Jessica Simpson: Long or Short?

10/11/2006 at 05:00 PM ET

It’s only been 6 weeks since Jessica Simpson cut her long blonde locks off into a sleek new bob, but she headed out to dinner last night with her long hair back in place. Ah, the miracle of extensions. Jessica loves to play with her look, so who knows how look this length will stick around. But we think Jessica looks great either way. Tell us what you think: Do you like Jessica’s hair better long or short?

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Katie on

Short, she looks nicer. And she needs to get rid of the extensions, she’s not fooling anyone. It’s just wrong.

kelli on

Long. She looks so much slimmer with it long. And she can advertise her hair extension line!

tallulah on

she looks better with the new bob, more energetic.

Susan on

I like it short…..she looks more mature

bree on

i LOVE her hair long it looks much better than when she has it short. plus she can do many more things with it longer

larissa on

i like it short. but i also like it long, i think i will go with the long one. either way she is beautiful….

Rebecca on

Short looks nicer on her, in this case. The too-long extensions seem to drag her down… or maybe it’s just the feathery style I’m not liking.

Amber on

She looks better with the bob then she does with long hair I think, but as for myself I still think Longer hair is teh sex.

jordandunnrox on

i love jessica’s hair long, but i also like her hair short.

Maya on

jess looks beautiful either way. but i must say i do prefer her with the long hair bcuz she looks so much hotter.

Brittany on

I LOVE JESSICA! her hair looks great either way but i think it looks gorgeous long!

Ellie on

oh my gosh can we PLEASE talk about someone besides jessica simpson? she is so borning and fake.

Saba on

Whoever think she looks good w/ short hair must be on crack. On her (and on anyone else), short hair shows off skin imperfections. She looks beautiful, feminine and sexy w/ long hair. Now, she just needs to learn how to dress… and quit it w/ those boots already!

amelia on

I think she is one of those blessed women who can pull either look off. I can only have long hair myself, and i wish i could do both looks to change up once in awhile!

alicia on

I think she should put a paper bag over her head and that would be the perfect hair style

hart braka on

i am so over this ditz!

i like her hair long

sarah on

Am I the only one that notices the extensions are actually two tone? The bottom of her hair is a different shade than the top. And the extensions are cheesy.

Bridget on

I don’t like the extensions at all. They actually look cheap, especially since the fake hair is brassy-er than her real hair. Cheap and tacky.

Ainsley on

Short, it makes her look more mature. She’s overdone the wavy extensions.

esther on

Both are fine on her, she can carry those looks though the bob gives her a more youthful and energetic look. Nevertheless, I agree with Ellie, can we please discuss about someone else?!? Your star track and stylewatch are always flooded with images of Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan. There are many many celebs out there who are more refreshing and stylish than them!

Elizabeth on

I love Jessica’s hair and what she does with it. I love her hair, I wish I had it.

Elizabeth on

I love her hair short or long. I love her hair so much I wish I could get rid of my long brunette wavy locks and get hers.

Sina on

I don’t like her hair either way. With the new extensions, Jessica Simpson is obviously trying to sell the public her new line of hair extensions through using her good looks. A lot of people fall for her sales tactics too. She is actually an extremely intelligent business woman, who is fooling the public into believing she is a ditz.

Sina on

I don’t like her hair either way. With the new extensions, Jessica Simpson is obviously trying to sell the public her new line of hair extensions through using her good looks. A lot of people fall for her sales tactics too. She is actually an extremely intelligent business woman, who is fooling the public into believing she is a ditz.

catherine on makes her look younger at happier

Bailey on

I like her hair any way. I would prefer to see her hair longer, but the shorter style complements her features just as much!

Liz on

Short – more sophisticated. The long extensions look has expired.

Holy Candy on

The short hair suits her perky personality.

CR on

Her hair looks better long, she is young and long hair makes a woman look young.

ashlee on

LOVE the bob!!! Her extensions look cute for a change… but, I love the bob – she’s older now – an adult – and the bob is perfect for her!!!!

I’m lovin her even more now than before

Michelle on

I think she looks great either way.

Courtney on

Unattractive both ways.

micheleeee. on

Her short cut definately makes her look younger, spunkier.

But I am just in LOVE with this particular long style.

rebeccaR on

I like her hair better short….the long looks outdated and the extentions look so fake!!but I agree with the other two, we should talk about someone else who is better..

Candy on

DEFINITELY long!! The bob doesn’t accent her features nearly as much.

Patricia on

Come on people! You know miss Jessica looks great in everything. You love to hate her. The bob is fun and energetic, and she can pop in those layers for some flirty waves and give her ‘do some body! Who wouldn’t love to change the length of their hair in hours?? I vote both.

ally on

she’s beautiful either way

Lita on

she look better with the long hair… but i really dont know really.

Bella on

Jessica looks like she has more character with short hair. Smart, sharp and perky. The long extensions create that sultry almost traditional un-kept look. Given all the changes in her life, I prefer the short bob. Its kickin’. Just like Halle Berry, there is an age when women really need to cut their hair. The long thing just draggs out and down the history, drama and disappointments of their lives.

Sam on

I like the longer look better… what I don’t understand is why cut it all off and take out the old extensions just to redo it all in a week…


Jessica is such a gorgeous girl, she can wear her hair long or short. Not many people can do that, because you have to have a pretty face. She also looks great with her hair up. Personally, if I have to pick, which is hard to do, I’ll have to choose long. Love the extensions, which everybody’s doing now. But it’s really hard to choose. JESSICA IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


I VOTE BOTH WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE’S SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!1

B.G. on

I am so sick of Jessica Simpson, she could shave her head and it wouldn’t make a difference.



Erin on

You know, I think every women in America would look fantastic with either short or long hair; wavy or straight; blonde or brunette if they had a 24/7 hairstylist like Jessica. Let’s face it: a girl who has that kind of perk should get her money’s worth, and should have gorgeous hair all the time. Let’s all remember that having a hairstylist who will do your hair every morning can work miracles with even the most horrible of bad hair days!

MARIE odabas on

omg she looks way better with long hair, she my has well shaved it bald cause it wouldn’t make a difference

rosemary on

DUH- she’s didn’t cut off her hair, it was always extensions- it’s very obvious in photographs and once in a while she would appear without them and have that same bob. She just didn’t put them in for a couple weeks.

Pretty much all celebrity women have them now. It’s not exactly uncommon. No, they don’t look cheap or a different color, because they aren’t cheap and have no doubt been meticulously dyed to match perfectly- hers probably cost thousands of dollars, not like the stuff sold on her stylist’s website. I would wear them in a second if I could afford anything remotely as good

kody on

i think she looks more sexy with long hair. With short hair i think she looks more like a mother.

Charlotte on

Why is Walking on the inside of your jeans is a no-no – and a safety hazard?

laura on

I like her with the longer style. Jessica looks alot older with it short and she is to pretty and young to look old. I have alway thought her sister was prettier though.

Gloria Perez on

Who cares what she looks like anymore, ever since she left Nick she could fall off the face of the earth and I dont think it would matter. I am so sick of her Nick is the one that made her look good she is a bad actres and she is an awfull singer anyway.Nick is the one that made her some what like able and now that they are not together who cares about her. She just looks like a stupid blonde!!!

Durenda on

i think she looks much better with long hair. don’t get me wrong, she looks okay with short hair, but long hair suits her……..even if it is fake

amanda on

I like her hair both wayz. But I am getting tired of talking about her. I used to think she was cool but now I’m sick of her. I’m more of a paris hilton and nicole richie fan!

annaliesa on

She needed to ditch the extensions. she looks more mature and grown up with the shorter hair. Makes her eyes stand out more also.,

j on

SHORT!! the long hair totally weighs her down b/c of her stature. hair may as well be fake too, suits her perfectly!

Shannon on

I think Jessica is beautiful either way and her hair really doesn’t matter. Long or short she is just great!

AnnieM on

Love Ellie’s commnet! That is exactly how I feel about Lindsay Lohan – get over it already. Can’t we see some people with real talent on this site or in your magazine!
Where are Scarlett Johannsan, Keira Knightly and others like that when we need them! Oh yeah, they are probably busy working since they the real-deal.

Jackie on

i like em both ways. hey if ya got the loot for fake hair, why not use it right?

me on

i like her hair both ways! i think se is realy pretty so she can pull any thing off…

Beauty on

She is a really beautigul girl,i prefer her hair shorter but hey it depends of her…She has a beautiful complexion,shes a natural west beauty.

Jen on

I think I like her with both, although when it’s long she should stay away from that feathered look. If you look at the picture of her with short hair really quickly, she looks kind of like Ashlee.

Sarah on

Long! But I love Jessica with long or short hair.

jess on

Is she still famous? Remind me why? Oh, Newlyweds, to bad she can’t ride that money train anymore because she has absolutely no talent. I’d rather see pictures of Vanessa who is alot prettier and more natural looking. I want Vanessa’s hair!!

Paula on

I liked her hair long and Bohemian, but this is pretty as well. I think dressing 40’s like and 50’s like, however, is unbecoming for her. Her Bohemian long-leggedness and perhaps more flowing outfits and pants suit her more. I also think high fashion would suit her more, a bit of a transformation, elegance, elegance, elegance…maybe long flowing dresses, a la 70’s a bit.

traci on

i think jessica pretty much looks gross these days, her short hair makes her look like a dude.

Quanza on

i think she looks good in both hairstyles because she is a woman who knows to look good

marianne on


carol on

i like her with short hair her long hair makes her look alittle trashy

amry c. on

jessica looks skinnier with her hair long.she looks to grown up with short locks.

kamris on

I think she stays in the public favor when she has her weave in. TEAM WEAVE!

Madi on

I think she looks wonderful either way.

Tas on

I agree with a few other comments on this blog that Style Watch has WAY too many posts on Jessica. Her 15 minutes are just about over, so why not have some other fashionable and TALENTED celebs on here more often.
Examples: Scarlett Johanson, Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Garner… it would be a refreshing change!

Tas on

Oops, forgot Reese Witherspoon. She always looks classy and great! More on her please!

star on

she looks good, but long it’s she can get back wiht nick.

Natalie on

I like it either way. Although, her short hair does make her look more mature and sphisticated! Her long makes her look young! Whatever she likes best, i guess!

Heather on

She is absolutely beautiful no matter what her hair looks like! I personally like it short..but long is nice sometimes too..depending on the outfit your gonna wear.

Lisa, Montreal on

Jessica, you are beautiful both ways ! But your long hair is so beautiful!

Hyacintha on

Short. I’ve got natural waist long hair and i think that extensions look awful…

Shawne on

I am sick of her hair and her!!

Shawne on


miss mia on

i just think we all need to stop wasting time commenting on her, maybe then people magazine will stop putting in articles for us to look at and comment on because i am just sick of looking at pictures of her. its such a waste of space. she has no real talent and we all know this, so now its time for people magazine to get the hint.

hotmama on


Maribel on


Maribel on


MoFO on

omg like hair really matters. like ahhhhhh. way more than like politics and issues over human rights and stuff. like BIG DEAL. ya we should all read this people magazine more often! GOD. like obviously they’re the biggest contribution to man kind. Hugs and kisses!!



olha on


nicole on

i like her hair either way she always has a good hairstyle i dont think i have ever seen a bad one

Lori on

Sorry Jessica, But you should have worried less about your self and more about you sweet husband. It’s all down hill for you now. Sorry.

Diana on


Leah on

I think she can do it both ways, but I like the long hair much better.

Penelope on

jessica doesn’t look good at all w/ her short hair. the long was SO much prettier on her.

Eugenie on

I think it looks better long. She should remember that Ashlee is beginning to look beautifuler and thst she can’t be lazy with her looks. Come on Jessica!

ahliyah on

i think she shoudl loose both and get nick back that way her class can come back..

Leslie on

i think the longer looks better it juss bounces and i have a thing for long hair!

dawn blagborne on

like i really care if jessica’s hair is long or short.
only good thing she’s done is bring out great shoes(love her shoes, her singing and acting that’s another story)

night on

Both look great…but either way she is a pleasingly plump has been.

ashley on

i love jessica simpson and i think she is gorgeous either way!!!i saw her on the interveiws and shows and she looked more mature and just wanted something new and she sure accomplished that but looked absolutely gorgeos while doing it!(with short hair)but when her hair is long yo can do so many things with it and long hair is very sexy and short hair is very mature!!!she is absolutely gorgeous either way!!!

Deanna on

She definately looks better with long hair. I feel it’s kind of her trademark look. I don’t know what to think about the short hair…especially how she wears it.

christine on

long is always sexier

Catherina on

im lovingg it ;)

Sarah on

Definately short, and if not bob-short then halfshort, to the shoulders.. it looks much much better! More chic.

Brittany on

I like it long WAY better, the long extensions make her look a lot younger!!!!!!

Kaitlyn on

The short hair makes Jessica look more maturer. The long hair makes her look hip and such. However, it doesn’t really matter, because her hair will have extentions anyways. She’s got short hair and it seems that when she shows up to events, she’ll have long hair again. I just wish she would just go natural or just frickin’ grow her hair out. Long hair lets you express yourself more, because there’s more to work with, however short hair isn’t bad neither. I just wish that more would follow the trend to be natural and confident. You shouldn’t have cut your hair if you’re gonna go back and forth, that just makes you too fake. If she was gonna cut it, she shouldn’t have cut it too short. She should have made it shoulder length or something. Which do I like? I like both on her, so it really wouldn’t matter. I like the long, only because she can do more with it. She looks beautiful with short also. Just be YOU Jessica.

amy on

she needs to really stop being so fake and quit playing with her hair alot. either keep it short or long at least for more than a day..the girl keeps changing it to long to short to long again it is crazy!!!

Emily on

I so agree with the Gloria Perez girl! i mean really who does care bout jessica anymore? its the same old story with her every time! She really needs to get a frikin life!!!

patie on

I love Jessica. She is a cute and a real girl(her own way) and knows how to dress (most of the time).

LeeAnn on

i like it longer it matches her better

Kelsea on

Personally she looks beautifulll either way it goes, shes the most beautiful thing that eva walked the Earth, you go girl!!!

Sarah on




james binns on

Long hair looked much better and she shouldn’t have had i cut but the new hair is ok i guess

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