Has Nicole Kidman Gone Country?

10/18/2006 at 09:00 AM ET

We were stumped as to why Nicole Kidman suddenly looked so different at the Rome Film Festival — were her eyebrows darker? Was the dress a departure from her usual style? Was it just that she cut bangs? And then it hit us: She’s gone country! A few months of living in Nashville as Mrs. Keith Urban, and she’s traded in her flat-iron for a hot roller set. Gone are the sleek, straight locks of yesteryear (left), replaced with big hair, involving full curls, puffy bangs and a teased half-updo (right). What’s next for Nicole? Cowboy boots and jeans? Tell us: what do you think of Nicole’s new look?

Photo: Sthanlee B. Mirador/Shooting Star; MARK CHILTON/RICHFOTO/GLOBE

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Jess on

Nicole looks gorgeous as usual. I think she looks great in the second picture, she looks so happy. She looks a bit tired in the first picture.

Kathy on

Well being from Texas, I can attest to the fact this is NOT big hair Nicole is sporting. Big for her, maybe; big by Southern standards, no way!! I think Nicole is gorgeous no matter what she does. She could shave her hair and she’d probably still be gorgeous. Remember her long, unruly curls from her “Days of Thunder” days?? Not her best look but she was still gorgeous. She’s gorgeous no matter what and her husband is smoking hot, what a rough life!

Candice on

I just wanted to say that I LOVED Nicole’s hair! I thought she looked very soft and feminine. Although she always looks beautiful, her hair can tend to make her look a little hard. I enjoyed the departure. Country living has been good for her!

j on

let’s be realistic: this woman is blessed and will look good no matter how she changes her appearance. i like the bangs, i just think her hair is a little too light & wish she’d get back to more of a redish color (days of thunder).

ilovepeoplemag on

I don’t care what Nicole wears . . . she is the most stunningly beautiful woman in Hollywood (or Nashville). A truly beautiful lady is more beautiful straight out of bed than any of those un-talented flavors of the month (that usually grace the covers of the magazines) dressed in couture on the red carpet. I’ll bet Jessica Simpson sleeps with her mouth open and drools, but not Nicole. And just for the record, her eyebrows are the exact same color in both pictures.

Mary on

Wow, she looks great! The hair sytle really gives her a younger, more playful look. I never liked her hair flat. Her face is very thin and long, with the old hair style she looked almost skeletal. Keep it up, Nic!

Chelle on

i think she looks amazing!…she looks inviting…as opposed to the cold vibe she sometimes tends to give…she looks so beautiful and youthful…keep it up nicole…country is good!!

Chantelle on

Nicole looks as glamourous as always

Jennifer on

She looks gorgeous! Keep it up Nicole, you look great.

Allison on

I love it. Nicole still looks as glamourous as ever

Sue from KY on

Nicole is always beautiful! She looks good with any hairstyle she tries, and any clothing style she chooses to wear! She’s just gifted in the looks department, (and so is her husband.)

Judy Dodd on

If People says the hairdo is “Country”, so it must be. However, it looks great on Nicole!

RT on

She looks beautiful but I agree with “J”, she should get back to her amazing red color. I would love to have hair that looked as good as hers!!

dawn blagborne on

she looks great!

Rebecca on

I love Nicole’s new hairstyle and color. It looks so much softer, prettier, and more flattering. I always thought the too-blonde, straight, and often pulled-back style looked harsh on her. Now if she would just bring back her gorgeous red hair!

Susan on

I think Nicole looks gorgeous. Her hair color and it being styled so close to her face makes her look less pale and more alive. She has a bit of Michelle Pfeiffer from Grease 2 going on, but I like it!! Of course, being happy is great for the overall appearance of anyone.

Amy-Germantown,TN on

I wear my hair like this alot and it looks great and it looks even better on Nicole!…a la Ann Margaret!

Niko on

Come on People, she has worn her hair like this before. Good then, good now.

Joan on

Let’s be honest, she could have her hair in curlers and a facial mask on and she would still be beautiful. I think it is more the inner beauty that comes out through her eyes. She is blessed with both inner and outer beauty.

VMS on

I think she looks great! This is a more natural look. It reminds me of her pre-Cruise days. Good for her!

Melissa on

The style critics at People are off their game. Country? No. Brigitte Bardot did this first.

Leah on

For the first time she’s been in the public eye, she looks human and warm. I’ve never been a fan of hers but i think she looks absolutely beautiful and happy.

jayjay on

Since she’s got a high forehead, I think the bangs are very flattering. They make her look younger too. I think this is about the prettiest I’ve seen her look.

Andrea on

I love it….and there’s nothing wrong with “Country” :) Nicole could wear a sack and she’d look good in it.

Suz on

I don’t think it’s country. It’s more Italian sexy. She was in Rome I think when that picture was taken. When in Rome…..

patti on

Nicole looks fabulous and happy. God has truly blessed her this time around!!!

Jen on

Nicole looks awesome in the 2nd picture. She looks alive and beautiful. Keep with the new look.

Linda on

Nicole could never look bad, no matter what she did to her hair or what she wore. This woman is a class act anyway she wants to spin it!!

Sheri on

Nicole looks beautiful, much softer.

Stacy T on

She has amazing style.. and her new do is gorgeous!

JenB on

Nicole Kidman is stunning no matter what style she wears, and I think it’s cute that she’s adapting to the Nashville lifestyle with her sweetie. I love it.

Kelly on

Simply adorable.

Shannon on

She is beautiful – she is happy and that shows with her looks. Gorgeous.

Branna on

I think Nicole looks beautifuil as always, but even more so in the second picture. She looks real happy in the second one, and kind of stressed in the 1st. But there’s nothing wrong with going a little country, I would too if I had a hott country singin hubby like she does.

NicoleFan on

Whatever you want to call it, this style is stunning on her–the whole effect is much softer and prettier than the straight, pulled-back look Nicole has had for the past couple years. She looks even better with bangs or curls around her forehead. I agree with others’ comments that the blonde haircolor could be a bit more reddish.

By the way, it looks like she’s using hair extensions in this photo, I don’t think her real hair is that long.

Natalie on

Nicole looks amazing. As for “country”, not so much! Her new still is classic and warm. She looks very happy.

Rita on

She is such a beautiful woman. I think both styles look great on her.

deebee on

I like the softer look, it’s much more flattering than the harsh, ice-princess look she sported for awhile. She looks content which I would be too if I were married to Keith Urban. Classic beauty, stellar career and gorgeous husband; sigh, some women are so damn lucky!

Heather on

I think Nicole looks beautiful all the time, but I think she looks even better with her new, “bigger” hair!


I think Nicole is more gorgeous with this new look. She is extremely beautiful anyway but with this new look even more so.

Tempeste Mosher on

She is hot no matter what! I like the darker color hair it makes her look not as pale, but always beautiful!



Barbara on

I think she carries the look well. Good for her!


Adrymala on

The bangs hide the botox and surgery which helps alot. She looks a lot less pulled in these photos.

Mrs.Borrego on

Nicole looks great no matter what she wears or how her hair looks. She has that elegance that nothing can take away from her.

cindy nelson on

I think she looks fabulous…I would love to have my hair done the way she has !!!!!!!!

Angie on

Nicole Kidman could go Dolly Parton, and she’d still probably look great!! I don’t think she’s gone country though. The picture above with her hair curly, you should show the dress she’s wearing! She does NOT look country. She looks great!

hu on

im glad she’s getting rid of the ‘im so helpless’ look she had all this time. may be that is why i never liked her. keep that look Mrs Urban!!!!!!!

Jessica on

When I saw this, my mouth dropped. She looks stunning! So incredibly beautiful.

shawna on

I don’t know that I care for the “country” look on Nicole, she is a very chic woman and is definitely made for the silver screen look, she is very Betty Davis, not so much Betty Lou. And I’m not sure that that is so much country as it is 80’s girls just wanna have funnish.

Zoebella on

Nicole looks absolutely amazing – happy and beautiful. The pictures of her at the Rome Festival are fabulous!

Emily on

I think this is a more natural look for Nikole. Her hair was too blonde before and she doesn’t look as frail now. I agree that Keith and the country look is better for her.

Pam on

UGH!!! She’s had too much plastic surgery to start with and the hair does nothing to help!! START OVER NICOLE!!

Sarah on

She looks a little too Loretta Lynne for my tastes, but she still looks beautiful. If anyone can pull it off, it’d be her. She deserves happiness!!

Dharma on

I simply adore Nicole’s fluffy bangs & curls compared to the straight, sleek style (YAWN)! Since when do bangs, curls and a little bit of fluffy body indicate a person has “GONE COUNTRY?” I’m more interested as to why going country was made to sound like folks should gasp at notion.

Jan on

Versatility is an attribute! She looks good both ways. Who wants to wear their hair the same every day, day and night? And I would NOT consider this “country.” Curls/waves have been in for quite some time now.

Shelley on

Her eybrows look the same shade as the other picture to me. Her hair color is a bit darker and more natural looking. I think this style makes her look younger and softer.

cassie moore on

She looks the best she has ever looked! So happy for her.

Sandy on

What a beautiful woman. Bangs becomes her and so does the color. She also looks good with her natural curly red hair. I don’t like the light blond color. She looks too washed out with it. Stay happy Nicole!

Melinda on

I am from Nashville and her hair style is nothing compared to really big hair of the past country stars. You should realize that Nashville is a very cosmopolitan city these days. Nicole’s hair looks much healthier than the straight blond do, and the softness compliments her bone structure. Give the girl some credit—no matter what she wears she is still going to be beautiful.

Beth on

I absolutely love her new look. The hair (cut/color and style). I never liked the brassy blond but I love this look. Thoguht he looked like a Barbie doll from the photo at the Rome Film Festival. Married live does you well. (Well, married to Keith does.)

jane on

i’m happy to see her have some color back in her hair, she looked washed out befor. i always thought she was pretty but when she went platnum i didn’t think it was a good look for her. also i like the bangs she has a really high forhead. as for what she wears it doesn’t matter she has a slim frame and she can pull off any look.

Deb Spess on

Nicole always looks beautiful. She looks younger with her new look. Or, perhaps, it’s being happily married that really makes her look younger.

sool on

I Love her hair, her face, her smile. Irrespective of time. Today she another and tomorrow she will be another. She as a Sparkling Diamond each time new and each time beautiful.

Paula on

I love her new look! Softer, prettier, less stark.

Jill on

I think she looks great.

Ellyn on

She looks gorgeous! She looks happy! Besides, ladies are allowed to change their looks to suit their moods.

Shelley on

Nicole looks stunning. This is the best she has ever looked. It must be love. Nicole and Keith are great together.

Luciana Rolsen on

I think Nicole looks GORGEOUS… I love her hair color, style, everything!! She’s beautiful…

DEN on

She looks stunning no matter what. She is beautiful ! !

Gloria on

Nicole looks Stunning! If “being country” makes you look like that then I’m all for it!!I’d take her country look and her country hunk husband in a minute! You go girl!

jc on

I absolutely love Nicole, but to me it is obvious that she has had plastic surgery: shortening of the nose, cheek implants.

I greatly prefer her beauty prior to the plastic surgery, as I do her red hair to blonde.

Astoreri on

Nicole looks beautiful as usual! And I would hardly call that “big” hair, its just more soft.

I’m just happy to see that for once her eyebrows actually match her hair colour! That drove me nuts about Nicole kidman, this super blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows!! Portia De Rossi does the same thing.



Diane on

I like the darker, curled hair. I think it looks much better with her complexion. Now if she’d let up on the Botox enough to allow her face to move…

Cindy on

Nicole Kidman is beautiful. So she has a new do,
that doesn’t make her country. Besides, is that a
slap at country? She actually looks better, in
my opinion because her hair all wavy around her face
softens her.
I thought she looked fabulous in the picture.

Tabatha on

I think that Nicole finally looks happy. Her hair looks beautiful in the second picture. I think she is in a much better place in her life right now and it totally shows.

Bella on

True, I hate when anybody does that, dark eyebrows and light hair, hello, match them!!!

I have never thought Nicole is pretty, to me she’s plain, but the new look is an improvement for sure. I know she’s a redhead, but these days anybody (even a redhead) can get a tan, please, some hint of color would be nice,note here,not orange, but a hint a color, that has always driven me crazy about her and some other casper pale celebrities.

BoFan on

Wow .. she needs to go back back back to her natural red… the closer she gets to it the better she looks. I always thought the straight blondish hair made her look harsh and older… country? I don’t think it’s country, I think it’s much improved. She looks beautiful, content and happier than she’s appeared in a long time.

Liz on

She looks ok in the first one, but I like the second one better. She looks so happy (and gorgeous!)

Jerry V on

She’s so beautiful.

Kathie on

I think it is a softer look. It does take years off. Hope she stays this shade of blonde. The other made her look hard. Beautiful lady.

Betty McFerrin on

I Think Nicole looks great in any hairstyle, she has a beauty that just radiates with whatever she wears or whatever hairstyle she has. She is truly a beautiful person and i think she and Keith were meant to be together. I wish them all the happiness they deserve.

mom of many on

I am not now and never been a Nicole Kidman fan and was disappointed when she married my favorite male singer Keith Urban, who I think is the sexiest and most talented country singer out there. So, there must be something there that I am not seeing in her, for him to love and marry her. I am glad to see that she is making an effort to get away from the polished, and sleek hollywood look. I like the style and it does make her look sweet and soft and approachable. Less plastic. I wish he would have gotten a styled haircut and shaved for his wedding though and was disappointing to me that he didn’t. I like his rough look but just thought he would ‘clean up’ for his big day. I wish them all the happiness.

christine on

she does look beautiful, but what I’m wondering is is she ever with her kids?? anybody else thinking the same thing??

patricia on

I love it, she looks younger.

Lisa on

I don’t know if it’s the hair, the dress, or a few extra pounds but Nicole looks phenomenal. She looks much more feminine and healthy than she has been. Her hair was too blond; made her look washed out and too severe. Marriage has done wonders for her, not that she was anything less than gorgeous before marrying Keith.

YepYep on

I love the darker hair color and the soft curls, it makes her look younger, softer very elegant. GREAT look on her!

Erin on

Nicole looks amazing no matter how she wears her hair. Heck, she’d still look fantastic if she pulled a Demi Moore and shaved it all off!!

eduk8r on

Nicole Kidman changes her appearance frequently to dress approriately for an event or personal activity. We can all learn a thing or two from her fashion sense. I find it humorous that People has generated this Country idea. It works.

Andrea on

She looks stunning I think. The first picture makes her look really washed out. That hair color was too light for her skin tone. Now she looks vibrant. Her makeup is beautiful. The hair color is gorgeous, and the hair style is very elegant.

Theresa on

I think she looks incredible. She also looks at peace and happy.. Let the girl let her hair down already.

Karen on

I think she looks terrific. Of course she always does–but now she looks like she is happy with her life. Tom’s loss is Keith’s gain!

natalie on

I think this is a better look for her althought i dont think she is very attractive to begin with, but the bangs sweeped across her forehead is great for her because she has a huge forehead.

Andrea on

Not as bad as Christina Ricci at least. I agree though, her bangs do look nice w/the side sweep.

conchetta on

She isn’t country really…she just has country in her now!!!!

conchetta on

va-va-voom….I got’s to get me a room!!!!

Amber on

Im not really a big Nicole fan, I don’t think blonde is good on her at all; she should dye her hair dark; and she just might look tons better(I dunno). I don’t think she is much of a goddess thats for sure, and this new hair does nothing for her just like her old hair did nothing for her.

I don’t dislike her, I just am not fussy on her is all; and I do think darker locks will look much better on her face then the lighter locks.

hart braka on


Peach on

I like the new hairdo… looks less rigid and severe than normal.

Heidi on

She can pull of any look. I am so thrilled that her and Keith Urban are married and its awsome that she is accepting her husbands way of living. I hope there marriage lasts their entire life time.

night on

She looks good no matter what she does..lighter hair, darker hair, curly, straight. But she should really stop the botox, as she might look at home at Madame Tussaud’s. There is something to say for aging gracefully, and when you are as beautiful as Nicole, that has to be better than the waxy look.
But all in all she is a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

carole on

She looks great, but she’s also had work done on her teeth recently.

AnnieM on

She is exquisite either way! And YAY for People finally putting the spotlight on a true talent.

Coockeetta on

Nicole looks really beautiful. I just hope that she stops doing the botox and other skin fillers. I think that her lips look full enough now that she had them filled with collagen or whatever. She doesn’t have to go get more injected or she will end up looking like Lisa Renna.

Elizabeth on

Nicole looks at least 10 years younger. She is a classic beauty.

Evelyn on

Nashville is cosmopolitan/casual. I lived there a long time.
She doesn’t look country. She looks more natural.
Her hair looks better now that it has some movement (for crying out loud).
No, this is one of those times that Hollywood’s fads have to take a back seat.

Reese Witherspoon is from Nashville, too.

Kim on

She’s beautiful no matter how she wears her hair or dresses!

Alessi on

Country??? Are you Kidding???

Her look is more like sex kitten a La Dolce Vita, Bardot in 50s, or perhaps Jane Fonda in her Barbarella days. But no matter what look she has, she’s always looks fabulous! Although she looks much much happier lately, marriage suits her well.

Susan on

I think she looks beautiful w/her new hairstyle.

Rachel on

I think the “country” look is better for her, she doesn’t look as pale.

Rachel on

I think Nicole looks FABULOUS as usual! She has such a softer, elegant look now. Keep up the GREAT work Keith!

westwingpotus on

Oh thank god she finally got herself to a decent colorist.
I like Nicole, but I could never understand why in the world for the last couple of year she let herself be talked into having hair the exact color of beer urine.

And there’s nothing “country” about her look. Obviously the writer is stuck in the hee-haw 70’s and hasn’t looked a country act in the last 20 years. times change.

beth on

I hope she has gone country! How could you be married to one of the hottest most talented country artists and not turn a little? I love his new song ‘Once in a Lifetime Love’ and I’d like to relate it to my life, but I always think of Keith and Nicole when the song comes on the radio.

fiona on

Gorgeous!And younger!She has class this one, she can get away with anything….

Helen Zahuranec on

Love it! She looks happier than ever.

Kristina on

I think that Nicole looks great in the second picture. She is trying out a new look. Isn’t that what Hollywood is all about?!?!

Billie on

I think Nicole is looking better….her eyes are not red as usual and I really do like the new hairdo. She is looking more younger and the look is a softer look. It seems like she has had some botox or plastic surgery also, but thats her business.

Go Nicole!!!

tara on

too much botox and surgery???? someone must be a little jealous. She looks more attractive than most 20 year olds I know. She’s so beautiful.

wilma on

I love her new look. It’s a good contrast with her fair skin. I don’t know why it’s called country though. Any ways it is fabulous. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@#############$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%^^^^^^^^^^^&^&^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&*****************((((((((((((((((()))))))))))______________++++++++++++++++++++~~~~~~~~~~““

aileen on

MY FAVORITE RISKTAKER! like it that she’s different every time I see her pics

Karen M Byus on

Country is good! Nicole is beautiful. It does not matter how she wears her hair. But, being a little country myself, she looks best that way.

Vicki on

Are you kidding? She looks amazing – younger even. Bangs add youth – I think the hair is more Jessica Simpson than country!

roslyn on

Sho looks great!! Love the new more natural color…[As a personal stylist in the BIZ, I have an inclination that She probably had too much botox and cut bangs to hide her bulging forehead-] YES she is beautiful, and YES I love Nikki- BUT I do think she uses too much botox in her forehead and it makes it look huge at times.

gertie on


Tim on

Very beautiful. What more can be said?

suzana on

she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.she looks like the princess of the story

Kori on

I am a huge fan of Nicole Kidman. This woman wears her heart in her eyes. Its wonderful to see her happy heart shining in those eyes. I recall photos of her following her split with he-who-shall-not-be-named and it was heartbreaking. Let’s give her the respect she deserves because as a performer she has given us so much.

Kaitlyn on

Nicole Kidman is beautiful, and from the looks of it, she looks so happy. Her hair is NOT big by no means. Oh please, she has not gone country. Coming from the South, her hair doesn’t compare to most of the women I’ve seen with big hair. Her bangs look great. She looks so happy and stunningly beautiful, as usual. So what, she lives in Nashville, and that makes her ‘the country way’? Please. Her hair is not all curly like you state in the picture. Her curls are flowing and loose, I think her hair looks beautiful. This is for PEOPLE MAGAZINE that does OFF THE RACK: Just beacause she’s married and has settled down in Nashville with her husband Keith Urban, does not mean she’s country, but if she has gone a little bit country, SO WHAT. That’s none of your business. So what if she starts wearing boots or cowboy jeans. She can wear whatever her heart desires. Besides, I’d take Nicole in that than see her in some sleazy outfit that Hollywood seems to be accustomed to these days. Nicole is a classic and she looks happy. Her happiness is all that matters, and that doesn’t have to please you.

Keira on

She looks absolutely gorgeous and these frinjes just make her look even more glamorous. Nevermind the country thingy, duh! She looks amazing :D Go, Nic!
Although I agree, she would look even better with her hair a little more reddish ;)

Clayton C. Kelly on

Nicole is the single finest hominid to ever walk upright. It is inconcievable that she could look anything but stellar, regardless of hair style or what she is wearing.

Coolthing on

I Think It’s Really Sad About Keith Urban Going In To Rehab Again!! I Hope You Get Out Soon!!

Anna on

I think Nicole’s new hairstyle is better. Her sharply pointed chin and stiff arched brows can look severe and the curls and bangs soften her pretty face.

Mary on

You have the negatives flipped ~ a mistake often made by your publication! Anyway, she looks good. Let’s see if the rehab stint “changes” her even more.

Denise Beilowitz on

I always think Nicole looks stunning, but the new softer style is a winner in my book!

Pat on

She looks just fine. She looks happy.

Linda on

I think Nicole’s new hairstyle is cute!!!

Lorena Weismiller on

I think that she looks way more “normal” with this new look. The old one looked too botoxed. She looks like she may have some real facial expressions left in her. She looks awsome this way and I definatly think that she should keep it.

ginanyc on

Nicole looks stunning, classy and graceful as ever! You need to find a realllllllll country hairdo…Can you say Dolly Parton?

Nicole on

i think nicole looks alot better with the bangs and the curls except now she just needs a nose job. and she stole my man

Wanda G. on

I love your new look. She is a beautiful lady and deserves better than Keith. Move on girl and enjoy life.

beth on

Good luck to Keith Urban, he is talented and seems like he really wants to make his life great. Even with all of his accomplishments (CMA awards and nominations, marriage, and #1 hits) he still has problems, and I wish him and his family all of the best as he works throught them. I wonder what Tom Cruise thinks of Keith Urban, and the situation with their children/drugs? Again, good luck to him and his entire family, as I know a drug addiction effects everyone.

TAS on

I think it’s her best look yet! Very soft and feminine.

Melissa on

She looks great either way. She looks happy and thats what really matters.

deb on

she looks great,
softer hair, softer style/makeup
I also being from Texas, ….she is far from the “big hair” thing.
You look great Nicole

Jasmine on

Shes so beautiful that everything would look good on her. But if someone is so beautiful why hide her face? I think i prefer the old nicole

Wolfy on

Has Nicole gone country?

Well, I don’t see her in coveralls, with a strand of straw sticking out of her mouth and a wad of chewing tobacco in her cheek, so I’d say “no.”

I’d say that she has merely changed the way her hair is colored and styled.

What, just because a woman changes her hair style or color she has suddenly “gone country?”

Sheesh…the thinking of the media…anything for news…


I like Nicole’s new do—it’s a softer look for her.

todiefor on

WOW!! I can’t tell the last time I saw her look this great. I hope she leaves Keith and go on to bigger and better things.

lee on

A classic beauty and also a lady..Getting rid of Tom has boded well for her. Her new look is stunning.

ladonne on

Love the hair it makes her look younger she should keep it that way all ways love it.

kackie on

I think she looks wonderful with this new style. I love the bangs and slightly darker hair. Her makeup was done so well! Her lipstick is an enviable color for us gals with light skin tones (you guys might want to make fun of us, but it’s not so easy to tan!) I love her dark eyes as well, very fitting. No wonder she picked a simple dress and stuck to small jewelry- she was the only accesory she needed :D Oh, and the beautiful ring Keith got her was nice too :D

todiefor on

She looks fabulous. I love her new look. What amakeover!!!

Dustin on

She is perfection.

Anna on

She looks great all the time. She is the most beautiful actress in Hollywood.

bayou31 on

Nicole is ABSOLUTELY beautiful any way she wears it! She is a classic!

Randi on

I think she looks wonderful. The hair style suits her well. She looks soft and very much the classy lady that she is.

wickedwayz on

Nicole always looks gorgeous.

goneuf94 on

now she looks like every other generic blonde bimbo in Hollywood. Go back to your beautiful red hair, Nicole! It made you stand out in a sea of blonde clones

Michaekl Ridout-Allen on

Sorry folk, I preferred her in the original Photo. Nicole is tall, and the new look makes her face look fat and round, whereas the original photo accentuates her natural bone structure of a longer face more in keeping with her stature. The hairstyle in the latest photo has become the frame of her face and in my opinion detracts slightly from her image. That said, it is only one of several hairstyles Nicole could adopt, and they say a change is as good as a holiday – so good luck to her!

jessika on

ok, she looks beautiful no matter what!!!!!!!! so some people lay off!!!!!

momaang on

I think she looks beautiful (and also very talented). Not only outside, but inside as well. This class act LADY has been through ALOT and she’s still standing by her man! And there’s definately nothing wrong with that. HIS music has gotten me through some tough days & nights in the past few months. And I still listen to his music and will always continue. And I wish the very best for the both of them. He is honest, as she…and he wanted the real thing without anything ‘artifical/drug related’ in their relationship and I applaud him for that and for keeping his chin up and smiling and singing and she standing right there through it all and right beside him. I personally wish you both many happy healthy years together! You BOTH deserve IT!
Alot of the times, I wonder why SOMETIMES, EVERYTHING hinges (it seems) on what or how someone looks and not whats in their heart! What has become of our World inwhich we live?
You both entertain me & give me HOPE!
A true hearted Mississippi Girl/Woman & Mom

Nicole.Kidman.Lover on

okie, Nicole kidman is like my fave actress in the whole frickinn world, and she looks gorgeous no matter what she wears but i must agree with alot of you that she does look better with bangs but she is still b.e.a.utiful no matter what she wears!!!!!:)

Niki's Urban on

I think Nic looks great no matter what, but this is BY FAR my favorite hair style yet. This hairstyle flatters her face beautifully and makes her look so sweet. That’s the word to describe it….. she just looks so sweet and southern in this picture. The Southern look definitely works for Nicole!

Lindsay on

I don’t think living in Nashville has done anything to the way Nicole Kidman wears her hair or what she puts on. Nicole has said that she looks at fashion as an art form and can appreciate clothing as an art form. I think her hair looks different because she wanted to change it up. People do that, it has nothing to do with where you live. This is not the first time she has ever changed her hair and she has lived in a lot of different places. She had naturally big, sort of frizzy curls in Dead Calm, Days of Thunder and in Far and Away, then she changed it up, her hair changed a lot in the 10 years of her marriage to Tom Cruise, and no one said he had anything to do with that, so why would being married to Keith Urban and living in Nashville have anything to do with this hair change? It doesn’t, Nicole just changed her hair, thats it! And she looks georgous…always…even as Virginia Wolf!

Elizabeth on

Nicole KIdman still looks fierce!!!!!! The first one is….just normal nicole then the second one is like totally hott!!! you go gurly!

GiGi English on

I think a fabulous fashionista like Nicole Kidman is apt to try new things, She still looked stunning and sultry and the happy wife of a country singer, but I don’t believe she will go as far as to wear cow boy boots, leave that past trend to Hugh Jackman in the upcoming Epic movie Australia by Baz Lutherman himself. Way to go Nicole for pulling of very bold new looks that I wont be surprised to see on the red carpet again and again, once again fashion is about creating a mood or feeling not a IN or OUT. And way to go PEOPLE magazine for keeping us all fashionably ready for all the twists and turns.

Pete on

It.s called being in love and not being married to someone who [belongs] to a cult.

Kathryn on

She’s one of the most beautiful women, in my opinion the curls look more natural and emphasise her earthy look as a naturally stunning woman.

Nicole is beautiful =] on

She is absolutly beautiful and i agree with pete 100%! I’m so happy for her keith and sunday! such an adorable mix. Sunday is adorable! The eyebrows are the same color in bother pics and i think the right pic does look better bcuz her hair is yellower in the left. She needs to stick to more natural tones. The right suits her! Beautiful nicole!

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