What Should Katie's Wedding Dress Look Like?

10/12/2006 at 10:26 AM ET

Following a highly public— and publicly scrutinized — courtship, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting close to tying the knot. And as reported in the PEOPLE.com news story, Katie told us she already has the dress. We’re dying to know what it looks like and who designed it. Was it Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, and that’s why she and Posh were front row? Was the Giambattista Valli gown (left) a warm-up for a white version? Are the rumors that she flew to Milan to pick her dress up from Armani true? Tell us: What do you think Katie’s dress should look like? Should it be old-fashioned or modern? Sleek or decadent? Let us know!

To read more about Katie in Off The Rack, click here.

Photo:ELIOT PRESS/Bauer-Griffin

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Amy on

Katie always looks fab! I think her style should be classic and minimalist but feminine and romantic.

Christabelle on

I’m thinking vintage….something very classy that highlights her delicate bone structure. Strapless. And lots of delicate diamonds.

Patricia Collica on

She looks exquisite in the Giambattista Valli (white with intricate detailing i.e. diamonds, lace, flowers would be stunning)! Any Armani creation I’m sure would become her as well! I simply loved Melania Trump’s Christian Dior dress!

Steph on

That dress does not flatter her bust. I hope it’s not anything like her wedding dress.

Trees on

Now how is our opinion on what Katie should wear matters anyway? Because her choice on the wedding gown will have to be approved by Mr Tom Cruise anyway, right?

Tiffany on

Maybe it should be something straight from the book of Dianetics and be some space-age suit. Come on now! Katie was cool back on Dawson’s Creek…we should not be promoting Scientology…just bad juju!

A on

I think she should wear nothing and reconsider the wedding in its entirety! You should not have to change that much for your spouse… period.

MJ on

Something elegant and old fashioned.Pure white and princesslike.Maybe with some peachy accents or bouquet.Some honeysuckle flowers and some greenery in her bouquet would be pretty.



lucy on

Mabye she should try the get rid of tom cruise look, huh. Mabye she wouls look better if she dropped him. Mabye if she had affair she would be happier. JK. Just Kidding!!!!! Ha Ha
But seriously she should get rid of tom. Hes no good. So really there should be no wedding dress. And why does everyone care so much anyway. WHat about my wedding dress? What Now!! OH!!!!

RT on

I’m thinking more along the lines of a clown suit, since she will be marrying that circus freak Tom Cruise!!

Kelly on

She should wear something grand. Not huge…but, with beautiful small details…nothing too busy. I think it’s pretty impossible for her to look bad! Just highlighting what is already there should be enough. Something elegant..classy…and stunning.

Courtney on

Is it just me, or do those sunglasses look ridiculous with that dress??

Kim on

I think Katie should wear something by A.D.I.D.A.S., a track suit so she can run in the other direction!


I think Katie should wear something close fitting at the top, then flare out at the bottom. It should be a very romantic flowy dress. Katie will look good in anything she wears thought, because she has great self confidence!

KN on

Hopefully she doesn’t pick a wedding dress that looks anything like this black dress. I don’t think that this dress is flattering at all to the bust, shoulder or neck area. The poor kid is slouching and it looks like the chest is practically hanging to the belly button and she’s only in her 20’s?

jenna on

these comments are really entertaining so far. i am with the other poster in that she should wear something off white or cream. she has a baby already and they have been living together for how long? she is a pretty girl though and i am sure will look great in most things. no heels please! or shes sure to dwarf tom.

laura on

I dont find a thing attractive about this girl. I could care less what she wears for a wedding dress. I mean come on how could a man go from the lovely nicole to katie? as for the dress she is wearing its nice but her breasts need support something terrible

traci on

JEEEEEEZ…. talk about slamming Tom. We may not agree with all his beliefs but if we knew most anyones crazy beliefs in Hollywood we would all shriek and RUN. One thing about Tom is I do believe he is a good partner. As for the dress…. Katie has super conservative idea and will probably have something VERY simple. She will look gorgeous and whats MOST important is their life together….not the dress.

Lisa on

I agree with Kim! Run, Katie, Run!! LOL But whatever she wears, I hope she doesn’t wear heels. Or a dress like this black one! I agree with Steph – it doesn’t flatter her bust. And yes, Courtney, those sunglasses look silly with that dress. She has been looking less and less attractive lately.

amy on

Since she tends to slouch her shoulders she should definitely skip strapless and do a dress with light cap sleeves or at least tiny straps. This dress squishes her chest and makes it ride low. (not to mention this is a evening ballgown worn in the daytime. it’s pretty just wrong here I think.)

MJ on

She’s taller than Tom but she could wear ballet slippers.
I am about the same height as my hubby so I went with the slippers instead of high heels on my wedding day.They’re
comfier too.

jersey girl on

Does it matter what she wears, when they divorce the wedding pix will just be a flash amongst all the other black outfits with sunglasses photos. Are the sunglasses hiding how unhappy she is. A psychiatrist would love her

frankie on

You people crack me up-let them be. katie is beautiful and tom is a babe. Get lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

marion on


frankie on

You people crack me up-let them be. katie is beautiful and tom is a babe. Get lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris on

She needs to lose the Giambattista Valli dress. It’s horribly fitted and makes her look self conscious. She looks as if she’s hunching over in fear of her boobs popping out. She’s way too long waisted for it, it needs a top half.

Faith on

I’m still laughing at Kim’s comment. good one.

CR on

I’m sure she will wear something boring and totally lame which would fit in perfectly with the theme of her wedding to Tom. They are a strange couple. I use to like Katie now I think she is washed up.

MA on

Is it me or does anyone else notice that one her trip to Paris alone she showed more skin? The last few pictures that she’s taken with Tom she’s been covered from neck to toe practically.



Jen on

She should wear something strapless and kind of sleek, but make sure that it covers her chest better than that strapless dress in the picture.

Monique on

When you flaunt it,use it and choose the public life, you are bound to go under the media scope and subject yourself to praise and criticism. Tom has brought the negative criticism upon himself. By the way FRANKIE, I’ve seen Tom in person and he might be a babe but he’s a tiny babe. He’s built close to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, I don’t care what Katie wears for her wedding. I’m sure it will be to her liking and demure. Aurevoir!

Stacy on

A strapless gown simply does not work on her and if she choses to go that route, I hope she does lots of taping!!

Deanna on

Does it really matter what we think or what ‘Kate’ wants for that matter?!? Won’t Tom be deciding this question???

brittany on

i think she should get what she likes, and i dont think everyone should make comments like you should get a strapless or mordern or whatever, its her wedding her big day let her and her friends pick it.

Amanda on

I think that Katie is beautiful. She should stick to something long and flowing (not big). I think that a slightly off white gown with her tan would be great! I think that she should choose something with a halter or off the shoulder look (not strapless, it does not flatter her bust).

We may not agree with the timing for the wedding or the person she has chose, but that is her decision and her’s alone. I wish them well!

Stephanie on

I hope her bridal gown has a silk parachute attached so she can bail out of this supremely ill-fated marriage.

Malissa on

As long as it looks nothing like this black dress – it looks awful on her. I’m not sure if it’s her posture or if the dress just could not be less flattering, but next to what Posh was wearing that day (from the photo’s about them being BFF on your Photos section), she looks like a gangly girl playing dress up, while Posh looks sleek and sophisticated.

Poor Katie. I agree with the Addidas comment below – wear a track suit and RUN FAR FAR AWAY before Tom makes you any weirder than you’ve already become.

j on

let the SCIENTOLOGISTS tell katie what type of wedding dress to wear. and when to speak. and when to leave the compound. oh, wait…

Amanda on

I think that you all have a right to your thoughts, however, this is not the time or the place. You are to be discussing options for her wedding dress, not personally attacking her.

Sandy on

Katie would look beautiful in a long sleek old fashion satin gown with her figure. No matter what she chooses she will be a beautiful bride. I really hope the best for her.

randy on

I am not sure if she should wear an winter white straight jacket or a prison jump suit. Either would be fine in that situation. I think it would be better if Tom wore the dress. What will the father of Suri, Chris Klein, wear?

Christine on

I can’t believe the comments that are comming out of some of you guys. Common leave the couple alone. I know that if they did not want so much publicity they should not have become actors most of you are personally attacking their life, child and them. So Let me guess you are all leading perfect lives, have perfect kids and the perfect marriage. I highly doubt it the only thing that is perfect in your lives is when you are reading the national enquirer. Get a grip quit smasking someone elses life and start concentration on yours. I can’t imaging what Katie and Tom would think if they read some of your posts on here. Probably pretty hurt. To all the negative posters out there stop being bullies and remember that celebs are people to and they have feelings.

Amanda on

Thank you Christine.

Heather on

how horrible to have you private relationship go through all of these horrible comments. she is a pretty girl and for you who say otherwise take a look in the mirror you critisize people to make your self feel better I mean come on grow some self esteem yourself there. no matter how pretty you think you are or how ugly you think you are there is someone always prettier or uglyier than you so get over yourselves. who are we to judge weather or not they love eachother. and just because you have a baby with someone before you married them does not make you a bad person. you just did things a little out of order. which obviously is fine with socioty these days many people do that these days so leave ’em alone already! go to some counseling or something to work on the problems you obviously have.

Abby on

I love Katie and think she has such a beautiful, elegant and demure style. She simply got caught in a bad posture moment in this picture. I heard Vera Wang made her dress, which I am sure will beautiful.

And are you people kidding me with the wearing white with a baby thing? So what? Are we living in the Victorian era or what? I am getting married this Summer and when I went shopping for my wedding dress half the people in there had kids or had been married already. If your logic is only virgins should wear white I think you are out dated. Most high school age girls are sexually active these days like it or not- just watch MTV honey it doesn’t take long to figure it out.

Catherine on

A straight jacket!

Paula on

I think that Katie is very beautiful but I think the Giambattista Valli gown is unflattering as it seems to be falling down from her bust. It does not do alot to enhance her upper body posture. I would recommend something that is not strapless…and not so “Sex and the City” girly. (I love this show as well.) I think it should be more sleek, long, and straight..perhaps going out only slightly at the bottom.

pepperjack on

you’re right~enough of picking on them. AND just talking about them. who really cares what she wears? i’ve heard enough of them both to last me awhile.

Janice Classen on

Katie has the bone structure that most of us would love to have. She is willow tall. Both Elie Saab and the House of Balenciaga would welcome the opportunity to design a memorable gown for her; something not to fru fru for Katie is a classic gal.

Juli on

Everyone knows darn well that she’ll be deck out in virginal white – head to toe – it’ll be a “wow” dress.

Come on Katie – you’ve been shacking up with Tom for how long now and you’ve got a baby! Didn’t you once come from a Catholic upbringing??? White is totally inappropriate for you. I don’t care if this is your first wedding – probably won’t be your last either – look at Tom’s track record – not real good!

But please wear those sunglasses – DORK!!!!

AnnieM on

Right on Kim and Trees! I’m sure she’ll wear whatever Tom and the Scientologists tell her to wear.
BTW – I have a life and it is awesome (not perfect), but awesome anyway.

Shannon on

I think Katie should wear some classic yet feminine looking. She is an old-fashioned looking girl with great facial features. The dress should be elegant yet sophisticated. She will look fabulous no matter what she chooses.

cindy on

Uhm….eh hem. I would just gather a guess, but I am assuming that NONE of you live with Tom and Katie? The media shows us what they want us to see, would it sell if they didn’t put some ridiculous headline to grab our attention. I am saying NO. I read theses magazines as pure entertainment, I don’t take anything personally unless I see or hear it for myself. The people who do, remind me of the kids in elementary school that were jealous and hateful and were so insecure with themselves they had to critize other people. Sound familiar?

marcy on

i dont care what wedding dress she wears, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING WHEN SHE PUT ON THAT BLACK DRESS ????????????

L. Larsen on

She has a bad posture, so she should not wear a dress that does not cover her shoulders, or somethig that cling to her figure. She lookes very beautiful in the kind of dress she wore the at the opening of her fiancées latest movie.

Alena on

Who cares what Katie wears seriously! Does anyone know that there are more interesting topics in this world other than Katie and her psycho fiance?

Paula on

I love the people who get this far in the screen and then pick on the people for commenting. What made you look? Perhaps you should be reading your quantum physics or calculus books…

Natalie on

i think that she should wear something with straps because in this picture it doesnt lok like she has a lot of support and looks a little slouchy.

Tonia on

Katie – You should wear a black and red strapless dress. With black high heels to surprise Tom Cruise.

mary on

If Katie goes strapless, I hope she improves her posture.

amry c. on

she always looks fabulous even in jeans.she is classy and you can tell she is going to be a hip mom.i can’t wait to see her wedding dress, i imagine it to be even more beautifull.

Carina on

I really think that all of you need to get lives. The only information we get about these people is what the media and tabliods wants us to hear. Giving all this “advice” to what Katie should wear to her wedding. Do you really think that she is going to read this and take your advice?? I seriously dont think so. And the fact that she isnt pretty?? Who ever said that i hope is gorgeous and if not better look in the mirror…because she is a classic beauty. Man people really need lives!


I dont care what kind of dress she wears.

I’m just glad that she is finally GETTING married.

I mean, C’MON!

Star on

She will wear whatever her and her brainwashed husband are told to wear by the Scientology minions.

Jade on

hahahahahaha star…youre sooooo right…
and all you people saying that we shouldnt believe the tabloids…youre right! We dont even have to! There is no need to make up any crazy stories about tom cruise because he demonstrates at almost every opportunity he can that HE IS NUTS!!!! So whatever, katie, wear whatever you want, I just hope she gets over the whole “omg I’m marrying Tom Cruise!” stage and comes to her senses…..shes seems a little air-headed/out of it though…but thats probably because shes been brainwashed.

Kristina on

i am so sick her her, she is way over rated.

Trina on

I think she should stick to black. After all, I think this marriage is doomed! I give them 1 year and they’ll be headed for you know where….it’s too bad because I really like Tom (and Katie) for that matter..but I think he’s nuts now and he’s brainwashed poor Katie…she should have stuck to Kevin…

Lourdes on

who cares they blow

Lisa on

Katie….I’ve always liked you in Dawson’s Creek !! I hope you and Tom work out and last forever. Only one thing, this is YOUR DAY when you get married and Tom should have no say in what YOUR DRESS should look like. Please remember to stay true to yourself and be a woman who can make up her own mind no matter what. As long as you feel good at the end of the day that is all that matters. I wish you guy’s the best !!!!

elaine on

who cares what she wears? SHe wont be reading this because Tom will be picking out her wedding dress, as well as dictating the rest of “Kate’s” married life with him

Sarah B. on


Patricia Prior on

Katie and Tom are abeautiful couple. This is their wedding, NOT anyone elses!Whatever dress she picks, I am sure shewill reflect her love for Tom and the road they are travelling down together. If I was Katie, I would pick something old-fashioned with a tiara to hold her veil. It would be long and flowing with a scooped neck and a very long train. Her sleeves’d be long and cover the top of her hands and then Button up.Katie will look like the princess she is in anything and she’ll be breath-taking. Of that I am sure.Also the hand sewed pearls and her hair would be up with ringlets framing her face.

olha on

i think puffy dresses are so adorable…=)

laura anna on

She shouldn’t have a dress, because she shouldn’t marry tom cruise!!!!!!!!

ash on

i think katie is gorgeus and she is so beautiful with a strapless vintage light and romantic wedding dress she cant go wrong!

ilovejohnmayer on

I think she’d look wonderful in the classic, femiine, stuff she always wears…. white, but not over the top, delicate, just beautiful…

Amber on

I don’t care really if she went to Milan to pick out her dress or if it was just to buy the seasons trend, it’s none of my business anyways.

As for the wedding dress style part, I think colors are in right now; not the old plain white dress anymore, because it is boring now in this time of age. I think Ivory or cream are in, White decorated dresses with pink, gold or red trims are fabulous.

As for Katie I think she would look nice in an off the shoulder princess like gown in an Ivory tone(or white with a red trim and gold beaded sequins) made of the finest silk, I think the style and colors would be quite lovely on her.

lisadivirgilio on

I think she looks pretty in this dress, would look nice in white,but hope like hell she gets her teeth capped before the big day,cuz they need an over haul,,with all her cash some nice white veneers and a decent hair cut would do wonders for her appearance she is dull looking, plain not at all attractive I think Tommy could have done better and I do not even care for Tom Cruise, he’s too short, and kinda snakey looking, oh well more power to the both of them,, poor kid though gonna grow up to be a weirdo like his daddy,, hopefully she grabs the cash and runs like hell.lol

Sarah on

She should wear black. This is going to be the funeral of her own decision making. Maybe as a wedding present, Tom let her pick out the dress and shut his yap.

Ula on

Ooo… enough with your malevolence people! Tom and Katie are two beautiful human beings. I wish there were more people like them.

ishan on

CMON PEOPLE! stop thinking of wo and what they are– you don’t or let me say we don’t really know THEM(the real them)! we only based their identity basing on what we read and hear about them…

NOW, the REAL thing, about the dress…any classic dress would do good basing on her bone structure…classi but elegant would be great for her…

kirby on

mabey somting white. but if you like black then so be it. call me and hook me up with a movie director.(419-7539)

unknown2 on

i think she should wear an orange dress because thats a cool color.

dawn blagborne on

i’m sure whatever she picks will look great. katie has a
good sense of clothing style.

leoni on

she looks good in anything, but leave the heals cruse is tooooooo short!!!!!!

Tarraleigh on

Katie would look beautiful in a skinny strapless gown with a long train.

shawn on

Who the heck cares,do we really care what she wears..NO

Becky on

WHY IS THIS WOMAN NEVER WITH HER CHILD?!?!?!?! Typical celebrity..let the nanny raise her. Why do they have children??????

elle on

Katie should wear a cream colored gown. Strapless but not too low cut, some floral tapestry printed overlay, tapered at the waist with a long train that flows as she walks. Small pearl buttons down the back. A simple pearl necklace with small pearl stud earrings. And cream color fabric pumps with no more that a 2″ heel. She will be beautiful.

Mrs. Robert F. Utrup on

Some one of the the e mailers said while she doesn’t believe we should all agree what Tom Cruise espouses, she does believe he makes a good partner. What I want to under-stand is how a guy who walks out on a wife and two kids can be a) called a good partner and b) be described as “an amazing man”. What is good about a partner who walks out and what is amazing about a guy who leaves a wife and two kids. Call me crazy but after 34 years of marriage, I believe working on your relationship constitutes both good partnering and amazing results.

Suzanne on

Dresses are beautiful on the outside, but in the long term, who cares?
This is all about outdoing one moment, going for the bigger and better moment the next.
As someone who has been happily married for 17 years, I say all of these outward “things” make not one iota of difference to a lasting, happy marriage.
A true relationship between two people realizes dreams, not the dress, not the acting awards, not the good looks, not the money, and certainly, not the jet-set lifestyle.

Mintie on

Bravo Christine and Heather, well said.
For the ones than don’t care, why are you posting a comment? To some of you, mean spirited people, shame on you!!. Once again, we are missing the point; comments about the fashion, boys and girls; no time to show your envy and jealousy.
Katie will look beautiful, no matter what she wears, because she is happy; that is the best fashion for anyone to wear. Love and peace to all.

elizabeth on

that dress is ugly on her she should were white.

Sheena on

Dress is very pretty but the colour black does’nt suit on wedding. White is also common so i sugesst that red colour is better then all and it attracts peoples

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