Do You Like Rosario and Neve's New Hairdos?

10/13/2006 at 01:14 PM ET

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Is it us, or does it seem like every other Hollywood star (Jessica, Ashlee, Nicole and Lindsay) text messaged each other, and decided to debut their new dos within the span of a week? You can add Neve Campbell and Rosario Dawson to that list. Neve, who’s known for her long brunette tresses, was spotted in Dublin two days ago with — whoa, a dramatic crew cut! Meanwhile, Rosario emerged at the Spike TV’s Scream Awards over the weekend with Bettie Page-style bangs. Tell us: What do you think of Neve and Rosario’s new cuts? Then vote here on whether their new styles are a hair do or a hair don’t!

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Photo: Kirkland/AFF; Phillip Massey/FilmMagic; (insets) Chris Polk/FilmMagic; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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Cynthia on

Well I like Rosario Dawson cut it looks good on her and Neve Campbell, I think it has to grow on me, but they are human and if people want to chop their hair off for no reason, who cares what anyone thinks!! I don’t if she is trying out for a new role but well see as time pass.

Kim on

I definitely think that women should have hair that “flows.” Women should be feminine and it just looks so much better when a woman long hair. I don’t like short hair on women and don’t think it’s very natural. It doesn’t look very nice, either. In my opinion.

Norah on

NO to Rosario’s hair and NO to Neve’s hair.

Rosarios’s hair – Looks like a 3 year old cut her bangs

Neve’s hair – Very masculine, not feminine at all

Short hair on women does look good DEPENDING HOW THE CUT AND STYLE IS, Neve’s is like a brush cut, ugh. She and Rosario should and can have better hair than this for being hollywood stars/celebs

Sarah B. on

I completly agree with Cynthia. Who cares what other people think. They are going to do what they want to do with their own hair and bodies! Besides, even if I said that I did or didn’t like their hair, are they going to give a second thought on what I have to say about it? I don’t think so!!

EChizzle on

Not Cute

marion on


Stephanie on

Both haircuts aren’t the best. But it looks like they want to try something new for a change and there’s nothing wrong with that. Rosario’s bangs could be a little longer though…

Tiffany on

You can only see Rosario’s lazy eye more now and as for Neve, wasn’t it just a matter of time before she came out of the closet? Plus, People magazine, check your grammar at the beginning of this…”Is it us, or does it seems like every other Hollywood star (Jessica, Ashlee, Nicole and Lindsay) text messaged each other — and decided to debut their new dos within the span of a week.”

It should be “SEEM”

Lisa on

Maybe once Rosario’s bangs grow out a bit it won’t look so bad, but Neve just looks TERRIBLE!!

Haley on

They both look terrible! Hopefully, Neve’s is just for a new movie role or something! They looked better with their longer hair.

Mavreena on

I like Rosario’s, it is very cute! But as for Neve’s….well lets just say I would recommend she doesn’t do it again, EVER

Jesse on

I think that both girls look better with shorter hair (although Neve’s will look better once it grows out a little). When women have too much hair, it hides their faces & is too much maintenance. I am a long-time advocate of short hair.

Shari on

NO to both! I hope Neve did that for a film she’s shooting…as for Rosario, I can see wanting to try something different, but how about changing your hair color or something like that???

sky on

My guess is that Neve’s is for an acting role.

milagros on

not the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i can’t look at them
neve looks too masculine and rosario looks too “rolinga”
but is their hair, their decition, no matter what we think

milagros on

not the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now i can’t look at them
neve looks too masculine and rosario looks too “rolinga”
but is their hair, their decition, no matter what we think

carrie on

I like Neve’s cut. I have short hair myself and it is about time some stars started to also. I am sooooo sick of the long flowing hair. Mine was done to the middle of my back and was a pain to take care of cause it is soooo thick. Anyway I LOVE my short hair and think everyone should try it. Those who are comfortable with ourselves can go short. JUST CAUSE YOU GO SHORT DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE GAY!!!!

RAY on


lacey on

I hate neve’s hairdo…I think it makes her look like an old biker dyke!!

britt on

EW…they both look AWFUL,not flattering at all!!

Karen on

Neve looks butch!!! We’ll she’s not smashing and the cut made her look even uglier… Rosario’s hair looks like a wig!

Julie Konchar on

To everyone who complains about the comments made here, please, go find your happy place and quit torturing your selves by reading these messages. They will only anger and offend you as we offer up our own opinions to each other. (Yes, we know that JLo and the others DON’T ACTUALLY read our comments.)
I for one am glad to read the comments of others. Why just today I have learned that Rosario has a lazy eye and Tori’s (obvious) boob job apparently didn’t take on the right side. I mean, they just don’t print this stuff anywhere else. Fabulous!!
And yes, the haircuts are definately ill-advised.

Jordan on

These women need to set better examples for people, like myself, that have no idea what to do with their hair.

micheleeee. on

me gusta!

i think Rosario’s cut is different and spunky

while Neve’s shows her face much more.

EmO giRl on


Melissa on

HECK NO! Im not liking G.I. Jane over there to the right and Rosario’s bangs, WHOA, gotta go!! They both are FABULOUS actress’s though so I give them both props for trying something new.

Jenni on

I personally think the haircuts look hideous. Long hair is DEFINITELY good on them.

acat on

Women should have hair that “flows”???!!! What!? What century are you people from? Women SHOULD have whatever they want to on top of their heads – including these two incredibly beautiful women. They look fantastic, really.

Heather on

Both are pretty bad ….

Allison Renee on

U-G-L-Y!! this definitely aint got a aliby!! rosario dawson’s is OK!! but neve campbell looks terrible!! what was she thinking??

Andrea on

I like Rosario’s. It’s way cute. It’s like a flapper girl cut. I’m all about bringing that era back. However, Neve’s hair… wow… not loving it. Maybe once it grows longer and she puts a cute little hair pin and has some makeup on then it’ll look okay.

Andrea on

I like Rosario’s. It’s way cute. It’s like a flapper girl cut. I’m all about bringing that era back. However, Neve’s hair… wow… not loving it. Maybe once it grows longer and she puts a cute little hair pin and has some makeup on then it’ll look okay.

melanie on


Ainsley on

Neve looks awful!

Katie on

rosarios hair is very cute…very trendy, the short bangs are going to be huge. neve’s is…well…daring, but not very feminine or hip.

Fernanda on

HELL NO TO THE BOTH OF THEM!!! what were they thinking????

Fernanda on

What were they thinking???????????????????? thats all i have to say. thanks

Kip on

What were they thinking?! Rosario looks like a muppet. Neve! Only Natalie Portman can pull that off. Extensions = Career. :)

Erin on

I’m not feeling Rosarios’s cut. I definitely agree with whoever said it looked like a 3-year-old cut her bangs. Also, with Neve, I think if she had stronger bone structure, she’d be able to pull off a pixie cut (not a buzz cut, like it is now).

hart braka on

sorry it is not that cute

Leah on

Nev lost that cute innocent look about her & well, those bangs have got to go. They are both beautiful woman. They need to extenuate what they allready have & cutting the hair didn’t do it.

Anna on

Um, Neve Campbell has publicly stated that she has a problem with hairloss, so why is People showcasing her on a StyleWatch clip like this? Poor taste. Her hair is fine. She’s an actress, not a hairmodel. Cut her a break. Don’t feature her on something like this when she has a problem with her hair. Might want to check into it before junior staffers post something like this.

Anna Jordan on

Definate Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber on

Eww I don’t like either of their hairs, and the fact I never heard of these two women before, I could careless what they do to themselves.

Rebecca on

Dont’s- both of them. Maybe Rosario’s cut isn’t bad, but I’ve never liked the Bettie Page-style bangs. I often like short styles, but Neve’s doesn’t do anything for her. They are both beautiful ladies, so they could pull off almost anything. I do admire them for doing something different with their hair- these cuts are just not flattering for them.

Kat on

oh whatever. they both looked like a three year old manning a lawn mower cut their hair. why god why?

Mish on

Bad, just bad. I agree, it looks like Rosario’s was cut by a 3-year old and Neve, well . . . I hope it’s for a movie role!

eman on

you know what they can do any thing they wantto their hair, they have the money and the means to change so fast with hair extentions and coloring and nice hats i would love to have short hair one day then extentions another day but i can’t afford to change my hair all the time!!!!.. yes don’t get me wrong they are bad bad bad haircuts

Brandy Frasco on

Rosario’s look is yesterday’s cut, while Neve’s look is news worthy. Are we about to uncover a new romantic era in her life? Maybe a medical drama? Could it just be a new movie? Keep a close eye on her.

Deanna on

i don’t like both of the haircuts

KAT on


Hyacintha on

Neve looks like Josh Hartnett!!!!!! Really!!!! When I first saw her photo, I though, “wow, it’s Josh in “People””, but I was wrong! It’s Neve! I think she looks like Josh’s twin. So it means, this haircut is a real NO. Rosario looks a bit stupid.

Andrea on

Newsflash : Rockabilly is big right now. Short bangs are creative. The whole no bangs look is boring and extremely non-creative, so I give props to Rosario.

p.s. Sorry for duplicate messages. My computer is going haywire.

audrey on

rockabilly is not big right now. I am a rockabilly girl and all you “trendy girls” who try to dress like it are stupid.

I have Bettie Page bangs and they dont look good on Rosario. She cant pull them off. As for Neve, she looks like a man.

Jen on

Rosario’s short bangs are not a good look, she looked much better before. And Neve makes a very pretty boy, I’m hoping it’s for a movie.

Carmen on

I think they’ve both looked MUCH better. Neve’s hair looks especially NASTY to me… she needs to wear a longer style and not go so butch-y. Rosario’s isn’t quite as bad, but still really bad.

And to all of you who post and say you don’t care what other people think, hello, this is a blog and differing opinions are going to appear! If you want everyone to agree with you, go somewhere else!

Cocoa on

No, I really don’t like either. Rosario’s bangs are TOO short and I think Neve looked better with a shor bob like in Scream.

JoBeth on

What do you mean that short hair doesn’t look good??? I love my short hair, it is naturally curly and definitly feminine. As far as long hair goes, old women in their 50s+ look horrible in long hair, it accentuizes their wrinkles and crows feet. But then, to each his own. I won’t say anything about how your hair looks and you don’t say anything about mine, and we will live happily everafter!

frances on

i think that both of them look right its different and if people want to go for changes i think that they should so hey let them be them its there life not ours

lia on

i liked Neve’s hair when she was in Scream 3

Jennifer Bennett on

what was neve thinking? Can you say, “yo, butch, yo??? Rosario… she looks fine now… but what does she go through when her hair ISN’T professionally done. Good Grief Someone knock some sense into these two girls!!!

Melissa on

I don’t like either hair cut, personally. I think Rosario’s takes away from her beautiful face, and Neve’s makes her look 20 years older.

Lebene on

Neve Campbell is the spitting image of her “brother” on party of 5 Scott Wolf aka Bailey!!! am i the ONLY one who sees this?! as for Rosario Dawson she has a goth kids hair cut. those bangs are very funny looking on her.

dawn blagborne on

in one word NO!!!!!!

leslie Talented on

well I think that those are looks to lose! I mean what the #@$*!! were they thinking???? why don’t we go and get a bowl bang cut and a army cut!!!!?????
Les Talented
Fashion Scout
passion for Fashion inc.

Marley Jones on

Neve’s hair looks like a man’s and Rosario’s looks like my ancestor’s hair when they were five. BAD LOOK!!

lulu on

Rosario’s is just no good with those inch-long bangs!!! she has too big of facial features for this ‘do and neve looks like josh harnett with hair anyway, why make her look more like him? but it’s still cute.

Lauren on

Neve should’ve gotten a less wacky cut — something closer to Nat Portman’s grow-out buzz cut. But Rosario isn’t out of the woods. Her bangs are far too small. I can’t figure out where her hairline is. It just looks odd and alien and ruins an almost perfect look.

kali on

I hate both hair cuts. Rosario looks like my 4 year old daughter cut her hair. Nev has the most beautiful hair…she is such a pretty woman..what was she thinking? maybe she’s going out for a new role?

And whoever said that short hair doesn’t look good on females is an idiot!!..I have very short hair (you can check out my myspace page) and i look better with short hair than long hair! and I AM FEMININE thank you very much!!…So your a female you can’t have short hair? please…this is 2006..get with the time!!!

Andrea on

hm… interesting. rockabilly is big where i’m at. i have the short bangs myself and have had countless compliments. personally, i don’t see a lot of “trendy” girls out here. i live in downtown so i see a lot of scenesters, emo kids, greasers, etc. *sigh* downtown owns, and so do short bangs.

Marlena on

Never mind the hair. What’s going on with Neve’s nose. It is dissappearing her.

Dianne on

I think both these haircuts are awful. Rosario Dawson’s bangs are terrible and Neve Campbell looks like a teenage boy from the 80’s

Vonnie on

Personally, Rosario’s haircut doesn’t bother me much. However, cutting her bangs in that style makes her oval face look square. I know Neve has a hairloss problem. She could have gotten this haircut to minimize the amount of hair being loss, or she could be doing it for a movie role; who knows? It’s not attractive, true, but it’s her hair. It makes her look masculine defining her strong jawline.

Chantelle on

Neve looks live a boy! ewww

Jen Stone on

That haircut is not becoming on Neve at all!! She looks like she is sick and undergoing some sort of treatment.

Amy on

Rosario: I’m just going trim my ba…WOOPS!
Neve: She’s obviously switched teams, and there’s no shame in that. But Rosie was the first to make the announcement via butch haircut.

Andrea on

I think Neve’s hair makes her look worse b/c she’s soooo pale and she has no makeup on, so it makes her look sickly. Also, with Rosario.. I guess I can see a bit of squareness to her face. I think the bangs need to be a tad bit longer and maybe slightly thicker? I still like em though. I give her props for trying something different and I like the fact that not very many celebs have that style. They’re like her little trademark now.

beth on

Rosario’s hair is cute, but the bangs are horrible. It does not flatter the shape of her face at all. I bet she felt like I did in 2nd grade, when my mom’s friend gave me an ugly haircut, and had to go to school anyway. This must’ve been an important event, and she must’ve had her haircut that day with no time to fix it.. And I hope that Neve Campbell cut her hair like that for a movie role It looks like she was going for a butch/Elvis look – it is one of the ugliest cuts I’ve ever seen.

Ella on

Maybe if most of us who do not like Neva’s hair get lucky, it could be a wig. Otherwise, we can hope that her hair grows very fast. As for Rosario, that was my hair style, when I was 7.

Terra on

Ummmm….. NO.

Imogene on

Rosario’s bangs are too short and too straight, doesn’t fit with the rest of the cut. Neve’s hair is to boyish makes her look older .

Nikki on

I think Rosario’s hair looks awful, the bangs are too short and it just doesn’t suit her face. As for Neve she looks much better with longer hair.

Dana on

Neve….what were you thinking??? Your hair was beatiful and now it looks Spikey and Dikey! Bad move!

leah on

omg!! i dont like it at all!!! short hair is NOT the look!!! jessica simpson needs to get over the word SHORT!!

scarlett on

I like both cuts. Neve Campbell has a pretty face so she looks good in any kind of short hair cut. And it looks trendy, besides; not a short “granny perm and cut” by any means. She stands out.

Nikki on

OK, People is ASKING what we think of Rosario & Neve’s haircut, not a critique of our critiques! GET OVER YOURSELVES!! That being said, I think both women are beautiful but the cuts are NOT!! Rosario’s cut looks like it was done by Janie Jetson and Neve’s looks like a drunken mishap. I think once Rosario’s bangs and Neve’s overall cut grows out some, they will start to flatter and frame their faces better.

ashley on

rosarios looks good but neve cambells looks horible it does nothing for her face shape either!!!she looked absolutely gorgeousn with long hair…bad move



jessica on

i like short hair it gives so much more to look at in a person (in the face and the eyes). plus it so easy to take care of & wear. when ur on the run u rinse shake and the way beauty alone gos so isn’t everything & it does grow back.

Thary on

are those girls visit prof hair dresser or amateur…???

Eliza on

It makes both of them look old.Not stylish and not feminine.Horrible!

Cindy on

Nasty! Ready for hollween!

Heather on

I think they both look horrible. Rosario’s bangs are just not nice looking with the shelf bang that is super short and just makes her forehead look huge. And Neve’s hair now looks masculine, unless thats what she wants

Tuesday on

Sorry but I don’t like either one. It’s not our place to tell people how to cut their hair, but I hope they learned from these mistakes.

Pat on

Not very attractive.

Kaitlyn H on




Desiree on

I like Rosario’s bangs. I’d like the overall look more if the rest of her hair were longer a’ la Bettie Page. I just hope Neve cut her hair like that for a movie role. And I hope it’s a hit movie, so she can say it was worth it to walk around lookin’ like that.

Becky on

I think both of their new hair do’s are great. I recently went from chin length hair to hair as short as Nevs. I think that even though they are stars they should be able to do what they want with out worrying what we thing.

karla on

I think Rosario’s hair looks nice because it kind of frames her face and puts the focus on her eyes. I think Neve’s hair makes her look alot less feminine and even a bit older. The long hair on Neve softened her look and was a better fit for her…..she is brave though for trying out a new look.

JBo on

I think that Rosario’s is adorable, I really like the short bangs, very chic.

Katy on

Ergh, I don’t like Rosario’s choppy bangs. They just look so unbalanced against her facial features! The side part was much more flattering.

Neve’s short do is kind of fun, but not nearly as pretty or as versatile as the long wavy hair. She pulls it off in a cute-but-wild kind of way, but if it were me I would have sticked to the layers instead.

Sherry on


Ann on

FUGLY. Rosario Dawson isn’t that cute anyway, and the cut isn’t helpin’ her out at all. As far as Neve’s do, let’s just hope she gets through this phase FAST.

Kaitlyn on

I don’t like it, but what’s my opinion gonna do to change how they feel? I just hope Neve’s haircut is for a role or something.

Rosario’s new haircut is cute. It seems most are going the paige haircut these days, but I don’t like her bangs. I hate choppy bangs. She might as well have just cut all her bangs off, because they look weird on her forehead and with the shape of her head. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just looks weird.

Neve’s hair is a no, no, for me. That’s my opinion. Whatever floats her boat. I just hope she’s doing this for a part in a movie or something, because her long hair was beautiful. She’s a pretty woman and she deserves better than to look like this. Leave the crew cuts for the Marines.

Different strokes for different folks. I can appreciate for them going bold though.

LeeAnn on

ewww i dont like neves hair at all!!! its so ugly and what was she thinking! is she blind or does she just want to look like a boy

Savannah on

I think that Neve looks better with long hair!

Judah N. Wenkel on

Hi, everybody
Rosario Dawsons bangs looks GREAT and very cute, cudos to her for daring to go there, -Keep it up, girl !!
As for Neve Campbell, I agree with someone who said that she looks like being sick & undergoing treatment, -NOT flattering !!
I´m an aficionado of short hair on women with the right face/neck shapes, but a cut like that needs expertise and precise cutting to look like it should, -Very feminine indeed !
Long hair is boring in most cases, but CAN look relly good in some. I also agree with someone questioning what century Kim & Tiffany is stuck in…
All the best,

Judah N. Wenkel on

Hi everybody,
I agree 100% with JBo & Desiree, Rosario Dawson`s new bangs are almost perfectly curved, blunt cut the RIGHT way(mid-section somewhat longer than the bangs side sections).
My girlfriend is a former model(Paris 1988), has an oval face shape and Her bangs are cut the same way as Dawson`s ; SHE looks even more gorgeous since she had her bangs cut that way and I love it !!!
-What`s REALLY weird is many peoples attitudes, displayed here as well as in other places : forming fashion opinions collectively (like lemmings, when they go over a cliff, they do it together) Everyone HAS to conform, wear their hair long & center parted OR cut in semi-long choppy uneven shags, looking like hay drying on a fence…-THAT`s UGLY & boring !
Food for thought, eh ?

CI on

Rosario’s bangs cut look good and bad, in this pic they look cute, she can rock it though and y’know props to the lazy eye I have one and I also have bangs. I am not in love with them but I don’t hate them I say do the DAMN THANG GURL… Neve’s hair looks a freakin mess and oh btw Rosario’s bangs were cut for a movie..

rachel b. on

nope, i don’t like either hairdo’s.

Jane on

Rosario’s bangs would look way better if they were just a little longer and didnt got up and the sides.

Michelle Burbanks age:15 on

I suggest the lady on the left grow her bands 2 more inches. After she will look fabulous. Other than the bangs, her hair looks fenomanal.

signing off,
Michelle Burbanks

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