judges need to come on another reunion show and explain to us…WHY??? The average woman would or could not wear his Clothes. Also, Jeffrey clearly does not like to work with the average woman. His attitude is not one I would want to deal with. He is talking about his life and what a turnaround he has done for himself…but he continues to put people down…(maybe to make him feel better) this is someone I would and will not encourage with his clothes(fashion) one more thing to think about judges…2 of you made it clear you did not care for the collection. u owe us to understand.
Uli, Michael, and Laura will succeed and I will happily buy anything from any of them. Rock On guys!

sandy on

OH HELL NO!!!!! Jeffrey won??? Im so done with PR and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed…Uli,Laura you are the clear winner’s! you will go far.Jeffrey while I respect your clean and sober status…there are many out there that are also clean and sober…his attitude sucks…given that Jeffrey went over budget, is it fair to simply deduct wigs and call that fair…over budget is over budget..end of it and I think there should be a certain amount of judging for behavior and attitude,,,the Mom thing lost me….he should have been thrown off then…No One likes to see disrespect to our Mother..No One Jeffrey….Laura I would buy and wear anything youdesigned as well as Uli….Congrats Ladies You are the Winner’s despite…Uli keep living the American Dream…………..

lucy on

I love PR…but the judges need to come on another reunion show and explain to us…WHY??? The average woman would or could not wear his Clothes. Also, Jeffrey clearly does not like to work with the average woman. His attitude is not one I would want to deal with. He is talking about his life and what a turnaround he has done for himself…but he continues to put people down…(maybe to make him feel better) this is someone I would and will not encourage with his clothes(fashion) one more thing to think about judges…2 of you made it clear you did not care for the collection. u owe us to understand.
Uli, Michael, and Laura will succeed and I will happily buy anything from any of them. Rock On guys!

Lynn on

I agree that Uli’s collection was beautiful – they were all great, but I just think Jeffrey’s a more talented, innovative designer. The rest of the stuff could be seen in almost any store. He showed great creativity.

Susan on

Heidi said it all with ” every woman will want to wear every piece in your collection” and she was right. Uli should have won because people will actually want to wear her designs. Her’s was the best collection by far. They liked Jefferey’s collection because it was “innovative” but will you see that on the streets…no way! And as for the scandal with him having help…do you think he would have used the money they gave him to pay for it and then turn in receipts showing it? Who would be that dumb? Michael was my favorite throughout the season but Uli should have taken the prize!

natalie on

Sorry, but I think Jeffrey missed the mark on this one! I think his reaction to the acusation of having outside help was proof enough that he did employ outsiders. I think they kept him for the drama, but surely Uli stole the show with her collection. Laura had a lot of hits in her line and I especially loved the black lace layered with leggings look. I love Michael, but I was disappointed in his final collection. Jeffrey’s designs were not my favorite for sure!

Kim on

I find it sad that we are unable to applaud success and want to tear people down instead. Jeffery won because he was picked, inspite of suspicions, inspite of Angela’s mother, inspite of the edited version of how he acted throughout the show. I also find it sad that we are attach an age or an adjetive to designs, all the designers had pieces that were fantastic throughout the show, but in hindsight Jeffery had the most consistant flow from start to finish. If you lined up all his pieces and added them to his final runway show they related to each other while not being the same dress done over and over.

I personally believed that any of the 15 designers could have won and that Jeffery won because of the continuity of design and the fact he remained true to his creative spirit, while continuously pushing the proverbial envelope.

As far as doing his own work, he was consistantly one of the only ones that finished challenges first making 2-3 pieces in the allocated time frame. The fact that he was over budget and did not have his receipt says more to working frantically than meticulously adding numbers for 2 months. And of course Laura was not finished with her stuff, she was busy sewing beadwork and feathers on her stuff. Michael was not very far along nor was Uli when they got their visit. As I recall, alot of Jefferies pieces were on the rack when he got his visit.

We should applaud success, there is enough real drama in the world to worry about.

Linda on


This was not a contest on who was the nicest, it was design, and Jeffrey rocked!

I have liked him since the beginning — he is honest and is a strong person (having overcome addiction — no small feat)

Also — Laura’s comment that she “wasn’t questioning his integrity” — wow – that was crap – that was ALL she was questioning. Geez, she is dishonest.

Rachel on

I was so disappointed when Jeffery won. What were they thinking? Laura’s collection was gorgeous and Uli – WOW! I have loved Michael from day one but his collection just didn’t hold up to the others. I really hope to see Uli and Laura’s collections in stores because I would wear almost everything in both of their collections!

Rebecca Robbins on

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Sorry, nothing against the self proclaimed demon designer, but GET REAL! If this is what Project Runway is about then that will be the last season I will ever watch. SHOCKING is not the word for it! Uli, Michael and Laura deserve better than that kind of treatment. His designs will eventually prove otherwise his clothes DO NOT sell.

Karrie on

Jeffrey’s “garments” looked like they’d been salvaged from a garage sale. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Innovative? I’ll stick to the tried and true. Laura was head and shoulders above the others. Her clothes were impeccable.

Shenell on

I will never watch Project Runway again! The judges must be sniffing paint! There was not one item in Jeffrey’s collection that I would wear. Who care’s how innovative a designer you are when no one wants to wear your collection. Gwen Stefani has already done what Michael is trying to emulate and she did it much better. Laura’s collection was very tasteful and elegant. Uli did have some great designs but she didn’t do anything different from what she’s done all season, pretty prints and flowing dresses. I loved every piece that Michael created. I think the judges didn’t understand the segment of the population that will rush out and buy Michael’s designs. Michael designs for every urban woman, ages 18-35 that is strong in personality and loves to feel and look sexy. He had the strongest overall collection; Project Runway made a huge mistake this time.

Missy on

Michael and Kayne were my faves all throughout the competition. I will agree that Michael’s Runway outfits weren’t his best. The person who won the runway portion last night was Uli. But throughout the competition I haven’t liked her outfits as they are all the same. I loved Laura’s line. It was meticulous and elegant. Jeffrey always makes the weird looking clothes that not many will wear. So if that’s what qualifies him to win then Yes. But they should have been judged overall and it should’ve been Michael!

Laura on

Uli was robbed!

Loida on

I was a major fan of Michael… however, I have to admit that his collection for this day was not the best… BUT Jeffrey DID NOT deserve to win… I think 80% of women WOULD NOT wear his clothes which are for rockers and punkers… what about the every day woman? Laura is a very mean/bad person and she only designs for women like her… and Uli’s designs for this collection were really outstanding.. but JEFFREY NO WAY!!!

Sue G. on

Sure I had a favorite, but truly, q win by any of the other three would have been understood. When Jeffrey’s name was announced, I lost all respect for the judges. I had been telly friends and family that I had a new favorite television show. Now I am telly the same people not to bother to watch. The judges blew it.

Dauwn on

There is no way that Jeffrey should have won! Uli’s line was the best! Michael was my favorite all during the show, but Uli did the best in the end. And… I still believe Jeffrey had help. His face told it all when he was accused.

amiee on

If I was a judge I would’ve choosen Uli I loved her collection it was gorgeous! But, I understand why Jeffrey won, he was able to tie all of his pieces together without making the same piece over and over again. His collection seemed to flow. It also was innovative, and well constructed. I think he would do wonderfully in the couture world. But as for something I would go out and buy, I’d snap one of Uli’s dresses up in a second!

caryos on

JEFFREY GREAT JOB congratulations !!!!! You deserved to win and I am glad with the judges’s honesty because you are so talented ,and you were the only one who took real risks with your collection and know all about design !!!.I predict you will have a successful future in the fashion world and your designs will be around the world and of course I cannot wait to buy your jackets and pants!!!! Jeffrey you’re a hero !!!… I admire your self-confidence and personality concentrated in your goals . When people are totally full of envy like Laura will never win!!!

melie on

WOW!!!!!!!I am a PR fanatic and i have to say after last nights show I’m not sure if i want to see the next season. Jeffreys line did not do it for me but i guess the judges felt that he needed to win…heidi change the judges I’m sorry nina and mark u got to go!

Mia on



Michael was my guy, but in one night, Uli made me a believer. Her collection was remarkable and a welcome departure from the similar styles she used the rest of the season. If I ever have the money, I’ll look her up! Meanwhile, Jeffrey??? I figured they kept him on the stage for drama at the end- until Uli walked away, I wasn’t convinced they were serious.

ch on

jeffrey disgusts me and i hated his clothes his last dress was the only decent thing shown. uli had the very best collection by far. i am seriously dissapointed in PR. even Laura had better designs than jeffrey.

Amber on

Apparently, if you’re an unpopular, hateful person, you’re guaranteed to go far on PR. I figured out early on in the season that despite his lack of talent, Jeffrey would make it to fashion week, just as Wendy Pepper and Santino had done before him. But I certainly wasn’t expecting the judges to make that ugly, nasty little man the winner.

The only Bravo show Jeffrey should have appeared on in the first place is “Queer Eye.” I’d love to see the fab five get their hands on him!

Lee Ann Havey on

The winner should have either been Laura or Uli. Their collections were beautiful!!! Jeffrey’s collection did not have one wearable item. Plus he was a jerk. I am starting to think that some segments of the show are staged. The designers appear to be acting. i think the accusation the Jeffrey didn’t do his own work was merely an attempt to boost ratings and add some drama to the show.

Baykham on

Oh!! my god. What was the judges thinking. Uli should have taken that tropy home. Jeffrey designs was everywhere and he went over budget. Uli should have won….!!!

wondergal on

Based on the look of Jeffrey’s final collection, class and taste have taken a holiday so hideous could move in. What woman or girl with taste would wear even half of what he showed? UGLY!

I agreed with the judges’ decision that Michael needs a bit more time to develop, and it’s clear he has incredible talent.

Laura’s final collection was stunning, but predictable if you saw most of her work throughout this season’s shows.

If anyone seemed a clear winner, it was Uli, whose collection was total class from the first piece to the last. Every piece was more stunning than the one before it and I hope she has nothing but runaway success in spite of the lackluster final judging.

Tausha on

Yea, I agree that Jeff should not have won. There was no way his collection was any good compared to Uli’s, Michael, and Laura. Project runway you have lost a viewer. It’s time to bring new judges to the scene…

t on

i was not happy with the judges decisions. i thought michael knight has done the best over the whole season, but uli’s collection was by far the most wearable and most attractive!!! jeffery should have been kicked off weeks ago – i understand that he has his own unique style, but i think it should have ben uli or michael!!!

Daph on

The judges robbed ULI! While Michael was my favorite all season long; ULI’s collection made her deserve to win. I was shocked at the outcome.

Victoria on

No way Jeffrey should have won. Uli’s collection was absolutely fantastic. I would wear ever single piece in her collection. She is great! The order should have been Uli, Laura, Jeffrey & Michael.

Sue G. on

Sure I had a favorite but I could understand how Michael, Laura, or Uli could have won. But to have Jeffrey win?! I was telling my friends and family to watch Project Runway, now I am telling the same people what a joke the show is. I know I will never watch again. You judges really blew it and I think you know it. Time will tell. Get ready PR…no one will buys Jeffrey’s clothes and I’m sure Uli, Michael and Laura will have great success in the fashion industry.

Peggy on

I am so sadden that Jeffery won. I will never buy his clothes. It looks like he is a rich spoiled brat, Mommy must have rented his office space, because how can go from a junkie to having such a large Co. with employees. Something doesn’t fit.
Also,he has no respect for woman , that showed all through the PR shows.
Once a junkie always a junkie. Lets hope the money doesn’t end up in his arm.

Peggy on

Uli Uli!! Uli should have won!

Pauline on

That really is it for me, I will not watch any more of Project Runway EVER what a waste on my time. What is it with you guys are you all just terribly bored on drugs drunk or blind. From the beginning Jeffrey had the worst professional and personal altitude and the most hideous unwearable clothes. Does it just have to be the most bizarre to get your attention? Uli was most definitely the winner and I personally will look for her designs here in South Carolina. I know of no one among my personal friends who thought Jeffrey should win this competition. and judging by the mail I see many agree. I understand ratings, but this time I think you have gone too far out of your way to make this show appealing with your choices of keeping the publics attention. Please tell me where I will be able to purchase Uli’s collection In Charleston South Carolina.

Kelly on

I think all of you people are crazy. Jeffery defiantly deserved to win. The only reason people were accusing him and giving him a hard time was because he is already a seasoned designer with a name for himself. Everyone else was just jealous. And so what if he has a badass attitude? Sometimes you have to act like that to get places. That’s the real world for you. You can’t always get everywhere with a smile and a cupcake.

Way to go Jeffery!

Becky on

ULI, LAURA and MICHAEL are the real winners! They followed the rules and did what a designer should do.
Regardless of Jeffrey overcoming his self inflicted addictions, that is still no reason to make the other three (obvious)designers suffer. They did not play the self pity card on the show and I commend all of them for it. Uli, if anyone, should have the sympathy. She overcome a life that was handed to her in a world that we would never understand. This show just goes to prove that the world does not do what is right anymore. I would love to know where we can buy Uli and Laura’s collections. They bring dignity to a country that is going to —- in a hand basket.

Wendy on

Hey Kim (referring to comment at 12:28:45), from all the comments I do see where we applaud success. I liked Jeffrey’s work ethic, but his poofy dresses were similiar. Remember his yellow creation? (Which was perfection and a better choice for Fashion Week in NY).
If you are so sad, please take something for depression. Fashion will always be defined by the age of its targeted consumer, after all, when I am in my thirties, I will not want to be wearing what I can flaunt and flash right now. There is a place for all of these undeniably talented designers, but most of us just do not feel that this journey we faithfully followed each Wednesday evening represented us. Which is ironic because that is exactly what most of these fashion mavens (ahem, Nina) have in mind obviously. None of us. I think I am finally getting it. Maybe the models have figured it all out all along and all the barfing and fainting is really a silent screaming protest for being highly paid human clothes hangers. I feel sad for them right now. *sigh*

KAT on

I too will never watch PR again. As soon as they said Jeffery you are the winner, i turned off the t.v. said Never Again, I watch that whole season, repeats and all. His final dress looked like something from the circus. Laura and Uli were my favorite. His stuff is U.G.L.Y. I can not wait until I can buy a little black dress by Laura and keep it for life, and never go out of style and never look like a freak. Like Jeffery.

peachykeen on

I am not a big jeffrey fan, especially after the way he treated Angela’s mom. But I thought he should have won. the judges are looking for edgy and innovative, someone who would push the envelope. Uli is very commercial, and yes, I would wear everything in her collection. But it isn’t new or innovative. Uli’s collection was off the chain, just absolutely beautiful. But I don’t think this is what PR is about. The show is about finding the next great designer, and that takes someone who knows who they are and can convey that in their designs. I don’t think Jeffrey cheated; I think he just worked his ass off for Bryant Park. Michael, my love, (I just LOVE HIM), will have time to grow and become the next ralph lauren. I have no doubt that michael will be the next great American sportswear designer.

jj on

project runway was one of my favorite reality shows until last night. jeffrey was given government cheese by making it to the final 4. his line looked like well made halloween costumes. jeffrey enjoy this 15 mins you have no talent. micheal, laura and uli you were robbed. these so called judges should be ashamed.

Keia on

Being that this program is pre-recorded…I’d like to know,if anyone knows what the other finalists are currently doing.Jeffrey may be talented,I’ll give him that.However, he is an arrogant SOB!Best wishes to Michael,Laura and Uli.I look forward to, seeing your names on clothing labels, at my local Macy’s very soon!

melissa on

I think that Jefferey is a loser and he should have lost. I loved Laura the whole time and loved her collection last night, but Uli should have won. Jeff had help, there is no question, and with his receipt and he sent all that stuff out for someone else to do, then that still shows that he did not do it himself and should not have won. He was over budget, all the judges said nothing but negative things, and then he won….PLEASE! I was very disappointed with the winner, and I think that the judges, if they go back and watch other episodes, they will see they made a bad pick.

Ali on

Michael or Uli should have won. Laura was same old boring Laura and Jeffrey was Jeffrey.

peachykeen on

Oh, Peggy that was mean. Jeffrey worked his butt off to build his company. Guys, this competition is not about who will sell the most or who is the most likeable. PR is about finding the next great American designer. He/She doesn’t have to be nice or polite…just great. No, most of us would not wear Jeffrey’s clothes, but most of us couldn’t afford his clothes anyway. These people may create a Target line as an afterthought to their high-end line, but don’t get it twisted: none of these designers is trying to find space at a mall store.

CC on

I am so glad that he won. His clothes have always been great all through out the season. I also like Micheal’s clothes as well but I was very dissapointed with his last collect at the finale. I love clothes that are one of a kind and agree that Jeffrey has a Vivienne Westwood look. I say if famous people like and wear his clothes then he is doing something right. Congrats Jeffery. You go boy! I look forwar to buying his line.

Kerri on

I’m so glad Jeffrey won! We were high-fiving all over the house last night. There was only one outfit he did the entire season that didn’t look runway ready but I still liked it. He is innovative and likes to shake things up. He takes chances. I loved everything Michael did… until Bryant Park. His collection was street-walker ready, not just street ready. Laura’s collection was just more of the same, but this time with feathers and frill. BORING. Every designer out there is doing what she did. I was sure Uli would win it… her collection was very fun… but again, more of the same that we saw during the season with only a few unique pieces. They were looking for innovative growth and the willingness to experiment, which is what will invigorate the fashion industry. Jeffrey has that.

And the fact that he won and not Laura… well, that is just gravy. :-) Laura was so confrontational but in a back-handed way. Look at all the beading on her stuff… who is to say she didn’t have outside help. In my experience, someone who is suspicious of others is doing wrong themselves. Liars think everyone lies… Laura is not the nice person she tries to show everyone she is.

becky on

michael should have won!

turkey on

I was surprised at how sad I was that Jeffrey won! It was truly a disappointment. He showed poor sportmanship throughout the season, he has a huge ego, and his attitude just sucks. Not a winner in my books…

melissa on

I think that Jefferey is a loser and he should have lost. I loved Laura the whole time and loved her collection last night, but Uli should have won. Jeff had help, there is no question, and with his receipt and he sent all that stuff out for someone else to do, then that still shows that he did not do it himself and should not have won. He was over budget, all the judges said nothing but negative things, and then he won….PLEASE! I was very disappointed with the winner, and I think that the judges, if they go back and watch other episodes, they will see they made a bad pick.

George L on

Jeffrey ROCKS!!!!!!
Im really happy he won! Hes innovative, strong and has great talent!
Im glad Laura didnt get the prize!!!
Go Jeffrey!!

jbo on

I feel like everyone else. I mean, I think the outcome of last nights show was so disappointing. Did they feel bad for accusing him of getting outside help, and then watching him sob like a biotch? I don’t know. But if you think about it, they never pick fan favs. Last year, I really thougth that Daniel or the other guy should have won, but they didn’t. They picked the underdog. I don’t know why they picked Jeffrey…I don’t think we’ll ever know. I absolutely love Michael’s collection the entire season, however his dressier outfits were toooooo tight looking. Laura had that “sophisticated woman” down packed, and if I were a CEO or someone like that, I’d always buy her clothes. But, I have to give props to Uli, becaus her collection was awesome. There wasn’t an outfit I wouldn’t wear, and the green dress at the end was tooooo cute!

MGM on

I thought ULI was robbed. To me, Jeffrey’s collection was a joke of circus costumes. I may be out of the scope of what innovative clothing is, but I thought his pieces were a mess put together in a drunken stupor. Michael needs to grow and expand. Everything was alike, same thick belts… nothing really interesting. Laura’s were classic, gorgeous, beautiful workmanship, looked expensive, but nothing MAJOR that would stick in your mind until you had it in your closet. Uli’s outfits were young, vibrant, flowing, free, comfortable looking pieces and she would sell everywhere and to anybody, either with little or a lot of $$ resources.

Becky on

Please get off of the know it all attitude people that we do not know that PR was about finding the next great American designer. WE KNOW THAT! Fashion has to be bought! Who buys fasion? We do, the consumers. Last night was a joke and who cares about popularity. Fair is fair and regardless if the judges thought Jeffrey was innovative his designs made me feel like I was watching a reality show on Cyndi Lauper. Many people are innovative (home designers, automotive designers and so on) that doesn’t mean we have to buy or like junk.

Evy on


peachykeen on

I agree with a previous post that the judges just don’t get Michael’s demographic. Michael Korrs said it bordered on bad taste, but he needs to take a look at some of the music award shows. Rappers, singers, young black hollywood, etc., will be lining up for his stuff. Michael is going to be a great designer, but I don’t think he should have won. I think Uli did a fantastic job, and I take offense to Michael Korrs’ comment that her adding color to her line threw it off. Uli replied that she didn’t want to make the entire line muted colors. But I think she could have designed for angels and michael korrs would still find fault with it. his mind was made up.

d.w. on

Yes, Jeffrey did deserve to win. His collection was the most original out of the four. He also, each week, kept pushing the envelope. He should of won more than what he did.
Laura on the other hand did not deserve to win. She does not play well with others or is sharing.

Mariella on

A fair contest? I don’t think so. So Jeffrey won even though he not only went over budget, could not produce a receipt for the shorts? that means he was even more over budget what the people in charge of checking did’nt realize?. Give the public a break we are not that stupid. Fool someone else. PR supports cheating is not fair and every person who watches it should know that by now period.

LeAnna on

I am not going to watch this show anymore. Jeffrey totally had outside help and did not deserve to win. Uli and Laura both hands down had better outfits. Laura is so Ralph Lauren!!! I would wear everything she made and feel elegant doing it. Jeffrey was mean and tasteless in life and it showed in his designs.

Janice on

I liked Michael at first, until his outfits started to look a wee bit trashy. Ule was getting tiresome — we don’t all want that Miami look, all of the time. Laura should have branched out more, as the judges said. I’d like to see her idea of a business suit. And the guy who won? Sorry, way too punk for me.

JW on

If innovative means ugly than Jeffrey is the clear winner. I however wouldn’t dress a dog in that garbage. AS for Nina saying, “these are the clothes we want people to buy” (previous challenge) why would anyone want the clothes advertised by Elle magazine. Geez, people get some taste. Uli or Laura should have won. Both showed style taste for women.

Joyce on

I was happy to see Jeffrey win. His collection was very cohesive and I would wear each and every item. Jeffrey brings his own ideas which help his collection to be exclusive. I was a big fan of Michael from the beginning and wanted him to win but I was not impressed with his collection last night. He is so talented and did not show what he can really do. The collection that he presented was very basic and I was quite surprised because he had showed so much througout the season. I am sure someone will reach out to Micheal though because his work is exceptional.

Wendy on

Peachykeen, your comment at 12:58 pm surprises me since the winner will be mentoring with I.N.C. by Macy’s, & I think they will be featuring some of Jeffrey’s concepts into their fashion line. Their clothes are very affordable, and surprise, they are available at any given mall nearest you. No doubt when these designers do showcase their collections, they will be fit for Rodeo Drive. If they are designing for the stars, someone should have told me, and People should ask them for their opinion on the fashions we saw last night! (& I don’t mean Brandy)

JD on

I am dissappointed that Jeffrey was the winner of this seasons Project Runway. His garments target a specific, very small group of women….My 13 year old loves his stuff but there was nothing in his entire line the whole season that I could put on my body. THE JUDGES REALLY MADE A MISTAKE THIS TIME!!! Although I was a fan of Michael all season, his Bryant Park collection was trashy. Had he stayed with the styling similar to his “jet-setter” outfit in the runway show, he would have been the sure winner. The judges loved that outfit! Lauras garments are always exquisite but she too targets a limited group of woman…the chic, rich, Neiman Marcus crowd. Not everyone likes all that beading dangling all over the place and that was her downfall. Uli’s collection could be worn by any woman and was the most versitle. She showed her range at Bryant Park and proved that she is not just a “Miami” designer. I could and would wear every piece that came down that runway last night. You could see the theme as every piece made its way down the runway. Even my teenager loved her collection. I was not a fam of Uli all season…however, ULI SHOULD HAVE WON!! The fact that Jeffrey went over budget should have eliminated him immediately. He should have known how much her spent before turning in those receipts and taken the wigs out before coming back to Parsons. Nina, Micheal, Heidi…I am dissapointed in you!

Karen on

I think Jeffrey is very talented and his collection was incredibly cohesive. His designs over the course of PR, for me, a 46 year-old woman, were quite volatile… some I would wear, some I wouldn’t want anyone to see me wearing even on my best, thinnest, youngest-looking days.

Laura’s designs are consistently gorgeous, elegant and exquisitely executed. Having engaged in beading myself, my admiration for her work is a million-fold especially given the beauty of her artistic placement of each bead. It is clear that Laura pours love into each garment that she produces. She is designer… she is an artist.

I don’t know what happened to Michael. I loved some of his prints, but the whole solid color laced-up neckline thing got old very fast and its repetition from garment to garment was very bizaare. It is amazing that Michael went from being the audience top designer to a runway disaster. This is especially true since he chose some designs based on work that had drawn criticism in earlier PR episodes. Self-sabotage? However, I think it was great that Michael used his winnings to get himself braces… very cool!

Like many who have posted, I think Uli was clear winner last night. The audience was so very enthusiastic about her collection after it came down the runway. And, sure, maybe there wasn’t a great thread between the prints at the end… but if you know Uli… there doesn’t have to be. THE COMMON THREAD IS ULI.

She has designed some beautiful pieces throughout the entire show and was consistently praised yet cast aside as the winner of several competitions to my confusion. Her use of color is stunning. Her clothing will sell. All women regardless of age can find something to wear in her designs. I can see her clothes being altered to appeal to every woman regardless of body type. For this reason, I am shocked that the judges did not choose Uli as the winner. Not only do I believe she was last night’s BEST OF SHOW… awarding Uli top designer makes good business sense.

Finally… is this just a relection of our embracing political correctness to its ultimate??????? What is wrong with awarding a blond-haired, blue eyed woman the top prize?

Sudsy on

I was hoping Jeffery would win – didn’t think he would – I thought Uli was going to take it away.

To my surprise he did win!

I think Jeffery showed depth as a designer. Mike was good, but we’ve seen better. Laura created the same thing – cocktail dresses. Been there – seen it. She might be a good seamstress, but she needs to work on design. Uli was good, showed depth, but showed us the same before. Now, Jeffery – he surprised me. He showed depth and creativity. He went for a stretch and it worked. I loved the leather pant outfit. Wow.

Good for Jeffery. I’m pleased with the judges.

Divya Shenoy on

You cannot have two horrible pieces and win Project Runway!! How is tht possible? Jeffrey’s blue pieces were BAD! and Laura and Uli had cohesive collections and Jeffrey won??? Come on, they really should let America judge this thing. Although I hate Jeffrey’s personality, even just judging on his work he should not have won with those two out of place pieces. I hate how Laura’s hard work was shafted as being boring when Laura and Uli are the designers I would wear. How about judging based on what is wearable????

jessica on

yes i do. i was for jeffery since the begining, i saw his stuff before the runway and i said if jeffery doesnt kicked out for the sewing issue he is going to win.

Laura on

Whoever writes this blog is a genius. And I bet she is HOTT too!

Wendy on

Joyce I have a question for you. Do you wear your hair in a colorful mohawk, and are you fond of doc marten boots? If so, then I do understand why you like Jeffrey. I prefer the pretty ugliness of L.A.M.B. myself.


I was really disappointed. I appreciate that Jeffrey has a “come back” life story, but I think if anyone under 5’7″ wore any of his designs, they would look hideous. Overall, I thought the designs and sewing by Laura Bennett were the most beautiful. Her styling would probably look best on of women 25+ and it’s probably too mature for “juniors”. Unfortunately, she did stick with formal wear exclusively for the final. (I’ll bet her sports or day wear would also be sophisticated and beautiful. Too bad. Uli is also great, but her designs generally follow a caftan style simplicity, but her fabrics are beautiful. I loved Michael, though as time passed, he lost a lot of inspiration when it mattered the most. Great season. Great designers. Look forward to the next one.

Kika on

I agree with everyone.. Uli should had won… her collection was beautiful…

Sarah on

I thought Uli was going to win, which would’ve been a complete shocker after her monotonous designs throughout the competition. I love Michael, of course, and still think his designs were fabulous. Jeffrey should not have won, bottom line, because although he may be innovative, his clothes target a very small segment of the female population while Michael’s and Uli’s are more practical and would most likely sell much better.

Carrie on

Jeffrey won and DESERVED it. Thank God that he won – I was sick of seeing prints…

KG on

Fashion at its best should incite your emotions. Jefferey and his work can make you excited, angry, confused, happy. There is a spark in him and thats what I believe the judges went on. His collection was interesting, surprising, and pretty. Each of the other contestants collections could have been predicted. They showed exactly what I would have expected from them. Jeffrey’s future and talent are based on the spark that he has and his ability to incite his audience. He is the only contestant that the judges knew positively would be able to consistently innovate. I enjoyed Michael this season. He was by far my favorite person, but Jeffrey’s designs were simply better.

YO on


Leslie on

NO. Not only was Jeffrey a conceited, nasty jerk, but his collection was terrible and had nothing I would wear in it. Even a celebrity seen wearing most of it would get “what was she thinking?” comments. Though I thought Michael was very talened and a super nice person, I think the best collection was between Uli and Laura, with Uli just barely in the lead. I was stunned that the judges chose Jeffrey. What were they thinking?

Monica on

Maybe I was watching a different show than the judges because “seriously” Jeffrey winning was bah-noodles! I love Michael for his theme and desire to capture us beautiful African queens but Uli deserved the title. I’m sure Michael will be very successful with his art/vision in the fashion industry!!

me on

Jeffrey and Uli throughout the competition did excellent pieces CONSISTANTLY…..I’m not surprised Jeffrey won at all. Laura was just threatened by his talent obviously, that’s why she accused him and, of course, it didn’t work. I was disappointed by Michael’s collection…some nice pieces but some tacky as well. Laura had some beautiful pieces but not surprise factors at all.

And this show is about TALENT not personality to all of those who lose focus in this media driven society.

Joyce on

To Wendy who posted a message at 1:22. No I do not wear a mohawk nor am I a fan of Doc Marten’s. I did not ask you what you prefer or for your opinion. Last I read it asked for comments and that is what I did, I commented on last night’s decision. You may feel that Jeffrey did not deserve to win and that is your opinion. It is not accurate but who is anyone to judge what comes out of your mind????? Do not be mad because Jeffrey won, get over it like everyone else has to.

YO on

I want to add one more thing; if Jeffrey went over budget, I would like to know what the heck he used the money on…. his first couple of outfits were made out of the same material, those dots or stripes (red/white) or whatever they were! I did like the very last dress but zippers all over? Wh….. wh….. at??? Yeah, can’t be normal, got to spoil it by getting the dress a little “punk’d” don’t we?

Heather Long on

Great comments on this board. I personally would wear both Uli and Laura’s collections, as the clothes are woman-friendly and feminine. Michael’s line seemed a bit younger (than me) and maybe more urban, so I could not relate to it. I don’t understand the innovation of Jeffrey’s collection at all, but much of runway fashion is not “ready-to-wear” anyway. So I must believe that the judges can envision something in Jeffrey’s line that will be the future — for young people, for celebrities, but not for most women.

Quico on

I think the judges had too much to drink during cocktail hour. Were they watching the same show I was? I won’t say Jeff’s Collection was terrible, but he didn’t deserve to win. I still think he had outside help, other than what was acceptable, AND he went over budget. I love Michael Knight and I was on his team from Day 1, so I wanted him to win, but right behind him I was rooting for Uli. BUT JEFFREY???? Hell to the Naw!!

Bonnie on

Jeffrey did not deserve to win. I’ll admit that he is very talented and will probably do well. He definitely has the ego to fit in with the fashion industry. I don’t think he is a very nice person but being a decent human being wasn’t being judged in the competition. I generally loved Michael’s designs throughout the show but I was disappointed in his last showing. I thought Laura should have won because the detailing on her designs were spectacular and just lovely although I’ll admit that not practical for the everyday woman. I also loved Uli’s designs but they seemed to be too similar to everything she designed. But they were beautiful. I still think Jeffrey cheated and besides he went over budget.

Laurel on

I think Uli’s collection was the best out of all of them and like the judges said “all women are going to wear this line”. Uli seemed to get more remarks (good ones) then jeffreys. i really don’t see jeffrey’s line selling in the stores…and if it does, then i’m going be shocked. i didn’t find it too attractive either

Sam on

Jeffrey?? What were they thinking? Who wears that stuff except rock stars and fashion insiders? Like I can really see myself showing up in a green stripe dress with zippers all over it. Or worse, that I paid for it! I think it’s much more difficult and challenging to design for the “everyday woman” than a stylized conception of what she should be. Because someone is “meticulous” or designs outfits that are wearable – when did that become a bad thing? Uli or Laura should have won. It should be about what you can wear. If I want to see bad art, I’ll go to a museum.

Stacy on

What a hideous bunch of garments by Jeffrey!! YUCK! As usual, he makes clothes most human beings would never think of wearing. What are the judges really looking for? Someone who will make clothes for “average” people or someone who makes clothes for 1% of the population? Historially, it seems as though they always choose the latter. Will there be a PR4? Who cares, I’m done watching the show.

Erin on

I thought Uli’s collection was gorgeous! I was happy that she and Jeffrey were the final two, b/c Jeffrey’s collection was cool and innovative! I wanted either of those 2 to win. Prior to the last two episodes I thought it would be all Michael (I did not like his collection as much as the others in the finale). As a child I also read the Japanese fables and loved the artistry (to answer another blogger’s comments – maybe Gwen did too, as we are all similar in ages). I never believed that Jeffrey cheated, so I also do not think that he was copying a trend started by Gwen S. I think he’s great! Season three had the most interesting and funny people yet – I am sad it is over!I hope to see all of the final four (and also Kayne, Robert, and Allison ) in the fashion world in the future and wish them all the best of luck!!!!!!

Jon on

Seriously, I WILL NOT watch the show again. I value each spare minute I get out of life and to give this show my attention would be just criminal in my eyes. I understand life is filled with ups and downs, but come on. I hate to be mean, but Jeffrey’s clothing line looked like what you see on the final markdown in department stores (with the 75% off of already clearanced items). If we do stop contributing to this ridiculous style then we may as well just give into the goth world. I felt bad just looking at him during the season!

Kelly on

Uli’s collection was wonderful. Not sure how the judges came to their decision, but if they listened at all to the general public (which they did not), then Uli would have won hands down. My next choice would have been Michael.

Rachel H. on

Each designer is so unique and they each brought their own flair to the competition. I think Jeff’s overall designs are geared towards the fashion world for today. Each piece was edgy with a bit of whimsy. In terms of the overall design of Jeff’s work, his seemed more appealing to the younger audience. I really loved all of the designers pieces and think that they all deserved just as much attention.

Kay on

I totally disagree with the judge’s choice. I am crazy about Uli’s style and would personally wear every piece she designed. Her designs were, feminine yet classy. Jeffrey’s items were cute but not wearable outside of the runway in my opinion.

Sarah on

I hated Jeffrey the ENTIRE SEASON! Michael was my favorite, but his collection wasn’t that great. I wish ULI had won. I loved everything of hers, including her collection which was amazing! So sad Jeffrey took the title…

Tara on

I personally have always like Jeffreys style and designs. I did not like the way he treated people the whole time but I am extremely excited that he won! I think he is not only innovate and creative but is unique. I like Jeffrey and I am very happy about the win, the others were good but his designs were GREAT!! I cant wait to wear his stuff. I like Michael also but he did not step up his game. Congrats Jeffrey!!

jamie on

Michael definalty should have won hands down! i would have to say all the designers were very talented and they all did a great job in the end but i just love michael and his clothes were so cute. his collection was the only one i could see myself wearing

John on

What a joke! Plain and simple – I’ll never watch Project Runway again.

Jere on

I have never been a fan of reality shows. Having said that I can’t believe that I got hooked on this show, but I did and enjoyed it a great deal. However, I do not believe that Jeffrey should have won. I can’t see his designs having a very broad appeal. Michael’s seemed to lose his focus as the competition progressed. Laura’s desings were beautiful and so elegantly constructed. Having said this I believe that Uli should have won…hands down the most appealing collection. The judges admitted that every woman would wear them and Heidi stated that she would wear everyone of them. Jeffrey was an interesting choice as winner and one that I don’t personally agree with, but the show was entertaining. I think the fashion industry eats its young so it will be interesting to see how these four desingners do in the future. I think Uli, Laura and Michael (after maturing) will do well. Jeffery will oksy but in a limited market. Only my opinion and probaby not worth a tinkers damn. But hey……its America and isn’t it wonderful!

Lisa on

Uli was not just robbed, she was violently mugged in a dark alley. Her collection was BEAUTIFUL and deserved to win.

Jeffrey is not “innovative,” he is trendy. And if he ever wandered out of his stygian sphere long enough to notice the Hot Topic and RaveGirl shops at his local mall (or browsed eBay for vintage Betsey Johnson), he would realize it.

Griffin on

Michael was my favorite all season long, but I felt like his collection didn’t show all of his talent. I thought Uli and Laura’s collections really stopped the show. Frankly I would have been happy if anyone, but Jeffrey won. He was extremely rude and nasty to people the entire season. He never cared about anyone else and does not know the meaning of respect. How could the judges put him as the cover of Project Runway with an attitude like that. I think Uli should have come away with it all!

Christie on

Started watching the show wanting Michael to win. As the collections were shown I could clearly see that Uli had a fabulous collection and should have won hands down. I was disappointed but not surprised that Jeffery was chosen as the winner.

Leslie on

I am so happy Jeffrey won. I knew him in 1989 from a place in Pasadena. I have not seen him in many years and was so happy to see him on Project runway. He is an amazing person now as he was in 1989. Congrats Jeffrey.

Leslie R.

jeanne on

Are you kidding me?? Jeffrey’s collection was not new or innovative, just plain ugly. What were the judges thinking? Who do they think would wear his “designs”. I am sooo disappointed they picked him….he has no class.

melissa on

I honestly did not like Jeffrey necessarily as a person, but when I saw his collection, I was extremely impressed. Both my sister and I sent back text messages saying how much we truly liked his collection. Great Job Jeffrey!

Lisa on

I LOVED Jeffrey and I’m so glad he won. He had the most versatile collection and I think he put himself out there more then any of the other designers. I jumped up and down when he won last night!! I cant wait for his designs in stores!!! CONGRATS JEFFREY!! YOUR AWESOME!!!!

Claudia on

Jeffery is no doubt the best pick! Uli’s was beautiful but way too summery. I’m sorry but Mike’s was too P Diddy for me. They looked like something out of a sexist Rap video.

Elle on

congrat’s to jeffery- it is well deserved. it seems to me that laura is the one that had the outside help. all that detail with the sequins and jewels and what-not’s! some one should’ve pointed the finger at her!

marta on

I think everyone hating Jeffrey has to do with his personality and his tatooed appearance. But hey, he’s an artist, right? Artists have a right to be different. I was disappointed in Michael’s collection, after seeing his work during the season. He didn’t didn’t stick to what he can best do, though his work was beautiful. Laura’s work all basically looked the same, with feathers and sequins added to each same look. I almost thought it should have been a tie between Ursula and Jeffrey. I would have run like Jeffrey, in getting every detail done ahead of time. I would be too nervous to be doing last minute things in the work room. I would have wanted everything done with perfection, done in my own home setting. To compare his detailed stitching to his work in the work place is not fair. He was under a very tight time limit under a challenge, where he did not have the time to perfect it. We all saw tape and staples added to outfits from all the contestants, as the clock was winding down. I loved the striped dress with zippers. How innovative and fantastic!

Crystal on

Uli got robbed!!!!

Lisa on

I LOVED Jeffrey and I’m so glad he won. He had the most versatile collection and I think he puts himself out there more then any of the other designers. I jumped up and down when he won last night!! I cant wait for his designs in stores!!! CONGRATS JEFFREY!! YOUR AWESOME!!!!

tammy on

I wanted micheal to win but i am glad jeffrey won over laura, She upset me in the way she acted in regards to jeffrey. great show

marta on

I think everyone hating Jeffrey has to do with his personality and his tatooed appearance. But hey, he’s an artist, right? Artists have a right to be different. I was disappointed in Michael’s collection, after seeing his work during the season. He didn’t didn’t stick to what he can best do, though his work was beautiful. Laura’s work all basically looked the same, with feathers and sequins added to each same look. I almost thought it should have been a tie between Ursula and Jeffrey. I would have run like Jeffrey, in getting every detail done ahead of time. I would be too nervous to be doing last minute things in the work room. I would have wanted everything done with perfection, done in my own home setting. To compare his detailed stitching to his work in the work place is not fair. He was under a very tight time limit under a challenge, where he did not have the time to perfect it. We all saw tape and staples added to outfits from all the contestants, as the clock was winding down. I loved the striped dress with zippers. How innovative and fantastic!

Beck on

I think we all need to remember the episode where Jeffery worked with Angela’s mother. Because designing for the customer is the whole point to fashion, seeing Jeffery treat his customer as he did and making a hideous outfit that she obviously hated wearing, just goes to show he does not have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry. At times Jeffery showed some decent pieces, but at other times, trash. His clothes will only sell to a very small market and I don’t think that shows innovation at all. If he really was innovative, he would know how to reach all markets. The judges critized Laura for only showing pieces in one area but isn’t that what Jeffery did? He only showed pieces that a small percentage of people would want to wear. No one even cheered for his collection during the show where as Laura and Uli received applause on many of their pieces. I love Michael and thought he showed a lot of range during the season but didn’t bring it during the runway show.

Don’t you think the other designers would have a much easier time making their line if they had the workspace Jeffery did?

He is so limited, I am really disappointed.

Ro-Digga on

From a woman who loves fashion, Uli was my first pick and then Laura. Jeffrey already has shops established and I have a smiliar Besty Johnson dress that was his final piece. Uli seemed more deserving of the final prize. Enjoyed Michael through out the show and was rooting for him but the collection wasn’t as strong.

Bitsy on

Come on people… have you ever seen the clothes at fashion week….. these are clothes that the average person would not wear. It think Jeffrey’s collection was hip and young…. that what you see at fashion shows. I hope Laura is at home with her child wrapped in a baby blanket with feathers…. Uli was great and I think it is what we would see in any department store. Michael has raw talent and we will see him in the future. Give credit were credit is due…. Way to Go Jeffrey!

marta on

I think everyone hating Jeffrey has to do with his personality and his tatooed appearance. But hey, he’s an artist, right? Artists have a right to be different. I was disappointed in Michael’s collection, after seeing his work during the season. He didn’t didn’t stick to what he can best do, though his work was beautiful. Laura’s work all basically looked the same, with feathers and sequins added to each same look. I almost thought it should have been a tie between Ursula and Jeffrey. I would have run like Jeffrey, in getting every detail done ahead of time. I would be too nervous to be doing last minute things in the work room. I would have wanted everything done with perfection, done in my own home setting. To compare his detailed stitching to his work in the work place is not fair. He was under a very tight time limit under a challenge, where he did not have the time to perfect it. We all saw tape and staples added to outfits from all the contestants, as the clock was winding down. I loved the striped dress with zippers. How innovative and fantastic!

annie on

the judges made a bad decision. laura’s was the best and jeffery is a surly putz who probaly did have his clothes sewn by someone else.

Jill on

This entire time, I was hoping that Michael would win, he seems to understand what looks good on a woman, but when the runway show started I was suprised that Uli’s collection was the one that I could see myself wearing. I can’t believe that Jeffery won. His clothes are not complacent with what the average woman would want to wear. They are purly fashion, that stays on the runway, not sold in stores.



Jill on

This entire time, I was hoping that Michael would win, he seems to understand what looks good on a woman, but when the runway show started I was suprised that Uli’s collection was the one that I could see myself wearing. I can’t believe that Jeffery won. His clothes are not complacent with what the average woman would want to wear. They are purly fashion, that stays on the runway, not sold in stores.

Steph on

Uhhh!!! I can;t believe Jeffrey won. His dresses were good, but he should have been Auf’d along time ago. Uli had the best dresses on the runway but Micheal should have won.

Wendy on

Marta, you are sounding like a broken record. U like Jeffrey. We got it. We also got it that you know how to paste and post.

Leslie on

I was shocked that Jeffery won, as much as I like Michael his collection was o.k. Uli was the best and should have won. For the judges of PR to support and encourage a designer like Jeffery who is disrespectful, complicated, and given free reign to present clothes his way regardless of restrictions and instructions is sad. Thank goodness the rest of the designers have some real talent and will definetly make it in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, my disappointment is so great that I will not watch Project Runway again.

Elaine on

I was never a Jeffrey fan as I think his idea of fashion is a bit out there. Before the show, I thought Michael might win. I liked most of the line Michael presented during the fashion show as well as his clothing during Project Runway series. However, I liked all of Ugli’s line during the fashion show (and most of her clothing throughout the Runway series). I appreciate Laura’s talent, but sometimes, I thought her clothing was a bit over the top. For the most part, her clothing was sleek and sophisticated.
So, I was a bit disappointed that Jeffrey won as I liked his clothing the least out of the top four.

Lid on

I knew something was up when he and micheal was the bottom two and no one was kicked out!! arghhhhh…I thought Uli was first to win then Michael then Laura..but Jeffery won???? I wouldn’t even buy one of his outfits..I want to find out where I can find Uli’s clothes line…yo tell me!

LM on

I was hoping Uli would win, her collection was amazing and very wearable. She deserved to win in the end, although I liked Michael’s designs most during the season. Laura also did a fantastic job on her collection, I would not wear anything from Jeffrey’s collection, he didn’t deserve to win.

Lisa on

I think Jeffrey had some left over crack from his crackhead days and slipped it into the judges vodka. There can be no other explanation for Jeffrey winning….if crack makes garbage look like fashion, I’m headed down to the local crack house….

Marianne on

I can not believe Jeffrey was allowed to even show??? If doubt had not been cast on his workmanship, would the overage on the $8000.00 and the no show receipt for the shorts ever come to light?

I am a big fan of Laura’s…she designs more along the lines of my own taste…but Uli deserved to Win…she worked out of her element and then what she was comfortable with she blew the doors off in her show. The final green, print dress was amazing…and she does know how to dress a woman.

With the controversy over Keith, I was shocked to see that they did not have an issue with Jeffrey, and the way he scrambled for his receipts made me believe he knew he had gone over.

I really hope we don’t have a different discovery of Jeffrey’s work down the road…that he did have help…it would tarnish Project Runway going forward.

Ms. S on

I felt Michael or Uli should of won. But, my favorite of all was Michael.I loved every single outfit he presented. Even though, he didn’t win, I know he’ll be successfully. If I had the money,I’ll be buying his clothing line. I’m his “biggest” fan!!!!!!!!!

julia on

I love Jeffery and I am so happy he won. He was funny with his comments and kept me entertained! Especially making fun of the nerdy women. Wah wah wah…”Jeffery’s stuff is not wearable unless you’re skinny”…well go on a diet then. I would wear everything. His line is fun and cool…much better than Laura’s crap with bird feathers and beads….her stuff was boring. Uli’s was pretty yet predictable and as nice as Michael is his line was tacky. so shut up please with all the whining! good job PR…I will watch next season!

Nicole on

Jeffrey is a talented designer however he was not the best designer for this season. The final four are all equally talented; however Michael has the most original design for the masses. I am 23 years old and everything he designed I wanted for myself. Laura also had a well-constructed design but it was mainly for older professional women, which I think, is a huge market. Uli has a great eye for prints; I would also like to have some of her clothes. But Jeffrey is very retro-punk rocker look and to be honest there is too much of that crap already in the market. The most original designer on the show was Michael and he should have won the show.

Traci on

Jeffrey was innovative. He did a fantastic job. Laura’s work is good, as a tailor, but she has no creativity. Michael’s was a lost cause and Uli’s was great. But, Jeffrey’s collection stood out above the rest. He truly deserved to win.

haley on

i was rooting for michael ALL the way, but his collection didn’t really live up to his potential. out of all the clothes in the collections i would of worn jeffrey’s line definitely. i think it was young and more now than any of the others. if i wanted to go to the beach or show half of my chest, i would like uli’s stuff, and if i wanted to be a 40 year old uppity woman laura’s would of been good. i think based on the lines jeffrey deserved the win.

Alison on

Loved Michael’s stuff until the final show. I thought it was good, but I wasn’t in shock. I thought Uli had what it took–her collection was beautiful. Laura’s collection was pretty and I think she’s extremely talented, but I wasn’t blown away. Cheaters never win? Kind of funny how when Jeffrey went $200 over budget, he removed WIGS. WIGS!!! How convenient that he brought them. They looked like “street-walker” wigs to me. He has a horrible attitude and complete lack of respect for other peoples feelings. I don’t have a problem with the way he looks–that doesn’t matter at all. I’m so disappointed. So all in all, he doesn’t provide proper receipts, his collection constuction is questioned, he goes over the allocated budget, and he wins. Way to go, PR, I really thought you would choose someone well-rounded, an actual winner.

Sheila on

No way should Jeffrey have won. Would you wear ANY of the outfits he made, cuz I know I wouldn’t. I think Uli should have won, she without a doubt had the best collection and I think every single piece of hers I would have worn. I definitely think Jeffrey did have help and between that and going over the $8,000 budget, they let him off easy. What a scam…

maggie pabon ruiz on

I personally think that uli should have won her collection was awesome! the judges made the wrong desicion.Lauras collection was so classy and elegant . Uli is going to be famous.

Kristy on

Hands down, who would I wear, Uli’s….that is my style. Whether or not Jeffrey deserved to win, that is to each own’s personal opinion. The judges were looking for something beyond the norm. That is what fashion designers do….who really honestly wears clothes off the runway? Not many average people. I fell in love with all the characters and my favorite four made it to the end. I loved that Laura was firm and blunt, Michael was a sweetie, Jeffrey was freakin hilarious (Angela totally bugged but I still sympathized with her), and Uli was cute and foreign. Great show…I am addicted now!

amanda on

I disliked Jeffrey throughout the entire show due to the fact that he is such an A..hole. I only liked one outfit he designed the entire season (yellow dress he won with). I am sick that he won because he is a horrible person and I pity anyone that has to work/live/deal with him. HOWEVER, As much as it pains me to say, his collection for the runway show was excellent. I just hate to see such good fortune go to someone who is treats people like sh_t, is not just rude, but MEAN; he’s not just a jerk, but an A..hole. Just because he may have a past of being down on luck and rehabed from drugs doesn’t excuse his rotten, negative, nasty personality. But I do agree with the judges – they probably didn’t want him to win because of him demeanor but had to choose him because he really had some great pieces for the show. Anyway, love the show – can’t wait for next year.

phenomenalfee on

ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh jeffrey u have to be kiddn with his HALLOWEEN COLLECTION Michael should have won the real world (NYC) is waiting for you do your thing :) Uli collection was nice but tht green dress was similar 2 jennifer lopez dress when she was w/p.diddy laura stepped her game up i’m mad all tht 4 jeffrey pls

Catherine on

I am so mad! I dont know if I’ll ever be able to watch PR again after this horrible decision. Jeffrey’s collection was not good at all….he did the same “Gwen Stefani” clothes he’s always made and he made the same dress he made in the last challenge just with different colors. I dont get that even though they hated the baby doll looking dress he made last time, this time is was worth the win. And I’m sorry but Uli’s collection was NOT great either….it was all that ugly silver material with a khaki bottom-YUCK! I have wanted Michael to win from the get go, but I thought his collection was just okay. Overall, Laura could have been more versatile but her collection was STUNNING…like Michael Kors said, she had an “$8000 budget but the collection looked like it was $30,000.” She should have won…

KT on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won. I wouldn’t buy his outfit. Uli and Michael designs are much better. I would be happy if either Uli or Michael win.

GC on

I watched each season, religiously. I was did not agree with the choice for season one when they chose Jay over Kara and this year choosing Jeffery over Laura or even Uli. Laura’s creations were so well done.(I have no idea what happened to Michael. Big dissappointment) Last season the decision was on the money with Chole, as winner. Very classy, exceptional craftmanship, like Laura. I realized this season that the judges have some other agenda. I don’t know what it is. I would venture to guess it TV ratings. Jeffery was sleazy and mean spirited. Not that being nice should be a criteria, I guess. Anyway, next season I will browse the program, maybe, I will no longer be an avid watcher. The ending this year was anti-climatic for me. I could not believe that Jeffery was kept as long as he was, guess he was good TV – go back and look at each of his creations- and that he won.

I no longer respect the judges opinions. I think they have to consider more than just the best designer. So, I’m done.

emily on

this situation does not amuse me.

tessa on

i wonder how friends/girlfriends/employees did jeffrey get to write nice things about him?
the judges loved him…one of my pet peeves with mags like vogue and elle (thank you nina) is that the designs they show are perhaps art pieces but unwearable..
mags like lucky, marie claire, even allure are a little bit more based on reality…it was all for ‘show’ and i like most others believed he had help..
he was mean spirited throughout, could not handle pressure in any way other than lashing out (laura, angela’s mom)…come on…
michael kors shame on you, considering the type of designer you are…how could you go with jeffrey…his clothes are not wearable, they hated one blue dress, went over budget, and still he won..
a true designer (lagerfeld, valentino, oscar, stella, dolce and gabbana) know women and how to appeal to them.
kudos to ulli and laura…i loved laura’s class work throughout, but ulli rocked them out of the water last night…ladies much success…michael will have his day when he matures and sees more of the world outside of atlanta…
again judges you flacked up

Heather on

just wanted to comment on a lot of the posts i have been reading.
I know that Michael was the crowd favorite- and i like him as well, but his collection was not as good as his individual pieces throughout the show- even if you like him as a person. Laura- her collection was exquisite as always and she will have a great future designing in her niche.
Uli and Jeffrey had the best overall collections for the Bryant Park runway show. And whether you like Jeffrey as a person or not his collection as the judges said had the most innovation. they are looking for someone who is not only talented but who will bring something new to the fashion world. And while i would wear most of Uli’s beautiful clothing her designs were more ready to wear and classic, which by the way is not a disparaging remark… Jeffrey’s collection had a vision, the collection looked like a cohesive collection.
I personally would have like to have seen all 4 win based on their types of styles and overall likeability- but when you look at the collections objectively and also objectively look at what the judges are looking for in a winner you can see why jeffrey was chosen.
And to the comments of people not wanting to buy his clothing because he is a mean person, then unfortunately you should start making your own clothing because the fashion world is so very cut throat that i dont know of one person in the industry who has been nice all the time to get where they are.

WestWingPotus on

Uli: was totally robbed. I hadn’t actually given her much attenton before, but she stepped up and created a line that both pushed her own boundries AND will sell to the average woman. She also did the biggest variety in her her line.

Jeffrey: I don’t think he cheated and I don’t dislike him. His collection is interesting, it’s more art than wearable. And as evidence by the the last three evening wear outfits he showed, he can’t design evening wear to save his life. And to have won with not one, but TWO really terrible evening wear outfits in his collection is something I don’t get. he’s got talent, but for a very narrow market.

Michael: I was disappointed with Michael’s choices, going the 70’s blacksploitation look. It’s like because he won with that pam grier costume (and it WAS a costume) he thought more of the same would be better. He’s much better than that collection showed.

Laura: There’s no denying her stuff is beautiful, elegant, and sophiticated. But all evening wear, all the time doesn’t show a range of abilities and makes her a one trick pony. Thers is a market for these clothes, but it’s not the off the rack ready to wear.

Ames on

I thought Uli should have won, defintely. Her collection was basically everything they complimented Chloe for in winning season two – clothing that showed off the female form the best. That makes me think they were afraid of having their winners seem too similar, and decided to go with “edgy” Jeffery. I thought his collection was good, but not great, and didn’t show as much range as they said. He only appeals to a small demographic. Plus, it ticks me off that Michael Kors was criticizing Uli for doing prints all year, and then when she only did 1/2 prints, he said the colors were boring. I think he liked Jeffery all along, Nina too. I got the impression Heidi prefferred Uli though. The crowd liked Uli the best.

Karla on

Uli was robbed….America has let PR know what a joke last night was…If you read any blog out there today, it show that America loved Uli!! Women, who go out and buy these clothes, love Uli!! The judges dropped the ball on this one big time!!

Clay Aiken/Rubben Studdard all over again people!!

Mari on

Please don’t let Project Runway suffer the fate of reality shows like American Idol and pander to the taste (or primarily lack of it) of the public. Let the experts who know what they are doing judge. Jeffrey’s collection was the only one that scored high on innovation, cohesiveness, and comprehensiveness.

Amy on

Jeffrey is far from a designer. His collection was awful. There was not one thing redeeming about it. The other three designers ran circles around him. His designs looked like a bunch of streetwalkers.

J on

Nooooo! How on earth did they choose Jeffrey with that uncohesive collection? And what was with him trying to make ‘Uli-style’ dresses??!! His work and attitude are both classless.

Stephanie on

I kind of figured that Jeffrey would win because of all the controversy they showed on him the last two shows. I totally think Uli should have won, although she wasn’t my favorite (Michael was), but her collection was amazing. I want to know myself where I can get her clothes!

LP on

I live in Miami and to be completely honest I did not like much of Uli’s clothing throughout the show or her finale, as for Laura I feel like she designs clothing for a more mature audience looking to go to a really expensive place where you can actually wear that stuff. I did although love Michael throughout the entire show and wish he could have won but I think that Jeffrey’s whole finale was great and I personally would wear that stuff!

June on

Was disappointed Jeffrey won. Thought Uli’s stuff was nicer, as well as Michael’s…and Jeffrey just didn’t seem like a very nice person. While I give him a thumbs up for kicking drugs and alcohol, he has a long way to go with his social skills. Very disappointing ending to Project Runway.

Deanna on

I personally loved Michael his designs were so unique…He should have won Project Runway.

Tahloola on

I think all of the final 4 designers have great talent and will each find their niche in the fashion world. I take consolation that the non-winners will still find their way. However, I’m completely disappointed in Project Runway, the show, though. They have now officially gone the route of all so-called “reality” shows and pumped up the antagonist angle, even to the point of choosing him (Jeffrey) as the winner. This even as EVERY comment you read and hear says he should NOT have won. How predictable and how stupid for a show that supposedly picked this winner for his “creativity and innovativeness.” Walk your own talk, PR! You have now become a TV drama vs. a broadcasted talent competition. I had enjoyed seeing the weekly contests but I will never tune in to see you again. Project Runway, you have now officially jumped the shark!

barbara on

I liked Laura’s designs the best,and I would purchase her designs both for myself and as gifts. I think that Jeffrey cheated and any of the other three designers deserved it more than he did. It was very clear, that he did not do all of the work himself. I personally thought his designs were not that attrative and that they were only aimed at a young punk group. He did not have the wide range and talent that the other three designers did.

judy on

I thought Laura’s designs were phenomenal! What that woman can accomplish is astounding. I also loved Uli’s collection.

Amanda on

I’ve always been a fan of Alison-I was bummed when she was voted off….anyway, I defintely think Uli’s was great, but I think that Jeffery did a great job too. All in all it was a difficult choice. P.S. I couldn’t stand to hear Laura talk whatsoever….am I the only one?

carole martino on


Jackie on

Yeah!!! I absolutely loved Jeffrey’s collection! More importantly, after all the crap Laura made him go throug, it was sweet justice that he won! Uli’s collection was slammin too, so I wouldn’t have been disappointed if she had takenhome the prize. They both had very ready-to-wear clothes that were very relavent and now. I still love Michael and look forward to seeing what more he has to offer. They will all be a success. I live in Houston, and Chloe sells some of Emmitt’s and a few other season two contestants stuff at her store, so obviously, this is a launching vehicle for everyone involved (expect for Angela and those gosh-awful rosettes!!)

Elyse on

It boils down to each one of the designers has made their mark. Was I shocked the Jeffrey won, yes. Did he deserve it, yes. In the end Laura did her beautiful gowns, and I’m sure the show has launched her a career in gown and dress design. Michael (who was my favorite) didn’t quite step up to the plate. I was a bit disappointed with his designs, but he’s young and has alot of talent and a nice personality. He’s going places. Uli’s held back which was probably her downfall. But Jeffrey really suprised me with his final collection. It’s not about personality, it’s about design. He was able to come up with some really great pieces for the runway show. About him cheating, at first I though he might have also. But he was able to whip up that final skirt on the last day before the show to replace the shorts he didn’t have a receipt on. The guy has had a hard life, and has risen above it. His style is not my style but his collection did show that he is extremely creative and not one piece looked like another. I wish all of the designers good luck in the future. The show has launched all of their careers and can’t wait to see more of their work in the future.

blugirl on

I do think Uli was the true winner. I also still think that Jeffrey had help with his own on site “sewers” – so why on earth would he have receipts for this – and granted, this would be hard to prove – but anyhow, it is just a tv show in the end.

Gwen on


Carmen Daniel on

I have watched Project Runway since its debut, I have not always agreed with the judges and frankly with some of the winners it was the lesser of three evils. Last season the choice, Chloe. was right on the money. I do not think I will watch this show again after last night’s choice. I was always rooting for Laura, her clothes are truly beautiful, elegant and well made and wearable. Last night Uli’s collection was just so good that I would have been happy to see either one win. I agreed with the judges on Michael needing a little more seasoning, he seemed to change style midstream and his final collection was just not great. Jeffrey winning just dumbfounds me. There was not one of the woman judges that would wear Jeffrey’s designs. He demographics is so limited and one note. Hip Hop and young fadish teens. In fact I do not believe the Hip Hop would be there for long because they are grasping style,class and elegance. I hope that Uli and Laura will continue on with their careers and someone in the design world will see their worth to make women look beautiful and elegant.

Also, I would think the character of a person would play into the ultimate decision. Jeffery showed himself to be a of little character. He is not a likable, personable or for that matter a bankable designer.

Daisyjk220 on

This was rediculous!! Jeffery did not deserve AT ALL to win. Any of the other three deserve it more than Jeffery. Uli’s collection was definitely the best. But seriously what were the judges thinking. It was totally unfair to Michael, Laura and Uli. Hopefully they will be lucky and be able to get their own labels out there. Last night was such a disappointment I don’t think I will ever watch that show again.

Michelle on

I think the judges got it right. They explained their reasons, and that’s when it made sense. Michael’s did not look good – he should have gone with sportswear. Laura’s was pretty, but it was just that – pretty and nicely made, but nothing new. I liked Uli’s, but why did she have two dresses with the same material – one short and one long? Just what Nina said, her clothes will sell, but no new ideas. Her designs are prints in different versions of outfits. Jeffrey seems to understand fashion, and he made it all click with his presentation – fashion forward thinking. Plus, he was very gracious after Laura tried to sabotage him. He handled it like a professional. Shame on Laura for doing that. I LOVE Project Runway!

Jodi on

Jeff won? How the heck did he pull that off? That red dress and bathing suit were the most hideous things I have seen in a long time, almost as bad as Vincent’s work.
Loved most of what Michael did this season, but was disappointed with his runway show. I watched Jeff’s things and thought “okay, he lost”. Love Laura’s classic designs, but thought Uli should have won.
What a rip! I think the judges were smoking crack.

Rachel on

Since when does innovative mean unwearable? Red Polka Dots are innovative? Seems to me I had a red polka dot dress when I was three and it had a pinafore that was a lot nicer than the baby doll dress Jeffrey did. Seriously – who do you know that would walk down the street in Jeffrey’s collection?

I was rooting for Michael, but his final collection just wasn’t as strong as I’m sure he will get with time.

Uli’s was the clear winner. I didn’t really care about her one way or the other until the finale, but her colelction was beautiful!

Laura’s was classic – hopefully an established designer will pick her up to do evening wear for them.

Definitely my favorite season so far.

Side Bar: Can we get a Tim Gunn for President Campaign going? He’s awesome

Kim on

There was no suprise, when Jefferey won. I think he is the only one that went outside their comfortable limits, and really looked like a high-end designer. The others were very good, but Jefferey has something to say about fashoin. I loved Jefferey and his line!

sarah on

Uli’s collection was the best. I wasn’t a huge fan of her designs but in the end she blew everyone elses collections away. Michael was my fav but I had to give it to Uli. Jeffrey’s collection was lame. I would probably laugh at someone if I saw them walking down the street in anything from his collection.

Chris on

Time will tell who the real winner should have been. Michael, Uli and Laura’s clothes will be seen on real women in real towns all over America and, hopefully, World-wide. Jeffrey – your clothes will be worn by the weirdos who look like you – if they can afford them. Are wigs truly that expensive? If Jeffrey was $227 over budget and when asked on the runway about the issue, how did he become $400 under budget? Guess his maths and honesty are like his designs!!!!!!!

The TRUE designers are the ones who can design clothes for real people. Jeffrey was not only rude and obnoxious the entire show but the ‘Mothers’ show certainly showed his lack of abilities to be able to design for a Woman and to be polite to a client.

Michael, Uli and Laura all have class and talent. They will be successful because of what they can do and their personalities will take them far. Jeffrey – you were out of your league. You won but that doesn’t make you the winner.

Elizabeth Pyatt on

I could sense Jeffrey would win (like a horrible nightmare that you couldn’t wake up from). On the one hand, he’s edgy, but on the other hand he’s cliche edgy (and I think Gwen Staphani does do it better).

Uli had beautiful, original outfits even for the everyday woman…tropical prints never looked so street smart! I guess beauty is too “commercial” for the judges though. Sigh. In the long run, I’m sure people will be buying Uli’s outfits long after this season.

Congrats to Michael and Laura too. I thought Laura had her best showing too…what beautiful beading.

jamie warren on

Who added up the scores? Jeffrey was in last place, but they put him first. What the Elle?
Laura’s collection was just gorgeous.

Chris on

Time will tell who the real winner should have been. Michael, Uli and Laura’s clothes will be seen on real women in real towns all over America and, hopefully, World-wide. Jeffrey – your clothes will be worn by the weirdos who look like you – if they can afford them. Are wigs truly that expensive? If Jeffrey was $227 over budget and when asked on the runway about the issue, how did he become $400 under budget? Guess his maths and honesty are like his designs!!!!!!!

The TRUE designers are the ones who can design clothes for real people. Jeffrey was not only rude and obnoxious the entire show but the ‘Mothers’ show certainly showed his lack of abilities to be able to design for a Woman and to be polite to a client.

Michael, Uli and Laura all have class and talent. They will be successful because of what they can do and their personalities will help take them far. Jeffrey – you were out of your league. You won but that doesn’t make you the winner.

katie on

I love Jeffrey! I think he deserved it. Michael’s collection was very disapointing. Laura’s was nice, but she was obviously extremely jelouse of Jeffrey, why else would she make up that lie that he cheated??? Uli’s was nice as well, but it felt like the same old thing over and over again the whole season with her. I live im Miami, and no one wears those types of dresses down here. Im so glad Jeffrey won!



maria on

Jeffrey SHOULD NOT have won-yuck who exactly is going to wear his clothes he is gross and so are his clothing! YUCK YUCK, the judges need to get with it, Uli should have won or Laura. Im disgusted.

Tj on

Uli’s collection was great!!! I think Jeffrey’s wasn’t up to the level as Uli’s, and on top of it, he’s a drama queen. Thanks, but no thanks.

Ami on

This season’s PR was difficult to judge. I mean they did have four finalists instead of the normal three, right? In saying that, I think that they should have had two winners. These designers each have their individual flares and each was impeccable at conveying their messages through the clothing. Jeffrey’s line was a little softer and etheral with a hint of sinister compared to his usual stuff which was just edgy-his line exuded him 100%. I am glad that Jeffrey won but Uli really sent chills up my spine with her line. I was so impressed with her range-it was always the same printed fabric work throughout the show. I think to a certain degree she did get shafted but both designers are so different. I would like to have seen more than what we did when the judges were making their decisions.

heather P on

I am very disappointed. Jeffrey was my least fav of the final 4. I was hoping for Laura or Uli to win. I think they were the best deserving.

Anne on

Uli was the clear winner when her collection came down the runway. I get why Jeffrey won, but I still don’t like him.

Beth on

I agree like so many others that while Michael was my favorite throughout the season … Ulli’s collection was what I thought was the sure win!

Nix on

As for innovation, I think Jeffrey deserved the win. His collection had the most range of ideas and clothing. As for Uli, her clothing reminded me of Versace and Cavalli, as well as Micheal’s. Laura on the other hand, her collection looked more like Monique L’huillier’s collections, full of lace. Jeffrey’s collection was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, which is why I think he was chosen as the winner of PR. However, I think the judges should take into account whether or not women would actually want to wear the clothing, and given that, I think either Laura or Uli should have won. Micheal’s collection was also beautiful, but I saw many of the same pieces on the runway. Even though Jeffrey is an asshole, and should have been kicked off the show espisodes back, I’m happy for his win.

IAN on

I was somewhat disappointed that Jeffrey won. I think his vision is limited. He does not design for the average, everyday woman. But I can see Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and those types wearing his clothing.

Michael Knight was my favorite, but the pieces he showed during the finale of PR were too tight, like the clothing that strippers or hoochie mamas would wear. The judges were correct, he (Michael) needs to mature.

I was impressed with Uli’s clothing. If the judges thought she created clothing that most women would want to wear- why didn’t she win?

I thought Laura Bennett’s collection of evening wear would look great on any woman who is tall, thin and living in New York or Hollywood. But, again, the average woman in America are not wealthy socialites.

Brown Eyed Girl on

i totally HATE JEFFEREY!! wtf were the judges thinking??? mabye the designs looked better in person, becuase i was seeing a mess on the tv. i totally

Nick on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won…I thought the judges were much smarter than this. His work is juvenile and he should be dressing Barbie. I’m sure the contestant that designs for Barbie could use his help. Michael’s designs were incredible. Because of this I seriously question the judges taste.

Kaylie on

Uli, Uli, Uli! Like so many others posting here, I think that Uli’s collection was the ultimate. I’m also a Laura fan–wow, her dress with the chartreuse ribbon belt was incredible. Those two women had it all over the guys this year.

Tarzan on

You’ve got to be kidding me!@*&%!?!@&?! I couldn’t believe Jeffrey made into the final two, let alone winning it all. What a joke. It’s lowered what I thought was a pretty good show to a laughing stock. No matter how you slice it, Uli and Laura should have been in the top two. My winner would be Laura, but I could have understood and supported Uli’s win. But nasty Jeffrey with his disjointed, uncoordinated, all-over-the-place-like-roadkill, collection? About half his looks were marginal to good, with only one or two standouts (like the green/white striped dress). What were they thinking? Young and hip?….yeah, if you’re a drug-addicted, runaway street bum.

Tracey on

I was blown away w/how stunning Uli and Laura’s collection were, especially Uli. Her clothes were sexy, classy, sophisticated…as my grandmother would say, STUNNIING! She brought it on game day and should have won. C’mon, who is going to wear Jeffery’s clothes? Uli’s could instantly be placed in any retailer and women will flock to them. I’m very disappointed in the outcome for her. She is a classy lady w/a vision. Maybe the judges should tell us what their looking for early in the season because based on this result it certainly isn’t wearable styles!

Mo on

I fell out of my chair when I heard Heidi say Jeffrey. I’m still trying to understand the logic. What does this say about the show and the judges. What the heck where they judging? Maybe they felt sorry for Jeffrey, maybe they knew the others were bound to get contracts. Honestly, they lost me as a viewer I will not be watching next season. It’s a shame because I loved watching the show. Ask any designer and they will agree, it was betwen Jeffrey or Uli hands down. I loved,loved their designes. Now, I need to find out where I can buy them.

Christine on

I think that they made a big mistake. I think that Uli was the top runner. She was fabulous. What the heck were the judges including Heidi thinking. Even Nina Garcia stated that people were asking her how to get in touch with Uli doesn’t that tell you that she should be the winner.

Ana on

Valentino, Oscar De La Renta, Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen, are all high fashion designers that present collections that can be worn by the average women and have a sense of style that appeals to most audiences. Uli’s and Laura’s collection showed a form of sophistication and elegance unparalleled by the other two designers. Jeffery’s collection reminded me of a young Marc Jacobs. For all of you Fashionista that can remember, Marc Jacobs was fired by the Perry Ellis Company for his Grunge inspired 1992 collection. He was NOT fired because he lacked innovation but because of “his bad taste as seen in the eyes of the consumer”. Thank god he learned from his mistake and has done well with Louis Vuitton. Jeffery had great pieces through out the season but his collection was (how can I say this without being crude) A LOT OF UGLY.

After a collection has been present it is not unusual for members of the audience to place orders for their favorite pieces, as was done after Uli’s collection. Yes, Jeffery was innovative and out of the box but fashion is a business and like any other business MONEY$$$$ talks. Uli you were robbed!!!

Kristin on

Jeffrey’s collection was horrible and boring and appeals to about a 1/2% of the female population. I’m actually offended that they could think women would feel good in those goofy, punky circus designs. Did we not learn anything from the fiasco that was Grunge? Nothing about his collection was the beloved “aesthetically pleasing.”

This show has been a Godsend and made me so happy for three years. Now? I have no interest in ever watching the show again. Ironically Nina said it best – the taste level is just not there.

Angie on

I really liked most of Jeffrey’s collection that walked down the runway. However, I don’t believe this ONE performance was good enough that he deserved to win. I think the judges did NOT look at overall performance. I loved most of Michael’s designs overall, but I didn’t like most of his collection! There were only a few items of his I liked, and was disappointed with his collection because I thought he could do better. I liked most of Uli’s collection, with the exception of a few items. BUt Uli has either been great, or not great, and her collection was no different. I LOVED Laura’s collection! I haven’t really like too much of her stuff, but her runway collection was beautiful!! Overall performance, I’d say Laura deserved to win. Throughout the entire show, I wanted Michael to win, but his collection was disappointing.

Becky on

Who was it that said (in a previous challenge) — who does cowl necks? Apparently, quite a number of designers, if the catalogs are to be believed. Could this have been one of the judges who voted for Jeffrey? But I digress — I cannot believe that Jeffrey was chosen as the winner. He should have been “arfed” when he made that distasteful mess for Angela’s mother. Even if she was difficult, hello, earth to Jeffrey – your client should be your main concern. Jeffrey is a nasty, disrespectful freak and most of his designs reflect his personality. Laura, Uli and Michael’s designs were clearly superior to Jeffrey’s items and any one of them would have been a better choice. Come on, Project Runway, what were you thinking.

Sauce on

My jaw was on the floor last night, there is no way that Jeffrey should’ve won. His collection was beyond awful. Innovative my butt! His couture gown, which won, was a copy of Alexander McQueen. I wish Michael had a better collection, I really like his style throughout the show. But Uli was hands down the winner last night. The judges felt that Uli had a limited range with her prints. So, what do we say about Missoni whose prints are legendary? Laura had some beautiful pieces but she went a bit overboard on some of them with the feathers. I don’t know if I can watch Season 4 after last night. What a shame!

Chelsea on

OF COURSE THE JUDGES WERE WRONG!!!! The last time they chose CORRECTLY was season one’s Jay. Since then, they’ve become idiots! Jeffrey was the last on the WORLD’S list to win. Michael should have won – and if not hime than Uli should have won. Kors, Klum, Garcia – You truly upset the world of fashion with your choise.

Jane on

Uli should have won!
Jeffrey can’t dress himself or even brush his hair normally and he won…? UNBELIEVABLE! If his clothes do end up in Macy’s I don’t think there will be a lot of woman who will buy them, then in a week or so his ugly ass clothes will end up on a rack of a Thrift Store!

J on

NOOOOO WAYYYY!!!!! Jeffrey is a loser all around, no matter what the judges determined. I think he did cheat. It was all over his face. He was looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I think they should do a more thorough investigation – like interviewing the subcontractors who work for his other line OR making him take a lie-detector test. I mean are they that careless in releasing a $100,000 payout, car, etc., etc.?!?!

Laura’s work was jaw-dropping glamorous (my pick for the top prize!). The blonde model in the lace overlay/pants outfit was knock-em-dead, sexy AND sophisticated. Uli was great, too. She really showed her range. I could have understood her winning, too.

Michael – loved ya, but what a disappointment. It was street sleaze.

Jeffrey, your bad attitude and raunchy ways are going to come back and bite you on the a$$ eventually. Rock on with your bad self…right back to treatment facility for an attitude adjustment.

Tanya on

Uli should have won!
Jeffrey can’t dress himself or even brush his hair normally and he won…? UNBELIEVABLE! If his clothes do end up in Macy’s I don’t think there will be a lot of woman who will buy them, then in a week or so his ugly ass clothes will end up on a rack of a Thrift Store!

A on

Looks like PR peed off the majority of folk that made the show a success. I think that the producers should consider viewer opinions. It is us who makes them a success. We are now telling PR what we like, and don’t like. I expect an explanation of their bad taste in fashion before deciding to tune in again. These judges are supposed to be experts in the field of Fashion? I think they should all be forced to wear Jefferys designs for 1 month straight.

Katharine on

PR got their money’s worth. The viewership of this show has sky rocketed. Who DIDN’T want the lovely Jeffrey kicked off any number of times, including the last for cheating? All of us here have watched it, have had some pretty strong responses to last night. Jeffrey was clearly not the crowd favorite but the producers need those advertising dollars. Listening to the judges, you knew Michael had gone over the top and was gone, Laura they wanted to be someone else [what? what is wrong with craftsmanship and elegance? pullease. I’d rather have this kind of boredom.] Uli they all complimented. Uniformly. Jeffrey and his wacky, unwearable polka dot baby dolls and weird ass bubble shorts? not to mention the really bad blue dresses. It does make sense except that either the producers (exec prod = Heidi) wanted heightened drama or they simply skewed their votes toward a very small segment of the market. Come on, who really thinks that INC is going to produce this line AND put it in Macy’s. My gues is that it doesn’t move out of LA.

Not bothering with Season 4 – if I want my chain jerked, I’ll call my ex-husband.

spajcic on

I am sooo sick of people saying Mycheal Knight’s collection was SOOO horrible. Are you all just crazy? Yes, it wasn’t as wonderful as everyone expected. Because his designs were perfect week after week, people put him on this pedestal (as I did) and had over-realistic expectations of him. Project Runway had NEVER seen talent like that before. He was consistently good. Every single collection, with the exception of Uli’s, had some really bad pieces. Yet if you look at Mycheal’s collection piece by piece you will see how great it really was. Oh and how can anyone say Jeffrey’s was good… who the hell will wear those cloths. Are you joking me? I can really see Heidi or Nina wear his clothing; What a joke

Toni on

Uli should have won – hands down!!! Michael is talented and started off strong but lost his way. Jeffrey is the fashion equivalent of an American Idol winner. Loud but not much else. What a major disappointment.

janet on

What’s the point of being a faithful PR watcher all season have them play up Michael being the audience favorite, just to have it come down to the finale and although Michael’s final showing was a disappointment there was no way in hell that Jeffery should have been chosen the winner, Uli and Laura designs were clearly more beautiful and wearable for any women. I will no longer make time in my busy schedule for PR for you have left a bad taste in my mouth, proving that it’s not design nor talent you will honor. If a judge while leaving the venue clearly overhears many of the attendees request contact information for a designer, how is that not clearly the peoples choice. NEVER AGAIN!

SewingQueen on

All season of PR, I loved Michael’s and Laura’s work, but last night I was blown away by Uli’s designs. Hopefully, she will be desingning for Bloomingdales or someone else because Macy’s will be stuck with Michael!

Mari on

I loved Laura’s Collection… She should have won… I think she’s the designer most capable of pulling out a successful brand… Her collection was elegant but daring (think yellow belt on sequined gray)… I thought Uli’s was TOO tropical, and while it’s true that her look is flattering for most women, some of us live in places with seasons… Michael, unfortunately, went too Hip Hop, and Jeffrey is just copying Gwen Stefani… What’s innovative in that? And also I could not see what the judges meant when they said he has a great “range”… All I saw were informal clothes… His evening gowns were HORRIBLE… do not agree with the judges at all…

Gigi on

ULI!!!!! She was robbed, her collection was beautiful. I wasn’t really a Uli fan the whole season. I liked Michael and Laura but her collection kicked ass.

Katy on

you mean anyone but laura! laura has absolutely no other ideas, she’s just one note all the time. micheal’s collection was a disappointment to me but i did like uli’s though. jeffery showed range, what is wrong with jeffery? NOTHING! he is such a talented designer, most of yoy just don’t like him because of the “mom” episode. if you don’t think jeffery is talented then who is? vincent? i don’t think so and those people who said that will never watch the show again are liars. you know you’re going to watch the show, so what’s the whole point of writing i am not go in to watch the show anymore?

Piolito on

I would buy any of Jef pieces. They all suck to me.

Katie Dautel on

I can’t believe they would pick Jeffrey! Uli had the best collection and she didn’t have to prove she made it herself! He should have been kicked off the show for the way he treated Angela’s mom. I didn’t like Angela as a designer but the way Jeffrey treated her mom was inexcusable!

Lyss on

Eck, I cant believe it. Jefferys clothes were not exactly what I’d call fashion. They’re too odd, I wouldn’t wear most of his designs. It should’ve been Michael or Uli. What were the judges thinking?

Jen on

with regards to jeffrey, it’s not about personality or likeability. for all we know, donna karen or donatella versace could be biaatches too. yet lucky for them, their ‘behind-the-scenes attitudes’ are never displayed and their CLOTHES speak for themselves. this show is to provide an inside look into FASHION, how designers embrace and execute their creations. this show is NOT intended for people who judge fashion based on someone’s persona. so lay off jeffrey, or at best…think of another reason why he shouldnt have won besides “he’s a mean person.”

Yoko Tamanoi on

This season, though Michael was my favorite designer of the 4, I really liked Uli’s collection and thought she should have WON HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! WHY JEFFERY?

Tiana on

IMO, Uli’s collection was the best. Like the judges said, EVERY woman would want to wear each piece of Uli’s collection.
I think Uli deserved to win.

I loved Laura’s exquisite, glamorous collection, albeit somewhat limited. Her clothes are classy and elegant. There is a definite niche for her.

I also liked Jeffrey’s edginess and Michael’s collections, but hands down, Uli was the sure winner that evening.

sharon on

I have to agree with the majority of the comments. I love Michael, but Uli’s collection was AWESOME! It was full of color, life and it was fun. I couldn’t believe they gave it to Jeffery.

Shantae on

I really wonder if the judges know fashion when they see it. I am a big Micheal fan. But Uli “ROCK IT” last night. I want every one of her pieces. She was the clear winner. I only liked 2 pieces of Jeffery collection. The mosted “hated blue dress” I actually thought that was the best piece in the show. I guess fashion is not based on who will actually wear the stuff but who can afford to hang it in their closets for “show” I definately wish Mike,Laura and Uli all the best and hope to “wear your designs” soon.

lauren on

uli should have won.

jeffrey’s looked like he was designing for a disneyworld reunion of the MM club.

Amanda Cook on

hell yes!!! JEFFERY was my favorite from DAY 1!!! whhoopty whooop!!!!

b on

no way,i was voting for michael all the way!!!!!!!!!!but uli’s collection was amazing!

schreikm on

So disappointed that Jeffrey won! I LOVED Laura’s collection- the details were amazing! I thought that the judges’ reasoning to “auf” her (her vision is too “focused” and “narrow”) was weak in light of the quality she produced WITHIN the given budget. Who cares if she has a niche?! Does Vera Wang get any flack for designing primarily wedding gowns? I don’t think so!!!

Paige on

I can’t believe that Jeffery won, it should have been Uli. I don’t think that I will be watching this show next year because the judges were not looking at the clothes, I think they just like to have some kind of contraversey for the ratings. I admit I watch because I love fashion but to think Jeff won because of the design of these clothes and how bland they looked on the runway is really disapointing.

Lindsay on

I did not think Jefferey’s collection was terrible, I actually agree that it was very inovative and different. However, there is no question that Uli’s collection dominated the show. It was by far better than all the others in every aspect. From the design, flow, colors, and diversity, it was a beautiful collection and i would wear every single thing in it. Michael was my favorie throughout the show but I thought his colletion was not his best work. Laura, again, showed a “boring” collection with many similar black pieces. Anyway, I was completely expecting Uli to win and I’m pretty dissapointed that Jeffrey did, not only because he was not the best, but also because he had a terrible attitude and has terrible social skills. He did not deserve it. Uli deserved the win for her collection. Michael was second runner up for his work througout the show.

LouAnna on

When I first saw all the fashions, I loved Uli’s the best…but after, when I heard all the judges, their reasonings made so much sense that I understood why they chose Jeffrey as the winner. Admittingly, he wasn’t the ‘nicest’ designer during the season, but he did turn to ‘mush’ everytime he talked about his son…and you couldn’t help but cry when you saw him with his son at the finale. I wish him…and all the other contestants good luck in their efforts.

Way to go Heidi, judges and Project Runway!!!

Sara on

Uli should have won, for sure!! I cant believe Jeffery won!! Last nights finale threw me for a loop, I was more confused watching that then I am when I watch Lost. I just dont understand how he could have won. I think the judges need some outside help, to make the right decision!! My Project Runway watching future as of right now, is unclear.

sophie on

i HATED jeffery i think either uli or micheal should have one that was b.s about him being to young

Anita on

Jeffrey WINS!. His collection was the most comprehensive and fresh. Too many people form allegiances to Michael or other designers based on their designs in previous shows but that doesn’t matter now. What matters is the collection and Jeffrey had it. There was no doubt he deserved to win this.

Marie on

I was so mad when they picked Jeffrey as the winner.I just couldn’t believe it! I originally wanted Michael to win but I was disappointed in his collection. I feel Uli should have won hands down. Everything from start to finish was beautiful.She nailed it perfectly.Jeffrey did not deserve to win.His collection was awful.Also, he went over budget,& was missing a receipt for his shorts.I agreed when Laura questioned if he did his own work,come on, it didn’t look anything like his other designs during the season.And how did he bring in everything completely finished? The designers always have finishing work to do,every season they are always working to the end.Not Jeffrey, he just sat there staring off into space or smoking on the terrace.It just doesn’t add up.Laura was the only one to have the nerve to say something about it.But lets face it how can you prove it? Laura’s designs were gorgeous and consistant with her work over the season,however she only does sophisticated very dressy designs.Uli designs more for the average woman.I was so upset last night I don’t even know if I’ll watch next season! I think they chose the winner for the controversy this will bring.

Em on

I was hoping Micheal would win but his last collection let me down! I think Uli would have been my second. But at least the Witch Laura did not win. What is her deal! chil girl!

maria glasser on

Uli should have won or michael. they are very talented desighners. jeffery has talent. Maybe just as much as Uli or michael. but i don;t think i would ever wear one of his dresses or clothing. it;s not my style and i don’t think i coulsd see people walking around in it in newyork shopping or what ever.

Prestina on

I can’t believe that Jeffery won he didn’t deserve to win this idoit had outside help and went over budget he should had got kicked out of the show he collection didn’t look right.He broke the rules on the show. What was wrong with the judges they had made a wrong decison Michael collection was off the hook it was off the chain but you know what its cool. Michael is my biggest fan and i wish him the best in the future and i will buy one of Michael design.

Cathy on

Wow, what a finale!!! I would love to go with my heart and say Michael should have won but I agree with the judges on this one, he just needs to mature. I would not in a million years have thought that Jeffrey should have won until I saw his collection. I thought it was diverse and wearable. I may not care for him, but he would not be what I was buying. I am stunned to say it, but well done Jeffrey. And well done to the others, it was a great season and I don’t know what to do with Wednesday nights unitl the next season starts!!!!

Jessica on

I really like jeffs but micheal was my favorite* But i also think that uli did an AWESOME show* I am happy about the outcome* but uli and micheal will make it in the long run!

Casey on

Well as someone in the fashion industry let me inlighten you all:
1. How many normal, everyday people do you know that where designer clothing? VERY FEW! duh.
2. Laura made the same 2 dresses all season in different colors, and was a complete stuck up fake B I T * H!
3. Uli did indeed ROCK she really surprised me with her collection, however it wasn’t a whole collection, meaning I didn’t feel that it flowed very well
4. Micheal bombed this one but he will bounce back, he just didn’t deserve to win this time.
5. Jeffery is awsome and not a jerk simply honest. I love that he didn’t change who he was just because of other people or cameras. I personally will try to own everything he ever creates because he definatly knows what is HOT in the fashion world right now and makes it workable.

I will always watch PR till it is no more.

Diana from CT on

I cannot believe Jeffrey won.. Ulis final collection was fabulous..Laura has a future with Oscar De La Renta.. and Michael Knight was fabulous.. Remmeber the episode they went to Nina’s office? Oh yes, the model in the poster had an edgy broad striped pant on..Jeffrey gave them what they wanted..the others never had a chance..Elle wants an edgy rocker designer..Laura and Uli never had a chance..if Michael was just a bit edgier, he would have made it!

RY on

I am so disappointed in the show. I cannot believe what kind of crap they tried to pull with the whole “he didn’t cheat” thing. First of all, did you see his reaction to being accused or his face even when they just asked for the receipts?? Clearly, he was guilty. What were they thinking?? I think Jeffery was the WORST choice!! Uli collection was by far best though I really like Michael as well. I won’t be watching that show again.

Norma on

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe he won, although Michael Knight was my favorite from the beginning Uli’s collection ROCKED she should have won!!!!!!!

Debbi West on

I don’t think Jeffery should have won! Uli had the the best collection, than Laura, I think Mike had a creative meltdown but,I belive he will have a great collection in the furture. II would love to contact Uli and Laura to make a purchase from their furture collections.

Janet on

I was so disappointed with Michaels collection. I loved him all season long, and his collection for Olympus Fashion week was not winner material. While I wouldn’t wear most of Jeffrey’s clothes (too punk for my style) I thought his collection showed the most ingenuity. Lauras was way too similar to everything she did all season to win, and boring despite all the sequins, beads and feathers. I did like Uli’s and while it still looked like her style some things weren’t exactly the same as she did all season. As for the judging all season, I thought several bad decisions were made. Several times Angela and Vincent sent hideous clothes down the runway and didn’t get kicked off. I would like to see more of what Katherine and Alison could have done even though I thought the episode were Alison was AUF’ed she seriously messed up. I hope to see more of Michael in the real world, because even though I seriously disliked his collection, I’ll chalk it up to nerves and inexperience, I think he has great potential.

Jen on

The guy is an ass and his style stinks. I’m sorry, but he’s just all over the place. KMart will be ringing the blue light specials on these numbers.

james on

Kudos to Jeffrey on a well-deserved win. Don’t listen to the haters, and keep making beautiful unique clothes. Laura should be ashamed of her superiority complex, intolerance, and most of all her one-note collection.

Anita on

What a disappointment!! Perhaps the judges aren’t interested in the designers making collections that “real” women would wear, but in this type of competition, that’s what the public wants to see. Also, if Jeffery wants people to buy his clothes, then he needs to care what his consumer is interested in. Seems to me that his clothes will appeal to a very limited range of people. Although I have been a huge fan of both Laura and Michael all along, Uli had the best collection. Perhaps the performance over the life of the show should have been considered as well, and not just this collection??? I doubt that I will watch PR again unless they come to care about what people in the real world think, not just those in “high fashion.”

Amy on

Uli should have won…I have never liked Jeffory and his collection didn’t impress me that much either. I thought Laura & Uli should have been in the top two, w/ Uli winning it all:)

Dallas on


Cindy on

Give me a freakin’ break – Jeffrey’s stuff was hideous. I loved Laura’s collection – but clearly Nina Garcia felt threatened by Laura and didn’t bother to hide her dislike. Laura’s pieces were elegant, beautifully made, and truly a collection. Aaaaahhhh – THAT’S why she didn’t win – how would anyone from ELLE magazine recogize class :) If I had a subscription, I’d cancel it – but since I don’t I’ll have to cancel Project Runway for future seasons. What a shame.

Cindy on

I used too love Project Runway… but now I don’t think I’ll be watching it anymore. What the hell…. Jeffrey?????? His collection was decent but did NOT deserve the win. Uli’s was beautiful and if it wasn’t gonna be Michael then it should have been her (even though she got on my nerves throughout the season with those damn dresses). She finally showed some range in the end and it worked! But Michael is my all time fave!! I loved every piece in his collection. He’s young yes, and may need to mature a bit more… but he knows a woman’s body and how to make her feel beautiful and sexy. He’s fresh, hip, creative and amazing!!! What a talent!!! He’s gonna go far and he has my support 100%! MICHAEL, WHEN THE BOUTIQUE IS OPEN LET ME KNOW CAUSE I WILL FLY TO ATLANTA (from Calif) TO SEE IT AND GO SHOPPING!!!! Jeffrey needs to be knocked down a peg or two- he’s really not that great!

Felicia on

HECK NO!! Jeffery shouldn’t have won!! His collection wasn’t better than Uli’s or Laura’s. Unfortunately, Michael did not come through even though he was my favorite throughout the show. Uli should have won easily! Her collection was versatile, comfortable and realistic. I think Jeffrey had outside help; he just covered it up well.

LUVMadoNNa on

Ok so how did Jeffrey when? I mean Uli had the most ‘amazing’ garish clothing ever, Michaels was all safari party fun & Laura rocked w/ black poshness…Hmmm I don’t get it BUT thats what they were looking for.
I do love Jason from the 1st show & wish him the best!!

Andrew on

Well I have to agree Uli was ROBBED! In fact I think Santino’s collection was WAY better (from season 2) than Jeffrey’s collection. I’m sorry, but I think I will be boycotting Project Runway as well. It’s a major dissapointment this time around.

The show was good until this season. I didn’t agree with most of the decisions they made when it came to the winners. Last season, I totally agreed with every decision they made and even though I think Daniel Vosovic IMHO should of won, I was ok with Cloe cause she did put out a good collection.

This time their decision making and how the rationalized stuff was just off. I agreed with most of the people they Auf’d but not always who should of won. Jeffrey’s poor attitude from this season will harm his career. And quite honestly, this season’s decisions seemed rigged just like our american electoral system!

So PR was great while it lasted.

californiasurfergirl626 aka frencher on

michael was the best!!!! jeffery is a beyatch

Vanessa on

I think they pick the right person. Jeffery was what Project Runways, is all about. he has that style not like anyone else. He is perfect. They way he cuts and the colors go with the style and he is the best. Come on Laura is to old school, not young and ruffles, oh no. well Uli is good but everything was for tropical weather and way to many cur that were similar. And Michael is only had urban style and the colors are not what the judges liked. THE BEST MAN HAS WON!!!

Matthew on

Uli should have been eliminated 3 weeks ago on the show. She was showing the same printed fabric dresses the whole show and somehow got away with it. That’s the type of stuff they should be investigating. Look at her dresses during the show and every single one was a print with 80% of them being long sleeved. She cut the sleeves off and the judges took it as a completely different dress. Laura had the same problem. Every dress was totally 80’s, I want a fur coat type of stuff. She made clothes for 70-80 year old women who still think they’re young. It’s not 1950 anymore. Flappers????

Devyn Quinn on

I totally thought Jeffrey deserved to win and was glad he did. His collection showed the widest range. As for Laura, her jealously and poor sportsmanship was laughable. Her collection was limited to the 40+ country club set, and was definitely out of style for anyone younger. Michael’s collection looked like it belonged on Las Vagas hookers, nice if you are a hooker, but not so good for the rest of the world. Uli’s collection was nice, but didn’t step outside the resort range. Overall, Jeffrey pushed the boundaries and did well and that is why he won, fair and square. Congrats, Jeffrey.

Beth on

At first I thought Michael should of won cuz though it all his designs I thought were the best but now at the end I think Uli should of won…. Her clothes were outstanding and I think the best… Even though Michael had good clothes thoughout the show he just didn’t give it at the end and Uli did…. So NO I don’t think Jeffery should of won… Don’t get me wrong his clothes are nice and all but I don’t think there the best for fashion… So at the end of it all I really think Uli should of WON!!!!

Julianne on

Hey! This was my first PR season I watched ,and I was IMMEDIATLEY obsessed with the show!All through the season Uli was my favorite ,but I was convinced that Michael Knight would win. I was very dissapointed with Michael and Laura’s collections. I don’t even know what went wrong with Michael! His clothes just… didn’t look Fashion Week worthy. After Michael matures, he would do well in designing for the music industry. Laura went right back to her old lady designs, but she would be quite good at running a business. I thought that Uli and Jeffery deserved to be the top two. I liked a couple of Jeffery’s designs( green-striped zipper dress), how many everyday women THAT SHOP AT MACY’S would wear them? I thought that Uli DEFINATELY had the best line! I can see myself, and many other women wearing her wonderful prints. She did a very nice variety. Ultimately, Uli should have won. I hope that her line hits the racks in the near future!

Can’t wait for the next season!

Kathy on

I agree with most of the comments that there is no way that Jeffeery should have won. I agree that Uli’ dress was stunning and definetly a runway design fitting to win.
While Jeffrey’s design was good, it was not good enough to maqke the win.

mimi on

Although everyone did a very good job, I was totally flabbergasted with the judges’ decision. Jeffrey did not deserve to win overall. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here and if indeed he does become a world famous haute couture designer.
Uli – her collection blew me away and I would wear quite a number of her pieces. Very innovative, elegant, easy to wear – feminine and fun.
Laura – too much going on, elegant to be sure – but over the top.
Michael – I was fan # 1 until this last showing. Something happened and you lost “it”. Seems like you tried too hard and did not listen to your “gut”.
Another fun-filled and exciting series – can’t wait to see what happens next time.
Can we get some new judges? These guys seem to be jaded and Nina is starting to grate on my nerves. Michael Kors – I think you need to update your wardrobe – it’s a little drab and stale.

polly on

Laura deserved the Win,,not Jeffrey
2nd was Michael was Atlanta of Course!!

Polly , Gainesville GA

Jenna on

Jeffrey DEFINITELY deserved it!!! Anyone that knows about fashion recognizes that he is way ahead of the rest—the others were always predictable and their “work” looked like something off the rack at any major dept store or hotel boutique! Uli’s while “youthful” were too alike; Laura’s were exquisite but just too formal, and Michael just needs more experience.

Robin Taylor on

boy do I agree w/last comment he should, should, should have been AUF’d shows ago so very sorry he won

Zwann on

ok, so sadly michael didn’t come through. jeffrey makes me want to. . .i don’t even have the words. I AM NOT A FAN! what a let down PR! hopefully, sean jean or rocka wear will scoop michael up. i thin khe will do well there. money or no money, michael has favor among the masses and will be a star because he is a star – funny, kind and talented! i just want a baby T in black with “michael knight” written on it! Laura rocked it out – pure CLASS!!!

RC on

Congratulations to Jeffrey! Why can’t people just be happy for others and leave it at that? I would surely like to see any one of you pull off what Jeffrey did. Not to mention coming from such diversity. My suggestion is to try and not be so insecure and congratulate people for their success. Oh and did I mention Laura’s negative attitude throughout the show? Hmm, I guess “Birds of a feather….”!

Val on

I can’t believe that Jeffrey was the big winner. He deserved the haute couture challenge, but nothing else impressed me. Michael was good, but needs more…something. Uli should have won. True collection. To me, Laura is in a class by herself above them all, but since she has a more narrow focus in her collection, I know why the judges did not pick her. But very marketable. Just like Uli.

Robin Taylor on

boy do I agree w/last comment he should, should, should have been AUF’d shows ago so very sorry he won

Kim on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won. I enjoyed Michael’s collection, but if that wasn’t enough to win, at least Uli should’ve won; her collection was pretty fabulous. I don’t know what the judges were thinking! I was so upset, I turned the station right after they announced the winner. Oh well, seems like more people would agree with me when I say Michael was the best designer.

Barb on

I’m so disappointed. To have Heidi say she would wear everything Uli made, to hearing that every woman will want to buy her clothes…what were the judges thinking? If not Uli then Laura, whose collection was gorgeous. Even Michael’s collection was better than Jeffrey. Sorry, Jeffrey wasn’t even in the running after his disgusting behavior to Angela’s mother, his rude attitude throughout this season and his using outside help, (even tho he says he didn’t).

Lauren on


Kayla Thomas on

heck no i don”t agree with the judges micheal should have won his line was great seriously i would buy micheals cloths if i were anyone

Carol on

Uli’s collection was amazing! I loved Laura’s also but Uli should have won. I was really shocked Jeffrey won. He’s such a jerk! What were the judges thinking?????

jen on

ULI WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!! her clothes would sell, jeffery’s would not. in the end, people will wear the clothes, and im telling you that way more people would choose to wear uli’s clothes over jeffrey’s.

rita miller on

yeah, if you didn’t agree with jeffrey winning, dont watch it next season. boycott. that’ll show ’em.

Violet on

ULI!! When i saw her designs hit the runway i was breathless!! Her works of art were just GORGEOUS!! ULI WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!

Tanya on

I was never impressed by Ulie untill the last few shows. Her final collection was AMAZING!!!! Geourgeous and wearable by many wemon. I had no doubt she would win. Couldn’t beleive the results. But then again when Jeffrey should have been eliminated in the last challenge they chose to let all the contestants move on, I had a strong suspecion then that they had already chosen their winner. Booooooooo Poor judgment!

tnf on

I think the producers had a lot to do with the winning choice. The judges may have wanted to pick Uli( the best designer for that challenge) but the producers wanted to stir up some friction. I think they succeeded! Michael was a dissappointment. I think he has a lot of potential and will go very far.

Rodrigo on

Great finally!!! Completely fair, I have to say Jeffrey’s attitude “sucks” but from all of them he is the only one 100% secure and ready for the Fashion industry.

Christine on

Laura or Uli should have won. But i’m leaning more towards Laura. I still think Jeffrey still got help from other people. Uli should have won because hers was really great. I think eventhough Laura didnt win she can still afford to start her line. She had success in the show and people know her already and she’s rich enough to start her business. Michael’s was great but not as great as Uli’s. Jeffrey’s was great too but i still think Uli or Laura should have won.

Dee on

I wanted Michael to win. He was my favoriteeeee. But Uli’s collection was beyond fire. She rocked it out…so it should’ve been her or michael

Susie on

Uli should have won. I was blown away by her collection. That swimsuit & wrap was amazing. Jeffrey should have been disqualified for going over budget and not having all his receipts. I agree that PR should consider new judges for next season. Uli, I’ll call me – I’ll purchase your designs!

Laura on

Does anyone remember the episode when Bradely (the weird bearded guy) created this hideous copper silk wrinkly loose tube top shell thing with a forgettable hideous error-ridden skirt? Bradley himself was (on earth long enough to be)embarrassed about it. The judges-in particularly Heidi and Nina- “oohed” and “aahhed” about this outfit-But they looked insincere as they “oohed” and “ahhhed.” Then Meana-Nina Garcia with an artificial smile told Bradley’s model to “turn around so that I can see the back…although, I am quite positive the back is as nice as the front.” That didn’t even sound like her. He was not voted off. After that episode, I became convinced that there was another force-behind the scenes making the decisions; and, some of the comments were scripted, and motivated by something other than good fashion taste. Another suspect thing: How about Jeffrey’s calm demeanor after being accused of cheating. The entire season, that ripped up legging-wearing freak had the demeanor of an angry pit-bull! I think, he received a “heads up” by producers that everything would be all right. He must have-or Laura would have had to worry about her life. Based on the comments of the judges, you would think that Uli would have won.

Laura’s collection was divine (don’t you think she had kids, turtlepoops, rats, husband, and mother working on beadwork all summer-Beadwork like that “doesn’t come out of a mother of six’s ASS in 2 months”)! Poor Michael, to be “aufed” by being told to “grow up.” I think that jungle print dress with the black and white bead collar was the ugliest dress of all. Uli had nice surprises, not all mumu-Miami beach gowns. I liked Jeff’s stuff too. Jeff’s model “worked” his clothing all season, making them look beautiful, even when I was scratching my head.

lindsey on

Yes, Uli’s collection was beautiful, but it was the same thing she’s been doing the whole show. Jeffrey is more versatile and can make different outfits and different looks, yet still add his signature too it. he’s more creative and able to create different looks, where Uli and Laura create the same look and basically the same dress.

Katherine on

I liked all four collections BUT I was very surprised when they announced the final winner. I was all for Uli. But oh well! Uli will still make great clothes and I’m sure we’ll see her again.

Lauren on

I think I see that other’s share my opinion. Uli’s collection was the best. I have a question. How the hell did he spend so much money when he used the same fabrics over and over? That’s normally how people save money.


michael knight totally was cheated.

his clothing is fresh, sexy, and young. i think he was the designer most people could connect with.


Shannon on

No!!! I don’t agree with the judges! Uli should have won!!! I can’t stand Jeffrey!!! His clothes were awful! Who wears that kind of stuff? Uli had the best designs, Laura second. What were the judges thinking?

Coni on

I can’t stand Jeffrey, or his clothes. I will never watch this show again! I am a seamstress, and have been one for the past 20 years, and for crying out loud, I can’t figure out why (what I think) are the most hideous clothes, from the most hideous designers, have won!!! It’s friggin’ ridiculous! Laura might not have been the most practical, but look what she produced…with 5 kids, pregnant, and all hand-done beading. Speaking from personal experience, it is INCREDIBLE that she was able to do it and finish it. New judges, I say ::spit::.

Alondra on

All my love to the winner…Jeffrey RULES!

Nin on

Jeffrey deserved to win, if you check the Project Runway website, in the “shop” area, they sell in ebay the clothes the designers made all along, Jeffrey sold the most clothes for the highest amount of money, that should tell you all something…he was the best!

Coni on

I wish I could have seen Allison or Kahne’s outfits. THAT would have been an even better show, with a better outcome. I still say Jeffrey didn’t deserve it.

Maria on

I thought Uli’s designs were infact, the classiest for the modern day women. Cleancut, stylish beautifully disigned and definitely a line to give Donna K a back seat!

Jeffery is a wild designer and the two are worlds apart! His fashion is not for the every day gal, but it was great as far as runway goes.

Stephanie on

I agree with most of the people…. since the show started Michael was my absolute favorite. I loved everything he did until the final episode, where I was sure that Uli deserved to win. Jeffrey didn’t deserve to win, his collection was nice, but I definitely think Uli should have taken the win.

lynnc on

I wasn’t a fan of Jeffrey HOWEVER his collection was the best. By the end of last nights show I was a fan and I’m convinced that the judges chose the right person. Jeffrey has a great career ahead of him.

L on

Jeffrey had the WORST collection – who would wear it? I can see anyone wearing any of the other designer’s clothes. It’s a shame, they picked the wrong one.

kelly freer on

Jeffrey went over budget, the question of out sourcing was never really answered, he is incapable of working with others and his collection was awful…how did he win??

Leasa on

An earlier poster had a great idea:


Flooding their Letters to the Editor section with our opinion has a much more visible punch than any blog. Then we can see if Elle has the guts to print them….

Maria from Lancaster Co. on

Jeffrey’s collection sucked, it was like a a freakshow! What REAL woman is going to wear that! I think Uli or Laura should have won. Complete disappointment!

Wendy on

Just read EW and Michael is supposed to be launching his website at (with a ‘Y’). Love him, but his stuff is just too young for my body! *sigh*

Carole Danos on

Laura, Michael and Uli should feel good that they didn’t win since now it’s obvious what the judge’s mean when they
use the word “inovating”! Jeffrey is in a class by himself:
rude, condescending and way out. His collection would only appeal to a certain group and you definitely would have to be a size 2. Laura and Uli designed some very elegant pieces and Michael has created some very stylish looks.
Hands down, Laura had more detail and man hours in her pieces. If Elle magazine wants to show Jeffrey’s style of innovation, they can have him. Auf wiedersehen

Kristen on

I am a little torn about the winner. I was pulling for Michael but his collection wasn’t great. I think Laura’s collection was beautiful. I would most likely buy Uli’s collection. Jeffrey’s collection I think was the best at fashion week. However, I had only like a couple of his designs prior and I think he should have been booted like the second week!

rolie on

i wanted my dude michael 2 win that jeffery didnt kno what he was doin michael was up 2 part but uli was a little bit of compition this round lol Mike was the best!

Betsy on

I personally loved Laura’s desgins. All of her dresses were very wearable but in truth she did not show the range of items that the other contestants did.

I too was certain the Uli had won. As many other posters have indicated Jeffrey’s stuff is just too out there. But I suppose that this is what PR wants the “new and innovative” forget about the fact that no one could or would want to wear the stuff. They are not about picking the most commercial or even somewhat commercial designer or it would have gone to Uli.

Also, I am a bit confused about how Jeffrey could have won when he was overbudget. Please that “mistake” should have been enough to put Uli over the top.

I will watch PR again but I will know from the beginning that the “freakiest” designer will be the ultimate victor.

lahe on

I think Jeffery deserved the win. If you watched every episode, he did great work. His outfits are hip, funky, and fashionable. I loved all four’s collections for different reasons but overall, his last collection was the best. Uli deserved to be runner up. Her dresses in her last collection were beautiful and I loved the bikini she did.

jane on

OH YEAH!! Jeffrey more than deserved the win. He’s a designer. He’s innovative and fresh. I love the other sundress he designed. That should be his signature look that everyone copies. DVF has the wrap dress now Jeffrey has his dress.

Michael’s collection was way OFF!!!!!!!!!!! UGH. I liked him all season but he went crazy on the runway.

Uli’s was awesome but too many long dresses. She should have done one long signature dress and maybe just maybe she would have won. Her stuff is cool and I will buy it.

Loved Laura’s collection. I think she knew she couldn’t win so she showed what she does best. She has an incredible career ahead of her. Baby boomers with kids getting married well she’s the go to woman for mother of the bride. CHA-CHING CHA-CHING!

HES on

I found it funny that the judges were complaining about Laura and Uli always showing the same stuff. To me, Jeffrey’s collection was the same ill-fitting, I just rolled out of a trash can, rockstar look. It looks like stuff already out there by Diesel and LAMB. On top of it all, he didn’t follow the rules. Regardless of him returning the wigs in the end, he was careless and went over budget and didn’t account for all his spending. They kicked Keith out for not following rules, why should Jeffrey stay and then go onto win? I don’t know what the judges were thinking when choosing Jeffrey but I’m extremely dissappointed that someone like him could win. I can honestly say that I did not like one of his outfits the entire season, not to mention his attitude.

TR on

Did Jeffery make a maternity dress??? I didn’t know maternity wear was high fashion. Also, the teal and white striped jacket looked like one I owned in 1989. Don’t need to go there again!!!

sammy kate on

i think that micheal should have won! even though his collection wasnt the strongest( ULI’s was) he was tht most consistant throughout the whole competion! jeffery’s collection was unrealistic! no one will were those for everyday atire! the judges were really wrong!
sammy kate

eileen on

I can’t believe that Jeffery won! Through out the show, I thought that Michael was going to win, but when Uli’s collection came down the runway I thougt for sure she would win. I could see myself wearing every outfit she made, and not one of Jefferys.

wanda on

I totally disagree witht the judges choice in picking Jeffery. It was a huge disappointment not to have Michael and Uli as the two front runners. Michael and Uli were consistent throughout the whole competition not Jeffrey. Jeffery may be innovative but who would actually wear his clothes; it’s more for show than wearing. I truly don’t know what the judges were thinking and they have lost me as a futur Project Runway viewer!!!

Tabitha on

I watched all season … and I think Uli has been consistent through out the entire show and I loved her collection in the finale. I think Uli should have won !!!!!

no name on

I can’t believe Jeffrey won! That shows that they had already picked a winner before they got to Bryant!!! Based on the runway show, I think LAURA WAS THE BEST!!! I would wear every single one of her dresses and pants, and everything!!! She is awesome!!! She certainly understands a woman’s body and she likes to make a woman look classy and fine.

Maija on

I LOVE Michael, but ULI had the best collection in the end. Uli should have won. IN the REAL worl who the heck wears the goth teen punk crap Jeffrey designs?

Jane L on

Laura should have won, with Uli a close second. I enjoyed Michael all season and like most (not all) of his designs.

Throughout the season there were times that the judges’ choice for winner was questionable, at best. Laura, Michael and Uli could have/should have won a couple of other challenges. For example, there’s no way Vincent’s ill-fitting, nun-collared mother’s dress should have won over Uli’s beautiful and flattering outfit. I’d even say Jeffrey should have won the recycling challenge, but he shouldn’t have won the jetsetter challenge – Michael or Laura should have. And, Jeffrey shouldn’t have won the couture challenge – Uli’s dress was far better fitting, better conceived, better executed. Laura was in the final few over and over. She got cheated on a few calls.

Jeffrey winning was a travesty. His clothes aren’t innovative. They’ve been done, they’re out there already, and he hasn’t done a better job of what’s already available. He’s a one-trick pony. Plus, I believe he was a cheater. I watched the episode again last night and his reactions are so fake and have “guilt” written all over them. I hope this comes back to bite him on his trashy a$$.

Roberto Kastro on

Yes, I strongly I agree that Jeffrey win.

His dresses were original and well made. I would go as far as saying that he might be the next Galiano !

Uli’s Dresses were too tropical and like Michael only cater to a certain customer. I thought at some levels her stuff looked a lot like Versace when he first moved to Miami. So, I am sorry that is not being Original.

That Laura was pitiful, people who envy never get good results. Laura’s dresses were already done by people like YSL, COCO CHANNEL, AND RALPH LAUREN THE PURPLE LABEL.

Michael’s collection was obvious that it was target for a certain race and that does not make a good designer. His collection also looks like that of Baby Phat, who just so happens is African American also, oh with an Asian Influence. He really was a disappointment.

Anita on

Jeffrey went over budget. That should have been an automatic Auf. I understand why Michael and Laura did not win but Uli’s clothes were real. I wouldn’t wear a thing Jeffrey designed. That’s what earps me about high fashion…it isn’t real or mall fodder. Nor is it wearable for everyday, hard working moms or Jane Blows. Give me my jeans and Tshirt anyday.

Michelle on

Completely forgetting for the moment my opinions on Jeffrey’s clothing and my distaste for his personality, I would like to focus on two things: 1) Jeffrey cheated. Call it what you will, ‘overspending’ or what, but the man cheated. 2) Project Runway pulled an exceptionally hypocritical move my not throwing him out, like they did Keith Michael. My opinion: Yes, he still should have shown his clothes at Bryant Park. But he shouldn’t have been allowed to win. He shouldn’t have even been considered for the win. If he hadn’t shown, it would have been an instant red flag that he had been kicked. Very sad.

On to the next point: his clothes were the epitomy of visual nausea to me. I simply couldn’t stand his clothes, throughout the entire episode, and the finale was no exception. I was sad to see that my favorite, Michael Knight, did not pull through and put out the caliber of clothes I know he could have, but that being said, it should have been down to Laura and Uli. This was a Spring Collection. Laura’s collection left a very dark taste in my mouth, where as Uli’s collection looked much more to the taste of spring. Both put out gorgeous collections, but I believe Uli should have won, hands down.
Too bad I have no interest in watching a show that has moved from following their own rules to doing things for the sensationalism and viewers ratings.

Darlene on

No heck no I did not like anything Jeffery did all season. Laura or Michael should have won. I don’t think I will watch next season, because I just don’t get it.

Marian on

Even though I think Michael was the best designer overall, based on prior performances, I have to admit that I did not like his final collection at all. That being said, I think Uli should have won. Her collection was fabulous. My think is you buy clothes you want to wear, and I wanted to wear her clothes. Jeffrey clothes were boring and didn’t live up to the hype. And Laura’s clothes were typical Laura style.

Anna on

Jeffrey cheated because he overspent? Don’t you remember Kara Saun from season 1 who got free designer shoes when that was “illegal”? She got a second chance. Why wouldn’t Jeffrey get the same chance? Now that would be hypocritical.

MIchele on

Jeffrey’s designs do not fit into the “real” world. Who would wear them besides some crack-addicted rock star? Innovative? Please. My 6 year old son could bind some colored rags together with Elmer’s glue and come up with an “innovative” design. Judges and producers of PR, please don’t patronize your viewing audience by expecting us to believe that Jeffrey should have won the final design challenge. He was chosen because of the buzz and drama it would create, not because he was the best designer. I wish all the contestants the best of luck with their future. Jeffrey, change your bitter, egotistical, MEAN attitude and maybe you’ll sell a few outfits to REAL people.

DeeDee on

As an over 40 baby boomer myself, I loved Laura’s designs all season as well as the fianle (she could have lost the feathers), and Uli’s whole collection was sexy and chic. Micheal was also one my favorites throughout the season, but as everyone seems to agree – his Bryant Park collection was not his best work (less Hoochie, more Pucci). Jeffery on the other hand, while I will never wear his clothes, I found to be creative, fashionable and what I expect out of a “designer”. YSL, Galiano, Versace and most high-fashion designers make a lot of clothes that the average Jane can just “wear” – and I think that is what Jeffery displayed, so I agree with his win. While his clothing will probably be marketed to the under 30 crowd, I hope to see the ULI line Macy’s as well.



KAJ on

I really enjoy Michael Knight he has a lot to offer and time to grow into the designer he want to be. I think Uli was rob and Jeffery should not had won.

KRH on

With Halloween being so close, maybe they chose Jeffrey so people could buy his clothes for costumes. Any of his outfits would make all the kiddies cry.

Erinn on

Jeffrey was a cheater! When he was accused of outsourcing, he later commented that he was afraid that he wouldn’t be showing his collection, but if didn’t cheat then he would have nothing to be afraid of! His clothes are hideous and I can’t picture anyone wearing them in public! I was so upset when they announced his name as the winner that I started screaming at my TV. It is obvious that Uli should have won and I am sure she will do better professionally in the real world than Jeffrey, even without the money she should have had to get her business started!

rebecca on

Michael should have won! He was the best all season. His designs are fresh and flattering to every woman’s shape. Michael will definitely sell more than Jeffrey in the future and has nothing to worry about b/c I am sure someone will offer him a clothing line. Jeffrey cheated and has no real talent. I am so over Project Runway! Auf’d Project Runway!

Denise Beilowitz on

I loved watching Jeffrey’s antics all season, but absolutly did not think he had the winning collection. I loved Laura’s collection it was gorgeous, but thought Uli should have won the show!!!! Michael was my favorite going into the finale. What happened to him? His collection was tacky and a disappointment.

danielle on

Lets face the facts people:

YOU CANT BE THE NEXT GREAT DESIGNER IF YOU CANT MAKE PANTS!!! Michael – if he didnt choke could have won….but he had the worst collection out of any finalists – wendy pepper would have kicked his ass.

Granted Uli’s was great – and there were some new pieces in it – all she does is resort wear and dresses. No one will back a new designer nowadays who cant or chooses not to make pants. Laura’s was nice – but thats it – nice. It was a throwback to stylish pieces of the 50’s and 60’s but done so matronly. She will never appeal to the younger audience. AND then you had the winner – outside help, I laugh at that.

Does anyone remember the Haute Couture episode????? Jeffrey’s dress was perfection, incredibly over the top and done by hand in a day. THIS IS BRYANT PARK. Why are designers showing up with loose ends???

Jeffrey all together is the more talented designer cause he can do it all. His style might not be for all – but he has a big draw on the market right now who are buying clothes – 18 – 35 year old women. You might not have liked everything the man did or his appearance, but unfortunately all together he had a better concept and I know he could make both a spring and fall collection. Uli’s stuff was great – but change was a bit too late and again most of the world doesnt buy resort wear.

Every year everyone complains about the winner. The real question should be ” WHAT WILL THEY DO NOW??” With the talent that has been shown with all three episodes, I am still waiting for the real winner to emerge.

Overall, I thought this season has the most promise, but again the final shows were not half as good as any of the final three from the first season.

And again, Jeffery didnt cheat cause he didnt use those pieces at the final show – so he was not rated on that outfit or accessories at all _ UNLIKE KARA SAUN who forged receipts for her expensive add ons.

Everyone is hating on Jeffrey – but Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, the creator of 7th on 6th and Heidi all agreed that he was the best of the group. You have a problem – write to the Weinsteins.

L. James on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael Knight. Overall I think he should have won but as far as the best Olympus collection…I think Uli. Jeffrey can’t make clothes, even I can make his clothes! What were the judges thinking? There was NOTHING innovative about his designs. And that blue p.o.s. dress he had in his collection looked eerily like an Uli’s dress.

I still think he had outside help too.

Andrea on

I was really mad that Jeffrey won and I don’t think he deserved it. I still think that he had outside help and his collection was not that great I think the judges picked him because they thought his style was different and original but I still don’t think he should of won. Ofcourse I wanted Micheal to win but he didn’t pull throught so I thought Uli should have won. Her collection wsa beautiful and I could see people wearing her clothes more than Jeffreys. The judges even said that so I don’t know why they picked Jeffrey. His ego is already to big to fit through the door so its only gonna get worse with fame. He is not a nice person. I really kind of lost interest in the show with this disappointing season.

Darlene on

Jeffery clearly cheated. Bottom line he went over budget. He could not even come up with one of the receipts. And with my math that would make him even more over budget. So they made him take out the shorts. Did anyone else see that at the end he said oh yea I forgot about these other leather pants, I’ll just put them in. I will not watch next season. And truly sorry I wasted my time on it this season. I would have been happy with any of the other 3 designers winning. I guess cheaters do prosper. What a shame! Bye P.R.

princess on

I am absolutely furious with the judge’s decision, I was almost crying after the show. In my mind Jeffrey will not do well in the fashion industry because of his arrogance and dreadful attitude. In my mind Laura did the best out of anyone, her clothes are just so classic and “Couture” like. I would have rather had anyone of the other three win except Jeffrey.

Suzette on

Uli had THE BEST FINAL SHOW, Michael did well throughout the season, Laura was good but kinda predictable, and Jeffery did exactly what he looks like……. dated and

I was a teen in the early 80’s and no one, and I mean no one can make me wear those cloths again!!! I find it hard to believe that anyone would think Jeffery’s designs are cutting edge and innovative….DONE THAT BEEN THERE!YUK!




i think Uli or Micheal should have won uli had the best outfits there micheal could of done more. he should have surprised everyone i thought he could of done better.Uli outfits were on Fire!!!!

lauren on

I dont think jeffery should have won. He was over bugdegt and his stuff wasn’t that well made. It was all gothic. I personally would NEVER wear anything he makes. I though uli’s collection was the most wearable, but Micheal was my favorite

reggie on

Obviously some people don’t know much about fashion. Uli’s clothes though beautiful were not cohesive enough. Michael’s was immature and he needs to grow. Laura’s was great but one note as always. Jeffrey had the whole package and deserved to win.

samantha on

I think Michael should have won, he was the best designer on Project Runway ever. I’m not going to watch the show anymore.

Cj on

I dont think the judges on PR really care what we, the public think. Does anyone remember “The Apprentice” ? It was pretty much the same thing, they disappointed their viewers, and the “one time” most popular show on the air fell flat. Where are they now? I suggest everyone involved with the decision making start saving their undeserved earnings for when the time comes that no one is tuning in. I turned off my television and said to myself, “Looks like being a cleaned up addict, who cheats, and has a horrible attitude, is what it takes to make it big!” Also, I wonder how all those hugs from Jeffery to Tim Gunn played into his win. Another suggestion, How about new judges for every show.

Emily on

Jeffrey’s line of clothing did NOT DESERVE the win at Bryant Park. It’s just ridiculous, I’m so sick of watching that show and having people who are clearly not the best win. There are not a lot of people that are going to buy Jeffrey’s clothes, they’re awful looking, and there is NO way he did that all himself. Uli or Laura clearly deserved the win. Anyway, bottom line, I’m not watching next season.

Rachel on

NO WAY! JEFFERY WON! What the hell was the judges think? Are they out of their minds? Jeffery’s “innovative” collection looks like Hallowee customs to me. ALL of them are so ugly! I was expecting Laure to win since she’s my favorite designer.I think Jeffery should use the $10,000 to open a Hallloween custom store.

ashley on

wow.. jeffrey won?! i think uli’s was better.

Christine on

YES!!!! I was so thrilled to see Jeffrey win! Frankly, he was the one that deserved it the most and it’s nice to see someone who had such a shattered life in the past pick up the pieces and win something like Project Runway. KUDOS JEFF!!!!!!!!

Jenn on

I am disgusted that I wasted my time watching this show! never again! seriously…who would wear Jeffery’s stuff! what a jerk! His stuff was horrible! Unless you are Mary Kate Olsen then you would look good in his Hobo/rock star whatever style! Well, maybe they picked him so that if he went back to using drugs they couldnt be blamed for pushing him over the edge! Again…..this shows why us “normal, everyday” people in society don’t get those “fashion” people….But, they forget we are the ones buying clothes and letting them live their fancy lifestyles!

Richard on

Jeffrey? What crap. He designs for 7 women in the Hollywood scene and that’s it. Rocker Druggies! The green and white stripe dress with the odd use of zippers was kind of an Oscar de la Renta spin-off, in an odd way. But the rest of his ‘Japanese ghost story’ items were just a plain nightmare. Laura and Uli were the two who probably should have split the prize. Laura does classy stuff. She does what keeps Michael Koors in business. Uli is good but a bit limited in her Johnny one note act, but it is nice if you ‘live in a hot climate and like Miami’ Poor kid is from East Germany, Miami probably looks like heaven to her.
Michael has a way to go , but did some very good and interesting garments throughout the show, esp. the asymetrical white dress with the brown belt. This is probably one of the most intersting shows on TV. And Tim Gunn is a hoot. But Laura will go far and should have won. Slhe doesn’t do stuff for street walkers or beach ware, but hey, she does great stuff. This season left me feeling definately disappointed. My advice, get rid of Nina Garcia. All she looks for is copy, and dump Michael Koors too, he’s a boaring fairy and I’ve had all I can take of him. Use some of the past Project Runway Winners as judges! Now, there’s an idea.

robyn on

TIM was sooo in love with Jeffrey when he was looking at his line the first time, he always only had positive things to say to Jeffrey. I think Jeffrey was a b***ard for what he did on the “Mothers” show. He should have been booted many times in my opinion. I do think his clothes were hip and modern, but way too out there for the majority.
I believe one hundred percent that Uli should have won. What an absolutely beautiful line!!!! I’d wear every single peice if I were a size 4!
I loved all of Laura’s clothing through out the show except for the low bust lines.
Michael- what a doll, he will go places I am sure of it.
I miss the show already. PLEASE start the next one!!!

PAW on

Jeffrey may have won but after he has dressed a couple of dozen trashy young movie divas the career will be over.
Uli, on the other hand, will have a very long run. Her clothes were in such good taste that anyone of any age could wear them with confidence.

Linda on

I think the judges definitely got the order right. They were looking for a cutting edge collection – one that had a variety of styles, but with a common thread. Jeffrey achieved that. Whether it was the red print used in a variety of ways, or the green stripes – he did what he was supposed to – and did it well. Uli’s clothes were absolutely beautiful – and they will sell. But again, they were looking for an exciting new designer who could really show a wide range. (And Nina Garcia wants outfits that will jump off the page.) Laura’s collection was stunning – but too limited. As far as Michael, I had really high hopes! But his collection was a little too racy for what the judges were looking for. One last thought – I don’t think their aim is to go for the most controversial person at all. If that was the case, Santino would have won last year. Instead Chloe – probably the nicest person – won. Congratulations Jeffrey – you worked hard and you deserved to win!

amber on

Throughout the entire season I was rooting for Laura because she always had impeccable finishing on her designs. However, I can see where her collection was a little ‘old’ looking. For Bryant Park, Uli definitely had an awesome collection however what was great about Jeffrey’s is that he had a ‘look’ that overall could be imagined everywhere like Michael Kohrs said…you knew what she’d where to a party, on the beach, etc. A lot of you are taking personality into consideration but it’s not about that…it’s about the designs over the entire season, not just the finale. So I totally agree with the judges!!

Monica on

The last two finalists should’ve been Uli and Laura. I was amazed at Uli’s collection and Laura’s took my breath away. Michael made a few mistakes, but Jeffrey did most of the same crap he’s done the entire season. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP AND MORE CRAP is what Jeffrey’s collection was, is and will be. Innovative??? Yeah right!!

But like the idol curse, I think coming in second, third and fourth will be very beneficial. I can honestly say that we will see lot’s more from Uli, Laura and Michael. They are true inovator designers. Don’t worry your work has been shown and people will be waiting to buy your clothes.

jen on

I was so sure that Uli was going to win, but i’ve loved Jeffery througout the whole show, even though he started up lots of drama between the contestants. Michael is a great designer but his collection didn’t make much sence. Laura is great too, but she needed to show something other than cocktal dresses that she would wear herself. Im obsessed with the dress that Jefferys model from the show was wearing. It was so well made and the zippers on the seams was amazing. I’m really excited to see next season of project runway ( if there is going to be another season, which i really hope there will be )

stacy on

I was so disappointed with the results of Project Runway. Though Jeffrey’s designs were originally and you could see a theme in the collection, Uli’s collection was 10 times better than Jeffrey’s was. Uli should have won the competition!!! I hope at least that we will see more of her designs though, who needs Project Runway anyway, she’ll be a success even without the title!!! Go Uli!!!!

Cheryl on


SAJ on

I totally agree! Laura with consistent, gorgeous craftsmanship and Uli, with her real world, flowy, everyday woman appeal would have been a much better decision. Michael’s final showing was a huge disappointment. It wasn’t “street safari” — it was more like “street hookers”. He should have stuck with his genre of hip hop sportswear. Aside from the controversy surrounding Jeffrey’s integrity, I felt it quite unfair that he won because he already had exposure designing for various Rock Stars. I’m just happy that, in spite of everything, Laura, Uli and even Michael will still become successful designers.

Katie on

Through the overall competition i thik it should have been MICHAEL, but based on the runway show, definatley ULI!!!!! Her dresses and clothes were beutiful! F you Jefferey you suck!

Christina on

I love PR. But once again, disappointed in the finale! What were you thinking Michael..I thought you were going to win (hmmmm seems a little like the Daniel factor) Loved Lauras outfits, but Uli, who wasnt my fav, had the best show. Jeffrey???Ughhh Yuck. His was OK but not win-worthy.

Deborah on

I can not believe that IDIOT won the show, that’s AWFUL. They judges were probably drunk that night? What’s wrong with them? I’ll never watch that show ever again. This is the first time I watch PR and the LAST TIME>


Ebbylou on

OMG??????????????What are you thinking? I bet Heidi would not wear any of jeffery’s clothes. they were not what the everyday woman would wear. Just go out and ask women on the street and see what they say. Heidi said she would wear Uli’s clothes. and what did the clintents at the fashion show tell you when Uli and Laura’s colections came out. THEY CLAPPED THEIR HANDS. WHY BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM. Get it. I’m like alot of others, I love the show but the judging has cauesed me to think able watching next season. To bad, Isn’t that how you return for another season is the number of people that watch the show. I think yall better think about things for your next show.If there is one. I AM VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED. I was wanting Micheal to win,but Laura had a wonderful line,just beautiful……but Uli had the best over all. My vote was for her. I bet you will see her again and again before you see jeffery. he will make someone he is making something for mad and that will be the end of that . HE IS A JOKE.Heidi and the judges need to rethink this one. Like Julia Roberts said in “Pretty Woman” “BIG MISTAKE- BIG, HUGE”

laura on

Michael’s been my favorite ALL season but his collection i was really disappointed with…the best collection was Uli’s and I think the worst was Jeffrey’s. I think Uli definetely should have won. And I think michael has a great future…we’ll definetely see more of him.

Holly P on

I absolutely loved this season! I loved Laura and Micheal throughout the show but at the end couldn’t pick out of the four! All four were all extremely talented and will be very successful!! I heart Season 3!!!

Candace on

I would just like to say that the judges overrated Jeffrey’s collection. I believe that between ULI and Michael one of the two should have won. Throughout the entire season those were the only two in my opinion who were consistent with winning pieces one after another.

evie on

What were the judges thinking! All season long i have loved micheals looks but his final collection was a big disappointment. Uli’s collection was execellent and deserved to win. Uli was robbed the title. Laura clothes were truly beutiful but i believe the judges did not pick her because her collection was more eveningwear and maybe didn’t show more range. As for Jeffery’s collection its not fashion forward but a page of “what not to wear”. He did not deserve to win, next time take your sunglasses off before you judge!

lisa on

Jeffrey you rock!!!!! I picked you from the start and was praying that you will win. And you did! I wept when you won!You have a unique personality, endless talent and the fact that you turned your life 360 degrees for the better is something that inspired the many. I TIVO’d the finale and sent to my brother via courier in Philippines so my brother can watched it. Like you, he is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He is now a singer(his talent) with a small band in a rock and roll club in Manila. He cried when he viewed your tape. He wants now to be successful like you. You touched his heart. Thank you Jeffrey! You are always in my prayer! I will DEFINITELY buy your clothes in Macy’s and hope to see you in big runways soon! God bless!

rm on

I have to admit that in the beginning, Jeffrey was not my favorite, but as the season progressed I found myself wanting him to win! Uli’s collection was more my taste, but I definitely see why Jeffrey won. His story is also very inspiring. I’m thrilled to see him succeed. They are all wonderful!

Katie T on

Michael was my favorite throughout the whole season, but when it came down to the final runway show Uli was my favorite. Jeffrey had hits and misses with the challenges and then he went over budget, I don’t think it was fair that he won.

Nicky on

I absolutely love Michael but his designs we’re basically all the same thing but on different clothing. I would wear Uli’s collection. She deserved to win. I was suprised by Laura’s collection. She did pretty well. Jeffrey’s clothes were so-so. I do believe he got help. When he was getting his receipts together he looked nervous… hm

Bev on

If you will notice, Laura’s gowns are selling on the internet for a lot more than Jefferies His clothes were tasteless and tacky and Laura’s were elegant and could be worn by many women, I believe that Jeff won because he deliberatly caused controversy and brought up the ratings and so they gave him his reward for higher ratings. He seemed so decent in the last 2 shows but all you have to see is how he treated Angela’s mother and you know that he is a complete jerk.

Ashley on

I am happy with the outcome. I would have been happy if Laura, Uli, or Michael would have won. I think these four all have a place in fashion. Honestly, I think they all should have won. They all have different distinct styles. But, I do understand why they chose Jeffrey. He rocked that runway pretty much every time. Yes, there were a few things through the season and the collection that he knew he was wrong for. But, he was consistent. He is so innovative. Everybody has their own style. You can’t be mad at him or hate him because of his style. I hate the whole punk rock fashion thing, but he’s an awesome designer. So is every one of those other designers. But he did the best overall job. So, that’s how they judge. They didn’t do a bad job, it wasn’t to just cause controversy. I can’t wait for a next season. I don’t know what I’m going to do on Wednesdays now!

Tiffany on

OMG!! Jeffrey so did not deserve to win!!! I loved Michael and Uli throughout the whole show!!! But Uli’s collection definitely deserved to win!!! What were the judges thinking?!?!?!?

nina on

i really love michael and wished his collection was better but jeff should not have won. he had a horrible attitude through out the show and he pissed me off a lot. personly i dont think any of their collections were amazing. i just want michael to spring from the dirt and show everyone what he can really do!

Kristin on

I cannot believe Jeffery won. I would have voted for anyone but him. His designs since the beginning were hiddeous just like the clothes he wore. He couldnt even make a good looking outfit for a plus sized woman, and he was mean the entire time because he didnt want to have to work with her. I was just so mad. I am not sure I will ever watch again. Why show us the last part of the runway fashion show where celebrities are telling us who they would where? Oh yeah, none said Jeffery cuz his outfits are ugly. Normal people would not want to where a dress that has horizontal stripes and zippers all over it. That is not pretty. Lets see if we see Heidi Klum in any of those outfits that were in his show.

puppyluv on

Uli absolutely deserved to win.

REL on

Jeffrey shouldn’t have won…how many women in America are really going to wear his clothes. They are too punky, too wild, and way too rock and roll for 95% of women everywhere. Not to mention…HE SPENT OVER THE LIMIT! That’s not allowed. Laura or Michael should have won..Heidi herself said that she would wear every single garment Laura made and Michael was clearly the guy everyone was rooting for. The judges were horrible this season and made a mistake.

Lorraine on


Ange on

I just caught a re-run of the finale on 10/21 and Jeffrey’s collection was HORRIBLE!! Uli DEFINATELY deserve to win. I feel the producers felt obligated to Jeffrey because of his rough past..but comeon..he OBVIOUSLY did not deserve to win!!

liya on

Hell, NO! SSS is the name for his collection. Stupid, stupid,stupid. Besides he is a dirt ball and nasty a…
Hate him, hate his funky fashion. Laura is the b…, but I would wear every single piece of her creations.

patricia on

jeffrey is a loser in my book. after the way he treated the mother of one of the designers, i thought he should have been kicked off the show. that was soooo mean and unprofessional. his dress for her was unflattering and ugly. it really showed his limitations as a designer. he can only design for hipchicks in size 2. i love michael but uli was by far the winner. i am very disappointed in the judges. i would love to know how each one voted.

shirley on

I wished Laura or Ule would have won. Jeffrey was my least favorite of the four designers. While I do believe him to be creative and unique, I felt his designs would be more appropriate for H&M, Forever l7, Rave etc.- not to high fashion. Michael while appearing to have excellent taste during the season, felt he had to push the limits and went overboard. Ule has been consistantly expressing her Miami inclination- pulled together an impressive and surprising collection (my personal favorite – the bathing suit and coverup. My favorite designer was Laura. I have to admire this woman, who has another career, is the mother of five children with another on the way, bravely competed with the best of these designers. I have never felt her to be mean, but right up front about how she felt about the possibiliy of Jeffrey outsourcing. She expressed what both Michael and Ule thought as well. I felt that her designs are timeless. While Nina called her a one note, I am sure that Vera Wang was considered just a wedding gown designer at one time. Her designs would be the only ones that I would consider spending a huge sum of money, as they would be able to be worn many times and never go out of style. Her workmanship and detailing was the precise attention to detail that I would want in high fashion clothes. I would consider them an imvestment.

anna fraley on

omg i cannot belive it… what were they thinking i mean come on!!! uli deserved to win way more then jeffery…!

Sasha on

Sad to say Jeffery won. After his very rude behavior through out the show I for one don’t see how he made it to Fashion Week. I will not be watching Project Runway anymore. Michael should have won b/c although he flubbed Fashion Week he was the most consistant overall.

Mar Cat on

Congrats to Jeffrey! After reading all the posts, it seems most are upset with J. winning. It’s ok, all the final designers will rocket in the market no doubt. Reminds me of Chris getting bumped off American Idol- he was amazing! – yet will do far better on his own without the shows contract. America did him a huge favor, maybe the judges did the other 3 finalists a favor also- this way they can market their work on their own recognition without being contracted to the show. I’ve been a hair stylist for 35 yrs. now, (updo’s have always been my forte’) and this contest reminds me of my very first (and last by choice) competion. I spent 2 months practicing my updo on my model at her home in order to keep others from seeing what I was going to do- never receiving any help from the instructors as all the other stylists were doing. (No Tim Gunn type giving me hints- I was determined to do it on my own!). 2 weeks before the big night of the contest (there were 25 of us competing) a male stylist decided to enter the contest- and won the dang thing –with a straight PONYTAIL! I trophied 4th place- I was happy anyways – and now like Uli and Laura know- as far as design and elegance go, ‘should’ have taken 1st. Goes to show- you can’t guess what’s in the mind of judges- no matter what the contest! All fans should continue watching PR just to see the hard work these designers go through once given that weeks project theme!

Kimmy on

I’m extremely upset with the finale and I have serious doubts about whether I’ll watch next season. With all due respect, the judges blew it. Do they really think “the next big fashion designer” will be Jeffrey? His clothes are far too costumey for the average American woman. Uli on the other hand, nailed it. Even Heidi said she would wear every single one of Uli’s designs. Bet she can’t say the same thing about Jeffrey’s collection. Can you imagine sleek Heidi wearing one of those puffy polka-dot nightmares or the ill-fitting blue dress?

I question the “expertise” of the judges. Maybe it’s time to turn the show over to a new panel more in touch with today’s American women.

Alyxa on

OMG! No way Jeffrey should have won! Can you say cheater, cheater pumpkin eater? Even if he didn’t have outside help, and I believe he did by the way, he went over budget. Also, I don’t he was that “innovative” or “creative” as the judges were so fond of saying. His couture gown from the “high flying couture” episode was a COMPLETE Alexander McQueen rip-off and his final collection was a COMPLETE Gwen Steffani rip-off. Aside from all of that, Uli’s collection was AMAZING!!! I mean, Nina said it herself, “women would want to wear her clothes”. People were even asking Nina how they could buy Uli’s clothes. They were gorgeous. I sincerely thought it was going to come down to Uli and Laura. Laura’s final collection was PERFECTLY crafted and fitted, as always. What were the judges thinking?! All I know is that was the last Project Runway I will EVER watch.

shleby on

i could not believe that Jeffery won. Uli or Laura should have won.

Adele on

I am not in the clothing industry, but I would think choosing the best designer would have “saleability” factored into it. Jeffrey’s clothes were ugly and appeared poorly constructed.
I can’t imagine who would buy his designs. Uli definitely should have been the winner, with Laura running a close second. What upsets me most is that the Project Runway judges have rewarded bad behavior. I would think the judges would want to elevate their trade by not only rewarding talent, but by rewarding people with ethics, morals and empathy. The sad part about it is, that Jeffrey’s son will probably end up just as obnoxious as his father.

Janet on

I am very pleased with the judges choice! They went by innovation, and creative talent. Jeffrey PROVED himself.
Project Runway isn’t based on “niceness” it’s based on creative and innovative talent Jeffrey proved himself with flying colors!!

KUDOS to you Jeffrey and the judges of Project Runway

_____ on

Now I have finally realized one thing about PR:

It is completely unfair.

a. Just because, say, cocktail dresses aren’t your “thing”, you can be eliminated, crushed, etc. Many designers focus on one area of design, may it be sportswear, evening wear, or casual wear.

CL on

Jeffrey was definitely a designer who is not afraid to step outside of the box. I especially love the green dress and what he did with the zippers. However, I thought Uli should have won because each of her pieces was impeccable and could be worn by ANY women. Uli’s presentation was also very cohesive that I can understand her style as a designer. I wonder if the judges picked Jeffrey because he had possessed a stronger “voice” throughout the show. At the end of the day, I think Uli will be known in the fashion world and will come up with her own line even though she didn’t win.

lou on

I hate Jeffrey! He should not have won. Uli or Laura were the winners. Even though Michael was my favorite, I must agree that his collection wasn’t as good as the girls’. But Jeffrey’s??? His was the worst. I guess that nowadays talent isn’t as important as being a jerk and causing conficts that attract viewers. I’m definetely not watching it next season!

Chris on

What a horrible ending to the season. I have watched every episode, since season 1 – my nieces went to fashion design college, so it was fun to see what it would take to make it as a professional. Apparently, UGLY designs, bad character (Angela’s mom,) breaking the rules, and a total lack of regard for others is what it takes. (Students at Parsons, stop studying now, you know the formula.) My husband also watched and was surprised at the decision. Clearly, Uli and Laura’s designs were the most beautiful, wearable, … On the auction website, all of Uli’s collection is soaring higher $$$ per piece. Michael Kohrs and the other judges had a serious lapse. I will rethink purchasing anything from someone or some company that believes Jeffrey’s behavior all season should be rewarded with $100,000 and a car. P.S. Loved Michael’s stuff all season. Maybe a few years from now, he’ll be the next big designer. Carry on!

caleigh on

jeffery shouldn’t have won! i think laura and uli’s collection were a lot more appealing, and more poeple would buy them. his collection only a certain taste could wear that, unlike uli’s or laura’s.i thought it was werid that heidi said that she would wear all or uli’s clothes but then the pick jeffery??? i think they just picked him because of all the drama he added to the show.

Julia on

I still believe that Jeffery had outside help with his collection. It seems impossible to make a collection with that fine detail and spend as much time possible with his son. Even though Micheal Knight was my favorite, I think Uli’s runway was the best. It was interesting and fun.

NikNik on

Oh by far Uli is the best and I want to see more but Michael was my favorite. Jeffrey had not a clue he just cheated, Laura was right all along!

chuck gmurek on

When it got down to the Final Four and for awhile beforehand, I was rooting for Laura. After seeing Uli’s Collection on the Runway at the Park, she was definitly Robbed!!!!!!!! I Liked All of her Outfits. Eventhough the other designers didn’t win, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of them.

Helen on

I still and will always love michael collection. I wanted him to win so bad, I was so happy he won fan favorite on the reunion show. but, I do not know what happen during the fashion show, I wanted to luv his collection best, but I have to admit uli’s was the best. But, becuase I know he will be a famous and great designer oneday, I can still be one of his biggest fan. Uli will be fine, after Laura have her child she will be fine. I hope Jeffery 15 minutes of fames last only 10, he should have never won.

Dolly on

I did not like Jeffrey’s collection at all. Nothing from his collection is wearable or classy. It was ugly. Clearly, Uli had the best collection and although Michael was my favorite since the first episode I don’t know what he was thinking with his choices. I think the judges made a huge mistake. They have disappointed many PR fans.

Pandice on

No one with jeffrey’s personality deserves to win. Every episode that I watched he was I jerk.

Melly on

I still think Jeffrey had outside help, at the very least he had a clear unfair advantage over the other 3 since he had an entire workroom of machines since he already owns a business.
Uli or Laura should have won. Michael was my favorite overall, but not at Olympus Fashion Week.

Mar Cat on

I forgot in my first post above to ask- hey Jeffrey, how is it you named your son’s middle name Detroit? I’m from MI.- north of Detroit, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use our great Motown City as a name! Has he said in an interview and I missed it? Just curious.

madeline on

the judges was all wrong! I will never watch this show again! Uli should have won based on the runway show. Michael need time!

Jane2 on

Jeffrey – Cohesive? Come on, cohesive means to be well-integrated or unified. Neither of those poorly designed or executed blue dresses even partially integrated with the rest of the collection that was also disjointed. The short blue dress was a shiny stretch knit and completely unflattering. The long blue dress looked like a juvenile attempt to create an Uli-dress, but very poor at that. The rest of his menagerie was ill-fitting and unattractive. The only dress that had any innovation was the zipper dress, which would make any normal sized woman look like a hot air balloon. It didn’t do much for his thin model.

Laura’s work was dazzling. Uli’s very sleak and wearable. Hands down – Laura or Uli should have taken home the big prize. Jeffrey’s a joke, a cheater and a cry baby. Hope his immaturity kicks him in the a$$ later.

J L on

Jeffrey winning was a travesty and a joke. What makes you people at Bravo think that choosing a rude, punky, supposedly recovered addict the right choice? It most certainly wasn’t his “cohesive” collection. Come on, cohesive? You’d have to be an idiot or not know the meaning of the word to think that.

His fabric, patterns and colors were majorly disjointed. The collection was more fractured than cohesive or unified. It was low-class circus fare, with only a couple of decent pieces.

Laura’s collection was cohesive, striking, brilliant. Uli’s fresh, fun and wearable. Michael – yes, he needs more work. But Jeffrey, time will prove he DID cheat. It was all over his face. Why not have him take a lie-detector test. I mean for god’s sake you gave the guy $100,000 plus all the amenities. You’d think you’d check into it further. The clips of Jeffrey and his baby didn’t work as a tearjerker at the end. It was empty footage. With the way his father talks and treats people, his son will unfortunately have no choice but to do like daddy.

Jeffrey needs treatment, not the winner’s treasure. The judges and the producers completely missed the mark and have alienated the majority of their viewership. You’ve created a double standard by kicking off Keith, but allowing Jeffrey to go over budget, miraculously come up with another pair of pants, and then win the grand prize.

Shame on you, Bravo.

TMWright on

Come on people, who’s clothes do you acutally see yourself being able to wear in the real world? It is Jeffery’s without a doubt. He has unique style that is not over the top for the average american women. I loved his clothes and wish I had them in my closet. Uli’s line was nice but too much of the same color and material used throughout. I love Laura’s elegance but not practical for the average woman who will maybe once in her life buy a floor length gown. I was not impressed with Michael. I agree with the judges, they did an excellent job!

lynne on

The questions of receipts has nothing to do with whether or not Jeffery had sewing help.

BettyK on

I was so disappointed. I thought fashion designers were supposed to design clothes that would make women feel good about themselves and be excited to buy and wear. Jeff’s designs would work well for street-walkers and maybe rockers but certainly not for the majority of women buying clothing. If any of my girls put on his fashions, I would make them change before going out. What is creative about making “rags.” I strongly believe Uli should have won. Her clothing was beautiful, young, and could be worn by many age groups. I, of course, liked Laura’s clothing but I am older and think her clothing would appeal to an older crowd. Uli should have won PR. Next year is up in the air for me. I have issues with the judging! I looked at Michael Kors collection and he certainly did not have the kind of creativity he professed to admire in Jeffrey’s clothing. Thank Gawd!

Lilli on

I like Jeffrey and I do think that he is a great designer; however, I think that Uli should have won. She showed the most beautiful pieces througout the show. I liked most of the designers, but made my choice of who should win by looking at the overall picture. Who overall was the best designer. And though Uli didnt step out of her own style very often, Jeffrey never did!!!! I think that Uli would have been a better designer and more versitile.

Trish on

What a disappointment….he may be a good designer – but I certainly don’t believe he is an honest designer.

Janice on

What a let down it was when Jeffrey won. I think they kept him on because he was a trouble maker and they thought people would tune in to see his ridiculous and immuture behavior. I loved everything Michael made, and Laura’s collection was beautiful. But Uli should have won. I’m NOT SURE if I’ll watch next season, because I think the judges/producers this season choose the winners for other reasons other then the clothes and design.

I do like Tim Gunn and think he’s fair and seems like a nice guy. But I’m SICK of Heidi Klume, and Michael Kors is just overboard with some of his criticisms and his attitude. I think they need to freshen the show and get rid of the current judges and get new ones, but keep Tim Gunn.

Gloria Long on

What was the judges thinking to let Jeffrey win. Iam trying
to give him his props for winning but I can not. Michael did fall short durning fashion week. I still think he should
have won, his designs were different and fit in with all ages. I also liked Uli and Laura designs. PR was one of the best shows on Bravo Tv until this season. The shows seems to have designers on who are either gay or white people, their is nothing wrong with this.But give a black person a chance to win.

Amber on

I love Laura’s collection the most. Elegant, wearable. I agree with everyone here that Uli should have won. If anyone want to end up on a Fashion DON’T then you should wear Jeffrey’s design.

Mattie on

All four contestants had completely different styles, and there was something to like about each one. Jeffrey’s clothes were innovative, but looked too thrown together and artsy for everyday wear. Uli’s were cute and everyday looking. Laura made beautiful clothes, but all she made was evening wear for 40-somethings. Michael’s clothes had a lot of the same weird collared tops which were tacky, and the satin was hideous. I liked him throughout the season though. It was a tough call but I think Uli was the best choice.

Natalya on

I used to love this show but I am not going to watch next season. It’s unfair show.
I liked Laura, Michael and Uli but Jeffrey……. I don’t think he is honest person and not a good designer. Specially his collection. I did not like any of his designs. It looks very bad. Where can you wear it? Uli had the BEST collection. I am very disappointed. “Project runaway” needs new judges.

msc on

How can you let somebody who came in overbudget… he should have know without being told… and had 2 REALLY ugly dresses in his collection win? Yuck. I hated the outcome! They all worked hard, and deserved to show in New York, but Uli should have won… Laura a very close second place. Fern was the only judge who was fair. Nina, and Michael should not be allowed to judge the final show. Yuck! I love this show, but hated this seasons outcome.

fulana on

I’m slightly disgusted, but not surprised, that Jeffrey won. I’m puzzled, too, that people are “happy that Jeffrey didn’t cheat.” Good Lord, people – there’s practically no way to know if he did in fact get outside help! Just because Tim and the production staff asked J.Seb’s vendors a question or two doesn’t prove anything. What bothered me the most about Jeffrey was the way he treated other people and talked about how great he was. So many have said that being a great designer isn’t about being a nice guy (or girl) but I think it’s sad that we “reward” these obnoxious individuals, such that they think it’s acceptable to be rude, condescending, and arrogant. Of course, Jeffrey’s rudeness could have been somewhat a product of the editing – the powers that be could have edited out mean comments by the other designers in order to set up Jeffrey as the “bad guy,” who knows. But I get the feeling that that is, quite simply, who Jeffrey is.

Of the final four, I think Uli will go on to the most success, unless Michael gets his act together really quickly. It’s such a shame that he totally dropped the ball with the collection – the guy had the ENTIRE country behind him and was the clear favorite all season! Why did he think that we, the viewers, wanted to see his version of “Baby Phat Gone Wild?” Oy. Talk about a spectacular disaster.

For those who say they want to buy Jeffrey’s clothes – if you walked into a store and saw a green-and-white striped blazer hanging on a rack, would you REALLY say, “Yes! I must have it!” Do you really want to look like a circus clown? In other words, left up to your own good taste, would you really, honestly like a green-striped blazer or do you like it only because you’ve seen it worn by a fashion model on a runway on TV?

Cookie on

EWWWW I think all those dresses a ugly. I might not be able to make them but still.

Denice on

Jeffrey and his collection sucks. There is a difference between innovation and trash that no one wants to look at or wear. I loved Laura’s collection, what class, who wouldn’t want to wear those clothes? Michael’s collection was great, but I can see where it lacked maybe cohesion. I think Uli rocked, rocked and rocked some more…the detail and the thought she put into all her pieces.

Jeffrey should not have won and I am never getting sucked in to this stupid show again!!!!

Betty on

I’m so done with PR. I so hoped we would have a nod to quality and craftmanship but no, the judges fell into the “acid hip” look. Too passe for me.

It’s time for quality and wearablility. I disagree with one commentor. Haute couture isn’t all about art just for arts sake. Look at M. Kors, Valentino, Dior, Channel,Oscar de la Renta, no wierd stuff going on there. Just beauty, breath-taking one of a kind beauty and craftmanship. The judges missed the boat. Laura was the clear winner in my opinon – I flet that way from the beginning with the bath mat coat; she made that even look elegant.

Talk about one note designs…look at Jeffery, they were all ugly and pretty much unwearable and unattractive. Who would really spend money and then wear it his designs in public? I don’t see the craftmanship, I don’t see any real design talent, hell I could do what he did…and I can’t sew anything but a button. His ediginess was as one note as Laura’s elegant designs were.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see what she could do with more money, more time and decent models? I think she could truly knock our socks off…seriously, think about it. The hand beading and simple elegance that is well draped and fitted to a woman’s body. I’m sick of “ugly” chic and so should the judges. Kors doesn’t design like he’s on acid, maybe he didn’t want any competition? His stuff is getting to be pretty one note itself.

Nope, PR is a total waste of time. I loved to watch that show and now I’m terribly disappointed and can see how it is staged from the beginning and being tricked is the worst feeling in the world. I feel cheated and mislead. Too bad the ratings were more important than finding and nurturing a new design talent.

Mattie on

I don’t think the judges’ decision is the reason to not watch next season. The judging scene was really misleading though when they were talking positively about Uli and they cut straight to Heidi saying that they’d made the decision. I think their decision was right on for high fashion. I would never wear that ugly crap they put on models in fashion shows. No one would, but that is what Jeffrey gave them. Ugly crap that you’d see in fashion shows.

project runway fan on

Next project runway , lets have a panel of judges of at least five, that way more dicussion could be made before they kick some one off, jeffrey ‘s mother design should of got him kicked off he made angelas mom a ugly blue tent,and nina garcia said she saw his motive,thats a joke itself.I still think he cheated he has his own label already, costa nostra, so does’t that already make him a designer with a label?I think the collection he had to make for his own line and the one for project runway are the same.I think the line was already made he just used it for project runway, come on the guy said on television that he had to work on to line, unless the undocumented workers, did it.I just think he was to desperate to win that cheating was an option this is my opinion.

sheila on

The show was not bad I think Ulis collection was very nice but michel proved that you can make somthing out of youre life even when all hope is lost. His clothes were diffrent and i think thats what the show was looking for. Michel you should be proud of what you have become i am very very glad you won good luck.

Jayne on

WHAT A HOOT OF A SHOW!!! I have truly been entertained. This 3rd show was my 1st. Everyone was so fun that I am even watching re-runs! My heart was in that group hug, Tim.
My digs–Laura’s dogging was ugly, Uli’s green 12th dress put Jlo’s green Oscar dress immediately to my mind, Angela’s Mom is an immature woman; I wanted to set her and Jeffery in seperate timeout corners, and switch Mom’s so Angela could design a hoochie momma for her Mom. Ha!Ha! I was rooting for Micheal all the way, but Wow, what a disappointment. It was like he didn’t remember the lashing Vincent and Angela got for their hoochie momma designs. Street Safari turned into Hollywood blvd,CA and not NYC. Lest I forget the judges; Your only dig to Uli’s collection was you saw a “roller coaster” If you meant colors, I was riding smoothly along for the ride. I saw Sand, Stars, Sunsets and Palm Trees in the entire collection. Uli’s was great, even though I don’t go braless. I couldn’t believe the drama with Jeffery, and he did look guilty by his own behavior, but I wouldn’t convict on looks. I so appreciated Tim, what a great guy. I feel the whole entire show pulled it off. And the Bryant Park was great to be a part of.
This past year I have been working on getting to a healthy weight, hairstyle update, etc. I have never been a clothes/shoes horse. The people in this show have sparked something wonderful in me. And Laura had summed it up for me at Bryant Park when she commented about how an American woman can affect her life for good with fashion. So I have have decided to look better with what God has given me. I’m 49 yrs old and look 35. I dress in t-shirts, baggy pants, and tennis shoes. Shameful isn’t it. Thank you PR. You all have opened my eyes.
All four of these designers deserve a mentorship somewhere. Uli should be with Princess Von Ferstenburg, Micheal with Vera Wang, Laura with a Coco Chanel-type, Jeffery has Elle’. Heidi and the judges are perfect. Way to go Heidi. You’re great. Now I am heading for Macy’s to make it work!!! Thx. P.S. I voted for Jeffrey because of his designs and beautiful innovations. His drew me in. Artistic wearable clothing. Bye.

Mattie on

artistic, yes. wearable, maybe for Halloween…

rose on

i cant believe jeffrey won, his collection was horrible. uli should have won hands down. her collection was innovative, beautiful and outside the box. as a woman in fashion i would have worn every single thing uli made.

rigaou on

I feel violated. Uli or Laura should have won. I’m going to go take a shower.

Casey on

I cannot believe that Jeffrey won. He should’ve been out a long time ago. Michael completely deserved to win.

yasi on

Uli should’ve won….. Her Design was the best….. The Judges were blinded…..

ellen on

I really enjoyed the whole season. In the future , I think it would be interesting to design for plus size models since the average woman is a size 12. Congrats to all the designers especially Laura and Uli who keep in mind, real women have curves. Also, their choices of fabrics were awesome for the busy business woman who needs to look great right out of the suitcase. Jeffrey is an inspiration for people who have been challenged by life. Keep working hard and doing what you do! Way to make it work to all the designers!

Pat on

What a disappointment season three was! How the judges could have chosen Jeffrey’s collection as the winner over Laura’s or Uli’s is beyond me. They must all need glasses! Jeffery was ultimately rewarded for his bad behavior and for side-stepping the rules.Because of the fact that he went over the set budget, and could not produce all his receipts, he should have only been allowed to show his collection at Bryant Park, but disqualified as a Project Runway contestant. The other designers followed all the rules and only have their losses to show for it. The show has compromised it’s integrity.

Cher on

Jeffrey won according to the contest. They were told all season to do certain things. And each week they were reminded again and then again. Each and every one of them. In the end Michael was doing the same, Laura was doing the same Uli the same. Jeff is the only one that listened to the judges and spread his imagination on his designs. You need to remember it was a contest and award show. If you followed the judges comments and orders you went further up the ladder. In the end Jeffrey did this where the others did not.

NoWay on

Uli’s collection pieced together well, like a collection should, with gorgeous fabrics and her trademark of fantastic work with prints. I can not believe she did not win, but even worse that Jeffrey’s collection did!?! Hopefully, Uli will go on to greater things. Their loss!

Sam Rey on

I can’t believed Jeffrey Won!! he’s collection was the worst, i dont see nobody wearing that clothes unless is a freak, i think Uli should’ve won the competition, to sad the judges think they know about fashion but the truth is they don’t know nothing about that, i will never watch this show again i am so disappointed

Mar Cat on

I just figured it out! If you scroll back up to the top and look at the 4 models across the board- which “Model” would you pick to go on to have HER career escalate? Hands down- Jeffrey’s! She is the prettiest by far! Maybe Nina said that’s who she wants to promote in her magazine over the other models. Really- it’s no contest who is the most stunning face-wise. Plus, the way Laura accused J. of having outside help- how did she individually hand glue all those crystals and any other beadwork she did on the rest of her collection – in just 2 months? If you’ve ever done any type of craft projects, just doing a small amount of space eats up hours in no time! (Plus you keep burning your fingertips in the process!) Hmmmm….It’s a wonder he didn’t turn the tables on her! That might explain why her clothes are so simple- cause all the time is spent gluing trim! Still they were gorgeous.

Alethia on

After reading the many comments from various blogs, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people have the same sentiment. Jeffrey was GIVEN the PRIZE (why? only GOD knows). This is all the judges fault. Looking back at all of the the episodes; even the finale, they contradicted themselves with their comments (high praises)then choosing the mediocre. Were you paid or promised something to vote for Jeffrey? If they wanted this to be a fair competition, the public should have voted. Most people have a conscious. Even though Michael was the public’s favorite (he was mine too), I think most would have voted for Uli or Laura in that order. You have to give people their props, and Jeffrey was not deserving of any respect, much less the win. It’s as if the judges didn’t want to acknowledge true talent. Like a million voices have stated “who would wear, much less buy Jeffrey’s clothes.” (Maybe his mother or girlfriend). His style is definitely for someone with low self esteem or on drugs. I hope the many people who expressed that this is their last season watching (it sure wil be mine), stick to their conviction and show Heidi and her flunkies that this is for Real(tv) too.

M*d on

I definitly think Uli should’ve won i liked her designs from the beginning. I especially liked what she did in the dog challenge. I loved that silver dresss with the bone from her collection. I didnt think jefferys collection was suprising but i think he deserved it.

Lily on

Jeffery had to win no matter what…he deserved it and his collection was truly amazing. The work was so creative and proffesional, it beat Uli’s, Michael’s and Laura’s (who is a stupid moron) collections in a second. The judges made the right choice and this was not their first time.

Raelle on

omg uli should have won or michael jeff wuznt that great and he doesnteven look like a designer i wouldnt be surprised if he got kickedout of the fashion buisness!

randomness on

Many people are saying that the judges picked Jeffrey because he kept the same style throughput the entire series. This I believe to be true. However, if this is the case, why didn’t any other finalists win? Uli clearly kept the same flowing, beachy style, while Laura’s syle has stayed as glamourous. Michael’s is mainly sportswear, and we all know most of the best designers (Vincent NOT included) were mostly eliminated early on. I think Jeffrey won because it provided an “opportunity” for PR to show that fashion can be edgy. this was totally the wrong move. If someone shows up wearing an ensemble created out of leftover salad, you could praise them for “making a statement”. The same thing happended with jeffrey. He claerly was a horrible designer with a major attitude problem. And them-hello!-he springs on us this sob story about his horrible suicidal depression. Puh-leeze. I know I can’t persuade anyone, becuase everone’s already chosen “sides”, but I just need to rant :).

________ on

Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if J bribed the judges.

Shanna on

I seriously think the judges lost their minds, I personally did not like anything Jeffery designed (thoughout the whole show) and the fact that he actually went over in budget made my feelings even stronger. I wanted Laura or Uli to win, from Day One, they have true talent and would have been more deserving to win. I would love to wear anything those 2 ladies designed and I really want some of their clothes (especially Uli, her designes are so perfect for Florida, where I live). That is just my opinion!!!

ana on


Amanda on

Why oh why, is everybody SO AGAINST Jeffrey Sebelia?! Yes, it was definitely clear that Uli and Michael were rad designers but ultimately, Jeffrey beat them hands down and it’s a fact all of you Jeffrey-haters out there can’t change. Hey, if Jeffrey didn’t have any talent or whatsoever, how the heck would he win at Olympus Fashion Week? It’s pretty tough already to get judged by a whole bunch of top designers. Not to mention, his new line is currently attracting big celebs like Tommy Lee and Jennifer Lopez. His style and clothes reflect so much on his rock n’ roll personality and background. Ok, so his attitude wasn’t exactly good but hey, the man was just trying to enjoy his “PR journey”! I don’t think a bad boy can control his bad boy antics. Besides, Angela already admitted that Jeffrey had apologised for those conflicts they had. Talking about “innovation”, Laura-the-plain-Jane should’ve been booted out a long, long time ago. And i’m sure Michael and Uli would have their own lines sooner or later.

jade on

i loved michael’s clothing throughout the entire season. i did think Uli had the best ending collection but i still think michael should have won, not jeffrey. i would barely wear any of jeffreys clothing

k on

I think Jeffrey cheated!

holly on

Jeffery totally had help he never did nething thing like his finale line all he did was copy laura and Uli and Micheal …Micheal was good during the show but in the end his line wasnt good ….ULI’s was beauitful and amazing so bright and colourful…Laura’s line was extremely classy and clean and wonderful ….Jeffery only won cause the whole EMO fad going on right now…….BRAVO did a auction witht the finale line and this is the totals keep in mind they were given $8,000 to do this line… final totals MICHEAL:$4,557.00…..Jeffery:$9,980.00…..ULI:$11,825.00……LAURA:$12,852.90…… you can tell who was the clear winner in this case

star on

I love Jeffrey’s collection. It takes a creative mind to create such unique styles. People who dislikes his creations got to be more open-minded towards creativity (think out-of-the-box!). Nice beautiful clothes can be created by many other fashion designers and being unique is not something that everyone is able to achieve. Jeffrey’s clothes have left me a very deep impression which the other 3 contestants didn’t.

Kylie Zweifel on

I think Uli should have won… Her designs were very unique… I would not mind having her type of clothes



Already Been Said on

I have watched the entire season now and though my heart feels heavy, I understand why the judges chose Jeffery instead of Uli, for the same reason that co-host Tim Gunn and Harvard professors use SAT words, because the rest of “us” don’t. But why IS it that Uli’s designs were so popular?

gui on

i think jeffrey’s is more practical and more macy’s but uli’s is the best for me.

Amanda on

I understand that this thread hasn’t been active for a year or so, but I just watched the season and I am incredibly amused by all of the comments posted. It seems that people don’t comprehend the difference between innovative high fashion and normal, everyday fashion.

Michael’s collection looked cheap, like the kind of clothing you find in a 70% off rack in a department store. A couple of the dresses were really pretty, but the lace-up front always screams hoochie to me.

Laura’s collection was incredibly dull. And the yellow belt on her blue gown? DEFINITELY inspired by Jeffrey’s yellow belt in the recyclables challenge. It was like one and the same. None of Laura’s pieces looked new, they were all stuck in some granny mayhem.

Uli’s collection was cute, but high fashion? I don’t really think so. Yes, the dresses were adorable and beautiful, and some were sexy, but they did seem a bit simple and perhaps it was the beachy feel about them that made them seem too casual somehow. I can appreciate why people like her designs, but I wouldn’t consider it high fashion.

I believe Jeffrey’s collection was the most innovative, interesting and thought-provoking. The point of high fashion is not to make ready-to-wear outfits, it is to inspire fashion trends. Most of the designs seen on catwalks are not meant for everyday women to wear on an everyday basis and for some reason most people don’t seem to get that.

I believe Jeffrey completely deserved to win.

christy on

i love michael’s designs. He’s realy great designer.

christy on

michael is a great designer. I love his designs so much. You are still the winner mike!!!

vic on

Michael Knight eres el mejor tu eres el ganador!!!!
las demas colecciones eran bonitas pero creo que Michael Knight tenia una coleccion impecable ademas con elegancia y mucho glamour. jeffrey felicidades pero disculpa no era tuyo el premio.

sounia on

ilove uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Debra on

Project Runway is going 10 Seasons and we have yet not seen a black person win. To not understand why black people keep always having to give 110 percent in everything they do but others don’t. If the judging does not change the show will loose a lot of viewers. We are tried of not seeking good black people win like the very first black lady who name is Kuan or something like that.

Janice Damiani on

I have never watched this show but I saw season 3 this past weekend, Jan 2012. I would like to know how Uli is doing and if any of her clothes are avaiable. She should have won. Whenever I have watched any runway shows, I always say nobody is going to wear that. They are always to outragous, however Uli’s collection was so wearable. Thanks. I did really enjoy the show and now I will be watching.

Sofia on

Jeffrey Es un engreído insoportable…nunca me voy a olvidar como trato a la mamá de una de sus compañeras…con esa acción demostró q no se merecía ni siquiera participar del programa….No se porque lo eligieron ….para mi criterio debería haber ganado cualquiera de los otros tres finalistas…q son creativos y humildes como persona, algo que le falta y mucho a Jeffrey ….Espero en el próximo programa no solo vean la parte creativa de los participantes sino también su parte humana, que eso es mas importante a la hora de ser un buen artista….Saludos Atte…

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