What Do You Think Of Tori's Maternity Look?

10/13/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Pregnancy should definitely be about comfort — there’s no denying that. But you don’t have to toss your sartorial sense by the wayside — just look at Heidi Klum or Maggie Gyllenhaal. Tori Spelling clearly didn’t get the memo. The actress took a stroll through Hollywood on Wednesday with husband Dean McDermott wearing a weird paisley mini-jumper and pigtails. Is Tori getting in touch with her inner child as she prepares to have a baby of her own? Whatever the case, first-grade chic just doesn’t cut it as maternity wear. Tell us: what do you think of Tori Spelling’s look? — Serena Kappes

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Photo: Andrew Shawaf/Pacific Coast News

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Barbara on

Tori, what are you thinking? She looks like she just crawled out of the desert.

ilovepeoplemag on

I think this outfit is great . . . it seems that she wore it to cover up that botched augmentation and I sincerely appreciate it. Her right mammary was starting to gross me out. I thought the girl had no clue that she was all but verbalizing her cosmetic surgery by baring that malformed thing over and over.

Lisa on

I think Tori needs to be reminded that she is in her thirties, not a teenager. I don’t like her maternity style and feel she dresses far beneath her age.

Andrea on

I think that Tori looks awful! Especially in the picture above… Her face is cute but dear Lord what was she thinking with that shirt-dress thing? It makes her body severly diproportioned and she looks more like a hugely overweight person than pregnant…

Greta on

OMG she looks like a huge baby. That’s SO not cute. Seems like she’s screeming “Look at me! I’m pregnant!” Even if she isn’t due for months and months.

Carla on

I don’t like it at all…

olivia on

I actually like what tori spelling is wearing!!! It looks really cute!!

micheleeee. on

Oh no.

I cannot get madd at Tori because someone actually MADE this dress.

And what’s with the pigtails?!

Terra on

Um…. ewww. She’s already not that cute of a woman, then she wants to pull something like that out of her closet? What was she thinking?

olivia on

I actually think it looks cute!!

Niko on

She looks like she is already the full nine in that.

Paula on


j miller on

She has always dressed and acted like a 5 year old.

Brittany on

enough with the PIGTAILS…you’re not 10 years old!!

Becky on

I think she looks GREAT…Adorable and happy!

megan on

I am very curious to see what shoes shes wearing with this mess!

Heather on

I think this maternity outfit is cute to me. She was too happy to show off her little bump.. I like the outfit…

Annette on

She has always had NO TASTE,…..why would we expect anything different now that she’s pregnant?

monica on

She’s such an odd looking person. I like the pigtails, but they draw tremendous attention to her nose job and very oval face. Not her best look. And why is she even being photographed by the paparazzi. Wasn’t she famous like 15 years ago. What the hell is she even doing now?

Rebecca on

It’s all bad- the color, the design, the shape. I don’t think Tori could have picked a less flattering outfit. The pigtails aren’t terrible. The best thing about this outfit is- as someone else pointed out, we don’t have to see her scary cleavage!

Tori Fan on

YUCK! Maybe Donna Martin can help with her maternity wardrobe….PLEASE!!!!!!!

J. on

A little weird, but we’ve seen worse maternity style, and I won’t mention any names.

Lisa on

How many months pregnant is this girl? Don’t like the outfit, it makes her look bigger than she really is.

Annie on

It isn’t like Tori Spelling to look dumpy…in this outfit she looks like she is wearing a tablecloth! What happened?!

Ann on

Pregnancy seemed to be getting Tori so Lost when it comes to fashion.. Whatever she wearing it looks like a rug.
They say pregnancy makes a woman looks blooming..
Uhm.. I guess not for Tori.

Stefanie on


Amy on

Maybe someone close to her designed it, and she could not offend by refusing to wear it? I can think of no other reason.

Ruanah on

Umm…big NO on the outfit. It is hideous. I’m usually one for standing out and being different…but no…pig tails???

Carol Whitney on

She looks like an aging Heidi. The dress, or whatever it is, looks like a paisley bag, and who wears pigtails if they’re over 10 years old?

Stephanie on

That’s a dress? and what’s with her pigtails? Not a very good maternity look for her.

J on

If she keeps dressing like Cindy Brady, I wouldn’t blame her husband for leaving her too… she dresses so weird!!

JB on

She looks ridiculous. How are old are you?
In a few months she’ll have a new friend to play with.
Oh Boy! I can go to the park and play in the sandbox
and we can go on the swings and maybe go for some
icecream. Yeah!

Kristina on

I am very happy for Tori and her husband. I admire the beautiful wedding they had, the love they have for eachother and now a baby is on the way. considering the recent loss of her father, she looks fantastic.

Juls on

It looks awful. She is so weird in the first place!

Maribel on

What in this world is she wearing? Some one please help!!!!

And why the pig tails?

Someone should give her a Ticket, She could cause a traffic accident with that awful thing she has on…..

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RT on

I agree 100% with Greta. Wasn’t she only 14 weeks, putting her at what, 3 and a half months?? I don’t know about any of you women out there, but you are not showing THAT much at 3 and a half months!!

Dawn on

I agree, it does appear as though she is “living” a girlhood she never really had! As for her maternal image, her augmentation makes her look 34 weeks pregnant not 14 – but it is her plastic surgeon is responsible for that mess. However judging by the size of her belly, which at 14 weeks isn’t baby, she is going to enjoy every second of this pregnancy ~ God bless her! Every woman should love being pregnant and how she does it and wears it is her business. Find something more productive to blogg about.

Beth on

She looks just like she always does… HORRIBLE!!!!! Only on 90210 when some one was dressing her did she look decent (the clothes anyway) plus she never has been able to act. She just grosses me out-always has and always will!

Jamie on

the problem is not the outfit, it’s her face.

Jo on

Tori Spelling is extremely unattractive to begin with….This outfit just seals the deal. Ick.

givemeafreakinbreak! on

if only she would put a paper bag over her head…

Stacy on

She looks awful, way too much going on! Tori ispetite this outfit makes her look so blown up (already, bad choice!




Ashley on

I don’t like this outfit. I think that it makes her look like a big oompa loompa LOL It does not flatter her at all!

Catysmom on

OMG, How pregnant is she? Is this a Scarlett O’Hara moment? Did she run out of clothes and take the drapes from the windows?

Brandy on

NOT a good choice… It makes her look wider thru her tummy, hips, and thighs than what she may be.

Stephanie on

Hair, very cute, outfit, very scary…..

Hannah on

Tori looks like she is about 12 years old in this picture. The outfit is so big and unflattering. She is only like 15 weeks pregnant (so am I), and I know from experience that she isn’t that big, so there is really no need to break out the maternity clothes just yet.

juu on

ewww its really ugly

AJ on

She needs to borrow Gwen Stefani’s maternity clothes to look fasionable! Now that was a beautiful pregnant woman!

Hannie on

I don’t like it at all. She needs to find a more mature style- and one with longer pants- you can see her cellulite on her legs. Bleh.

Suzie on

I don’t think Tori woke up and thought “HMMMMM I wonder if people would think this outfit is ugly”. Give her a break she is happy that she is going to be a mother and she feels good in what she wears and that is all that matters! It’s okay to be different guys, try it sometime you might like it! Congrats Tori!

misha on

I think she looks very happy and comfortable. I am pregnant and I understand the look. Wish I knew where she got the outfit and as for the pick tales it’s easy and do-able.

Kristen on

Uh….so gross. I don’t know what else to say but gross.

Heather on

She’s just trying to get money out of her mom by saying, Look at what I have to wear because I’m poor!

Tori, I think the check is in the mail.

Molly on

While I like the print of the “summer dress jumper”, it is very unflattering on her. She does need to take some tips from people like Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum and other beautiful pregnant women.

Carol on

I think Tory should sit down with Heidi and take some notes, so next time she goes out she looks presentable.

Jessica on


charlie on

She looks like another Britney!!!

Joy on

Pregnancy does not mean wear a tent! I know that there are people out there who get so excited that they’re pregnant and bust out maternity clothes as soon as the stick turns blue – hopefully this is the case here.

Tori, I know you have a lot less money now and all, but check out Babystyle.com for really cute, cheap, stylish clothes.

Kelly on

Tori looks like exactly what she is – a homewrecker and a disgusting person. The clothes don’t really matter.

Kim on

I don’t think this is her best look. If she’s already dressing ike a slob, what’s she going to wear when she’s eight or nine months along? She should be careful or Dean will leave her for his next co-star like he did to his first wife!

Kim on

Leave her alone! To the people commenting horribly and bashing Tori, I wish we could look into your closets.

Ren on

I think she’s butt ugly no matter what she wears. Maybe a bag over her head would do the trick.

Carol on

What’s really wrong with this picture is that she’s having a baby with a man who left his wife and young children for her, to say nothing of the brand new husband that she dumped to marry this clown. Nasty all around.

Joyce on

Pregnancy is the sexiest stage of a woman! Tori exudes all that! Let’s give her a break…she was just out there having fun in the sun strolling with her hubby. I think she looks fantastic! You don’t expect her to wear something for the red carpet? She was out shopping for crying out loud! When you go strolling/shopping, don’t we all go for comfort?

Anna on

She looks ridiculous from head to toe. EEK!

Robin on

The outfit has to go…It is awlful.. I know she can get something that looks better than that….

Lisa on

OMG !! Tori, i guess Daddy really didn’t leave you any money..LOL What are you thinking, it scares me to think what you may dress that baby like. AWFUL, UGLY !! Please get a clue !!!

Vi on

MEOW!!!! WOW, the negativity toward Tori’s fashion(and face), is astounding. Do I sense a little, dare I say it, jealousy. She’s pregnant,happy, and comfortable. So what if it’s not something most of us would wear. Who cares! Leave her alone to have the best experience of her life without nasty, hurtful comments that would hurt the feelings of any one of you who are writting them about her. How would you feel if you were pregnant and people were saying those things about you? You say she ‘looks’ childish, well, I think you are all writing childishly. Take a look at yourself on most days, and I’m sure, you could garnish a few negative comments. You can disagree with her fashion choices without being nasty and hurtful. There is enough negativity in this world adding to it.
I wish Tori and Dean well with their pregnancy, and their life together. Although, it is sad that two marriages had to end to bring them together, I pray that their’s will be a long, loving and happy union.

karen on

Merciful Heavens! It looks like the sort of clothes one would wear for spring cleaning around the house.

tina on

I think she look very cute! She looks so happy and im happy for her. I like the fact that she is not wearing skin tight clothes while pregant like some of the other woman in hollywood.

Alicia on

I think she is getting carried away with this pregnancy thing.

Kerri on

Hmm – it’s not so bad, the style (only if there are no long or short sleeve tops underneath. BUT it’s just not a flattering look on Tori – maybe on someone else, but not on her.

My two cents.

lee on

it might not look so bad if she was wearing a pair of pants with it

amee on

boooooo. no one rocks maternity ‘fits like gwen stefani.

Katie on

She needs to dress her age, she’ not 10.

Chelsea on

Dear God! Has she totally lost it? The poor thing took her cute everyday looks and threw them away. Far, Far Away. :(

Marlena on

well I have seen the other pic of her in that outfit and she is wearing boots that match …she looks so darn cute

Peach on

I actually like the minidress, although it would probably have looked better over leggings IMHO. But the hair– it looks like she wants to be 12 again! Ugh!

Leilani on

not flattering at all. paisley can only be pulled off on rare occasions. i’m sure she can find cuter maternity outfits than this one. she has the money…at least she looks happy.

abbey on

I am as far along in my pregnancy as Tori is, and I can still wear normal clothes!! Don’t tell me that a fit celebrity with a personal trainer needs to be wearing huge maternity frocks so soon…there’s tons of time to look like a tent & I’m trying to hold of as long as possible.

Sarah B. on

What is the point of saying that you don’t like the way Tori or any other celebrity looks?? Do you honestly think they are going to give a second thought on “harsh” words used against them, when, honestly they may think they look amazing. Maybe the people who use those “harsh” words are just really jealous!! Get over it! Tori and others are not going to listen to you!!!!

Bobbie on


Rhonda on

Tori is a beautiful blossoming pregnant woman, she can wear whatever she chooses to. She is in a very comfortable outfit & she looks great too! At least she is not showing everything that is private & should not be shown.

diana on

i think people should just leave the woman alone. this is her time to enjoy carrying her child. she should dress the way she feels and not give a crap about what anyone else thinks…by the way, i love her outfit.

Ava M. on


donna on

I’ve seen worse.

Lisa on

Does she even need maternity clothes yet? And hidious ones at that?

Kris on

Aren’t her 15 minutes up…yet?!?!

lisa on

ewwwww Poor Tori…doesn’t she know this is 2006? She looks like a 70’s drop out. Perhaps she really is having financial problems. Looks like something one would purchase in a thrift store…and not a good one!

Tori-Anne on

Oh boy! What was she thinking? I know she’s a first time mom & she might be a little “unsure” of what to wear but here this outfit makes her look so big! Trust me I know, it’s not easy. Just six months ago I gave birth but,I never wore something like this. Tori- go out & buy yourself some nice clothes.

night on

She always looks hideous. But at least she has more taste than Britney. But then doesn’t everyone?

olha on

i can let her borrow some of mine..,poor child.

L on

Pregnant women should wear whatever they want, whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy. I can’t imagine prioritizing style during pregnancy; some stars pull it off- and maybe that makes them happy. Tori looks like nothing could burst her bubble, as all pregnant women should look.

Lisa on

whoa…looks like she’s rushing into the maternity wear waaaay too early, can’t imagine how she’s gonna look when she’s a little further along!

Katrina on

OH MY!!!! Isn’t she only about 14 weeks along? I wore “normal” clothes until I was over 5 months pregnant! I know she didn’t get much from her dad’s estate, but come on — she must have some money! Plus her husband has to be loaded! I’ve never seen anything that was such a terrible style and ugly materity! EECCKK!! Someone call the fashion police.

Katrina on

OH MY!!!! Isn’t she only about 14 weeks along? I wore “normal” clothes until I was over 5 months pregnant! I know she didn’t get much from her dad’s estate, but come on — she must have some money! Plus her husband has to be loaded! I’ve never seen anything that was such a terrible style and ugly materity! EECCKK!! Someone call the fashion police.

Jordan on

Give her a break…she has more to worry about then fasion right now….

Beth on

I think it is AWFUL but she doesn’t always make the best fashion choices anyway, just another example!

Mary on

This is fashion?? Come on girl, act your age. You’re not a teenager. You look like a goof

Ang on

i luv tori & i’m thrilled for her & dean(btw mary jo “useless” mistreated dean which is y he wanted to leave & he still sees his son so get ur facts straight before abusing thanks).tori is normally pretty good with her dress sense & i didn’t give this outfit a second thought coz i’m so unfashionable lol. i didn’t realise it was a problem til i saw people.com’s comments.i luv her boots & there is a pic of her on this same occasion not grinning so she’s not glowing all the time lol.i agree she’s only out WALKING FFS u know? she can wear whateva the hell she wants.i’ve seen recent pics of her at night, baby bump n all and she’s glammed up, glowing & looks absolutely gorgeous. the ppl who abuse her no matter what she does r the same ones who think because she stands outside a bargain store it means she’s been shopping there.her inheritance cut has been slammed by candy’s publicist, mary jo eustace is a pathetic liar as well-if nothing else, those ppl have taken tori’s dignity over the years & now her new show means she’s makin’ money off their comments.HA HA!

Barb on

What woman can honestly say that they haven’t worn something that may not have been very “pretty” when they were pregnant?! Let’s stop putting stars on some unattainable pedestal! Go with what’s comfortable Tori!!!

Jodi on

Oh gosh – who cares? Who is she again?????

CR on

Her outfit screams “Look at me I belong in a double wide trailer with a beer can in my hand” Tori is such an ugly girl and its really funny to watch how Dean looks so proud to have this circus monkey on his arm. I still think his first wife was much better looking.

Dare1976 on

“We represent the Lolly Pop Guild, the Lolly Pop Guild, the Lolly Pop Guild……” she dresses in the dark.

Pat on

I don’t particularly care for the outfit, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the maternity clothes we’ve seen on other stars lately where the tops don’t meet the bottom, or are skin tight, or even revealing too much skin.

stacy okc on

All that money and thats what she chose to wear out in public!!!!!!!!! It’s Britney all over again……

Samantha on

She looks overweight – not just pregnant – and what is with the hair??? She looks AWFUL.

Leah on

OH my god, what was she thinking.?Key work here, “thinking” & she obviously she wasnt.

hope on

if i wore somthing like that when i was pregnate my children wouldn’t have ever talked to me.

sofia on

jajaja hi! i´m from argentina, and i remember this girl from beverly hills 90210… she used to be fashionable, and now…that clothes is quite gross! i don´t like it at all….

Amber on

It’s not so much the outfit, cause it looks okay to me, it’s how she has her hair that is totally distracting to me; pigtails? why? if she would have put her hair down it would look atlot better, but most of you don’t really notice her outfit first cause your looking at her hair asking this question, why does she have pigtails? is she 6? etc.

lisa divirgilio on

Looks like my bed spread with matching curtains and bed skirt yuk…with her cash she should throw that outfit away,,,otherwise she is a pretty girl with a ugly husband,,think he’s gross…and he’s from Ontario,,about 2 hours from my house,,,to bad ON can do better then McDermot he’s not attractive all..loose the curtains there Tori,,,Hair is cute not many can wear it well, but she pulls it off.

horror de los horrores on

oh my god she is crazy completely not even for clean my floors i should put that garbage bag on me.

Abby on

um.. dunno… It very… original? No its not its just horrible

Louise on

Come on Tori what happened to that gal with a great sense of style. That outfit looks like she found some old curtains and said yes I want an outfit out of that. Ah what is with that hair she’s not in high school anymore.

Patricia Collica on

OK, this girl has cash, correct?!?! I guess, I’m with Megan, spare us the shoes in this instance! Oh well, who are we to judge as long as she’s happy and healthy!

Jen on

This is just not a good look, she’s not that pregnant, she can still wear something a little more fitted and flattering. The pigtails are okay, but she would probably look better wearing her differently.

Raylene on

i love her but she looks immature with those pig tails, shes pregnant time to grow up!

Cocoa on

Not really. She looks like a school girl. The look she going for just isn’t for her. I think she should try something more mature.

Jodi Thompson on

One word…hideous!

Mindy Rice on

Gross. It looks like those awful gym uniforms we had to wear when we were kids. With all of her money I’m really surprised she’d wear something so ugly.

marlena on

who cares….. if she likes it what’s wrong with it???

she can wear whatever the hell she wants…geeze…

mari on

Tori looks like a paisley oompa loompa. I can’t understand why women insist on wearing their like a 5 year old. We used to call that hair style Buffys. But then I guess if she can take another woman’s husband and break up a family she can do anything. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

Amy on

TORI!!! you look disgusting. If I saw you on the street, I would say, “here please take the money. Buy your self a clue.”

christine on

no no no that is wrong

Britt on

LOSE THE PIGTAILS TORI…NO MORE PIGTAILS your halfway through your 30’s for heavensake you look like an idiot. Although everytime I see her and Dean cuddling I cant help but feel bad for his other two babys and wife that he LEFT for her!

Ms. Garcia on

she looks a mess all that money she has thats a shame !!!!!!!!!!!

Unfruckingbelievable on

She was always the ugly one on 90210. She has only gotten uglier over the years. Now she is ugly and pregnant. If I looked like that, I would not add to my ugliness by wearing a dress that looks like it was made from the material of a sofa from the 70’s. Jeez lady! Get a clue!

Sherry on

Come on. Tori never had class, and now she really proved it. Pig tails???? Honey, stop it.

Laura on

I seriously thought it was from a skit on SNL! I cannot beleive she stepped out her front door looking like that. Does she own a mirror?????????

Imogene on

Looks like something out of the 60’s Granny style. Not good, What lousy taste

Anna on

Uh ya what’s with the dress, even my fashion challenged mother could dress better then this. I’m not liking the the pippi longstocking hair either. She looks like a knocked up teenager.

sarah on


ashley on

i think tori is pretty …she is pregnant give her a break!!!

Carly on

YIKES! I guess she’s just being really conservative with her meager inheritance so she made her own maternity outfit from the living room drapes!

Sue Ann on

I don’t like the out fit, but as long as you are comfortable who care’s, that’s all that counts. Not the style.

Semantha on

WOW!!! I think Tori has lost her way with Fashion. That pattern looks like it belongs on a blanket. No one should ever have to buy something that awful…

Jeannine on

Please don’t tell me paisley is back in style. I’m having enough trouble with the skinny jeans. Thank God you can’t wear those when you are pregnant.

Melissa on

I don’t like her maternity wear. With as much money as she has, you would think she would have someone to tell her that she looks silly in that outfit.

CountryMamaluvsher2kids on

*gags* eww its not very pretty outfit!

Bonnie on

Hideously unflattering. Burn it. The pigtails only dumb it down, further. A chic upsweep do, and no long sleeved T underneath, and she may have been able to pull off that monstrosity.

Amber on

Typical of spoiled children…”Look at me!! I am so pregnant and so cute in my ridiculous outfit!!”…Even though she’s just weeks along. She’ll play this attention game right up until she brings a spoiled generation 2 into this world. Keep up the pigtails Tory…they are right up your alley!!

Lauren on

She needs to remember that once you’re past 5 years old, NO MORE PIG TAILS! Not to mention the dress is cheap & tacky looking! Blah!

Stephanie on

She’s wearing this because after years of not eating now is the time she can wear big clothes, lay the couch and eat potato chips…Eat up Girl!

Stephanie on

She’s wearing this because after years of not eating now is the time she can wear big clothes, lay the couch and eat potato chips…Eat up Girl!

Pat on

If she looks that big already when she is in her 9th month she will be huge. None of that is baby at this point. She looks very wide in this photo. Hopefully it is just the picture and the unattractive outfit.

night on

There is only one word for this. Awful.

Marianne on

How old is she? 12!

Lisa on

She looks like freaking Ellie Mae – I guess she is a Beverly Hillbilly!!!!

Skie on

Oh my god…She looks absolutely horrid. Not that she had much style to begin with, but come on!!! She looks like she cut the bottom off of a moomoo and stuffed a pillow under it to make herself look months ahead of schedule. Attention seeker? I think so.

Desiree on

Just goes to show ya, money can’t buy style.

CD on

Tori, for a person who was anorexia looking for many years—being pregnant has made you a really looking person. So I say that pregnancy agrees with you, but your fashion is not appealing at all. It’s true, nothing in life is perfect!

jane doe on

no offence to tori or anything but she looks like a big innflatable ballon in this dress! i wouldnt be caught dead in maternity clothes like that!

Hannah on

Gosh no- it is horrible!!! She needs some better style!!!!!!!!!

Peace on

Tori, looks fine. This girl just simply want to have normal life, heal from her father death and have happy family. Leave her along.

allison on

She looks like she is wearing her grandmother’s tablecloth

Amy on

Poor Tori, that outfit looks hideous. Yikes!

Amy on

This outfit looks hideous. Someone please help her.

Lola on

That dress makes her look huge. This girl can’t seem to do anything low key. That face and hair is bloody awful by the way.

Kaitlyn on

The pigtailes are not flattering and sorta unnecessary for her. As for the paisley dress, it looks okay. Really though, how is being pregnant a fashion contest? Whatever makes her feel comfortable, because she has to be when she’s pregnant, believe me. I guess its a no-no to wear comfy loungewear pants too? Please.

shm on

Okay the pigtails and paisley CLASH. . .I believe once you get pregnant, you should dress like a classy mum who’s expecting, not a child in playthings.

sprout on

Oh, that is one hot mess… I hope she’s at least comfy.

Sidenote: can she nurse with the falsies?

ABC123 on

OMG…What is this??? Well, I hope she’s comfy as wel, but she looks like a good hot mess (and to answer the falsies question: you can’t nurse with them).

heather on

i think she looks cute….like a fat barbie doll

Yashee on

She already doesn’t really have looks going for her….she should fire her current stylist (if there’s one) and hire a new one.

jane on

All the plastic/cosmetic surgery in the world is not going to make Tori Spelling look any better. Why would some goofy outfit?

jen on

I can’t believe Tori has this many people commenting on what shes is wearing… who cares??????

night on

YES….she looks EXACTLY like one of the Wayans brothers in drag as a “White Chick”
Poor woman…it kind of sad

Jones on

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress like that. And for God sake, cover those enourmous legs!! And what is with the hair?
She better get back to fighting weight pretty soon after giving birth, cuz there’s a good chance that her husband is going to stray and find someone better (not too hard) Mary Jo Eustache had grace and beauty, what in the hell does Tori have beside her last name??

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