You Asked, We Found: Jennifer Aniston's Jewelry

09/20/2006 at 04:41 PM ET

We received so many emails asking us: “Where can I get Jennifer Aniston’s good luck necklace, as seen in the September 4th of PEOPLE?”

Are we surprised that the Best Dressed Woman has enviable jewelry? Hardly. Jennifer Aniston first got hooked on Jennifer Meyer’s delicate jewelry on the set of The Breakup. Both the good luck necklace and thin gold bangles she is wearing (left) are from Meyer’s line. Unfortunately, the necklace is no longer available, but a similar version of the necklace and her bracelets are available at Kaviar & Kind, a posh Beverly Hills jewelry store co-owned by Sunrise Ruffalo (Mark’s wife). Aniston isn’t the only fan of the line — Mischa Barton, Kate Hudson, and Kirsten Dunst all wear her simple organic shapes. And, in case you’re wondering where you heard the name Jennifer Meyer before: She’s also engaged to Toby Maguire. –Andrea DeSimone

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Photo: Vera Anderson/WireImage

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Courtney on

She’s so cute, love her.

Rebecca on

Jennifer Aniston has great taste. Its no surprise that people are wanting to know where she gets her jewelery. She is a true American beauty.

Michaella on

She is ugly!

mona on

1) Jennifer Aniston is not a beauty
2) Is Jennifer Meyers PAYING People magazine for this shameless promotion? The jewelry is avarage, at best. Just like the person wearing it.

CJ on

Would you please provide the information on the white vest that Kate Hudson paired it with her favorite Grass blue jeans? I love that vest! It is so cute. Thanks.

erika on

enough with her already! she has the most boring style (its so damn plain…just walk into any woman’s store and you’d find clothes like hers)…and her hair is also very boring…straight and plain…hmmm like another million ppl in the world…

mona on

You forgot to add that Jennifer Meyers is also the daughter of Ron Meyers, the head of MGM.. in other words, Jennifer Aniston’s boss on many projects. Unfortunately, most of Jennifer Aniston’s fans won’t be able to afford the jewelry. MaryK Jewelers will have to suffice.

EmO giRl on


bubble chick on

she annoys me a little bit i think she sounds mean and rude in real life she probably won’t sign autographs

sarah on

Michaella shut up you r the ugly one..she has great taste in clothing and Jewelry..jennifer is so beautiful

andreina on

I don’t like the jewelry. You can’t even see it. I’d spend a buck, maybe two, for it.

Nicky on

I agree with mona she is so Ugly..Could never see what Brad saw in her..THAT NOSE!..OMG..And those Jewelry is cute..nothing special..Why is this even on a Blog?..Someone is getting paid..She acts like she is the only woman in the world that a man has left for another woman..always looking for sympathy..”Man of the Year”..How stupid was that..What woman in this world gets married for seven years and don’t have a baby..SELFISH..That’s what she is..Thank God Brad is with Angelina..She is beautiful and don’t need to put on all this make-up and jewelry to prove it..Her beauty is natural..Jenifer should take notes..Stop walking around Hollywood shopping and dressing up for Brad..He has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD..AND SHE’S KIND AND LOVING..Jenifer so Fake to me..Made for Hollywood..Selfish..and Self-absorbed..Go have a old as you are..Lawdddddddddddddd!..

sharon on

Sad, I Read the article about her being the best dressed star, and it was said she is the whole package, she’s got the tan, legs arms and style, but what about that face, not once in the article did it mentioned she is beautiful, or pretty or nice, they just talked about how nice her body was. If that not a clear sign that people think her face is ugly, I don’t know what is!!!!

Dana on

I like Jennifer she reminds me of just the average american girl. As for the jewerly, I thought it was rather dull and highly over priced.

Lilia on

Yeah Nicky, way to go!! Jennifer is sooooo overrated! She’s ALWAYS named (by magazines) as the most beautiful, the best hair, the best dresser, ugh!! She’s plain!!!…. Why are all the critics so fascinated by her? There are other actresses that are much more interesting, talented and beautiful — Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson, Brooke Shields, Sandra Bullock, and even Nicole Kidman just to name a few. And by the way, isn’t Courtney (Cox) prettier than Jennifer?

delia on

Jennifer is lovely–a very attractive woman with great taste and great style!

Nawal on

I love her so much and Brad Pitts is dumbass!


With the exception of Courtney, Rebecca, Sara, and Emo girl I think the rest of you are crazy. Andreina probably only has 1 or 2 doallars, Nicky Angelina is not the most beautifull women in the world. The ugliest maybe. She looks like something that belongs in Tales from the Crypt. Who is selfish? Angelina is a homerecking *****. Sharon her face is not ugly. Bubble chick I don’t think she is mean or rude maybe she is just sick of all the BS she has to put up with b/c people are so fasinated with her life that she can’t have any privacy and then there are people like you that don’t have a clue what they are talking about running off at the mouth.Erika her hair is awsome! I personally love it. And Michaella you heard all that. Another thing Jen never asked or wanted any sympathy when Brad left. The public is the one who stood up for her on their own. Unlike Angelina Jennifer may have values in her life. She also can oviously go out and get her own boyfriend she doesn’t need to take someone eles’s sloppy seconds like Angelina! I think Jen is awsome.

laura on

just an average girl: her big luck was brad even when he left her. she has good style but a bit too boring no? I don’t think she is gorgeous at all and about acting… well she should stop to play rachel in all her movies…

caroline on

“She’s also Toby Maguire’s finance”

Please, People, get your spelling checked before you actually post this stuff!

Dana on

All you people that are saying negative stuff about Jen are just plain ole’ JEALOUS! Don’t hate because you do not have the beauty and the CLASS that this woman has! Angelina is not the most beautiful woman not even by FAR! Jen has much more class than Angelina could ever have!! Angelina is nothing but a skanky homerecker!!! I mean what kind of morals does that woman have???? Brad is gonna regret later in life ever leaving Jen for that skank and I hope Jen spits in his face! Brad and Angelina….way to overrated!!!! UGH!!!

Mike on

Jenifer is the ugliest “woman in the world”..What the hell is Brad gonna regret Dana?..I have no idea what Brad saw in her..And in order for you to be a “home wrecker” you have to actually have a HOME with kids..Jenifer did not want that and obviously Brad did..If a man leaves you is one thing..But when he leaves you for another woman with kids..obviously he wanted something that Jenifer either didn’t want or could have..Seven year no kids..How lazy is she?..I love seeing Brad and Jenifer together..Damnnnnnnnnnn…I wish i fall in love like that one day..That is obviously “Truely,Madly Deeply”..To be honest i envy them a little..Love Brad and Jenifer…Way to Go…

Rebecca on

Have you people that have been saying Jennifer is “lazy” and didn’t want kids with Brad ever stop to think that maybe she can’t conceive children?? Lay off her. Angelina may be doing all this good for other countries but what about America? We have children with out homes, people living in poverity.. get a grip people..

Alicia on

Reading this makes me feel like I am in the middle of a flock of juvenile highschool girls. You all realize that it is possible to have an opinion without being a b***ch right? Wasn’t this post supposed to be about her jewellry?

manhattan chick on

Jennifer Aniston is so ORDINARY.. sorry.. but it’s all just her make-up, her fake hair extensions ( I don’t even know why people give her credit for that “Best Hair” when Jennifer herself admitted in a magazine interview that it’s just extensions.) I think people should reward someone and something that’s not fake. I’m sorry but I honestly think that Angelina Jolie’s got it all. REAL Beauty, Intelligence and a big heart. All I can say is, Angelina is the perfect package.

Kseniya on

Jen is the epitome of a Plane Jane

Billabong baby on


I for one am a fan of Jennifer’s. She and Brad should have talked about what they wanted, like KIDS, BEFORE they got married! If Brad wanted to be a daddy so bad, he should have left his wife BEFORE he had an affair. Unless being a “star” is the exception to the marriage vows!?!

Alexandra on

I think jennifer Aniston look so good and she is so hot. Angelina sucks sorry. Not good looking.

Jen on

Anyone know who designed the dress that the co-host Samantha was wearing on “Dancing with the Stars” last night (Wednesday)? I loved it…

Tree on

Why doesn’t Jennifer just admit she’s in a relationship with Vince Vaughn, I mean really, like who really cares. what is it that she learned the first time? I just don’t get her, she’s so full of herself. How did she manage to stay married to Brad as long as she did.She act like she’s the only women in the world who matters, I can’t stand her. Angie, You go girl!

Jadah on

Rebecca shut up..Don’t you know Brad and Angelina just give millions of dollars to people here in the united states..NEW ORLEANS..does that ring a bell?..why don’t Your beloved jenifer give some millions too?..she is too selfish..Brad and Angelina feed kids in the United States as well as Overseas..And even if they didn’t help hungry people in the U.S.A (which they do)..does it really matter? as long as they are helping feed the hungry..That was such a DumBass comment it ain’t funny…Brad and Angelina are wonderful giving human beings…And God will Bless them for all that they are doing…And bless their children as well..Think b4 you speak ppl..Fact is you really can’t say anything bad about Brad and Angelina..The are First class citizens..Way to go Brad and Angelina!

Shawna on

She is is humdrum. I fall asleep just looking at her. Put some make-up on or something. Brighten up that face cause it NEEDS it.

Hayden on

It is a shame that there are so many negative people here. Your inability to express yourself in a mature and graceful way leaves a lot to be desired. It comes across that you are petty, jealous and have extremely low self esteem to bash anyone and not be able to admire everyone’s beauty. It seems as though Jennifer Aniston has more grace in her pinky than you could ever imagine in your lifetime. Stand back and learn a lesson or two. You obviously could use it and by the way…..Get a life….you could obviously use that also.

Mike on

Hayden SHUT UP! She is ugly and can’t teach anyone anything..She does nothing..She’s always eating out somewhere with friends or just hanging around..Jennifer is getting bad reviews because she is what she is..USELESS! AND ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY..Hmmmmmmmm. Haven’t seen Vince with her much lately..Maybe he realize what a waste she is…In any case the only people that can teach anyone anything is Brad and Angelina..PERIOD!

Ona on

wow, she look-a-like man.

Michelle on

I personally love Jennifer Anniston, but I don’t hate Angelina either. I think both are beautiful, but I get tired of all the Hollywood games. Brad and Angelina’s games are disgusting to me. Sure, they might have the looks, but Angelina is just a men chaser, and Brad cheated- what kind of man is that? Looks really aren’t everything. I think Jen actually does have brains for picking someone who is not going to run off and cheat on her. I love her acting too. But if like half of these stars, you just want attention or crazy sex for a while, who the hell cares who you are with? If that’s the whole point of this discussion, damn, give me Brad too! I’ll sleep with him!

meek on

Shawna when did Brad give millions to help in New Orleans. He only gave 200,000 and most of it were given as the prize money.
FYI Jennifer gave 500,000 right after Katrina hit, not a year later.

meek on

At least she had Brad for seven years. How many of you can say the same.

martha on

Jennifer is the best.I like the way she dress.She is beautiful inside and outside.angelina is ugly…..

Jen on

It is pretty, but it’s $1200! I can live for an entire month on that!

maryellen on

i think its a little too much saying that aniston is “ugly” dont you think?? my opinion is that she is quite pretty and has a gorgeous body all woman would want to have.personally i think shes great, i cant comment like many have about her character because you can never judge someone like that without knowing them

Jen Stone on

The jewelry is very clean, simple and delicate. I love that yellow gold is having a come back.

JO on

Very pretty woman! Jolie and Pitt fans keep saying nasty things about Jen!! GROW UP!!

JO on

Grow up Jolie and Pitt fans!! You sound like grade school kids!!!

Justine on

Jennifer is beautiful…my boyfriend thinks so too.he says “she is the hottest gurl in hollywood” well I got to go…

kklc on

i luv the necklace i would personally never buy it fer the price of a semester at college but it looks good. i dont particularly like big jewlelery that stands out too much. jewlery is supposed to accentuate u. and yes, i am a jen fan fer sure, but i also like angie. i cant really tell which one brad is better wit, but both woman r incredible people. people say jen looks plain, but i think she looks amazing, she doesnt need to b wearing 3 layers of makeup. Angelina looks great too but in a different way. they both have achieved so much and are both terrific actors.

Natelle on

The only women in the world who would make a LBD look sexy! She is so hot… doesnt matter if she only wears simple outfits? She never EVER over does it with make up and hair like some celebrities, but still manages to pull off any look and making it look as sexy as possible. 10 points to Jen. She has never looked better since she broke up with Brad…she doesnt need a cheating man!!

judy a. on

love jennifer, she is the best actress, and person.
she is the sweetest, nicest, and most beautiful person.
sharon, mona, and nicky……shut up.
i loved her on friends 12 years ago, and i love her now.

lyndon baylin jr on

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moony on

Hey, what is this nonsense? She may be an average American girl, but she also shows that an average American girl can have it all! She plays a very best play with the hand she has… Give her some support!

Maricela on

I think the jewelry is too expensive for the average person but if she can afford it and look good in it, good for her. She looks great!

judy a. on

she is the sweetest person i know.

Sandra on

Wow! people are so mean, I consider myself one of Jennifer Aniston’s biggest fans but that doesnt mean I’m gonna go around saying horrible things about Angelina. Funny how the women always get blamed, what about Brad? He’s the one who was in a commited relationship, why does he get off scott free? And Angelina does do a lot for charity, ppl who say
“what about america” well your just the lowest type of human being. Hmm yeah the kids in Africa should only be helped by Africans?!?!? Both women are strong and beautiful!

dark faith on

angelina is so beautiful

Francesca on

That is such an ugly face and profile. Her acting and personality don’t seem exceptional either. Why did she ever become famous?

Does anyone else here hate her for cursing the ’90s with that god awful shag?

From Russia with love on

she looks like she is trying TOO hard to look pretty. coz naturally she is bad looking. come on ppl. really?.. her huge nose.. those little too close together eyes… not even mentioning the ChIN!!.. fake hair extantions.. but her body is nice… she works out a lot and cannot say anythgin negative about it.
and about the grace…. what is so graceful here>? crying and complaining feeling sorry for hersef and looking for sympathy? that IS graceful?… that is PATHETIC>.
and cortney coz is without a doubt is much more beautiful!!
Aniston is famous ONLY because of Brad. if it was him who notice her the world would never know who she is.
look at it now?!… there r hardly ANY articles about her anymore… ppl rnt interested. because she is nothing special and too PLAIN>

coffee fiend on

she’s way hotter than Bradgelina

Violet on

omg, i love that black dress!! i think she’s got one of the best styles in the world! She always looks stunning, specially in black. I guess some ppl here are a little bit jealous ^^

andy on

What is up with that nose its out there, it 2010 and it does not look that way so she must of had a nose job. she should had left it so she can look like barbara she is a JOKE!

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