Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

09/28/2006 at 10:17 AM ET

Last night’s episode eleven of Project Runway began with the designers selecting their models and being sent on to Nina Garcia‘s offices at Elle for their assignment. They each had to make a look that defines who they are as designers, along with picking three words to encapsulate it. Michael took his time deciding what to do, and Uli tore hers apart at the end of the first day. The designers then had to photograph their models in the outfits in a representative way to turn over to the judges. After naming Uli the winner for her short tie-dye dress, the judges decided that the other three contestants had enough promise that they should all show at Bryant Park. No one was eliminated, and there will be four finalists! Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I’m not really sure what the point of this episode was. It’s a challenge no one loses? I agree with the judges. Everyone was off their game: Michael, let’s talk about not imitating the bad Versace years. And Uli’s dress that won looked like every other dress she has made — just a few inches shorter. Highlight of the show for me was watching Jeffrey pretend to be a bull while wearing an evening gown. Oh yeah, and that Vincent wasn’t on it. The reunion should be fairly entertaining though.

Serena says:
Though it was good for them, it was very anticlimactic that all four designers got to go to Fashion Week. (An aside: I chuckled remembering when Melissa and I analyzed the Project Runway finalists’ runway shows and tried to figure out which finalist wasn’t a real finalist — little did we know!!). Jeffrey was arrogant as normal (dissecting all his fellow contestants’ strengths — likening Laura’s designs to mothballs and chicken soup???) and though Uli ultimately won the challenge, her dress was just a shorter version of what she normally designs. I, too, enjoyed Jeffrey in drag — one of the few moments when he’s let his guard down and stopped glooming and dooming.

Andrea says:
I too was very disappointed with all the designs. I feel like we had either already seen them or they were just not that good. I really wanted to cry for Michael. He is such a good designer, but is not working with his strengths. Laura is just so boring to me. And well I could have picked Uli’s dress out in a second. While I did really like the bead work and slit in the front, it was so typical! I have to confess that I did like Jeffrey’s dress- did I think it represented him? No way! His couture dress, his travel outfit did- this definitely didn’t. Even though I didn’t want to see any of them go, I wish they would have just told us in the beginning that all four were going to Bryant Park.   It felt so unfulfilling.

Clarissa says:
Anne Marie and I did the same thing at the finalists’ show, going nuts trying to figure out who the decoy was! (On a historical note, it was TOTALLY obvious Austin was the fake finalist in season one—not only did I spy—gasp!–safety pins on his creations, he, drama queen that he was, acted like he was going to expire from shame. Season two’s Kara Janx, on the other hand, was so enthusiastic and happy just to show, I couldn’t tell she was the decoy.) Anyway, I’m glad that all four get to show…call me a softy, but I couldn’t stand seeing Michael’s eyes fill with tears when he thought he was getting the boot.
p.s. I hope they show Jeffrey’s baby momma on the finale!

Angela says:
I’m so jealous of those of you who have seen the collections! I can’t wait. Yes, this episode was a tad disappointing, but after just one week sans PR, I was thrilled to have it back. What are we going to do when it’s all over? I am seriously worried that my Tim Gunn withdrawal will be more than I can bare. On this episode, I think we finally got to see Uli shine. I do have a soft spot for her, but she has so much spunk. She really kicked it. And Jeffrey, for all his venom, is human underneath the neck tattoos. I too loved watching him parade around the work room like a three-year old playing superman. In the end, none of the designs wowed me. But, I agree with judges decision to let all four in. Why not?

Allison says:
Some of Tim Gunn’s Tim Gunniness seems to have gone missing. Was it Santino who brought it out in him? He feels a little off his normally sparkling game. I hope he gets it back on the home visits to the four finalists.

By the way, my husband, who has confused Salvatore Ferragamo with the guy who used to play the Incredible Hulk on TV, called it early in the show: He knew no one was going home.

Can’t wait for the reunion, either. Just that snippet made me wish they had kept Malan around a little longer. I hope to hear that his mama was proud of him.

Cara says:
Although there was nearly not enough Tim Gunn for me (what, was it finals week at Parsons?), this episode rocked. I was terrified that Michael was going to be sent home due to that poorly made dress (seriously, any woman wearing that is just begging for bronchitis), so I am glad all of the designers are in the running. It was nice to finally see Jeffrey show that he is a human underneath all that arrogance and swagger. And he needs to rein in that ego, based on the dress he showed this challenge. It looked like a slutty Snow White Halloween costume! Overall, all the designs were disappointing. I don’t really have a big problem with Uli’s designs all being similar. As a customer, I know if I want a certain look, I can go to her and she will deliver. I can’t wait to see what they show for their collections. I just hope Michael avoids eveningwear and sticks to sportswear. I would buy his casual clothing in a minute!

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Julie on

I think that the judges were ready to get rid of Uli. I love her to death but she’s used the same design for about every episode. The twist was like a game of kickball in kindergarden, as long as everybody tries their best there are no losers. Jeffrey’s was definetly not him. Laura’s dress was too much of her. I sat there thinking I was watching the last episode because the dress looked the same. Michael’s dress didn’t look flattering. This season I liked the fact that model switching wasn’t a huge deal and that Michael didn’t mope over for the whole episode.

Tara on

This is in regards to Jeffrey. Even though he is a talented designer he could probably be better if he had compassion,empathy and respect for others. You could see Jeffrey lack these traits by the way he treated Angela’s mother. Even though he did not like Angela, he should of just kept his comments to himself. He should know better after all he is a recovering alcoholic.

Deedee on

Sorry, but Laura totally lost me with the tiny dog challenge. Firstly, showing up to the challenge in riding gear? Give me a BREAK! I almost puked. Then, the way she turned her nose up at the dog just sealed the deal for me. Everyone else was cooing and playing – she looked like she smelled something bad. When I saw that, I instantly marked her as a stuck-up heartless b*. Every time I see her I think of Cruella de Ville. She is a snob and keeps making the same dress over and over and over again. Blech. Go home, you snob!

Deni on

What is the big deal about Uli? She drives me crazy, everything of hers is so cheap looking!! Last nights dress looked as if it were made from a pillowcase- horrible!!!! The only person more annoying than Uli is Jeffrey, how can anyone be so incredibly weird??? It makes one long for Kayne, maybe his stuff was a little gaudy but it was very well made. I am torn between Laura and Michael. I do not see her stuff as one dimensional at all, just very elegant.Can’t wait for the reunion show next week!!!!

Jen on

These Final Four all deserved to strut their stuff at Fashion Week! PR is not a personality contest. It’s about talent. It saddens me to see comments on a personal level coming from the audience. We “arm chair designers” know nothing about the challenges these designers faced working in PR’s workroom, being away from a support system that wants us to succeed. I wish them all the best in the final episode.
I also hope all the other contestants have moved on toward their design dreams. Out of the hundreds that auditioned they were the cream of the crop. I truly wish that they all could’ve been around longer. ATTN PRODUCERS: Next year can episodes 1 & 2 be a non-elimination round?…nobody is eliminated and we can see everyone’s style perspective before giving them the boot?



chika on

i have a suspicion that the person above who wrote “I THINK ULI SHOULD WIN blah blah” is Uli herself.

Rob on

For you folks peeved about Uli taking Michael’s model. PLEASE!…can you say competition folks?! These judges for these design challenges dont play with them with kid gloves. why should each of the contestants mess with each others heads a bit? maybe Uli just always wanted Nazri and now was her opportunity. Uli was in her right to do what she did. and another “OH PLEASE” that Uli is still there because she and Heidi are both German. Ya right! Like her designs or not but I think thats a pretty small minded way to think. JEFFREY?…UGGGH!!! i seriously hate the site of the dude and even just hate to hear him speak PERIOD! he’s SO arrigant, pompus and rude! and his little tear jerker scene of him seeing his kid on his cell phone?…whatever! why dont you catch the next thing smokin to be back to him. and i SOOOO didnt like keeping all four. HATED IT!!! VERY DISSAPOINTING! i know they’ve thrown us many curves this season but that one just plain ol sucked! i mean it just makes it seems like there’s no set rules at all that we can depend on.
sounds like Michael might win this!

Rob on

ps….oh ya Jeffs dress looked like bloomers. and tho i like Uli…wow she’s only 35? i thought she was like in her mid 40’s!

saryssa on

Michael is the best! He has always been original and true to himself.

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