Who's Gonna Win Project Runway?

10/18/2006 at 04:19 PM ET

After months and a dozen challenges, Project Runway is down to its final four contestants (clockwise from top left: Michael, Laura, Jeffrey, Uli), and the grand finale is airing tomorrow night. Sure, we haven’t seen their final collections yet (and we are so excited to!), but we all have our favorites. Do you love Jeffrey’s punk rock style or Laura’s old-fashioned glamour ? Do you covet Uli’s tropical designs or Michael’s sleek sportswear? So, tell us: who’s gonna win — and who do you want to win — Project Runway?

Don’t forget to watch tonight at 10 pm EST on Bravo. Check out all of our Project Runway coverage — including an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s show — by clicking here. After the show, come back here and tell us what you think of the winner!

Photo: Courtesy Mark Abrahams/Bravo(4)

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Stephanie on

I was a huge Michael Knight fan… but seeing bits of collection disappointed me. Know I am definately on the Laura or Uli bandwagon. They both have such unique styles. I am not a Jeffrey fan because hurting people to get the top is no way to do business… he might have pretty clothes but his attitude is horrific. Who wants a mean Project Runway winner? Uli or Laura… I pick you girls!!!

Pat on

Yes I totally agree with you Jeffery is very mean. I do not really like looking at him either all those tattoos are nasty.

Allison T. on

I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s finale—I’ve scheduled my entire evening around it! I also can’t wait to see Thursday’s comments on the blog because it’s fun to be part of a group of equally obsessed viewers! As for the winner, I think it will be Jeffrey, if that green-and-white striped dress is any indication of his collection. And though I agree he’s been rude and is over-tatooed, I think the winner should be the one who designs the best collection.

aw on

Michael is gonna win and frankly is the only one who deserves to win.

Cynthia on

Michael is def. the best although I really like Jeffrey’s stuff but i like that crazy punk look. i like Uli but she aint gonna win and Laura i cant stand her. shes a jealous women whodoesnt deserve to win

Kaitlyn H on

im not shure who should win because i love jeffreys rocker style but he doesn’t seem like a very nice person. i really like lauras old fashion taste and i think its cool that she has a whole bunch of kids, but i thought it was wrong of her to accuse jeffreys work. she has no proof. uli i don’t really like because she only thinks of hot weather and whats going to happen if it snows? but most of all i like micheal because of his work and he seems like a very nice person so my choice is micheal!

Emily on

Jeffrey should win all the way! He’s the only true creative one of them with a solid vision and a fashion forward mentality. All of them have their own unique style, but the other three have trouble breaking out of their box.

Holly on

Laura. She’s the only one who’s clothes I would actually wear.



elaine on

I want michael to win since hes been my favorite since day 1.. but lets face it, his collection was crap. I think Laura will win, it’s the best by far

nicole on

laura!!! i love her glamorous style.. i want to hire her as my personal stylist!!

Jane on

I really hope laura wins as she is a classy lady with classy clothes. I also like Uri and Micheal, but definately believe Jeffery should be thrown out. He is so RUDE. I could hardly watch the “Mothers as Model” show when he was so awful. Can’t wait until tommorrow night.

j on

i LOVED what laura had done w/her collection on last week’s episode, but i’d be surprised if they picked her to win. i think ultimately it’s between uli and michael. hopefully they find that jeffrey did in fact cheat and no one ever hears from him again!

michele on

I think Uli is going to win. We looked at all the show photos on gettyimages a few weeks ago and her clothes, in my opinion, were the only ones that were unique and wearable. If she doesn’t, I think it will be Laura. Jeffrey is a mean-spirited dirtbag. OK, kudos for him for straightening and sobering up BUT that doesn’t give him license to be horrible to everyone else. I do think he did his own sewing though.

Amanda on

I love, love, love, Michael Knight. I am rooting for him all the way. His style is so sleek and suave. He really has great taste and really knows how to put an outfit together. Can’t stand jeffrey or laura. If michael does not win then i hope it is uli. She is the only other one who makes great clothes.

morgan on

who ever dont like jeffery can kiss his behind after he wins because he is most talented out of the 4 thats left and he knows the style of today.and even if he has 2 fuus with people 2 make it 2 the top so be it but hes gonna win handsdown . who wants laura 2 win herclothes are old fashion and if she does win(which wont happen) how well she have enough time 2 make the clothes withallthose kids.uli only knows how 2 work with patterns the world doesnt just revolve on pattern and prints.and last but not least micheal is a good designer but he only knows how 2 do sports wear and his clothes arent always that good. i guess we will just have 2 see who wins .oops jeffery already holds the title.

carlynn on

I have loved Michael from the beginning but when we got a glimse at his collection i was a little disappointed. Hopefully it get better, i did like the white dress though. Laura seemed the most together except for Jeffrey but with the contraversy i dont know about him now.

cassidy on

i really think that it’s about the collection, not the person. i can’t stand jeffrey and his bite-me attitude, but his collection is def the most original and creative. i hope he wins. laura’s collection i think is a lil too old fashioned for me, and her attitude is just as bad as jeffrey’s, if not worse. she’s got some real jealousy issues she needs 2 get over. ultimately i think it will come down to those 2, tho.


I would love for Michael to win I love his personality the last few of his outfits were not the best but he has potential I don’t care for the Rocker -Punker ex-addict guy he does not play fair at all. Uli woild be the next in line but I am rooting for Michael Knight..



Connie Denson on

I love, love, love Michael Knight. He is definitely going to win.

Rachel R. on

Ok I want Jeffery to win because he is sooo creative and I actually like his tattoos. I don’t think he is mean at all. I still like him even though I don’t like punk style that much. I think laura is annoying, mean, and a boring stuffy desinger. Uli is sweet but her clothes aren’t really that good or creative. If Jeffery doesn’t win then Micheal should. He is sweet, creative, but I agree from what I saw of his collection it falls short of expectaions. I LOVE Jeffery and I hope he wins.

Chelle on

i think everyone is getting this wrong…this show is not about who is nice or who is mean, who’s black or who’s white, who’s gay and who’s straight, who has tattoos and who is clean shaven…it’s about designing…fashion designing and ONLY that…and on that note i think that Jeffrey should win…he is the only one that has veered from his “comfort zone” and still his designs were amazing

daynah on

i think michael’s designs and sewing aren’t as good as the others. but i love him. haha. and jeffrey is def. a meanie but his designs are so original. laura’s sewing and execution are perfect but i really think her collection will be too boring and old lady-ish. Uli sometimes bores me because all her stuff looks the same. but i think she def. has a chance. IDKKKKK who will win I cant wait till tomorrow night!

stonite on


Carlene on

I want Micheal to win I love his style he really knows what looks good on a classy but young woman’s body. He has my vote!!

Bonnie on

I’m sick of Jeffrey and his foul-mouthed abuse of everybody on the show from Day 1. He may be a recovered drug addict (and for that I congratulate him), but he needs to spend time recovering from bad mouthing and degrading everyone just to make himself feel better. He is so arogant and overly impressed with himself! If he talks the way he does about his fellow designers in front of them, just imagine what he would say about his clients behind their back–or maybe even to their face, knowing him. And be real: he hasn’t stepped any more outside of his ‘comfort zone’ than any of the rest of them. Everything he does is punkish looking and bizarre, not unlike the person designing the clothes. Laura does meticulous, beautiful work but, unfortunately, she, too, is a foul-mouthed ‘5-letter woman.’ I can’t believe the way she talks on national TV any more than I can believe the way Jeffrey talks. They have children, for Pete’s sake, who may see the show at some point. Do they really want their children to hear them talk like that? Uli and Michael do nice work and seem to be nice people with whom you might want to work. Be honest, would you want to work with Jeffrey or Laura–as an employee or a client? I sure wouldn’t (and I really like Laura’s clothes, but not enough to put up with her!)! Good luck Michael and Uli!!

caryos on

I hope Jeffrey wins because he is so creative and the show is about designing and he is concentrated,organized and has imagination.His green-and-white striped dress really motive me and I believe he created and worked his collection completly working hard day and night. I respect his personality because he is a warrior and of course a winner!!!!!. Jeffrey is prepared to be a big designer!!!!!
I dont like laura’s actitude very envy with jeffrey and was wrong of her to accuse jeffrey’s work and was pathetic how she spoke with tim about it .If she is so really I never believe her designs because always are the same.
Uly and Michael did the worst being in accordance with Laura’acusation and was ugly when they were seeing jeffrey’collection .It was unloyalty with jeffrey!!!.

Beth on

I think Jeffrey should go — and quickly! Let’s remember who will purchase these clothes – more than likely professional women with money and his clothes are for rockers and wannabe rockers which is not the majority. Laura and Michael have such a wearable style that will appeal to the mainstream buyers at Macy’s which is now located nationwide – Uli’s creations are terrific, but definitely limited to a tropical climate. Jeffrey, shame on you for your behaviour – okay, so you cleaned up your act and got sober — but clearly you haven’t delved into your personal anger at the world. Don’t take it out on everyone around you — I fear that success would only cause his inner demons to resurface become larger than life.

Cricket on

I totally thought Uli would NOT be in the final 3 b/c her dresses are all the same and she could be the Lilly Pulitzer of Miami, LA, etc.
I think Michael could be the most commercial, Laura could do upscale, and Jeffery definitely fits the Elle magazine crowd with his creations.
I think Jeff ought to have been kicked off when he was a jerk to Angela’s mom b/c YOU NEVER TREAT SOMEONE’S MOM BADLY, however, I predict he’ll win.


I’m hoping it will be Uli. Her line is right up my Alley. Jefferys clothes I would also where, I’m just not a fan of his lack of concern with the costomers view.

Mui on

It’s all about MICHAEL! He’s gonna WIN!!!

Linda on

I believe that Michael Knight will be the winner. He has fresh ideas. The execution of his garments is very professional. Laura would be my 2nd choice. I like her stylishness.

Karen on

It’s been a great ride from the beginning. Let’s see, Keith got booted out and now more drama with Jeffrey. There are 4 different designers but ultimately it will go to the one who displays their best designs. Not really impressed with what I saw with Michael’s, or Laura’s, and I’m not sure what to think of Uli’s. We just got a sneak peek at Jeffrey’s so anything goes. I think everyone knows what to expect from Laura-evening wear. Not very impressive. Not sure what Michael was thinking and Uli’s has similar looks to Michael’s from what I’ve seen. So unless Michael, Laura and Uli have some big surprises, Jeffrey ultimately may be the next winner. Can’t wait to see the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amyNC on

I loved Michael all during the season, but I have to say his final collection was a little disappointing. I think Laura’s clothes are the most well made, and I hope she wins this one. I wouldn’t be upset if Uli won either. Jeffrey’s collection is a little too weird for my taste.

Victoria on

Jeffrey better win. He is amazing. He takes the most creative risks. He has real talent and he has guts.

Lindsey on

I am a huge Michael Knight fan. Being from Atlanta one has to support the guy from home. He is an amazingly talented and an incredible designer. I think his colletion will bbe phenomonal!

kathie on

LAURA LAURA LAURA!!! Shes a great person and a great designer. Uli and Michael will succeed but Laura should definitely win as she is a perfect example of class, sophistication, and style!

Carly on

I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!! Michael… but seeing his collection Laura is my new favorite….. but Jeffery is just awfyul to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

yvaine on

jeffrey jeffrey jeffrey!! He is the most creative with the greatest vision; eat you tired&old dresses Laura! jeffrey is no cheater and even if he doesn’t win, IMHO he is the one who deserves it. I can’t stand people judging him because of his haircut/tattoos. Not everyone has to be regular/normal (boring). get over it.

Victoria on

I really wish people would stop commenting on his neck tattoo. Personally, I think it’s touching and beautiful.

Lisa on

Regardless of his combative personal style, and his overly strong orientation to a very young market, Jeffrey is the most talented and creative designer. Each of the four finalists has their own focus, but Jeffrey shows the potential for a more broad range of possibilities than the rest. Michael’s work is elegant but very mainstream, and Laura and Ulli both have a very narrow range of, nonetheless, beautiful work. I hope the competition ends up judging the work, and not the designers as individuals.

Elisabeth on

I think that Uli is the best!!! I love love love her dresses!!!! she is AMAZING!

Karen on

I’m not sure who will win, but I do think that Jeffrey should be allowed to show his line of clothes, because as you remember Karasun got some shoes past the producers. She was just plan crooked. I think Laura is jealous and so many of her clothes all look alike. Uli is good, Michael is green, but he is getting there. Jeffrey has alot of talent that needs to be shown. But not sure who will win.

kathy on

i love michael hope he wins. I think he will make must use of the money.I would never hirer jeff to do a dress for me no telling what i would get. i think he had help with the sewing

Renee D on

I think Jeffery is full of himself = and I was very sad to see how he treated Angela’s mother and other people on the show. Moreover, his designs are over the top, definately not “wearable” for most people. Someone like that does not deserve to win. I also think that Uli is completely under-rated, I love her designs and I think they are totally unique! The way she puts prints together is amazing!!!

Stephanie on

wow, learn how to spell…it’s “excited too”…not “to”

anyway…im rooting for michael

Ryan on

Having seen the collections I can honestly say that the Michael craze is now dead. His collection was the worst! It was all tacky! As much as I dislike Jeffrey I think his collection might have been the best. I also think Uli’s was excellent. Laura’s was great too, but maybe I am biased against her because I think she is such a snob. All I know is that Michael, who was one of my favorites, really bombed in my opinion at fashion week. Go look up PROJECT RUNWAY fashion week SPOILER and you will probably find the collections online…

Chelsea on

Michael all the way!!!! I love him. He has the freshest ideas.

susie on

laura is going to win, guaranteed.

Stephani Scott on

Jeffrey is mean???? I have watched the entire season and I have seen people act many ways. Jeffrey is human and acts, well, like a human being. I do not think he is mean or nice. I think he is a guy out there doing his thing. Grow up people…….geesh! When did the world around me become doughy soft and so damn fragile? Judge the contestants by their design ability, not on whether they are “nice” or “yucky”…..cue sarcasm.

Kookkai on

I love Uli, Michael and Laura I would like all three people to win.

Stevi on

I think its jeffery or michael baby. Although if jeffery did cheat i’ll be very sad but, I don’t think he did. I think michael might be the one although it could be between him and jeffery. I like laura and uli but, they are not as creative as the other two. Guess we’ll find out tommorrow!

Laney on

All four of the finalists are talented designers. Even though Jeffrey is the least likeable personally, he appears to exhibit the strongest design statement, has grown in his aesthetic while on the show, and displays a considerable amount of versatility. However, he may have done something shadey, and if it proves to be true, he is talented and stupid.

Brenda on

Everyone have differents styles. At the beginning Michael was the designer with a very different point of view. He is a sport designer but he proved that he can dress every women from the sport, to classy. He show that in the icon challenge and the black and white challenge. When I saw the last episode it was very disapointing his collection. Laura make an statement with his work. She step out of her original v dress with a high waist skirt. Uli, since day one, present the same dress but with different paterns. It seams that jeffrey had outside help. The only thing is the I can wait anymore. I want to see the las episode. For me this challenge is between laura and jeffrey.

Jolene on

Well I am a big fan of jeffrey’s work, so what if he is not nice on the eyes or a bit of an ass he has good taste and does good work.

I really think he did all his work himself, if you noticed Mike made a comment about starting late and laura has all those kids So I am sure if they started as soon as they got home and spent less time with the family they may have gotten everyhting done. Jeffery didnt take his time because he thought there would be a surprise make this or that thing like they did last year. So he just wanted to be prepaired.

i really like all the designers but my second would be Uli then Mike because I am not a cocktail dress girl so I would never wear anything of laura’s.

Andrea on

I think Jeffery is daring, bold, and unconventional and I love that about him. He’s also hilarious. I hope he gets his chance to stun everyone at Bryant Park! If he can’t then anyone is better than Laura. She’s so crude and tries to always butt her head into problems that don’t involve her.

Alicja on

Jeffrey should win. He is very talented and creative!!!!

Krissi on

Poor Jeffrey! I think he works hard and has had to overcome a lot in his life. I think he deserves to win! His sense of fashion and design seems to be the most diverse on the show. I love all the designers, but each one has their own style. All are equally awesome in their own sense, but I most def think Jeffrey has the potential to be able to design not just one thing over and over again (like Laura, no offense to her; I think her outfits are gorgeous just repetative). We are showna Jeffrey who is hard working and motivated to get to the top! We are not shown any way he could have cheated. Who knows what will happen, but I needed to post that Jeffrey is awesome!! The energy on here was too negative for him. wOOt

Kristine on

Although each person has their own style of design, and I find different pieces I like from each designer,I think Michael should win this season. He has a creative flair, as well as an eye for what fits a woman’s body. He seems to be the one that really takes creative criticism to heart, and truly LISTENS to those who have already succeeded in the industry.The internship with INC could really prove to bring him to an infamous level and unleash a designer among designers!

JOY on

I like Mr.Micheal Knight designs, he is really sexy and sheak in his own unique way and I hopes he wins!!! Good luck to Mr.Micheal Knight can’t wait to purchase some of your designs!!!!

Linda on

I hope jeffery wins, he has a very now look. Love Michael, hate Laura, think her stuff is just that stuffy and old looking. Uli has done some great clothes, but has not shown enough diversity. Michael, needs more experiance to grow. Jeffery is already there and beyond. His demeanor or looks should not make a difference, most artistic people are a little strange, so get over it and let him win for the work he created.

Ila on

Wake up people! this is TV.I am 69 and have seen bizarre fashions come and go in the last 50years, nothing new has been presented.”Everything old is new again” Judging the designers by their personalities is stupid, they all have talent and should be judged for style and originality alone!! PS maybe beautiful Heidi should rethink her wadrobe.

Elaine on

I think that Jeffrey is by far the most talented, honest artist on the show. He’s not fake or mean; just truthful. Laura however is always faking her smile as she raises the daggar. She is such a useless, mean, snob. Her collection’s point of view is rehashed and copied. Jeffrey’s is exciting and fresh. He is the only one of them that could rise to the very top of the design field. Uli will also have a place. They are the two best. Michael has a simple and fresh look. Jeffrey is the only artist in the group.





Del on

I really would Like Micheal to win. I think Jeffrey really have the creativity to win, but his people skills suck. And Laura is boring and her runway show will be probably boring. Uli definetely may have a chance because of unique style, I just think it may be too late.

Amoo Gooboo on

You must be kidding – how can anyone like Laura after she
has been such a calculating witch? She saw Jeffrey’s
things and realized his designs were going to be a threat
to hers – so she set about to eliminate Jeffrey. Lets
consider – Jeffrey has a child and the child has a caretaker. Laura has 5 kids and she is PG!!

Jeffrey has a huge work space – lots of room to get organized and get his work done. He is a professional.

Laura has an expensive loft in Manhatten where she has
to take care of her children. She is PG. Come on People!!
Her stuff is Old and Boring!! If you wear her stuff then
you are old and boring and pity you!

Get real! Jeffrey is indeed the most talented but what is
upsetting to me is how everyone has been duped – Laura saw
that Jeffrey was a threat and set out to eliminate him.
I am upset that it got this far. I cannot stand Tim Gunn
as he is a total ass.

rachel on

Jeffrey’s collection is clearly the frontrunner! All of his designs have been nothing short of genius(minus the everyday woman’s challenge, but who could blame him?). I seriously doubt he gets asked to leave but if he does it would absolutely break my heart. He’s come so far in his life to get to where he is right now. And no one can deny the man has talent. HE ROCKS!

Patti K on

I didnt like Jeffery at first, and he has a hard edge. But his talent is awesome and God Given. He deserves to win if the show is about talent and design. If it about niceness, Uli will win. But Jeff has the talent. Laura is good, but she can be Butt Ugly mean too. Micheal is good, but seams to be fizzing out. Lately his clothes have not been up to par. That last gown was horrible.

Willie on

I’m a huge fan of Laura and Micheal. I think Micheal will win overall…his designs are more unique and fashionable.

Isa Ghaffari on

Season three of project Runway has definitely been the best! I think that Michael should win. He is so creative, and he always makes interesting outfits that I would wear anyday. But I also really like Laura! She is so cool, and I love her designs! People may say that Jeffery is mean, but I personally think that your clothes are what the important part is in the fashion industry!

Klea on

I can’t wait to see the finals! I’m a big fan of Michael & Uli. Jeffery cheated. Just his reaction was not his “norm” but I highly doubt the producers will kick him out. Scandals make ratings go up. Come on folks, those who thinks that he didn’t cheat!? Check out the preview, he didn’t even have a receipt…. Hmmm coincidence?….

Beth on

Anyone who has ever sewn anything…ever…relizes that ALL the finalists have pure God given talent! This isn’t just a Simplicity or McCalls pattern they are putting together. It’s pure creative, inspired ideas combined with master skills. No, not a personality contest, it’s a designer contest and if you keep it soley based on that Jeffrey is my projected winner. This is the best reality show there ever was!! (Top Chef comes in second) I am counting down the hours til Runway-day finale.

Courtney on

Does anyone else think that Laura is trying to get on the cover of Town and Country Magazine with her fancy dresses?

Obviously, she’s not hitting the target audience for her clothing line, which is women in their 20’s and 30’s. If she were designing for my mom’s generation, the one’s who attend charity events, she’d be my No. 1 pick.

Uli is fun, Michael is fun, and Jeff has that funky edge that translates to women who are wearing colored tights and leggings with jean skirts. I think Jeffery will win.

sandra on

Fashion designers need not be the nicest people in the world. Coco Chanel was not the most likable nor is Yves St. Laurent. But their clothes are divine and hold center stage in my closet. Temperamental is the one vice many top designers have so we can’t really hold that against anyone. Just make those gorgeous clothes and showing at the various seasonal and trunk shows.

Trinity on

Let’s look at this honestly. Laura, by far has the most outstanding collection. She is a ‘grown up’ designer. Frankly, this young hip, punk hooker look is getting quite tedious. Let’s see, who purchases designer clothing..hmmm, the folks that like Laura’s style. She is a classic. Like Hepburn.
Uli is also wonderful. Her story amazed me and her thoughtful use of her environment combined with her talent is fantastic.
Michael, come on now. How many of us would run out and buy his collection? Enough said.
Jeffrey..talented, yes. For the 20 something who has no job and loves to go to cocktail parties in LA..

Laura deserves to win. She should win. This is not about personalities, it is about talent. Now, if you want to do something about Nina we can..her I would love to Auf!

Barbara on

I think each of the final four designers is a talented person with fashion sense. However, to me, Uli and Jeffrey seem the most mature in their creative development.

I read some comments that Jeffrey was rude in the Mom challenge. I watched that one carefully as well as a repeat of that episode, and I must say I did not find Jeffrey to be rude or unkind in the least. He was given a very, very difficult challenge because his “client” for this episode was so emotional and was completely unreasonable in her demands/expectations. I sincerely doubt that any of the other contenders could have pleased her.

Jeffrey has shown great dedication throughout the season. His international jetsetter outfit was extremely well crafted in such a very short time.

I also feel that sometimes Michael has not been given his due. His jetsetter outfit was praised to the hilt, as well.

Michael seems creatively flexible, able to envision and plan quite quickly and easily as if he’s born to this task. I only wondered if perhaps he may lack some maturity that he’ll need. No doubt that he has great talent.

Laura is an interesting woman. Unfortunately, her designs are all such a complete bore. I just hate the plunging necklines of her cocktail dresses, yet we have to see them repeatedly, the same darned thing. Maybe she’s designing only what she herself would like to wear, rather than designing for many different women.

Basely solely on their creative designs, I’ll be rooting for Jeffrey, Uli and for Michael, but not for Laura.

Belinda on

PR I love Michael. Laura and Uli are 1 hit wonders. Jeffrey is rude. Design wise he is alright but not as good as he thinks. Attitude and the ability to work with others should be taken in to consideration. If he spoke to my mother like that I’d have kicked his ass. Angela needs to work on her design technique but her mother had nothing to do with it. My apologies go out to her Mom. Laura & her scathing report on the runway – get over yourself. You only design one style of dress. That should have been addressed much earlier as Uli’s should have been. Lets see something else.
We are supposed to see everything you can do – not just the one design style.

Caprice Devereaux on

Laura’s designs are not old. They are glamorous. I can see Scarlet Johannsen wearing one of Laura’s designs at the academy awards next year and look very hot wearing it. I love Laura’s desingns because they are glamorous and tailored to perfection. Laura’s tailoring is unmatched in the top 4. And now Jeffery is trying to find his “lost reciepts.” Yeah, right. Kudos for him to no longer be a drug addict. But, this does not give you the right to be a jerk. To those of you that like Jeffery, I hope you get to work with him so he can be a jerk to you. Go Laura…I live in NYC and I want you to make clothes for me too!!!

Susan on

There is a reason why all four made it to the end and I am very excited to see the finale. What amazing talent! In the show, Michael has really pulled together some amazing work, hopefully we’ll see that. Laura (perhaps the hardest working) makes GORGEOUS dresses, even though they are not so “daring”, they are very classy and her clothes are probably the only ones I’d wear. Uli is very innovative and really brings a new & fresh style. She puts a lot of thought into her designs, which is overlooked b/c she’s often quiet. Jeffrey is also innovative (ok, bad attitude), but just too rock-n-roll & goth for the masses, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s done (an aside… I remember in the 80s there was a time when punk rock was so hot and zippers were the rage… hmmm…) But, if you take Uli OR Jeffrey’s innovation and tweak it, you’ve got a new wave of design for a new fashion season. Can’t wait to see the finale! Without seeing the final collection, my vote is for Uli (Jeffrey a close 2nd)!

Projeect Runways F ing #1 critiques on


Alma Kesling on

I was disappointed in what everyone produced for Bryant Park. I hope they all look better on than on the hangers.

Angela on


Isabelle on

As long as michael or Uli wins im happy!!! i absolutely cannot stand lauren!! omg! shes crazy. and jeffrey i could care less about.

Carolyn on

My favorite has been and still is Laura. I think she’s got a lot going for her…design, construction, execution…everything a designer needs. Some say she’s “old fashioned,” but given some more experience I think she’ll settle into a groove and be worthy of producing a collection that will appeal to many tastes. Personally, I don’t think either Michael or Jeffery have the maturity and consistency to be worthy of being the winner. Uli is a close second behind Laura, but is a little “same ole, same ole” in my opinion. I must comment on the “surprise” guests…Vincent and Angela. This was a complete waste of time and, thankfully, both of them ended up where they belonged…why did it take so long? How sad that Allison couldn’t have been given this opportunity. We might have ended up with a different “final four.”

Christina on

Angela’s Mom’s manipulative ways was a revealing look at Angela’s warped behavior. I felt sorry for her. Her Mom’s approach was totally crooked and neither one will ever see it. Although Jeffrey could develop some better people skills, I think he has been unfairly faulted here. He showed some amazing tolerance under passive-aggressive assault. That was a no-win situation and it is fair that he survived it. Vincent was a kick and I enjoyed his sense of humor if not all his designs. But my money’s on Laura. Bring back the well-dressed woman! Too many obese flip-floppers in this country has to be hard on the fashion industry. Raise our national self-respect! Project Runway is the wave to catch in turning this trend around. Kudos!

rose on

i love for michael to win because he is an all around designer althoug h i agree with the judges that his weakness is the formal gowns,but i’m sure,he will surprise us during the final show; he also has some humility in him which is a plus.laura also has a great talent in making cocktail dresses and the finish is quite impeccable.good luck guts.

Sue on

i love jeffrey’s bad attitude and that he is mean to everybody, at least he’s not fake and pretends to like people and then talks behind their back. and laura just sucks! o yeah and jeffrey’s collection is beautiful!

Shanna on

I love jeffrey!!! People who hate on him because of the way he looks are shallow and undeserving…. go watch something else! Go Jeffrey! GO!!

michelle on

CLEARLY JEFFREY is the most talented. His clothes are a work of art and are inspirational! Move over PARIS France, the USA will become the fashion capital of the world with UNIQUE designers like JEFFREY!

BreeAnn on

I’m pulling for Jeffrey. He has the most to say. He has a point of view. I don’t see a bad or mean atittude from him at all. He’s an artist and I LOVE his work. I really, really hope he was allowed to continue on in the competition.

sophia on


Jiji on

I hope Michael rises to the top of this competition…I KNOW WE’LL ALL BE WEARING HIS STUFF IN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS! Go Michael!



joan smith on

I love Laura’s designs.
She brings class and culture back into the designing world and there are many out there who would love to own her glamorous collections. I’m hoping she wins. Ever since I discovered PR, all I do is think of fabrics!
P.S. What a refined and beautiful woman, with a wry sense of humor, which I get!

Robbi on

I think it’s pretty odd that most everyone is commenting on what a tv show portrays jeffrey’s personality to be… first off, editors are paid lots of money to create drama out of thin air. secondly, we have to remember, that all artists are weird. they are paid and celebrated because they don’t fit in a box. did jeffrey try to get someone kicked off the show because his work wasn’t as well put together? no. I think THAT is truly weird. I also think that the fashion of tomorrow shouldn’t look like anything we see on the runway today. I vote jeffrey.

nanny on

Jeffrey has way too much attitude and has a mean streak running through him. Michael and Laura are definitely running neck and neck, however, I think Michael is ahead in my book. His runway designs better be a winner or he is out. Then it comes down to Laura and uli. I like Laura’s fashions, however, they all look similiar so she better breakout on the runway. Can’t wait for tonight.

Barb Kohl on

I think Michael is the best sport of all, although Uli has been great as well. Laura’s comments about Jeffrey outsourcing REALLY made me think MUCH less of her. That kind of subterfuge angers me.
Laura and Uli need to get together to make a great collection. Laura needs to loosen up, and Uli needs to do some more tailoring.
I am glad to see Michael is getting the exposure he so richly deserves. WHAT a TRULY nice guy!!
My impression, is that editing wants to give you a rat, and an angel. I don’t think Jeffrey is as bad as editing makes him out to be. He seems to be very caring in some shots. While I would not be able to look appropriate in his clothes, I strongly feel he is the most innovative of the bunch….
(and talk about WHINE!!Angela’s mother was a huge dumpy woman, that didn’t want to work with Jeffrey at all, and Angela encouraged her!) There were other heavy women on that episode, but they carried themselves better, and wanted to work with their designers. The playing field should have been more equal.
I REALLY didn’t care for Vincents dress for Uli’s mom at all. Uli’s Mom is very attractive, and the DRESS made her look dumpy!! The 3 guys that got heavier women did a pretty good job, I think….JMO (PS, LOVE that Kayne!!!)

Linda on

Michael, I hope that it is Michael, his clothes have been terriffic. Jeffery, needs to take his nasty mean attitude back to CA. and get a life with his rocker girlfriend. Laura needs to go back to her huge loft and and get ready for her new baby. I hope that she teaches this child not to hand people turtle poop. Uli, just needs to go back to the beach.

cathy on

If Jeffrey did in fact cheat, then yes he should be disqualified. But we should wait for the results before jumping to conclusions.Laura started something for she has low self esteem/confidence when it comes to her work.For she has been critized for keeping her things old looking {for her age}. Michael and Uli are doing great. But now it is any ones game

mark on

I really don’t think we seen all there was to be seen of the mother’s episode. And as far as laura accussing Jeffery cheating and they way she has treated him she feels threatned by him. He could have, look at where he worked? but, she had no real right to up and accuse him like she did. she needs more proof.. Michael is really talented so is Uli. yuh so is laura. but jeffery hands down overall, has them beat. Like him or not.

megan on

Up until now, I wanted Michael to win, because I liked his clothes and his overall attitude, but as a 23 year old, I must admit that I would definitely wear Jeffrey’s clothes over the others. Technically the show is not about attitudes, or what we think of the designer…its about the clothes. I definitely see actresses, and musicians sporting Jeffreys clothes, more than the others. Despite his attitude (which could be the result of a very hard life) I think he has the best clothes. Oh, and I liked Laura until she accused him of cheating….if she had absolutely no proof then she shouldn’t have spoken out about it.

Jonathan Wilson on

due to poor editing by the show and my keen eye, Jeff will be showing his collection at NY’s fashion week and he did not get disqualified. On one episode (I cant recall which one), they showed a quick preview of Jeff coming out on stage at New York fashion week to announce his collection. Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag folks.

Karen on

First let me say that Project Runway is one of the best shows that I watch. I am so excited about the finale tonight. My prayers go out to Michael Knight, who I think is the best designer for this season. He is young, talented, has a good rapport with everyone and has never showed any ill feelings toward any of the other contestants.(Even if by chance he does not win, his name is out there). I wish he could make me a complete wardrobe.

Now, on to the other contestants…..

Jeffrey – he is not a nice person and he thinks he is all that. Well, Jeffrey you are NOT. The way he treated Angela and her mother was a disgrace to the human race. He treated that woman with absolutely NO RESPECT, as he did Angela. We all come from different walks of life… we have enough going on in the world today and should not be knocking each other down and breaking esch others’ spirit.

Uli – That was not nice when you took Michael’s model. No one had changed their models – only you. The model change did not do anything for your clothes because THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

Patricia on

I think Jeffery should win. I think his collection is the best and had the best designs throughout the competition. I think Uli shouldn’t even be in the finals. The only reason she is is because everyone did such a bad job in the last challenge but her so they had to keep her even though her clothes looked the same in every challenge. Ugly print dresses with huge, puffy sleeves, yuck!

maura on

Well, I have cheered for Michael Knight throughout the series, while also loving Laura’s classic designs. However…Michael got flustered a couple of times when the directions left him to his own creativity. Laura’s style appeals to the classic in me, but to be honest, as much as I can’t stand Jeffrey and his caustic, obnoxious behavior (and he’s a Dad? God help his son..)I think he may be the most creative and talented. Now who knows if he really did complete his collection on his own? Would I put it past him to have help? No way! His behavior thus far would not rule it out.

debbie lafleur on

None on the final 4 designers seem to be able to design for more than one type of person. In other words, each of them has one style that they do, so I don’t know how really talented they really are. Also, I doubt Laura is jealous of Jeffrey. They to totally different work. Besides, if she really feels as though he cheated, I think she was right to say so now, before they actually pick a winner. As far as personality goes, Uli seems to be very nice, as does Michael, but I’m not crazy about either of their styles. This is a tough one.

Alisha on

To be quite honest, I love Michael because he is a geninue person, however, Uli’s collection, or what I have seen of it thus far, looks fantastic. She can redo my wardrobe anytime! Her cute little hippie-like dresses with a touch of flare make me want to buy her line! Can’t wait until tonight! Good Luck!

Deborah on

I choose Mr. Knight who’d you think I’d choose but runner ups wpuld be in this order Laura, Jeffery, Ulli!

Denise on

Jeffrey is not mean – he is just very honest. I agree with Christina about the “MOM Challenge” – Angela’s Mom was not going to like anything he did and went behind his back to complain and act like a victim, hoping to hurt him. She is probably one of those passive-aggressive women who strike back at others by crying and making themselves a victim. Jeffrey’s mother said that he is in recovery, and it is obvious that he tried very hard not to upset that woman. As for who will win: I love all 4 of them but I think Uli has shown that she can work under pressure, so don’t be surprised if she comes through on top.

Kim Greed on

I love Jeffrey, he’s come along way in life. Being sober is not an easy thing in today’s world. AA teach’s you to be tough…and it took a couple of years for me to stand up for myself without all the harshness, he’ll get there too. His clothes are fab and I don’t believe he cheated at all…he believes in himself and worked hard. Nobody’s seams were perfect when they had one day to produce. He put a lot of time into this collection, he said he “worked round the clock on it”. He is the only one who showed us time and again that he is ok stepping out of his element!

Chasity on

I truly pray that Micheal wins he worked so hard. I have watched the show from the beginning and he’s always been my fav. He’s sweet, he stays nuetral, and I just love him and his style. I think he deserves to win. If he doesn’t that would be o.k. cause I believe he’ll make it anyway. I will be so upset if Jeffery wins. We don’t need no more snotty designers we already have plenty. Jeffery is evil and he doesn’t care who he steps on to get his fame. Besides who will want to work with him anyway???????

Gabriela on

Michael has the best SPRING collection of all. At the end, that is what they suppose to be showing, Spring 2007 clothing. I love the colors and styles are accurate with the season. Looooove the white swim suit!

Vanessa on

I believe Micheal Knight will WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Vanessa on

I believe Micheal Knight will win this season! I hope Jeffrey doesn’t win, because he is rude and disrespectful to people. How in the world could you be a top fashion model and you don’t like people outside of your “little cirle”. Jeffrey needs a definite wake-up call and he needs to be “OFT”.

Diana on

I must say that this is the most anticipated PR finale yet! I don’t know if Jeff cheated or not, I don’t have enough info to judge myself, but I did think that it was fishy when Tim Gunn collected the receipts from everyone and Jeff was rummaging through his (perhaps to remove some?). I do think that he’s a very talented designer, but don’t feel that he would benefit from the internship with INC. He already has a business of his own, and I’m sure that his exposure on the show will help to launch his career even further. I think that Michael’s style is most similar to what you would see in Macy’s and appeals to a much wider range of people than any of the other designers. From what we’ve seen on the show, he also seems to really take criticism well and attempts to apply it to his work. Overall, I think Michael should be the winner.

carolyn on

Well, on the Bravo web page it showed the guy from Q-EYE show and he said he couldn’t wait to see the THREE designers. I don’t know if he made a mistake or not.????? GO LAURA!!!!! I would wear your design.

Karen Compean on

My biggest yet fan has been jeffrey, ever since that beautiful yellow dress he did i fell in love with his work. I know he can do it and he will win because his fashion is something different, its what everyone wears now a days..

Eileen on

I have been behind Michael Knight all season long, I loved almost everything he designed plus he is a gracious person congratulating others who won and always championing the one being picked on. But sadly fro what little I’ve seen on the previews he appears to have lost that which brought him to the finals, he was about sportswear, crisp and clean, not garish sequins, I’m still hoping he can pull it off, but if he can’t I’ll cheer for Laura, her work is always so well done and I believe her design is classic, I like Uli but not all the flowing prints over and over, and Jeffrey doesn’t even deserve to be in the finals, he should have been bounxhed the first week withthe feathers flying all over the runway. His style is not unique in my opinion it looks like trashy rock star.

Kristin on

I love love love Michael’s designs and think he will win. I also like a lot of the pieces Jeffery showed at fashion week-he is fashion foward, I wouldnt be surprized if he takes the cake. Either one of the two deserve it and will win project runway! Go, boys!

Eli on

I don’t think Jeffrey cheated. It’s obvious Jeffrey works hard… he probably works better on his own than in front of a camera on those 1-day challenges. Who wouldn’t. Love his 80s punk rock style. It sure makes for good drama though, don’t you think? Uli’s designs are great too. She defintely brings a great coastal European flair to design. I think she’s been underestimated since she hasn’t brought any drama to the set and is not as outspoken as Jeffrey or Laura. Michael is the teddy bear.. safe fashions for everyone…, likeable. Laura makes the sophisticated-wear for high society (not for everyone since everyone couldn’t afford to buy them), but she works her butt off to make them. It’s a toss… Uli or Jeffrey!

nishy on

my picks for the winner are Michael and Laura.each of their designs are unique and they are able to display diversity.Uli’s good too but she tends to repeat herself!!!i’m keeping my fingers crossed for Michael..he’s my personal favourite!!!

jed on

I hope Jeffrey is out. He is mean and it is about whether or not you have enough creativity, skill and good communication skills. Jeffrey has a style of making fashion-forward designs but I would never wear anything he made, except for the couture gown. I am not impressed with his personality, clothing, or this whole “he has had a hard life,” crap.

Everyone has had a hard life, that doesn’t mean he gets the green light for being rude, insensitive or above suspicion of cheating.

No designer should act the way he does to other clients and/or other designers. Regarding Jeffrey even being *considered* in the final four, to quote Nina Garcia, “I am a bit confused.”

Jen Stone on

If they don’t choose Michael Knight, then I will not be watching any more seasons of PR.

SJLuke on

Tonight is the NIGHT! I am a HUGE Michael Knight fan. I think that he’s the only designer who really thinks about the entire outfit process – from sketching to cutting to finishing. I like his style and he’s really a nice guy. Nice guys should finish first! Michael is definitely a favorite especially after winning the fan favorite contest (way to go!) So regardless of what happens, I know Michael will be a successful designer in the future. I will wear his clothes! If by chance Michael doesn’t win, then I pick Laura as my second choice. I would wear her clothes as well. Uli is nice and her clothes are beautiful but she’s too locked in by her environment. Jeffrey is a jerk and his clothes do not fit in with the Macy’s INC style. Jeffrey should sell his stuff to a punk rock store or something.

K.M. (Go Michael Go!!!) on

I think Michael should win and I do beleive he’s gonna win. Although the last challange he was stuck, but everybody has there day. Every other challange he was on top of his game. Laura clothes are nice, but “They All Look Alike”!!!!!!!!!!! Change Laura change. Uli very creative and I just love some of her work with the mixing of the patterns she does that so well. Jeffery SCREW him! If he would have talked to my mother like that I would have been kick off the show for beating him down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eli on

OK, I peeked at some images of their collections at Olympus Fashion week (wasn’t going to)… have to say, Laura’s look awesome! Uli was disappointing. Didn’t like the colors in Jeffrey’s designs. Michael was great! Vote has changed to Laura, Michael close 2nd

Linda on

Anybody but Jeffrey…he is so arrogant!!

Marissa on

I am for Michael all the way! He has such great ideas, and on top of that, he is the sweetest person on the show. Anytime someone was counted “in”, he always told them congratulations. If he doesn’t win, I will be disappointed. Michael is my number 1, and Uli is close at my number 2.

tali on

hi everyone !
my name is tali and i am a fasion designer and an artisit from israel.i love watching project runway eventhough sometimes i dissagry with the judges point of view.
most of the season i likes micheal’s garments and his attitude ..yet from watching the last show i hope to have the chance to watch jefry’s collection on the runway cause it seems to be the most adventures one of all .Laura in my opinion has an impacble taste most of the time ,yet it is obviouse that she can go on from this point on her own casue money seems to me is the last thing that she needs to get from this show.

kate :-) !!! on

i think laura is jealus of jeffery and should should focus more on finishing her collection then calling out jeffery. i have no doubt in my mind that he sewed the clothes and he should win the show. laura, back off.

GO JEFFERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*katherine* on

although michael is the cuttie, jeff is the better designer.

Bonnie on

I think Jeffrey will win as his fashions are unique and up to date. He has also included dresses in his collection that have a softer romantic side. I do think that Michael’s clean cut look is very appealing! And Uli has very colorful youthful flowing dresses that I love! But Laura’s designs are just copies of old runway fashions of yesteryear.

Yvette on

I want for Michael to win really badly, his designs have been beautiful, but towards the end of the season he kinda fell off a little….Laura sews beautifully but she designs almost all the same thing…”plunging neck lines”…Uli designs for Miami and Jeffrey designs for rockers…we have seen Michael design dresses, sportswear, bags and whatever…I really and truly hope that Michael wins this competition…besides this is the second year he’s tried out and he made it this time around.

Shan on

I think that all 4 of the designers have talent. I choose Michael as the winner because he is more in tune with what all women want. Almost everyone one I talk to, no matter of age, race or size would go out and buy his clothing. He may not have as much experience as the others, but he will benefit the most from winning. Just think a couple of years and everyone will want a Michael original.

Nicole on

Uli is going to win. She has been solid through the whole competition. Seeing some of her line really impressed me. Uli’s style is very unique and stylish compared to the other three. Go Uli!

Wicked Queen on

Face it Jeffery is a CREEP! Who is mean to someone’s mom just ’cause they can be. I don’t care if it is someone I really HATE! You just don’t do that. I also think his collection is really a load!
For me it is between Michael and Laura.

kim n on

I hope Michael wins. However, I was disapponinted with what I saw of his collection last week. I think Jeffrey is a jerk and personality should play a role. Who wants to buy clothes from someone who is mean to them like Jeffrey jerk was to Angela’s mom?

Pamela on

Who’s crying now ? See that is what happens when you don’t respect your elders. Remember Angela’s Mom! What goes around comes around!!!!!!!

Pamela on

I am so proud of you I could scream. I am your mother’s age
and she raised a wonderful kind man, that just happens to have talent. That is the difference with you. Michael Knight has a kind heart first, whereas jeffery is a mean spirited recovering addict. Now that he has the drugs under control he needs to work on how to treat others.

You Go Boy!!!!!

Louise on

I think Jeffrey has the most unique designs and isn’t that what this all about? I do think, however that Michael might win, because people are judged by their personalities instead of their talent.

j hamlin on

I believe from what I have seen its all about Jeffery and his collection. He seems to have the most powerful of all the collections. He may be a bit bold and confortaninal however the art and the person behind it are two totally different issues. Michael is the nicest of all the players however Jeffery has come through with an impressive collection that is all about today and the future. I think that people on the show are tripping out because Jeffery put blood sweat and tears into what he has come up with.

Margo on

Jeffery is a fake and I don’t know why everyone thinks he is so talented. Even as far back as the “Jet Setter” challange. Why was it OK for Jefferey to have that stupid LA rock star look and not Uli her warm weather look or even Kaine’s Elvis look? Talk about a person who is not versatile. Jefferey doesn’t listen to people’s soul, probably becasue he doesn’t have one. Reminds me of a kid that was teased as child and just can’t get over it. Anyway I think Laura is the winner!! I love anyone but Jeffery. I love the show!

Emily D. on

I really hope michael is the winner, he really knows how to dress women. The only other person who compares to his clothes in jeffrey and he is just not a person who deserves to win anything so my vote is michael.

Andre'a on

I am huge MICHAEL KNIGHT fan . I would love , LOVE for him to win. He is so sexy and fine . But i do not think that his line will win it for him , but if they go along with what he has done overall , then I believe that he has a chance. But I think that Laura will surprise everyone and make it work !!! As for Uli , all of her stuff is the same , and jeffery………well we will see , its not my style , but it’s cute never the less , its for more of a different non-traditional, crowd. but I think that it is either micheal or the undercover one Laura !!!

Rena' on

I know Michael personally. He is a good person. He not only is into his work but he is into helping his community (I know this for a fact). I really hope and pray that he wins the competition. He deserves it. His humbleness can be spoken for.

Sandie Schmidt on

I jumped on the Runway bandwagon about the middle of the season and loved catching up. With regard to the finale, I don’t think Michael has what it takes to garner the top spot. While Jeffrey’s linbe is unusual, I admire his courage to conquer his past. Good for him. Uli has the strongest natural talent in spite of the fact that I couldn’t personally wear her clothes. I like Laura’s designs, but she is a horribly evil woman who needs to teach her children manners. Her nastiness overpowers everything else.

Realistic Girl on

99.9% of you people don’t know the contestents so you really can’t say if someone is mean/rude/etc/etc. All we see are the edited personalities of them, edited by someone else. Also, all you fashionistas out there that talk about the quality of workmanship; how do you know their quality. The cameras don’t get that close to the outfits so we don’t have a clue about anyone’s craftmanship. I’m sure that there was a lot more gluing of seams than just Vincent and on-camera you couldn’t tell it was glued. NOT that I like Vincent in any way, shape or form! Also, 99.9% of us have no idea what we are talking about in terms of fashion. I honestly like Jeffrey’s collection so far; Micheal’s remindes me of Michael Jackson circa now and 1986; Uli’s use of prints is amazing, I hate prints normally but would wear her things; Laura seems to be designing for boobless/extremely thin women (none of it, I believe, can translate to most of the population). But then again what the hell do I know.

Betty on

Jeffrey is designing for the 80s punk rock-BLAH! Been there, done that! His attitude stinks… and guess what? … your attitude matters.. afterall, we are the ones who ultimately buy the clothes, right? Who wants to spend their hard-earned money on a jerk? Michael is adorable, as is Uli, they are people who can design clothes and they have great personal character! That matters!

Ella on

I want Michael to win because he’s been the most versatile designer of all four. Michael came into the competition as an urban/hip-hop designer; yet, he was able to design outside the urban/hip-hop box and win several challenges. Jeffrey, although he’s very creative, has stayed within his style/box, so did Laura and Uli. IMO, Michael has shown that he can design outside of his love for urban/hip-hop designs and should be the WINNER of PR.

Sherita on

I think that Micheal should win because, he has been on point the whole entire show and he deserves to win, Jeffrey has some nice things but has not been brining anything to the table until now so Micheal gets my vote

Mary on


Sherita on

I think that Micheal should win because, he has been on point the whole entire show and he deserves to win, Jeffrey has some nice things but has not been brining anything to the table until now so Micheal gets my vote

Gabbie on

Well, i hope MICHAEL wins, because he deserve to win and also Jeffry too. but I can chose one, he will be a second winner!!

Ivonne on

I love Micheal, I think he’s great but I’m a little worried after seeing bits of his collection. Uli’s collection was hot, Laura’s was nive and Jeffrey had some really nice stuff. I don’t like Jeffrey though because he’s a mess and he’s mean to people, a real bully. Anyway, I’m still on Micheal’s team because his style is so sexy. I’ll be watching!!!!!

Paula on

I love Michael, but in my heart think Laura will win. Her designs and presentation are always fabulous.

noell on

I love love love michael he has been my fav since the first show if he does not win then their are going to be some mad viewer. i love the way he looks at the woman body and puts the perfect pieces together to make the womans figure look GOOD. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!

Chanel on

Micheal Knight is going to win this competition. Every since the first items walking down the runway hes items have been on point. Micheal Knight is very intelligent and he is a great designer. I will be going to Atlamta, Ga to purchase some of he’s items. I feel like his clothes were made for me! Awesome

Carrie on

I would love Uli to win and I think she has a good chance after seeing her collection (she went beyond the prints). Unfortunately, I did not think Michael’s collection was strong enough. Jeffrey’s collection was excellent overall but some of his clothes are not as wearable. Laura’s collection was impecable but much of the same we’ve seen (sequins, beads, tassels)

Medea on

I definately like Michael and hope he wins, he’s had his ups and downs but he has the “smartest” designs and knows how to sell a wearable look. I would buy something from Laura for a special event, but she is a little limited. I’m not a big fan of Jeffrey’s, being creative does not make your clothes wearable or even practical and although I like Uli, she’s too much of a one note for me.

Amy on

Laura is the only one who designs clothes that a normal person would wear.

Natalie on

DEFINATELY MICHAEL. I love his clothes, and he is so sweet!

Lorrie Kennedy on

I want Jeffrey to win. I have loved Michael all the way, however, Jeffrey has shown himself to be an awesome designer.Laura needs to suck it up and realize that people can work very hard and outwork her. Jeffrey’s outfir in the recycle and couture lines were AWESOME. The designs he is showing in the finale are right up there with them.
I love his life story also. I hope it insperes others to succeed.
I am praying for Jeff and his family from now on.
God Bless.
Lorrie Kennedy

Jodi on

Each designer has a very unique look. Each is very different. The 12 piece collection which is fresh, new, wearable and expertly exectuted will be the winner. Every one of these designers has a shot at winning. I also think that everyone of these designers are very predictable. I expect Laura to have a very tailored, classic look which she is known for. Michael will have a sexy, modern edge to his collection, Jeffrey will have a rock/punk look, and Uli will have a bunch of printed “Miami Dresses”. I predict Michael to win, not because that is what I would personally wear (Laura is more my taste) but because he thinks about the women not as a design, but more of as a “whole package”.

kells on

Thank you Michael for bringing that hip hop flava to Project Runway

Marilyn on

I saw the collections of all 4 designers off the Olympus Fashion week web page. Micheal and Uli are my top two choices. Who knows the underdog might win look at last year when Santino I think should have won and Chloe won. In my opinion her collection was UGLY.

bonniey on

I think there are 3 talented people here and one who should have never made it this far. There is only one
contestant who is talented enough to go as far as possible in the world of fashion and that is Laura. Uli and Michael are wonderful and they certainly have a place in design and fashion, perhaps on a more specialized level.
But Laura should win this thing, hands down!!!!

Jonathan D N on

I really would like to see ULI win…. She has a very easy to wear style… Most woman can wear it. Michael is nice but really lacking of taste and experience (some of her couture and evening dresses are horrible). Jeffrey is okay but his taste tend to be trashy. Laura is a wealthy woman that probably use to expesive clothing(look at all her LV luggage….) But she is not a designer, she only copy stuffs from expensive clothing designer (like CHANEL, YSL…)

diane on

JEFFERY is by far ,the most talented. I am afraid he will be kicked out which will be so wrong. Laura is GREEN with jealousy.

filiz on

WOW!! It is a great show and i’m addicted..
I think laura is soo old fashion and boring.Jeffrey is very talented.Even if they kick him out of the show,he must
go on .Everybody knows him now. He can make good money and name. DON’T GIVE UP JEFFREY..
Uli is talented for summer,beach clothings but Michael has it all !! If Jeffrey goes Michael should WIN.
Thanks for the show. I can’t wait for the next episode..

mary hertel on

Jeffrey’s clothes are fun, creative and never boring. He should win!!! His great collection is the most threatening therefore Laura wants him out. If they try to eliminate him from the competition, they better have some concrete proof of wrong-doing!

Joni on

LAURA, LAURA, LAURA!!!!! I’m not crazy about how mean she can be but the woman can design! Michael is my second favorite, followed by Jeffrey, then Uli. Michael work is too done by other hip-hop fashion designers, Jeffrey is too dark (and I can’t help but think he really did cheat) and Uli does the same printed, flowy dress. But they are all very talented. But LAURA IS THE BEST!!

Jackie on

Laura sucks and is a completely horrible person. All of her dresses not only look alike, but I’ve seen them done much better by other design houses. If she gets Jeffrey kicked off I sincerely hope karma gets her back. As for who’s gonna win, I think Jeffrey and Micheal are the two most talented designers. Uli has a nice style, but I don’t know if shecan really create an entire collection from her standard look

Tara T. on

I think Jeffery will win…I think it was so wrong for Laura to accuse him. She seemed jealous since Jeffery had everthing done and she said that she was in the competion to make sure Jeffery didnt win…conincidence I think not…

Michael~all~the~way on

I aboslutely L.O.V.E. Micheal…I definetly think Jerkface im mean Jeffrey is gonna get kicked off…..But that was real mean for laura to do…And Uli youre my second fav!!

Will see tonight!!

Jerri on

Laura’s designs are Grandma on a cruise ship. Yuck. Each designer has a strong point of view, but Jeffrey and Michael are the most versatile. Either one of the guys would be the right choice in this competition.

Michael~all~the~way on

I L.O.V.E. Micheal….Jerkface i mean Jeffrey is surly gonna get kicked off….But that was really mean of Lura….and Uli is my Second fav

Will see tonight!!!!

ellen on

I think it will be between Laura and Jeffrey. I have really pulled for Laura the whole way season. I think her style is not “old” but classical and glamorous instead of trendy. Jeffrey is not all bad. He’s just a jerk because he’s smart enough to realize it would help keep him on the show.

mich on

Anyone but Laura, she’s a witch and a mean spirited person , her designs seem to only cater to the ” walstreet type” and lets face it, we’re not al like that! I Think Jeffrey shows alot of creativity, Michael is great and very talented and Uli is a free spirit who, although is great , just seems to copy alot of what we already have in florida.

Riah on


Prestina on

I am a huge of Michael Knight he is my favorte, one time he design some of my sister clothes and he is very talent and he got skills.He is from Atlanta and i from the Atlanta. I think he should win He have my vote.

Brianna. on

Jeffrey is going to win, he has to. He makes THE best clothes and has such a good taste in color, shape, and design!

Snow on

Jeffrey is the best!


Irene on

I really like Michael or Laura’s style. Uli seems to make the same thing over and over just in different prints. Jeffrey is just a miserable creep and does not deserve to win. I really think that he did have help with his things. He seems like the type to do something sneaky and look he can’t come up with all of his receipts. It always comes back to bite you one way or another.

laura on

All of these designers have strengths and weaknesses. Laura’s designs are chic and incredibly well constructed but they all look alike. Uli’s designs are fun but again they all look alike. Michael has moments of pure inspiration but his construction and attention to detail is often weak. Jeffery’s designs are sometimes a bit too far out there for many people but they are creative and unique. Now, as far as the designers themselves…Laura is a ruthless, step on anyone “bad mommy.” Uli is a South Beach party girl. Michael is a sweetheart and awfully cute. Jeffery has extreme anger issues. But this isn’t about their personalities. There are a lot of unique personalities in fashion and in business. Being the winner is about the designs and the execution of them. I think this means Jeff or Uli will win. Tonight will tell!!

Rayzor on

Just a thought or two:Everyone keeps saying how “mean” Jeffrey has been. Is there anything he’s done that is worse than Laura accusing him of not doing his own work?
I don’t know if there are any artists out there,but that is about the meanest thing that you can say to someone who spent days upon days hustling to finish his/her work.
I think it’s the dirtiest,lowest most sick thing you can do,in fact.
I was rooting for Mike,but I am a HUGE backer of Jeffrey just BECAUSE of this.
At the beginning of the season Heidi Klum said “we have a different kind of villain this season”.
I thought she meant Jeffrey all this time,but it is clear she must have meant LAURA!
Jeffrey making that mom cry was NOTHING compared to this in my opinion.
If Laura wins,this show and all the time I spent on it was a total waste,just like when RICHARD won Survivor 1. Are they telling us on T.V. that you have to be SCUM to win in America?
Well Laura, “instant Karma” is going to get you!

Katrina on

My opinion is that Michael Knight should win. Doesn’t his name just sound like it belongs to a famous designer??? Seriously, he has been the most consistent throughout the show. He’s won two not one but two challenges. The challenge where he made that white off she shoulder dress he should have been his third win. They let Laura win out of sympathy. I know he will be a successful designer now that he’s gotten the exposure from the show. This is hands down the best season of PR. I’m sure he will make it even if he doesn’t win. I’m glad he won the $10,000 prize for being the fan fav. I can see him being a personal stylist to the stars. I don’t have anything personal against Jeffrey…he is who he is. I do however have a question regarding his designs…why is it that when someone makes garments that look like dirty shredded rags…it’s described as “creative”, “innovative” and “thinking out of the box”??? It’s like when someone is wearing some old dusty shoes or boots…they’re vintage…HILLARIOUS!

Edwina on

I love Michael. He is so talented. He is young with fresh
ideas. Michael is the bomb!!!! Hope he wins, loved what Jeffrey has accomplished with his life. One day at a time….

dhonyah on

I will have to go with Michael,I audtioned in NY and my models didnt’show up lost ten points was told by Producers my garments were F@$#ing Fly and I could win it next year! was too hurt to even think of next year,but I recovered now! and I’m gonna tear them up next year! Malan was in the line behind me and they came and took him out of the line before the rest of us and his models were tore up! Bad shoes!!! I had the bomb shoes!!!..yeah in my garment bags!!!! I ain’t hatin just hurt,but I’m comin back!
www phillygurl.com check me out!

Paul on

Michael is by far the nicest, but I don’t know if that is a very good reason to pick him other than he is more marketable than the others. Jeffery has designs that I feel are off the wall just to be off the wall. I thought Laura has the best design sense, but her fashions underwhelm me if she woudl just get a little edgy I think it woudl do her wonders. Uli does have a story, it’s just who’s listening?

Melinda on

I think Michael is going to win. Jeffrey will be in 2nd place. Laura is a spiteful witch and Uli can only do 1 thing.

Courtney on

I hope Uli wins! She is a great designer, has a great attitude, and seems really nice. Go Uli! =]

nemel on

who cares if jeffrey’s mean! what a stupid thing to say, and no indication whatsoever of his talent. he’s the best designer out of all of them, and his personality should not be a factor in a truly informed decision. how vapid.

Lcrosby on

I have been a fan of Michael since the first episode,I love his personality.It will take him a very long way.Jeffey need to go seek help for his anger.Michaels design are out of this world.Laurs’s design are beautiful as well.I am pulling
for Michael to win it all. GO MICHAEL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miki on

nice guys finish last. jeffrey is going to win.

Bobbie on

I think Jeffery should win. I think Laura’s hormones are out of control or then again maybe she is just a nasty person. Michael does know how to dress a women but I believe the most talented one is Jeffery. Doesnt’ matter that he is tattooed!



Kasey on

I hope Jeffrey wins. He is an awsome designer. Yeah Micheal is nice but I’m not a big fan of his collection. He hasnt been very consistant. For every good outfit he makes, he has like three bad ones. As for Uli, it all looks the same to me. Laura as well. It’s always a sleek black or white dress. Nothing really different. Jeffrey has great taste and knows what works. Regardless of the outcome..Jeffrey is who everyone will remember!!!


I am huge fan of michael and uli.jeffery lacks personality and his designs are not that good.He should have been OUT with angela.

Ashley from O on

I agree with you, Kaitlyn H! I love Michael! He is so down-to-earth and his clothes are heavenly. I really like Jeffrey’s taste and his ideas but his attitude isn’t the greatest. Either one would be great designers and their clothes would be big hits. Laura’s kinda sneaky and jealous. She gets on my nerves. Not to mention the fact that her granny-style clothing wouldn’t be considered the least bit modern in the next 5 or so years. OLD! Uli is cute, but she just does the same stuff. Beautiful, but not enough to win.

teri on

I think Jeffrey should win with no doubt!!! If he is disqualified that will be a tragedy. I do not believe that he cheated. Laura is just jealous because he was able to focus and come up with a wonderful line of clothing. Michael is siding with Laura so it will improve his chances. They are both obviously jealous of Jeffrey and his abilities.


Candi on

I love Jeffry and I hope he’s not out… That would disappoint me so much. I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since the show started and i just really need to see the finale because its driving me insane.

Kelsey R on

Jeffery is mean or a jerk is all I hear and I’m SICK of it! Jefferey is auesome! He rocks! Jeffery will WIN Project Runway!

Joyce on

I think Michael is going to go all out and is keeping alot of his designs a secret for everyone to see tonight. I don’t think Laura or Jeffrey deserve to win. They are both horrible human beings and negativity will only bring them down and they will not triumph. Uli is Michael’s only real rival here. It will come down to the two of them to win. They both have great unique style and will give New York a great show. Either way, they will both be
successful designers even after Project Runway. I love this show. I can’t wait till next season!

Bree on

We all know Michael is going to win. All the judges have drooled over him since day one. I’m calling it right now, Michael for sure.

miranda on

Omg! Micheal is going to win i love his white dress it is so adorable and i think Jeffrey did get help because he looked so guilty and wasnt even surprised when Laura and Uli brught it up!also i think Uli wiil b e second love her two. Laura is Right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan on

Based on the projects, Michael should win, but I gotta say–I wasn’t too impressed with his collection when he was showing Tim. I’m REALLLY hoping that that was just very pre-liminary stuff. Based on Tim’s visits with the designers, I really liked Laura’s collection. Jefferey surprised me in that his collection was ok. Uli is a one-note designer.

Rita on

LAURA!!! She is a genious and a supermom!

Julianne on

Although Michael I think has shown the best throughout the season… His runway clothes from what I have seen are not up to par!! Jeffrey has been a jerk BUT the show isn’t about personality it’s about clothes and designing. He definately has the best line from what I have seen! I believe he should win and if he is removed and not allowed to show it will be a damn sham! Laura’s clothes are pretty but do not apply to the fashion of this time and day. Uli’s clothes are gorgeous to me but also don’t apply to fashion. Go BOYS!!!!

Andrea on

Jeffrey is my choice. Most innovative, creative and edgy. Remember its a “Reality Show” so their always has to be a “bad boy” makes for good TV. Laura, I believe is exactly what you see. She should check her hormones at the door. Karma will bite her in the ass one day.

Suzanne on

Laura has style, Uli has flight of fancy, Michael comfort, and Jeffrey is a twist of emotion (not always happy) I believe Laura and Michael would blend well with their collections. Could we have a shared award? The only show that bothered me was the one where Heidi said the dress the one designer made, made the model look plus size! I’m sorry but none of those models could ever look plus size. I’m glad I’m writing and not being seen she would think I was obese!

Jordan on

Well, I have to say I’m a fan of Uli and Laura. I feel that out of all of the contestants this round that these two were the most consistent. I haven’t been able to see the last few episodes, but I really like laura’s sleek minimalist approach and Uli’s pattern choices are spot on. She is minimalist but her clothing usually comes with a touch of whimsy which is a fantastic combination!!!

Rae Ann on


Cindy on

Ok… believe it or not I’ve read all of this commentary. Yes, I’m addicted to PR! I’ve watched the entire 3rd Season. My week revolves around this show! I’ve looked at the spoilers on line as well…. over and over again. Laura, bird feathers! Pleeezzz! No, No, & No! (but I did like the pants outfit with the strapless lace floor length top) Uli, prints again… although I loved the bikini outfit w/the wrap. Jeffrey’s clothes are just not my style it may work for his crowd though. Now Michael, the only thing I question about his collection is the pink and the orange outfit. Not for me, but younger females would probably love it! That white floor length dress w/the back out that we saw on the last episode is gorgeous! For the runway, those bathing suits rock! Michael is a fantastic designer, rises to the challenge every time, and he should WIN!! (Oh yeah, he should have won that jetsetter challenge too as well as the black & white challenge…. that was a sympathy win for Laura and his outfit he wore off the plane was clean and wrinkle free.)

Kay on

I believe that Jeffrey is the most interesting and talented designer in this group. A bit controversial but who cares. Sure hope he doesn’t get disqualified because the results would then be very boring. Good luck Jeffrey!!

Megg on

I love Jeffrey. I know he is not the most liked, but i love all his designs and him as a person. His story is sooo sad. I LOVEEE HIM!

Bree Money on

although i think kayne should have been in the top 4 :( , i think that jefery will win, that is if laura didnt get himkicked off.. Uli and Michael are a tie for me, they are both amazing, but they dont seem to have such an exciting collection. Laura I cant stand, i think she is ver kaniving and jelous, and i totaly identified with jefferey when he said that if someones work of better then hers that it must not be theirs. Jefferys collection, sewn by him or not is bar-none the besy collection. SO what if he had a little help putting a button in there or sweing a hem here, his designs are truly inspiring and although i am not punk rock by any means, i think that his collection is absolutly amazing

Synsee on

There’s no doubt they are all talented, I’m really hoping that Jeffrey will win…of course at this point I’m first hoping he doesn’t get kicked off. Many say that Jeffrey is mean spirited and not very nice, but there’s no doubt that he has come a very long way. He has his own company and obviously knows how to run a business. I think for many who dislike him it could be a generational thing. Until Laura pulled her “stunt” I thought she was very nice, even though I wasn’t crazy about her designs…just too much of the same thing. I believe that with Jeffrey you’ll always know where you stand and I think if he wins he could be the first winner who actually gets picked up by a major retailer. I think many of his designs with a bit of tweeking could easily be transferred into the “real world”. However it goes, they all worked hard, they all have positives and negatives and just to have gotten where they are should make each of them feel proud of a job well done.

Annastasia on

JEFFERY!! All his designs have the “it” factor. I absolutely love all his designs.


Michael is the best ….I liked his style from the beggining and it seems like he will go somewhere with his fahsion and take it where no other contestant in the past has!

Sherry on

I am rooting for anyone but JEFFREY!!!! If Uli wins it would be the American dream to come to America and become a big designer. I like her style, I also like Michaels’ style. It would be awesome for him to win too. This would be HIS dream come true. I love Lauras’ glamorous style too. I am a big fan of lace. Either way I think they all have a future in design. If i was to personally choose a designer to desin for me? Hands down I would pick
!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAURA!!!!!!! However, like I said, anybody but JEFFREY !!!!!

Krista on

I really hope that Laura will win tonight, though I think Jeffrey probably will win. His garments are just so original. Too bad his personality is too rough around the edges.

Lisa on

Michael’s collection looks disappointing from the glipmses I’ve gotten. Uli’s stuff is all the same. Laura…I can’t stand her or her waspy, yuppie, grandma clothes. I think it’s juvenile to call Jeffrey mean. He’s clearly passionate about what he’s doing, and his clothes are definitely the most interesting. If Laura wins I’m boycotting the show. God I can’t stand her.

Yasi on

I want Jeffrey to win. You have to admit that he is gooooooood in what he’s doing,and works hard,I did not like the attack that he recieved from Laura and the others, is obvious that they are sooooooo jealoussss because they did not finished on time.

Rose on

I want Michael to win, but Laura’s outfits look beautiful. She just seems to have all evening wear and Michael is more versatile. I hope everything turns out okay for Jeffrey, he is just misunderstood. Good luck to Uli she has a free-style and I like her. R.Perez

audrey on

i love michaels clothing thoughout the season. but i cant stand his final line for the show tonight. i think jeffery is gonna win it. hes got amazing clothing, and always has. i love the zipper seams. ulis looks almost identical to michaels. and lauren in aweful. black and white, black and white. i say jefferys gonna win it!

LouAnna on

I also believed Michael was the best designer however after seeing peeks of the fashion show designs, I honestly feel that Uli should win…she had the best overall at Olympus Fashion Week. Granted each contestant has their own style but Uli’s just seemed to stand above the rest.
I hope she wins!

shanda on

i think that keith did cheat, because if you read his blog it pretty much tells you that he did. i also think that jeffery cheated in wanting to win so bad that he did get extra help. and he also didn’t have recieptes which he clearly knew he had to have. it would be really sad to see him go but everyone has to play a fair game and tim definatley does. i cant wait for tonight, i am even recording it!! i cant wait till next season.

Teresa on

I think they have a very eclectic group of finalist. I really like Laura’s, Uli’s, and Michael’s work so far. I think overall that Michael’s style is the most wearable. He has shown a variety of styles. Laura and Uli have shown mostly the same style in every challenge. Although I think they both are very talented, there is no variety in their work. Everything is the same, they just change the colors.

I don’t think that race or personality will have anything to do with who wins. The winner should be the most talented. I think that is Michael Knight.

Samantha on

I love Michael Knight but I’m just not sure he’s high fashion material. Jeff does good work and is very creative but bad sportsmanship doesn’t derserve a win. I hope Uli wins!

shanda on


Amanda on

I love Michael and Laura. As long as Jeffrey doesn’t win- I will be happy.

Suzy on

I hope Michael wins! He was a true gentleman all season long and I really liked most of his outfits. Even if he doesn’t win, he will still have a career and may need some mentoring to help him launch his complete line. I also like Laura and her simple lines and elegant styles. Uli’s also are refreshing and I know she’s been accused of always doing the Miami style, her collection strayed from that. Lastly! I cannot vote for Jeffrey after watching his behavior all season long. I also watched Season 1 and Season 2 and this third Season, I almost quit watching because of Jeffrey. The way he talked to most of his competitors down to the belittling of their styles and also including the way he treated Angela’s mother, and the way that his Mother and himself justified his behavior by saying he was a former alcoholic and junkie, does not excuse anything. It’s hard to look at Jeffrey or look at his collection when he treats others in such a bad fashion!!! Get the pun. :o)

beverly repko on


Ashlie on

First, let it be known by all that I am a HUGE Kayne fan & I still believe he was one of the most talented in the bunch. My favorite out of the remaining 4 would have to be Michael Knight. His styles are versatile & fit into almost every age demographic. Laura is very very talented, however like Tim has said so many times, she doesn’t keep it youthful. Maybe she’s on to something though. The youth are the not the ones with the big money in most cases. Uli is a good person, but her style is not considered high fashion to me. And Jeffrey…I believe he is talented & has vision, however, he has many character flaws that turn me right off towards him & his work. What celebrity do you know would be told, “I don’t really care if you like it or not..” by their designer (as Jeffrey told Angela’s mother in one of the episodes)?? Jeffrey doesn’t understand that people who have the money to pay for high fashion will not put up with someone telling them “how it’s gonna be”. Good luck to all 4 & I can’t wait to see what happens!! – Ashlie

JaniceH on

I totally agree with Allison. In the begining I thought Micael Knight would blow everyone out of the water, but his collection is not as good since no one is telling him what to create. Laura’s is nice but everything she makes you have seen before. There is no doubt she is taleted, but we are talking about designing here.
Jeffrey’s designs are the most creative by far, I think he should win, I think it would be a real shame if he is disqualified. Can’t wait for the show tonight.
By the way it’s not about if you like Jeffrey, I am sure the producers loved him, he created one of the most controversy since I have been watching. He will probably get his own show or something.

Tammy Stonko on

Well, let’s take a look…. Laura is not a designer, look at the piece she tried to create for the runway, it was a Jeffrey, and she couldn’t even get it right. Ask Tim, he thought it was a horrible attempt to do something she doesn’t have the brains for. No, not original all styles that she copied from Ladies home Journal in the 1970’s. And Uli, not creative and how did she make money not selling clothes and always at parties??? No, not a hooker fan, one dress designer, easy to throw over head before or after party. Michael, he does create sportswear, no doubt about it. But, evening and red carpet??? No, not a star’s designer for any carpet, just sportswear line for Sear’s or Walmart. Well, it’s got to be Jeffrey. Forget about attitude and look at design. Hands down Jeffrey. He has talent.

Patricia on

I was I huge fan of Laura for most of the season. She is a very classy and elegant designer. I could definitely see myself wearing all of her designs, but I have to admit that Jeffrey has grown on me. Also, after seeing him interact with his family I reaized he is not quite the jerk he appears to be. I like Laura’s designs. I like Uli’s designs (I don’t care for Michael’s), but I think Jeffrey should win this competion. Even more, he should have won a few more challenges (ex. the waste recycling). He is a trend setter. In the fashion world is important to have personal style, creativity, talent, and innovation. That should account for something and he is got the whole package.

Tonya on

I will love to see Michael win. He has been my favorite since day 1. I will wear anything he designs!! He knows a woman’s bady and that is all that matters to me. GO MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayde on

I like everyone’s collection so far. I am a reall bif FAN of Michael because I think he really deserves it because he tried out last season and didnt make it. So far, his clothes have been great, but I dont really know what to say about his fashion line collection. Uli is another favorite, so I hope that Michael or Uli wins it. I dont think Laura knows how to make a pair of jeans. Jeffrey….u dont rock….so hope you dont win it. Can’t wait to see the show tonight….

Christina on

Michael’s collection was easily the strongest the entire season but I was disappointed with his final collection. Laura’s designs are beautiful but only fit one age group. Jeffrey’s just a mean person and he designs off the wall clothing that’s not extremely marektable. I think Uli will win.

Garrison on

I really think Michael should win. His sleek style is refreshing and ingenius. ATL fo sho.

Jenastar on

Jeffrey needs to win! I like Michael’s style and I think it will definately sell, but Jeffrey just has the most creativity. If they kick him off Im gonna be so damn mad! And BTW I would have been pissed at Angela’s mom too!
Lara and Uli are too one dementional to have an entire line…and Lara needs to control those hormones and mind her own damn business!

Eileen on

I am so excited about the finale. Love it, love it, love it. What a great combination of designers. I love all of them. No serious ugly there… Laura is definitely my favorite – heck a mom with 5 kids and a designer too. She is amazing. I think Jeffery has the edge because his designs are so unique. My husband’s vote is for Uli.

Emily Aguilar on

Your designs are so HOT. You know how to make a woman look great. I will spend the next six months getting in shape to wear your designs when they hit the rack.
It doesn’t matter who wins …. you are the talent on the show.

audrey on

i love michaels clothing. but hate his final runway design, does anyone else thing that his and ulis are identical. and laura, shes just a jeliouse witch, and all her black and white outfits drive me nuts. that leaves my favorite designer jeffery to win it! hes amazing. i love his final design with the zipper seams.. and i complety disagree with anyone that thinks hes mean. did anyone the way angelas mom was. she is aweful, and expects the world to revolve around her. jeffery did what he could. and what would look good on her body type, and her and angela just turned into snotty yuck ickie poops. i cannt wait to see jeffery win this!

Dolores on

By far Jeffrey is the most talented and creative of all. As someone who lived in Barcelona for 5 years, I have to say that his vision is unique and trendy. Is very urban Europe and reminds me of Custo and other spanish designers. I do not think people in America visualize fashion as an art statement rather then dressing up to fit in. Bravo congratulations!!! this is the only tv show I watch. We need more imagination, creativity and avant garde people in this country… please do not bore us with commercial line clothes, for that please go to your next department store. Good luck Jeffrey

Kristi on

I really do not like Laura & hope she does not win. She has bad taste (old taste) when it comes to fashion. Not only that but she is snobby and isn’t careful with hurting people’s feelings just as if she is Mrs Know-it-all! I really believe that Jeffrey is the true creative thinker here. He belongs in the fashion industry. Regardless of his looks, I think his mindset is what our fashion industry needs. I feel really sorry for him for being accused. He may look like he’s carrying a guilty face, but that probably really hurts if you put so much time & passion into your work and someone just accuses you just because their work is not anywhere near done & yours is. My fingers are crossed for Jeffrey! He looks like he is drained out from all the work he’s invested compared to the others. And it shows in his work quality. The others seem more relaxed…it’s no wonder they still have so much to do.

Sarah on

I absolutely adore Michael! Not only is he my pick to win, I think he deserves to win.

Nedra on

Really people lets all be honest! They all have difeerent styles. If it’s about contemporary/mainstream then Micheal, If it’s puck rock then Jeffrey, if it is about elegance then Laura, If about patterns then Uli. Project Runway I think is about who can incorporate them all!! If one could do all, that would make him one bad$%^#* MF!! Micheal should win because I feel as though he shows too have a great attitude with everyone with room to grow to do anything. Good Luck Micheal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori on

I am so excited that today is the show! I have some comments about Laura & Jeffrey. I love Laura’s style and she has an appeal to a larger population that are not a size 1. Jeffrey has been in business doing fashion on a consistent basis. He has had more experience in production schedules so I don’t doubt he worked his collection. Uli has the American Dream going for her and I think she will be successful. Michael has the young fashion forward thing going on so he will do well in the future. As far as the winner, having seen some of the fashions online through fashion week I would have to say that Jeffrey has the eclectic style that seems to be popular so he will probably win. Just hope he cleans up his attitude and counts his blessings.

T Ray on

From day 1 Jeffrey looks like trash, acts like trash and his designs are always the absolute ugliest pieces of trash! Boot him off and give the prize to Micheal! Go GSU grad!

caleigh on

i really like michael’s and laura’s collection. but now after seeing bits of michael’s collection i’m having second thoughts. i’m leaning more towards laura now. sje has such a different sense of style that you don’t see everyday, it’s really elegant. i really hope jeffery doesn’t win i will be really mad if he does. he really reminds me of santino from last season, with his attitude and everything.

Lorraine on

LAURA, LAURA, LAURA. She has style, technique and I would love to wear her clothes. She should win. Not all fashion is just for the youngest. I bet if you took a poll of viewers of this show you would find the audience to be 25-50 year old women. That is a broad range to appeal to and we weld quite a lot of buying power. Take care not to insult us. There should be room for all kinds of fashion just like there are all kinds of people.

Nedra on

Really people lets all be honest! They all have difeerent styles. If it’s about contemporary/mainstream then Micheal, If it’s puck rock then Jeffrey, if it is about elegance then Laura, If about patterns then Uli. Project Runway I think is about who can incorporate them all!! If one could do all, that would make him one bad$%^#* MF!! Micheal should win because I feel as though he shows too have a great attitude with everyone with room to grow to do anything. Good Luck Micheal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia on

Michael started strong but has recently shown some weakness, if he can regain his momentum he should win. Jeffrey can be a jerk but he can also be funny at times and stays true to who he is and let’s face it, everybody isn’t going to like who your are. I would think Jeffrey has too much pride to cheat but I wouldn’t be shocked if he did. I like Uli, she is wonderful but I’m not sure if Uli is strong enough to win. I can see why people don’t like Laura but Laura just calls it the way sees it and what’s wrong with speaking up instead of saying nothing….besides that it rubs people the wrong way. If you think about it Laura is no different than Jeffrey, she just presents it differently. I think it wil be Laura or Jeffrey but I’m pulling for Michael.

Lisa on

I am really a Michael Knight fan but I love Laura as well. All of Laura’s garments look expensive and like they are of the utmost superior quality. I like Michael’s style. I will not be disappointed if Laura or Michael win, they both deserve it. No one on the show is better

Danielle Barron on

To all those who think that Jeffrey should win are very funny to me. He is the most arrogant and nastiest person I have ever seen. To be honest with you he should of been gone when he was so disrespectful to Angela’s mom. O.K. some of his things are good, but to be nasty to someones mom is crazy!!! He is so lucky that it wasn’t me because I would of whipped him and his mom’s ass for being disrespectful and nasty, sure I would of got kicked off, but oh it would of been worth it!!!

Adrienne on

All four are very unique, great talents. Laura and Michael are the most widely marketable, but Uli and Jefferey have the most vision and well defined point of view. While Michael seems like a total sweetheart as a person, and you want him to succeed, I don’t think he has the versatility or maturity as an artist – yet – to win. My heart goes out to Jefferey as he’s an enormous talent obviously struggling with his own inner demons and insecurities. With age, self awareness and continued sobriety, I hope he becomes as graceful personally as he is talented. He obviously has a hugely sensitive heart under all the defenses, and I really hope he wins as I think he is overall the most skilled and versatile. I love Uli and Lauras work too and I hope they also get great careers from the exposure.

Synsee on

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to post more than once a day, but I’ve been sitting here watching the PR reruns. I know everyone (nearly) thinks that Jeffrey is not a nice person, but the comment that Laura made regarding her sixth child told me a lot about the kind of person she is…when asked what will you do…she said “throw it on the pile with the rest”…she may know how to make babies and even how to make clothes, but in my estimation…she does neither very well.

t.love on

i really like jeffrey

..yah hes not the nicest
but its not about that
its about who can deliver the nicer clothes
and i think he can
its basically down to that

rudy on

i think michael should win and laura kicked off she is just a big cry baby…and if michael doesn’t win then it should be jeffery

janie on

Jeffrey, by far, has the most original design ideas; but I don’t think the judges will pick him as the winner. It would be difficult to get the thought of the allegation he may have cheated out of their heads and out of some PR fans’ heads, even if it’s proven he didn’t cheat. Further, he has already achieved a large measure of success on his own and after the show he will be even more successful. I, however, think he deserves to win.
Laura won’t win because she was instrumental in making the allegation and a lot of fans would be disappointed if she wins. Her clothes are beautiful and well executed, but she’s stuck on cocktail dresses and evening wear, which is only a small part of being a designer.
Michael won’t win. Michael’s personality is nice and his clothes are great for the young/hip crowd. But after the show, he won’t need PR to achieve success. He’s going to get so many offers, he’ll have a hard time chosing what he wants to do. Also, listening to Tim’s comments about Michael’s 12 garments, it doesn’t sound like his line is a good one.
That, of course, leaves Uli as PR’s winner. She appears to have achieved some success, her clothes are beautiful and executed well. I think, if she wants to, she can design it all. She had a hardship life story and, if her 12 garmets are good and not all tropical/hot weather garments, Uli will win.
Good luck to Jeffrey, the one who really serves to win!!!

Nora on

I can wait to see Michael’s collection I know he is going to make it work, I know he be the winner of this season #3 I know he is great and I can wait to see his collection on the runway I know he is working really hard.

Michele on

I LOVE MICHAEL!!! I think he’s been a true gentleman and that counts for a lot. Laura is my second choice. Then Uli. Ech Jeffrey. Bad attitude.

soph on

michael should win, he is by far the best. I really hope laura doesn’t win…there is something about her I just don’t like.

zebra on

you have got to be kidding?…do you think that most designers cater to the stars…the stars want the designer to want them to wear their clothes so much they fight over who gets to wear whose designs…and i am really disappointed in the self acclaimed classy woman laura…i thought she had class when i first started watching but class is not only a high-brow snobby look that she gives everyone but the knowledge of when to shut your mouth and not jump on someone when it is none of your business as she did with Vincent’s runway model’s walk. she is sticking her stuckup snobby nose into every thing that is not her business…then she shows her trailerpark thinking by tattling to tim about nothing she has proof of but just her feelings that jeffrey couldnt have the time to do the work he did…well she says she worked all her time at home but she is pregnant and has 5 kids running around all the time and she thinks she has as much time as jeffrey does to work on her stuff….she just should show the class she says she has and quit mouthing off when she is so totally jealous of jeffrey. seems she cant help but show us that she does not have the class she claims. grow up laura and match your matronly fashions.

Glenn on

If personality was being judged, Michael Knight would have it hands down. But this is not a personality contest. I think Jeffrey should win. As for the controversy about him, I recall that he was almost always done first on every challenge, and didn’t have a problem if they were given a last minute shorter deadline. I just wonder what happened to make Laura suddenly so hostile toward him. She acted that way before she even saw his collection and filed her complaint. If investigation clears him, and I hope that it does, then she could apologize a thousand times and it wouldn’t be nearly enough.

Kelsey on

The clothes should speak for themselves not the designers. I love Jeffery’s clothes. All of them are fabulous. I don’t like Jefferey all that much, but I still think he deserves to win because he is the best designer. I loathe Laura’s clothing, the plunging necklines make the models look like they don’t have chests! They aren’t femminine at all! I love Uli’s designs. Everything is so pretty, I would so wear her outfits in Southern California!

pam on


Sarah Schuster on

I hope Michael won because he is the only one who came in second usually on the weeks he didn’t win, except the Nina challenge. Laura is as mean as Jeffery. Part of being a winner it seems is inspiring others to work with you and those two won’t make that happen. Michael Kors is right about Uli who makes clothes for only Miami…”I live in Miamee Beecheee”

amber on

Hey people, wake up! Jeffrey is the most talented designer on this show! Sure he may have a sarcastic comment here and there, but he’s definately not a mean and hateful as Laura. Frankly Laura’s designs have all been done before over and over. Michael does have some great stuff as well as Uli, but Jeffrey is the most interesting and innovative designer on this show. PLEEZE Let him show his line as the Show. I can guarantee that he will impress alot of important people.

shanda on



Raechel on

i KNOW michale is totally going to win!! he deserves it, hes got the styleright,the look right, everything is right.if he doesnt win i will truely be upset, hes worked so hard.
But i hope jeffery does get to show and i think laura is the cruelest person to asume jeff did something like that whats her problem? i think she is just jealous because he style is an old fart!




I must say I think Jeffrey will win! If he did work every day on his collection and it looks that good to worry the other designers he probably has a fantastic collection.Attitude aside, its just that you need attitude to work in that business….AKA NINA


I must say I think Jeffrey will win! If he did work every day on his collection and it looks that good to worry the other designers he probably has a fantastic collection.Attitude aside, its just that you need attitude to work in that business….AKA NINA

missyb on

Get it straight, Laura was the first one to voice her thoughts, but both Michael and Uli agreed with her. Michael was man enough to say so to Jeffery. With everything at stake, it was only right that Laura voice her concerns to Tim.
You don’t have to be a Laura fan or hater – I admire the fact that she told Jeffery to his face of her concerns. And for who wins…Good luck to all the designers and no matter who wins the remaining designers fans will strongly disagree. Let’s hope for a FANTASTIC show!



Melissa A on


noelle on

michael is sooooooo going to win!! he’s the best!!

Toki on

Hey! Michael, Michael, Michael!!! I really like his style. His hip-hop touch blends well with his other more classy designs. Uli is a very unique designer but lacks the edge that Mike brings. Laura is a top notch Classy Lady and her designs portray just that. As for Jeff,if I could get beyond his attitude I might be able to appreciate what he brings to the table as well. They are ALL great designers, but my choice has to be Michael. Good Luck MIKE! We are cheering you on here in the ATL !!!!

Michelle on

Uli is terrible. No creativity whatsoever and somehow squeaked by to the finale. Jeffery’s line is fabulous but Michael is sweeter and talented as well. Laura is way too boring and could not really continue her innovation beyond the finale.

Sabrina on

Michael’s work looked good but it seems without supervision and direction he’s a lost.
From the start to finish Uli’s dresses(that’s all she makes) are cute like something you could get at a shop on the boardwalk in Miami but if you want anything beyond a summer dress your screwed. She is a one note.
Laura makes a “V” neck version of dresses someone else designed. Nothing’s original. She looks like she’d like the taste of wood and then get angry if you did’nt agree. She just want’s to beat Jeffrey because she’s jealous.

Clear Winner! Jeffrey He’s a true designer. Original. A visionary. So he was mean to Angela’s mom she annoyed me and I just watched her on T.V.. He designs clothes for the hip, fashionable not the over-weight, middle-aged, mid-western, over-sensitive, tear-prone, housewife who thinks “haute-couture” is some french recipe she can cut out of “Good Housekeeping”.

beth on

my vote is for Michael Knight i hope he wins

Elizabeth Law on

Jeffrey has shown a lot of his not so nice side. However, his fashion screams genius! The fashion world is a tough industry, you have to be tough to survive.

helan on

OMG cabel not working cant watch the finally please try to play the show again next week I really want to see who is going to win!!!! I dont like Jeffry at all I hope he will get Xed!!!!
Helan Hermone
Super gekaAAAAA I like to dust

Lea on

JEFFERY IS THE MAN!!! however, based on the judges, I think Michael will win…I would wear ANYTHING either of them design! Uli’s and Laura’s designs are all the same just different materials.

Jan on


ana on

Jeffrey will win!!!

mary mcnabb on

No doubt about it Michael Knight will win…..

mary mcnabb on

No doubt about it Michael Knight will win…..

Joy Mullins on

They were all sooo good..but I go with Jeffrey. Thank you. I also enjoyed the gray haired man….I’m sorry I can’t remember his name but he really added to the show.

clw on

Love Michael, but Uli was sensual, sexty, fluid, screamed female. I wish I had the body to wear them. Her clothes make you want to get dressed and be seen in them. Laura’s was great but all the same 1930-1940’s. Jeffrey is so mean, rude and just nasty that he is a turn off.

opinion on

THIS SUCKS>>>>>Jeffery’s designs are not marketable to the mass media. Uhli was definitely better with Laura not far behind.

Julie on

jeffrey should win!! as much as i like michael, jeffrey is the only designer who is fashion-forward and takes risks. he is a true designer and his final collection is beautiful! i kno that he can be an ass, but this is about designing people!

Susan Thompson on

RIDICULOUS!!! I understand Michael was disappointing but HELLO Consistency throughout the entire show! Jeffrey was a joke! I am so disgusted I willnever watch Project Runway AGAIN! He cheated in more than one way and he is rewarded for winning. I thought his clothes were UGLY! I would never wear them, only some freak like him would!

emily on

jeffery has got to win. with laura’s beads and bobbles and both michael and uli doing “ubran safari” inspired clothes… there’s only one obvious choice. his designs and ideas are the only ones that seem truly inspired.

rwl on

stop giving the ones who do not deserve to win!!!! i will never few your show again yall really messed over micheal and laura!!!!!

Susan on

RIDICULOUS! Micheal is consistent! Maybe a little disappointing but PLEASE! Jeffrey was nothing but a jerk and his clothes UGH!!! YOu know he didn’t do all that work…hello no receipt!!! he cheated too with budget and is rewarded!!! HUH?? I will never watch again!

JNO on

It is not about who is the nice guy or mean guy..it is about fashion…vision..and great craftsmanship and Jeffrey had the best collection that exemplified this. Uli’
s collection was fabulous but very one dimensional..She will do great in a Miami boutique. Laura I am sure will have all the Park Avenue mothers having her design their clothes. Michael although by popularity wins for sure will have a definite future in sports wear. A designer has to inspire and bring new vision to the fashion world and Jeffrey has that ability. I love that striped finale dress…and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.

colleen on


Tom on

Well, I feel like I’ve wasted a whole year watching this show. I don’t think Jeffrey really had the talent to win. I think it should have been Uli. Evidently, been rude to people, being over budget, and not being as talented as others, is what it takes to win on the show. Season 4? I don’t think I’ll be watching.

Michaela on

I was really hoping that Laura would win. I wish she would have put alittle more of a twist on the traditional cocktail dress, but she kept going with only her personal taste. I still think she is a great designer! Congrats Jeffrey…When it got down to the bottom 2, I really thought Uli would get it, but congrats non the less!

sue on

Im totally shocked at the results of Project Runway 3. Although I was a Michael & Laura fan, Uli stole the show. Im amazed that these judges picked Jeffery as the winner. We felt his was the least showable. The crowd wow’d Uli and to hear Nia’s comment that someone approached her on how to get in touch with Uli after the show, AND THIS WAS OVERLOOKED? This outcome has definately soured me from watching Project Runway 4! Do these judges deserve to Judge? In our opinion A FLAT NOOOOOOOOOO!

Susan on

I hate Project Runway! NOT INNOVATEVE NOT DESIGN THAT EQUALS JEFFREY!!!! I will never watch again and I will launch a campaign boycotting Jeffrey! His manners and his past are so tacky! Shame on him for treating people that way!…Scary who can have children now! Michael Knight was the best ALL SEASON LONG!!!!! Uli and Laura at least had a great shows. I would’ve been satisfied if Uli or Laura won but not Jeffrey – terrible choice!!!! And purely done for ratings!!!

Chris Flood on

I was sooooo happy to see Jeffery win, the collection was him but, toned down for the every day person & more. everything he made I would wear….my husband liked Uli. My usband watches this show faithly with me.( my husband watch this show! surpised even me). He had a hard time picking & so did I during the shows…but, we both agreed Jeffery showed some amazing outfits…he really toned them down & showed that he could make them for even the everyday person.

Erin on

YES!!!!! JEFFREY WON!! He totally deserved it – his Bryant Park collection rocked!

LindaKay Bruyere on


Bonni Mollison on

I think Jeffrey should win!!!!! He is the most creative!!!! He can go from Hip, Sexy, calm, romantic.
Micheal needs more of life experience behind him. Laura is great and makes clothes for the working New York Woman.
Uli, I think she needs a push for the creative side but she has it!!!*I think Uli could make clothes for every woman…
Let’s get real.. Think back when Jeffrey and Uli would go to the fabric store. They are like kids in a candy store..
It is fun for them natural not work….
I wish them all well…. They are GREAT!!!!
Thank you for a nice show.. I want to thank you for getting me back into sewing.
I also love that Laura and Jeffrey say what is on there mind. I want Jeffrey to win. He is so good.. So Creative!!!

patsy4jeffery on

Jeffery is the man for all seasons in a woman’s life. I’ve never had a young man inspire me like Jeffery has. His willingness to share his suicide attempt and his recovery from addiciton is major…But Jeffery really gets it. He told how it hurts him to see his little boy fall & perhaps get hurt and then he said he couldn’t imagine how it would hurt to see him addicted to drugs. That is major because Jeffery is embracing life. I never believed Jeffery was guilty of what the others accused him of. I could watch his reaction & the deep pain he felt to have the other constestants tell him he never did work that well before. Jeffery must have thought it a dream, a bad dream. But think of how he handled it. He did not get angry, he did not tell anyone off. He is solid. I would have been extremely disappointed if had lied to Tim because I would have misjudged his character. I don’t think you should accuse someone of wrong doing unless you have some proof. But Jeffery was the bigger person. He kept his cool & his dignity. That is a story because I think the others thought they were a little better than Jeffery. They didn’t really appreciate that Jeffery had his own style and he was not afraid of his truth. He is grounded in love for his son, his wife, his parents and his work.

cp1908 on

Very disappointed. How in the world did Michael not win!! I would have even settled for Uli. I’m completely out done right now with this show. Don’t think I’ll be watching next season. Guess I must be one of the ones who just doesn’t get Jeffery’s style because I can’t think of a one that I liked the whole show and I consider myself to be a pretty opened minded person.
I just hope Michael or any of them let the decision stop them. He’s definitely got a future in fashion.

Vicky on

I want Jeffry to win because he is creating fashion like it hasn’t been done before. The others are creating the same old stuff, especially Laura. Uli is my second choice. Originally, I like Michael the best, only because of the kick @#@ seersucker sports outfit he created. But when I saw the evening couture dress he created, I was so disappointed.

faye on

I think wha hindered Michael was that his collection had more of an urban flair. I thought his clothes would definitely sell. wake up america..it’s what EVERYONE is wearing.

cisco on

Innovative is not synonymous with fashionable…..Jeffery’s collection was very Molly Ringwald

LindaKay Bruyere on


cisco on

Jeffery is to G. W. Bush as Uli is to Al Gore…ROBBED

Evelyn on

I can’t believe that ASS Jeffrey won. Uli & Laura design clothes that real people would actually wear. Not only are Jeff’s clothes too “out there”, he has a terrible attitude. Remember the “Mom Show”? Who treats a customer like that? I don’t watch most reality shows because they only encourage back stabbing, manipulating, hatefulness and cheating to win. Project Runway just lost me as a viewer. If you agree…stop watching too. I’m tired of watching JERKS come out on top.

Bonni Mollison on

I keep reading the post and all I see is that Jeffrey will never sell anything because it is to punk.. I was born and raised in California and let me tell you about people in Caly. They spend money on there kids$$$$$ Big money…
He will be just fine. The outfit he mad for himself to travel. How many orders does he have for that outfit and how many orders does he have for that shirt. That is only one of his outfits. What about the outfit he made in Paris… What about the romantic cute dress.. What young lady in California would not love it, love it… I love his attitude!!!!! He is great!!! He is real!!!!! He is also real to himself!!!!

Amanda on

Although I’m disapointed Jeffrey won, it doesn’t really suprise me. The panel of judges, with the exception of Michael Kors, have terrible taste. Who is Heidi Klum kidding? Just becasue she modeled she’s a fashion expert? Give ma a break. And even though Nina Garcia works with Elle, her taste isn’t much better. Despite a sad outcome, I really think the proof will be in the pudding. Five years from now Jeffrey will be a footnote. Michael will be a classic.



Bonni Mollison on

Hello Guys,
Maybe next season you can have them make a wedding dress,nightgown.
Or how about, Make your model look her best in your eyes..
Dress, pants, what ever. Pick the color and style. Be creative.

Wolfe Designs on

I think that all of them have thier own beautiful ‘out of the box’ style and deserve much applause for their talent to make it to fashion week.
I think Michael is exquisite on taste and style. He really understands and can see a woman. I can see him winning, but my heart… really wants Jeffery to win. He is exciting, talented, and has made a long journey to the top and wouldn’t be exciting to see him enjoy the view with a winning hand!

Melissa Ramsak on

I must admit that I was disappointed with the outcome of PR3. Behaivior and individual personality traits should not even enter the mix. However, ethics and talent should. Not only does a good designer design clothes that are wearable and marketable, but a good designer should also possess some sort of business acumen. In other words, not going over budget, and/or accounting for costs and overruns. But also being able to sit in front of the suits for a professional presentation to secure financing. Personal appearances aside, I truly believe that the most talented finalist did not win, although I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Sherry on

I cannot believe that the idiot with the mouth took home the prize!!!!! He was such a jerk throughout the season. Michael was a class act!! When it came down to Uli and the “idiot” I thought for sure it would be Uli. She had it all. All the judges said they loved her whole collection and that all women would wear them. She was the heart and soul of the season. She was also the most honest and the one with sunshine. I’m so sorry Uli but YOU WERE ROBBED !!!!!!! Shame on you Heidi, Michael and Nina. On that note If Jeffrey ever does “make it” to main stream America with his clothing line, I will NEVER buy a piece of it because the “idiot” has no integrity. We saw your true colors Jeffrey and they were very UGLY. I don’t think I will tune in for season 4.

fouzia on

You are awsome jeffrey and I knew you were going to win.

Jason on

Well… the show is over and I am completely dissapointed. I can respectr every one of the designers for their talent. I truly did not like Jeffrey’s collection. I wuold not want to see more. I loved Uli’s and Laura’s, after their respective shows I was completely rooting for Uli, every single item that walked down the runway was great. Again, I am dissapointed and I think him winning was a mistake. My only saving grace is that I think that they will all have great careers with the exposure that they received. GO ULI!

joseph.ny on

I like his designs without doubt, but everything from his design was just over-perfect that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE THEM IN TWO MONTHS EXCLUSIVELY if you ever really had some sewing experience, you would agree with me. By my professional experience, I DO BELIEVE LAURA WAS RIGHT.
The worst is that the whole point of Project Runway has been selling out (so as the producers) for commercial purpose bv its dramatic ending. The show has been misleading us by cutting off the epsoide by pieces, and gave us a big surprise by Jeffery’s winning without detail explaination. I t is DIERESPECT to all the fans in front of the TV. Thus, I have to say, from deeply frustration of my heart,IT IS ASHAME for any designer to get involved this”MOVIE!!”

melissa on

Jeffrey may not be the guy I would pick to hang out with, but if you pay attention to fashion at all, it was obvious that he should win based on the collection at the tents. From the color and fabric choices to the silhouettes, his collection was the most cohesive and more importantly, the most in step with what is going on in fashion right now. I love Michael as a person, but his collection was tired, tired, tired- looked like bad Versace from the 90’s. This was a design contest, not a personality contest. And even if I don’t love his social skills, I think that Jeffrey deserved to win.

Barb on

I have looked forward to this show all week. I am thrilled that Jeff won. He deserved it and I congratulate him.

Mommy on

I think that Project Runway has made a very POOR decision choosing Jeffrey as the winner! Jeffrey does NOT have variety in his “collection”. The clothes (they say) are innovative; however, who will actually buy and wear those designs. The designs are NOT practical. Although he was over budget and his “integrity” was questioned during the final phase of Olympus Fashion Week…He still won?! As for his “integrity” and not having the correct recipts(for the bubble shorts), how do we know he did not get someone to help out?? All of the other designers complied with the rules. But there were no true consequenses for Jeffrey. I ask you what does this ultimately illustrate…one can be arrogant, disrespectful and not follow rules and still come out a winner! To Laura, Michael and Uli I appologize. I wish all of you true success in the future. All 3 of you showed collections that are truly MARKETABLE! Good Luck-

Donna on

I am so glad Jeffrey won. Out everyone I think Jeffrey grew the most. He was an ass throughout most of the season, but I sensed it was that addict defensiveness and I was right. After winning his first challenge I started seeing a change. I could see him becoming more focused and reaching deeper into himself. I was impressed at how he was willing to take risks and challenge himself under all this pressure. I started rooting for him at that point. He became a much more sensitive and responsive person at the end; especially when he was put on the spot by Laura. He didn’t go off on her: he actually showed some humility. Just hope that he manages to keep a balance and not get caught up in the egotistical celebrity crap. If he manages that, he will be a great designer. I thought his collection was a step up and truely innovative. I loved the zipper dress.

Sophia on

Michael and I share the same race Identity, he is good at what he does, so offcourse I believe he is the winner, until he mingle in corruption. This is wacked, Laura’s judgement obout Jeffery, this is a competition, what does she expect. The theme is show good work, thats what poor Jeffery is trying to convey. This is corruption spelled out. No contester should EVER question any other contestor work. what up with this – If Jefery gets kick off I wish the senate pass a bill to BAND this show- total manipulation, this is outrageous -Jeffery is the WINNER. Laura need to find true happiness and meaning to life –

Jenny on

I can’t believe that Jeffrey won. I would not wear any of his designs. I believe that they should have not only made him take out the shorts but also to lose one piece. Getting rid of the wigs should not have counted. The wigs were an accessory, not something that he made. Then he would have been forced to add in the denim skirt that he made. The judges really blew this one.

Uli and Laura showed great collections. I have always been a Michael fan, but his collection was a little to young for my liking. Uli and Laura showed collections that I would definitely wear. I would have been happy if either of them won. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THEY PICKED JEFFREY!!!!!!!!GASP,GASP, GASP, GASP. I am not sure if I will watch the next season. Season 2 they took Chloe over Daniel V (another big mistake). I thought, OK, I will give it another chance. They didn’t pick Daniel V because he was too young and needed to mature as a designer. But then they go and take the tatooed, no neck, no chin loser of a designer. Innovative my toosh. His designs are just recreations from Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” video. PR better ship up or I will be sailing off into the wild blue yonder.

Denise Branch on

To all, esp. Jeffery, whom I did not like at all throughout the season, except for 2-3 dress designs that blew me away; I wouldve chosen any other to win UNTIL the Fashion Week show where you as a person and your designs where all so fabulious, you changed my mind completely and blew me away that by end I was standing and shouting Jeffery!!! Jeffery!!! all the way; and so, was thrilled to see you win tonight. You truely turned things around and made a firm believer out of me. I also think Laura was jelouos and trying to get you kicked off with her accusations and just so she knows anyone with half a brain could see that. She at the time was more of a final pick of mine than you until I saw that. I’m happy for you she didn’t succeed!! Uli is my second favorite and you two should design something together!!! GOOD LUCK and I look forward to buying your clothes!!!

Donna on

I am so glad Jeffrey won. Out everyone I think Jeffrey grew the most. He was an ass throughout most of the season, but I sensed it was that addict defensiveness and I was right. After winning his first challenge I started seeing a change. I could see him becoming more focused and reaching deeper into himself. I was impressed at how he was willing to take risks and challenge himself under all this pressure. I started rooting for him at that point. He became a much more sensitive and responsive person after the final challenge; especially when he was put on the spot by Laura. He didn’t go off on her: he actually showed some humility. Just hope that he manages to keep a balance and not get caught up in the egotistical celebrity crap. If he manages that, he will be a great designer. I thought his collection was a step up and truely innovative. I loved the zipper dress.

aizza on

i love love love love love Jeffrey .its so awesome that he won .he deserve it. clothes were great anything was great about his collection .his son is also so adorable. i wish Jeffrey the best of luck in his career.

pamsedillo on

Jeffrey should be auf’d just on his attitude, I hope their arent any designers with that type of attitude out there. it’s just wrong

Brenda on

I think the judges made just the right decision. Michael’s collection was both tacky and disappointing, while Laura’s collection was elegant but unexciting. Both Uli and Jeffrey, on the other hand, designed truly beautiful collections. I think Jeffrey won because his designs were innovative as well as diverse. And get over it, people—”Project Runway” is not a popularity contest but a design contest and the best designer won tonight.

P. S. I liked the new hairdo on Jeffrey’s wife—a big improvement!

Julia on

Oh my gawd! I can’t believe what you guys are saying! I absolutely LOVE jeffrey! If he doesn’t win I will totally cry. And come on, that tatoo is very sweet! Its of his sons name. And its not like any of the other reality TV shows have no bickering. I am sticking with my choice. GO JEFFREY!

sarah on


Betsy Hoffman on

Here is an email I sent off to BravoTV/Project Runway upon witnessing the debacle of tonight’s finale:

To Project Runway:

What in the world were you guys thinking — or should I say drinking when you picked Jeffrey as the winner? Have you all lost your minds? He is the nuttiest, least talented of the entire bunch — and yet, over and over the judges went ga-ga for his outfits. What was that yellow and blue thing made out of paper from the recycle plant? It was horrible and they just loved it. Then that streetwalker outfit he made for the black and white cocktail dress — and you made an exception and let him in the finals!!! That dress that he made for Angela’s mother was autrocious — not to mention HE MADE SOMEONE’S MOTHER CRY!!!! Yeah, let’s reward that. Then that rock star get up in Paris that Catherine Malendrino picked — give me a break! You passed over Michael and his meticulous jet-setter outfit over that chintzy looking thing that Jeffrey wore? And don’t even get me started on that atrocity of a Scottish plaid thing that he won the couture challenge with. Did you not see Uli’s gown? Did someone go out to lunch when Uli’s beautiful hand beaded gown came down the runway??? And you give it to that tattooed freak? And then tonight, the finale, with all the questions about where Jeffrey got those “mad skills” that he made his outfits with — ahem, you know and I know he had professional help, and the fact that he went over budget, and you rewarded him? Do you honestly think that women want to wear those freak show outfits that he made? Just for the record, for your demographic, I am a 52 year old white married female who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything that that tattoo man made. I would wear most of Uli’s designs and ALL of Laura’s dresses. The fact that you passed up the truly talented one of the bunch, i.e. Laura, shows that the whole thing is rigged. I will NEVER watch this show again, and believe, I was your biggest fan. But after the crap you all pulled to get Jeffrey to the winner’s circle — forget it. I have lost all confidence in you and your show. I will never watch Bravo again or Project Runway nor will I ever buy another issue of Elle magazine. In my opinion, you are all nuts up there in New York. You really have a skewed idea of what the American woman wants to wear. You know, one of my favorite sayings is: “What do women want? The same things as men only in prettier colors.” I rest my case. P.S. If you see Laura you tell her that I said she was robbed of her rightful title as the best new designer. Now I’m going to bed and I can only hope I don’t have nightmares after witnessing the Project Runway Finale. Good night…
Mrs. Betsy Hoffman

nema on

yeah for jeffrey, THE only talent ofthe four of them. laura can just make some more babies, since she only has, like, 9. she should have never made it so far, but it’s fabulous that she made herself look like a total bonehead in the last episode. not that she ever had a chance of beating jeffrey of course.

Erica on

Wow! What a dissapoint Michael’s collection was. I was embarrassed for him. Even Heidi and Nina were talking during his show. And when Chloe switched teams to to TEAM ULI, major diss! I was rooting for Mike until I saw his collection, then I thought ULI should have won.

Erinn Ng on

Jeffrey should win and I’m glad he did! He is the most innovative and would love to see more from him. Laura, as the judge said, and I agree, she can make it beautiful and pretty but not necessary creative/innovative.

KM on

I agree with you. Letting Jeffrey win is only saying that you can act like an idiot and treat people like crap and yet be rewarded for it. I am not impressed with him at all. He leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Lee Evans on

i seen all the shows and thought about Wednesday nights pick of who i’d want to make my outfits, its Jeffery, he can do a wide range of clothing,more upbeat, Micheal is stuck in the sex mode and showing the ole boob game,Laura is to old fashion and belongs in a time warp machine,”can she make anything else?” she best go on an all out turtle poop hunt and raise her kids. Uli’s ideas are very ummm beachie but we all dont live in Miami beach area, WAY TO GO JEFFERY!!!!

KM on

I think that Jeffrey is a jerk and I hate it that he won. But if I look at the big picture he probably will not be very successful in spite of all his recent good luck. God doesn’t like ugly and he has a lot bad charma surrounding him right now. So to jeffrey, bask in the glow for right now because it is sure to be short lived with based on the bad attitude you carry around with you.

nightseekker756 on


KM on

I just can’t say enough bad things about you. Is this starting to feel familiar? All the negative comments you made about Angela and to Angela. What about all the other negative comments you have made throughout the show and after you won. One thing you should know is that old saying “what goes around, comes back around”. When you spend so much time putting all that negative energy out into the universe instead of re-thinking some of those ridiculous designs it’s gonna come back at you 10-fold. As far as those comments about Michael “playing a role”, maybe you should have tried that and you may have had more well wishers instead of being on the receiving end of the much deserved crap you’re getting.

sam on

I am glad Jeffrey won! I agree with some of the comments made regarding the episode with Angela’s mom. I think Angela’s mom was trying to manipulate to gain an advantage for her daughter. And as previously mentioned, as I watched Angela’s mom on TV whining and crying and backstabbing, she totally annoyed me.

Karen on

Congratulations Jeffrey! You were so far ahead of the game and so deserving. Your collection was amazing and I’m so glad the disgruntled jealousy of others didn’t interfere with your success. Having now seen Laura’s tired collection I can see why she was so desperate to try and find a way to thwart you but I’m a bit surprised at Michael for joining in. Thought he was better than that. Kudos to Uli for defending Jeffrey and refusing to have any part of such shameful behavior. Uli didn’t need to try and take anyone else down because her work stands strong on its own. Can’t say the same for the other two but hopefully they’ve learned and matured a bit from this experience.

Ashley on

Well, I was flabergasted with the judges decision… but agree taht Jeff is talented, attitude put aside. I was in Limbo as to who should win due to the “What would I wear?” factor. All fo the designers had something that caught my attention, even Jeff. But, I wouldn’t wear Jeff’s clothes daily as I would the others. He is way over the top… so it will be interesting to see what he comes up with now that he’s won. We met Uli in Bryant Park one afternoon and my 9 year old son was smitten with her clothes on the show and with her personally when we met. He said he could see me in her clothes. Now that’s a compliment!
Enjoyed the season… and our admiration to all the designers! They have a fantastic future ahead!

Teresa on

Man, what a dissappointment this finale was! It just goes to show you the HUGE gap between Hollywood (designers, rockers, movie stars) and your main stream public. Who is going to buy Jeffrey’s clothing but them? And then only when they want their photo taken to show their fashion “edginess”. The word edgy on this show is just another word for weird. Most of what he made is so far out there it would MAYBE be a one time wear and if you were brave enough to put it on, everyone else would be asking “what was she thinking”?! Can you really see Jeffrey’s stuff hanging in Macy’s along side Michael Kor’s? Ain’t gonna happen.

But folks, this is a tv show made for entertainment. It seems to me that they end up picking the last person everyone else would and that keeps everyone talking. Laura’s clothing was elegant and beautiful. Let’s hope the hell she put Jeffrey through was an honest attempt to keep it all clean and not done out of jealousy or spite. Most of Michael’s designing was very good but he bombed at the end…big time. Too bad, he was so darn likable! Uli? WOW! Once she got out of her print box…all I can say is wow! I was totally blown away by the diversity and beauty of her final line. I thought she had it last night hands down even though the season was almost over before I started to like her stuff. I can see many average people waiting in line for her clothing…well…maybe not so much the print stuff but definitely the other things in her line. As Tim Gunn would say…Well done!

Rocco on


Kristine on

I loved Michael all the way through this season, and right behind him was always Laura, but after watching the show last night, I would have to go with Laura, then Uli. Michael really blew it. I don’t understand how the judges agreed upon Jeffery? I wouldn’t wear anything he has designed, he designs for the outrageous, emo-type young person. I am disappointed with their choice.

Nancy on

I’m so glad Jeffrey won! He was my favorite. Everyone was quick to point out what a rude jerk he was but “classy, sophisticated” Laura was always making crude comments like “you don’t just pull talent like that out of your ass” and “I don’t have time to dick around”. She tried to get him kicked off and when she saw that it wasn’t going to happen, she gave him a hug and told him she was glad he was staying. Whatever. I’m glad he won….he is the most innovative and creative of the 4 so he really deserves it! Yay!

Kate on

Each of the designers had a unique vision and style, but in my opinion, Uli’s collection was the best and most versatile for all women. I am very disappointed that Jeffrey won b/c only biker chicks would wear his clothing. Furthermore, if Laura hadn’t said something to Tim about Jeffrey’s collection being done so early, Jeffrey would have gone through with the final show knowing he went over budget and did have some outside help. This is the kind of designer the judges wanted to win? That’s troubling. Also, I disagree with the judges’ belief that his collection was cohesive. Green/white stripes and navy blue dresses go together? Since when? I absolutely loved watching this season, but the finale was a real shocker.

Regina on

im very upset at the fact that jeffrey out of all people won! im not goin to lie but at times i did like his work but its just like they say it doesn’t matter cute you are if you have a nasty attitude and a rotten personality everyone is going to think your ugly. the same idea goes for talent. jeffrey is an evil little man. laura is the same way evil. uli or micheal would have been the better choice.

Marcia on

Jeffery does have some nice clothes but he was not the best. And aside from that, since when does nasty, hateful and disrespectful behavior mean that you move up in the world? His personality and behavior is not characterisitc of a good and successful business person so I can only hope he falls flat on his face and realizes that his attitude won’t cut it in the real world. It is truly a sad state of affairs when ugly wins. There is no excuse for his behavior and he should have been sent home a long time ago. But alas, ratings, ratings and more ratings. They would rather have ratings than a true winner. I will never turn it on again. I hope others feel the same and let them know that it is a disgrace.

Spajcic on

I am sooo sick of people saying Mycheal Knight’s collection was SOOO horrible. Are you all just crazy? Yes, it wasn’t as wonderful as everyone expected. Because his designs were perfect week after week, people put him on this pedestal (as I did) and had over-realistic expectations of him. Project Runway had NEVER seen talent like that before. He was consistently good. Every single collection, with the exception of Uli’s, had some really bad pieces. Yet if you look at Mycheal’s collection piece by piece you will see how great it really was. Oh and how can anyone say Jeffrey’s was good… who the hell will wear those cloths. Are you joking me? I can really see Heidi or Nina wear his clothing; What a joke!

suzy G on

Iam really annoyed that my comments are never shown, and I took the time to type them out. I really want Bravo to know that they really put themselves in the light of saying that they promote and accept rude, dissrespectful behavior from jeffery Sebella, his behavior alone should have dissqualified him a long time ago, besides the fact that he has been very inconsistant in his designs, oh, but not inconsistant in his rude dissrespectful behavior. It’s like Bravo says, yeah, we promote him, he should be rewarded for his negitive behavior, excuse me, why is Bravo stating it is ok to treat other human beings the way he has???? I really think we should all just forget this season of Project Runway and hope the next time or next season will turn out better. Uli and Laura presented a beautiful collection, beautiful craftsmanship, and they got the verbal compliments and then got slapped in the face when Jeffery won. Everyone with half a brain would know he did not sew his collection himself and I do not think you could ever make any of us out here believe that he did. The only reason 4 went to Bryant Park was because Jefferys last dress was sooo bad , but yet his so called hard luck story made them want him in there some way some how, all for ratings I believe. Jeffery should be a tad bit more humble, he has not shown one humble bone in his body, and I think if he doesn’t learn to work a better program(12 step) he surely will fall at some point, my God, I watched all the episodes yesterday just to see if I was possibly wrong in my thoughts on Jeffery, and I was appalled at the meanness, the rude comments the dissrespect with which he carried himself throughout this competition. Unbelieveable!!!!! The 3 other contestants were sorely dissed by his winning, and he already had his own manufacturing work space, I don’t understand why one of the other 3 were not more deserving. I will watch the next season of Project Runway, but I hope beyond hope that Bravo scrutinizes all of the episodes from this season and sees why the public is so upset with Jeffery Sebella winning, and I hope that Bravo will learn something from it and have a better, less contrived season. Anyone who is sooo rude, mean and disrespectful to others surely will not go far in life, let alone business. I really am, as a lot of others very dissapointed in the way Bravo has made a mochery out of season 3, yuk!!!! It leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

sarah on

michael didn’t win cause his collection wasn’t good. thats why he got viewers choice. obviously the judges have taste and are fashion experts, so thats why they choose jeffrey because his was the best.

sarah on

michael’s designs were too hootchie mama.

amanda cook on

ahhhh jeffery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shanda on

AAH!!! Jeffery!! what were they thinking??! I am soo upset I am screaming. All night I was thinking about it and I couldn’t go to sleep. If i were the other contestants I would be soo pissed off it is not even funny. I wish ULI own or at least MICHAEL, but not jeffery. I hope his business doesn’t go anywhere and ULI’S and MICHAEL’S does.
– somebody who cares



Donna on

i don’t like his clothes nearly 99% of the time. they’ve GOT to be kidding…ULI clearly had the most likeable and sellable clothes



janet on

What a shame or should I say SHAM. What was the point? It was all to count down to Fashion Week, for what? To have a talentless cheating freak win this bogus reality show.

Tanya on

uli so should have won!!! i like jeffreys style and how he has this unique original punk rock style but there are rumors that he is cheating and no one wants a designer copying a better one. Uli was a lot more original and i

Teresa Girard on

Well, I do not plan to watch anymore of Project Runway!!!!
Could not believe Jeffrey won—-I think he should have been the first one auf’ed. Uli, Laura and Michael all had a much more polished and wearable collection. Jeffrey was rewarded by winnning for not following the rules. What message does this send to our up and coming designers. Project Runway, you have lost one viewer—(only I doubt just one!)

jony on

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