Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

10/12/2006 at 03:09 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

This episode was all about high fashion editorials and editorial posing. Sometimes you have to work it whether you or your outfit look ugly. The challenge kicked off with the girls meeting with model Stacey Mackenzie and a super rad contortionist! I wasn’t exactly expecting the girls to have to learn to put their legs behind their heads, but hey, you never know what’s brewing in the brain of Tyra Banks. I love Anchal — super flexible, who knew? — every week. I also love how she eats like a horse. Real models eat, so you go, girl! But knowing how my own self-confidence issues held me back in during the show, I think it’s a shame that she has them too. I’ll tell you one thing — no one can win if they don’t become a strong and confident presence in front of the judges, Anchal included. Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo: Mike Rosenthal/The CW

But you know it’s not all about what happens on the runway — there always has to be some behind-the-scenes drama. I’m still so glad to see Monique is gone! But now it seems Melrose has taken over as the token brat of the house. She’s always complaining and just talking too much in general. Give it a rest! And when all the girls got to sit down to dinner with legendary 60’s model Twiggy, she was such a brown noser. Gimme a break.

At the first challenge, the girls meet designers Bao Tranchi and Erica Courtney. The assignment is to not only wear the designs but to hold couture poses for long periods of time while on pedestals to show off their newly learned contortionist skills. Yikes! Through it all, Eugena wins the challenge along with $32,000 of jewelry (wow!)

Freak Show! I loved watching the photo shoot challenge that happened the next day, where the girls had to become acts in a old-time circus! The shoot was photographed by my good friend Mike Rosenthal. Things got a little gross during the shoot, especially A.J.’s set, but it’s all about standing out. I loved how CariDee straddled the car in her shot! That was priceless. And what the heck was up with the twins shooting together as Siamese twins (left)? A. too obvious, too dull and B. how can you then judge them separately? Jaeda has coaching issues– I just don’t see Top Model in her, you guys. In the end, it was “Bearded Lady” Megg, rocking and rolling herself home after elimination. She was cute, but she wasn’t a model in my eyes — just a pretty girl who loves to rock out with her beard out. Until next week!

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Courtney Callis on

Hey Im here with my 3 Best friends Sarah, Leighanna and Caroline and we all LOVE this picture its so unique and beautiful! And America’s Next Top Model is our favorite show ever!
Love, Courtney Callis


i think that the girls on this show are dogs.. yeah theyre all tall and skinny, but theyre NOT HOT!! companies are trying so hard to find tall skinny freaks, that they forget about beauty.. they should focus more on finding BEAUTIFUL people and not just the TALL SKELETONS!!

Erin on

Basically, all I think is people should leave Anchal alone…especially Melrose. And I don’t like Jaeda at all. All she does is whine and cry about everything. I hope she goes home next week.

Amie on

I do not like Melrose. I think she is way too full of herself and really a brat. I thought it was Monique who was a jerk, but after she got eliminated Melrose was still the same. Rock on Anchal you are my favorite girl on there. Don’t listen to Melrose because she is jealous. And that’s what happens witha bunch of girls, jealousy. And I agree there are not as many pretty girls on this show. The twins are so akward and remind me of 12 year olds. They need to go next.

Natalie on

I think that Jaeda should have gone home. She has been in the bottom two twice, atleast. She shows to much anger in her face. I thought meg had a great personality and i think that hse was eliminated oly becuase of that one shot, her other shots were pretty good, better than Jaedas (in my opinion). I think Melrose neds to stop talking about people behind their back and stop talking soo much about stuff people dont wanna hear! anyways, i always love Ajs picture…Brooke is good but she has the same look on her face in every picture, but shes still pretty good. Amanda and michelle are very good… anchal was having a bit of trouble in the pictures this time but she still did well. for all the pictures go to:

Victoria on

hey joanie, i personally thought you should’ve won, but then i thought that all the second place winners. now i figured out that tyra is smart. she knows that all the people who are model material, (like you) can make it, so all the people who needs a little boost and uhmp get 1st. for example, yaya from cycle 3 got an acting role right after antm. and your career is probably boosting. so im hoping that aj (my fave! she looks good in every photograph) gets second place. (the real winning position. you also looked good in every photo. kudos.

Kate on

I don’t know if I’m blind but I can’t really see how people think that Anchal is beautiful. I really think she’s a plastic not knowing she is pretty, cut the crap! She won’t join ANTM if she doesn’t think of herself as pretty, haller! But I don’t think that Melrose should make fun of her though, I really thought Melrose is the nice one, she just played underdog. AJ is really great great GREAT! And I love Brooke, but I don’t think she’s model material, she’s acting material.



Sarah on

AJ and Brooke are definitely my top two (in that order). Melrose needs to get a life and Anchul needs to get some confidence. I almost feel she’s hiding behind shyness which isn’t real and her pictures are so boring every time. Also, the twins need to learn posture. They stand hunched over and walk in a similar fashion – very unflattering!

ELaine on

The twins have got to go…seriously, they look so homely and boring. Who cares if theres two of them? Wouldnt it be better if they were actually model material?!

Dawn on

Didn’t CariDee wear Joanie’s “ventriloquist doll” outfit this week? (With the added elephant trunk of course!) I like CariDee—probably because she’s SO much like Joanie!

Regina on

I miss Meg already, she was my favorite. Loved, loved, loved her personality. Her career is definately not over. There is something for her, modeling, acting, rock and roll. Whatever. I could relate to her. As for who is left, AJ has my vote. The canibal photo was awesome. So much intensity. She would be able to sell me clothes. Angel, get some confidence girl. You could win if you do. Melrose, you need to stay focused on yourself and your own short-comings. You have the potential, but your personality stinks. Jaeda, sorry about your hair. Spike it up, add some gel, that should give you your confidence back. Love the twins, but will agree about the bad posture when talking to the judges. Good luck everyone.

ashley on

oh my god i hate melrose but i really thought joanie u should of won

Amber on

I really like the twins(esp Amanda), and I am also liking Anchal alot more everytime I see her.

I really am not fussy on Jaeda and esp Melrose, what Melrose said about Anchal was just jealousy and the fact that she was not the star of the night; and the fact that Anchal was quite that felxable.

If Melrose wins, atleast the model industry will have another bit*h diva like Campbell.

Tyra banks is freaking gorgeous, I swear everytime I watch her on T.V she gets prettier and prettier, shes like a goddess just damn beautiful.

Ellie on

so sad to see Megg go :( she didn’t have the best pics but i loved her rock & roll personality. i like everyone now except for eugena and melrose, who are both self-abosorbed, and jaeda, who only complains. LOVE brooke, but i don’t think she’ll win bc she’s too girl-next-door (like nicole in cycle 5) and i agree w/ kate that she seems more like an actress. i really like aj, the twins, caridee. anchal is pretty but she does need more confidance.

Britt on

I’m sorry but I think that those twins need to go…they’re not attractive if I happened to see either one of them walking down the street before this show I wouldn’t pass them and think “omg, she’s pretty.” What happened to having the TOOLS to go with the talent?

AAA on


Kaitlyn H on

i totally agree with every1 about melrose i thought she was nice when monique was there but when she left melrose became the beast of the house! i love anchel she beautiful!!

robbie on

Well as the weeks are ticking along, i have to say this is such a weak choice compared to last season. Out of the bunch, i can see the final being AJ and Caridee. AJ hits it everytime, and something about Caridee is appealing, haven’t figured it out yet. Joanie they need to invite you back on the show to help with a challenge, so you can show these girls how a pro does it.

amanda on

To the person below me…those girls are absolutely stunning and they are doing an amazing job! being a tall, thin model myself, i know how much hard work modeling truely is! It is not all about getting pretty to take a picture…yet it is much much more! Good luck girls!

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