Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

09/28/2006 at 06:00 PM ET

Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

Well, holy moly! I loved and hated this episode. The first real makeover is always the best, don’t you agree? It’s fun to see just what these girls are going to get done — and who is going to cry. (I sound so mean!) As a past contestant, I cringe and feel their anxiety. But the biggest makeover was Jaeda –from Cute College Girl with Layers to Hot Halle Berry Pixie! She definitely pulled it off. After getting their makeovers (which I loved!!) from a super master stylist (stop whining!) — the girls had to face their next challenge, the HAIR WARS! Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo: Tracy Bayne/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

Jay Manuel met the girls at a hotel where they were given a super stressful challenge. They had 30 seconds to catch the elevator, and jump off at different floors on which they had another 30 seconds to get makeup, clothes and accessories. If you missed the elevator, you were out. WOW! Megg and Monique were eliminated. Gotta be on your toes!

Upstairs they met Queen Latifah and tried their best to sell their new look. Queen loves Eugena, and the prize turns out to be a shot for Cover Girl, very cool.

At the photo shoot, it’s all about the craziest, biggest, most outrageous wigs and accessories you’ve ever seen on a head! Everything from Toucans to American flags to Amanda’s Red Star-Trek fantasy (left). The point was to stand out from even the craziest distraction. Anchal– my fave– gets Cover Girl of the week. Way to go, girl!

Elimination. My two picks for the bottom two going into this elimination were Eugena and Monique, just because their shots were weak, and Monique is, uh, not the nicest. I love these TWINS! So amazing! Again, Anchal rocks me and so does AJ.

But in the end, the bottom two comes down to a very shocking Jaeda and Megan. WHAT? Megan goes home? Can anybody say, deja vu Mollie Sue? The blonde bombshell with the great look goes?? WHY???!!!!!! I guess you just have to trust the judges.

Can’t wait until next week…

What did you think of this episode? Leave a comment, let us know!

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ekk… that grl w/ the red hair looks scary

EmO giRl on


Natalie on

I didnt think that Megs picture was that bad for her to be eliminated. It had this cute, mysterious look to it, which I thought was cool. I thought that Jaeda should have been kicked off. her pictures dont pop like some others do. I loved Anchal’s picture, it was fabulous! I really liked Aj’s photo although like the judges said, her nose looked a little longer than it actaully is for some reason. I was very surprised at Amanda and Michelle’s picture, in a good way, I was impressed. Brooke seems to look the same in all her shots but I do like her personality. I though that Caridee did really well this week, I wasn’t sure if she could pull it off but she did. Eugena’s was alright, but I’ve seen better from her. Jaeda looked angry in her photo and I didn’t really like it (although its better than I could do!) I wasn’t sure that Megg would do well in this competition, but it turned out very well. I like Melrose’s picture although her face seems too dark compared to her shoulder and her face looked a little fake, but overall it was good. I relly dislike Monique as a person (she’s really rude to everyone and VERY stuck up, in my opinion) but her picture was alright.
Go here to view this weeks photos:

Leigh on

i know!! what’s up with kickin’ off Megan when she was practically the only girl that was cool with her make-over look?! and she looked way HOTTER with blonde hair!

daniella on

I think its hot! PLus its art! any time of make up artistry with hair design is considered art. They crazy and more imagination the better it turns out. Very cool i say!


Katie on

My god, that is hideous. She looks like she rubbed dandelion on her eyelids and she went a little crazy with a glue gun… I think she frightened herself, her hair is standing on end!

Vix on

I also had a hard time agreeing with the judges on Megan. I thought there were worse shots in the bunch.

But also wanted to say how pleased I am to see Joanie checking in! My favorite from last season is going to make following this season that much more enjoyable.

Rachel on

I loved that episode! Yay second!!!

truth critic on

Megan NO WAY should have gone home this early!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward to seeing more of her. Ditch that HIDEOUS MEGG….I dont understand HER being on the show at all.!!! The twins are HOMELY, and Monique is the foulest rudest creature ever!!!!!!! She does not deserve this opportunity, with that disgusting behavior. I wish Tyra would have stood up to her and taught her a lesson. She screamed at that one girl one or 2 seasons ago, an this Monique is 1000x worse than that girl. I miss Janice Dickenson as a judge…she had spot on taste. on the whole….I see prettier girls at the mall, than any of these…..The Indian girl is a beauty, though…unique.

Cindy on

I think this seasons ANTM is great! but some of the girls they didn’t put through are gorgeous and some that they put through should be already kicked off. The girl i have in mind and want to see booted is Monique! She is such a diva! She is not willing to compromise and has a really bad attitude. Her pictures aren’t even good she has the same face over and over and i think she is gonna bring down all the other hopefulls! She has to go!

Martina on


Shaun on

I really believe that Monique should have went home last night. Everyweek Tyra and the others judges talk about how it takes more than looks to make it as a model, well so far Monique is off to a terrible start. The attitude is not going to make it, of course eveyone should know by now the most controvertial person is kept longer than should to keep rating for the show.

Julie on

I like Melrose a lot better than last week. Monique is just evil to those girls. It’s not even like an ‘I’m the best’ evil. She isn’t that good. Of course Tyra’s not gonna kick her out. Some models can be smart. She knows Monique will cause a stir amoung them.

Veronica on

Monique thinks that her attitude on the show isn’t important. But does she think that is she wins (which is unlikely!), that people will simply forget her attitude and childish behavior on the show?

Nicole on

I can’t believe it! When I first saw the twins I thought they were so ugly. But now with their red hair… they’re actually pretty! And might I add.. I think they look a lot different and that Amanda is actually better looking that Michelle.

Millicent on

I can’t believe i’ve seen so many girls whine so much about the make-overs. it was like hello??? you’re already the ANTM cycle 7! haven’t you watch the previous cycle? I think that if you put yourself into a situation (like joining ANTM) you should be able to accept the challenges that the show demands from you (like cutting your hair, etc.) Otherwise, give it to other ladies who will do every whim that Tyra banks & the producers think of!

P.S. Moniques is the queen of B$#@%&! She by far, outdid everybi$@hes of all the previous cycle!

Lindsey on

I know! And thanks for saying it! I’m still upset about Megan going home already… and like you, I also thought about the oh-so-gorgeous pixie haired Mollie Sue, who I adored last season… going home before she should have. Megan was completely gorgeous and I’m so disappointed that I won’t get to see more photo shoots with her.

Now, gotta say.. I’m rooting for AJ and the twins.

basketcase24 on

i love megg and the twins. rooting for them. anchal is pretty cool. i love the way that she dissed monique. hell yea. GO anchal.

Erica on

I was really disappointed when they eliminated Megan. Her picture wasn’t bad in comparison to Jaeda’s and Megg’s. Why don’t the judges see that Megg can’t model at all?! Her poses are so lame! Jaeda’s picture did not come out good at all. I hate Monique as well, because neither her pictures or her personality are working for me.

sara on

It seemed especially cruel that they kept making Megan recount her traumatic early experience and then eliminated her even though her photos were not amazing but not bad. Not enough tears, perhaps? The eliminations at the start of the show always seem a little random to me because the judges have so much less information to base their decisions on.

swissmiss on

I just want to tell joanie how much I loved her last cycle! Glad to be able to read your take on things.

Amanda on

ANTM. – So far a great season. Off with a fantastic start. I agree with Joanie – the first big makovers are my favorites. I liked how they had the hair/style ideas for the individual girls all sketched and on the easles. Nice Touch. I cannot beleive how some freaked out. The one over having her weave out? please! they are about to put a new one in – give it a few hours; melrose sad about going blonde (even though by the end of the epi. she really liked it or so she said.) I mean really. Jay was right to make his point. The poor stylists who are working so hard to make them GORGEOUS only to have the cry in their face! I feel embarassed for the girls. How rude. Speaking of rude – ok enough with monique. Seriously. The epi. where she poured water on the girls bed – pretending she peed??? what?? when she left the room I would have gone back and actually peed on her bed. How ya like them apples? lol anyways, sorry, got caught up. All in all, good start. All the drama. We may complain – but would there really be a show with out all the drama? I dont think the show laguna beach would exsist with out it, so neither could ANTM.

Felipe on

Joanie we are a huge group of people from Germany and Colombia, and we want to said that 4 us you are the americas next top model you are the most amazing beuty girl, and we hate that crazy racist tyra for not picking you. we hate as well Nigel.and we want Janice back.
anyway we love you so much Joanie you are a Goodess.

poss: Tyra is envy cause she never could be as good as Naomi.
thatºs why she bougth her personal dog (MISTER???JAY)

Mattie on

Okay…who besides me would like to see Monique go. In the premiere episode, she put on the whole sob story about her color and her sisters hating her when she was growing up. Honey, I don’t think it had anything to do with your color…it is your attitude!!

Why is she like that…we all know that she is not going to win. The show has to have a bad character for us to hate and to keep us coming back each week to she what she is going to do next. I also have to say that there is really no stand out this year. All the girls seem ho hum. If I had to choose right now it would be Anchal. Beside, I liked the fact that she was strong enough to put Monique in her place and let her know that she was childish and stupid.

robbie on

I can’t believe Megan is gone, she was the one shining hope i thought for this season. Last seasons picks were so much better. None of the girls are really wowing me this season. We’ll have to see.

Brittany on

I really hope that Monique is eliminated soon. She doesn’t even deserve to be in the competition with her attitude. Anchal is my favorite also, I think she has such a unique look going on.

Tamago on

100% agree with Joanie~>w
I love AJ the most in this season,She’s so so gorgerous and highfashion!AJ’s punk look is great!!!!

Yukie on

i’ve seen…
this Amanda’s pic looks like ANTM4-kahlen…same red hair..

Rissa on

Every pre-season I go online and pick my top three favorites, without knowing a thing about them. This cycle I chose AJ, Megan and Melrose. WHY DID THEY ELIMINATE MEGAN? One weak picture does not mean it’s your best – and it wasn’t even as ghastly as they made it out to be, in my opinion. You can see so much emotion and sexiness in her eyes, and she basically has high fashion oozing from her pores. Oh well. If either AJ or Melrose don’t make it far either, I am gonna be one unhappy kid. PEACE JOANIE.

robbie on

How cool, i am so glad Joanie you are going to be doing this. By far you have been one of the best to grace ANTM show, so you know the deal. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. I am over the surprise exit of Megan from last week. I was shocked, i just knew she would last a little longer. I haven’t given up yet on someone stepping up to at least shine as half as you did last season. :)

Janeyface on

this is the best reality show on the planet
no LIE
tyra is my hero, yo
cooolio episode

deborah on

she is so write

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