The Shape Debate: In Praise of Curves

09/22/2006 at 01:27 PM ET

There has been a lot of buzz this week about ever-shrinking starlets and too-skinny models. So we’d like to give props to a few women who always look great. Seeing Kate Winslet at the Toronto Film Festival reminded us how beautiful she is, and how she has never shied away from having a real body (and a great body, at that.) Gwyneth Paltrow, who in younger days was reed-thin, is now one hot mama with her voluptous post-baby body. Is it just us or does she seem to be glowing everytime you see her now? And in the younger generation, Scarlett Johansson makes a break with the stick-thin figures and celebrates her curves, bringing to mind screen sirens of days gone by. And yes, these women are still slim and have very enviable bodies (we’ll take looking like that in a dress any day!), but we applaud them for being comfortable in their own skin and hourglass figures. Marilyn would be proud.

If you’d like to let us know what you think about the shape debate, take PEOPLE’s Stars’ Bodies: Too Thin? poll, and if you like, leave a comment here.

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Cathy Chancellor on

These three women are beautiful in every way. Natural and the way women are supposed to look. It’s so sad that these women aren’t the norm and society bows to large, fake breasts and abnormally thin bodies with them! Can we not get back to celebrating women for being beautiful in their own skin! I love and admire these women. One very important reason! I can relate to them. They are curvy!!!! and beautiful!

coco on

as a size 6, latina in my thirties im so proud of beautiful women embracing their curves, which to me, is a symbol of being femenine and sexy. nowadays, all the so called role models look like boys, with tiny fragile bodies.
i don’t get, why is hollywood so obsesed with being thin?

jaime on

They are gorgeous and healthy and look like they aren’t afraid to live life and enjoy a good meal! Absolutely beautiful!

Jessica on

You go girls!!

Annie on

Wow – what a bunch of stunning and sensational women!! They look amazing and I wish that society would recognize that this is the way women are supposed to look; give Kate Bosworth and Nicole Ritchie a sandwich already!

Renae on

I applaud the women in Hollywood who embrace their curves and represent a “Normal” Woman. We all don’t have the luxury of having personal trainers, nutritionists etc.

Christina on

I am always happy to see women who will stand up for there body.. If you have curves thats great.. There are alor more curvy women then skinny now.. Just because you have curves doesn’t make you Fat.. I have always had curves and always loved them.. More to love that way.. Thats how me and my husband meet.. He notice my curves..

I also think you should have Catherine Zeta-Jones up there :) She is beautiful.

Lisa on

Now, these are women I can relate to! I too am a size 6, and get extremely disheartened at all those skinny little girls I constantly see on magazine covers.

As soon as I start to think, “Am I fat?”, I get so angry! I am not! I am healthy!! It’s time that Hollywood and the media stop hinting that any women who are larger than a size 0-2 “fat”, therefore not worthy.

Siobhan on

Gwyneth is “curvy” these days because she recently gave birth and is probably breast-feeding. I don’t think “curvy” women should be celebrated for their figures. Nor should “skinny” women be critcized for theirs. Who has the right to comment on what’s too fat and what’s too thin? Let’s take the focus off women’s bodies ENTIRELY and just say that Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth both have lovely faces and look pretty in their dresses.

amanda on

I’m glad to hear tht some stars dont think they have to be skin and bones..thts just disgusting.Men like women with curves:)

Laura on

The point is that Kate doesn’t look pretty in her dress though. She looks unhealthy, gaunt, and frail. It’s a little scary. She’s been thinner than she was for Blue Crush but still looked healthier than she does now. She may be naturally thin, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but how thin she looks doesn’t seem natural.

j on

it’s bull that you call attention to these women for looking ‘normal’. it’s the same as spotlighting nicole richie or kate bosworth for being too thin. STOP! just post the pictures w/out ANY comment whatsoever on weight!! keep it strictly to the dress, or the hair, or the bag, or the shoes. we can all determine for OURSELVES how we think each woman looks, no commentary necessary. especially when ‘curvy’ connotates that a woman may be ‘heavier’. be a part of the solution, not the ongoing problem of influencing women (of all ages) w/this horribly over- publicized weight image issue.

Sarah on

Ok, it is still unfortunate that women their size are considered “voluptuous” when they are still very thin. Implying they’re round/voluptuous just b/c they’re not anorexic skeletons is too much for me. They’re still probably in top 10% of skinniest Americans.

Laura on

Er, when I referred to Kate, I meant Kate Bosworth. Oops.

But I agree — we need to stop considering these women as “better” just because they have curves. There are so many beautiful women out there — curvy, thin, etc. The media really needs to stop putting so much focus on weight.

Melissa on

On my opinion the woman should look like Beyoncé. I don`t see why is beautif being skinny. I prefere more when a women has bootylicious than a women who only has skin and bonnes.

Lisa on

The whole point to the commentary with Nicole and Kate B. is that their gaunt anorexic appearance is influencing other girls or even women to have this too thin appearance. It doesn’t look healthy, and chances are isn’t healthy, at all. These women are role models and the concern isn’t just b/c they are skinny but the focus on these frail women is possibly influencing young girls to be anorexic, bulemic or etc… The other women who are “curvy or voluptous” are still small, however they look great and chances are they actually eat. :) I would love to see Hollywood stop putting so much pressure on women to be thin and just put the focus on being healthy.. eating right and excercise.

Leslie on

How in the world can these three women be called “curvy”?

Jenny on

It’s about time the focus of what’s beautiful is more in line with the average woman on the street. Let’s face it – not all of us are a natural size 0 and it’s discouraging to think that young girls look up to these rail-thin celebrities. Hollywood has such a huge influence on young girls and women and I think it’s about time that they take that responsibility seriously. Bravo! to the celebrities that embrace their natural size and curves.

Suffie on

A woman is curvy if you were to draw an outline of her body she has curves i.e. breasts, hips, thighs, calves instead of being straight all over.

However, the debate should be about health and fitness…eating right and exercising correctly. A woman should be comfortable with her body as long as she is fit and healthy rather than trying to be at a weight which is either too much or too little for her frame.

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, a beautiful AND healthy woman is a joy to behold.

Dianne Doyle on

Although they are all absolutely beautiful, I think the one with the best curves has to be Scarlett Johansson. She has got some figure on her.

Gina on

They are good looking women. I think more curve is good!
Not fat just curvy. Better than stick thin. You just cannot grab ahold of something that looks like a stick, It might break!

kbosworth on

I am so very sick of seeing the same skinny celebrities plastered on every magazine imaginable. The mags headlines always refer to their size. Look at a rack of mags and see for yourself. They do it to sell the magazines since for some reason we are all obsessed by Nicole’s weight and her fashion. Ask yourself why is she famous? For her acting? She is famous for losing a lot of weight, period. The best way to combat this craziness is to stop buying those magazines until they stop putting the emphasis on weight gain and or loss.

Jen on

At one point in my life I fell for all the hype and decide to diet until every bone in my body was visible. I look at photos now and wonder what the heck must have been going through my mind. I love curves. It’s no coincidence that healthy women look happy, not just pretty. Mandy Moore is another actress that embraces her womanhood, and the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones.

deebee on

I get the spirit of the article but what I have a hard time with is why is there even a need to put a label on a body type? I looked at the three photos above and my immediate thought was that they look healthy. Then I looked at photos of Nicole and Kate B and thought EEW-gross-totally not healthy. I mean, that’s about what it comes down to. Maybe we as a society should focus less on weight and more on healty and realistic self images.

Davy on

Alright already…..Girls quite down and just listen hear….Women do what they want reguardless of what anyone thinks or says..How many times have you been told not to go there and you went anyway…We are Women everyone should have the right to be what ever they want as long as they are happy with themselfs. If you enjoy being 100 5’5 then go ahead work it…if you wanna be 250 5’5 go for it what matters is that at the end of the day your happy with and an feel good I say embrace it….

Ariadne on

These 3 ‘curvy’ women are still slim which is fine and everything but I have had comments in the past about my butt (too big) and thighs (also too big) by stupid ignorant people. I don’t think anyone has the right to comment freely on your body and it always seems to be women’s bodies that they feel free to judge. Some of us do carry more padding on our lower bodies but that doesn’t mean we don’t look good it probably means we have a smaller waist. Some people carry extra weight on their upper body but probably have great legs. We’re all different we should be focussing on being healthy, eating well and getting regular exercise.

Lynn on

I understand both points of view—i agree that too much of our focus nowadays is with weight and whose too skinny and whose not skinny enough. However, I don’t understand how people can look at pictures of Nicole Ritchie and Kate Bosworth and think that looks healthy. I mean Kate Moss is also very thin but she looks healthy. I don’t know. Our society puts so much emphasis on looks and weight.

K on

Gwyneth Paltrow is “curvy” and “voluptuous?” Give me a break!!! So if you don’t look like a walking skeleton, you’re considered curvy and voluptuous – hmmmm… What is a person who is a size 8 or 10, monstrously obese?? I guess articles like this are a step in the right direction, but I don’t think this new image of “curvy” really helps.

Samia on

i think that the most important thing is to look HEALTHY no matter if you’re a curvy or thin woman/girl. Anyway we shouldn’t give that much importance to that…

J. on

I think they are beautiful, as are some thinner women, it’s all about being healthy. And I also think its funny how people who think its ridiculous to comment on this stuff, still make comments…

Jaime on

I think it’s great that the media and entertainment industry are taking a step in the right direction by praising women like these 3 for being healthy….I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are “curvy” but they definitely aren’t Nicole Richie or Kate Bosworth. Just eat and exercise and LIVE LIFE! That’s what matters!

cate on

yay! i love seeing women who ARENT a size 0 or smaller….its great to see woman who are healthy. haha i wouldnt exactly call them curvy…because theyre still pretty slim. but they are most definitely healthy and thats all that matters. stars like kate and nicole are just TOO thin. its soooo unhealthy.

Doggy on

Dogs like bones. I like women that can give it to me a big hug and I can hug the curves, not get hurt or stabbed by a bone.

Jennifer on

They are the most beautiful celebrities in the world.

tuty fruity on

curves are the most beautiful feature of a women’s body!

if you go to far u could end up looking like a stick or fat albert

Jessica Creel on

I think that it is very sad that so much attention is put on weight and body shape of celebrity women these days. Why can’t we just look to them for there acting, singing or whatever their talent may be. Yes, the women above look great, although still very slim in comparison to all the other women of the world today, but most importantly they look healthy and happy. I completely agree with all that matters is that you are happy with yourself, but when you look at women like Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, you cannot help but to think that they are putting their lives in great danger for being so extremely thin. And honestly, what is considered the normal size today? The Hollywood average size is getting smaller and smaller, but in the normal world the average size is a 12, does that mean that a 12 is grossly obese. Give me a break! I had a baby 9 months ago and I am sill working hard to lose the baby weight. I am down to a 12 and I am very proud of myself. I don’t have trainers and nutritionists to help me lose the 30lbs in 30 days. Is that really safe anyway? Who are we kidding and what are we teaching the little girls of he future…..

Julia Garlington on

Since when is being a size 4-6 considered “curvy”?

Natalie on

Who cares what these women look like. They can be ‘thick’ or a ‘stick’, it really doesn’t matter. These people are human beings, if they choose to look a certain way, let ’em. These women are in the spotlight, but since when did these women sign up to be role models? Do people in everyday life really have to open a magazine to determine the way they themselves should look? We all have our own minds, even though women have a certain way of thinking, especially about our bodies, but all women should be confident with themselves. If you can’t think for yourself, and you honestly think Nicole Richie is a role model? Please. If you can’t think for yourself and you have to be some robot to these women who are celebrities, then you’re the one with the issues. I’m thin, and on most occasions my mom does ask me if I eat. Why would she do that? I’m just naturally skinny, but I’m healthy and I exercise. I do not open a magazine and say “I wanna look like her.” I am my own person, I will look the way I wanna look, regardless of what people think. Since when is it nice to pass judgement on others. We are not put here to pass judgement. The focus needs to be refocused on a celebrities hair or dress and stop talking about their bodies. It’s not nice to say things about an overweight person, so since when is it nice to make fun of someone who’s skinny or too skinny? YES, Hollywood has become too obsessive about a woman’s physique, and I agree they shouldn’t be the one’s telling us we need to loose weight, if a woman can act, she can act, if she can sing, she can sing. There IS too much pressure, but please, lets STOP focusing on these women as role models.

Amy on

I do remember reading somewhere once that Kate Winslet is a size 8…

Victoria on

It’s wonderful that women can look at images of painfully thin starlets and say, “That doesn’t affect me.” But the fact remains that there are countless women out there — and worse, young girls — that see Kate Bosworth and Nicole Ritchie and tell themselves that THAT is what they should aspire to. The Kates and the Nicoles are in the public eye, in the magazines. What is the message if their images are photographed and printed without commentary?

That that is OK. That is desirable. And no matter how confident a woman can be in her body and self-image, there are times that she will compare herself to that image and wonder what she has done wrong. Why she doesn’t match that.

Kate, Nicole and others in that “super skinny” range do not have pretty faces with pretty frames for fashion right now. I’m sorry, but it’s true. The skin is stretched over their gaunt faces, and the clothes hang off their bodies. In that mindset, one tends to see fat that is not present — not that their skeletons are visible. Like anyone else who appears in that state, they should have people trying to tell them they need help. Simply put, they’re not seeing the version of themselves that we are seeing.

Erica on

When I was a teen, I weighed only 95 pounds. I ate, but people thought I didn’t. I just never gained weight. When people would comment on it, it hurt. Now I am 30 and I weight 130 pounds. I preferred being skinny (easy to shop!!), but I like my body now. I look like a woman with curves. But skinny women are still women too!! Who’s to say only women with curves is a “real woman” and the others aren’t? That is hurtful. I say we be like men and love whatever body we are in!

Ana on

I think these women look perfectly fine. I also have always been curvy and tall. Next to these women I look fat-however, I am perfectly content in my own body. You must remember how these women measure up to most of us…they don’t!

niquinon on

There is such focus on weight, I entirely agree… but I do agree that these ladies are still skinnier that they seem to be (compare to the average).. remember there are such thing as dresses that do make you look a certain way and that emphasize what they want in order to make a point, which is not bad, it is business. However, aside from Hollywood´s pressure, there is also the pressure from families, friends, and our own society that has created standards, in some cases not necessarly influenced by the entertainment business. I am a teacher and I have heard so many coments from girls quoting that their moms send them to camps in order to loose weight, or than even teachers tell them that they look heavy. I am thin due to medications because I have a medical condition, which is also another situation that a lot of people don´t consider, in a lot of cases.

A woman looks and is beautiful when she embraces herself and the way she is. There are the extremes, of course, but there might be reasons inside that we are not aware of and that are hidden.

In addition, I do agree that a lot of people that we see as curvy are not exactly that way… I would particularly put Beyonce and J-lo, but even them have given into the necessity to loose weight. Paltrow, well for the moment she looks like that because she has given birth to her 2nd child and it is harder to loose the weight.

Being healty is what´s important and exercising. However, what we see is not the reality… we see what we want to see. I do not deny the fact that some people are too thin… but seriously is NR considered a role model, I doubt it. I have yet to hear such thing… I just think that they use her and she uses the publicity, but eventually like PH people will get tired of them… and they are beginning to do so… that is why they are bringing such attention to themselves.

Britt on

No one is bashing naturally thin women so those of you get over yourselves, the matter here is that there are SO many females out there today that ARE starving themselves, etc. so I applaud as well those naturally curvy women who are proud of their bodies, which we rarely see in the media versus the thin women.

stylemaven on

I’m with you, Erica. I have always been on the thin side- I am 21 and currently weigh just a little over 100 pounds. I do enjoy being this way- this my natural, God-given body. I feel awkward sometimes when people will say things like “Oh, you’re so little! Eat something!” I do, I am not on a diet! I don’t really know what to say to people who comment on my size. I can’t really say thank you, because I didn’t do anything to get this way. I just embrace who I am now and what I look like naturally. And someday I’m sure, after I have children, that I won’t look this way anymore. I will embrace the curves that go with the territory and just try to stay healthy and toned, no matter what size I am. I think that everyone should embrace what they have been given, and do the best they can with it by staying healthy and dressing well- which can be done on any budget and makes a woman feel good about herself.

Sylvia Jones on

I am one of those individuals who thinks that women should not be judged by their physical apperance, but if we’re going to, we should at least be honest, Kate Winslet is beautiful, and no, she’s not skin and bones, but she’s not an “average” body, for good or bad, the average American is much larger than any of these “normal” celebs. And i saw a picture of Scarlet Johanasson in a bikini, and she had a flat stomach, doesnt sound very “average” me. These women are still thin, and we are supposed to be super excited just because they have a decent cup size? Until I see some cellulite, I’m not buying it.

Alejandra on

I remember that Kate Winslet was cosidered by some to be too fat to have been in Titanic. Even cruel jokes were made about her weight. So this weight issue is not made up. It is also important to note that the other Kate (Bosworth) was already thin some years ago, she looked quite fine, why lose more weight? The same applied to Victoria Beckham, she had a fine body when she was with the Spice Girls, but now she looks starved! The problem are not naturally thin women, but the preassure to have naturally thin women get even thinner until all their chest bones pop up. It is specially bad for mothers, because all these “celebrities” that walk around in bikinis, weeks or months after giving birth are sending the message to other women that losing the baby weight is the priority and not the baby’s nutrition via breast feeding and their own recovery. Actually, when you are breast feeding you should eat well and not excercise too much, because the milk is affected, but at the same time, much of the stored fat is turned into milk, so breastfeeding helps lose the baby weight.

audrey on

I know some people who think I’m perfect. First my parents, then my husband and now my children. The rest of the world I don’t care.

Donna May on

these three women are indeed real gorgeous with their bodies and of course, their faces.. not to mention their talents!!! Especially Gwyneth who is so very beautiful, i think, inside and out…

Real Women Have Curves on

This quote is an excellent example of how media can be part of the body image problem.

“I think it’s hilarious when magazines call Jessica Alba or Eva Longria curvy,” says America Ferrera to People Magazine. “Come on. They’re not curvy, they’re small–I’m curvy!”

America is right! When we call normal-sized women like Scarlett Johannson and Kate Winslet “curvy,” what label is left for everyone else?

Brenda on

How fantastic that curves are back in! I much prefer a Catherine Zeta Jones to a Nicole Ritchie any day. But what about those models who are gorgeous, but naturally stick-thin — or do they all just starve themselves?

dee on

They look great but all actresses succumb to this pressure. Even Kate Winslet was looking awfully thin about 1-2 years ago. Gwynneth Paltrow is now conveniently curvy after the oscar, & some kids. However, b/c she is no longer trying to be “THE actress of the moment”, she has a more believable weight. What strikes me about Bosworth and Ritchie is that they are very young (23 and 25 respectively) and that a lot of people go through this but are allowed to do so privately. Bosworth has particularly been in the spotlight since she was a teen and who we also know to have been a legitimate sportswoman in her past B4 it was envogue. I’m hoping this is just a moment of youth that will pass in time.

Sarah on

Here’s my take: Why are fashion designers choosing models that make their clothes look good? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I challenge the designers to make clothes that look beautiful on real women, not stick figures. There’s a fine line between making clothing for artistic value and making clothing to make money. If the designers want to make art, then make art. But if they want to make beautiful clothes, then the clothing should look beautiful on a normal-sized body. I think that should be the next challege for designers: step out of your comfort zones and test your designing talent against REAL bodies. I wonder how many of you would succeed in making beautiful clothing for healthy women.

Erin on

I disagree with Erica and Stylemaven. Both of you said that you have always been naturally small, which is great. But if you think back at Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, they used to be normal and healthy looking. It’s not like they just appeared on the scene the way they look now. They aren’t healthy at all, and since they were healthier it IS possible for them to gain weight. I really could care less about what people think about curvy, etc. If I remember correctly, Kate Bosworth had to put on 30 pounds of muscle for Blue Crush…

katie on

Me, I’m a size 12, and I consider myself curvy. What are these women, size 6? Size 4? I’m sorry, but there is nothing voluptuous about these women. They are beautiful ladies, no doubt, but calling them “curvy” and “voluptous” is incorrect and insulting to real curvy and voluptous women out there.

l on

there’s no need to write essays on this, curvy women are healthier and better looking then skinny women, end of it

Seanan on

If a person is a size 6 today, her measurements are smaller than the iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe. I believe Marilyn Monroe would be approx. a size 8 today. Can you imagine Western society’s icon of feminine beauty would be considered overweight in Hollywood today. Look back at her movies, she doesn’t look “Fat” she is fabulous and sexy.

Also, remember that todays size 8 was a size 14 in 1960. So, a size 0 would wear a size 6 back then. Maybe we should quit vanity sizing clothing and accept who we are.

ashley on

i would certainly rather see these women on the cover of magazines than bosworth or richie. i’m still in high school, where the pressure of weight is the worst. my body is just like scarlett’s, and i’m still considered larger than most my peers. i would rather be my size 6 self than a size 0 any day.

Kayla on

I seriously think it’s great to see women embracing the idea of having a normal, curvy body. There rare far to many celebs who have ever shrinking frames and I love that Scarlet Johannson and the likes are standing up for their anything but size 0 bodies.

Joy on

i applaud these women…especially kate winslet! she looks very feminine and super sexy!!!

something that boggles my mind…if the average american woman is 5’4″ tall and 140 pounds (i’m 5’4″ and 138 pounds, so i fit in this category myself!), why is it that models are on average 5’9″ tall and 110 pounds? i mean…who are they marketing products to? at the end of the day, i need clothes that fit me, not just clothes that look great on some super skinny model on tv or in magazines! you know?

plus…i do think that seeing ladies like kate bosworth and nicole richie flaunting their stick-figures around on every magazine cover must some how project the wrong image for young women these days. it’s a real shame, and i hope more countries follow spain in forbidding super skinny models on the runway.

besides…don’t men like women with SOME meat on them? i know my husband does!!! ;-) who wants to hug someone who feels like skin and bones? UCK!!!

LJ on

All the fuss about weight amazes me… it is so much more important that we all learn to value ourselves, regardless of the things we’d like to change. When I see Kate Bosworth and Nicole Ritchie, I wonder if they lack self-worth (why would you deliberately look like a skeleton with skin?) or what other factors led to their excessive thinness.
I don’t consider these three actresses particulary “voluptuous.” They are lovely, but would look tiny next to the average American woman.
I think a wonderful role model is Queen Latifah. She is curvy and pretty, but much more importantly, she is confident, funny, smart and loyal.
It’s important to remember that whether someone is short, tall, plump, thin, curvy or bony, there’s more to them than the body they live in. Each of us has so much to celebrate, regardless of physical size.

FashionMuse on

Just an fyi: I believe that Marilyn Monroe was actually around a size 14, which also happens to be a size SMALLER than the average size of women in America.

I found it really inspiring that the designers at Milan’s fashion week refused to use anorexic looking models. I think its a great start in the right direction, but its gonna take awhile b/c until we stop seeing models and actresses that wear size 2 and are air brushed to look perfect, our society is going to have a warped idea of our bodies.

bel on

Fact: Magazines and fashion shows will not stop promoting stick thin models until the demand for them stops.
We complain but yet we still buy and watch?
Solution: Stop buying the magazines, stop attending the fashion shows and address the issue in schools where we can educate kids to think for themselves and to love themselves for the way they are.
Only then will our youth stop looking at magazines and models for societies standards and approval.

niquinon on

sorry for writing such long statement…. but I got it… Queen Latifah (I hope didn’t miss spell) she is a great actress and she is not a stick and has proven herself within the business. She is gorgeous…and can do about anything, singer, enterprenour, etc.

niquinon on

sorry LJ didn’t read your comment… but I agree 100%

dee on

As I think more on this article, I think one commenter is right in this being a more complex issue. Are Richie and Bosworth so thin b/c of Hollywood pressure or b/c this is how they deal w/ stress that is going on in other parts of their lives? Their size may have nothing to do with Hollywood pressure. We know the fashion models have to fit into a size created by the designer. I also agree w/ Winslet being included as a model here but Queen Latifah and Eva Mendes/Jennifer Lopez would be better additional examples. Another interesting article would be the pressure of minority women in hollywood to “control” their curves. Seen Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson lately? They are awfully thin…

M on

Most of those stick-thin actresses are on drugs which kill their appetite – crystal meth, cocaine. Remember what Whitney looked like when she was on crack?

J on

These women are beautiful, just as many of the thinner hollywood stars are beautiful. I personally feel better about myself when I eat right, run regularly, and look “thin”, and when I am thinner it means I am actually being healthier than when I sit around and eat junk food all day. I look at these women and just think, “wow, they are really lucky to be able to gain weight in only the right places and not have to do anything for it”. I read recently that Scarlett said she doesn’t work out…ever…that’s NOT healthy. They should be showing professional athletes as role models, because THAT is healthy.

seananq on

Vanity sizing has changed. Yes Marilyn Monroe was a size 14, but she would fit a size 8 today. Her measurements were 34-24 -36. I wear a size 8, and I fit my mother’s size 14 dresses from 1960. Please everyone remember that clothing is significantly bigger today than it was even 30 years ago. If you cjeck the back of a sewing pattern, they are still using the older sizing information. Someone who wears a size 14 from the store must buy a size 20 pattern.

Let keep sizing in perspective as we discuss the size of actresses today.

mega on

i was surprised when i saw kate winslet recently. she looks thinner than i’ve ever seen her. hope she is not falling into the get-too-skinny trap. stay healthy kate! we love you!

amel on

I think Scarlett Johansson has a beautful sexy shape. I would add Salma Hayek to the list of women that have beautiful curves.

Kim on

AND I might add that the above three curvy females are all bankable stars!

Leigh on

Men do not want to cuddle with a shapeless stick. Implants are overrated too. When you get down to the genuine truth- men love curves and a natural woman. Point made. End of story! Yeah for curvaceous real natural women!!!

Missy on

Well All I have to write is that these three women are among the most talented women in hollywood. All of the waify looking girls don’t get nominated for Oscars or get all the “real” parts in movies. Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, The Olsens, Hilary Duff…and the list goes on and on have no actual acting props. They are just girls that set trends but most of their movies dont even make much money at the box office..why? Because they have no talent just rail thin bodies that most designers cater to. The cury, real women such as the ones above and also such ones as Charlize, Selma, Reese just to name a few are so successful and recognized…because they dont care about the press or what they are wearing to go get coffee but the actual work they do: ACTING! For crying out loud thats why these women earn all the millions..because they work as true actresses to get it. They dont party all night and then show up to a set or neglect nurishing their bodies so they look like tree branches..these women work it on and off the screen. Maybe if some of these skinny mini’s would put on some pounds then they could be as successful as Scarlett..why? Because the girl can act and looks like the rest of American women- GORGEOUS!

Ejimofor on

I think that the slim/curve debate is completely over hyped. Some of people ARE naturally slim and find it difficult to gain weight. The only effect of these debates – is that the people that feel they are overweight become anorexic and those of us that feel that we are too skinny are taking appetite inducing drugs to keep up with these curvey ideals. This is a non issue – Not every skinny person is TRYING to be skinny – some people are just born that way. Lets stop the debate!!!! Please!

jezabel on

I’ve read once that the average weight of a woman in the U.S is a 12…I’m sorry but that is overweight in my book,especially when the average height is 5’4″. Just because someone is opting to eat a chicken salad instead of KFC doesn’t mean they’re anorexic. Correct me if ‘m wrong but isn’t a chicken salad healthier for your heart than say, fried chicken or cheeseburgers? Though I do agree that extremes are definitely not good, who is somebody that’s a size 12 think they are, telling a HEALTHY size 4-6 woman that she should not consider herself curvy??? I’m fed up of all these “bigger” women hating on thinner women because THEY’RE just miserable with themselves!

Me on

Stick figures are not atrractive at all. Having curves is what I think defines a woman.
And I wish the stick figure’s of Hollywood would stop saying they eat what they want. I rarely work out. The public and your fan’s are not stupid.

Maria Mc on

What a blessing to finally see “real” women in Hollywood. These ladies prove that curves are what it is all about, and I just hope that the word gets through to the young girls out there – skinny doesn’t mean pretty!!!

Siobhan on

I’m a bit bummed that you quoted me in the new issue of PEOPLE, but attributed my quote to “Amanda.”

Gwyneth is “curvy” these days because she recently gave birth and is probably breast-feeding. I don’t think “curvy” women should be celebrated for their figures. Nor should “skinny” women be critcized for theirs. Who has the right to comment on what’s too fat and what’s too thin? Let’s take the focus off women’s bodies ENTIRELY and just say that Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth both have lovely faces and look pretty in their dresses.

Ava on

I am so sick of overweight women attacking thin women. I have always been aware of what I eat and how I appear and it’s very obvious that women who choose to tell me I am “anorexic” or “too thin” are trying to mask their insecurities and jealousy issues by tyring to convince me I have a problem. I would never go up to a woman eating a cheeseburger who is undeniably 30 pounds overweight and tell her she is “too heavy” or “shouldn’t be eating that.” It’s interesting, however, how a significant number of people heavier than I am have no concerns about commenting on my body type and food consumption. It is such a frustrating double standard.If you are truly comfortable with your figure, whether it be full or thin, then you shouldn’t have any desire to make nasty remarks about other individuals bodies.

On a different note, being “curvy” is not a reflection of body weight. Kate Boseworth could gain 65 pounds and she still wouldn’t be curvy…she would just be overweight. Her figure is built similar to a boys, meaning she has little defintion between the different sections of her body. She has no waist defintion, no hip defintion, and very little chest defintion. Scarrlet, however, has an “hour glass” figure, which is a direct result of her body actually having curves. I am not condeming heavy women in any way, but quit trying to always categorize being overweight or obese as “having curves.”

Jen on

This issue is infuriating so many people, however, in reality I don’t see it as a huge problem.
1. Designer’s love skinny models not because of “our society” but because their clothes do not flatter what I might call everyday women (come on, no one with hips can wear a “frock”). The problem then comes when vanity obsessed people, whether stars or teens or apparently some people on this message board, take these styles as a way to live by. That’s sad: grow up, think about who you ARE before dressing, and get some cake.
2. If anyone has expierenced depressed or anxiety, then you know you lose weight. And those expierences become heightened when you are a celebrity, but that is their profession. And I certainly don’t think Kate or Nicole actively think of not eating.
3. In response to the last post, this isn’t the attack of the fat women, in fact, the people writing this or any other entertainment news article are probably extremely thin as well. This is getting so much attention because of fashion week, it has been a topic since twiggy (another example of fashion choosing thin women because of what they were making, not their preferences). And on a personal note, anyone who believes that others are jealous of them probably have no qualities wanted by others.

Michelle on

Did anyone stop to think that these women are thin because THEY ARE BUSY and lead very active lives? Looking at “then” and “now” pictures is misleading – you bet Kate B looks thinner these days, she works 5 times as much on movie shoots, publicity tours, and can now afford a personal trainer and a personal chef.
As far as it being a “shame” for the young girls looking up to these women; Would you prefer they look up to Carnie Wilson? She was morbidly obese, had it surgically remedied, only to gain the weight back because she was too lazy to exercise before and after – what a role model, but I suppose she’s a “Real Woman”.
Yeah, let’s get the word out to the young girls out there. The word being: “REAL WOMEN” are fat so embrace it because it’s a fairytale for you to believe you can eat something other than a big mac thrice daily, do pyhysical exercise, and be thin. Only people with anorexia can be thin, so hug your cellulite and early death youth of america!
These women aren’t the norm (curvy Beyonce isn’t either), the norm is my 17 year old, 185 pound, five foot three neighbor that drives to school 3 blocks away because
(1)she’s too lazy to walk and(2)she can swing thru the McDonald’s drive thru to get a 3000 calorie breakfast.
It’s like everyone wants us to pretend that it’s ok not to be conscious of your own body. Be conscious of your hair and bad breathe, but forget the rest of your body that would just be vein…

Amber on

Ok. These women are gorgeous. And yet, so are all the other actresses (i.e. Kate Bosworth, Nichole Richie etc.)that have been considered too thin. Maybe they are a little thin; but don’t you think that if THEY thought they were to thin, they would do something about it? Honestly, I’m getting tired of people saying stuff about other people, be it a celebrity or every-day people in general. Isn’t the point that we are trying to get across to the kids of our society that they don’t have to follow the trends; that the only opinion that matters is theirs. And yet, the adults are still discussing other peoples weight? We are the role models here.

bel on

Isn’t it sad how much influence the media has over what we concentrate our thoughts on… Hollywood, beauty, fashion, etc etc.
Imagine if we concentrated all those thoughts and energy on political and economic education so we could have more active roles in government and fix more important world issues like poverty and war.

Amber on

They ARE NOT “embrassing theirs curves” they are what the other women in Hollywood would look like if they would EAT. These women are skinny women who EAT and good for them! That is why Scarlet was named the MOST atrative women of the year. 98lbs is NOT normally and it is gross!

JO on

~All I can say is thank god for Kate Winslet, an actress with so much self integrity and beauty, who doesn’t ‘give in’ to soceity’s obseesion with the ‘thin is beautiful’ moto. Hats off to you Winslet, a real woman.

night on

These three women are THIN. They are not skinny, but they are thin in a healthy way. Curvy by far, they are just normal woman with thin bodies. Hollywood has us all so brainwashed that we think thin people are curvy now? Look at Johanson’s waste for pete sake. She is TINY. She probably wears a size 4. If a size 4 woman is “curvy” then I must be morbidy obese at 5’11” and wearing a size 10. what are we doing the the sub-consious minds of women today people?

a on

Try living in Asia for a day where you’re attacked for being horridly obese b/c you wear sizes 6-8 as opposed to the 0-2 most other people wear here.

And as for the skinny people who have a problem with us “curvy” women standing up for ourselves, deal. It’s about time we were given the opportunity to defend ourselves. Media has taught me to hate myself for being 5’5 and 140 pounds, despite the fact that I’m healthy and toned. But I’ve come to realize that my body’s much more alluring than any bag of bones is ever going to be.

jen on

Yes, Scarlett Johansson is beautiful- and so are curves- but what if you just are skinny? I mean, I’ve been skinny all my life- in school I would be made fun of and called the “skeleton” and “stick” but if I had a choice I would want a body like Scarlett or Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez-but unfortuneatley I just can’t gain weight. I also detest guys who are only after a womens body or “curves”. Guys have always told me that I would be “hot with a different body” but that is just shallow and rude. But I do agree with jezabel and beth. You girls are so right.

Kate on

Kate Winslet looks fit and toned. Apparently she weighs about 62 kgs and is perhaps 5’5. That’s quite slim – at the lower end of the healthy weight range. I read an article that said that her BMI is scientifically ideal and considered to be the most attractive. I am 20 kilos over this weight and am 5’7, and still get noticed by guys quite alot, no less than when I was smaller, so I think it really is a fallacy that more voluptuous women are less attractive. I went to see a movie with Queen Latifah in it and it also starred Giselle Bundchen and some other model chicks. My male friend turned to me and said-that Queen Latifah chick is curvy like you. Much more attractive than that other chick (meaning Giselle). SO there are more factors involved than just body weight which make a woman beautiful, and nature is so amazing that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Embrace it!! I feel more beautiful than I did as a younger woman (I was bulimic for 8 years) and I was 20 kilos smaller. It’s all about attitude.

jap on

i can’t believe these are people hollywood considers fat. that would make anyone else who’s larger than them obese.

twatty on

hi im fat, help me

laura on

im a 16 year old girl, 5ft 4 and wear a british size 4 (american 0), and while i do agree that starving yourself to get to a certain weight is wrong, i dont agre with people saying that size 0 is wrong! like all of my friends at school i want to wear the latest clothes, and the only way for me to do this is if a size 0 is on offer. if it wasnt for this id be stuck shopping in childrens sections, which isnt exactly what a teenage girl wants to be doing. im small and thin and i like it this way! i eat loads, i excersize and im completely healthy. i just dont gain weight. i find it quite insulting and hurtfull that people on here are saying that curves define a real woman, and that men dont like skinny girls. for people like me this is not nice to hear.just because i dont have big boobs or a curvy bum doesnt mean im any less of a girl. how is it ok to put down skinny people but not obese people? people these days wouldnt ever dream of saying men dont like bigger women! some people have even said that curvy is “normal”. so im not normal then?…what is normal? because in my opinion “normal” is whatever shape your body is supposed to be. and my body is supposed to be skinny! its the wsay i am and the way i probably always will be.
i just feel that with this debate going on, its starting to become only acceptable to be curvy, and seen as ugly to be thin. i think the only weight which should be preomoted as beautiful is a healty one, whatever sixe that may be.

Laura Cameron on

I would just like to say that I am a teenage 15 year old girl who is 5″6 and 140 pounds and I lost 22 pounds and then gained back 10 and I couldn’t be happier…. I am proud of my body and all its curves, I am proud that I have got some cushion for the pushin, some flab to jab, and some flubber for my lover and I always will be happy with my body, and everyone else should learn to accept themselves and the way they are built.

Amy on

I have to agree that women with curves are beautiful. But I’ve seen plenty of skinny girls that are quite gorgeous too. Its more about being healthy to me. Sorta. Being constantly made fun of for being fat (believe me, I am) kinda makes you wish you could be stick thin. (like me…dieting for six years and only gaining 40 lbs after all theh work.) But I think there’s a lot more women who should be on there. Tyra Banks, and the recent Christina Aguilera. Both are gorgeous, curvy, HEALTHY women. But overall, I wish society wouldn’t focus on looks, but on talent instead.

Poetry on

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