What We Would Give Nicole Richie For Her Birthday

09/21/2006 at 10:17 AM ET

Today is Nicole Richie’s 25th Birthday! We are such big fans of her style and feel like we might actually know her taste a little. So we have a few ideas on what we would give Nicole for her birthday if, you know, we were actually friends with her. Hint to Brody: a girl can never have too many Birkin bags.

1. It can be daunting giving gifts to the uber-stylish, but you can’t go wrong with fashionista favorite Chloe — either an adorable clutch for nighttime or a super-size tote for daytime.

2. We already know that Nicole loves leopard print shoes, so these Christian Louboutin wedges should make her purr. Or perhaps these Jimmy Choo stilettos, since she has appeared in their advertising?

3. There is no middle ground in her wardrobe anymore — it’s either maxi dresses or mini shorts. This boho vintage dress or these adorable boucle shorts would look great on her.

4. Nicole, we want to reduce your stress levels. How about Molton Brown’s Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath and Shower Gel or this Henri Bendel Lavender Leaves candle?

5. And because you know she can’t get enough of them, perhaps she’d like another pair of huge vintage sunglasses?

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Photo: Marion Curtis/Startraks

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Megan on

She has enough stuff. Use your money for a good charity.

MTP on

Why buy someone like her anything? It seems she already has everything. I like her style, but her self-esteem is what really needs a boost. She obviously has issues that she needs to take care of.

LaTisha on

I would make her a cheeseburger cake and make her eat the whole thing lol jk. Happy B-Day

Janine on

I would give her a sandwich, with lots of mayonnaise and cheese on it. The only thing she needs is some weight.

Giselle on


Homegirl on

Now Nicole is supposed to have some “black” in her, right? Well what she really needs is some collard greens and cornbread to help her get back to her roots.

Renae on

A weeks supply of cheesecake…. she needs to gain about 15 pounds. It’s hard being famous huh?

Jelena on

Probably some private dinner with her closest friends and family and big birthday cake with 25 candles and fireworks:-)

Alicia on

How about we just give her a break?

jen on

i agree w/the others. she’s got everything money can buy.
food is what she lacks.

Katie on

I’d give her another one of those little chocolate cakes with a heaping helping of ice cream.

kim on

I would give her a lifetime ticket to an all you can eat buffet!!!

MarylandMichele on

I would give her friendship and through that would encourage her to see a nutritionist and a therapist. She is obviously sick and needs professional help to get her back into a safe weight and better frame of mind. It’s already been admitted that the weight loss is stress related.

haydee on

what the?!!–with all the money and that—she only gets a cupcake??? no wonder the poor girl is so skinny! let’s buy her a giant cake with lots of sprinkles on it, and just maybe! all her friends will eat it with her…HB Nicole!

Georgia on

I’d give her 10 pounds…she needs it more than me.

Jessica on

I would give her food, and lots of it, and make her eat it all. I love her to death but it seems she loves herself to death as well… literally.

Rebecca on

Nicole probably has everything a girl could want. I really wish she looked healthier though. I would give her a long vacation at a spa to help her relax along with a lot of good, hearty food to put some meat on her bones!

markus on

just love & be faithful to BRODY. Brody seems like a nice gentleman. He is sizzling HOT dude. NICOLE & BRODY are like Brad & Angelina.

witchblade on

food…food and lots of food!!

jen on

id give her a couple sticks of butter

sarah on

A box of a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles. Eat up.

kim on

A SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

givemeafreakinbreak! on

*agrees with Gisselle* puerto rican food will make her ok lol

Norah on

Nicole has everything and can get everything she wants. Just like all the other celebs. She looks very unhealthy. I know her Dad is saying it is “nerves”, and Nicole has actually been to specialists with her Dad to get help with her weight (Lionel Richie talked about it on “The View”). So Nicole and her Dad are aware this is a problem. Which is good. But look at her in the simple life!! OMG that is a huge and almost unreal change. Hopefully Nicole will overcome.

~Andrea~ on

There is a Dounut Shop where I live called Krispie Kreme one dounut has about 35 grams a fat so I would say About… 5 dozen dounuts for her B-Day should give her a little weight on her shrinking body. She is in need of an intervention from her family and friends. Poor thing.. :(

jenna on

a box of magnolia cupcakes.

Sarah on

I think the perfect outfit for Nicole to have would be a cool scarf or sunglasses, a chic top and skinny jeans. Also, for her shoes she always looks good in CL shoes or Chloe boots. An oversized bag would also be perfect

bubble chick on

i would by her a club card to mc donalds

Natalie on

I would give her advice that her image has got to improve, there are younger girls out there risking it to look like her. But anyway, happy b-day!

Bunky on

I get the nerves thing. It’s hard being…what does she do again?

Nikki on

I really like Nicole but I would have to say I would give her FOOD, she is WAY to skinny she needs to eat!

Nicky on

Five 10 pound birthday cake with Froosting on the Top..And sit and watch her eat all of it..With no Help from Broody Oh Lawd Nicole..You would be so much prettier if you just Freaking EAT!This sh!t ain’t funny anymore..I really fear the this girl..EAT EAT EAT!

Erica on

People talking about giving Nicole food are not being nice. Would you tell her that to her face? No, right? So why say it behind her back? If she has issues with food, who are you guys to judge her? Have some compassion. Imagine how her dad feels. He’s crushed when he hears stuff like this

Lisa on

Have you people not seen all the pics of here gouging on big greasy cheeseburgers?!? Give her a break with the eating issue! Girl eats! Just because she can eat anything and everything and not look like a blimp everyone else has to jealous. I agree she’s very thin, but I don’t think it’s cuz she don’t eat. How about everyone leave her alone for a few months…no cameras popping in her face.



tracie on

something to eat?!

Maria on

For her birthday I would give her a break from all you people giving her so much crap about her weight. She knows she needs to deal with it, and she IS dealing with it. Give her time!

Lane'smom on

Maybe if everyone just lightened up, and let her fix her own problems, and stop critizing then she wouldn’t have such a problem with her weight. Maybe people like all of you drive her to be the way she is, because you are all picking out her flaws.

Ashlee on

You no what…you all are mean. There are girls that have serious problems with their weight. There are girls that suffer from eating disorders. What she needs for her Birthday is a break. She has all these people who are peering at her through camera lenses everyday and judging her. Let her live her life. Let her look the way she wants to look. Obviously she’s stated that she’s not happy with her appearance and she’s working on it, so let her work on it. Quit judging people. We are NOT put on this earth to judge, there is ONLY one person who does that, and I will not bring anything religious into the deal. It is her God given right to look and act the way she wants to. What she’s going through and dealing with is serious. If she likes being the way she looks, then so be it. Who are you? People make fun of a person who is overweight and now people make fun of others who are underweight, I guess we all just have to be perfect. As long as you wake up and you’re happy and you go to bed happy, that’s all that matters. If you are feeling unhappy with yourself, you’re the only person who can change that. Let Nicole be and how about you all start worrying about yourself.

Joyce on

This world could be a better place if we all mind our own businesses and be respectful onto others. Just like Nicole here, it’s her business on how she’d rather look and not upon us. Some people are just plain insensitive to other people’s health setbacks,let alone remotely attack the victim without thinking 10x first. Why can’t we all grow up and learn to accept that WE are all different and to respect each other’s differences! This could be a happier world ’till then…

~Andrea~ on

Maybe if Nicole shared her struggles, other people could identify and relate with her and maybe show some sympathy. But that fact that she just keeps saying she is so thin due to stress…Yeah, stress form the press to be thin.
Why do these girls want to look SO thin and “healthy” when they are SO far from healthy by being way underweight, smoking and tanning???? …oh yeah this blog was about what to get her for her birthday….maybe some Therapy!

Amber on

She is aware that her weight is an issue….I am sure she trying hard to gain couple lbs and looking healthier. I am pretty thin myself. I’m 5’2 and 100lbs, but I dont look sick, however I always get comment on why am I so thin? I hate it….I feel good about myself, I never complain about how thin I look, and it is not like I am trying to be thin, I eat what I want, whenever I want, and however much I want to…and I have to admit that I don’t eat a lot, but I always eat until I can’t eat anymore….so leave Nicole alone….!!! Beside she has great style, she always looks so fabulous!!!! Keep it up, Nicole!!!!

mike on

she is gorgeous at this weight. do i really have to say what id give her?

gdsg on

I’m sick of all you fatties criticising people who are skinny and labelling them as anorexic! None of you could honestly say that you KNOW she’s anorexic so give her the benefit of the doubt for Petes sake! She looks alot better than she did when she was fatter.

vanessa on

Some food because she looks like shes dying!!!

night on

This girl was Never “Fat”. Never!!
She is killing herself. Her eating disorder is obvious. This is NOT a natural look for anyone, no matter what anyone says.
She is commting suicide..One pound at a time.
SHe looks sick. She IS sick. Perhaps we should all leave her alone to deal with her very real illness

Donald G. on

I would have taken her to see Andre Borcelli with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra during the first of September as an early gift.

On her birthday, I would have fixed her favorite dinner personally, and given her an arrangement of her favorite flowers. At the end of dinner, I give her a gift, a Cartier Trinity necklace and matching ear rings.

Happy Birthday!

Donald G. on

If I were her boyfriend, I would have taken her to NYC during the first week of September to hear Andree Borcelli with the New York City philharmonic during the first week of September because of her eclectic love for music.

On her birthday and late afternoon, I would take her to FEMME in Bal Harbor, would treat her to the SPA treatment, massage, manicure, and pedicure and then let my friend, Marcel Reboh cut and style her hair.

Later in the evening, I would take her to my place and make her favorite dinner and then “go out” for dessert.

At the close of our evening, I would walk her to the door, and surprise her with a small gift wrapped box, having the Cartier Trinity necklace inside. As I gave it to her I would say I hope this day was special for you, it was for me.

Happy Birthday Nicole.

You ask and this is my answer, this is the gift that I would give her and the things that I would do on her birthday.

Rolemodels on

I agree we should not judge, but she does need to gain some wieght. Models, her, and some great people out there are role models. Tons of girls small and old look at her and say shes a great role-model, then when she became skinnier then ever, those girls felt pressured to look like her and be like her. That is what young girls are exposed to today. People are stressed about how they look. I belive shes sending out the wrong message to teenage girls. I think if this world all came to relize that there are young kids and teenagers out there that look up to them. If I had a choice to say something to her, I would say to please relize those prussered kids out there today, and then see if this body wieght is healthy.
Happy b-day nicole, my most sincere wishes.

Bre on

lets give her a break and leave her alone!

kaley on

i think she is a very lucky person and everyone that talks trash is hating i love you nikki

Jazmen on

leave her alone, you’re all just jealous.

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