J.Lo's Makeup Mis-step

10/09/2006 at 12:30 PM ET

Jennifer Lopez loves to play with her look– from headwraps to sculpted updos– but she can always be counted on for flawless makeup. So, we can’t figure out what went awry at the Children’s Hospital Benefit this Saturday night in LA. Her lipstick is too light and pink for her bronzed skin, and the green eyeshadow/spiky lashes seem better suited for a Halloween costume than for a black tie gala. We are still loving the chocolate locks though. Tell us: What do you think of J. LO’s makeup? Garish or gorgeous?

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dt on

I think she looks horrible. The eye shadow isn’t blended, the false lashes are completely un-natural and the lipstick makes her look dead. Did she look in the mirror before leaving the house?

Melissa on

The girl is already georgous why on earth would she sit down and let someon mixup her face like cake batter. She is just in her early 30’s she looks like she’s 45 trying to look 20….just disgusting.

Maggie on

She reaally needs to go back to her ‘Bennifer’ look. Back then she was classy and had a phenominal makeup artist. Now all she is doing is making herself look older and none-the-wiser

Lisa on

She is gorgeous always; however, I don’t like the lipstick color.

Sonya on

Wow I usually love her makeup but this looks so painted on. The cover up on her face looks caked on and the eyelashes are real bad.Everything just looks real fake and unnatural looking.

AnnieM on

Not my favorite look for her, but she still looks better than most of us do most days (at least she doesn’t look burnt-out like Lindsay Lohan does 99% of the time).

Pollza on

Hey people let us understand one thing, celebrities are not used to do things by themselves like us , things are done for them, so for make-up are one of the things which she pays someone to do for her, thats why they will never learn.

Michelle on

She looks like a wax figure, too creepy!

Sarah on

She looks awful. the lipstick washes her out and her eyelashes look hideous, and I am not a fan of her new hair color either. Especially when she wears bright red lipstick. She looks like she is ready to go back to her fly-girl days!

Lucy on

There probably wasn’t a mirror around. Since she’s been firing everyone around her she should let go of her make up artist

Sarah on

I like the Bennifer look the best.

ilovejohnmayer on

she looks disgusting.

Ashley on

I very much dislike the light lipstick shade that drowns out her mouth…it looks like a child put her make up on. makeup is suppose to be natural looking and accentuate not make you look scary and unnatural.

Donna Dee on

OMG! No! No! No! She is much too beautiful to allow a pink lipstick and a green eyeshadow overpower her beauty!!! Take it off J-Lo!!!!!

wtfhappened? on

she looks like a drag queen

Sharese on

I love the hair but I agree that the make-up was horrible. She’s usually works the make-up thing but in this pic she reminds me of the old too-tanned neighbor in “There’s Something About Mary”. A chink in the a Armor Ted!

Tiffany on

Wow, seriously… way harsh people. First of all.. like it is stated up top.. she has people who do her make up for her. Her recent face lift and her recent choices in style have made me wonder if she has a new publist or something. Wow. There are some poor descisions being made in the Jennifer Lopez world and someone needs to point out who it is so Jennifer can fire thier ass.. Other then that her choices in wardrobe have been decent but I know we have all see her better days. What is a beuautiful woman doing to herself to make herself look… whatever the look is that she is going for these days!

agos on


i think that jennifer lopez look great!!!

i love so much and always look great

Voice Of Reason on

My gods, did she not bother with a mirror at all? Hideous! She is usually such a stunning woman…

Mrs.Borrego on

I gotta say I do love her straight chocolate hair style. Her eyeshadow has to go and so does her pale pink lipstick. She should of gone for a brown color palette.

PJ on

SCARY!! Granted, she normally looks great. But, this look! Exactly, find out who did it and fire their sorry ass! I’m not a big JLo fan anyway. So, I think it is pretty funny!

shauna on

umm… its called she did her makeup herself for once & this is what the outcome is!!

Dana on

I think this has to be the worst she has ever looked (all made up of course). Her hair looks awful and that make-up, UGH , those eyelashes are awful looking!! Lipstick does no justice in this case…why even wear any???? JLo please fire that make-up artist …if that’s what you want to call him/her!!

eman on

it’s ugly ,if the eyeshadow were grey it would have look a lot better

Alicia on

she looks awful in this pict the the girl is cute for sure

Donna on

Looks like she’s trying to bring back Cher in the Sonny & Cher era. Definetly not a good look, for anybody!

bobo on

Her meck up makes her look 10 years older and skin looks very tired as well. J-LO, don’t wear too havey mack up….you are already beautiful..

Lisa on

She’s getting older and uglier every day that she’s married to Marc Anthony. LOL I love it!! My boyfriend used to think she was hot. I just keep laughing and showing him all the ugly pics that I see of her in PEOPLE.

shar on

horrible! with make-up, LESS IS MORE

miranda on

Wow…what was she thinking? The lipstick is way to light for her skin tone…it almost makes her lips look dry and chapped. It just looks like she hasn’t washed her face in days and kept applying make-up on top of make up. Her eyelahes look clumpy and matted together. Besides her hair, this is a terrible look for J-lo.

Ashlee Young on

Where do I start? Her roots need a little touching up. Her face seems a little washed out. The lipstick is waaay too light for her. 2 Words: Tarantula Eyes! Eyeshadow needs to be blended in a little bit more.

What happened to Jennifer? Usually she looks so beautiful and glowing. In this picture she looks like she has been sick with the flu and tried to cover it up with cheap makeup? Come on Jennifer…we know you can do better than this.

laura on

she would look prettier with a natural look. she looks like a clown.

Ang on

Ever since she married MArc Anthony her fashion choices have been our of the norm. she seems older, is like shes losing the glow. but then again being married to a Latino keeps her grounded. I’m also a Latina and I must say Latino men are very Macho and very demanding and possesive. I thnk the JLO world has been changed thanks to Marc. I mean Shes more quiet and more “normal” now. we are so used to seen her all glammed up. she has great talent but it seems that lately Marc is the one making all the decisions for her.

Ang on

Ever since she married MArc Anthony her fashion choices have been our of the norm. she seems older, is like shes losing the glow. but then again being married to a Latino keeps her grounded. I’m also a Latina and I must say Latino men are very Macho and very demanding and possesive. I thnk the JLO world has been changed thanks to Marc. I mean Shes more quiet and more “normal” now. we are so used to seen her all glammed up. she has great talent but it seems that lately Marc is the one making all the decisions for her.

Holy Candy on

Check out the animal fur lashes (seriously) — she’s lucky PETA didn’t dump red paint on them!

miranda on

Wow…what was she thinking? The lipstick is way to light for her skin tone…it almost makes her lips look dry and chapped. It just looks like she hasn’t washed her face in days and kept applying make-up on top of make up. Her eyelahes look clumpy and matted together. Besides her hair, this is a terrible look for J-lo.

Bethany on

Your’re right LISA .Ever since she married Marc Anthony her makeup and career and everything has gone down hill.I think it’s time she divorced Marc

Brandy on

Yee-uck. She looks like a man! A plastic man! Those false clumpy eyelashes she’s been wearing for years have always been over the top, but acceptable with her usually lovely makeup. Combined with her muted out lips, awful shadow and too tan base, it’s just another eyesore.

Hopefully she’s just trying out some new things before she settles on a new (and hopefully better than this!!) look.

maam on

Obviously she won’t be making this mistake again. She was probably trying different looks to make her look glam but still vivacious.

maria on

Its the foundation its to light for her color skin, and the lipstick

Lisa on

Dear GOD is all i have to say! What was she thinking?!

Nicky on

Lord lord lord…can you say U-G-L-Y!That is the worst..Did she look in the mirror?..Mark Anthonys looks is rubbing off on her for real..Just horrible OMG..

Maria on

She looks AWFUL! Her makeup looks tooooo pale and she doesn’t look LIVELY. Too Halloweenish for me! BIG MISS for JLO. Between this and that silver spacesuit she wore at the VMA’s I don’t know what is happening to her…

ggirl on

Her Madame Toussaud’s wax sculpture looks better!!

Kate on

Jennifer has been making some really bad mistakes lately…..I wonder where she is getting her advice from?? Her ‘space’ outfit was bad but this makeup is really hideous. She usually looks so flawless….I have no idea why she would allow herself out in public looking like this.

Jen on

She looks like a wax figure

micheleeee. on


WOW. This makeup is caked on.

someone screwed up!

Katie on

Maybe this is the way she really looks, it might just be an unretouched photo of the real Jennifer Lopez, anyone thought of that? Whatever it is, Jay Lo is so over.

Cheri on

Hate the lipstick!

Stephie on

Her makeup is definately a two thumbs down….multiplied by 30! First of all, not even blondes should wear that color lipstick, unless you’re made of plastic and have a boyfriend named Ken. Second, not only is her choice of SHADE wrong for her lids, but the way it was applied looks like a layered shot. Jen, hon, blend. Third, does anyone notice how pasty her skin looks? I don’t know if it’s not enough powder or if it’s totally the WRONG liquid for her complexion, but it is NOT a good look. And of COURSE, who the heck wants spider lashes anymore? Time to get a new mascara with a seperator brush girl!

Nancy on

Bad make up job. Period. Regardless of who did it. It’s awful.

For those saying it was the make up artist’s fault, Hello!! JLo agreed to keep wearing it! If that was me, I’d have washed it off and said “DO OVER!”

h on

ewww…looks like a drag queen!!!

Angie on

Jeezzzz…..she looks almost manly in this photo…she can look so pretty but she looks so yucky in this photo.

J.Ride on

Holy Crap…you think she would have said something to her “make-up artist”…like “you’re fired”!!!!! I guess money can’t buy you beauty…uggggghhhhhhhhh

Dee on


Lilah on

Has anybody else noticed that with each boyfriend she changes who she is? With diddy it was ghetto queen, with Bennifer, it was prissy white girl and now that she’s with Mark, she’s going back to her roots. That girl needs to find herself and not let her men dictate who she is! This make up looks AWFUL!

Heather Crislip on

JLO definitley doesnt look good with this look. i think this is the first time ive ever seen her with a makeup mis-step. i gotta give it to her though, even with this make up looking so bad, she still looks way better than half the stars out there!!!! Love you JLO

Mimi on

Drag queen alert!!

Heather on

Everyone has an off night. I do not like the make up at all but the hair color is great and she is still beautiful!

Sian Remi on

Jennifer is far too beautiful to have to try so hard.

Rita Fisher on

Her makeup is the worst I have ever seen. What happened??? Did her husband put her makeup on?

Devo on

I always suspected that “she” was a drag queen!

Larice on

Truly ghastly make-up, lipstick. I guess her husband wants to make her look as ugly as he is.

Tina on

I think she looks like she was in a hurry. It’s TERRIBLE!!!

Tina on

She looks like a wax figurine. It’s horrible.

Michelle on

I usually love her natural look! but this is horrible. She looks pale and what’s with the lipstick? She looks like a fake doll. I really think she should stick to her natural looks than this one, this is a bit extreme for her and plain simple looks horrible on her!

Lindsey on

I am NOT a JLO fan at all…never have, never will be. All I can say is blend, blend and blend. She looks dead. AWFUL….I will never have nice things to say about her. She cant sing, shes a horrible actress and I dont think shes that pretty and she has a ginormous butt…which is UNattractive.

tracie on


sara on

Her skin is not smooth. She looks terrible!

Leann Sharp on

LOL! Maggie, did you actually write that Jennifer Lopez was in her “early 30’s?” Jennifer Lopez is in her LATE 30’s. And sorry to say, she looks it. She is looking very mature and still trying to wear makeup more suited to a teenager.

DS on

She is getting OLD and this look is not helping her out. She looks like a freak. She can do way better. I have never thought she was that pretty but I have seen her look better.

Leia on

This is not a good look for her at all. Not to be mean but she looks as though they did this under bad lighting. I am sure that the person that did her makeup is apologizing and hoping for another chance to redeem them selves. What do they say? Less is more. That’s o.k. Jen we can’t be cute every time:-)

PKaminski on

TERRIBLE! She should not be wearing that. Nuff said.

Kim on

Jennifer is a beautiful lady. She would have looked better without the makeup.

Tina on

UGH! She looks NASTY, what the hell is that lipstick? And, where did she get those eyelashes? She usually looks great but, this is like a Night of the Living Dead! She looks like the batter of a betty crocker cake.

Just me on

Every pore on J-Lo’s face is drowning and plugged with multi layers of make-up (JLo throw the Max Factor Pan cake away!) Lips, where? I swear Tammy Faye Baker wears this same EXACT look!

Regina Turley on

Sorry but if she had help maybe they did this to her on purpose. But she looks horrible

Dawn on

I think she looks terrible! Her lips look washed out & her eyes look like Tammy Faye Baker!

eb on

She does not appear as sexy and beautiful now as she was before she got married. She is really toned down and average looking. She is looking much too old. She is beautiful but it hardly shows nowdays.

GA on

I hate the makeup and I hate the hair. Maybe she’s trying to be a better match for her hubby in the ugly department. The hair is horrendous! She does need to go back to the Bennifer days ASAP.

Tracy on

Before I read the caption I thought it was a wax copy of J. Lo. She looks fake, the make up cpolors do not do her face the justice it deserves..

Mandy on

WOW! Looks like her makeup artist took the night off! Hair: too dark; lips: wrong color; foundation: too much and not even her color; eyebrows: too dark and pure ugly; false lashes: tacky style; and eyeshadow: blend, blend, blend! J Lo get it together, girl!!!

sherita on

I think that she is crazy for adding make up to a natural beauty type face. She does not need the make up and she should allow her natural look to shine!

nina on

she looks like a sweaty wax doll. gross, she has no style!

Courtney on

Well thats kind of a bad picture but I think she looked great! Its nice to see a change in peoples makeup and not just do the same old same old. She takes chances, LOVE IT!

mariaelena on


Brittany on

Her lips are cameouflaged…where are they?

Daisy on

Awful! She’s so beautiful as well. Don’t do it again J-Lo!

Robin on

I think her choice of colors for makeup is horrible. Ugly lipstick, Too much foundation, Too heavy of mascara. She must have did it herself.

Michelle on

Stop letting your husband dress you!!!!!

Michelle on

Are those tarantula’s or eye lashes?

Rose on

She really messed up this time, she looks horrible!!

mack on

What were you thinking? Oh, I know you’re getting ready
for Halloween?

tania on

she’s ugly, whether with or without make-up!!

Bree on

It looks more like her wax sculpture.

rochelle on


maila on

Lord! You guys act like it’s the end of the J.Lo world as we know it just b/c her make-up artist decided to experiment his mixture of color and oils on Lopez’s face. Blame it on Scott Barnes and stop turning this mishap into presumptuous announcements of how “controlling” Marc is. Goodness, can’t a woman or anyone be allowed to get tamer and more mellow as the years pass? Sure, as long as it’s not J.Lo, right? Please, celebrities are just like everyone else..she’s not superwoman. She’s gonna age and make a fashion faux pas once in a while. When she comes out at another event looking better than ever, ya’ll are gonna be eating your words.

jess on

Give her a break if she looks tired. She’s been shooting a video for four days straight previous to that night. I don’t blame her for not really putting too much effort.

kelly on

What is with her eye lashes? It looks bad.

Chris on

I Love J.Lo, but I must agree this is not one of her best makeup days. But hey, everyone has a bad day so who are we to say anything. She looks amazing 99% of the time and that’s way better than most.

Alicia on

Yeah, so the make-up is bad….I guess none of you ever had a bad photo taken?

Kris on

Wow,the pink lipstick looks horrible…clashes with her make up and skin tone. Her foundation also looks really caked on. Jennifer has fabulous skin and when it comes to
make-up, less is more. She doesn’t need to wear this much.
Sorry Jennifer.

teri on

remember the tan old lady in “there’s something mary”??? enough said!

marsha on

Oh No. The Peta fanatics have found their way onto the People blog. Please leave. Everyone knows how you guys feel, so stop with your constant bombardments of crass language. You guys actually make me want to buy fur!

Liza on

Alright JLo. Usually I’m a big fan, especially since we share the same body type. But this look is not good. The lipstick makes her look like a ghost (and LOVED that comment from Something about Mary by the way up there), her eyes look like that christian lady with too much mascara, what was her name?? TAMMY FAYE BAKER! And the hair, while I do love that she has embraced her natural color, it looks fried and dried out. JLo, you’ve seen better days. Go back to your Glowed self and quit reverting to your FLY girl days. They were not pretty.

linda on

Jen looked sooo much better on television. Cake makeup doesn’t translate well in photographs, but she looked great in person.

evelyn on

As a fellow professional Latina, she needs to lay off the makeup. We tend to usually over do it when it comes to makeup, but she really has gone over board. The bronze look is over and so is summer. Jen girl even we know that. Help represent Latinas in a better way.

liz on


janine on

i don’t think this is very flattering. obviously it is caked on way too heavily and the difference in color under her eyes and everywhere else is awful. lipstick is too metallicy, and eyelashes look to heavy and gloppy to lift. what a misstep. she normally has it all together, looks classy, and takes fashion risks.

debbie on

Oops! Is she trying to impersonate a mannequin wearing a wig for Halloween?

courteney on

her skin is gross making her look sick. her face seems like its going to melt off with all the caked on foundation. and the lipstick shade is simply revolting.

Nikki on


sarah on

I am a Latina, and I think it’s completely ridiculous to ask Jennifer to represent us “better” by looking perfect and flawless 24/7. That is the most superficial thing I have ever heard. What more can she do already, that she hasn’t already done? Dammit, she’s here…and she’s doing it! Can you say that for yourself? She has made me more proud than I could ever ask for. I hope Jennifer doesn’t listen to inane comments from her “fellow people” like the one above. Those types of remarks is what I consider embarassing, not Jennifer’s makeup.

Breigh Bradley on

Horrible. There is absolutely nothing flattering about this look on Jennifer. She is such a gorgeous woman…yet, she’s been making some rather bad choices for ‘her’ lately.

hart braka on

that is just gross… i can c the powder on her face!

Rupa on

She is a beautiful person but this tone just doesn’t do it for her at the least!

Isabel on

Wow,this is definitely not like her.

esther on

She is looking her age. She should not try to hid the fact that is is latin—brown skin. Stop trying to look “white” Jennifer. Start looking your age. Stop trying to look like your husband—that 70’s look!

amanda on

I would hardly call it “gross” or “horrible” but Jen can do better. I forgive her. She’ll come back radiant at the next event, especially knowing all the flack she’s currently receiving. Her skin looks blotchy b/c of the tan spray. That “old” look is 100% caused by the makeup and applications. She looks in her early 20s when she’s makeup-free. Simply stunning.

scottsucks on

Looks like Mr. Scott Barnes is testing out some of his new products from his make-up line on Lopez. You can actually see from the top of her neck where the cake make-up stops. He just completely ruined her naturally soft velvety skin with his junk of creations.

singleton on

I want to slap Scott for doing this to my Jen. And ouch! What’s up with People Magazine calling Jen’s look a “Halloween Costume.” Those are for hater posters who have nothing better to do, not from professional editors. You guys are a bunch of two-faced backstabbers. I hope Lopez never grants you another interview.

gigi on

Oops! Too much of a goof! Sorry to say, where was her stylist?

Vicki on

Wow…this is NOT the Jennifer we have all grown to adore.

Zsuzsa on

by the way… if you surf people’s pages you can find that this look was actually chosen as the best look (in style)!!
The green eye shadow mached the green belt she was wearning, and the lipstich was suposed to be almost the same color as her make up to give a perfect contrast with her gorgeous black dress. Her make up and hair was a perfect match for her dress and belt. Some one at this moagazine must really dislike her to make a picture of her face with such a close up zoom ( that would make any one look wierd) and post is here for you to chew on! She looked grait that night! See it for yourselves!

Deanna on

Way too tan, too much makeup, too dark of hair, too oily…she’s just too much! Gross!

Annette on

I think that she looks like one of those wax museum people. She looks greasy and waxy. Wash that face!!!

beth on

I do NOT like this look. Those false eyelashes make it look like she has 7 lashes on each eye, I can kind of see the concept for the eyeshadow, but it just didn’t work – and that pale pink lipstick was very very unflattering. With her new darker hair (which looks like it has about 6 lbs. of gel in it) a cherry pink lipstick and brown/gold eyeshadow would have looked one million times better. If she is looking for a new make-up artist, I know I could do better than the one she had for that event!

nadia on

WOW .. it’s OVER ..
She is such a gorgeous woman ..
Thinking twice .. before go out ..

sarah on

Everyone is always so quick to judge a person- especially a celebrity, on how they look. What if THEY like how they look. Maybe she thinks that she is beatiful this way. I don’t guess celebrities like Jennifer get to decide for themselves how they really feel, do they??

Marie on

Wow…being a Mary Kay consultant and all, I feel that she needs a makeover! She is scary.

Cyndi on

It looks ugly…it seem like if she did her own makeup..

Cyndi on

It looks ugly…it seem like if she did her own makeup..


Absolutely love this womans style and how beautiful she is however this lip color has taken her down she needs to do turnaround to another color please.

Khadija on

Her foundation is much lighter than her skin tone which makes her look like a ghost, her hair seems like its falling out, her eye showdow looks too much, her lip-gloss is too light. She just looks awfully dreadful, i could have done a much better job, she should have paid me!

Kristi on

ok..we’ve all done a fauxpax..and this is diffently one of them. Wipe it off and start over…or go alnaturale..

JGirl on

She has always looked really funny to me. I have really tried looking for the beauty that everyone else says she is. Sorry, with or without the makeup. Just throw a bag on that’ll do.

Aisha on

I saw her on Access Hollywood last night and her makeup didn’t look that bad. On the TV I actually liked the way she had pale lips and thought it looked nice. In this picture her eye makeup doesn’t look too good, but that might be because she had a lot of makeup on since she was going to be presenting an award on stage.

Melinda on

She looks like an evil doll!

Rebecca on

Ick! Her makeup looks like she applied it in bad lighting where she couldn’t see the colors she was picking and the need to blend. Her usually flawless skin looks terrible. Hopefully it was just one bad day for her.

Stephany on

I dont think that there is anything wrong with her. Other than her eye lashes look scary. Stop hating on them. They are trying their hardest to look good.

Patricia on

All that makeup makes her look really old! all the colors have the same depth it all blends together.

mayra on

i always said a women looks better with her own beauty with a little foundation and a little mascara looks great, but i think she put alot of makup i mean tunes and those fake eyelashes dont fit her style. i guess her makeup artist dosent know of which color goes best with diffrent colored skin!

Emana on

anyone know what at home hair color brand i could use to dye my hair that color? it looks great.

christine on

I thought this stuff on happens to regular people.
I think the makeup is much to fake!!! to bad becuz she is a beautiful girl

well you know on

i have always thought this girl looked like a drag queen.. she is just not pretty at all…. ilk

Jeanette on

Not her best look, but she looks pretty whatever she does. I like her more natural, she doesn’t need to do much to look beautiful.

khoral on

JLO is one of those girls who look better natural. Who does her make-up anyways? It NEVER looks good. especially in this picture. I wonder how thick that layer of foundation is… I want to do her a favour and scrape it all off with a paint chipper or something. Then throw her in the bottom of a well until she promises to fire her make-up artist and never EVER go out of her house looking like that again!!!

la on

Caked on! Anyone have a cracker?

rakel on

I agree with Michelle, she looks like a wax figure, really creepy!

bri bri on

What is that on her lips? Concealer! Her hair color makes her look older too. I liked her old look better, and she looks good with make up thats more natural and not too bronzy.

Jamie on

She’s a beautiful women very powerful and i think her makeup is always wonderfulbut i think the lips are horriable

Kathy Robinson on

I think she looks like the 70’s Cher..

Janet on

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.

Yikes!! Fire the makeup artist!!!!

SG on

Oh my goodness J-lo, what is going on with you?? All that make-up caked on you makes you look like an old clown. I use to think you were so beautiful, but lately you look so old and boring. Come on, all that money you have and you can’t afford a good make-up artist? I think the first thing you need to do is divorce yout skeleton husband and the second thing is fire your personal assistant.!

jody on

anyone notice the zits? The makeup sheen really emphasizes her complexion and I’ve been better makeup application on a Bratz doll……did she let her stepchildren do it?

carol on

SHE LOOKS like a monster from Adam’s family

Christi on

That is just terrifying.

Eileen on

She usually looks very nice but this makeup she has on does nothing for her.

miss mia on

she usually looks so nice, but i have to agree with an earlier statement about her looks and image changing depending on who her man is. i don’t like the new change. i prefer her with the light colored hair and natural looking makeup. with the dark hair and this caked on make up, it really shows her age, which isnt good when you are in the industry competing against women who are barely 18. she needs to do a check and quick because personally i dont think she has any real skills other than dancing. her acting is mediocre and she damn sure can’t sing! her face and figure is all she has. if she loses that she can kiss her fame, fortune, and marc anthony good bye!

jaz on

she a lot after her marrige, but this is scarry

luanna on

Wow she looks plain weird on this pic – much older and manly or something. Less is more remember and don’t ever use that morbid lipstick.

luanna on

And what’s up with her forehead on this pic? It’s too long and it almost looks like she’s wearing a wig.

Rosie on

I hate it.. she looks like a man….It looks awful… I dont like it at all

Beth-anne on

Despite all this very harsh criticism, I have to say that i think Jlo looks absolutely gorgeous. I adore the new hair color and her makeup compliments her skin tone perfectly. I think it makes her look like the beauty she really is.

april on

It looks just a little to much, but she is a pretty women.

Stephanie on

She looks like a paint by numbers wax sculpture.

Meghan on

I think she looks like a wax figure! I mean seriously what was she thinking?

Alexa on

Where’s the GLOW J-LO? Wow. I read someone call her a wax figure and someone say she looks like a drag queen…I think she’s a mixture of both, lol.

The lipstick totally washes her lips off. Like she doesn’t have any lips. The color on the eyes, I don’t get. I see gray or green and some yellow or lime color on her eyelids. Just doesn’t look good together, either you don’t use those colors together or you blend them more. Girls, I need an AMEN on this, oh wow, her eyelashes are so scary looking.

She just looks so unnatural. I want the J-Lo GLOW back. I think this whole look is so scary looking, because it just seems nothing seems to look right or go right together. The pink lips with that color on her eyelids just look awful together. Nothing seems to blend and look natural. I do like her hair, and that’s about it. Other than that, she’s very beautiful and natural, she needs to fire her make-up artist and tell them the Halloween look isn’t until October 31!

andreina on

the make up looks sooo cheap, sooo K-mart, though it probably cost hundreds of $$$. How sad!!!

chopsueyluey on

Umm…what in the heck is going on? Get rid of the person that did that to her, shame shame shame…..

lili on

can i borrow that scary mask for halloween?

Debora on

I actually, surprisingly, quite like that photo of her. Her eyes stand out beautifully, they’re all you see- perhaps a bit of an ‘arty’ look?

Wow, I feel like some people made really interesting points on this comment board, especially about her changing her look for each man she’s with. It has seemed like that, hasn’t it? You start to wonder what she’s really ‘like’. Well, in any case to me she’s lovely!

mlr on

Her face looks covered in CLAY. Less is more!

Jennifer Ugly on

Jennifer you look ugly! Put some makeup on please. All of us have to see you, you better make yourself look a litle bettter with some makeup! Please Girl!

Jackie on

OMG. this is horrible. Normally, i love her bronzed look. she looks like a mime.

Jackie on


nico,e on

her skin looks nasty

Joan on

You figure that with so much money her make up would come out perfect. I guess not she looks horrible.

kim on

I noticed she looked like this in a picture of her filming a video for her new spanish album, I think she’s trying a little to hard to fit in with her new market, when really she’s loved by everyone for who she is, she doesn’t need to be darker skinned or darker haired, she was fine before.

CD on

Her make up does not blend in at all. Also what happened to her haircolor (3 shades)? Those earrings are way too long for her look. I guess we all have to have at least one bad make-up face, bad hair and bad accessory day, but come on all in one day??? Shame on you, J-LO. I thought you were a perfectionist, NOT!



Kerry on

Ummmm hellooooo! This is obviously not real. This has to be a WAX J-Lo. Not posible for her to look bad even if her make-up is done wrong. Her hair looks fake and she is staring off into no where.

percols on

she looks so bad!!!! who does she think she is wearing that pale lipstick like that. shes always wearing pale colors that are not suited for her anymore. she already in her thritys she needs more make up then a 13 year old girl wears.

Jasmine on

What can I say? Eyeshadow isn’t blended, Lashes um can you say false! And those lips…. Let alone the foundation is caked on and you can cook an egg with all the grease on her face. I think her make-up artist was on vacation!

simar on

i think JLO is gourgous…people make mistakes get over it..i beat u dont look so great all the time…jeez i dont understand why people get so shocked when a celiberty looks bad…like cmmon..they are people to they make mistakes..

jane on

i think she look very bad ,ugly,as if its not her she looked better before when she first started acting but now she look so different because of lastic surgery she madddddde cuz is not her real face .

yury on

she look terrible

Chikita on

JLO LOOKINGGG HOT HOT HOT! TAMALi TAMali Tamali. go JLO!!!I have never seen jlo look this good i dont know what all you guys are talking about!

vivian on

the eye shadow colors are nice but not on her. she’s wearing to much bronzer. she looks better light skined and her ugly husband is making her ugly, too.lol

Stacey on

Oh my lord, JlO looks deado.

jen on

who cares!

kemy on


jordandunn on

everybody knows that jennifer lopez is a beautiful person, ut she is still human. and like all other humans shemade a mistake! yea i’ll admit she doesn’t look all that good, but i would like to see somebody else try and do what she does and do it better.

zepol on

One word… Scary!!!

I haven’t seen a good JLO pic in forever! I used to look forward to pics of her & Jessica Simpson in the tabloids, because they always looked so flawless, but lately they both look terrible! What’s going on?

hey on

wow i love her …. shes so hottt …. u guys are idiots she looks good in anything … shes beautiful…….. love the hair…… u are the mosr beatuful female in the world ….i love u

rissa on


April Reyes on

Quit it. She looks good! If you can remember correctly she’s the type that can pool off not wearing hardly any make up at all!!

Jen Stone on

She looks awful. These colors totally wash her out. What the heck was she thinking??

Joyce on

GARISH! I regret to agree with PEOPLE’s Editor/s on this issue. The aging process is such a harsh reality in life, however, I’m 110% positive that someone screwed up here. Jennifer Lopez is an utterly gorgeous woman otherwise. Bennifer days are so over and as the old cliche’ goes, “nothing can bring back the splendor of the grass,” well then, so be it!

jetta on

does she want to look as Halle Berry?

Jennifer on

I love her style, but this make-up it not flattering at all. And the best time to experiment is not when you are headed to any galas, parties, etc. If you new make-up artist wants to play dress up have them do it on their own time.


M_O on

I do not have nothing to speak, because she´s pretty of any skill…


Everyone has made this mistake. Move on & let it go. If you never try you’ll always ask why!!

lucy on

I adore this make-up look. It looks fantastic and put together. LOVE the lipstick. Wish i could pull that off!:’

May on

What the heck was she thinking? Did she look in the mirror before she left her house?

dev on

Leave her alone!!!!

Natalie on

Her makeup just looks disgusting to me. It looks like she’s been sweating all night. Her face is melting off.
P.S. Whats up with the hair?

CM on

I miss her natural glowing skin. She is one of the lucky few who can say less is way more. Hurry… wash your face!

Rae on

Some of you guys are being needlessly brutal. I’ll admit, Jennifer does look a tad worse for wear in this picture, but even in this picture she probably looks better than you haters on your best day.

michele on

I love j.lo! she looks beautiful regardless of what she is wearing. everyone is just jealous of her. someone trys something new (no matter what it looks like) and all of sudden there ugly. atleast we know that she doesnt look like this all the time. if anyone can pull off a look like this it is jennifer lopez!

Renni on

Why should anyone care. She is stell beautiful and all ways will be. She is just having one of thoughs bad days. I know I have my bad days when Im not put to geather right. I would hate for the hole world to see and juge me.

OhMattie on

She looks like a man.

Donna on

It doesnt matter what her makeup looks like because she looks beautiful anyways. Everyone that is soo critical should have close up pics taken of their faces so that the rest of us can laugh at what THEY look like.

Angela Mendibles on

She usually looks great, but this look on her looks like it should be on a Barbie doll or something like that. It also makes her look older than she really is, don’t you think? In any case I love her as an actor, singer, dancer! Love you GURL!

amry c. on

Oh my goodness.I do not wear that much make up but when I do it is not that much.You would think her make up would look better since she is using most likely a make up artist and all.

Ona on

she looks like marc anthony.



erica on

I think someone nailed it when they said she changes with boyfriends and that this look is to please the LATIN market for her crappy whiny nasal new SPANISH album. It’s like the picture of Dorian Gray, her ugly on the inside is finally coming out.

Jessie on

Her birth date is 7/24/69, she is now 37. As for her looks, well yes, she looks lots better 10 years ago. But then didn’t we all.

Bonnie on

Scarry, like something out of the sixties.

tyd on

It’s nice to know that even Jennifer Lopez makes makeup mistakes. Her makeup artist should be shot. Also, Jennifer should have been able to determined that this look wasn’t working for her.

Michaela Perrone on

Jennifer has such natural beauty, however, at times we all enjoy trying differant styles. This style does not bring out her outer beauty, however, remember where she was and see the inner beauty she posses.
Thank you Jennifer for caring about for our future

JB on

Yikes! She is so beautiful. Do not let
this makeup artist get near you again girl.

It’s bad. Very bad!

Liv on

I think she looks fine. Leave her alone.

adraina on

we latinas having olive skin don’t look good in pastel colors. stay in the natunal side and give the pink ticket to your make-up artist saying YOU ARE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iliana on

jennifer what are you doing to yourself?you don’t look yourself anymore.you look to plastic, are you trying to be the latina barbie or what? plus ,you look to old trying to look young,( well you are not) you are in your mid-30’s

Iliana Torres on


liz on

Are you sure this isn’t a Wax Figure of her, She is always beautiful and with Mark at her side her flawless natural beauty along with a natural smile is a plus. You gotta love her confidence.

Daniela on

I like her hair… but her makeup looks a bit fake…! It’s the foundation, and the eye makeup. Because she has worn that shade of lipstick before and it didn’t look so bad. I think is the eye makeup what makes her look artificial..
we miss the old jlo, when her makeup was flawless and perfect.
* Daniela *

mee on

it looks like she just dipped her head in mud



marie on

I feel sorry for Jennifer Lopez.She looks like she’s been crying.She has a good heart and went to a children’s hospital benefit and you’re making fun of the way she looks!? Come on! I’m sure she did NOT want to look like this! She doesn’t look happy and it shows. Leave her alone you haters sound like school children!

mary on

Looks like she is wearing spiders on her eyes, Yech!



aileen and angela on

She looks terribly horrible…..she needs a fashion rehabit… she is the barber shop

Talisa on

Spider lashes and green eye shadow! come on, I could do my own makeup better than that! Fire whoever did your makeup girl!

gina on

Ick! She’s nasty already and this just shows her true colors. LOL

Annette on

Gross..Thats ugly, what have happen to her?

Kate Miller on

Fire who ever did that to her! They must have been getting back at her for something. Chris Judd behind this?

chad on

Before you start making fun of her short husband…..keep in mind that big things come in small packages..

night on

She is just such a beautiful woman. But since she married that husband of hers she is looking 15 years older. She is conservative where she used to be vibrant, and seems to be taking the back seat to man who cannot hold a candle to her talent and beauty. I hope she is happy, and that we see the Ms Lopez that we knew a few short years ago.

Susana on

OMG!!! What happened to her…did her makeup artist put this on in the dark..she must not look in the mirror before leaving the house. She definately should FIRE whoever did this to her!

L on

I seriously just don’t get what was going through her mind. The stuff on her face looks like bronzer gone wrong (maybe because of the light) and the eye-make up…..
I think that it looks like those old make-up mistakes that we look back at and say..wow, I wish I had know to not wear caked on eye shadow 5x to bright. And the lips don’t match the skin either…she’s so pretty too..

Kayla on

I think JLo looks bad in the make up choices she made. The eyeshadow is too dark and the lipstick is too light. For the eyeshadow she should of put on a brown and for the lipstick a a darkish pink.


i look at her and i immediately think of those zombies in night of the living dead!!! what was she thinking!! yuck!!!!

Dana on

I thought something was wrong with my computer screen!!!! That look is not for her.

night on

Can anyone tell me which funeral home did her makeup on this particular day?

brenna on

i think her eyes look fine, her lips however look horrible

Kitty on

I really love her hair color, it’s sultry. It takes her back to her roots, with her bronze skin she doesn’t need to be blonde, it makes her look white, not Latina!
I don’t like the make-up here, it just washes her out. I think the make-up should have been reversed, darker lips, lighter on the eyes! That would have made her hair color and skin POP!

Jen on

Jennifer is way too pretty naturally for all of that make up, but hey if she wants to experiment with some funky make up then hey thats cool… I think we have all done that before

Kasey on

One word- UGLY

Lisa on

I love JLo, and it’s really sad to see such a gorgeous woman wearing make-up that makes her look like a little girl playing with her mother’s make-up bag. She is so beautiful; hopefully she learned her lesson.

LeeAnn on

this was a really bad choice of make-up, her eyelashes are too long, eyeshadow-eww and lipstick is way to light, can you say make-up disaster? what happenend here cause i really want to know

Helen CN on

I’m a big fan of her but the make up really made her look like a dead person. You can safely say she was trying to look like a greek goddess of forgotten years.

Where’s the JLo I like very much?

Libby on

She has too much make up on , and i don’t like the lipstick. At least she got rid of that gettho looking orange/brass hair. That is the worst hair color in the world-no one naturally has that color-woman look cheap when there hair is that color, please make it brown,blonde, read or black, NOT orange.

arta on

I like her a lot, but I most exept that she looks awful in this foto!I donno what was she thinking!I hate that lipstick

stéphanie on

why do people keep judging athor people by their looks!? i think that j.lo is georgus everyday and she still can be nice and pretty even if she doesn’t have any makup on or she puts her lips stick to pink ,, IT DOESN’T MATTER ,, J.LO IS HOT, and it’s all wahts in the inside that counts! i love u J.Lo



maria jeffries on

i think that you are all jealous of her

The Big Dog on

Bad idea. Washed out and TOO pastel! When you are that beautiful why try so hard??????????????????

Yesica on

Her make up sucks in this one I’ve seen her with better make up.

ashley on

*Yah i think yu doin a good job with her make-up…but ppl are rite…she does look a lil older…maybe you shoul calm down on the foundation stuff…and definately darker lipstick…now im not an expert at this stuff..but with all that goop on her face…it look kinda greasy…and the barbie lipstick aint workin…but good job doin her eyes…i like that..


celebee on

JLO is beautiful with or without makeup, but this time she looks tired, not her best, but still I know everyone that made bad comments about her is because they are jealous of her beauty. She has it all THE BODY, THE FACE and the BRAINS. LOOK where she is, she is a millionaire. Stop hating people.
I admire you JLO and I’m really proud that you are Latino!!
Hooray for JLO!!!!

Celebee on

I don’t think Marc or any other man has or ever will be in control she is JLO on her own. Love you JLO.

Kiza on

Jennifer never seizes to amaze me, she’s gorgeous,talented and like Ryan said “An Unstopable Power House”! Who cares about her makeup I want that outfit she wore, She gave me goosebumps!!

Iris on

Jennifer gave me goosebumps last night. She is exactly how Ryan put “An Unstopable Powerhouse” who cares about her makeup she’s stunning! All you people out there critzising her are probably Fat and Ugly!! I want to know where I can get that outfit she wore!!

pAM on


samantha lynn on

ok u look alright but plz don’t make wearin this a habit

love always,
samantha lynn

Diamond Gurl on

She kinda looks like Marc Anthony! lol

allath on

lpoez you are the one only

Honey on

O.M.G.. That’a all that came to mind.. what heppened???.. =s

Mayra on

I really thought it was a wax figure, wow she looks bad!

Abergeldie on

I think her biggest mistake is she thinks she is a blue/green eyed blonde

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