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09/28/2006 at 10:17 AM ET

Last night’s episode eleven of Project Runway began with the designers selecting their models and being sent on to Nina Garcia‘s offices at Elle for their assignment. They each had to make a look that defines who they are as designers, along with picking three words to encapsulate it. Michael took his time deciding what to do, and Uli tore hers apart at the end of the first day. The designers then had to photograph their models in the outfits in a representative way to turn over to the judges. After naming Uli the winner for her short tie-dye dress, the judges decided that the other three contestants had enough promise that they should all show at Bryant Park. No one was eliminated, and there will be four finalists! Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I’m not really sure what the point of this episode was. It’s a challenge no one loses? I agree with the judges. Everyone was off their game: Michael, let’s talk about not imitating the bad Versace years. And Uli’s dress that won looked like every other dress she has made — just a few inches shorter. Highlight of the show for me was watching Jeffrey pretend to be a bull while wearing an evening gown. Oh yeah, and that Vincent wasn’t on it. The reunion should be fairly entertaining though.

Serena says:
Though it was good for them, it was very anticlimactic that all four designers got to go to Fashion Week. (An aside: I chuckled remembering when Melissa and I analyzed the Project Runway finalists’ runway shows and tried to figure out which finalist wasn’t a real finalist — little did we know!!). Jeffrey was arrogant as normal (dissecting all his fellow contestants’ strengths — likening Laura’s designs to mothballs and chicken soup???) and though Uli ultimately won the challenge, her dress was just a shorter version of what she normally designs. I, too, enjoyed Jeffrey in drag — one of the few moments when he’s let his guard down and stopped glooming and dooming.

Andrea says:
I too was very disappointed with all the designs. I feel like we had either already seen them or they were just not that good. I really wanted to cry for Michael. He is such a good designer, but is not working with his strengths. Laura is just so boring to me. And well I could have picked Uli’s dress out in a second. While I did really like the bead work and slit in the front, it was so typical! I have to confess that I did like Jeffrey’s dress- did I think it represented him? No way! His couture dress, his travel outfit did- this definitely didn’t. Even though I didn’t want to see any of them go, I wish they would have just told us in the beginning that all four were going to Bryant Park.   It felt so unfulfilling.

Clarissa says:
Anne Marie and I did the same thing at the finalists’ show, going nuts trying to figure out who the decoy was! (On a historical note, it was TOTALLY obvious Austin was the fake finalist in season one—not only did I spy—gasp!–safety pins on his creations, he, drama queen that he was, acted like he was going to expire from shame. Season two’s Kara Janx, on the other hand, was so enthusiastic and happy just to show, I couldn’t tell she was the decoy.) Anyway, I’m glad that all four get to show…call me a softy, but I couldn’t stand seeing Michael’s eyes fill with tears when he thought he was getting the boot.
p.s. I hope they show Jeffrey’s baby momma on the finale!

Angela says:
I’m so jealous of those of you who have seen the collections! I can’t wait. Yes, this episode was a tad disappointing, but after just one week sans PR, I was thrilled to have it back. What are we going to do when it’s all over? I am seriously worried that my Tim Gunn withdrawal will be more than I can bare. On this episode, I think we finally got to see Uli shine. I do have a soft spot for her, but she has so much spunk. She really kicked it. And Jeffrey, for all his venom, is human underneath the neck tattoos. I too loved watching him parade around the work room like a three-year old playing superman. In the end, none of the designs wowed me. But, I agree with judges decision to let all four in. Why not?

Allison says:
Some of Tim Gunn’s Tim Gunniness seems to have gone missing. Was it Santino who brought it out in him? He feels a little off his normally sparkling game. I hope he gets it back on the home visits to the four finalists.

By the way, my husband, who has confused Salvatore Ferragamo with the guy who used to play the Incredible Hulk on TV, called it early in the show: He knew no one was going home.

Can’t wait for the reunion, either. Just that snippet made me wish they had kept Malan around a little longer. I hope to hear that his mama was proud of him.

Cara says:
Although there was nearly not enough Tim Gunn for me (what, was it finals week at Parsons?), this episode rocked. I was terrified that Michael was going to be sent home due to that poorly made dress (seriously, any woman wearing that is just begging for bronchitis), so I am glad all of the designers are in the running. It was nice to finally see Jeffrey show that he is a human underneath all that arrogance and swagger. And he needs to rein in that ego, based on the dress he showed this challenge. It looked like a slutty Snow White Halloween costume! Overall, all the designs were disappointing. I don’t really have a big problem with Uli’s designs all being similar. As a customer, I know if I want a certain look, I can go to her and she will deliver. I can’t wait to see what they show for their collections. I just hope Michael avoids eveningwear and sticks to sportswear. I would buy his casual clothing in a minute!

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Kristy on

This wasn’t in last nights episode, but has anyone else caught the glimpses of Laura drinking champaign while being pregnant? When they’ve had their mini parties shes been drinking out of flutes that look like everyone else’s and I could be wrong maybe they give her sparkling grape juice or something but it really gives me a very bad impression of who Laura is. Doesn’t help that she said something along the lines of just throwing the 6th kid on the pile of the others! Can any editors researc h this and see what’s been in her drink for us??

Virginia on


me on

Doesn’t anyone want to talk about the fact that ULI stole Michael’s model ??? Remember last year all the upset when they had the “walk off” .. she has been Michael’s model for so long .. no wonder he had brain freeze. He was stunned.
Go Michael. Good Bye Uli

laura on

i think the only reason uli is still in the competition because she is german and so is the judge. uli did not deserve it at all. she is soooo predictable. and the pregnant woman has to go also she is not trying anymore. she is stressed from carrying child. i don’t like jefferey and he has the worst personatlity. i pray micheal wins, he is the best.

Yeye on

I guess because Michael did not make a big deal about it, that’s why most people did not say anything about Uli stealing Nazri from Michael. His dress might have looked better on Nazri.

Angie on

I definitely think Michael deserves to win – his designs are all unique, and do not look like the same design he put out the week before. Michael’s designs look like professional work, not amateur. I haven’t seen one outfit by him that I wouldn’t wear. I absolutely LOVED Uli’s designs, until they continuosly look the same every week; let’s go with some changes! In the beginning of the show, Laura’s designs were great – it just seems like they’ve gone down hill since then; They should be getting better, not worse! I loved Jeffrey’s green dress a lot, but it’s about the only thing by him that I liked. I hope Michael wins!

Jennifer on

I just wanted to comment on the Laura concern. She stated in an interview somewhere that she doesn’t have a problem with an occassional drink while pregnant, but she was NOT drinking on the show. An alternative was provided for her and Jeffery (recovering alchoholic).

Elizabeth on

RE: Laura’s drinking while pregnant… Remembering that Jeffrey is a recovering alcoholic, I’m sure that the producers have offered sparking grape juice or something instead of champagne!

My heart goes out to Michael… such a bad time for brain freeze… I just love him!

Cathy on

I thought Michael’s was the best of the group, although it was not one of my favorite things that he has done. Maybe I am just getting too old. Uli should feel ashamed for taking Michael’s model and her dress ended up looking like something that should be on a Barbie doll. I can’t wait for the reunion show. Does anyone know the date??

dee on

I was miffed with Uli taking Nazri. It’s not only rude to the girl who had been her model (and responsible for win during the dog challenge) but also to Michael. At that point, the designers had been working with their models/muses for so long and taking Nazri understandably interfered with his creative process. Also, If Michael wins and I were Nazri, then I’d be ticked that I got snatched by Uli.

I liked that all four survived. I agree that they are all different and strong in their own right…

Marla on

I think Michael should have capitalized on this Pam Grier hot pants and the reversible dress, and created some type of 4-piece ensemble. That’s all I could think of when I saw his final dress on the runway.

How smashing:

the two piece Pam Grier set, to include a short jacket so you could wear the halter top to work (and get rid of the jacket at night), and a nice wrap (reversible) skirt that you wear during the day and ditch for the shorts at night. The shorts take up so little space that they could hide out in your desk drawer until you needed them.

Rachel on

I think with Uli taking Michael’s model, it threw him off a bit ….maybe.. maybe not! I love his designs and the way he puts fabric/design/color/makeup/accessories etc. together … I really felt for him in the last challenge and i totally did not like the dress.. definitely so not michael! he is my favourite so i hope he wins.

Gina on

First of all, Uli and Laura are just driving me up the wall. Although Uli did a good job with the dress this week, I’m getting annoyed with her “prints” and the overall design of her dresses which are so predictable and boring. Same goes out to Laura as well. She needs to cut it out with the deep neck cut short dresses. She has no variety and makes the same dresses every single darn week. They don’t deserve the title “designer.” Shame on them. Of the four, I’m rooting for Michael and Jeffery. However, Michael did a horrible job with this week’s dress. I mean the model’s breasts were just hanging out of the dress! nasty! Neway, too bad Project Runway kicked off Keith. He was the best.

jen on

first: i LOVE this freakin’ show!! next: NOT cool that uli took michael’s model. at all. i was also very disappointed that they kept all four contestants. i think jeffrey needed the boot. they are all very different in styles yes, but jeffrey is not up to par w/the other three. and the lame attempt to show that he might have a ‘softer’ side w/showing his kid on father’s day? it freaked me out just knowing the guy reproduced!!!
to those of you who keep saying uli is predictable and all her stuff looks the same: anyone who has an eye for fashion, tell me you can’t pick out missoni or chanel or marc jacobs or cavalli JUST BY LOOKING AT IT. it’s called the designer’s signature style?!? her stuff is great. as is michael’s. i think it’ll be between the two of them ultimately. i can’t wait to see who wins. coming from someone who hates ‘reality tv’, this is a great show concept and i hope they keep it as real as possible for next season!

Maria on

I was really happy that no one was eliminated because I they are all so different and it would be really interesting to see all of their creations. Although, Michael is my favorite, I got really nervous that he was going to be eliminated. I like how Jeffrey comes up with new ideas unlike Uli and Laura. Their designs look the same everytime. I am getting tired of seeing printed, flowy dresses and lace sequin dresses that they keep making.

MArmani on

Uli didn’t “Steal” Michael’s model! They get a chance to pick whichever model they want which is why there is a choice from week to week. I’m not a huge fan of either of them so I’m not taking sides. I just think that people are making an issue out of something that isn’t wrong, it’s just the way the competition works.

Alex on

I think Nazri was Uli’s model for the dog challenge which she won so maybe we was hoping for another win with her – you can’t blame a girl for wanting what is best for her clothes!

J on

Was anyone else surprised that the judges loved Uli’s dress? She is the same every week. This week the only the that changed was the dress was short!! I think she should have been gone.

m barber on

It was so aful for Uli to take Michael’s model and Jeff should just go home now

m barber on

Laura is just boring, Michael is good, Jeff needs to go back to the Pop Culture and Uli just makes me dizzy with all the prints

Carrieann on

Re Uli’s “model poaching”, all’s fair in love and war, or, in this case, reality television.
As to all four being given a pass to show at Fashion Week, I’m thrilled. It means we see four designers’ shows, instead of three. The more, the better! Is there ever such a thing as fashion overload? I think not!

Kristen on

I, too, am aghast at the fact that Uli STOLE Nazri from Michael. I think she has a little bit of a conniving side to her. Her dress was beautiful, but had it not been for the advice of Tim Gunn, she would have dug her own grave with the judges. I’m almost certain that, had she stuck with her original dress, there would have been three people at Bryant Park. Laura’s dress was very pretty, but I agree with the judges that she is a one-dimensional designer. However, I do admire her very sophisticated taste. As far as Jeffrey is concerned, I thought his dress in the Editorial challenge was hideous. I think he is a good designer overall, but he’s also a world-class jerk. And Michael… oh Michael. I personally liked his eventing gown. I don’t know that I would wear it myself, because you really have to be well-endowed on top to wear it, but it was beautiful nonetheless. I WANT MICHAEL TO WIN!!!

Andrea on

I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t think it was all that wrong that Uli took Michael’s model. It’s the nature of the game. You have to look out for yourself to stay to the end. And while it may have affected Michael’s performance, so to speak, I don’t think Uli using Nazri was wholly responsible for his brain freeze. None of the four designs wowed me and all four designers have been very successful this season so I think it’s fair to give them all a shot at Olympus Fashion Week. I do have to say, though, that Laura’s designs look the same week after week, except for her couture gown which was just plain ugly. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Millie on

I loved the fact that all 4 of these designers get to go to Fashion Week and show their stuff on the runway… I was getting sick to my stomach just imagining that Michael might have been the one to go because no one liked his dress. I personally thought it fitted nicely, it just wasn’t wow for your personal touch type of competition. But I have to say, Michael is the nicest, human like, sincere, humble one of them all. I love him so much, can’t you see he always says congratulations to the winner of the challenges when they leave the runway, I mean what’s not to love. So I’m on Michaels team, I HOPE HE WINS!!! Plus, his designs are all beatifull and well matched with everything, I think he is the only complete designer here!!!

char on

i liked michael the best going into this week’s episode, but he completely disappointed me… the three words he wrote to represent his style were very elementary. he basically said that he wants to make slutty clothes! maybe he’s a little too young.

all four finalists can stand to explore themselves and their points of view a lot deeper. i want to see collections that reflect who the designers are, and i don’t want to believe these four designers are all one-dimensional.

Ashley on

I HATE Jeffrey with a passion. His attitude, his designs, and everything else about him. Laura is the same old thing time after time after time. Uli has great potential and I love the work that she does with all of the prints. People need to have color in their style. Michael is my fav. I hope he wins. Though the dress last night was horrible. He could have done much better than that. I will keep my fingers crossed until the next episode.

Mary on

Here’s an idea for the poster (Kristy) making the big deal about Laura’s drinks…get over it. A glass of wine or champagne every once in a while when a woman is pregnant is not considered dangerous to the baby. If you watch the show to judge a pregnant woman and possibly an outlandish comment about the future child, you’re watching for the wrong reason. Lots of women make silly remarks while they are pregnant. Get off your high horse.

Mare on

Michael seems to be the overall front runner in both personality and designer ability. That worries me. Wasn’t Daniel the front runner last year? He came up second in the finale.

Go Michael!

CD on

I figured it would be four, not three, when Heidi said on a promo, “We’re not committed this season to a final three.” I actually liked Uli’s modelnapping of Nazri–it showed spunk, and I had been worried she’d get auf’d for lack of it. Michael’s talented enough so that a swap shouldn’t hurt him, and I’m sure Nazri was thrilled to win. (Does anyone else get the sense that she’s a little interested in Michael?)

I know people love Laura, but flat chested girls wearing deep v-necks just look like trannies to me. Enough already.

Cathy on

I’m with everybody, why the judges could not see the uli’s dress was the same but short? so far Michael dresses have been differet every time , this one was different also, I think that I have seen Laura’s and Uli’s dresses in magazines before. I hope Michael wins, he hasn’t been boring. This show bring all my family together we all vote for Michael to win!

RNNurse4U on

Yes, I was shocked last night, that all 4 made it…I personally think that ULI should have been gone long time ago!! And yes, I totally think that she is crazy and decieving for taking the model that Michael had. Did anyone notice when Michael told her congratulations as she was walking off, she didn’t even pay him no mind.

Here is my pick:
#1) Michael (although, he needs to do his causal/sportswear like suggested)
#2) Laura
#3) Jeffrey
#4) Uli

Candace on

Nick Verrios is biased in his commentary. He seems to have an issue with designers Santino and now Jeffrey who are men who do not sugar coat truth and “tell it like it is”. Dealing with frustration, anger and backstabbing DIRECTLY with the designer they have an issue with is the correct way to deal. Give me a break! Angela went whispering behind Jeffrey’s back (so she thought) to her mother encouraging her to bring up the conflict with Jeffrey at judging (of all places). Hmmm. this was not an evil, desperate attempt to sabotage a designer who creates rings around this rosette on the butt, passive aggressive witch?
Additionally, Vincent’s PERSONALITY is probably resultant from long nailed fashio divas (like Nick) who are jealous and mostly, too selfish to look beyond the quirkiness and demonstrate HUMANITY, UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT instead of vicious amused judgment.
Nobody judged your Kewpie doll do, Nick… or your irritating sashay. Take a laxative.

Maya on

I was very disappointed with this show and the work the designers put out. Is it because they were burnt out perhaps? Uli and Laura both put out the same thing as usual. Both were good, but the same. No, Uli, just because you made it short does NOT mean you are doing something different. I loved Laura’s–I’d wear anything she has made, but come on, enough with the baby doll dresses with the plunging necklines. Jeffrey–she looked like a milkmaid. Michael’s was the most disappointing. An evening gown designer he is not. Yes, the white girl did look like she had an ass, but she also looked like she had a puffy abdomen. The fit just wasn’t there and it was poorly executed. What happened to him????

Maya on

Kristy–Laura was not drinking. One episode you could see she was holding the glass like a prop. You also can look at the glasses and clearly see they are not all drinking the same thing. I believe they had some alternatives. Also, that comment about throwing one on the pile–she was obviously making a joke.

Myna on

I felt, as have many, that Uli’s dress was the same soup warmed over. She really has to show something different in order to win me over. While Laura makes beautiful clothes, they, too are the same basic dress over and over again. I simply do not like Jeffrey but it seems his has his finger on the pulse of some of the more trendy consumers. Michael shows professionalism, humility and the desire to learn. I did like his dress but admit it may not have been his best. His genre really is sportswear and I believe he will, deservedly, win! He is great!

Brenda on

The best part of this show was that all four contestants came out winners. (Clearly none of the dresses came out all that well.) I agree with Melissa that Uli’s dress was . . . well, just like all of Uli’s other dresses, except shorter and tighter. I thought Jeffrey’s dress was ill-fitting, Michaels dress ill-fitting and unattractive, and Laura’s dress . . . well, it was attractive but just like all of Laura’s other dresses. It will be fascinating to see which of the four can pull off an entire collection — frankly, I can’t wait!

denise on

I think Micheal dress was beautiful. Laura is the same old thing low neck line and breads. Jeffery is in a world of his own. The judges say one thing and he makes up his own belief. Uli i ove prints but since watching the show she makes me not want to put another print on. I do not think she will be able to handle it if she wins. The old saying goes “Stick with what you know.” And since the begining of the show that is exactly what she has done. Michael is creativity. I wish him the best because he deserves it.

terri on

Why the surprise? showed pictures of the winner’s designs on their home page last week! All you had to do was click and see who designed what. A couple days earlier, E! showed Michael standing with his collection at fashion week.. What a buzz kill. I miss the second season. At least that was fun to watch. This season, I kept wondering if it was as scripted as it seeing obvious retakes. What did make me laugh was Jeffrey downing Laura (‘can only make one thing’). HE’s just as one note himself. His ‘designs’are messy (let’s drape fabric until it looks like something then sew –except his jetsetter CZ crotch outfit, but it was for him). Laura does have range. To a point. Uli. Her dresses are pretty but they are one note too, ok, two note, she does vary a bit. Michael should stay away from evening wear. Not his forte’..but everything else is outstanding. Though I think Uli should have won the recycle challenge. Her dress was the one different from all she made and didn’t look recycled. Michael’s did though he made it well. Jeffrey’s dress last night looked like his recycled dress (anyone notice?)..sme top..belt..only different colors and he bunched the hem. Ok, I’m being a b–ch. Later

Sarah on

Why is everyone saying that Uli “stole” Michael’s model?? It was perfectly within the rules of the game. Besides, if Michael is really worth his salt as a designer, he will be able to work with another model and do well.

Laura really is getting same-old, as is Uli. They are one trick ponies. I think Michael and Jeffrey (even though he is a jerk) are much more creative. One of the guys should win. Michael is more consistently good than Jeffrey, I would say. When Jeffrey does something poorly its REALLY poor/awful. Michael should probably win, unless he screws up before the end of the competition.

Catalina on

People! Michael dress was not ugly that model did not work the dress, she had bad posture, bad,bad posture.

Julie on

I think that the judges were ready to get rid of Uli. I love her to death but she’s used the same design for about every episode. The twist was like a game of kickball in kindergarden, as long as everybody tries their best there are no losers. Jeffrey’s was definetly not him. Laura’s dress was too much of her. I sat there thinking I was watching the last episode because the dress looked the same. Michael’s dress didn’t look flattering. This season I liked the fact that model switching wasn’t a huge deal and that Michael didn’t mope over for the whole episode.

Tara on

This is in regards to Jeffrey. Even though he is a talented designer he could probably be better if he had compassion,empathy and respect for others. You could see Jeffrey lack these traits by the way he treated Angela’s mother. Even though he did not like Angela, he should of just kept his comments to himself. He should know better after all he is a recovering alcoholic.

Deedee on

Sorry, but Laura totally lost me with the tiny dog challenge. Firstly, showing up to the challenge in riding gear? Give me a BREAK! I almost puked. Then, the way she turned her nose up at the dog just sealed the deal for me. Everyone else was cooing and playing – she looked like she smelled something bad. When I saw that, I instantly marked her as a stuck-up heartless b*. Every time I see her I think of Cruella de Ville. She is a snob and keeps making the same dress over and over and over again. Blech. Go home, you snob!

Deni on

What is the big deal about Uli? She drives me crazy, everything of hers is so cheap looking!! Last nights dress looked as if it were made from a pillowcase- horrible!!!! The only person more annoying than Uli is Jeffrey, how can anyone be so incredibly weird??? It makes one long for Kayne, maybe his stuff was a little gaudy but it was very well made. I am torn between Laura and Michael. I do not see her stuff as one dimensional at all, just very elegant.Can’t wait for the reunion show next week!!!!

Jen on

These Final Four all deserved to strut their stuff at Fashion Week! PR is not a personality contest. It’s about talent. It saddens me to see comments on a personal level coming from the audience. We “arm chair designers” know nothing about the challenges these designers faced working in PR’s workroom, being away from a support system that wants us to succeed. I wish them all the best in the final episode.
I also hope all the other contestants have moved on toward their design dreams. Out of the hundreds that auditioned they were the cream of the crop. I truly wish that they all could’ve been around longer. ATTN PRODUCERS: Next year can episodes 1 & 2 be a non-elimination round?…nobody is eliminated and we can see everyone’s style perspective before giving them the boot?



chika on

i have a suspicion that the person above who wrote “I THINK ULI SHOULD WIN blah blah” is Uli herself.

Rob on

For you folks peeved about Uli taking Michael’s model. PLEASE!…can you say competition folks?! These judges for these design challenges dont play with them with kid gloves. why should each of the contestants mess with each others heads a bit? maybe Uli just always wanted Nazri and now was her opportunity. Uli was in her right to do what she did. and another “OH PLEASE” that Uli is still there because she and Heidi are both German. Ya right! Like her designs or not but I think thats a pretty small minded way to think. JEFFREY?…UGGGH!!! i seriously hate the site of the dude and even just hate to hear him speak PERIOD! he’s SO arrigant, pompus and rude! and his little tear jerker scene of him seeing his kid on his cell phone?…whatever! why dont you catch the next thing smokin to be back to him. and i SOOOO didnt like keeping all four. HATED IT!!! VERY DISSAPOINTING! i know they’ve thrown us many curves this season but that one just plain ol sucked! i mean it just makes it seems like there’s no set rules at all that we can depend on.
sounds like Michael might win this!

Rob on

ps….oh ya Jeffs dress looked like bloomers. and tho i like Uli…wow she’s only 35? i thought she was like in her mid 40’s!

saryssa on

Michael is the best! He has always been original and true to himself.

Joy on

I’m glad all four of them will get to design for Fashion Week. They all have something to show us, and it will be interesting to see what they have. I too agree that I was a bit disappointed in their final designs. But, on their behalf, they did get several hours chopped off of their final work day – I think it was 5 hours. I’m sure it hindered all of them, but I especially recall Michael’s design. He had a lot more going into the design, that he didn’t get to develop into the dress.

Overall, I like Michael’s versatility. But, at the same time, I don’t have the problem that many seen to have with Laura and Uli’s designs repeating themselves. Someone else mentioned that many great designer’s are known for their “sameness” in style. It’s what identifies them – where’s the problem? Especially if it’s done so well.

So, good luck on the Runway, guys…….. And CONGRATULATIONS to all of you.

Jen Stone on

I was not impressed. Uli needed to go home. She does the same dresses over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it was a short dress this time…she is just plain boring!

khida on

YEA!! Michael should win. He is consistent, creative, and innovative, not to mention which even the judges have said repeatedly..he creates a complete look everytime. Besides talent, ehich is what matters most, he seems nice, genuine, & real!!!
Yea! Go Michael. If he doesn’t win….I don’t know what I’ll do but I won’t be happy.

R on

I feel that it was supposed to be Michael, Laura and Jeffrey in the final 3 the whole time but since all of them didn’t do good in the final episode except Uli they had to take Uli along too. I saw the collections a couple weeks ago and I feel as if Laura will win. Uli’s collection was ugh (all dresses and then like one pair of shorts), Jeffrey’s was way too over the place, and Michael’s was good even though for some reason he got very bad reviews. The only one that got good reviews was Laura.

Kim on

Did anyone else think that Uli’s dress looked very similiar to the dress Heidi wore when she brought back Vincent and Angela at the Revlon party?


I don’t understand why the judges think that Laura can design nothing except short cocktail dresses. If you check out all the episodes – here’s what she did. #1 – coat with fur collar. #2 – long dress. (with Michael, but her concept) #3 – tweed suit. #4 – pant suit (Angela’s design, but Laura and Michael’s good taste prevailed). #5 – trousers with sweater. #6 – short dress – first one! #7 – sailor ensemble for Jeffrey’s mother. #8 – cocktail dress – second one out of eight episodes – horrors! #9 – couture dress – stupid challenge – no one could have done it in that time frame. #10 and #11 – okay, short cocktail dresses, but still! Seven out of eleven challenges were not short and plunging. Am I a Laura fan? You bet! I think she and Michael should team up – both are fantastic and design for all ages. Uli is good if you live where it’s hot, Jeffrey is good if you want to dress like you think you’re hot stuff. GO LAURA AND MICHAEL! YOU TWO ARE THE BEST!

sarah on

i like jeffrey’s designs. jeffrey should win!

Rob on

I agree I dont understand all the moaning about outfits being similar for Uli and Laura (and Laura’s really arent the same you can just tell there her’s frankly by the tayloring and classic look to them all.) There are tons of designers out there that have a “signature” look. you can certainly tell a Versace time and time again or a Valentino. And no one is dogging those greats!

moi on

like it’s any of your business?!?! get a life.

Cassandra A on

Uli’s dress was her “Black and White” dress without the sleeves. Laura needs to not make another deep v-neck dress ever again. Michael needs to stick with what he knows best, and evening wear is not it. Jeffery should just get a clue. No fashion conscience female would be caught with that fugly dress in their closet more less in Central Park riding in a handsome cab.

Cathy on

I watched last week’s episode last night and I am giving the line of the show to Michael. During the runway show he said about his dress “I even made a white girl look like she had some ass, that’s how sexy my dress is”. I wasn’t thrilled with the dress but I love him!!!!!

brhoads on

Uli, the German (how prejudical…like Micheal, the Negro!!!!) She wants to win..besides who said the last task had to be a dress???? As I recall the judges just said Wow us.

CarPiCorn on

Ask no questions and you will be told no lies

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