Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

10/19/2006 at 03:26 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

What a great episode!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Janice Dickinson, Michelle’s coming “out,” and a celebrity couple photo shoot?! Brilliant.

In the first challenge, the girls had to be entertainment reporters at a hot event, and were coached by Entertainment Tonight correspondent Mark Steines. The next night, the girls hit the red carpet where they met their interview subject, former ANTM judge Janice Dickinson. Not shying away from the hard questions, Brooke asked Janice why she is so mean. Brooke has what it takes personality-wise and is going to do so well in the Cover Girl commercials (I’m hoping for one soon). Even though I would love to see Melrose take a hike (are you as annoyed by her as me?), she wins the challenge. Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo: Matthew Jordan Smith/The CW; Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

After the ET-challenge, Tyra does a one-on-one with the girls. Amanda, one of the twins, talked about her sister’s announcement earlier in the show that she might be gay or bi-sexual. I loved her sweetness about her sister coming out. They are lucky to have each other for strength in this competition. And AJ deals with her shyness, which really held her back during the red-carpet reporting.

Next came the second challenge of the episode: The girls had to channel both halves of famous pairs in two separate photo shoots. I couldn’t believe the celebrity matches they gave the girls to copy — too funny! Amanda’s Ellen Degeneres/Portia de Rossi photo (left) and Brooke’s turn as Kevin Federline were my two favorites. After this episode, I have to say that my new front runner is CariDee. She rocked as Angelina Jolie.

I was totally shocked to see AJ go! She was one of my personal top four! I don’t understand why the judges make their calls. But we don’t get to see everything that goes on, only what they can edit into one hour. So I will just have to assume that maybe AJ was slipping. Down to eight girls. . . .

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Ili on

I wonder why they are still keeping Jaeda despite her taking weak pictures and being in the bottom two for three times. Anyway, you got the names wrong. MICHELLE’s the one coming out and did the Ellen/Portia shoot. And you called Amanda, Amber. AJ’s departure must be tough. I’m gonna miss her.


Next Top Model? How about Next Top Anorexic?
And get rid of the old Dickinson “I am the original supermodel” hag. She is so tired. Should really distance her from the show.

Carolyn on

It’s time for them to get rid of one or both of the twins. They are both horrible!

Christine on

I personally like Melrose. She can be mean sometimes but the other girls are just as nasty back to her, sometimes more often, it’s like a circle. She takes wonderful pictures too.

Amber on

Yes Melrose is a mean diva like BIT*H, I’d like to see her go; but her photos were one of the best so whatever to that.

So sad AJ is gone, and I was just starting to like her more and more aswell; but her photos were horrible and she did not seem happy to play the Marc and Jen roles. I knew AJ was going home just by how her photos turned out but still somewhere deep inside I was hoping it would have been Jaeda.

I have to say I LOVE THE TWINS esp Amanda, and I LOVE Anchal aswell; they are my favorites.

Michelle looked stunning doing Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, I found hers to one of the best shoots of the night; just WOW really.

Jamie on


seriously, what has fashion come to?

MrsBorrego26 on

Last night’s ANTM was GREAT except for the part where AJ gets eliminated. I really really thought AJ was the Next Top Model. She has the flavor, the look, the walk, and the runway stance of a Model. But I guess to the judges she wasn’t showing that she wanted it badly. Seriously the judges need to give us a REAL explanation as to why a model is being eliminated. {Slaps judges} We need answers!!

jberg28 on

i think Brooke’s photo was the best! she did a pretty good job. I hope brooke or caridee wins! =)

james on

Anchal must go now. She has no confidence or personality and takes bad puctures. The only reason she stays around is because she is exotic looking, which I personally don’t even find attractive.

Natalie on

I was very upset over Aj being eliminated, she has some awesome past photos. Jaeda should have been eliminated…she was in the bottom two THREE times ad they keep taking her back…come on tyra, AJ is waaayy better! but anyways, it was a pretty good episode otherwise but I have seen better.

Jordan on

I really like Melrose. She has an intimidatingly strong personality (but that’s nothing to be ashamed or to shy away from) AND she does extremely well both in her photos and her challenges. She seems the most excited about being there (and she was completely right about Monique–what a mean little person). I’m still rooting for Anchal, though. She’s gorgeous nice and, to be obvious, very exotic.

J. on

ARRRRGHH!! AJ has consistently taken amazing pictures…with one exception. And Jaeda? How many amazing ones has she taken? CariDee better win this cycle…

WendyO on

I have been completely sucked in by this show…Melrose may be overpowering and annoying, but she aces everything, so she’s going to go a long way. I am also upset that AJ was booted…boo! It totally should have been Jaeda, who just seems so lost. I’m with Jberg28…when are the judges going to give us better explanations as to why they eliminate who they do? Sometimes it just seems a little too suspicious, like they just want to keep certain types of people in the show to keep everything even. Like the twins…they shouldn’t even be as far as they are, but because they are TWINS they are going to be kept in the show for as long as they can just to keep up the drama. Damn reality TV!

Erin on

Seriously! Kick Jaeda off the frickin’ show! How annoying is she!? I can’t believe how whiny she is. She’s like a puppy that doesn’t get enough attention. No idea why she is still here after she has been in the bottom two THREE times! Just like everyone else has been saying…why kick AJ off just because she has one bad photo? Melrose just doesn’t look like a model to me. She has a weird face. CariDee all the way!

Melissa on

I personally didn’t care about AJ going home. She had a horrible attitude about everything, did you see how many times she rolled her eyes? Jaeda looks like man and needs to go home next. I like Melrose simply for the fact that she doesn’t care and is there doing her thing. I can’t believe how immature the girls were being “smell rose”? I mean, come on girls, grow up and stop hating. Anchal is a cry baby and the twins are whatever. I’m rooting for Melrose or CariDee. We need blonde to win!

stylemaven on

A.J. had an attitude problem this whole last episode. It made me wonder if there was more than meets the eye going on- if she was dealing with something. I thought she acted like she wanted off the show. And I think that Melrose is wonderful. She is very aggressive in nature, but good for her for having that confidence. Don’t we all wish we could be more like that?

liz on

i am sorta mad that aj is gone but she was starting to annoy me. i really hope brooke or caridee wins. and anchal HAS TO GO. she isnt that pretty like the judges say

Amie on

Ok I missed this last episode except for the elimination at the end. AJ didn’t seem too upset to leave. I thought she was awesome and one of the top. Sad to see her go. My guess for top three will be Melrose, Caridee and Brooke. They are the ones who are continually on the top. And please send Eugena home next. She has the same strained look in all of her pictures. And also I think the twins (although very unattractive) looked awesome this week in their pics. I guess all they need is a little makeup and new hair.

kathy on

i love Caridee and michelle. i think that either jadea or euguena should go. Seriously, you have to admit, neither of them take great pictures



Cmconrads on

I personally think that Tyra only kept Eugena on because shes black. both Eugena and Jaeda havent taken good pictures, but havent been set home. I think Tyra just feels more connected to them because they are black and she gives them a better shot. Brooke and AJ both had many great pictures from past episodes, but messed up one episode, while Eugena and Jaeda continue to disappoint in every episode. My explaination is Tyra wants women of color to win because they are like her! I was totally surprized by the judges and very very mad. both Brooke and AJ deserved to stay more that Jaeda or Eugena. I am considering not watching the show anymore because it is just too rediculous and UNFAIR. I hope other people will do the same and their ratings will drop. If that happens maybe Tyra and the creators of ANTM will be fair next season

Patricia Foxworth on

I hated to see Eugenia go, I believe she would have been a strong presence in the modeling industry. I would like to see you (Tyra) do a show that involves your final (5),(4)or (3) runner-ups compete for America Next Top Model

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