What Was She Thinking? Sharon Stone's Dress

09/29/2006 at 04:55 PM ET

This isn’t Sharon Stone’s first time making a questionable fashion decision — or even the second— but last night, as the host of the Macy’s Passport Gala, she raised eyebrows with her risque rump-revealing frock. While the front of her black satin dress looked elegant and a touch conservative, the back was quite another story! There were two sheer panels that revealed not only all of her thighs but a quite a bit of her booty as well. We don’t know if this was intended to shock or if Sharon just didn’t realize how high or how sheer the panels were. Tell us: What do you think of Sharon’s dress? Would you wear it?

Photo: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo; Carlos Diaz/INF

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R.A.H.Fernandes on

It looks like a Wendy Pepper design.

Nicky on

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That is Disgusting..

Catherine on

Macy’s is a conservative store…but it looks like she’s showing her genitals, “hello!”, little air conditioning going on here? Is she the poster child for menopause? I would say so as her hot flashes have dropped to her booty or she is feeling so old that she needs to show the goods to get some these days!

vanessa on

it’s the sort of frock that should be worn to a fetish show/event. or a manson concert (love marilyn by the way). but whatever floats her boat i guess. i’ve always liked sharon stone. she’s in very good shape for a woman her age and is a good actress as well. but in her personal life, she leaves us wondering about her mental stability. but as along as SHE’S happy, who cares!!!

Sonja on

What in the world is she trying to prove? One hideous, sleazy outfit after another. She could be quite attractive if she’d stop trying to “shock”, or show-off, whatever it is she’s doing.

Brittany on

She always makes poor wardrobe choices….but YIKES!!

Teddy32 on

Oh My! She really needs to cover up her rump. I am embarrassed for her!

Katie on

She looks like she belongs on a street corner.

Karen on

Sharon must be having a mid-life crisis. She needs a new stylist and she needs to look glamours again like she is. If that takes a new man so be it! But get a clue Sharon. You have the body….just act the age!

Jaime on

What was she thinking?? Oh wait she obviously wasn’t thinking. You’re fooled into thinking she actually picked a great dress for once when you see her from the front then. . . YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! She turns around and I feel my breakfast coming up!!

que te on

uhh maybe she went fishing earlier

Jennifer on

TACKY!!!! I do not even care for the front of the dress either. Way too conservative.

Staci on

I would never wear something that revealing; however, if I had her body at her age, why the hell not! She has a great butt, might as well show it.

Kristy on

Haha a Wendy Pepper design! Or is it one of Laura’s creations that Jeffrey stole and put a touch of himself in?!

Thumbs down on this one but hey at least shes got the legs for it, huh? More than I can say!

Simon on

Absolutely gross and disgusting!

Ami on

Obviously, the woman has no taste. She must also be surrounding herself with stylists who do nothing but feed her ego and tell her everything looks great. But seriously, Sharon – get a mirror and look at yourself before you leave the house! I have lingerie that is less revealing…

Donna on

She does have nice legs, though the dress is inappropriate.

Nancy on

I think Sharon Stone is beautiful but that dress is the horrendous. If she has a stylist…she needs to fire her immediately.

j on

If my body is as good as hers at that age, I’d be flashing my bum too!

Jenn on

On any other celeb I would’ve been disgusted but with Sharon Stone, you kind of expect her to wear something crazy. So although I don’t like the dress AT ALL, I don’t really find it that shocking on her :)

Jacqui Alexander on

In all honesty age has very little to do with this extremely poor fashion choice, it’s NOT appropriate for anyone no matter how old. It’s poorly made, fit is awful, wrinkles up a storm, and just plain unbecoming.

keren on

I think she was aware of the dress and how reveling it was.
i think it’s quit cool.

keren on

I think she was aware of the dress and how reveling it was.
i think it’s quit cool.

Sandy on

In a nutshell….. just a really, really, ugly dress! All her taste is in her mouth apparently!

keren on

I think she was aware of the dress and how reveling it was.
i think it’s quit cool.

Dona on

Sorry. Don’t buy the “didn’t know” theory. She’s an extremely intelligent woman. She’s, also, a FREAK!! lol

Tara on

vile. show a little self respect, woman!

Silver on

I’m actually not that bothered by the revealing clothes. I just don’t that that material is flattering.

stacey on

Gross!!! It looks like someone got scissor-happy as a joke!!

Melissa on

This dress looks like its a strippers court outfit.

Cindy on

It looks tacky & home made. The satin fabric shows the poor-quality stiching, like the thread tension was too tight.

Angel on

This dress is terrible all the way around. The front is very unflattering. Her figure is very square in this dress. She looks as if she has swallowed Sponge Bob. The rear of the dress, yikes! Although Sharon has a stunning figure, this is no way to show it off. The back “vents” appear to be cut out by a kindergartener.

Judy on

Come on! That doesn’t even look like Sharon Stone in the pic!


sharon has no darrier if she wears a dress like that she needs to be toned and have something back there.

EmO giRl on


T on

She is a person that needs to shock other people. At sometime time in her life she did not get attention and is looking for it now. So if you really look at her and her pattern (past) you would see that this is no different. We will just hope that she can be the best she can be for her age. With diginity, respect.

dfox111 on

Some things are just tasteless on older women, even women in as good of shape as Sharon Stone. It just looks tacky when older women try too hard to be sexy. She’d be flattering in other outfits that didn’t make it look like she was trying so hard.

Ola on

I think she was on her way to the San Francisco’s Love Parade…

Joanne G. on

Definitely looks cheap! The front doesn’t even look good—the bottom looks like it needed to be pressed.

Bonnie on

Very, very tacky for such an elegant woman. It looks like something she ran up on the sewing machine at the last minute.

girl on

Nice dress. Sharron really looks good for her age.

Joyce on

Gosh! Inappropriate…as if she is mooning the event.

barbara hill on

Maybe the check bounced before the dress could be completed!!!

How proud are those little boys of hers going to be when they are old enough to see pictures of dear old mom strutting her stuff??? Her legacy should be her charity work for AIDS and other causes, but I’m afraid she’s going to be remembered more for her slutty fashion choices of late.

jenna on

shes 40…she should dress like she’s proud of her age. it’s possible to be beautiful, sexy, AND still conscious of who you are…she looks like she’s trying to be 20, when she doesn’t have to. come on, there are plenty of women over 40 who’ve got it together. why can’t sharon stone just be who she is? this is humiliating!

Jodi on

Sharon – you are a lovely woman. No need for such a display!

linds on


ella on

She really needs to come to terms with her age. You can still dress sexy in your 40’s, just not raunchy.

Lisa on

Oh Sharon, Sharon, Sharon…you’re not 25 anymore. It’s ok. Take a page from Meryl Streep, Susan Saradon, and other classy ladies. Dress your age. PLEASE!

PKB on

Nice shoes!

PKB on

Nice shoes!

Nicole on

This is a bit too revealing!

Jo Jo on

I think it’s trashy looking. She must really be insecure and think she’s getting too old to keep trying to show her private parts like the infamous scene in Basic Instinct. It’s pathetic. She has no class.

sandi on

hideous and in poor taste

mon on

I love it, she’s still got it why not flaunt it. At her age more power to her, she’s got the confidence everyone writing below is lacking. After all she’s not a nun she’s an actress.

Lynnie on


margaret brown on

looks like she is making an ass of herself

laura on

She looks cheap and tacky. Obviously ugly, the dress doesn’t even flatter her 50 year old body. Clearly her dress sense is as lacking as her acting ability.

Minna on

The dress does nothing for her, it make her breasts sacky, and she looks a bit chubby too… all in all horrible dress, whats with the fishnets and the tacky libstick? come again Sharon

Charlotte on

Was Bill Clinton in the audience ?
She really dressed to impress.

Susie Q on

Sharon does not need this dress to look sexy. She just needs to realize that dressy classy will get her dates, NOT dressing slutty. That will not work. Very sad.

Zsuzsa Oren on

Are you guys kidding me? OK the dress is ugly but YES shocking and that is exactly what a celebrity bomb shell needs. Something that makes people put her picture up on the net, in the papers and into the middle of today’s gossip. To keep her name fresh and alive. Any kind of publicity is good for a celebrity as long as it keeps her name in people’s mind. And after some red carpet cretaions today’s designers really don’t have too many new things to show us, do they? So here we have a beautiful legend who is now comming back with a new movie, and she wants to make sure her name is every where. So what? That is her job just like acting, being pritty or not complaining about the paparatzi.I think Sharon Stone does a hell of a good job being a celebrity and that’s all to it.

jane on

she obviously did not look in the mirror before she left her hotel room!!

liz on

she always wore wonderful clothes and knew exactly what worked best for her. What happened to good taste?

Linda on

Unfortunately, even though Sharon Stone is supposed to be a genius, she doesn’t realize she is coming across as an aging woman desperately trying to hold on to her youth. It’s one thing to not look your age; it’s quite another to be blatantly obvious that you are clinging to the last vestages of youth.

Marilyn on

Goofy. I love Sharon Stone and I don’t feel she did this on purpose. Someone should have told her before she went out in that thing. You would think she would have felt a draft. She must not have sat on a metal chair. Ha!

Timnisha on

I think that this women is old enough to know what to wear in public and what not to wear but just in case she needed a little advice here it is

that dress is the uglyest thing in the whole wide world and it needs to be cut with a pair of reall really sharp weed cutters!!!!!

liz on

Sharon Stone is overrated. She needs to do something shocking and ridiculous to keep herself in the news.

Cookie on

Is she insane? Nothing worse than an older woman trying to look younger than her age…I believe she forgot to look in the mirror from the back. This will certainly put her on Mr. Blackwell’s worst dressed list again next year!

Elnora on


emily on

i really do think she should have gotten a second opinion on that choice of fabric to throw over her body…i can hardly call it a dress!

emilyo on

aabsolutely horendous…never in a million years should someone where something so revealing
second opinion way needed…stylist help her pleeeeeeeese!!

Eugenie on

OK, 4 words: What WAS she thinking??? It looks so disgusting!!! Not cool at all!

Mo on

An eyesore!!! Looks ridiculous.

Lizz on

You dont need to show off your body like that why not try wearing i string bikini if you feel so tempted, just get it threw you head regular tanktop and tight jeans goes a long way.

Lori on

She knew exactly what she was doing. She really knows bad taste!!!

darryl on

Unfortunately she could not have used the good sense god gave a billy-goat. For some odd,(but sensible to her), reason she went outside to show exactly how much of a fashion DON’T it really was. I feel sorry for her and the way she believes that showing something as nasty as her rear-end is SEXY. SHE MUST GO BACK HOME AND START OVER…….FREE ADVISE

Vicki on

I am not real fond of Sharon Stone as I think she totally demeans herself as an actress and as a woman with her roles and clothes. She seems to think she has nothing more to offer than a hot body and good looks. Unfortunately she is not some young actress that can get away with it anymore. She needs to grow up and accept her age and start dressing with class. She could look so classy if she only would.

Carol Hetzler on

I greatly admire Sharon Stone’s whole attitude about life, aging and being a woman. If I had her body, I certainly wouldn’t be ashamed to wear the clothes she wears.

Nancy on

She is too old for her not to know better. It’s tacky and trashy.

Claire on

The older you are, the sadder these kinds of choices look.

Sunny Face on

She was thinking she could end up in all the tabloids if she wore that dress. It’s all about publicity.

She is still one hot old broad!

Sue on

NO!!!!!! I would not wear this!!!!! I like some revealing outfits,but this is alittle too much.

Natalie on

Although I admire Sharon Stone, and I have always liked her. She’s a strong woman and she’s beautiful. But this is awful. Wouldn’t you think that you would want to be noticed for your good fashion? This so called “masterpiece” Sharon is wearing is VERY tacky. I remember when Jennifer Lopez wore that green Versace dress (I think it was Versace?). She made an impact in fashion, but it wasn’t tacky looking, she made a statement that was very sexy and classy. Sharon isn’t making a fashion statement with this dress. While Jennifer got put in the paper for good reasons, Sharon is put in the paper for the bad reasons….I guess she likes to be laughed at and not taken seriously. Whomever designed this dress, shouldn’t be a fashion designer if they believe this is a “masterpeice.” Sharon should have known better. If she wore this dress just so she can be in the papers, because no one bothers to notice her, well, shame on her. Like I said, you should want to be known for your great fashion, not for your horrendous fashion. There are many stars who dress beautifully and they get talked about all the time, because they make great fashion moves (most of the time). Does she want so much scrutiny? Obviously, because she isn’t doing anything with her acting, unless you call “Catwoman” great acting. PLUS Sharon has a great body, but no one wants to see her butt.

SW on

Oh my goodness. Even if I looked as fabulous as Sharon Stone does, I would still think twice about wearing this nightmare of a dress.

Jo Hampton on

Sharon Stone does have a great body but I’d always try an outfit on and look front,side and back to see if it’s great! She does need mental help.

Lisa on

The posters who have said ‘If you have a great body, why not show it’ miss the point. It’s not necessary to wear trashy clothing to show one’s assets. Ms. Stone has the resources to select a beautifully tailored dress in an elegant fabric. She doesn’t need to reveal her lady parts have sex appeal.

Alicia on

Someone should tell her that her heyday is over (not to mention showing your “bum” etc. in public is really not cool, sophisticated, or classy). True to form-tacky as usual.

Marilyn Perkins on

Sharon loves to shock her audiences. Was this her “Tennessee Buttseedo” frock?

naiara on


Becky on

It is pretty obvious she is desperate for attention.

KKSnaith on


TeeBone on

Sharon Stone makes enough $$ to get herself a fashion stylist. Totally inappropriate and gross.

Suzi on

Oh my gosh! It is a very ugly dress for one & looks as though she slept in it (wrinkles galore) but to show your bum too? What a terrific boo boo!

Lora on

I would say exactly same thing as STACY said: I would never wear something that revealing; however, if I had her body at her age, why the hell not! She has a great butt, might as well show it.

Mary on

I was born on March 10, 1958. I always chuckle with my friends that I have the same birthday. I’m sorry to say that her fashion choices have been very, very poor lately.

stylemaven on

Surely she didn’t do this on purpose!

sandy on

Sharone Sone needs to mature gracefully…she is too old to be showing off her wares…she could be an attractive mature woman….she needs a personal wardrobe assistant to check her before she goes out!!!! pitiful Sharon

sandy on

Sharone Stone needs to mature gracefully…she is too old to be showing off her wares…she could be an attractive mature woman….she needs a personal wardrobe assistant to check her before she goes out!!!! pitiful Sharon

amber on

she never makes good fashion choices…. ever

OK Corral on

Hot! Very Hot! Sharon does it again!



Fawn on

You’re an attractive woman. You’d look better if your clothing selections were a little more discreet. Consult with Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Halle and other well-dressed ladies about finding some better designers to dress you.

Marilyn on

Shame on Sharon ! She doesn’t have mirrors at home?

Tanya on

What was she thinking? You’s think she would have more class than that!!!

Andrea on

I like the front of the dress but the back is too revealing.

Erin on

Sharon seems to have a style of her own sometimes but this is plain tacky, it looks like they ran out of dress material but had extra fishnet stocking material. NO NO NO on this one.

heather on

no but i don’t have the body she does either! But most likely not, my husband would kill me!

kathy on

I think the dress is not only revealing but just plain ugly. The back looks like something is hanging out of her butt….

antonia on

I don’t like the dress, not because it’s too revealing but i don’t like the fabric either. it looks cheap in general.
But i don’t expect anything better from a woman to deep in her basic insticts!!!

antonia on

i don’t like her choice, not because the dress it too revealing but i don’t like the fabric either. it looks cheap in general.
but…i don’t expect anything better from a woman too deep into her basic insticts….

antonia on

i don’t like the dress not only because is it too revealing but the fabric looks cheap too….
but truly, i don’t expect anything else from a woman to deep into her basic insticts….
not that she is some philosopher…too.

Rob on

I think a lil something like this from time to time just keeps you in the news and keeps your name on everyones lips. Publicity stunt maybe??

Anita on

..well, at least she got the publicity again!!!!
Unfortunately she looks just…..cheap!

Lola on

Desperate way to keep herself young……

Barbara Smith on

Dolly Parton always says that she pays a lot of money to look trashy. Ive never seen her look as trashy as Sharon does in this dress. It’s too tight and doesnt fit well. The panels in the back just look bad. Some women need to realize that they would look sexier by covering up rather then baring themselves

Stephanie on


Yet again, just because you could wear something, doesn’t mean you should.

Of course she has a nice body. She’s a celebrity, she’s paid to look hot. But that’s no excuse for looking like a cheap stripper.

Laura on

How much is a Stylist? Maybe its time that she invest in one. I’m thinking she could have asked the homeless guy around the corner and found a better outfit. Get over it already…you are making yourself into a joke!

Susan on

The dress from the front is not bad. That tail thing down the back ruins it completely! Sharon Stone had been a fashion icon, but her decisions lately have been very questionable. Come back fashionable Sharon!

pat LEJEUNE on


EChizzle on

Sharon Stone is a lovely women but she needs to remember that she is “a woman of a certain age” and cover up. When woman of a certain age tries to look sexy by dressing like a 20-something it looks forced – like, “look at me damn it I’m sexy”! It’s obvious that she is trying too hard and everybody knows when you “try too hard to be sexy”, it is not cute. She looks a HOT MESS!!!!

beth on

I say if she still has it flaunt it! you go girl!

Dianne E. Shepherd on

Isn’t this apropos of what she wears. I believe she likes to shock people with the way she dresses. How disgusting! What an awful example to our children!


I think it looks cool – people are sooo uptight!!!!!! Puritanical conservatives learn how to let loose!

crystal on

sharon cover up your rump! lovely from front but trashy from behind. not even a 22 yr old model should wear things like this.

Sharon on

UMMM…You have children now! Yes, we know you didn’t birth them, but, please…soo glad they are too small to be embarassed.

Juile on

I can’t believe so many people have posted about Sharon Stones dress. Why do so many people care so much?

Stell on

Perhaps if the press would stop taking so many pictures of this tasteless woman she’d stop wearing these ugly numbers.

Frannie on

Inappropriate for an otherwise elegant woman.

Virginia on

Just another in a very long like of classless Sharon Stone choices.

Julie on

ROFL!!! LMAO!!! Now THAT is the funniest thing I’ve seen all freaking day…

Eva on

Wow, I don’t care if some famous designer made that or not, that is not an attractive dress. I am surprised that she thought that looked good.

Axelle on

I have hardly seen Sharon wore something that i thought was doing justice to her gorgeous body. I think that she has an attractive body but she does not do it justice with her choice of wardrobe. I myself do not necessarily think that one needs to hire a stylist for fashion direction if one is capable of making such decisons themselves, however in Sharons case if she has a stylist, i think that she should consider changing them and if she doesn’t she should cosider investing in one. I think she is a sexy and great individual but i just hate those horrific fashion disasters that overshadows her sexiness and totally hurts her image. As a female myself i’m just looking out for you hun.

heather on

It looks like an elegant diaper that has unravelled

tasha on

Come on!!! That is without a doubt one of the most TACKY dresses I have seen. YUCK!!

Tammy on

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Those big name “designer’s” are laughing all the way to the bank!!!

Sarah on

This is a horrible dress from the front and the back. There is absolutely nothing flattering about it- the material, the fit, the cut, or the design. Totally tasteless. I’m not even opposed to showing a lot skin if you have her body- but not in this dress. I like Sharon Stone, but she needs some serious wardrobe help.

mona on

Sharon knows exactly what she’s doing. She was obviously trying to get some attention and, as usual, she got it. It’s the only way to get into People magazine, after all–scandal is the way to go otherwise nobody will write about you or publish your picture once you’re over 35 and not on Desperate Housewives (that’s why we don’t see photos or hear stories of classy people like Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep). I agree that it’s not appropriate but she has a great ass so at least she doesn’t look offensive. After being treated to truly offensive photos of various starlets’ private parts happily displayed for the paparazzis, a little bit of leg doesn’t shock me.

suppykat on

Sharon’s still hot but this looks trashy. Hollywood and vine anyone? The fish net stalkings do not help her cause. Fire the person who said, “Sharon you look so beautiful and flattering in that dress” ughh

Marcusella on

Typical Sharon Stone style!

Analisa on

Aww man, even if you have a great body there are certain things you shouldn’t wear at her age. She looks great but someone should have told her that dress made her look ridiculous.

Stephanie on

This is really bad, what is she thinking? Shorn Stone has gotten weider as she gets older, what a mess!

beth on

OK – if the dress wasn’t bad enough, she had to add fishnet panty hose? Maybe she wore them to cover the varicrose veins in her legs. I think this is a horrible dress for a woman her age; and not that she is old and can’t dress sexy, it’s just a slutty dress, and if she were a little more respectable (to herself and others) then she should have picked a classier dress that didn’t show her vagina.

enigma on

All I have to say is…”Basic Instinct” all over again!!!
Nasty Nasty Nasty!

chris on

Snatch flash best left for the big screen

Kirsten on

Why does she wear such hideous things?! She has a great body, and the money to dress it well. Maybe something a little more “age appropriate”?…

Rebekah on

If I looked like Sharon Stone at her age, I would wear that dress too!!

PAC on

Sharon has no taste. The things she wears are just distrubing!!!!!

Caren on

she definitely needs tohave someone dress her!!

Missy on

How could she find this dress worth wearing at all? What kind of a store did she get it from? I don’t thing she’s out of cash she settled for something tasteless and cheap or she’s just losing it.

Puga on

What was she thinking?! Thats pretty bad, I’d expect that from Cortney Love ;)

Sabrina on


Joanne on

Not only would I not wear this, she is way to old for this kind of stuff, and should know better; shame on her! With young children.

Marilyn on

All I can say is Ewww…

janabanana on

she is too old and needs stop trying to make a statement!!! This look is haggard

Mila on

why not? Her back side of the body looks gorgeous. May be she wanted to be noticed and appreciated for her effort looking so young from the behind))

maureen miller on

Sharon Stone needs help with her fashion. If she’s going to be seen in the public eye, she should get help. Everything this star wears is bad. This dress does nothing for her except show she has bad taste. Shame too since she is beautiful. Someone help her.

Jen on

This look reminds me of my punk phase in high school which was about 10 years ago…

night on

She has really made an ass of herself this time

LeeAnn on


jennifer on

throw that dress away you look bad

SA on

Definitely cheap dress….but it’s Sharon Stone, she’s
just a classic. I don’t care what anyone says. The dress is bad, but Sharon Stone is beautifully chaotic. Her attitude says that she’s in fact A LADY…a powerful one, no matter how silly she’s being..

I respect you Sharon. You’re Golden:D

Avery on

Oh please. She just wore this so people like you would sit around all day talking about her.

Robert on

Sharon Stone looks HOT!…She has a sexy, fun sense of fashion…

Sassy on

Hi there,
I prefer Sharon when she looks great.This is just too cheap.

Tari on

That dress wouldn’t look good on someone with a smokin’ bod. I’m not sure what made her think she could pull it off. Jeepers, that’s just nasty.

Sasha on

Fishnet tights look sexy, but not in this case :)

Cindy on

i honestly can’t figure out why anyone even Sharon Stone would think this is a nice looking dress. it makes her look desperate.

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