What Do You Think of Nicole's New Look?

10/10/2006 at 06:05 AM ET

How many of us have dealt with a breakup by doing something radical to our hair? Post-Brody Jenner, it looks like formerly honey blonde Nicole Richie is taking the same path as the rest of us. She emerged from the Neil George Salon in L.A. with a brand-new hairstyle- longer and definitely red. Between her new mystery boy, re-kindling her friendship with Paris, and the new flowing copper locks, she has our heads spinning! Tell us: What do you think of Nicole’s new look? Do you like the red or miss the blonde?

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Photo: Carlos Bonilla/Pacific Coast News

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Ainsley on

I love it! She can pull off a lot with her hair.

reki on

I think the red lipstick looks yummy

shana on


Paula on

Not a fan. Like her hair blonde and shorter.

Traci on

She looks gorgeous in any color! LOVE IT!

celebfan on

she actually looks nice…now if she just PUT ON SOME WEIGHT, it would be nice. oh, and she should definitely lose the red lipstick. Too many celebs are doing it nowdays, and honestly, only gwen stefani can carry it off.

Sara on

She looks absolutely goregous, it brings out her face color more, her previous hair color made her look washed out.

roma on

awful look

Brittany on

eewwww, someone help her!! She is better blonde and she needs to throw out that tube of red lipstick!!

Claire on

Although I think the haircolor she chose is a really pretty one, I’m not sure I like the way it looks with her complexion. It seems to wash her out a little bit…whereas the honey blonde do she usually sports makes the color in her face pop a bit more.

jessica james on

i love it

Deanna on

If I didn’t know, I would say she was Mary-Kate Olsen. I think she needs to get her hair out of her face and stand up straight.

beth on

I like it, I think it is a good look for fall. Now, if she could just manage to gain 10 lbs. back she’d be a knockout. :)

Daisyjk on

She looks terrible. She needs to go back to having short hair. Since she is soo skinny the short hair looks so much better on her. Plus get rid of that ugly orangish-red lipstick, it is not the right color for her skin.

Lisa M on

I think she looks a little washed out here. It doesn’t look good with her skin tone.

Stephanie on

I think it really looks like her old hairstyle, back when she was pretty plump. Not used to the shade of the hairstyle though but it does seem make to fill out her face, rather than her previous hairstyle.

morella fuentes on

i think she looks gourgeous i like it!!!!

Lisa on

No to the hair! No to the lipstick! No to the makeup! (Is she using JHo’s makeup artist??) AND JUST SAY NO TO PARIS!!!!

Angie on

I like Nicole’s hair, make-up and clothing choices the majority of the time, with this look being no different. She does look great, but I still think she looks better a little meatier. She’s still a gorgeous girl no matter what she looks like, though!

R on

I absolutly LOVE her hair. I think this is the best color she has ever had, it looks so great on her. Now all she needs to do is gain some weight!

j on

it doesn’t work so well w/her coloring. the short blonde looks better. she was MUCH more likable when she wasn’t associated w/paris hilton too, by the way!!

Angela on

I’m not a big fan of it. I liked her better the way she was before!

Kelly on

i think it looks awful. the best look for her is short blonde hair. it suits her better. and standing next to paris makes it even worse. there is nothing pretty about either of them.

AnnieM on

I’m not sure why, but her hair could be green and I’d love it. She just looks great no matter what – dressed up, dressed down – Nicole strikes me as someone that would be fun to hang out with (and talk about hair color).

anonymous on

She looks terrible. Its as if she’s trying to emulate Mary Kate Olsen, and I don’t know why anyone would ever try to look like her. She needs a haircut and a new makeup palette immediately.

AnnieM on

Love it! Let’s face it, she’d look good with green hair.

blondie on

yuck… she looks like mary kate olsen!!!!

Lisa on

I love it! She looks fantastic!

marianne on

I like the hair…but I dont like the lipstick on her..it makes her look too old and the lips look to big for her small face !!! she is great though !!!

Mara on

Not Likeing it. Makes her look very washed out and the red lipstick isnt helping.

J. on

The color looks cute, but her make-up makes her look washed out. She doesn’t look like herself.

Amber on

I prefer Nicole with shorter hair and blond. Longer hair makes her look too thin.

M. on

Honestly, she looks horrendous. Her makeup is all wrong, her eyebrows are practically non-existent (scary!), and that lipstick was meant for a clown. And her hair looks fake and ratty. She should join Jessica Simpson’s “we’re talentless and people should stop paying attention to us” club.

Marie on

I personally liked her blonde hair better. It is true what they say about us,”Blondes do have more fun!”

Marguerite on

It looks wonderful on her. Although I wish she would do something about her weight. I really do wish the best for her.

ava on

i think she looks gorgeous, the colour looks great with her skin and the lipstick looks nice on her aswell!

Haley on

You can’t be a redhead if you are not one!!!! It looks fake.

angie on

Look Mary Kate Richie, you need to go to a mirror, and put that lipstick back on, within your lip lines. I know, I know, you want to have bigger lips, but there’s a difference between exagerating, and rubbing Wet N’ Wild red lipstick all over your face.

dina on

The red hair makes her look more frail. Liked much better shorter, better for her petite frame.

Rebecca on

None of it looks right. I liked the blonde bob on Nicole better. This haircut is very blah and the color is good, but not so good on her.

Mel~Virginia Beach on


Emily on

it would be much better with a darker eye color and lighter lip color. the red lips wash out her eyebrows.

Anne-Sophie on

I love it! She looks like a vamp, it’s hot…

Stephanie on

Love the hairstyle, but the lipstick is a little to granny for me, too bright!

Manisha on

Honestly, I like her and all, but with this hair, with the blonde, with more weight or with less, she is really ugly. Like, there is nothing she can do to look pretty, which sucks bc i actually like her. But face it people, she is not gorgeous or hot, she is plain ugly.

Jackie on

I like the hair, but HATE the makeup…

pepperjack on

she’s a cute girl, but the hair & matching lipstick gotta go

Aisha on

I am suprised, but I like it a lot! I think she can pull of almost anything.

Mel on

Mary Kate anyone?

stylemaven on

She is beautiful in general, and I really like the hair color, length, and cut. The lipstick looks great, too! I can’t seem to pull off red lipstick, and I have respect for people who can.

Cristie on

EWWWW!!!! She looks like a scraggly, skinnier, Mary Kate Olsen. She looks like a homeless person but with red lipstick!

Sandy on

She is a work in progress, some days she is good others she is plain bad in this picture she just looks worn out.

amy on

lose the red lipstick and gain some weight then she will look pretty.

Katie on

She looks like Mary Kate….on a bad day!!! Not her best look.

Jackie on


suzanne on

I don’t like this look and the red lipstick makes it even worse.
I like her hair best if it’s cut in a shorter bob with soft nice honey colours.
She looks absolutely stunning in her dad’s video…..

suzanne on

I don’t like this look and the red lipstick makes it even worse.
I like her hair best if it’s cut in a shorter bob with soft nice honey colours.
She looks absolutely stunning in her dad’s video…..

Gabi on

I love Nicole but she is starting to look real old just like Rachel Zoe.

The hair is cute but is too Mary Kate for her, i used to love her with a Bob.

micheleeee. on

I dont think she looks anything like MK

But I like the color. I just wish she would take out the hair extentions

And her makeup seems a little caked on

Is that just me?

YingYanguMer on

LOVE the HAIR..HATE the lipstick..

Alex on

I cannot believe people are mentioning that she looks great,its one thing when your healthy,but shes not, she did go from one size to the next and the sad thing is you cant even tell that she is sick from her complexion,people are just feeding the enorexia even more and she will continue to think she is okay.

khoral on

Is is the new hair colour that is forcing her to look that ugly????

Shari on

I like her hair color, but I think the lipstick clashes.

Kelly on

I think she looks great!!.Nicole is always trying new things and always looks unique!I think she is beautiful!

khoral on

I always thought she resmebled my boston terrior.. My dog is way cuter though!!

tahlia on

BARF! her petite figure gets completely lost in that mane, and her skincolor is washed out between the hair and red lipstick.

well you know on

i don’t like it.. she looks much better with the honey blonde..

tatiana on

her hair is good but her lipstick???

Jessie on

She looks terrible, the color doesn’t work with her skin tone and the red lipstick is a disaster. Few women can truly pull off red lipstick well.

Mike on

AARGHHH!!! Nuff said!

danielle on

I love Nicole, but she looks better with short hair, it doesn’t matter what color. And also, please stop doing something just to grap the attentions! Nicole, please do not become another paris or britney spear.

sarah on

Although she looks a little like Courtney Love, she may be able to pull this look off! I have always liked Nicoles style and here weight?? Old news- she’s skinny, GET OVER IT!!!

Bree on

I think she looks great. Personally, I’d go for a cooler red with her skin tone, the warm tones can tend to make a person look ”washed out.” But all in all, I like it.

gina on

i think that if nicole had her hair shorter, she’d look better only cause she’s so skinny now. if she can put on a few more pounds, the long hair would do. color’s okay…red lipstick is nice but i’m not sure if it goes with her skin color…it makes the lipstick look even brighter. but if anyone can get away with it, why not???

shane on

need to put on some weight. and although red is a beautiful color, not everyone looks good with that color. now that paris and nicole are friends again, does this mean she’ll go back to her really bad and naughty ways again?

Steph on

She looks like one of the Olsen Twins

Jeanette on

I like the color is different, but she looks a lot better blonde.

Debbie on

I don’t like it! The blond is much prettier. I love her in the Simple Life – she’s so funny and outgoing – I admire her open personality but I feel for her with the weight issue. I wish she could gain some of it back. I feel sorry for that society is so judgmental and she is in the public eye because I think that makes the issue worse. I’m glad Paris and her patched things up though. Good luck to you Nicole.

crystal on

I don’t think it matter what color she puts on her hair, what she needs to be concerned with is putting some weight on her body!

Tina on

I think she looks awful. She needs to put on some weight.



secondhand on

she looks effing ugly, more ugly than usual. it’s like her makeup artist woke up color blind one morning and decided to make her look like she kissed a pumpkin.

scal on

I think shed look better with a color closer to her natural hair color. When shes beach blond it does look good, but, shes just blends in together with all the “beautiful” hollywood people…..boring. I give her props for trying to stand out more, but I think a browner color would compliment her olive/honey skin more, and her bright eyes. Reddish looks vamp and sexy and all but it doesnt suit everyone.

me on

I love it!!!! It’s not even really red… it’s more tawny.Sort of the color of tanned leather, and it looks wonderful with her skin tone. It looks better than the same old plain blonde bobs everywhere. I’m sick of that matronly look.

It’s not Marcia Cross firey red.
It’s not Carrot Top orangey red.
It’s not Lindsay Lohan orange either.

It’s a beautiful colour, and I’m glad she changed it. Oh and by the way….. the “Nicole & Paris Feud” was all a publicity stunt to promote their shows. Do you think Nicky would hang out with Nicole during that time if Nicole and Paris really hated each other? That was a good publicity stunt!!!! Now we’ll get to see them together again in the last installment of the Simple Life.
hahaha good job hollywood!!!!!!!!

Shelley on

I think she looks great, its a softer, prettier look for her. Keep it up Nic!

Nathalie on

Oh my God!!!that’s really awfull!! she looked so much better with blond hair…..and by the way, what a disgusting lip color?!!! I can’t understand people who loves such dumb persons like Jessika Simpson and others….

jessica on

it’s really cute, i think it looks great on her

yen on


Kari on

I like the new red color – but definitely not the bright red lipstick.

Beth on

I like the hair color. However, every picture I’ve seen of her with Paris, she looks like the wilted flower. Stand up, look up, smile. Don’t let Paris steal the limelight honey!

Abby on

I love the hair but get that lipstick off! She can pull it off though! Is that Paris in the backround?

Jamie on

Not a big fan of the re but if she likes it thats all that matters.

natalie on

i like her hair, but she needs some mascara!

lia on

she looks like mary kate olsen.

Mari on

Didn’t like her look before but this is only very slightly better. I like the colour of her lipstick but with this look it’s a bit too garish. If I could redo her I would go for a nice rich light brown with red highlights for her hair, and go dramatic with her eyes.

melissa on

We should be focusing on something more important other than her hair color, and that’s her weight! Although the red lips look like something went wrong in an 8th grade 80’s play or something. Yuck. The hair is hideous, and she’s a mess. Someone who’s close to her should help her and now! Amazes me when people with money look like they live on the streets…what’s up with that? Normal people would love to have a fraction of what they have..craziness.

deebee on

ICK! The red is too garish and bright for her tiny face and skin coloring. I like her better when she plays up her eyes and goes neutral with the lip color. Love the hair though.

CrankyApp on

HATE IT! she looks awful.

Joanna on

It’s a radical change in my opinion. With her blonde hair she looked like a classic hollywood beauty. All though her hair doesn’t look bad she looks better blonde.

Eileen on

She looks too pale with the red hair.

HC on

Love her new hair color, but not a fan of the red lips–like her natural look better.

Ash on

Doesn’t quite work. I love her new hair color, but her face looks a little too cake-y and pastey for me.

Me on


Big Bertha on

She looks like a kinky skinny girl. with too much lipstick

judith on

I think this is a sad tragedy, as ms. richie is OBVIOUSLY ripping off the style of Mary Kate Olsen. This isn’t the first time she has done so–oversized sunglasses, bohobo chic, and even anorexia–and I’m certain it isn’t the last. It’s too bad Ms. Richie gets more credit for being a style icon when, truly, the trendsetter is MK.

bri bri on

I like the way she looks, she’s changed her look but its not a dramatic change the red lipstick looks good with her hair.

Monique on

SERIOUSLY !!!!! Did she look in the mirror before she left and thought she looked good……WOW !!!

kathy on

I think she looks exactly like one of the Olsen twins…she might be the lost triplet!…its disgusting!!

miss mia on

i personally prefer her with the blond bob. now she looks like the girl gremlin from the movie the gremlins with the red lipstick

Jrock on

Love it. Shes awesome.

li* on

nicole looks best with any shade of blonde. this hair colour takes away from her and doesn’t make her look as cute. the blonder shades generally complimented her skin tone. i think this is all wrong!…so far.

Ellie on

i am a huge nicole fan. she is my style icon. whatever she wears looks amazing on her, and the red hair/lipstick is a nice change. i can’t wait until her style book comes out cause i’ll be first in line!

jaz on

like her hair. hate her lipstick

Jay on

Is she trying to impersonate Mary Kate? (or whichever Olson twin looks like that) She looks much better with blonde hair and as to her weight, I think she looks great!

Rosie on

WEll i dont really like it i like it better Short and blonde she looks more skinnier

Hannah on

I LOVED her hair before, i don’t think she should have changed it; howeever, it looks good likt this too.

i just liked her hair blonde and short more

tammy on

Maybe she’s doing all of these unusual/weird things to get the attention off of her weight. Can’t say that I’d blame her.

Emily on

hedious!!! it looks awful with her skin color….it makes me say “bless her heart!”

Angelica on

I like the hair, but I think she needs some weight, cause she looks absolutly skinny!!

brenda on

I think the blonde hair looks MUCH better. The red makes her look washed out.

Voice of Reason on

Love the red, adorable…

Bettsy Mongolian Girl on

She is not kind of her real face i think.

Like a sleepy cow!!!

Alexa on

I read through the comments and thought I wonder how many liked this look, I took a tally and about 46 people liked the color. About 67 said they didn’t like the color, and about 15 people just worried about her looking like Mary Kate Olsen.

I read a persons comment and they said…”We should be focusing not on her hair, but what’s MORE important is her weight!” ….. Correction, that is what I call NUN YA BIZ. See, everyone focuses on her weight. Obviously this is old news, so lets move on. You are NOT her and have NO control over her body, so let her be skinny, chunky, curvy or 500 pounds. It doesn’t matter anyways, because people seem to make fun of skinny and fat people now. Now in society we all have to be perfect. We have NO idea what is going on in her life. If she chooses that sorta life style, so be it. It’ll take her to wanna change something. Our main focus is to let society know that you are accepted and to just put the word out there to be healthy, but I don’t want someone preaching to me about something. Pay my bills and raise my family, THEN we’ll talk! We can all appreciate ones opinion, but lets move on from the skinny talk. There is some sorta problem in society, I think we all know that.

Now, moving on……I like Nicoles hair color, it’s very pretty, and I like the long also, the lipstick doesn’t bother me. I think the red is like a vamp look, and she looks stylish. She is just trying something new and different, and I won’t blame her for that. Women are beautiful and we should all appreciate that in one another.

wain on

she looks hot- too much makeup though- the red lippy is an excellent choice!

Isabella on

I think she looks good – the hair colour’s great and the lips could be toned down a bit, even so, I think she looks great.

Danielle on

I think Nicole is real pretty but i like her better with the shorter hair. The long hair looks too sloppy and too much for her small frame. The red lipstick, i like the color but not on her. Maybe its the hair. But i think if the hair was short like how she had it before, maybe then the lipstick would work. She just looks pale and lifeless.

chopsueyluey on

LOVE it!!

Diana on

I think her hair looks ugly. This look reminds me of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I think it looks horrible! :(

sole on

she is perfect right now!!!! i love the hair

kara on

She reminds me Mary-Kate Olsen!
I love her hair.
The lipstick is a little bit too much.

J on

I am not sure why people are worried about her hair( which looks awful) when the girl looks like she hasn’t eaten in a week! I am tired of seeing these actresses getting praise for their looks!

Abs on

It makes her look like a corps! The red does not look good with her skin color!!!!! EWE!

joan on

I don’t like it at all she looks like Strawberry short cake…

Pollza on

I absolutely love it!!!!!,

Alicia on

Mary Kate Olsen.. definitely

percols on

she needs to gain weight then she will look good. but whatever she does now does not make her look any better, and thats the truth!

annalise on

NOT GOOD.it pales out her complexion and makes her look even more sick!!

Tessa on

I think we need to see more pictures of her with that hair and without that lipstick in order to decide..

Amber on

It still is a blondish color, just more like a Strawberry blonde; It is very nice on her I think.

Tany on

I love Nicole Richie!!! Her face looks to pale but other than that shes gourge

jm on

Maybe if she would start putting on some pounds on her body maybe that new hair style would look better. I don’t understand how people can say she looks good!!

Clarissa on

This color is better then blonde.

elisa stapp on

she definitely needs some color on her face!!!

marnia on

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew! I’m sorry when did the woodstock girl look come back in style? Go back to blonde please!!!

jordandunnrox on

i HATE her hairstyle and her lipstick! i think that she tried to tye in the lipstick with the hair and it just didn’t work. she should definitly stick to the blonde

Meredith on

Ew. That’s all I have to say.

.Emonica on

I think it looks horrible, she is a beautiful girl, but the red has to G….O.

samuella james on

i kinda like if besides it good a for woman to change her looks all the time. Nicole is pretty and fast becoming a fashion icon like miss lohan. she always looked glamrous on the red carpet. i would personally prefer her hair shorter coz it open up her big eyes and suit her slim face.

Burjuww on

the hair color is nice but looks awful on her, she looked much better with honey blonde hair cus it looked nice with her skin color and by the way the red lipstick looks so eww..

Stephanie K on

she looks more like mary kate’s twin than ashley does.

this looks too harsh on her — i loved the days with her blond-ish bob in big, soft curls and natural looking makeup. you’re cute, nicole, lose the sharp edges!

Patricia on

Her hair looks better, but please. Why is she even famous? Go away!!!!

mono on

yeah, why is she famous? Did she do anything special? Her dad did, but that’s a different story…I don’t care about her hair…just STOP writing about her. It’s that easy. I’m sure a lot of people agree with me.

Donald G. on

I do not like her new red highlights, and think that Nicole looks better with Blonde, or her former hair color. I like Nicole’s hair just above the shoulders

Concerning her weight, she is barely
5 feet 2 inches, and she is small bone person, so she is not going to weigh between 85-100 lbs. Lay off her about
the weight!

She has it all, personality, hair, eyes, teeth, smile, and petite.


April Reyes on

Um No. I think that she is a very beatiful girl, but i do not like the hair, or her body right now! She is way to skinney.

amanda on

I hate her hair this color. I fshe keeps her hair red then i am not going to watch the simple life anymore bcz i won’t be able to stand it. I prefer her hair shorter and blonde it suits her complexion. Ihate the makeup 2!

Rebecca! on

Love it!!

sabrina on

for me is not a big difference really I mean she didn’t got brunette so… is not a thing to tell really… is still blonde:D with a redish accent….so I don’t see the purpose of the question…

hey on

I think it looks like she is sick or something. The combonation of that color, her skintone, and red lipsitck is just something that shouldnt be done. She should go back to what her hair color was before (even though it proabably isnt her real hair anyways!) lol

Beauty on

I think she looks beautiful,her face looks illuminated by the color of her hair,maybe the red colour is too dark for her,she is young,she must use a lighter colours that reflects freshness and joviality.She looks very pretty xD

Beauty on

I think she wouldnt use red lipstick because she likes tan,then red lipstick fit more on pale skins.

feathers on

I am not a fan at all…looks NARSTY!! The red lipstick has to go as well, very unflattering look for anyone!

matt on

i think she looks terrible……..much hotter as a blonde…..maybe she should go dark brunette

MJ on

She looks cute.But she needs to get some meat on her bones.
And hey stop with the hating.

Jen on

The hair color works for her, but I think it might be better a little shorter. The lipstick is horrible, too much of an orangey red for her skin tone.

MJ on

She looks cute.But she needs to get some meat on her bones.
And hey stop with the hating.

sofia on

this hair ain’t nice at all!!is it orange or what?!
she’s better blonde

GG on

I think she looks like a lighter, paler, skinnier version of Star Jones, the same jumpy eyes, horrible. She should use some of her money and get plastic surgery, oh and buy some food and eat it, her skin is starting to hang off her bones.

Jaime on

I think she looks amazing, whether it’s her hair, fashions or makeup. In fact I’m getting my hair colored next week & taking this pic with me.

Ashley on

I think that she is sick all together she looks horrible everytime I see her. At least she is not wearing those huge oversized shades in this pic they make her look even more ridiculous!

Meg on

She looks like an Olsen Twin.

olha on

red is not for hers…sorry. i luv u=)

lisa divirgilio on

I think Nicole looks great, the press for sure is stressing this poor girl out,,shes tiny and all these big men with big cameras hounding her daily,,hell leave her alone a bit so she can get her life back,,she’s beautiful with the long hair and the colour is nice and bright,,cheers her sad face up..She probably needed a change like the rest of us sometimes,,only we don’t make the papers,, she rocks and needs to setle down with a nice man who honestly loves her and will not screw around on her, and give her a nice life,, with her nice dad.rock on nicole and live life to the fullest she deserves it like we all do……….

Andrea on

Apparently sloppy is in style. Personally, I think she looks terrible. I think she needs the short blonde bob.. and some classier clothing. The hair color looks like a dye job gone bad and red lipstick only looks good on certain people. I think she needs more natural tones or maybe pink tones.

diana on

um, i didn’t realize there was a third Olsen twin–guess we found the third Olsen. The “Olsen Tripplets”- LOL. cute, but they’re waaaay too thin!

Adriano on

I’ll just say that nicole looks creepy an awesomely terrific in any kind of look she wears, i definitively dont like her, at least untill she gains weight, she’s as thin as a microphone!! =S

night on

This poor girl is commiting suicide one pound at a time. Now she has made herself look one step closer to the grim reaper by giving her complexion that waxy in the casket look. The red lipstick completes the look, and the hair color just tops it off.

khyrsten on

i totally love her hair…granted i liked it better blonde…but i love her new skinny look too…she looks wonderful!! i love it!!

oh and i don’t really think she looks like the olsen twins at all..just a thought

Mia on

This girl could wear everything! she fits gorgeous in her hair but my favourite was the shorter blonde style.

Nyle. on

I don’t know I’m a huge fan of MK olsen for about 5 years now and I think she’s trying to look like her I don’t know why but it looks that way, i mean come on Nicole you need decates to built up a billion dollar imperium like the olsens did, but good luck by trying to be mk.

Nat on

I love this new look, and her recent newer one is even better. She is absolutly gorgeous but she is SOOO on the skinny. Doesn’t matter, Nicole is totally hot and can pull off any look she wants!

alice on

love it!! im so happy shes fiall moving on in life!! im glad her and paris are friends again!

LeeAnn on

i think nichole is ugly and the red lipstick is gross and she looked better with blond hair if she can look good at all

garance on

I don’t like it. It makes you look uh there are no words.

Jamie on

In my opinion..

Nicole is disgusting. And what sickens me more is the fact that young girls look to her as a “role model.” She is fake, never true to herself, and always riding on the coat-tails of another..

Oh, and kudos to the cop who pulled her over. He deserves way more respect than Nicole ever will.

Just imagine if you were coming down that highway at that moment and she slammed into a car you were in, while under the influence.. Would you still think she was so great?

Crystal on

i dig it =o]

arlene on

she does not look good at all.

tatiana on


Abi kojac on

ummm can you say UGLY!!!!!!!

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