Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

09/28/2006 at 10:17 AM ET

Last night’s episode eleven of Project Runway began with the designers selecting their models and being sent on to Nina Garcia‘s offices at Elle for their assignment. They each had to make a look that defines who they are as designers, along with picking three words to encapsulate it. Michael took his time deciding what to do, and Uli tore hers apart at the end of the first day. The designers then had to photograph their models in the outfits in a representative way to turn over to the judges. After naming Uli the winner for her short tie-dye dress, the judges decided that the other three contestants had enough promise that they should all show at Bryant Park. No one was eliminated, and there will be four finalists! Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I’m not really sure what the point of this episode was. It’s a challenge no one loses? I agree with the judges. Everyone was off their game: Michael, let’s talk about not imitating the bad Versace years. And Uli’s dress that won looked like every other dress she has made — just a few inches shorter. Highlight of the show for me was watching Jeffrey pretend to be a bull while wearing an evening gown. Oh yeah, and that Vincent wasn’t on it. The reunion should be fairly entertaining though.

Serena says:
Though it was good for them, it was very anticlimactic that all four designers got to go to Fashion Week. (An aside: I chuckled remembering when Melissa and I analyzed the Project Runway finalists’ runway shows and tried to figure out which finalist wasn’t a real finalist — little did we know!!). Jeffrey was arrogant as normal (dissecting all his fellow contestants’ strengths — likening Laura’s designs to mothballs and chicken soup???) and though Uli ultimately won the challenge, her dress was just a shorter version of what she normally designs. I, too, enjoyed Jeffrey in drag — one of the few moments when he’s let his guard down and stopped glooming and dooming.

Andrea says:
I too was very disappointed with all the designs. I feel like we had either already seen them or they were just not that good. I really wanted to cry for Michael. He is such a good designer, but is not working with his strengths. Laura is just so boring to me. And well I could have picked Uli’s dress out in a second. While I did really like the bead work and slit in the front, it was so typical! I have to confess that I did like Jeffrey’s dress- did I think it represented him? No way! His couture dress, his travel outfit did- this definitely didn’t. Even though I didn’t want to see any of them go, I wish they would have just told us in the beginning that all four were going to Bryant Park.   It felt so unfulfilling.

Clarissa says:
Anne Marie and I did the same thing at the finalists’ show, going nuts trying to figure out who the decoy was! (On a historical note, it was TOTALLY obvious Austin was the fake finalist in season one—not only did I spy—gasp!–safety pins on his creations, he, drama queen that he was, acted like he was going to expire from shame. Season two’s Kara Janx, on the other hand, was so enthusiastic and happy just to show, I couldn’t tell she was the decoy.) Anyway, I’m glad that all four get to show…call me a softy, but I couldn’t stand seeing Michael’s eyes fill with tears when he thought he was getting the boot.
p.s. I hope they show Jeffrey’s baby momma on the finale!

Angela says:
I’m so jealous of those of you who have seen the collections! I can’t wait. Yes, this episode was a tad disappointing, but after just one week sans PR, I was thrilled to have it back. What are we going to do when it’s all over? I am seriously worried that my Tim Gunn withdrawal will be more than I can bare. On this episode, I think we finally got to see Uli shine. I do have a soft spot for her, but she has so much spunk. She really kicked it. And Jeffrey, for all his venom, is human underneath the neck tattoos. I too loved watching him parade around the work room like a three-year old playing superman. In the end, none of the designs wowed me. But, I agree with judges decision to let all four in. Why not?

Allison says:
Some of Tim Gunn’s Tim Gunniness seems to have gone missing. Was it Santino who brought it out in him? He feels a little off his normally sparkling game. I hope he gets it back on the home visits to the four finalists.

By the way, my husband, who has confused Salvatore Ferragamo with the guy who used to play the Incredible Hulk on TV, called it early in the show: He knew no one was going home.

Can’t wait for the reunion, either. Just that snippet made me wish they had kept Malan around a little longer. I hope to hear that his mama was proud of him.

Cara says:
Although there was nearly not enough Tim Gunn for me (what, was it finals week at Parsons?), this episode rocked. I was terrified that Michael was going to be sent home due to that poorly made dress (seriously, any woman wearing that is just begging for bronchitis), so I am glad all of the designers are in the running. It was nice to finally see Jeffrey show that he is a human underneath all that arrogance and swagger. And he needs to rein in that ego, based on the dress he showed this challenge. It looked like a slutty Snow White Halloween costume! Overall, all the designs were disappointing. I don’t really have a big problem with Uli’s designs all being similar. As a customer, I know if I want a certain look, I can go to her and she will deliver. I can’t wait to see what they show for their collections. I just hope Michael avoids eveningwear and sticks to sportswear. I would buy his casual clothing in a minute!

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RNNurse4U on

Yes, I was shocked last night, that all 4 made it…I personally think that ULI should have been gone long time ago!! And yes, I totally think that she is crazy and decieving for taking the model that Michael had. Did anyone notice when Michael told her congratulations as she was walking off, she didn’t even pay him no mind.

Here is my pick:
#1) Michael (although, he needs to do his causal/sportswear like suggested)
#2) Laura
#3) Jeffrey
#4) Uli

Candace on

Nick Verrios is biased in his commentary. He seems to have an issue with designers Santino and now Jeffrey who are men who do not sugar coat truth and “tell it like it is”. Dealing with frustration, anger and backstabbing DIRECTLY with the designer they have an issue with is the correct way to deal. Give me a break! Angela went whispering behind Jeffrey’s back (so she thought) to her mother encouraging her to bring up the conflict with Jeffrey at judging (of all places). Hmmm. this was not an evil, desperate attempt to sabotage a designer who creates rings around this rosette on the butt, passive aggressive witch?
Additionally, Vincent’s PERSONALITY is probably resultant from long nailed fashio divas (like Nick) who are jealous and mostly, too selfish to look beyond the quirkiness and demonstrate HUMANITY, UNDERSTANDING and SUPPORT instead of vicious amused judgment.
Nobody judged your Kewpie doll do, Nick… or your irritating sashay. Take a laxative.

Maya on

I was very disappointed with this show and the work the designers put out. Is it because they were burnt out perhaps? Uli and Laura both put out the same thing as usual. Both were good, but the same. No, Uli, just because you made it short does NOT mean you are doing something different. I loved Laura’s–I’d wear anything she has made, but come on, enough with the baby doll dresses with the plunging necklines. Jeffrey–she looked like a milkmaid. Michael’s was the most disappointing. An evening gown designer he is not. Yes, the white girl did look like she had an ass, but she also looked like she had a puffy abdomen. The fit just wasn’t there and it was poorly executed. What happened to him????

Maya on

Kristy–Laura was not drinking. One episode you could see she was holding the glass like a prop. You also can look at the glasses and clearly see they are not all drinking the same thing. I believe they had some alternatives. Also, that comment about throwing one on the pile–she was obviously making a joke.

Myna on

I felt, as have many, that Uli’s dress was the same soup warmed over. She really has to show something different in order to win me over. While Laura makes beautiful clothes, they, too are the same basic dress over and over again. I simply do not like Jeffrey but it seems his has his finger on the pulse of some of the more trendy consumers. Michael shows professionalism, humility and the desire to learn. I did like his dress but admit it may not have been his best. His genre really is sportswear and I believe he will, deservedly, win! He is great!

Brenda on

The best part of this show was that all four contestants came out winners. (Clearly none of the dresses came out all that well.) I agree with Melissa that Uli’s dress was . . . well, just like all of Uli’s other dresses, except shorter and tighter. I thought Jeffrey’s dress was ill-fitting, Michaels dress ill-fitting and unattractive, and Laura’s dress . . . well, it was attractive but just like all of Laura’s other dresses. It will be fascinating to see which of the four can pull off an entire collection — frankly, I can’t wait!

denise on

I think Micheal dress was beautiful. Laura is the same old thing low neck line and breads. Jeffery is in a world of his own. The judges say one thing and he makes up his own belief. Uli i ove prints but since watching the show she makes me not want to put another print on. I do not think she will be able to handle it if she wins. The old saying goes “Stick with what you know.” And since the begining of the show that is exactly what she has done. Michael is creativity. I wish him the best because he deserves it.

terri on

Why the surprise? showed pictures of the winner’s designs on their home page last week! All you had to do was click and see who designed what. A couple days earlier, E! showed Michael standing with his collection at fashion week.. What a buzz kill. I miss the second season. At least that was fun to watch. This season, I kept wondering if it was as scripted as it seeing obvious retakes. What did make me laugh was Jeffrey downing Laura (‘can only make one thing’). HE’s just as one note himself. His ‘designs’are messy (let’s drape fabric until it looks like something then sew –except his jetsetter CZ crotch outfit, but it was for him). Laura does have range. To a point. Uli. Her dresses are pretty but they are one note too, ok, two note, she does vary a bit. Michael should stay away from evening wear. Not his forte’..but everything else is outstanding. Though I think Uli should have won the recycle challenge. Her dress was the one different from all she made and didn’t look recycled. Michael’s did though he made it well. Jeffrey’s dress last night looked like his recycled dress (anyone notice?)..sme top..belt..only different colors and he bunched the hem. Ok, I’m being a b–ch. Later

Sarah on

Why is everyone saying that Uli “stole” Michael’s model?? It was perfectly within the rules of the game. Besides, if Michael is really worth his salt as a designer, he will be able to work with another model and do well.

Laura really is getting same-old, as is Uli. They are one trick ponies. I think Michael and Jeffrey (even though he is a jerk) are much more creative. One of the guys should win. Michael is more consistently good than Jeffrey, I would say. When Jeffrey does something poorly its REALLY poor/awful. Michael should probably win, unless he screws up before the end of the competition.

Catalina on

People! Michael dress was not ugly that model did not work the dress, she had bad posture, bad,bad posture.

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