Mischa Barton: Fashion Forward or Faux Pas?

10/06/2006 at 03:03 PM ET

Oh, Mischa. What has happened to the former fashionista? Her funky fashion choices have gotten more and more out-there since returning to the states from a summer abroad. Here are our votes for her most off-beat moments of the past month.

1. Her infamous diaper shorts/torn tank top combo, worn while grocery shopping with pal Nicole Richie on Sept. 2.

2. Her oddly frumpy palm-panted romper (left), worn while running errands Los Angeles, Sept. 19.

3. Her abstract printed Miu Miu bubble dress (middle), which is oddly reminiscent of crinkled wrapping paper, worn to a Teen Vogue event, Sept. 20

4. Her droopy metallic shirt and skinny jeans combo (right), worn to stylist Rachel Zoe‘s birthday dinner, 9/24

5. Her punk-pumpkin outfit, complete with a politically charged t-shirt, worn while out and about in Los Angeles, 10/1.

Tell us: Is Mischa making fashion-forward statements or faux pas?

Photo: Volpe-Wasman-Rod/X17; Jill Johnson/jpi; Alex Turner/Splash News

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Becky on

What is the big deal about this chick. she is always all over the tabloids. she is far from the prettiest or best dressed person I have seen. I don;t want to attack her but her claim to fame is acting i have only seen her in one movie when she was like 13 and heard she was on a show, other than that she is popular for nothing really. Enough of her already.

Kristy on

Actually she was on Fox’s The OC for some 3 seasons! She is pretty famous. I think when she has people dressing her (ie. on the show) she looks gorgeous but come on whats up with this look lately? I know she quit the OC and all but hasn’t she been earning money anywhere else? Can she afford non thrift store clothes? I love her as an actor but get a stylist please!

marianne on

I dont like any of this outfits…they are just UGLY. I dont care if she is a trend setter, risk taker, fashionista, whatever, IS JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLY UGLY CLOTHES…and they do not flatter her at all. SORRY I LOVE FASHION…BUT THIS GIRL IS A FASHION VICTIM ALL THE WAY !

j on

i’m w/the others–ENOUGH of her. she’s NOT attractive, and she doesn’t have any taste!! please stop showing her so much!

Chrissy on

She looks tired and washed out here lately. I have never liked her style (except for when she was on the O.C), and for someone who has georgous hair; do something with it! Yes, she is model thin, but she needs to tone those legs of hers.

Norah on

THANK YOU GUYS! I thought I was the only one. Mischa is NOT pretty, her body is gross. But not only that, SHE HAS ALWAYS DRESSED HORRIBLE!!! Why is she EVERYWHERE? Maybe I dont understand because I never watched the OC.

Sheri on

She looks HORRIBLE!! The only reason she’s getting away with it is because so many people like her. (From the O.C.)If she wasn’t in front of the camera and dressed like this, she would not fit in anywhere! Can’t she just put on some jeans and a PLAIN tank? I have no words for all of those outfits, they are ALL downright disastrous AND FUGLY!! (F***ING UGLY!)

erika on

i have absolutely no clue as to why mischa barton is hailed for her horrible fashion sense…she always wears mini dresses that look like oversized shirts…they don’t ever really flatter her at all…also, she wears a lot of “granny” clothing…yuck is all i have to say to what she wears

Shasha on

1 word ………UGLY! But I did enjoy the political tee

Kathleen on

I think Misha is AWESOME. Tho, these past pics of her are not her usual great taste that she usually has. I guess we all have bad moments or ideas. Still love her tho and ALWAYS LOVE THE PICS OF HER

leah on

I don’t think you guys should be insulting on one of the most gorgeous and successful actresses out there. I don’t entirely like all of those outfits, but she always looks pretty, no matter what she wears. somehow I doubt any of you people calling her unnattractive are anywhere near as beutiful or fashion-forward as she is. I don’t think we have the right to judge celebrities based solely on a few photos we see of them.

jenny on

Mischa Barton is neither beautiful or a fashionista. Her clothing choices leave alot to be desired and she is as average looking as the rest of America. Although I have to say that I see better clothing choices on the street than I do on this girl who is supposed to be a fashionable woman. Get a stylist, Mischa! Quick!

Rebecca on

Ick, ick, and ick. Someone please help poor Mischa out with her fashion choices. She is so pretty and could really play up her height and her great figure if she would just pick some decent clothes!

sara on

i have no clue why you are defending an actress you know nothing about (except things you hear and read)…you don’t know her at all…hah…and saying others aren’t as attractive as her…ummm have you seen the people writing these posts? no i don’t think so…exactly…

Norah on

This is for leah’s comment. Please do not hate on the people that are hating on Mischa. THATS WHY THEY HAVE THIS COMMENT SECTION. So we can say what we want. Not everyone likes Mischa, it does not mean that we are PRETTIER than her or UGLIER than her. Its what we think, so go cry if your the only one that likes Mischa. As for this statement “I don’t think we have the right to judge celebrities based solely on a few photos we see of them.”….hahaha. A FEW pictures?? I would say ALMOST every single picture of Ms.Barton is horrible.

stylemaven on

Mischa’s always on target with her fashion.

Ariadne on

Mischa is young like 20 for goodness sake! At least she gives different styles a go. She’ll develop her own cool style soon enough.

Brittany on

Mischa Barton has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever. I don’t know what the big deal is with her anyways. I love The O.C. but honestly I could never stand her on the show. I’m glad they killed her off because her acting seriously made me contemplate not watching—she was THAT BAD! The only thing I’ve liked that she has worn was that political t-shirt “Drop knowledge not bombs” which was awesome. Other than that, does she get dressed in the dark? I know a lot of movie stars has stylists but I think it’s time that Mischa fires her. Nothing fits right on her, nothing flatters her skinny body, and just honestly NOTHING looks right on her. Yeah she can’t act but I do think she is very pretty and with the right clothes and the right fit she could look very pretty.

Lisa on

I agree with Jenny. If Mischa is trying to break out with a style of her own, well then she has succeeded.

And Leah…the girl is not “the most gorgeous and successful actresses out there”. IMO she is a pretty girl, but not gorgeous in the sense you are implying. What has she done for work besides the OC? Oh yeah, she played a dead girl in “Sixth Sense”.

Oh and BTW Leah: do not insinuate what the people posting on this board look like nor how they dress. Unless you have met us, you will never know.

Ashley on

I love Mischa Barton, i love her fashion sense, yes it is a bit out of the ordinary but thats why i like her, she is not one of the typical “cookie cutter” hollywood starlets, yes is always fantastic, although some choices may be hard to understand i feel thay are fashion forward and that she is always aware of the current on going trend and what looks good on her body, her style alomost seems efforless, we know she has Rachael Zoe as a stylist but she just seems to have a style of her own, i feel we are always seeing what Mischa would be wearing famous or not



Kim on

The middle outfit would be adorable if the top were a solid color.

Jesse on

I absolutely cannot stand her either. I am tired of seeing her everywhere. She’s not attractive by any means, not fashionable by any means. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think something should be done so that she is not in every magazine, on every page. Bottom line, don’t like her and I wish the world would quit acting like she’s great.

maria on

what can i say….she always looks perfect….Actually, these outfits are great, here in europe, of course…for u it´s a bit too much…U will like it in…2 months…

Crystal on

Quite honestly, I never liked Mischa’s fashion choices…or Mischa at all. I never understood what all the hype was about. If Hollywood wanted a fashion icon from “The OC,” I say it should be Rachel Bilson; from everything I’ve seen her wear, there was probably one I didn’t like. Anyway, Thank you, People, for finally realizing Mischa Barton isn’t all she’s is made out to be.

maryellen on

actually i think shes a very sweet girl and even though these pictures are not very flattering in the past i have seen pics on the red carpet and she looked gorgeous.also everyone critisize her on how skinny she is,in “sixth sense” she was skinny then so it shows that she was always like that.comments like eat a burger etc. are so mean they should be said to girls like nicole richie who try to be so skinny on purpose
anyway i think she looks great and has great fashion sense.

Cheryl on

I don’t mind funky or retro styles if that’s what someone prefers but she is simply one of the consistantly worst dressed people around and I am confused about why she’s forced on us as somebody worthy of press coverage for anything other than her poor style choices.

AnnieM on

I find Mischa far more interesting than Lindsay Lohan will ever hope to be. At least Mischa is busy making films (and occassionally wearing the odd assemble) rather than staggering through life crying about how no one takes her seriously. You go Mischa!

Jen Stone on

She looks like a clown!

fairytale on

I totally agree with Maria. Here in Europe mischa`s style is sweet and pretty. Something me and my friends would wear daily. Cool quirky europian street-style. The outfits are great!

Voice Of Reason on

Clearly another woman in desperate need of mirror! I don’t care for her taste to begin with, but these really are worse than her usual faux pas fashion.

Jordyn on

What the hell is she wearing??? She looks like she shopps at the goodwill for the challenged!! She can’t put an outfit together if her life depended on it!

Rachel on

Yeah…her style is not great. It seems as though she is always trying to wear the things that are in style, but somehow she messes up. Get a stylist Girl! Many girls would love to have her figure…she should do it more justice.

Mandy on

OK! Mischa, tone those legs, get some sun and some rest, girl!

Daisy on

Yeah, it’s so funny because I thought I was the only one who was thinking that every time I saw her in a mag she looked really odd! What’s going on? Have a word to her, Rachel Zoe.

Mandi on

I think she looks terrible…she should have stayed on “The OC”

Annabell on

Why does Mischa wear those horrible and baggy clothes, she is so thin and fragile looking and she wears clothes that are made for people that weigh a good 20 pounds more than her.She isn’t 4 years old any more she needs to stop wearing those pathetic diapers

courteney on

her style sense is pathetic. all that money and you cant even hire someone to make you look good. what a waste. but then again shes not that attractive so what ever you put her in it needs to be stunning to help her.

debbie on

I guess those are designer clothes, but these clothes look like she rolled out of bed in the trailer park, threw on wrinkled clothes…and here she is! The makeup also makes her looke like she is sick! Maybe she has been spending too much time with her friend Nicole Richie and some of Nicole’s anorexia/bulima/possible drug use has rubbed off on her! I thought that these celebrities have stylists and makeup artists to help them…maybe it is time to get a refund!!

Alison on

She’s a pretty girl who tries too hard and is out of touch living in LA.

Brittany Ann on

Didn’t they kill her off? Maybe she’d still be on the O.C. if she dressed better.

Kim on

I would have to say that she is the worst dresser I have seen yet. Everytime I see her, it looks as though her closet threw up on her. You would think with her salary, she could afford to have someone guide her in the right direction.

Amy on

I think Mischa is stunning. I also thing these outfits are fun and experimental…excatly what fashion is supposed to be. Yes sometimes she doesn’t look as great as she could do, but I’m quite shocked at the amount of people that think she is unattractive and needs stunning clothes to help her along. I appreciate baeuty is in the eye of the beholder, but I’m sure if you were to actually see Mischa walking down the street, you would definately notice her and think what an attractive girl.

Rika on

I don’t know what maria and fairytale are talking about or where in Europe they see someone wearing clothes like these. (Gladly) I haven’t seen people dressing like Mischa here in Europe…

nadia on


she need to take course in fashion ..

Sandy on

AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!!! She thinks she is being such a trendsetter, but she looks like a homeless person. Every outfit I have seen her in is terrible. You’d think she’d be able to afford a stylist!

Sand Beach on

Its obvious that her style is as a result of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, she needs to eat and sleep to think logically about what to wear- her look is not happening !!!!!!

Emily Bouyear on

um, I think she has potential to be pretty cuz she’s got nice features and all, but even though I’m broke half the time I can still afford to look better than she does. It’s really sad.


Linda on

I am so glad someone else noticed how stranger and stranger she is getting. She looks like she has gone completely insane. With each new picture, she looks thinner, more sleep deprived, and wearing something more horrid.

Jeanette on

She looks horrible. Besides I never thought she was pretty but she looks worst than never before.

cindy on

I dont understand what it is about this girl. She is everywhere and not very pretty. She never knows how to dress and her taste in men is gross.

Jamie on

I have no comment

bri bri on


miss mia on

i have read some earlier comments about her style looking good in europe. well this ain’t europe and her style is horrible!!!!! she is not a trend setter, fashionista, or anything else. she isn’t pretty and honestly she is down right homely looking. i don’t watch the OC and until someone made a comment about her being on the sixth sense several years ago, I didnt think she was much of anything….and i still don’t. the media is making a big deal out of nothing and no one. we need to start looking at people who have a real sense of fashion and out fits are on point every single time like Beyonce, jessica alba, kate hudson, heidi klum, jennifer aniston, and halle berry just to name a few.

Eileen on

What’s the big deal with her anyway…She is not attractive…Has poor posture…Why is she so focused upon lately?

Alexa on

Yeah, I can respect this being a message board to type our opinions about someone’s fashion and so forth…I think it’s highly shallow to say someone isn’t beautiful or attractive. This isn’t about how pretty she is, this is about her style sense. If you don’t like my opinion, take a flying leap, because I don’t care.

ABOUT her fashion sense, well, I loved her fashion style during fashion week a few weeks ago. I loved those dresses she wore. Do I like her clothes in these pictures? No, I wouldn’t wear them myself. She is young, and she likes to mix things up and be fun and forward. And whomever said this isn’t Europe…your saying that she shouldn’t be able to wear their sense of style over here in the U.S., WRONG, she can wear whatever she wants. Her money, her body, her mind, she can do whatever she chooses.

A on

Just a show? She was the star of the hottest show on tv, past tense, because it will most likely be a suck fest without her. I applaud her for her risky fashion choices..sure she’s made some mistakes but it’s not like she’s asking for it by being on the red carpet wearing weird diaper shorts..she’s just grocery shopping!

nat on

I HATE michca, she wears the rankest clothes, i mean she is rich, tall, and could be beautiful and has really nice hair, why does she go around looking like that….please, she needs some help…

Kate on

I think that Mischa has a good taste in fashion and she looks good (she’s not fat neither she’s skinny, but she’s healthly thin).
Of course she’s not Audrey Hepburn, but at least she tries different things and dresses better than most of American women do.

fi on

she has good red carpet style :)

Andrea on

Wow… I thought I dressed bad in highschool. I don’t know what she’s going for. If she is shopping at thrift stores.. I knoooowww they have better clothes than that at Goodwill. I don’t know if she’s trying to pull off the whole indie-rock girl, but I don’t think she quite knows how. Poor girl.

eena on

I think she’s starting to break away from her OC character, Marissa, who was this total fashion icon for teens. Now that she’s not Marissa anymore, and she’s just Mischa, she wants to show her fans that she and her character aren’t the same person, and she’s doing this through her fashion choices.

Kristie on

mischa barton didn’t actually quit the oc, the writes wanted something big to happen at the finale, she actually had a six year contact. And I dont she’ll be out of money, since she’s going to be in three movies in 2007. So, since she has all that money now, i think she should get a new clothes person

kristy on

I LOVEEEED Micha Bartoon but ya know ever sinc she left the o.c a show that im UBBSEESSSED with i just havent liked her or her style choices at allll. It was stupid of her to have left the shhow. SHe said she did it so shre could launch her carrear like be in more movies and i havent seen her in any movies. it hurts me to know that she lleft alll of those o.c fans just for like a fake movie carrier. those clothes are not cute.

Blair on

probably all you people out there saying Mischa isant pretty arnt NEARLY as goegeous as she is. She has a great smile, amazing bone structure, beauitful hair, and a good body. i think she is one of the prettiest young actresses out there today, and everyone makes bad choices but generally i think she has great fashion sense.

denise on

mischa burton is beautiful, there’s no denying that. but what is up with these outfits? she needs to get a bit fatter as well.

get a stylist plz&thanks

Jess on

Have any of you ever thought that having a style, good or bad, is worth having? At least she is daring enough to try new styles and make her own image. I guess it is too bad that she doesn’t dress like every other star out there, right? I love how she wears what she wants and obviously doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion of her and I’m very sure she doesn’t care if any of you think her clothes are “UGLY.”

Jen on

I think she is a very pretty girl and these awful outfits don’t flatter her body one bit.

SilverBlade on

Faux pas!! Although I like the look of her free mind tee shirt, that’s no excuse to look like such an IDIOT all the time. She’s being spoiled and trying to get attention, pure and simple. She needs to grow up.

Ari on

Kristy… Did you know that you can actually by jeans at Thrift shops??? and really Cute outfits there too… trust me i would know… I SHOP AT THEM!!!! I cant say anything about this woman (the “star”) because i dont know her nor have i ever seen her before haha i dont watch TV at all…

LeeAnn on


yellowbrickroad on

I love Mischa Barton. I think 1 or 2 mess ups is nothing to take away from her amazing fashion. She is my style guide “most of the time” Over all I think she is great in the OC (witch she had super cute clothes in) I am sad they killed her off. But anyway, I think she is great

Catherine on

ok.it is not right for you all to insult mischa barton just because you dont like what she wears. people have different styles. at least she is daring enough to wear her own style and it shows she doesnt care what people think. and also that one picture up there is unusual because she obviously wears makeup and brushes her hair for the events she goes to. all these camera people stalk her and maybe catch her at some not so beautiful times but you guys cant possibly think you all are gorgeous 24/7. and to all of you who said she is not pretty..that is an unusual opinion because most people think she is gorgeous. dont sit here and insult her though. shes famous because shes a good actor and MOST people think shes pretty. she is not too skinny. that is just the way shes built. shes not like some of those hollywood stars who MAKE themselves skinny. And for those of you who say you dont think she should be famous. maybe you should go out and buy all of the seasons of the O.C. She was prefect for the character of Marissa Cooper. just because you didnt like MARISSA as a person in the show, that doesnt mean you shouldnt like Mischa. So if youre going to get on here and insult her, dont waste your time. she doesnt care what you all think anyways. shes a beautiful young actress with a great career ahead of her.

lara on

I think Mischa is a beautiful girl and she shouldnt be insulted for not looking perfect 24/7!! geez, who does look wonderfull and “styled” when theyre out running errands and grocery shopping!! as for when she goes out and is in the spotlight, i think her outfits are great, and she looks fantastic. go girl!

Amy on

believe it or not i think this is fashion forward. i just watched up and coming fashion designers on tyra show last week and there wre some shorts similar to the ones m.b’s wearing in first pic. i’m not saying i necessarily like this style, but unfortunately, this may be the way we’re headed.

kaitlin on

Well, most stars make daring fashion choices and some work and others are big fat fashion don’ts. I’ve seen pics of her;some clothes are great and others aren’t. We all have our off days(except me of course).

Cypress on

She always looks bored and completely disgusted with what she is wearing.. so are we.

Edie on

She looks fantastic. I like her clothing choices.

angela on

I agree with Nat :)

holly on

tbh i think this girl is amazing .. she is my idol!

Manda on

What is up with so many harsh comments? Here I was trying to find out why she left the O.C. and I see this. Sure this may be for you to express your opinions but I doubt the intention was to be incredibly rude. People are clearly abusing their right to freedom of the press. I may not know Mischa but I highly doubt you do either! Her style may not be the best but did you ever think there may be a reason for her unique fashion sense? Personally I think she’s pretty and you clearly do not agree and that’s fine. But the way some people make such a big deal and just have to comment on how she’s so “ugly” must be incredibly jealous. There is no other reason to write such things about her publicly unless you are. I may see unattractive people, possibly even myself, but I don’t go around saying such rude comments. I’m not saying I know her nor am I saying she’s a great person but judging someone by their looks is just plain low and shallow. I highly doubt these comments was the intention of a comment box.

Sharon on

Wake up people! not every girl has to starve herself to be a size zero or whatever they call skinny people these days. Believe it or not, u can be naturally slim or even skinny if ur metabolism is built like that. I think the green eyed monster has taken over quite a few of you:P
That said, mischa’s make up looks horrible, even worst than her clothes, and that’s how she turns up to look like some junkie in the third pic..But she usually looks great on red carpet events.
oh and who’s to blame for bad clothing? the person wearing it ..or her stylist??…

L.J on

Micha hasn’t developed her own style all you pro micha’s out there.
1. She is almost excrutiatingly trendy, and is ahead of chain stores like most, fashion savy people. Ever noticed that the things she wears often appear in stores later?
2. She has a stylist

Emma on

I think that we should just like chill out? She’s a person. Just like us. Give her a break. She really doesn’t look bad in those three outfits. Why must people consume themselves with this stuff?

amy on

she is the most beautiful girl alive,
i love her fashion!
so what if she dosent dress like anyone else,
you too can break free from the “fashion rules”
sorry but this girl can wear a bin bag and look stunning.

Emily on

you gotton the worst 3 pictures here…. she is normally dressed so nicely in her own style of clothing…. shes my fashion idol

becky on

whats with everyone? get over yourselves, shes stunning and im sure a lot prettier than all of you so stop winging about her body and her fashion sense because noone is perfect and at least shes trying her own style!! stop complaining

hannah on

mischa barton is one of the prettiest girls alive, she has such a unique style and she doesnt care to be different, it just comes naturally to her! all the haters out there are just plain jealous!
this girl rocks, and is a role model for all fashion lovers!

andrew on

she looks hot especially the pic of her on the left

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