What's Jessica's Best Look: Natural or Glam?

09/26/2006 at 02:51 PM ET

What a difference a few hours can make! Jessica Simpson, in London to see little sis Ashlee’s debut in Chicago, rolled off the airplane at Heathrow bright-eyed and fresh-faced (left). And after a brief stop at her hotel, she emerged for a night on the town with a full face of makeup, including dark smoky eyes and glossed pink lips. We have to admit that when it comes to Jessica’s beautiful face, we think less is more. Do you agree? Tell us: Which look do you prefer on Jessica, natural or glam?

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anon on

DEFINATELY natural…. she looks so scary in the second pic

Chelle on

definately natural…she’s such a pretty girl…i wish she would stop doing all that crap to herself…the lips…the loads of make-up…enough already!!

Stephanie on

In the 2 pictures you compare, I say NO makeup. She usually has her makeup much lighter.

Lisa on

Her makeup in the picture on the right makes her look a drag queen! Why does she do this to herself? Ew…

Beth on

I think she looks better natural. She doesnt need all that makeup. She has such a pretty girl I wish she would. She looks like she is tyring to be somethng she isnt when she has all the make uop on her face.

Erik Freund on

To be honest with y’all – all celebrities are way over doing it, once is enough – / keep on doing, you’re going to look horrible

rachel on

This “glam” look is actually a bit overboard. Makeup can be fun especially for a night out…but Jessica is ALREADY so pretty! She doesn’t need that MUCH to glam herself up. It actually detracts from her beauty.

Luciana on

NATURAL, hands down.
Agree with the previous comment, she looks scary with all that makeup on… and tons older.

v on

Is she gaining weight?

Ann on

Go natural!! She looks like a looot older with make ups on..

Jordan on

Natural is a far better look for her.

Why wear all the glop if you don’t have to?

Missy on

NATURAL ALL THE WAY! She is way to beautiful for all that make-up! :)

Pinky on

Personally I think she looks better made-up! The natural pic makes her look like she just got out of bed…

Sarah on

To the person who asked if she was gaining weight: Why in the hell would you ask that? If anything, she needs to gain weight because she is already too skinny. You wonder why actresses are soo skinny these days and go anorexic. Because of you pepole that make comments like that. Who cares if she is gaining weight? My weight fluctutes 5 pounds here 5 pounds there. Maybe she is bloated. Leave her alone. And yes she looks better natural!

Jenny on

I think she is prettier without !!!!

stacy martinez on

I definetely like the natural just if i only have to choose between those two photos. I love her done up but just dont like that makeup on her…The colors maybe or how its done???

lola on

i dont know if it is just me, but jessica has been looking bad lately. she is a natural beauty, so she should downplay the make up. ashley is looking way better these days.

ShaSha on

I think she looks like crap both ways…

Jenny on

Jessica looks way better in the natural picture. By the way, I thought she said she was going to stop injecting restalyn into her lips. It’s obvious she hasn’t kicked that habit.

Kate on

I am sooooooooo sick of Jessica Simpson… she is OVERRATED!!!!!! Her music is TERRIBLE and she has absolutely no style.

Brittany on

i think she looks beautiful in both pictures!




jen on

less is SO much more!!!!!!!!!! she’s been looking downright scary lately, that pic is the perfect example. i know she’s under a lot of pressure to be this or that, but she should just relax and be herself. natural is ALWAYS better. her bobbed hair looks SO much better than that mess of extensions that just weighed her down. it’s way too blonde, though. she looks way too fake and made up most of the time, especially w/whatever she did to her lips. it’s a shame.

Stephanie on

natural all the way!

marianne on

Natural is a better look. BUT PLEASE ! STOP WITH THE BUTT KISSING, SHE IS NOT THAT PRETTY AND NOT A NATUAL BEAUTY… She looks totally fake, her lips, her eye lids, her hair, he fake tan, her fake smile, fake eye lashes…I cannot stand Jessica Simpson…what is all the fuzz about her? were is the talent people? she cannot sing, or act for that matter…so why is all the attention to her? we should admire really beautiful and talented celebrities like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron….why waist our time with silly girls like Jessica Simpson..??

Kristina on

She looks so much better with less makeup. I have to agree with the others that have said she looks pretty bad lately. She looked beautiful on Newlyweds, fresh out of the shower with her hair wet and no makeup. I think she’s trying too hard lately, way too much makeup and overdone hair and outrageously bad clothes. It’s like she’s trying to hide behind the layers of gunk of her face, hairspray in her hair and hideous clothes.

Sarah on

Natural, for sure! Why the need to look like Dracuzilla?

If only celebrities would stop doing such damage to their faces… Oi vey. Too much is simply too much.

Laura on

She looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor with that makeup. And that is not a compliment.

jojo on

Either way she looks ugly and fake in my opinion. I guess the real question is which way does Papa Joe like her best!

bunny on


Tia on

NATURAl all the way… with the makeup on she looks plastic. still, she’s not that pretty anyways.

Jessica Cai on

natural, she is very pretty without the makeup. Whoever does makeup for her needs to be fired.

jen on

p.s. i’ll take that bling in her ears though!!!

Aletheia on

She’s not ugly, but I don’t think she’s beautiful either…. In any case, that makeup she has on in the second picture makes her look older than she really is… Honestly, I think it’s just stress that’s making her continously try to change herself. And the fact that she’s single >_> and Nick’s not there to tell her she’s beautiful anymore?

g on

Is it just me, or has she been looking haggard in the last few months. Her best accessory was Nick. And I don’t think she’s that natural of a beauty, although she looks a whole lot better without makeup. I’m just waiting for her to stop being relevant. She bores me. It’s sad that a lack of talent and big boobs garner so much attention …

Jen on

She was so pretty! Why does she continue w/ the surgery or whatever she’s doing to herself? The puffy lips and upturned eyes – you can’t tell me the eyes in the second picture are natural. And even with a little extra weight, she was cuter a couple years ago than she is now.

babyflo on

natural is much better than glam

pazmatic on

Most definetly Natural. Less is more.

tracie on

natural. if i looked that good with no makeup i would never wear it. the second pic is scary

May on

I like the natural look. She has the natural look she doesn’t need a ton of makeup!!

Tina on

I think she looks better natural

KC on

Ewww! I think she looks awful in both pictures! But the second one is definately worse. How is the first one natural, anyway? Those are fake lips and eyelashes! Also, why does she always have to pout her lips? They are big enough as it is, quit sticking them out!

Debbie K on

most definately less is best in this case.

Mel on

Definatley natural. When she puts on so much makeup she makes herself look hideous!

jenn on

deff. natural!… she looks soo pretty with no make-up!.. but either way she is too gorgeous!

lucy on

i have no idea what happened to this chick i used to really dig her style.. now she looks old and pathetic.. hopefully ’employee of the month’ does something for her… at least there she looks cute and innocent as she used to be… poor jess i am pretty sure nick doesn’t regret the breakup at all vanessa minillo is way cuter – take some style advice from her jess…

Adele on

Definately natural. Her makeup is way to done, even for night, in the 2nd picture – actually she looks ugly.

laura on

she is so pretty. she doesn’t need make up. i think she is much prettier when she has no make up on. the other picture makes her look like a clown. actually, half the time she has make up on, she looks like a clown. jessica, christina and half the stars now need to tone down the make up or else none of them are going to be able to go with out it when they are older; make up ages you.

Suzy on

She needs to stick to that “natural” look and stop with all the make-up, etc. She’s already about 5 years away from being really dried up and scary. Like 5 miles of bad road before long!

Aisha on

Natural, natural, natural. Less is more. I am glad she is finally learning that you don’t need all of those extensions to be sexy. The times that she looks the best are when she is wearing sweats with little makeup on and her hair is undone.

witchywoman! on

natural for sure, glam is fun sometimes and appropriate for night out!

Chrissy on

The make-up is hideous! She has too much going on around the eyes, and her eyebrows look orange. And the lips…quit w/the injections already! What happened to the sweet, natural Jess? She needs to tone it down…once she does that, Vanessa will have nothing on her!

Hope on

She looks soooo much better naturally, it’s a sweet look. She looks scary and fake in the second one. Definitely go for the fresh faced look.

Kelly on

She looks like a psycho in the “glam” look. I am sorry but I don’t always think she is so beautiful. Sometimes she looks a little manly.

Victoria on

Jessica’s eye brows look like Spock from Star Trek. Her make-up looks like a cheap 1980’s Dallas knock off.

lacey hampton on

I think she looks great either way!

Donia on

Definately without! And that lip inhancement looked terrible! Glad thats over with!

Annie on

she needs less she looks awful with all that make up she is a pretty girl needs to let what is be and let everyone play the part of hooker 06′

EmO giRl on


Nikki on

I think Jessica is beautiful with or without makeup!!! All of you girls who are trying to trash her must just be jealous!!! I’m sure all of you guys who are writting crap about her makeup wear makeup yourself, I’m sure your not all natural beauties!!!! Everyone just needs to leave the poor girl alone it’s not like she already hasn’t been through enough! Who can sit there and judge her for how her makeup looks? What is everyone trying to say that they can do there makeup better than her or look better than her with thier makeup on, I DON’T think so!!!!!!!

Pat on

Too much botox and/or plastic surgery. She’s starting to look older than she is with all the collagen.

snarky on

Either way she looks like a vacuous deer staring into our headlights.

Cindy on


alicia on


Sandy on

Neither!!! She’s isn’t wearing enough in the first pic, and she’s wearing wayyyyyy too much in the other!! Can’t she get it right?????

Lisa on

Less – in this case – is DEFINITELY more.

Bonnie on

She looks so much fresher and beautiful without all the makeup, even if she did just get off the airplane. Less is more–definitely. All the make up makes her look harder and older. All the make up makes it look like she’s trying too hard. All the guys I know do not like all of the make up. They much prefer the natural look. But to cut her some slack, even I like to put some glam on once in a while for something special but I can tell my husband prefers me without it on.

jess on

She’s ugly now and doesn’t deserve all this attention anymore. She seems to forget the only reason why she’s famous was because of Newlyweds. Her singing sucks and stop with the facial expressions especially while your singing because you can’t sing anyways. But now the tables are turning and she’s getting what she deserves. Nick is way better off without her and much more talented. Vanessa is the beautiful one and Jessica is fake and plastic with no talent that let fame get to her ego. GO NICK!!!!!!

kim on

She’s starting to look like Paula Abdul, way too much makeup and trying too hard for attention. She’s beautiful and never needs all that.

marina on

glam??? you actually call it that?? She looks like a halloween puppet!!! SCARY!TOOO much random make up!
she is ugly anyhows!!

Jennifer on

She looks like a messed up drag queen in the second pic. i think the simpson sisters must be getting some sort of package deal with an amateur and/or uncertified plastic surgeon.

nashfaw on

Oh, please. It would definitely be the natural look.

Dana on

Natural- definatley.

Lindsey on

I think she looks better without all the makeup. She’s naturally pretty, so why try to look so fake?

Maria on

She looks scary in that picture. Who ever is doing her eyes needs to go a little softer. I thought she looked weird at the premiere of her movie too..

She is such a pretty girl.

Chris on

natural is almost always the best look , the other makes ready for Halloween :)

mimi on

jessica is beautiful naturally and i dont think she needs to put on makeup. i think that her sister is not as beautiful as she is. jessica you will find someone will be better than nick so just wait.

Renee on

I just love her either way. I like the natural look because she has natural beauty. Nick and her were so beautiful together, I wish that they would get back together, he just does not look right with ugly Vanessa.


I think Jessica doesnt need the make-up. Natural is more pretty.

Amy on

I think she is beautiful natural. Shes rockin the porn star look with the makeup, though i dont think she’s had alot plastic surgery like people are saying. She wouldnt look so “natural” without the make up if she had.

jen on


hotbikerchic on

Jess is so old news without Nick and she must of done her makeup herself that night. She used to be hot Nick must of made that happen.

Mike on

No make up..You don’t need it Jessica..Go Natural..Your’re much too Beautiful…

Karen on

Geez, Jessica Simpson looks as if she has had a face lift…like Marie Osmond does now–all pulled up.

Natalie on

I think that everything looks good in the first picture, the more natural one, although i dont think her lips are bad in the other picture, but her eyemakeup is terrible for her

Kelli on

Natural, Natural, Natural!!!!!!!!!

Jim's girl on

She looks frightening with that make up. 3 words: Tone it down!

shelly on

i personally dont think she looks very attractive in either…not to get me wrong jessica simpson is jessica simpson but ever since her divorce i really feel like she has been trying to hard and it has taken its toll…tough luck jess….

Ainsley on

Whoever asked if she was gaining weight, it probably just looks like she did because she is wearing a turtleneck.

amy on

jessica definitly looks better natural….

shopdiary on

i like her with natural looking make-up. but what is up with her eyes. they look so large. has she had some work done on her face lately?

msks on

if she HAS gained weight, she probably needed to. I like her natural, too.

Wendy on

I would have to say au naturel…the second photo of Jessica she has on too much make-up! There is such a thing as overdoing your look…
Wendy Rusie, Liberty Twp,OH

kim on

Without makeup is MUCH better. She looks prettier and more youthful.

...vEsNa... on

I agree, the second picture DEFINATELY looks scary!
If i could look THAT good naturally… id never wear make-up!
I think that if u look great without make-up save your face from it and you’ll have a youthful glowing face for longer!–>without the plastic surgery :o)

sarah on

I liked Jessica Simpson a lot back when she sang well and seemed real. Now both her personality (as much of it as we can see on TV or in magazines) and her face seem fake. Natural is better for her face and for her life. I don’t mean to sound rude, but recently it seems like she may be on drugs (hopefully prescription).

trish on

she’s pretty enough without the makeup

LaTissia on

These pictures should be burned. Find some more pics, because all y’all know she’s looked 150% better than that at times with make up or without… Besides we all have had our ugly pic days and the cute pics were so proud of that we put on My Space… even if it was 10 years ago.

princess on

she looks better natural she dont need all that heavy makeup and it makes her look older so natural all the way

me on

She looks better natural in this case. I think Jessica Simpson is cheesy looking these days though. Make-up or no make-up she should stop bleaching her hair and quit with the porn star extensions. She’s really short so long hair is over-powering. I loved her look on Newlyweds. She was a knock-out. She just looks phony now :(

Melanie on

I think Jessica looks better in the natural picture. She has too much make-up on in the other photo. She should have gone with a more natural lip tint, and what happened with her eyes? They look scary.

April on

She’s so naturally beautiful and in her case less is definitely more.

MARIE odabas on

love the glam.
it gives her more personality
and makes people take her more seriously

Russtel on

I think less in more. Plus the pic with the makeup, I don’t think she is wearing the right type of base color cause she looks too yellow.

Russtel on

I think less in more. Plus the pic with the makeup, I don’t think she is wearing the right type of base color cause she looks too yellow.

Nikki on

OK I understand that shes going through alot and all, but she needs to ditch the glam look! its sooooo UGLY!i personally love jessica simpson, and she just needs to keep her natural look becuase she already has a natural beauty to her, and doesn’t need to listen to all of the TABLOIDS,AND SNOBBY PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST JEALOUS!!!

Janice on

i think the made up jessica is much more attractive

cccccccccc on

what is this obsession with celebrities? jessica simpson is not even remotley attractive. she is dumpy and the only reason she looks good is because she is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on people who will make her look this good…YAWN!!!!!!!

Jessica Kelley on

Natural if that what you call natural.In both pics it looks like you can just stick your finger in her face and it will leave a hole. And the girl who said that people are jealous of her gimme a break…

Karina on

I think Jessica is beautiful either way, but she looks better a little more natural. A little less makeup would look the best.

BoNY on

She should go with the natural look more often, it brings out her beauty. Too much makeup and accessories make her look old and empty inside. But she often wears too much makeup and too many accessories.



Khoral on

Is there something inbetween the “just rolled out of bed” look, and the “just got a new job working the corner” look??

Katie on

If you look at the two pictures she’s wearing the same shirt but its black on the left and blue on the right. I wonder if thats why the makeup looks so outrageous… Like everyone else I like natural better, but I also think she’s very overrated.

amanda on

I think she looks much cuter in the natural one.

Jessica on

I think she is a beautiful woman without any makeup, she doesn’t need any…but she is still beautiful with makeup on also.

~Andrea~ on

You call that 2nd picture …GLAM????
She looks like she works at a makeup
counter at the mall.
Tone it down a notch Jess.

Andrea on

she most definitely looks better without all the makeup, especially the eye makeup.

kayla on

i would say glam! in the pic without makeup shes ugly!

Heather on

i think she looks so much better al natural. there is no need for her to put all the extra make-up on. it is not flattering. she is a beautiful woman!

marnesh on

ey gurl!!! fresh is better.. natural and calm looking is simply beautiful…

marnesh on

ey gurl!!! fresh is better.. natural and calm looking is simply beautiful…

stephanie on

AW. i totally think jessica is gorgeous no matter WHAT she does. seriously; with or without makeup she just enhances her features and the other celebrities just OVER do everything. xtina is too much wannabe marilyn, brittney is just fat & jessica is totally perfect. i love this girl; i idolize her

Sanne on

I think she looks awful on both pics. She is injecting something in her lips and cheeks I think and it looks damned awful, why cant she see that!?
I liked the way she looked in Newly weds but since then she has clearly lost it.
Btw her hair is stupid with that head band. She is trying to be a fashionista but she will never look like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, she should stick to her roots!

Sanne UK

Sanne on

I think she looks awful on both pics. She is injecting something in her lips and cheeks I think and it looks damned awful, why cant she see that!?
I liked the way she looked in Newlyweds but since then she has clearly lost it.
Btw her hair is stupid with that head band. She is trying to be a fashionista but she will never look like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, she should stick to her roots!

Sanne UK

stephanie on

she looks scary with all that make up!!
she’s way too gorgeous natural

alie on

she looks the best when she was whit nick that girl is so over she looks like trash

Leigh on

Jessica looks like a WITCH with all of that eye makeup on. A lil mascara and lip gloss is all she needs. No wonder she says she keeps scaring guys off….her makup is SCARY!!! Makup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. She looks like she’s a toddler and just discovered mommies makup…TACKY!!!!

Cat Moss on

She looks great all of the time but she does look best when not clobbered in slap. She always looked so good in newlyweds..so fresh faced and shes got great skin.

Go Jess you look fab!!

T. Wong on

I prefer the natural one by these two
The second Jessica looks worse than usual…

Hannah on

Definitely natural. Less is more for Jessica. She looks good in the first pic and orange in the second.

Em on

she’s ugly either way

Sara on

Jessica is always drop dead gorgeous, but that makuep is a little freaky. And those people who choose to hate on her, maybe you should check your own insecurities. People who are nasty to other people do it to make themselves feel better, so lay off the poor girl!!! She has impeccable taste, and always looks fresh and pretty.

beth on

I think Jessica looks better with little or no make-up on. I’ve seen her at too many red carpet events wearing harsh, heavy eye liner and I always wondered if she really thinks she looks better that way? I personally do not think so, and the majority of you agree that she looks better with a natural look. I like Jessica Simpson alright, I am excited to see ‘Employee of the Month’ but after hearing ‘Public Affair’ I definitely was NOT inspired to go out and buy her CD. I know she can really belt it out, but she kept it all in and sang annoyingly bubbly songs. I was really hoping for something more out of her.

Janet on

Natural is a MUST for Jessica Simpson throughout the day, however, heavier foundation may be necessary for evenings, when the lights are low.

Jill on

Jessica looks like she’s a 45 year old woman. What is she, 23? 25? She looks haggard. She needs to stop with all the over-the-top makeup and go back to being pretty and sweet.

Nic on

Neither one of the two is “without make-up”. I think she is not that extraordinary and special. Just a normal young girl. And I do prefer the less make-up photo.

Sue from KY on

Jessica is beautiful either way. Not all celebrities can say that they are just as beautiful without makeup as they are with it. Jessica can definately say that she is beautiful either way. I agree, Jessica’s makeup in the picture above is a little much. She usually has well done make up.

As for the comment on looking like she just got out of bed in the pic w/o the makeup…I think the only reason she looks like that is because of her touselled hair. If her hair was combed straight, and looked neat, she wouldn’t look like she just got out of bed.

v on

I asked if she was gaining weight, b/c I think she’s letting herself go. And I find that sad. She’s never been rail-thin, her curves are aweseome, but we should all take care of ourself and that means being healthy, eating right and excercising.

Becky Crouch on

I definitly believe she looks better natural. Sometimes she wears way too much makeup, and she does not need it. Why wear that much makeup if you have natural beauty!

Robert on

Well all woman have natural Beauty, An if society and the boys would quit putting any and all women down, maybe they woud realize how much natural beauty they all have. I have never liked ladys in make up… It is a cover up to who you are…

Jenn on

If a makeup artist did this for her they did a horrible job! The foundation color is off, eyeshadows aren’t blended and her eyebrows look really uneven. I’d stick to the natural look… she looks so much better that way :)

stylemaven on

Jessica is beautiful. Why are people saying that she looks haggard? I love her new shorter hair- she looks more like the girl next door (with an amazing wardrobe). For all of you who keep criticizing her- do you look better? And where did the second picture come from? She has a wierd expression on her face in that one, which would make ANY type of make-up appear horrible. If you can picture her smiling in this one rather than the expression that she is actually making, her make-up isn’t half bad. But yes, on a day-to-day basis, she looks better with the first look. Most of the pictures I have ever seen of her have been a natural look. Who cares if she piles it on once in a while?

Tash on

Better without. Her overload of make-up makes her look like a freaky transvestite

Mrs.Borrego on

I like the natural look better. In the second picture she looks really orange looking and not to be mean but she looks like a clown.

Sarah on

Jeeze, haters stop hating. She’s a beautiful girl, and I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate being looked at under a microscope. She’s just a person. And she looks so beautiful natural.

Kelly on

I thought it was just me! She is looking worse and worse to me. When she was doing the show with Nick, I thought she was pretty. Now she just looks like a guy in drag most of the time to me. I do like her natural, but there is something different about her face that just doesn’t work. Stop with the surgery!

Dianne on

I think she looks amazing all the time. She is one of the most beautiful people ever! She does look better natural though..

Mandea on

Natural definitely. The whole made up look in the second picture is way too overdone.

Lee on

Looks best natural. In that second picture her eyes look positively scary. She used to look so much prettier. What happened? Her sister is the cute one now.

Willa on

I don’t know who is doing Jessica’s make-up, but they are getting paid WAYYYYYYYY too much!!! Yuk! I can’t stand her anyway, and Yes Nick was her best asset!

Kelly on

She needs to have less make-up on. Then she will like better with or without make-up.

ree on


regina on

she’s pretty. but in a very all-american-blonde-girl of way. i wouldn’t trade looks with her. anyway, back to the topic -> less is more! she looks better when she is not that made up

Jaimie on

I used to be a HUGE fan of hers but after she cheated on her husband who gave her the world… She is NASTY.. Both simpson sisters are fake and ugly.. hint why ashlee and jessica had plastic surgery….To try to help them.. Jessica looks nasty with and without make-up.. she better consider firing alot of people and start saving her cash now because her career is just going down hill.. O by the way Jessica has a new CD out..Wow how come i don’t hear it on the radio..Wait maybe its b/c SHE CAN”T SING.. Funny..We still hear Nicks songs……

Bella on

Whether or not she is wearing make up, Jessica is a gorgeous girl. People are going to be who they are regardless of what anyone says, so just let her be her. shes BEAUTIFUL!

lisa on

some of these comments are absolutely infuriating. she is beautiful either way! keep in mind that makeup does not look the most flattering in photographs, esp flash photography at night (those of you who wear makeup regularly should know), which i’m sure is the case here. jessica did not get to choose these images; she probably would not have wanted the second one posted. we all have pictures of ourselves that we wish were never taken right? wrong angle, facial expression, bad hair day and on and on. as a public figure, jessica has to deal with this ridicule day after day, and it is all extremely unfair.

for all the haters out there: please take your hatred and/or insecurities elsewhere and i hope that one day you can find it in yourselves to appreciate all kinds of beauty, all kinds of people.

sarah on

lisa, jessica chose to be public figure. so any comments made by the public are fair game! she does look like she’s had some work done.

Cassandra on

For sure natural! She’s beautiful

Jaimie on


Jessica chose this lifestyle and you know just like everyone else she likes the attention.. Her career is going down right now so any attention she can get, good or bad, she will take it so her name and picture is published in the magazines.. I think she has finally come to realize that she MESSED UP BIG TIME and it just hurt her career. Notice how she was somebody when she was married to Nick but after she cheated she is a nobody. Its not that guys are scared to date her ( like she wants to think) it just they don’t want to be with an ugly talentless cheater.. Again..Hmmm how come we don’t hear her songs on the radio… O is that b/c she can’t sing!!!!!



Latara on

She looks so much better natural. She tries too hard. Makeup is suppose to enhance beauty, not cover it up.

Sarah on

geez i think she is a pretty girl…i think people tend to forget she is a person too! why say so many nasty things about her.

jane on

jess definitly looks different than she did a year ago. i’ve been wondering if she had work done. she’s starting to look like michael jackson in the eyes with or without the make up. maybe she was trying to not look so much like her father. also just wanted to say i think her sister is the good looking one. if papa joe is reading i’m not saying this cuz i’m jealous, i appreciate pretty women, i just think shes not all that.

Liddi on

Natural all the waaaaaaay! Less is better. The second pic makes her look like something out of the updated version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I think the only thing I may like about the second pic is her glossy lips, but other than that everything else looks yuck. Those smokey eyes must be every color of the rainbow. She’s certainly pretty and going natural makes her even more prettier.

V posted on Sep 26 3:20:41 PM: says: Is she gaining weight?

This is for “V” – Please grow up. Are you serious? That is why many are so hyper concience about their body weight, especially in Hollywood, because people like you have to comment about a person’s body type. Why are we so obsessed about their body weight? As long as they’re healthy, that’s all that matters. You know, I can care least if Nicole Richie is skinny or any other star. If that’s how they wanna look, so be it. Lets worry about ourselves and quit looking as these women and men as idols. To each their own.

And this is for someone that said Jessica has nothing on Nick’s main squeeze Vanessa Minillo….Puleeeeeese. Why are we comparing? Great for Nick that he’s moving on and can be with someone and I would say the same for Jessica. I don’t care for Jessica as much, but if we’re gonna pass judgement on someone, I’ll say this, Vanessa is fugly.

Jaime on

Jessica is FAR from ugly.

EChizzle on

She looks sad in both pics. No amount of makeup, plastic surgery or natural look is going to camofluage the sad look in her eyes. Can you image being scrutinzed about everything you do,say, date and wear? I feel sorry for her. Maybe she asked for it but still…

liz on

Even though i’m not too fond of her style. In this case natural suits her better than all that make-up. I say ” Beauty is in the eye of the belholder.”

marianne on

I dont feel sorry for her… she loves the attention, everyone knows that…is the only celebrity that goes out EVERY DAY, were all the paparrazzi are to get her pics taken and then on the tabloids, magazines, web, etc… If she didnt want all the attention she would have never agreed to do a reality show about her marriage, who the hell does that?? but a Desperate artist that is hungry for attention and will expose her private life to the whole world. I honestly dont think she is UGLY, but she is NOT PRETTY, I personally dont like her style at all, and YES people, she has had work donw to her..is not rocket science, you can tell from a distance..and she always has a fake look/smile/pose…she is just PHONY !!! PERIOD.

kristan on

i like you better naturale!!!!!

adreana on

I think she is absolutely beatiful all the time, and to all those posting negative comments about her, you probably look alot worse than her in your best picture, so don’t take your own insecurities out on her.. also, she must have some talent because you have obviously watched and listened to her enough to come to a judgement about her. the same people saying these things probably have the Newlyweds season tucked away by the t.v.

D.O on

I definately like her natural photo.

adreana on

I think she is absolutely beatiful all the time, and to all those posting negative comments about her, you probably look alot worse than her in your best picture, so don’t take your own insecurities out on her.. also, she must have some talent because you have obviously watched and listened to her enough to come to a judgement about her. the same people saying these things probably have the Newlyweds season tucked away by the t.v.

karen on

both natural and with make-up is gr8t shes got a models face

stacey on


i think you hit the nail on the head…

Me on

I just don’t think she looks good either way. I don’ think she can sing. I don’t think she can make a decision without her dad’s input. She seems lost or just not together.
No, she is just not my cup of tea!!!

January on

I think she is pretty both ways, but I do like her natural. And to everyone who says she isn’t that pretty I would really like to see what they look like. Jessica Simpson is prettier than half the women in America. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she has to be perfect. Nobody is perfect.

becky on

adreana – she’s everywhere even if you’re not looking for her. it’s easy to have an opinion even if you don’t follow her music or t.v. show (whether that’s right, that’s another question).

Dumps on

I definetely think that she looks better natural. The second pic wouldn’t look so bad if she didn’t use the liner on the bottom lashes

deebee on

I don’t like either one. The second one is scarier though. Maybe it was just taken from a bad angle. Then again maybe it’s just the swollen lips and deer-caught-in-the-headlights eyes. I wish she would go back to how she looked right after she married Nick and quit foolin’ around with nature. Maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s slowly sliding downhill since she dumped Nick.

jxxx on

The make-up is way too much. It makes her look like she’s working a street corner. She’s much better off with no make-up.

charlene on

i dont like any of the pictures i think she is all fake. and she really needs to get a life. she thinks she is better then any one else.

Rachel on

I do believe that the question that is asked is how does Jess look better, Natural or Glam, not has she gained weight? I think Jessica is a beautiful girl. I think the makeup pic is a little too close to be flattering, but the makeup itself is pretty, although a little much. To the person who asked if shes gained weight…I don’t think she has and who the hell cares if she has? She’s obviously good looking enough to be on here…where’s your picture, oh judgmental one?

Rachel on

I do believe that the question that is asked is how does Jess look better, Natural or Glam, not has she gained weight? I think Jessica is a beautiful girl. I think the makeup pic is a little too close to be flattering, but the makeup itself is pretty, although a little much. To the person who asked if shes gained weight…I don’t think she has and who the hell cares if she has? She’s obviously good looking enough to be on here…where’s your picture, oh judgmental one?

Andi on

She definitely looks prettier with no make-up. She usually wears make-up well, but this time it was overdone.

wendy on

She definitly looks better without all the makeup, less is more in her case. She is a natural beauty and all the make up makes her look like a cheap hooker.

Mel on

Jessica is beautiful either way. She is also a human being, honest and real and I think we can forget this because we are clouded with judgment. I also believe we can get distracted on the importance of what is on the inside and put tooooooo much emphasis on the outer appearance which fades away everyday!!

alejandra on


marianne on

All we are doing is giving our opinion, positive or negative, is freedom of speach. And everyone is entitled to say whatever they think about Ms Simpson. At the end of the day, she is the public figure and we are the PUBLIC, so she puts herself out there for people to comment or say whatever they feel. Noone here know the REAL Jessica b/c even in her show the Newlyweds she was always FAKING it, trying to be funny or trying to act like a dumb blonde. She could be the nicest person in the world or the stupidest person as well, nobody knows… One thing I can say is that I don’t like her, I don’t think she is Pretty and yes, I think her whole image is fake, is what she portrayes everytime I see her, is annoying, and her music is just pathetic…is horrible, and I think most people here would not buy her album. All the people that are saying that we are jelaous or whatever, we are just giving our opinion on what we think of her…just like you are…
thank you very much

lyss on

i think jessica needs to lay off the lip injections.

george on


Mike on

Jessica is Pretty either way..but i think Natural is better..Natural is always better when you’re pretty..Way to go Jessica!

Virginia on


Latoya on

I love the natural look on Jess that new makeup makes her look a little scary.

candace on

Less is more. She needs to go back to her old browline. She looks perpetually surprised.

enigma on

Either way you put it she’s scary but, if I HAD to be shocked out of my witts with very sight of her I’d go natural……….her stylist is nothing but a drag queen in diguise!!!!”I’m so hard to be in love with”……….gee I wonder f!*-*g WHY????

Bea on

NO MAKE UP! She looks really fresh withour it.

Nicky on

Oh My God..I was just reading somewhere that this girl is worth close to $100 million..Anyway she is more beautiful naturally..She don’t need the extras..She’s much too beautiful..You’re one hard working woman Jessica..Can’t wait to see the Video for the next SINLE….NATURALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! you’re too Beautiful..

Nicky on


Ican'tstandjessica on

Jessica sucks. She has totally lost anything good about herself since she left Nick. They were great together and she let fame go to her head. She should have stayed with Nick. I hope her career goes down the drain from this point on. She is talentless.
Go suck a lemon Jessica. You retarded loser.

Sandy on


gina on

Whats wrong with her? I cant stand the stupid faces she makes in her pictures,she looks so fake,and yes she is over-rated. She looks alot better not made up.

Nick on

OMG..Ican’tstandjessica are you Venessa by any chance..Get of your self..you sound like you’re the one with Nick now..I don’t think Jessica Gives a S%!t about Nick anymore..Girl move on..that is so Yesterday..Love You Jessica..Now and forever..And you have alot of talent..By the way..NATURAL IS BETTER ON YOU..

Kelly on

Jessica is beautiful….So everyone out there that is saying she isn’t needs to stop hating on her just because your ugly. It’s not her fault shes so pretty so get over it and try to do something with yourself.

halo on

i think she looks better natural but she has such clear skin she can pull it off both ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna on

She looks like she can’t shut her mouth in her natureal pic. butlooks like a paranoid idiot in her glam pic.

Markel on

I think that she looks gorgeous in both.. she looks good natural.. but looks fresh in the second picture


Stop with the lip injections already! The second pic is scary. natural is the way to go Jess. Less is more. remember?? I agree with one of the girls that said she looked better in Newlyweds…I miss Newlyweds…I think all this divorce stuff is getting to her and weighing her down. She will never be the same now/ things will change. Sorry but i AM TEAM NICK!! Other guys will only want to sleep with her but Nick was the one with the gold heart..She let fame get to her head…

peach on

I definaltly like Jessica with less make up, why even wear makeup if you are already beautiful without?

pam on

jessica is a beautiful woman. she looks better w/ the natural look. =) she is better off w/o nick. love you jess!!

WB on

Natural is best between these 2 photos! It looks like she’s trying to generate some serious Angelina arch looks in the made up photo. Truly, less is best!



geri on

she looks better natural in this pic, but i have seen your makeup look tons better, needs to a hire a new makeup artist!!

ngo pemha christine on

i prefer jessica natural because ,she more beautiful

Debbie Monica on

I think the (fake)natural look is better why is she doing this to her self i think she should stop trying so hard she is not that beautiful she is just average looking and thats not a crime not everyone can be beautiful like Jessica Alba,Scarlett Johanson so just take it easy Jess stop messing your lips & nose all for beauty

mimi on

Jessica has been so off lately.I’ve never been a HUGE fan but i enjoyed her seemingly down to earth persona which isnt there anymore. Now she just looks super fake. I actually feel a little sorry for her.She tried to ‘upgrade’nick and got humbled I mean have you seen her album sales? She still cant hold a candle to Christina or Beyonce. I doubt if she’s even up to 500,000 units yet…I’m glad nick seems happy. Hopefully she will be too eventually. I never thought i’d see the day when ashlee became the better dressed one! She’s improving and jess is getting worse. LMAO She needs to get it together b/c without the right image and the type of cookie cuter music she makes this train is going nowhere fast!

J on

I don’t think Jessica is a natural beauty. If she weren’t famous and I passed her on a busy street, I wouldn’t think twice of her looks.

Between these two pictures, I really can’t choose. I think they are both unflattering.

rachael on

She definatly looks better natural, but it’s fun to get all made up!

Susan on

Absolutely natural. The glam picture looks like she is trying way too hard.

Jen Stone on

I think moving to Hollywood is a prerequisite for going crazy! There was nothing wrong with the way Jessica used to look, now she looks like a deer in the headlights because of all of the botox she has been getting. She used to look soft, young and pretty. Now she looks old, stretched and pulled.

connie on

Who cares how she looks. She looks fine both ways. She also looks like she needs to eat a cheeseburger. And maybe get her own identity. get rid of that crazy dad.

rajean on

i think her natural look is better

Jennifer on

Natural baby! Her skin is beautiful so there is no need to cover it up w/ a bunch of makeup.

witchblade on

natural is fine..made up?eeeeeeeeeeeek! scary!

jjjj on

yeah natural is much better

Shirley on

The natural look. Definitely much prettier and sweeter.

Brandi on

Jessica is so beautiful but even more so without all of the makeup. Natural all the way!

jess_83 on

I LOVE Jessica Simpson no matter what she looks like! She is gorgous no matter what.

Sally on

Personally I think her face is weird. So niether!


Why are you guys hating on Jessica Simpson…shes gorgeous. If any of you had her money I am sure you would do something: lipo, boob jod, maybe a new face. Shes gorgeous in both pictures but I like her better with long hair.
By the way she is way better and prettier than Brittany Spears (barf)


Audrey on

I agree that the second picture looks horrible

Shannon Nemmers on

Natural, she is pretty without all the make-up!!

MJ on

She looks cuter without all that makeup.She just needs to be
confident and be herself.Thats all she needs to really shine.

Donna on

You guys are harsh critics! I would be delighted to look like either picture!



who? on

none of them. She is not really that attractive..sorry..

Joann on

She is perfect either way.

Kitty on

NATURAL ALL DAY LONG! Not too many women can go natural, so if you got it flaunt it! I know I do! Jessica U GO GIRL!!!!

LeeAnn on


wildchild on

yuck x’s 2.

Holly on

In the second pic, she is extrememly overdone. She has accented her eyes and her lips-which is too much…just pick one. If you want to accent the eyes-that’s ok-but leave the lips a more natural color and vice versa. She’s a beautiful girl-but in these two pics-less is definitly more.

T on

Um, is it just me or is her face really not that pretty at all? I think people are too blindsided by her huge boobs to really notice her face….it’s very plain looking. And god, the butt chin. She’s so overrated. There are much prettier girls out there. I’m so sick of her.

autumnbliss on

I am sure she has make up on even if it looks natural in the first photo.. But lookin and being natural is beauty. Look at men they don’t wear nothing and we are still attracted to them as long as they groom their hair and wear something decent.. Whats all the fuss bout so much makeup and pricy trendy clothing.. Hollywood is lookin more and more fake with each year. Love you jess. stay real.

sullie on

definately natural…. not cake-face!!!!
she really pretty.

lala on

i would say natural…but even with the natural she’s wearing make-up(just like she’s wearing it in the proactive commerical)….mascara …blush …tini foundation…it’s called “THE DEWY LOOK” if you want to see natural …look at her on newlyweds ….complete without the makeup…oh yes …big differences..she looks funny.

stephie on

okay this one is for kate! u said u are sooooo sick of jessica and blah blah blah! well since ur soooo sick of her y do u look her up on the internet?! and even take your sweet time to comment a jessica simpson page!? i think that is pretty dang stupid! dont u?! *glares and look at u with stupidity*

ps: duz anyone back me up on that one? if u do, comment back saying that u do. thnx

megan on

um i think she looks bad with makeup off.keep it on!

amanda on

i agree with most of you she is really pretty with out makeup she should definately needs to stop packing on all of that garbage that she calls makeup because the way she and celeb’s like her have been putting it on it looks a bit like ancient war paint and she should also stop putting all of that on because i have heard from experts that massive amounts on makeup like that can ruin your face and complexion and it would be really and truly too bad if something like that happened too such a beautifull girl like jessica

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