Vote Now! Is This Look a Hit or a Miss?

10/05/2006 at 11:52 AM ET

We think of Gwen Stefani as having amazingly original style — not to mention a doting husband and an adorable baby boy — but we just don’t get this navy blue number that she wore out in London recently. Sure, it’s by famed British designer Vivienne Westwood, but it’s more matronly mom than super-cool rock star. (As always, we love the platinum hair and red lips on her.) Tell us: What do you think of Gwen’s look? Is it a hit or a miss?

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Photo: Richard Young/Rex USA

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celebfan on

I like it…Gwen is not a slave of fashion…she doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. So this particualr outfit which would look just plain weir on anyone else WORKS on gwen because she can pull it off and shes not afraid to make a statement. She believes in wearing what makes HER feel comfortable.

Lisa on

I love this on Gwen. I really admire her and the way she dresses. She sets style trends wherever she goes.

Jess on

I absolutely LOVE Gwen but I hate this, it’s aweful…looks like a garbage bag with ties

Ann on

Love it!


it looks bad, real bad she looks like a blue box, and that bow on the front reminds me of a bridemaid dress in the 90’s w/ the bow in the butt, only backwards…..she looks much better as a hot rockes momma than this

Amber on

I adore Gwen she is such a beautiful woman, yet I am going to have to agree with Lisa on this one.

Abby on

oh, gwen no you didn’t

Chelle on

it’s terrible!…she’s so cute and normally dresses so awesome…what happened?

May on

What was she thinking??? She usually has a unique style, but this, come on!!!!!

Alicia on

Maybe she was in a hurry?…..I hope.

camille on

gwen can make anything work is could be horriable and she can make it look greart but if paris hilton was wearing it everyone would probably disown her….maybe she should wear it

Renae on


J. on

This is just odd, she does have a keen sense for fashion, but this is like Mischa Barton’s diaper shorts, only there is so much more of it. I love the color though, and she is such a beautiful woman.

amos on

Love it. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity in something that’s not skin-tight and all-revealing. Looks influenced by early 20th-century fashion, even down to the hair.

TellMeMore on


Kim on

LOVE it!! Love her style, including this.. great color!!

Dior on

Gwen, you look beautiful. This new look and motherhood agrees with you. You look like a Greek Goddess.

EChizzle on

Stefani can do no wrong in my book. I love her style.

brandi on

IT’S A MISS!!!!!!!!

Laura on

She looks great from the neck up!

Maleeka on

that a miss! it so ugly, it look she stole the idea from a curtain or took the curtain wore it!!!

Maleeka on

She is beautiful and the color,but not the dress.

Olivia on

I must say I don’t ,like her outfit very much. But because she her style is so funky, this outfit will only look good on her. Way to go Gwen!

Lisa on

I am not a big fan of the outfit but really she looks great in anything she wears. This doesn’t really do her figure much justice but she’s still pretty.

TNM on


Melissa Barnes on

Cant stand this on her I love Gwen and her unique style but this one is so not her !

Jesse on

I like Gwen a lot and I like how she has her own style but I really dont like this one.

Jennifer on

I think she looks great. It seems that she is just trying to not look like she just had a baby. I mean give her a break. She can’t go back to her pre-baby clothes right away.

Jules Coll on

This has nothing to do with her pregnancy. The dress is just awful….

Krisi on

Huge MISS……… but then again when does she have a hit?

j on

MISS. but she looks GORGEOUS anyway!!! looks like the baby weight is long gone and mommyhood suits her well. i want to see more pics of her!!

Vi on

I think she always looks amazing!!!! No matter what she wears, she just OWNS IT. She is so beautiful, confident, and glowing from motherhood, she can do no wrong. And with such a beauty of a baby boy, and a devoted, gorgeous husband, I say “You Go Girl!!!!”

All those skinny little starlets should take a major cue from her, and see what classic fashion sense, and beauty is.

She glows!!! I love it.

sticky icky on

qwen looks hot in everything that she wears. she can pull of anything.

lindsay on

i don’t understand this style either, but i do understand that she probably just wants something loose and comfortable, she DID just have a baby, you know?

Courtney on


Beebee! on

I wouldn’t wear this myself, but Gwen pretty much makes everything rock!

Joy on

I’ll tell you what happened – that baby boy of hers. Gwen has always shown off her flawless stomach and I’ve gotta think it ain’t so flawless anymore (I know of which I speak – I had two children 21 months apart). I’m not saying she’s got a horrible pooch happening or anything – to most people her stomach probably looks great even now. But for someone who was so cut to be, well, not as cut, it’s terrible and traumatic and you want to do all that you can to cover up until you’re back in the game again.

micheleeee. on

I am in love with this dress.
Though, I must agree, it does look a little too big for Gwen.

Rebecca on

It’s no hit, but it’s not a terrible miss either- just kind of blah. The color is pretty, but the dress is rather shapeless with a little too much fabric. She still looks beautiful!

Mallory on

gwen always looks adorable! she’s so cute in anything!

Ariadne on

Gwen always looks great in herself and I usually admire Vivienne Westwood’s clothes but I don’t think anyone could make this dress look good. Come on we all make mistakes with clothes at one point or another. She looks healthy though and that’s the most important thing for her especially being a new mum.

soxgirl on

ewwww. yuk. godawful

Timmi on

I LOVE GWEN! I don’t know who this is. Looks like Gwen but can’t be.

Joyce on

No Doubt it’s a MISS! Gwen, get back to HITS!

Nikki on

I think Gwen is beautiful and I usually love her style but I don’t like the dress she has on at all!

Bianca on

I admire Gwen’s fashion. She can literally pull of anything. She’s her own unique fashion and it’s refreshing, however I just don’t care for this dress on her. I love the fact that she has gone the sophisticated route, but still very fashionable, I just think this Westwood dress looks awful. But I just love Gwen, so I think she pulls this look off fine. Would I wear this? No, because I could never pull this look off. Could another celebrity wear it? Like Gwenyth Paltrow or someone? I don’t think so. I don’t have a problem with the bottom part, I just don’t like the top. I just don’t like the bow, and it just looks like she put the top on backwards. The top just looks all untidy. I do love her hair and she just looks beautiful with her signature red lips. I used to hate it when celebs wore animal print, because I always thought it was so tacky looking. I just felt that they should leave the animal pelt print either on the animal itself or on the rug, but when I would see Gwen wearing some animal print, it looks so cute and beautiful on her. I guess she just can make any look or style look good. She’s gorgeous and glowing and that’s all the matters.

Farial on

She’s oh so hot, but the outfit is not. Although, she pulls everything off so I get what she’s trying to do.

kristina on

spiffy…absulutly love it,,that girl can wear anything

aimstar on

gwen looks hot in whatever she puts on!

major payne on

gwen looks good in anything

ashley on

eww no way

sam on

I love Gwen so much but that outfit is so ugly it is scary

Leslie on

It looks like a really bad bridesmaid’s gown from 1993. This is a definate MISS!

Heidi on

I got to say Gwen I truly believed Gwen could pull any look off…but this dress proves me wrong. But whatever she wont be hurt by it she’ll end up only wearing it once anyway.

crystal on

Gwen looks amazing in anything she wears!

Damaris on

I think this outfit is a COMPLETE MISS. I love Gwens’ style but I guess everyone has a bad day Once in a life time.

marjorie on

Now I am the biggest fan of hers an No Doubt’s but I hate to say how this number is not a great look for anyone! I understand she wants to cover a post baby body, but let’s be real…Its Gwen! I am sure her body is rock steady already!

marjorie on

As a huge Gwen an No Doubt fan for that matter, I am the first to admit I am not so sure what she is wearing in this get-up.
I understand she wants to maybe hide the post baby body, but lets be real…its Gwen! Im sure her body is already rock steady by now! This look is good for no one. Sorry Gwen, I really do love everything else you wear and do but this one doesnt do it for me. From your #1 fan ( that happens to be dissing your outfit..i am sorry for being honest)

nikkie on

i looove gwen..she is so beautiful and so stylish..but this dress doesnt do nething for her covers her up in all the wrong places. she has a gorgeous figure and i think she should show it off..especially after giving birth

♥Cherish♥ on

EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! She looks HIDIOUS!!!!!! It looks like someone tried to wrap her as a gift and ran out of rapping paper!!!! Burn it sweetheart, burn it.

katie on

I really love this look.she looks calssy not trashy which is a good thong

andreina on

She looks like a clown, as usual!

alyson on

Wow, that looks like a really awful bridesmaid dress.

Voice Of Reason on

Bleh… I think she is usually stunning, but this is shapeless :-(

Lili on

It’s terrible! As always…

Brittany Ann on

She looks like she got tangled in a parachute. Usually she looks great, but that’s when her clothes fit her.

May-Lily on

I think her body and face looks gorgeous. I like her white skin, make-up and hair. But I don’t like the dress.

Janet on


Dianne O'Berry on

This look kinda reminds me of Celine Dion’s backwards-jacket-look. I don’t like it that much.

Nell on

Is it just me or does it look like it’s on the wrong way round ?

Sorry sweety but you’re a sexy mama, show it don’t hide it!

Sandy Beach on

I love Gwen but I cant be a hypocrite, this outfit is the WORST I’ve ever seen her wear… She needs to burn that dress !!!!

Patricia on

OMG did they just put a hole in a bed sheet for her head then put a bow around her waist. The designer is just plain lazy! That looks aweful! Oh well at least Gwen looks pretty!

chopsueyluey on

WTF???????? Okay, does she stroll on in to Safeway with this on? OMGawd!!!!!!!!!! She has such a cute figure and she goes out like this?? Even when I am pre-menstral and I have my sweats on, I have to look cuter than that. Sorry :O(

ANGEL101 on

HI THIS IS A NICE GYM LOOK a very nice otfit

night on

Call the fashion police

sprout on

The color is fabulous on her — but the cut is just so shapeless…! Whoever called it a bridesmaid’s dress from the ’90’s called it right!

Marissa on

I love it. I think Gwen looks good in anything. She has free style and is not afraid to show it. I get my style from her & the Harajuku Girls because their style is wicked.

LeeAnn on

i HATE this look what is it, looks like she just bought a role of fabric from wal mart and wrapped it around her

xyxy on

I love Gwen, but come on…that dress is hideous.

ALY on

I don’t even know what to say

christina on

such a small person doesn’t need the throw such a large amount of fabric on her body

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