What Was She Thinking? Mischa Barton's Early Halloween

10/03/2006 at 10:36 AM ET

Normally, we applaud Mischa Barton’s fashion daring — if any one can pull off a wacky look and still look beautiful, it’s usually her. But this outfit (left) leaves us scratching our heads and wondering if she just can’t wait the extra few weeks for Halloween. Is it just us or does that skirt/ankle boot combo look like the Great Pumpkin-goes-Punk? At least now we know the actress’s political stance, thanks to her Universal Mind t-shirt. Tell us: what do you think of Mischa’s look?

To see more of Mischa’s fashion choices click here

Photo: Madison/X17

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Britt on

I am seriously concerned for Mischa’s fashion style. She is like her helpless pupply most of the time.

DukenDaisy on

I never have understood the fasination with her. Never have cared for her or her “look”.

Jess on

Absolutely hate it.

Sarah on

This is so out there for her…what was she thinking?!?!?!

Khoral on

I am ordering that tee immediately after i comment on how much i love it. I wouldn’t wear that skirt just as I would not put on most of the clothes she wears, but I still think she has amazing style none the less. (it’s just usually not me!) Besides, nothing could be as bad as that one bow-skirt she donned a little while ago…

Katie on

Yikes!!! Maybe she didnt get enough attention as a child.

Chrissy on

The skirt looks hideous, and ankle boots are just nasty when worn w/skirts or dresses. It does not flatter her legs in the least bit! She’s a very pretty girl, but I have never liked her style. Really, what is she thinking?

Hills. on

For f*** sake, cut her some slack! To be a fashionista doesn’t mean to follow every trend to please the public – it means to be first with trying something new! Fashion’s all about daring, girls, and I happen to think this outfit is a bit crazy, but nevertheless ├╝ber funky and definitely not worthy of all your hard words!

marianne on

I think she is a victim of fashion..she always tries to wear the latest trends ALL at the same time and that is a huge mistake…she is so pretty, she can do better that this look !!!

Stephanie on

What is she thinking? She has two styles lately, really good or really bad, which is what I think of this outfit….

Sarah Glen on

I like it.

ornella on


Sarah Glen on

I like it.

Marissa on

If there’s anyone who can pull off ankle boots with an orange high-waisted skirt, it’s the actress-with-a-model-build Mischa Barton. There is nothing that her long legs and lean torso cannot pull off– even the “diaper” and this orange skirt look good on her.

Lis on

Who really cares?

Karen on

Maybe she just wore the skirt and boots so that she would get attention to show off her statement tee, but wait then she probably wouldn’t have her hair covering the top word (DROP). Or am I giving her too much credit?

enigma on

I don’t care for the get-up itself but, the tee shirt has something to say that should go on gaint billboards around the world and back plus, on all those memos/secret files those stupid politicans read! Governments should be run like a business!!!
Anyway, back to Mischa, she slouches way too much, her legs and arms look so flabby and weak, she needs a serious workout routine!
The shirts rocks, the skirt sucks, and those ankle boot have got to go!

Julia on

I love it, because she’s taking a risk- treating herself as a canvas and expirimenting with new styles. She seems to be finding herself (in a fashion sense), and listening to her own needs, not to her stylist. That outfit is out of the common, especially in America where everything is so mainstream. Defenetly pushing the bounderies-love it!

Anne on

What makes that skirt so awful are the oversized black buttons. Makes it look like a vest that went all wrong and ended up on her hips. More proof that celebrities will wear anything in order to get their photo taken. Remember: any publicity is good publicity. ;-)

Iffiter on

Love the shirt. Could do without the boots. The skirt I think my mom worn in the early 80’s. But you know she has her own style and looks great in pretty much whatever.

stylemaven on

Mischa is one of those people who could wear a paper bag and look amazing because she carries herself with confidence and does not care one bit what people like you and I think about it.

Bunny on

Dumb look! Spend $$ on something worthwhile to be photographed in.

Alicia on

I hate to say it, but this outfit looks a lot better than some of the outfits I’ve seen her in lately (burberry diaper and dirty tank for example).

Kelli on

I think I’ve seen Mischa in something resembling decent clothing once…ever. She has horrible posture, doesn’t know how to comb her hair, and I have yet to see what others are saying about her build. What build??? She’s a twig with weird looking legs.
There’s a difference in being daring and being just plain clueless.

V on

Someone should tell this young woman what she actually looks like in this photo: tired, drawn, and wan. No matter what clothes she’s wearing, she looks like she’s in desperate need of a good nights sleep.

j on

someone is trying too hard to be a trendsetter. she’s gross. her clothes are gross, and i’m willing to bet her attitude is too. stop showing her. she was in one dumb tv show that she got fired from. big deal.

SCP on

Goes to show she not only lacks knowledge of world politics, but of fashion common sense. Not impressed.

Kayren on

Misha is such a pretty person if only she wouldn’t dress the way she does she could show everyone how pretty she really is.

carolyn on

Minnie Mouse, I mean Mischa, meets political punk

Becky on

What a fun outfit! Thank god she doesn’t listen to all the people who read People. You guys are such a somber serious lot. If you had your way everyone would dress in muted grey sophisticated tones. Does you really want everyone to look like Jennifer Aniston? Life is about diversity of expression. The streets would be boring if we all aspired to one look.

Amanda on

Honestly i never though she has a sense of style anyways…and this probably tops her list of tacky/hideous outfits

pinky on

If you think of it not as a two-peice outfit but a tight dress, it starts to look a bit attractive.

abigail on

She looks like Santa’s littlest crackhead.

Monique on

Great message on the T. Very scary fashion choice. Tim Burton’s all over this I’m sure ;-))))))))))))))

Christina on

You really think, someone with that much money would know how to dress.. It is just silly when they wear things that are so ugly and think they can pull it off just because they are a actress or they are beautiful.. Have some class and dress right you never know who is watching you..

Natalie on

I love the message on the shirt but the high, red buttoned skirt is a bit strange.

Puga on

What was I thinking? Do you think people are laughing?

Mick on

Go Mischa! I like her creativity in this outfit and it flatters her figure. I think if Sienna Miller were wearing this you’d applaud her (and Sienna Miller clearly doesn’t have good taste – in men).

A on

I have never thought she was exquisite like the fashion world does. Half of the stuff she wears looks like it is going to fall off of her and the one time she wears something that does fit it is ugly. I think she tries too hard to make an impression and she just enjoys the attention, whether it is good or bad.

Amber on

I actually like it. I think it’s cute, and unique.


I believe that when Mischca puts something totally bizarre on she thinks its cool, and that she is a trend setter but all she is accomplishing is looking silly. Biggups to her if she likes it and she is comfortable in it, but I am so tired of ppl saying she is stylish and fashion forward…b/c this outfit is many many steps back!

alyssa on

well…her dog looks cute

Sarah on

Nix the ankle boots, which by the way I think are hideous on anybody, and you have a cute, styish, daring outfit! Plus the slogan is awesome and very fitting for the time peroid we are in now!

Porsche on

Whoa! Mischa what were you thinking when you walked out of the house like that. This outfit is hideous, she is way too gorgeus for something like that. It did get her attention though, and that’s what celebs love.

Tia on

lately her fashion choices have been really bad. What was she thinking with the skirt?! It reminds me of a coat worn upside down and backwards. She used to be my fashion idol but now I’m looking more towards her ex-O.C. co-star Rachel Bilson.


EWWWW!!! Is this the work of Rachel Zoe or Mischa herself?

Heidi on

O come on she made a mistake its not like its the end of the world. Its just cloths. Maybe thats who she wants to look no one has the right to tell someone that they can’t or shouldn’t wear that. They are intitled to whatever they want to wear. So come on write about something else. Who cares.

lana on

its risky, but she wears it well.I cant say i would wear that even in the dark

gabriela on

I LOVE IT!! in fact. do you know where I can get that skirt??????? please!!

Tania on

who gives a s***? what she wears is her own bussiness! also, the reason she looks so tired is probably the fact that she is constantly hounded by paparatzzi! give the poor girl a break!

Natalie on

I have always stuck up for Mischa’s fashion, especially during fashion week, I just loved those dresses she would show up in. She’s a beautiful girl with long beautiful legs and only she can pull off looks like this. But if there is one thing I cannot stand about this whole look is…..those ankle boots. Gawd I hate ankle boots, I think they look so tacky when someone wears them with shorts or something. But I’m sticking with the rest of the crowd on this one, I think this fashion look is a definite DON’T. I think it looks hideous. Mischa is young and is always dressing her age, not some old sophisticated lady. Mischa keeps it light, airy and fun with her outfits, which she should, because she’s not 30 years old. I say no to this outfit though, but I look forward to what she wears next.

Bexta on

Ok, her style has been a little off lately, but as an Aussie, I love that she is wearing a skirt by an Aussie designer! I think she could have made that outfit a bit more tolerable without the boots cos they really cut off her long legs. If you had all seen designer Alice MacCall’s show, the skirt actually looks fabulous, fresh and different, which is what Australian fashion is about. If only Mischa wore it better!

Holy Candy on

Her character on The O.C. died — and now her fashion sense has, too!

Jenn on

I’ve never been a fan of Mischa and I definately don’t think this outfit does her justice. It seems like she’s fabulous when it comes to dressing for parties and award ceremonies but for normal everyday clothes, she’s a little out there.

Oh and she has fabulous hair… I’m so envious! ;)

Annicia on

I don’t think she thought this outfit through!

Helen on

Thank God she’s tall which makes her look a tiny bit less awful in that outfit!!!

Nikki on

She must have bought her Halloween costume early!

Jen Stone on

A hot mess!!!

Terra on

I think that Mischa is such a cute girl – but who the heck taught this girl to dress? I know she’s supposedly a “fashionista” – I JUST DON’T SEE IT!!!! She’s pretty for a petite girl, but I just think she could show it better!

EChizzle on


M on

Sing with me:



Canyousayhighfashion? on

She is young and famous and I think her style is awesome!! I cannot belive that she is being torn apart on this website because of her daring sense of fashion… I think she looks stylish and high fashion… I personally love her taste.

Aura on

I’m pretty sure she was thinking “how can I keep getting the publicity for the clothing I wear.” Love the T-shirt.

sabrina on

Cmon..she dont know about fashion, she’s always wearing a lovly dress with horrible boots, where are you from?
I thin kshe have to go to a professional, you know, for advises

Tara on

I definitely do not like the dress, but I think people need to stop being so hard on her. Did you really have it all together when you were her age? And, I’m pretty sure she already has (at least) one mom.

Isabel on


breann on

it is insanely ugly….she’s starting to look like her ratty boyfriend.

GG on

I LOVE IT!!!!! I mean all the people above me and including me wouldnt wear it A) cause we wont look decent in it. B) we dont have her body… and C) where would we wear it??. I personally think she looks great, she has always looked great in the OC and famous people are meant to wear things we normal people wouldnt wear. They are in the spot light and they have fun with it. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

maleeka on

i guess she couldn’t wait for holloween!

Karter on

Its probably hard to find something that no one else has worn already, so if you find stuff that no one else would ever wear, then your safe. I think thats her approach. She can be assured that she wont bump into someone wearing the same outfit.


I really admire Mischa’s fashion sense. Especially the fact that she even has one. Most people in Hollywood tend to either follow suit or fail miserably at trying to make a fashion statement. Mischa may “miss” sometimes with her outfits, but for the most part, she looks great and can pull off almost anything. She is definitely ORIGINAL!

bourne on

i think it’s pretty cool that she’s not afaird to leave the house in ugly clothes. i would never wear the outfits she choses now.

Rachel on

I feelt sorry for her dog, I mean, he or she had such a bad taste owner!!! *Sigh*

Sama A.K on

Yes…this outfit is risky….but…cut her some slack people!

chopsueyluey on

Do you see all of those people AND doggie in the background checking her out?? They are wondering “why….why….”. It’s so unecessary…..

melissa on

I think she is ballsy to wear what she does and only SHE can get away with it!!

liz on

she looks like a moron.

Erica on

i think that the outfit is a bit tacky but it is not so bad if you really think about it!! She could of worn worse!!!

donna on

People will always do what they want to do. Leave her alone, she is doing her own thing. Whats yours?

Leah on

It totally annoys me when I read about how great Misha Barton’s body is….give me a break. Her legs are so ugly. I know it is not her fault and that she has no control over her “let type”. So this is really for all of those ournalists who go on and on about them. They are aweful. Wow….finally, I got that out! Please shut up about her ugly legs.

Erica Struthers on

Oh my god people, just get over that mischa barton is skinny!!!! I mean if you really think about it, she could be skinner and i wish that people would just stope bickering about her!!! I mean, she was one of my favorite characters on the O.C.!!!! Come on people grow up and don’t be soo rude!!!

Jen on

I would say “what was she thinking” but I have seen her other fashion choices and well I don’t think she is thinking at all when she chooses her outfits… it is like she is purposely trying to look awful…

LeeAnn on

i think the dress is cute and fits her body but the writting on the frontneeds to go sheslike a walking protest, why dont she just hold a sighn like the rest of the people

jojo on

She looks good. and who cares anyway

la genius on

The skirt would look with something else, the shirt would look fine with jeans, but together equals disaster! I make it a point to never wear print tops and skirts together.

Jess on

I dont care what you guys say. I like it. Its really individual and her puppy is pretty cute.

sarita rodriguessss on

i love this outfittttttttt =] wat r u guys on that hate it the skirt is soooooo freakin hot and ankle boots are the must have this winterr =]

angelika on

i like it but it looks as if she’s just trying too hard

Niky on

She is very pretty. I like her in the O.C series !! Mischa you are the best :)welcome in Poland :*

lia on

ha ok. first of all, you looook amazing, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR WEARING. MISCHA BARTON CAN PULLL OFF ANYTHING. SO SHUTTUP YOU JELOUS HATERS. SHEES GORGEOUS NO MATTER WHAT SHE WWEARS. shes gorgeous no matter what. she has an amazing body, gorgeous luscious hair. so your all just jelous :)

nicole on

she’s looking good, and her outfit is fantastic.

Ashley on

I absolutly love it.
Mischa Looks good in anything.
She’s always gorgeous.

LeeAnn on

I think for Halloween I would so work!! Its tangy but okay. Some of you need to really stop being so harsh!!!

somedude on

Not my taste, but if she likes it (thumbsup)

and for all the haters, atleast she is populair and rich ;)

Katherine on

I like it.

Jessica on

i for one love her style shes dangerous and beautiful and a great actress why does everyone care what she wears she would look beautiful in a baggy sweatshirt and sweats
i love her whole outfit and i would wear it so :p

zee zee electric. on

i love mischa. her style is unique and i respect her for experimenting

Alvaro on

I don’t understand why people think that Mischa is not a fashion girl. I love her look. In the pic she’s wearing a lovely skirt!!

rogelio benjaminjr. on

hi!.. mischa i really like your rule in THE O.C. with your love team with MCKENZIE…. you’re cute…. by the way you’re my crush… take care always….

Sara on

I actually love the high-waisted skirt with the simple tee. She looks very chic and I seriously dont see one thing wrong with this.
You have to take risks in fashion and I think she took a great one.

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