Kate's Bubble Dress: Love It or Hate It?

09/26/2006 at 11:08 AM ET

If you’ve seen Kate Beckinsale fighting the undead in a second-skin latex bodysuit, you know that she has a body worth flaunting. Yet, at an event in Germany this past weekend, Kate passed on any number of body-hugging dresses and chose this voluminous satin frock instead. Always in step with the latest fashion, Kate is showing off one of fall’s biggest trends, the bubble dress. We’ve already seen volume, but the bubble is more contained at the hem, while still showing off toned arms and legs. And the soft rosettes at the neckline do direct attention to Kate’s lovely face and defined shoulders. Would you wear this dress? What do you think of the “bubble”?

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Brittany on

It looks cute on HER!

Jennifer on

I don’t particularily like it but she can pull it off.

Brittany O. on

the dress makes her look fat, she should’ve gone with a skirt, not a dress.

dee on

Love it. This is a classic example of the differences between these actresses that’s not discussed enough. Beckinsale exudes natural elegance and class that not every starlet/celebrity has despite them being wildly promoted in the press as style icons. Beckinsale has “it”, and so she can sell this look. Other actresses w/ a similar “it” factor would be Thandie Newton, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou, Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Halle Berry, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mischa Barton, and Natalie Portman.

emg on

She is a beautiful woman, but the dress is hideous.

nicole on

You really have to have some height on you to wear this,or you could end up looking like an oompa loompa! She can pull it off, but it’s not for eveyone. She is such a beauty why would she wear this dress anyway?

Mrs.Borrego on

Kate looks great. I like this look.

Annette on

Would I wear this? No, not in a million. It doesn’t matter how skinny someone is–she still looks like the Fig Newton man from that commercial so long ago.

Eileen Corea on

That’s hideous – What was she thinking? Just because someone somewhere declares that a particular item is “hot” doesn’t mean it is.

faith on

that dress is hilarious!

Monika on

No amount of “IT” would ever get me into that dress. It looks like a bad halloween costume. Why would such a stunning woman choose to look like a rasin?

jordan on

eww!!!!!! it ugly

Shelly on

I hate it!!!!

Sandy on

Not something I would wear but i am not her and she does look pretty in it!

Mary on

This is “fashion”? Thanks, but no thanks.

nancy on

i do like some of the bubble dresses but this one is awful!!!!!!!!

jen on

she looks kinda cute, but the dress still isn’t very flattering. atleast it’s something different and she had the guts (and bod) to wear it!


hate it!!! it looks like a cartoon characters costume!!!!!!!

Lisa on

Kate looks radiant and beautiful as always! This style needs to fade away, it just is not flattering unless you are pregnant.

Crystal on

This dress looks like a deflated black M&M.

Bethanie on

First off I think Kate is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and she is very underrated. I pretty much think she would look fantastic in anything she wears. This dress isn’t the best for her figure, but I also think it wouldn’t be so bad if she lost the pantyhose and went natural. That would have made it look better.

Shell on

She ripped this off from Missy Elliot. A big plastic bag looks good on no one.

Kim on

Umpa lompa or deflated M&M

Jolanda on

Horrible.. what does this have to do with Cabaret???? a bubble skirt is kind of cool, but a whole dress is just awful. Especially in satin… horrible material for this .. cotton jersey would be much more flattering on anybody.

Shar on

***I*** would not wear THIS dress as I am older (or should I say maturer)…however…If it were a bit longer I may…I like the draping and the color.

Leah on

I don’t think that I could pull this dress off but she sure can. She looks beautiful, like always!

Aisha on

I love it! Fashion isn’t always about wearing figure hugging clothes. Volume is in right now and when done correctly, like on Kate, it can look awesome. I also like the black tights with it and I like that her makeup and hair is plain since the dress is such a stand out item.

Rebecca on

If I had Kate Beckinsale’s body, I’d wear it! It would look even better on someone taller. The dress is unique and the plain color, lack of accessories, and pulled-back hair keep it elegant. Way to go, Kate!

Eren021 on

Kate is so gorgeous, and the dress doesn’t compliment her body at all. This is one of the fall trends that I will NEVER wear.

andreina on

yuk! Though it’s great for 8 month pregnant women…

kelly on

I love it. More people should take fashion risks!

Ramona on


Bunky on

It looks like something a Weeble Wobble might wear.

Renae on

Hate it! She’s got such a great figure….why would she cover it up?

Sandy on

Paint it orange and call it a pumpkin!! She’s gorgeous, but the dress has gotta go!!

Lisa on

This would be a very cute dress **IF** it did not have that ugly bubble for a bottom hem!!

Stephanie on

a bubble skirt would look better on her, the dress reminds me of a jiffy Pop popcorn.

holly on

sheesh! no way.. the runway drape fell over a starlet..ick

Ivy on


Stacy Martinez on

Um sorry Kate I LOVE U. But dear the dress has GOT to go…

Lisa on


kathy on

i don’t like it

lidya on

kate beckinsale looks amazing in whatever she wears. this just prove she can actually wear anything and look beautiful!!

kc on

I think she looks beautiful! This is a dress that anyone with toned arms/shoulders and great legs can wear, and it hides the belly. I love it!

May on

I think that she looks very put together. Not a lot of people can pull off wearing a dress like this.

Mimi on

This dress is ok. I wouldn’t wear it but it looks cute on her.

Cass McKee on

I heard it through the grapevine, bubble dresses are not flattering. She looks like a california raisin.

Sarah on

I usually like Kate’s style, but, sorry halloween is next month!!

Nikki on

That dress is awful!!!

Marina on

I think she is a beautiful girl, but can’t stand the dress. There are many others that would have fit not only her body more appropriately, but her style as well.

magdalena on

hmm… this look is rather avantgarde – the dress is more a costume than a dress. it gives the body a sculpted yet unfamiliar shape. so all the reactions to it are understandable. my opinion: very brave and kind of refreshing for an actress not to wear yet another glitzy something-frock…

shawna on

love it… without the hose. she should have messed up her hair and jewelry- not so formal and done some great shoes. it’s a great dress- she just wore it incorrectly.

naturalbrownlovely on

I love this look. It is very retro and I think that she pulls it off beautifully. She has a nuetral face and great toned arms and legs….she makes this look really effortless! I think its a keeper!

Kelli on

Ewwww! Cant stand it,it looks like it should be on a little doll.


ohh, i absolutely adore her so much !

But the whole bubble thing ain’t workin out!

shopdiary on

the dress looks ok on her. i think only someone with a fab body like hers can carry it off. she just shouldn’t have worn those stockings.

Peach on

Kate is gorgeous but the dress is awful– looks like a Halloween costume :-)

Jena Fiori on

in a word…. FUGLY!!

Sky on

Slap some oversized sunglasses on her, and she would look like a California Raisin!

coco on


coco on


Karina on

I don’t really like the bubble minis, but Kate makes it look alright, on other people I don’t like it.

amanda on

I think the whole bubble dress & balloon skirt thing is kinda stupid. It just makes people look “fluffier”. Lol.

Cindy Figorski on

It makes her look like a Muffin upside down.
I, am not sure I would call that style more like a bad nightmare.

Leigh on

She looks like she is trying to hide a preggers belly….hmmmm?????

Diane on

Bubble skirt YES. Bubble dress-horrid

beth on

Kate Beckinsale is just gorgeous. I think she has beautiful eyes. I don’t particularly care for that dress, but I guess we should praise her for trying something different. ;-)

Natalie on

Kate Beckinsale is a beautiful woman and as someone stated on here, she is very underrated. I like the dress and she can pull it off well, but I think to make it even more better, she shouldn’t of worn the leatarts or whatever you call them, pantyhose or whatever. I also think that the look would have a great finish if she would have done her hair a little differently. I love her face and how it glows, but I just think her hairdo is pulling her face back. I love the fact that she showcases her beautiful face, but I would love to see a different hairstyle. So in my eyes, the dress is great for her, but loose the pantyhose and do a different hairstyle. Other than that, Kate is gorgeous no matter what.

liz on

She’s a beautiful lady. No extra points for so called “Fashion dress”

Nicole on

I could NEVER pull it off. But of course SHE can.

Kristina on

I don’t think anyone should be wearing that “dress” its a nightmare

ayhie on

hey! she looks great on it, whatever she wears she looks beautiful, ok?!

Kelly on

When someone as slim as she is can’t wear this dress, who could?? Shapeless and unflattering.

jen on

hell to the na!!

Latoya on

I would definitly wear that dress its cute.

sheryl on

very unattractive!pls wear smething more sexy!

sheryl on

dnt like it.

Stefanie on

She looks like a party favor.

samara on

The bubble dress GOTTA GO!!!!!!!

amy on


Soph on

Ew! ew ew ew ew ew! I don’t know what anyone is even thinking when they wear these bubble dresses-it looks like they’re wearing a potato sack!

autumn on

looks like a garbage made with beautiful fabric.. Guys sometimes u have to creat something and try it out on some one b4 u see wat it really looks like on some one else. There’s so many hidious new trends out there today and there are those that are just gorgeous.. Some people like a little bit of both..

katie on

i like it on her. she’s so beautiful she can wear anything and still look great.

Scott on

Kate would look beautiful in a nun’s habit, but it would be a shame!

Jeanette on

I hate that dress because that dress is ugly.

chrissy on

i don’t think this looks good on her, which is rare because she is gorgeous. I think most people just wear this type of thing becuase they read or hear something that tells them that it looks good.

adidas adizero predator on

good capture,beautiful composition with rich colours

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