Talkin' Hair With Eva, Jessica and Carmen

10/04/2006 at 12:47 PM ET

What to wear to a party for Hollywood’s hottest hairstylist? A dramatic new ‘do, of course. At the Sept. 29 opening of Ken Paves’s new Beverly Hills salon, his clients (left to right) Carmen Electra, Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson gabbed about their latest looks. “Kenny was like, ‘you need to go blonde,’ said Longoria, whose golden locks came courtesy of a wig by Hair Do, Paves and Simpson’s line. “He makes me change my hair color because of the color blouse I’m wearing that day. I enjoyed being a blonde for the summer, but I’m going to slowly go back darker because I love my dark hair. It was fun to change it up for a while.” Simpson, who had been wearing extensions earlier that night, sported a shorter look, a decision she made, she said, while shooting the video for her single, “I Belong to Me.” In the video, “I’m bawling crying and I take nail clippers and I’m hacking away at my hair, which is why my hair’s short now,” she said. “I love it!” And as for the glam, honey-blonde Electra? “I really trust [Ken],” she said. “It’s fun to play dress up.”

Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage

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jen on

eww. the only one who looks good in this pic is ken. look at jessica all puffed up ‘look at me’!!! sorry jess, carmen will beat ya every time!

tmc on

Actully, Carmen doesn’t look too hot in this pic. I think she is a georgous woman, but just not here. Jessica actually looks decent here, and not all over-glammed up.

Rebecca on

Will someone PLEASE tell Carmen Electra to stop dying her hair blonde? She looked so very much prettier with darker hair. The lighter locks make her look washed out and make her features appear really harsh, especially with the heavier makeup she likes to wear.

mirelle on

Eva needs to get her hair dark ASAP, this look washes her off and does not flatter her at all….lay off the self tanning and the highlights please, you are so pretty NATURAL, Carmen always looks beautiful and Jessica Simpson looks Ok I guess, she actually looks like she’s gained about 30 lbs and by the picture she looks like she is trying to suck up her cheeks and her tummy

Brittany on

Carmen Electra looks better as a brunette and without that red lipstick. Eva needs to go back to a brunette and Jessica looks amazing as always!!!! I think Ken does Jessica’s hair better because she is his BFF, he is making Eva and Carmen look a little homely.

FashionMuse on

Sooo….when does not having a man in your life schedule the end of taking care of yourself? These girls look horrible!! Well…they are all beautiful, but I’ve seen them all looking MUCH better. Pull yourself together girls!!!

EChizzle on

Puleez – I’ll bet if the women who made comments about this topic ie.. mirelle, rebecca, tmc, jen and me were to take the same pic, we would look just as good or even better and I’ve never seen you.

They look tore-up from the floor up.

liliana on

Eva needs to darken her hair.. My skin color is like Eva’s and i’ve done that mistake of dying my hair “blonde” and it just didnt look good at all!! Women with similar skin tone should not go blonde.. it doesnt look right!

kc on

Eva and Carmen are so much better looking than Jessica. And if I were Ken, I would boot her off my client list with the way that she has been wearing her hair lately. The bob is ok, but she overstyles it big time. The bob is not meant to be overstyled, just to be nautral! And I completely agree that Carmen and Eva need to go back to dark hair fast!



Nikki on

Carmen is beautiful and usually looks nice but I think she looks much better with darker hair. Eva also needs to dye her back, the light color doesn’t suit her to much.

Jamie on

Why does Jessica always have that retarded look on her face with her lips puckered out. She looks ridiculous! Carmen is, I think, one of the most beautiful women in the world, but I agree with some of the other girls, this was not her night. I’ve seen her look much better.

Fran on

Eva needs to put her hair back to the way it was, ASAP cause she will truly lose a lot of fans. She looks washed out and it is not flattering atol. This may be why Tony took a walk/// She now looks like everyone else, and Very DRAB. Yuck.//////

Claudia Dajer on

Eva, Eva, you are much more beautiful than Carmen and Jessica, but you really need to change your haircolor as it doesn’t agree with your complexion and your nature. Go back to being latina, sexy and beautiful, not gordy and tasteless just like the rest of them.

Courtney on

I love Eva & Carmen!!! Jessica, not so much.

Mary on

I don’t get the attention being paid to Ken Paves. I mean, every turn he takes there’s another woman who has just gone through a break up. What’s REALLY funny that that ALL of these women were either happliy married or in a relationship BEFORE they started seeing him…Just weird if you ask me.

Tara on

I like Jessica’s hair short, although this picture is definitely unflattering. I like Eva’s hair darker better, but this blonde is still cute. Not a fan of Carmen’s hair, but it’s ok.. :P

Erica on

The hair doesn’t looky shiny, just dull.

kelley rudd on

only have one thing to say—-why does every brunette in Hollywood think she has to become a cookie cutter blonde? aren’t there enough trashy looking bleach blondes out there?

Tracy on

I think all 3 of these ladies have looked better. They are knock-outs but I am just not feeling it here.

Sandi on

I fail to see why anyone thinks Jessica Simpson is attractive. Her actual features are totally unappealling. Her nose too large, her eyes too small & close together. This is not a pretty woman by any standards. She should take a clue from little sister if she plans on making her fame in the beauty world.

britt on

I think that those three girls are gorgeous and I would love a day with Ken at the salon, there hair always looks fabulous, even if it’s not their color.

Lisa on

Ken, from what I can see, obviously likes his female clients to be blondes. Why? Why not embrace their natural hue (or maybe a few shades within)? Carmen and Eva *DO NOT* look good as blondes. I love their dark hair.

marianne on

Dear Caitling, this is a blog and we are just giving our we can say whatever we please…is freedom of speach…I THINK Carmen Electra is beautiful, and Eva is really pretty, I just think that Jessica is dumb, is ugly and is talentless, and I just dont like her style…and by the way, my boyfriend AGREES WITH ME 100 % thank you baby !!!

Bianca on

Agreed Marianne. Caitlin, this is a blog, and we are aloud to have freedom of speech and type whatever we want. Isn’t it great to be able to say what you want, and for me or any other man or woman to be able to say what they feel. Being puppets and saying what you want us to say, isn’t much fun, so lighten up or take a flying leap.

Anywho…..Carmen Electra is a beautiful woman. I’ve never had a problem with her. I don’t like the light hair on her, and I think the lighter the lips are, the softer it would blend out the rest of her make-up. I think Carmen would look better with her darker hair. Eva Longoria is a beautiful latina. I agree with the others, she should go back to her original dark color. Having the dark skin tone and the light hair just doesn’t look good at all. I know Jessica Simpson gets a lot of flack, but I like her hair here. There is something I just don’t understand though….why does Ken Paves need to make a hair line product? I know people want to be funky and change things up, but if you cut your hair, you should just make do with the natural hair you have. Like Jessica for instance, one minute she has long hair, than short, than long, than shoulder length….I just think it’s so fake. I don’t know, I guess that’s just me. I have naturally long blonde hair, and I keep it long because I can do more with it, but when I get that urge to cut it, because Summer is coming or something, I do other things with my short bobs. Like I said, I guess that’s just me. Different strokes for different folks.

kandyce on

lol, this stuff is funneh

Kelly on

Wait…did Jessica say she took nailclippers to her hair…that’s just weird…

lejla on

they are all beautiful,but for me is EVA the best!!!

ashley on

Carmen looks absolutely horrible here!!! She is so gorgeous…naturally! I agree with the blonde hair comment! She looks way better with her natural color. Jessica looks great here, not too overdone. Perfect!!!

Clarice on

Carmen looks better with dark hair. Eva looks better with dark hair and please get rid of those horrid fake eyelashes because you are starting to look like a caricature. Jessica always looks skanky, she needs to retire.

Chelsea on

I think Eva is beautiful regardless of her hair colour, but I do think darker would be best for her specific skintone. Jessica’s entire face, pose, etc. in this photograph just look plain awkward. At least her makeup looks rather natural compared to how much makeup she usually wears. I don’t know about her hair- I like when she has her hair long best. Carmen is gorgeous but like others have stated, not her best moment ever. I think she looks great as a brunette and a blonde- in my own opinion she can pull of both very nicely. She for sure should probably lay off the bright red lipstick though, not really her thing or at least not the right shade of red for her skintone.

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