Katie & Posh: New BFFs?

10/06/2006 at 04:30 PM ET

In Paris for fashion week, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are painting the town. . . black and white. As you can see in this gallery of their looks, these fast friends have a perfectly coordinated wardrobe that has us totally impressed. Look at how cleverly they play on proportions! For example, when Katie wears wide leg pants and a slim jacket, Victoria goes for a voluminous top and skinny pants — or a slim dress next to a full skirted gown– so they always look like interlocking puzzle pieces. And these two moms both share flawless makeup, killer pumps and the best oversized sunglasses on the continent. We were a little surprised when we first saw them hanging out, but hey, this is could be the beginning of a beautiful (and wildly stylish) friendship. Tell us: What do you think of Katie and Posh and their Paris debut? Will it last?

Click here to see more photos of Katie and Victoria in Paris.

Photo: Ramey

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Amber on

Katie and Victoria look absolutely gorgeous!!!! I like Katie Holmes’s style, she always look very well put together….

Sarah on

I heard a rumor that Katie is playing Posh in an upcoming movie about the Beckhams. That is the only possible reason I can think for why these two would be hanging out.

Isabel on

Katie Holmes is this natural beauty and Victoria Beckham is just the complete opposite, so I always think that seeing them together doesn’t really fit…

Mary on

They both look beautiful but it’s just too bizarre to watch a 27 year old woman – Katie – hang out with people who are all so much older than her. You never see her spending time with friends her own age and she’s only seen with friends of Tom’s – never of her own. I think she looks like a combination of a rag doll/puppet who just does what she is told. It’s so sad.

Kristy on

I think both ladies are gorgeous in their own right. I don’t think Victoria is too skinny like many are saying because I don’t always see her bones sticking out of her skin! I think they are both great fashionistas, they always look put together. When was the last time we saw either of them in oversized cowbow boots and cut-offs with week old hair? Exactly! Bravo ladies!

Ella on

I love them both…I dont know why people keep saying that Victoria is too skiny….I think she looks really beautiful…

aw on

I think they both look good, but with they friendship I bet if Katie wasn’t going out with Tom then I really don’t think they would be friends even if they did meet. It’s all publicityin most of the pictures it looks as if someone is styling them because how many times do you see celebs with the same sunglasses woren 3 different time? so i think it’s publicity.

Victoria Jackson on

I LLLLLLLove both ladies they both have good fashion.And noone should not have anything bad to say because you have to give it to them both they look hot for fashion week and always

Sandra on

They look great but it all looks so staged. I can’t imagine they have a thing in common.

Angel on

Oh Please! What could they possibly find to talk about?! Victoria is known for being as dumb as a brick and if it wasn’t for Tom Cruise, Katie would never have even met Victoria or been invited to sit in the front row of such prestigious fashion shows.
She was a nobody before and now she is everywhere – being famous for just having the right husband and contacts – it’s pathetic, and nothing more than a publicity stunt. Victoria needs to get more coverage in the US, and Katie needs her help to change her ‘image’.

Dara on

I agree with Angel

Sonya on

I disagree with Katie being a nobody. I have watched her since she was in Dawson’s Creek and really liked her back then. I dont think she is a puppet at all when it comes to Tom. I admire the fact that she doesnt give a crap enough to talk about everything people say about them in the media. I think she looks great.

Vi on

These ladies look great. So what if Victoria is older than Katie, or that Katie wouldn’t have met her were it not for Tom. So what!!!! When I was 27, almost ALL my friends were older than I was, and alot of them I met through my husband. What do you think, Tom and David should keep their partners from getting to know one another? Ridiculous. They have great fashion sense, they look great, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company. Kive them a break.

Holy Candy on

Have you guys seen the lastest Posh-Katie pics from today? Katie’s totally channeling John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever! ;-)


Norah on

I do agree with Sandra, it does look staged. Just because Tom is friends with David, this means their wives have to hang out in Paris togther? Sounds a little extreme and fake. But hey, if they really are friends, thats great for them. The comment from Angel above is also true. Katie Holmes…hmmm…Dawson’s Creek….thats about it. Then some movies here and there, but she was nothing special, not really ever very famous. Then she gets invovled with Tom and OH MY GOD shes HUGE. Oh wow Katie you are so famous for dating Tom, its crazy. But yes Victoria is hot and beautiful(although some say she is too skinny and fake). Agian Katie, shes very plain but she has been dressing beautiful latley.

Brittany on

i like their since of style. it is always good to be colored corridinated with ur friend or anyone. i like to be color corridinated with people that i hang out with. i think its cool that two mothers are best friends and like to dress alike. they both look great in anything that they wear. i cant wait to see how their children are going to dress. i know they will teach them to wear nice clothes. so yall go gettem girls. yall show them guys what yall are made of.

Meg on

Wow…They both look fabolous and seems to be having a total stylish fun time! I think we shouldnt be too hard or judgemental on Katie & Victoria ..or to anyone else for that matter ! If they look stylish and Hip..that is coz they are. Whats there to comment about their husbands or watsoever.These pics are really kool and both are looking STUNNING. Shine on Gals ! :)

Elaina on

where are their kids? when are they going to realize that there is more to life than dressing nicely and going to fashion shows? if that’s the life they want, then they should never have had children. i really feel sorry for them. they’re plastic.

R S on

Didn’t I Hear once that the Beckhams were into Scientology?

S on

Who really gives a rip about Tom making her more famous and that she was a “nothing” before him..says who??? Just because you don’t know anything about her doesnt mean others dont…and who cares anyway? They both look great and could care less about what any of us think.

Jennifer on

I just want to say that both woman look stunning. People always have to talk because they need to have drama in their lives I think it is great that the two are friends you can never have enough freinds in life!!!

RT on

I agree they both look beautiful. But I can’t ignore a comment Katie gave today when asked how it feels to be back in Paris, the city which she became engaged. She got a fake smile and said “Are you serious? Everything is great.” I don’t know if all the rumors that Tom is controling her is true, but it did not seem like she was speaking for herself this after noon.

jenny on

Seems like an odd pairing for a friendship. What on earth do they talk about – which husband makes more money or which wife rode her husband’s coattails to superstardom? Please!!!!!

rakel on

Vic looking good as usual, but Katie get some advise from your pal, you really need it.

julie on

They look like the odd couple. Posh looks like skeletor from He-Man and needs to put on 20lbs! Kate looks like she is out of her element and has lost her identity. She doesn’t seem comfortable in her new life.

Joy on

As long as Katie doesn’t start dropping dress sizes to look like Posh, I think everything will be okay. Posh is WAY too skinny!!!

lisa on

Wow Angel is a little harsh there about Katie. Lets remember Tom pursued her and she is not a nobody. She is an actress!!! Which I think is far more than this angel person is. Its vicotria who is a hasbeen!!! Katie has a long future ahead of her, with or without Tom.

AB on

When Madrid Spain played a few games in the US a couple of months ago, I remember being surprised when I heard Tom and Katie flew in to watch. . . I didn’t even know that Tom and David were that good of friends. Maybe the two girls have been becoming better friends for longer than we realized?

Carol Taylor on

Kate Looks Great!!! But Victoria is no Beauty!!!!
With her money {Victoria} she does the best she can.
I saw her in London and she was all Skin and Bones.

Adie on

I absolutly adore Katie’s outfits! I think she looks wonderful and the most stylish mom out there! She looks so good you even forget she is a mom and the whole TomKat thing.

Lar on

i heard that victoria is desperate for a baby girl, and since Katie had given birth to Suri Cruise, think Victoria is hoping to be her god-mother. something like that?

zooey on

victoria looks great as usual.Don’t get me wrong but Katie looks good too but the difference between these two is that victoria has confidence.

andrea on

i remember seeing a while back katie and vic shopping together while katie was still pregnant. i was surprised by the friendship then too. but a friend is a friend no matter what the age or the reason they met.

bill on

Their clothes are flawless but Katie Holmes looks much older than she did a few months ago! She’s what, 28? She looks 35 here. She should dress more age appropriate and be tru to herself. At least Posh dresses like we have come to expect her to. And I am pretty impressed that a woman who had 3 kids looks like that!

Margaux on

Ughh…I don’t even see what the big deal about Victoria Beckham is. The girl needs to put on some weight – she is pure skin and bones. Plus she just looks so fake…fake tan, fake boobs, fake everything. The only thing she has going for her is her great sense of style and that hot husband of hers.

I like Katie Holmes but I really think that being with Tom has mad her lose her identity. She just doesn’t seem to fit into the whole scene.

Hope on

with the millions of bucks they have in their banks, don’t you think they can afford better looking sunglasses??! What’s with the bug eye “look”??

april on

katie is always so nice and sweet and a real beauty i admire how she handles herself with grace and class.

Erica on

Victoris’a around early 30’s so she’s not that much older than Katie! So many cynics out there…MAYBE, they’re just friends. You know, regular old friends like all of us have!!

M Vallis on

Katy looks like a giant next to posh and she has horrid posture! She needs some style help

Tania on

Where are the children? Every time I have seen a picture of Katie out and about her child isn’t with her. Actually I have seen lots of stars without their children on numerous occasions. Are they so selfish that they don’t want to bring their children with them because it would get in the way of their enjoyment?

Porsche on

I think Katie and VIctoria are both really pretty. They can be friends if they want to. I dont know why everybody cares so much. Victoria is a good mom and it’s probably nice for Katie to have her as a friend.

Erik on

Katie Holmes is hot

micheleeee. on

Typical girls night out,

But I wonder what they gossip about?

Lara on

It seems a great shame that people are so quick to criticise Victoria and Katie’s friendship and yet do not pass judgement on the friendship between their husbands (they also would never have met had they not been famous). Also, both ladies are accused of leeching off of their husbands’ careers, forgetting the fact that they both had successful careers before meeting their partners. They are smart, fashion savvy and look like they are having fun together. Of course they have stylists but if most people had their money, so would they! Perhaps the hostility they both receive from other women is nothing more than jealousy.

Kelly on

I think they both look great.

Patty on

I know we shouldn’t pass judgement. And I know the pictures could be taken out of context…but, it does seem odd that they are hanging out together, all of a sudden. I wondered if the Beckhams were Scientologists…it seems very cultish which always makes me feel uneasy. You seem to lose your freedom when you are involved in something like that, you do become a puppet, and that is exactly what Katie seems to be now. She is definitely not carefree anymore, at least, not according to recent pics. She looks very classy, but, I remember seeing her in cut off shorts and just more relaxed in the past. And just for the record, Posh does look too skinny…how can you say you don’t see her bones…her face is sunken in…that is not healthy looking and it just portrays an image that is not healthy for our kids…Society talks about the concerns over obesity, but, this is the other side of the spectrum that needs attention as well. Too fat…too skinny…they are both unhealthy.

Lisa on

They both look great, but Katie really stands out. She is the natural beauty.

I do recall seeing pictures of Katie and Posh before Katie gave birth to Suri, so it’s not like they “all of a sudden” became friends. I think it’s great that they hang around each other. The Beckhams are under HUGE scrutiny in England and are always followed by the Press. Posh understands what Katie is going through.

Rita on

Katie looks fleshy and untoned in her “billowing Giambattista Valli gown”. She seems very uncomfortable with the press and herself since she became half of TomKat.

Anna on

I think they both look like they are trying to hard. Ladies in the spot light seem to be once again returning to the era of the barbie doll, with the big head and skinny frames. The oversized glasses do nothing to enhance them, but instead exaggerate just how odd and misproportionate both ladies are beginning to look.

SW on

I think it’s kinda’ funny that Katie sorta’ looks like Brooke Shields!

Mosaic on

Katie looks cute cause she’s a natural beauty, Victoria on the other hand is “just trying too hard”. She is just not that pretty regardless and she tries so hard cause she’s really scared that David would go somewhere else. He might or might not which probably has nothing to do with her looks. She seems rather insecure and that is obvious.
Anyhow, the pairing (Katie and Vic) seems odd, but good for them if they’ve a cool friendship going.

cerebra on

Well, I like them.. but I think that Katie with coca-cola shoulders shouldn’t wear dresses like that black one.

rt on

I bet they are working on some sort of business deal. Both of them are sporting those nasty sunglasses, I’m sure from Victoria’s collection. Katie’s star has risen with TomKat and now she needs to make some money off it before he dumps her like he’s done with all the other women he’s married/dated. hmmm…will it be the Katie Holmes shoes line, jeans, or a perfume?



Joan on

WHY is this important news??



Amy on

They are gorgeous! So much great fashion to be found between the two..

Indira on

I agree they do look beautiful both of them. Victoria and Katie are both my idols I love them both. They should be bff’s. They are perfect for each other.


I Think Katie needs help. She slouches, she never looks happy or relaxed. Look at her in that black dress, she’s all white round shoulders. Maybe she should take some modeling lessons to learn how to use her body and look confident. Stand up straight, throw back those shoulders!

K on


Arlene on

Re Katie and Victoria, get rid of the shades, and Katies whats up with your black wardrobe? Every picture your in you are wearing black, even when your with Tom. No one died so give yourself some colour.

J. on

They are both beautiful women, although I could never imagine they would have anything in common, but its great for them if they do. My only concern is, how do they see the clothes at the fashion shows with those sunglasses on? I’d love to see them, especially Katie, without those things. And I agree that she seems very uncomfortable, I miss the old Katie smile and cute ensembles she used to wear, not all this classy lady stuff, it doesn’t seem fitting.

Lorraine on

I think cover them it’s such a waist of time… Katie Holmes is such a wannabe and Victoria “so call posh” beckham is just one overrated fashion icon… for me, her sense of fashion is so over the top that is kind of shameful

Susan on

Katie seems to go where she is instructed to go. Where are her parents? She seems to have lost the young, sweet look she had before Tom. Stepford wife? She is still lovely though.

Jodi on

I agree with the sentiments that Katie hanging out with only an “older” crowd seems odd and sad; I have to wonder what “shocking” discovery will be made down the road regarding TomKat–hopefully Katie will have gained from the relationship what she hoped to and still come out somewhat sane.

As for the fashion–I think someone is helping the two of them! Or else Victoria is planning the wardrobe for the two of them. They’re literally “calling each other!”

Katie on

Katie looks amazing in these photos. She definitly is dressing differently these days but everything usually changes when your in a serious relationship and become a mom. Im tired of reading all of the mean, hurtful comments about how Tom has brain washed her or is trying to mold her into something he wants her to be. She is a very intelligent, mature woman and im sure would never let that happen. I think shes living a dream life and i hope it continues for her!

Jennie Barrett on

To the two people that is having a go about where Victoria and Katies children are. That is just weird, i am a mother of two and i don’t hang out with them 24/7. I work and they are at school and sometimes on a weekend they might have a playdate at a friends house. So i don’t understand why Victoria and Katie shouldn’t have children just becuase they like to go to fashion shows, maybe the children are with their fathers. Strange comments.

Ally on

I think that Katie should take some fashion advice from Posh. What is going on with her clothes??

Elizabeth on

I think that they both look good, but where is the color? Katie was a beautiful and fun young star before Tom. Now look at her, she is looking like a 50 year old women. Always wearing black, grey or white. I would love to see Katie return to her fun young self and dress in some color. Tom has turned her into an old women before her time.
Posh looks great. She looks fun (without color) and flirty in the white dress.

Lena on

I think I have seen pics of them together before Suri, so I guess they have known each other for a while. I’ve always liked Victoria-long before she became Mrs. Beckham- and thought she would be a star, and she does have great fashion sence and confidence to wear the latest things, but lately she started to look like she is trying a little too hard: the haircut, the tan, her skinny complexion. Katie looks more natural. Maybe if Posh gets pregnant again, she will look healthier? Get on that, David!

michele towler on

Katie doesn’t look pregnant to me!!

Maria Castro on

Both, ridiculous… Elengance and style is a natural sense of living, they┬┤re just posing

Dangas on

Why can’t everybody just acknowledge that Victoria and Katie are simply gorgeous? Let go, people. They have the money and the profile. Even us mere mortals are striving to look good in every possible way. Give admiration to where it’s due, ok? Be kind. It’s nicer to live that way, you know.

Kate on

Am I the only who thinks Katie looked awkward in these clothes? It’s like she was a little girl playing dress up. Katie has a great figure and given some time will come into her own sense of style. I look forward to seeing what it will be.

Goju Mom on

They each have their own style-Posh more eccentric and daring; Katie more conservative but polished and beautiful. They look like they have been forced together and told to look like they are having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Neither would have picked the other as someone to have as a BFF. Are Posh and Becks into Scientology??? That would explain a lot!!! Tom needs to let Katie loose and have her own group of friends. She’s too young to be living an isolated life!

sue on

Good. Katie needs a friend who a strong woman as well.

Sarah on

Posh-Please gain some weight. Please.

Carol Whitney on

Does anyone know how to spell anymore? So many of the above comments have misspelled words, and how about the word “your” used incorrectly so many times when it should be “you’re.” Who in the real world really cares about fashion shows, and Victoria B’s poses are laughable. They both just look foolish all dressed up and wearing those enormous sunglasses.

junior on

i seen pictures of then while katie had just announced that she was pregnant so it doesn’t suprise me that they are hanging out. the only thing know is that they took a week just to hang out and watch some fashion shows. but it looks like katie has been seperating herself a little from tom.

Elizabeth on


meini on

leave the 2 alone.so what if they’re an odd pairing? what’s important is beyond the superficial.

Margot on

I always wonder if Victoria B can smile?

In the latest photos Katie looks so big….but I couldn’t really care less of thier friendship…it kinda seems a show-off

Tania on

To the person who said it was a weird comment to ask where Katie’s child was – it is different when they are school age. We are talking about a very young baby here. And it wasn’t just one fashion show, it was a whole week, not to mention numerous other activities every other week of the year. Babies need their mothers to be with them, not off enjoying their hedonistic lifestyle. It shows how self-centred and hard hearted people are becoming these days. I shouldn’t be surprised in this day and age. It is all about looking out for number one.

ezie on

what’s wrong with leaving your kids behind when ur working? i’m a regular career woman with a 9-5, and i don’t take my baby to work with me… i doubt u do too.. besides, i think it’s wiser 4 them to leave their kids with their nannys then bring them along to these functions..paparazis aren’t healthy 4 kids…
it’s cool their hanging out 2gether… it’s great to have friends of different interest and style!!!

Gracie on

I wish the very best to these two. To the people whose pasttime is making vicious comments about other people, go do some volunteer work. It’s a great way to discover your own worth. Then you won’t be so compelled to try to reduce these people to the level you are operating on right now.

Sunny on

They look absolutely…RIDICULOUS together! Katie is like the jolly green Giant and Posh looks like an Alien. At least Posh knows how to dress. Katie just look like a fool.

Ventura on

My problem is that they look so awkward and self-consious. And they don’t look as though they’re having any fun at all. It just all seems posed, contrived and superficial. They don’t look like happy people doing things that happy people do. They look like little girls all dressed up, but who know they’re really not old enough to be as pretty as momma.

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