Who Has The Best Hair in Hollywood? Vote Now!

09/20/2006 at 10:52 AM ET

You can change your clothes as often as you’d like (and if you are Lindsay Lohan, that is at least twice a party) but your hair is always with you. The right cut, color, and style can make or break your look — and that’s why we love these six stars’ perfectly lovely locks. From Nicole’s banged bob to Kate’s boho blonde curls to Alicia’s sleek bun to Audrey’s perfectly pixie cut to Jennifer’s much adulated layers to Christina’s ultra-glam waves, these are coifs that are a cut above. Vote on your favorite in our Best Hair Poll, which is part of everyone’s favorite, PEOPLE’s Best Dressed Issue (on newstands now).

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Evan Agostini/Getty; Carlos Diaz/INF; Carley Margolis/FilmMagic; DP/AAD/Star Max; Kiera Fyles/Retna; GRAHAM WHITBY BOOT/ALLSTAR/GLOBE

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Diana on

I would have to say Alicia Keys has the best hair because she always seems to be unique with her hair styles, even when she had the braids in. As she matured she lost the braids, and now she rocks some fresh, simple and beautiful hair styles. Her hair also looks really healthy, and many African Americans and Hispanics can actually look at Alicia’s hair styles and will be able to look just like her. She is such an insperation.

Heather on

i think Jennifer has the best hair she is always looking great and the hair is just prefect and she always knows how to wear it right

Deanna on

If I had to choose a hairstyle to wear myself it would be a combination of Jennifer Aniston & Kate Hudson. Ms. Anniston’s hair is always perfect, no matter if it is tossled or not. She can wear it wavy, like Ms. Hudson’s hair for a fun, floaty look. Kate’s hair is always fun & free & I like that about her hair & her personality. She is such a free spirit!

Sarah on

I think Nicole’s bob looks great!! It looks healthy. And best of all it’s not boring!!

Kate Hudsons hair also looks fabulous!!

Jennifer Aniston’s hair, which I notice is winning, is so BORING!! Hair can be such a great accessory, why would anyone want it to be this BORING!

jillian on

I like Kate Hudson’s hair because that’s what mine looks like; long and naturally wavy. Although mine’s a little more out of control. Jennifer’s hair is cute but it’s the same, same, same. I liked her hair when she cut it shorter and it had some body to it. It’s too straight; I just want to brush it back off her face. Nicole’s is nice too. The others are kinda blah.

Joyce on

They all look FABULOUS!!! But, JEN has my winning ticket; the gorgeous woman knows what works best for her, plus she’s got those million dollar legs in Hollywood. Go girl…

Lorna on

Nicole’s bob is splendid and looks neat!

Sue from KY on

Great selections, People! All these women have fantastic hair. It’s hard to pick between the six. All of them are so different…lol…

Nicole always has great hair. She’s so cute! Kate’s hair always looks fabulous. Alicia’s hair is always uniquely done up. I love that. Audrey’s short pixie cut is cute. Jennifer’s hair looks good no matter how she wears it. And Christina’s doing the whole glammed up waves with her hair, and it looks amazing on her. All of these women are winners in the hair department.

But if I had to pick between them, the two that I just Could NOT pick between are Kate and Jennifer. Every time I’ve seen their hair, I’ve fell in love with it. Yes, their styles are simple, but sometimes, that’s the best way to go! :)

Marti on

I love Kate and Jennifers hair. For the straight sleek look Jennifer has it down to perfection. And Kate’s curly/wavy hair is such a fun look. Love them both!!!

fiona on

Jennifer Aniston & Kate Hudson.

Katie on

I LOVE Kate Hudson’s hair…I WISH I could pull it off. I love Christina’s as well, except that without a stylist, you can’t keep it going. Not to mention, no ONE HAS that color hair.

Kate Hudson definitely.

Charli on

Alicia Keys has the best hairstyles and healthy looking hair.

Jennifer on

Jennifer Aniston, hands down. She’s the girl next door but definitely knows how to glam it up when appropriate.

Lisa on

I love Kate Hudson and Jennifer Anniston’s hair. If I have to pick between the two I would have to pick Jenn’s. It always looks great. She’s such a doll.

amy on

Jennifers house rocks!

Cas on

As far as celebs in general, I really love Rachel Bilson’s hair. Its long, shiny, and looks great curled or straight. But, of the celebs pictured, I guess I like Kate Hudson’s hair the best.

Linda on

Jennifer Anniston’s is awesome. She has amazing hair and it always looks fabulous. I love her style.

Jackie on

It’s a given. She is absolutely gorgeous and has been through so much in the past year and still continues to look great. “Jennifer Aniston” by far has the best hair. Kate Hudson is pretty too, but Aniston is by far my favorite.

Lorena on

i think Jennifer has the best hair

enigma on

Dudes, what no mention of Audrey’s cool, spunky, different, free do!!!?? Jennifer’s hair has looked the same for years it’s starting to get boring and annoying. Alicia’s hair always jamns like her music! Nicole is just weird and attention starved, forget the hair! Kate’s hair is beachy, summery, and free like her spirit! Christina’s hair looks like a helmet in this photo but she has nice hair too!
The cool French chick gets my vote since no else has voted for her!
Have a good hair day everyone!!!!

Genise on

I would have to say Kate and Jennifer’s hair because its the most natural looking

yajaira on

hey everybody my favorite its nicole richie she has the best hair ever !!!!!

Cassandra on

I’d have to say Kate and Jennifer I can’t chose only one.

erika on

kate hudson’s hair looks the best…jennifer aniston’s hair is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to over-rated…it is absolutely NOTHING special

Jannina on

Jennifer always have a beutiful hair, even when she isn’t on the red carpet

reina on

jain is the best..
her hair amaizing..i love her hair stayle..
she’s the most amaizing hair ever..

Kelley on

Wow how could Jennifer Aniston be winning? Her hair is BORING. It’s not perfect the least bit in my opinion but then again Jennifer Aniston always seems to win any poll on People. Kate Hudson in my opinion has the best hair and Alicia Keys is real pretty too.

Marie on

I’ve never understood people who think Jennifer Aniston has the best hair. HUH? I don’t get it. I voted for Audrey. She is the cutest thing ever.

Wyona on

I think that nicole richie has the best hair in this group because hers look so perfect

mina on

I would have to vote for audreys hair do. I mean we all know that short hair styles are very powerful. you have to be extra pretty and confident to rock a short do because people tend to associate short hair as being manly or masculin. so anyone that sport a short do and look that gorgeous wins above all.

Andrea on

Audrey has the best hair do,really cute.

Shaha on

I love Audrey’s cut and Nicole’s bob is super snazzy and I also like Christina’s.I like Alica and Kate’s hair also.But what i can’t understand is why Jennifer Anistion keeps winning stuff like this, her sense of style is super boring!

cate on

OMG JEN IS SOOOOOOO BORING! BORING BORING BORING! straight straight straight! i mean there are other styles besides stick straight! i love kates hair. its very natural looking. nicoles hair is cute too! thats how my hair is cut! i dont like audrey or alicia’s. but my favorite is christina! its sooo glam.

Courtney on

KATE HUDSON!!! I just went to go get my hair done like hers!
Jennifer Aniston’s is pretty but she is wayyy overrated! I love Jen but her hair isnt ‘that’ great as people say! Its so “staticky”.

Meg on

Audrey Tautou has the most chicest hair do. Jennifer Aniston? Quite repetitive and rather dull. Kate Hudson? Adorable. Alicia Keyes? Hip and trendy. Christina Aguilera?Beautiful, but high maintainance. Nicole Richie? Her bob is frames her face well. Audrey wins just a bit over Nicole.

Norah on

I think I would have to say Nicole or Jen Aniston. I know (as Sarah said above) Jen’s hair is pretty boring, think of all the hair stylists she has…she cant do anything else but straight? But her hair is still gorgeous. Nicole’s hair is always beautiful. As for Christina….so old and played out. She looks incredibly ugly with that hair, and she thinks its hot…but it is NOT!

candy on

Kate Hudson all the way!!!!

I can’t believe Jennifer Aniston is winning! What a joke…
Her hair style is BORING and it always looks the same.

Shantae on

Alicia Keys!!!! I love her, and she’s the best! :)

Lina on

I really like Kate Hudson hair

Cherelle on

I think all their styles fit their personalities and they all look great.

Sal on

Aniston!!!! Yes, her hair is always the same, but it looks fabulous! I wonder how we can get this message across to her….!!!!

Cherelle on

I think all their styles fit their personalities and they all look great.

mona on

So funny you didn’t put anyone with really good hair on this list! It’s obviously geared towards giving Aniston the edge–put in Angelina, Beyonce, Reese or even Naomi Watts on the list and you’ll see some good hair. At least those stars experiment with their hair and are not afraid to try something new. Unlike this overrated “America’s sweetheart”.

Signe on

Jennifer Aniston’s and Kate Hundson’s hair look natural, yet gorgeous. Alicia Keys has boring hair, Christina’s is too unnatural, Nicole’s is too short, and Audrey’s is too short and unbrushed/dirty looking.

Andrea on

Jennifer just can’t help being boring and bland. That’s just the way she is and people love her for it.

Marlea on

I think Nicole Richie does because alot of people are afraid to play it short but so many of them should. I’m not into all these long awful looking extensions. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Marlea on

I would definitely have to say Nicole Richies and Audrey. Short hair is off da chain and people who want all these long extensions really look better with it short. Stop being in denial people, Jennifer Anistan’s hair is BORING and it’s sooooooooo average. Anyone can do that to their hair, all you need is a flat iron. WOW!

superhair on

Tough choice, indeed — but Christina’s impressing us with that retro look. It IS high on maintenance, but she wears it very well. At her best, it screams perfection.

Maybe if the picture showed Alicia’s hair down, we’d be more inclined to vote for her.

Elise on

Audrey!! I have short hair too and you have to pretty too pull it off which I am. If you think I’m conceited OK but I am not, just the opposite. Every woman should say “I AM PRETTY!” and mean it
The french are very natural and don’t need extensions etc. That is why Audrey gets my vote, she’s au natural!

renee on

I would have to say audrey or christina. jen, please shoot me now, I have nothing personal but it time to change the look(even the hepburns changed their look once in awhile OMG,I can’t even tell what year that photo was taken)
what is with her am I missing something in my DNA because I don’t worship her like the rest of the planet.I guess you would have to like Friends to get her? why wasn’t angelina in the running now that a head of hair(hell I want to be that woman’s clone,I love her,and all you haters are just jelly)
I want

Malika on

I really like Jennifer Aniston, however, I really dont understand how she continually wins polls on this website for style, beauty, and hair. She is like the most simple, plain jane that I have ever seen. Her hair is almost all one length, and parted in the middle. My sister is a hair stylist, and she does that same hairstyle on tons of Pre-teen girls. And I guess it makes sense that she would go for such a style b/c her body has about as many curves as a preteen. Is that what most women who visit this website aspire to look like…a 13 year old? Come on..lets get a little more sophisticated. Go Nicole…the bob is tres-chic!

Ellie on

nicole richie hands down, even though she has extensions now, but that looks awesome as well.

bubble chick on

why does every one like jen aniston’s same boring flat straight hairstyle ? it is so old she’s had it forever she can at least change it

Daisy on

Kate Hudson

krystal on

I think Jenifer has the best hair. It always looks so healthy and shinny, and i have never seen her with a bad hair cut.

krystal on

I think Jenifer has the best hair, out of anyone in hollywood. it always looks so healthy and shinny and i have never seen her with a hair cut that looks bad on her.

amok. on

It really flatters her!

Christina on

I relize that Jennifer’s hair may be “JUST PLAIN STRAIGHT” but I think it looks good. It is natural and I think it looks beautifull. I like it straight or wavy. I also do like Kate Hudson’s hair. Both of them have my vote!

beth on

Kate is my choice. Aniston’s hair is always the same. Boring to the utmost. And most of the time covering half of her face. She not real blond too, she got dark hair. Too superficial.


I’ve decided that bubble chick and Mona must be really desperate to amount to Jenn Aniston. I think this is the second time I have had to comment on them trashing her. Oviously they have no taste. What is up with saying Angelina’s hair should be on here? What exactly does she do that’s so differant with her hair? It’s always been the same that I can remember.

jina on

i think that Audrey Tautou has the most appropriate hair style it is looking like the 50’s & 60’s and has something magic in her style that make us remembering Audrey Hepburn

Carla Harrell on

Jenifer Aniston ofcourse!

Shannon on

I love Kate’s hair. Love the loose casual waves and love that it doesn’t look like a “hairdo”.

Amy on

I love Jennifer’s look, she always looks perfect, although I would like to see something different, she looks pretty when she lets her natural curls come out too. Also, I think Kate’s hair is very pretty, very bouncy and natural.

Beth on

I think Kate Hudson’s hair is the prettiest!!

Christina on

i think kate Hudson has the perfect hair, because she look so natural. The others seem like they need more than an hour to get that look.

Katie on

I think nicole has the best hair out of those people. The color is really pretty and the bob is so cute. Jennifer ALWAYS wears her hair like that and it is so boring. Kate’s hair is beautiful.Alicia’s hair is pretty boring too. I don’t even know who that other girl is, but she is brave to wear her hair short, and I think it is cute on her. Christina’s hair is beautiful and I think it looks really good on her.
I would have to pick Nicole though!

witchblade on

it’s kate hudson for me..

amanda on

I think Kate Hudson,and Nicole Richie have good hair!!!

mallory on

jen has the best she always knows how to where it.

Angie on

Alicia Keys and Nicole Richie had the best hair..HANDS DOWN!!

boop on

i realy think tht christina agulara. PERIOD. or alicia keys

Natalie on

Gwen Stefani, Angelina Jolie, and Shanna Moakler have the best hair.

Coryn on

I think Kate’s hair is fab! Her hair has perfect body: not too much and not too little. It’s easy to dress up or dress down.

Julie on

jennifer aniston…TOTALLY HOT!!!…and she’s a Friends star…hands down 4 her!

Lisa on

These are all completely different hair types and styles. Guess it depends on what you like personally. Where are the redheads?!!? I like long, straight, red hair. So I guess I prefer Jennifer Aniston’s hair, but on me it would be RED.

allie on

Jen’s hairstyle is so boring it looks the exact same all the time…I really like Kate’s style she can pull off any look



Gina on

Kate Hudson is just naturally gorgeous!!

olivia davison on

Nicole richie.

camille on

i like the hair of kate hudson…because it helps t father define her beauty…and simply it looks good on her

Davy on

ummm…Remeber ladies its probably faux hair your admiring I work for redken and I can spot a bad head of hair from a mile away….I think Anistons’s hair has always had a entourage of it own …shes just delish!!!!

Ashley on

ok i love jens hair although its straight and normal, its so healthy! i also love kate hudsons because i would love to have her curls! shes so pretty!

Debbie Marchione on

Kate has beautiful wavy hair. And Jennifer has beautiful straight hair. I would love to have their hairdresser’s.

Xtina on

There is nothing to say Christina Aguilera’s hair is so butiful ,I love it!

Elisilla on

I think Kate Hudson, because it looks natural and healthy. Also Jennifer Aniston, but her hair it’s kind of boring, always the same style.

Natasha on

Kate Hudson gmv! Kate is a free spirit and I just love how her hair flows with her soul…sounds corny, but her hair is beautiful. I love the wavyness and tussled look. She’s crazy and goofy just like her mother.

Nicole has great hair. I love the short bob, and it frames her face nicely. I really haven’t seen all that much of Alicia Keys and her hair, so I really don’t have a say there, but from the photo, her hair looks great. I don’t really see that other ladys hair, Audrey, so much, although I don’t see nothing wrong with the pixie hair cut, I guess it suits her, even though thats not my style. I like long hair, it’s more to work with, that’s why many go with the extentions when they get their hair all chopped off. Jennifer Aniston, though she has beautiful hair and it’s very healthy, I’m just sick of this hairdo. Her hair is so BORING. Christina Aguilera has really been old Hollywood glamming it up, which is better from her “Dirrty” days, lol. I think it’s great for her, though it’s not a look I’d be wearing around.

So, with that said…Kate Hudson is the best in my opinion. I love the wavy and tussled look.

skrog on

I think that Christina Aguilera is beautiful.
(and that the hairstyle suits her)

JEN on

Nicole: While the bob is cute, her hair is obviously damaged. With coloring and flat-ironing all the time!
Kate: She can do what ever she wants w/ her hair and rocks it! Probably one of the most beautiful caucasions I’ve ever seen.
Alicia: Every black person ain’t able to get Alicia’s hair! We gotta buy it! So her and her hair are both stunning!
Audrey: That cut really doesn’t go w/ her. Look @ the cone on top. Now who rocks this do? (flashback) Halle Berry!
Jennifer: Though her style is same ole same ole. You gotta admit…It looks good every time!
Christina: She is in fact trying too hard! What is she trying to pull off? Be yourself girl, you almost look fake!
Oh I forgot…….Alicia and Nicole wins!!!

Jamie on

I think Kate Hudson’s is the best because it is such a nice colour and i like the wave in it and it just looks AMAZING!!!

D on

Kate Hudson luv her waves , her hair looks good in any style. I also, like Jennifer Anistons hair it’s always long, shinny, and straiaght.

Kathleen on

I think Kate Hudson and Jennifer Anistin’s hair are fbulous! I love the straight blonde hair of Jen, and the wavy blonde of Kate. I would die for hair like theirs!

Kathy on

Jennifer Aniston…HANDS DOWN!!! Her hair is so healthy and it always looks gorgeous no matter how she wears it.

Lori on

Long hair is overplayed in Hollywood. I give my girls with short hair the recognition they deserve. Way to try something different instead of sticking to what’s safe.

mary on

Just based on these pictures, I like Nicole’s style best. But we all know that her hair does not look like that all the time. Now, for instance, she has pretty bad extensions and her hair is so damaged-looking. Based on how their hair looks on a regular basis, I vote for Jennifer Aniston or Kate Hudson. I can’t decide!

olivia on

i think that Jennifer Anniston has the best hair in hollywood. It always looks very natural whether she wears it curly or straight. Plus it always looks healthy!

Catherine on

Alicia Keys is gorgeous all the way around!!

Renske on

Nicole Richie, that hair style is a big hit in Europe, and I know, because I’m from Amsterdam, Holland!

catherine on

jennifer aniston has the best hair. even though her hair has always been this way, i never get tired of it. my second favorite one is kate hudson’s! her hair is so cool also.love the color and the waviness style it has. christina aguilera has the worst hairstyle. change it! it’s too blonde and it looks way too fake.

Kris on

I’m gonna have to say that Christina’s hair is my favorite. I loved it when she was x-tina, but i think that her new look straight from my mom’s yearbooks has made her into a much more respected much more fabulous person. Way to go christina, for finally finding a look that is unique and flattering!

Mia on

I think nicole has is ugly as her.
love kate hudson and alice keys

Ampee on

Jen and Kate. They are so beautiful.

Tia on

I love Nicole Richie’s and Kate Hudson’s… Jen wears the same clothes and same hairstyle every day. I don’t get why she won the “best dressed star” and is getting a lot of votes for best hair.

Stacie on

I love Jennifer’s hair.

Nichole on

i like nicole richies… she looks really good with her hair short and with the banges to the side..i could not pull that off…

ellina on

Kate and Jens hair so definitely.



miya on

yip i have to agree, Jennifer is boring always the same
do most of the time i think people just mostly select her for things cuz they still feel bad about the whole
brangelina thing but they need to get over it

personally i think all of them are the wrong selection
i go w/jessica alba who’s not up there

Ginger on

I think Christina Aguilera should stop trying to look like Maryln Monroe. She should be herself and quit trying to duplicate an Icon!
Nicole Richie is gorgeous and I love her haircut but she went to the extreme weight loss and should just be healthy.

Hannah Simpson on

Gweens bleach blond looks amazing!!:)

amelia on

i think that they all have nice hair, but i really like nicole richie’s, kate’s and audrey’s cute heir cut.

ceci on

I think kate hudson has the best hair by far. Jennifer’s hair is nice but so overrated. She only has two styles straight or curly no wonder why brad left her she is boring……

Allia on

We all love to look at Jennifer Anniston’s and Kate Hudson’s hair, knowing that we can never achieve such perfection, that is why prefer Alicia Key’s because she has simple styles that play up her features and not hide them.

da_gud_gurl on

jennifer used have da best haircuts i can believe dat her haircut now is sooo simple nd not at all flattering. out of all i wud have 2 say i lyk nicole’s hair da best.

ngo pemha on

i think aicia has the best hair ,i’am african and i can say that alicia hair is the best because we can also have it.

da_gud_gurl on

itz hard 2 believe how such a fashionista lyk jen has such a stupid haircut!!!!!!!!!!!! its sad 2 say bt she doesnt deserve 2 win. i thnk nicole is da 1 who has da best hair nd shud b more likely 2 win.
btw a lot of ppl wid gud hair missed out………..

ngo pemha christine on

i think that alicia has the best hair ,for africans like us alicia hair is the only one we can do ,but i also think that all the others girls ahve good hair,


Nancy on

defintalty kate hudsons…goes great wavy, or straight!

Kinsey on

I would have to say Jennifer. Her hair is absolutley gorgous!
She always know’s how to wear it. It goes great with all of her fabulous outfits. And it just fits her personality. Im just in love ith it

Lexi on

I like Kate Hudson’s hair. It is very free and unstructured, and beautiful.
Although as a hair guru myself, all the long haired beuties have hair extensions including beautiful Kate, and Jennifer Aniston. Nicole Richie’s hair extensions are apparent in photos. So, I don;t even know why we are voting on this. It should be a vote on who has the best EXTENSIONS, not hair.

natasha on

I think Jen Aniston has the best hair!!!
I would love to have that kind of hair ;)))

mira on

omg i would die for kate’s hair! it’s fun and sexy!!

Sha on

Nichole’s makes her look sweet!!! Love Alicia Keys’s uniqueness too…

Jen’s hair always look similiar she should try more new styles don’t u think? But she still looks good despite that.

Christina looks much better with this style now.

Maria on

I love Kate Hudson’s hair ‘coz mine is just as curly ;)

Rosie on

Jennifer has had the same hairstyle since friends. It’s gotten boring.

Whitney on

Kate Hudson for sure has the best hair!!!!!

Eugenie on

I think Nicole and Alicia’s hair looks da best. Jennifer’s hairstyle is getting boring, she never tries something new and Kate Hudson is looking like she just got up. Christina is not that bad either, but I think Hilary Duff should win the prize, even if you don’t got a picture of her. She expirement a lot with her hair this year and you almost never see it look bad. Ciao.

Shelly on

Jennifer Aniston has the best looking hair. Straight and shiny without frizz and split ends.

gaby on

I would have to say Kate Hudson! Her hair is beautiful and natural, according to those other people they put a lot of stuff on their hair!! :)

gaby on

I would have to say Kate Hudson! Her hair is beautiful and natural, according to those other people they put a lot of stuff on their hair!! :)

nin on

i think it’s kate! she’s just beautiful!

Molly on

I think jennifer aniston is gorgeous but she should play her hair up sometime. I would have to go for Nicole because i love her cute bob and she looks sweet. Christina’s hair is also great. Her hairstyles are unique and looks sophisticated.

Nesreen on

I love jessica alba’s hair it is always gorjous .also jessica simpson she has great hair.

marissa on

Jennifer Aniston has the best hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latisha Brokenleg on

X-tina still is and always will be a nasty tramp, I wish she would just leave already. Everyone else looks real and excellent. My vote is for Alicia, she can pull off the nappy colored hair.

flavu on

i think jennifer aniston has the better hairstyle!!! because she is unique everywhere……
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valentinuh on

CHRISTINA : styling the marlin manrooe look, cute on her, not many people can pull that off

JENIFER : more of the normal/everyday look, cute

KATE : very stylish and not to casual not too fancy just perfect!

valentinuh on

NICOLES : sporting the short look with the softly swipped bangs… VERY cute but i think you need the blonde hair to pull this look off

kristina on


angelina on


Carrie Patterson on

I think Jennifer Aniston is always a hit when it comes to hair and clothes,shes like the girl next door that everyone wants to be and has that little bit of sexy that we all want to have

Olesya on


sharon on

I think Jennifer Anniston has the nicest hair..she has a presence about her that makes her beautiful..
Eat your heart out brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Perry on

Jennifer Aniston by far!!!

Michelle on

I would have to say my vote goes to Christina Aguilera or Alica Keys!! They are both beautiful women who are very talented!! Alicia’s hair is neat yet very sophisticated!! Christina is the only celebrity I know who could where their hair like that and still pull it off!!!

Aleida Alfaro on

Jen’s and Keys have the prettiest hair. Both have it every nice. Both hairs look every heathly. Jen hair looks good in every color. Alica hair looks good up and down.

emma on

I really LOVE nicole´s hair ! It´s just so sweet and she looks more beautiful than ever (L) But Kate looks, as usual, great in her hair to =) love them both

Alexandra on

jennifer Aniston

olha on

christina’s hair is always done cute!=)i luv it

nhoe on

i really love Jennifer’s hair!. Just perfect.

Kathy on

Jen Aniston has always had great hair. The color, the style everything about it. I love how perfectly straight it is. People who say its boring just dont appreciate long,perfect straight hair, personally I would die to have such gorgeous locks….

Kathy on

Jen Aniston has always had great hair. The color, the style everything about it. I love how perfectly straight it is. People who say its boring just dont appreciate long,perfect straight hair, personally I would die to have such gorgeous locks….

maggie on

definitely kate hudson she can do her hair any way she wants wavy, curly, straight, anything!!! I wish I had her hair!

maggie on

definitely kate hudson she can do her hair any way she wants wavy, curly, straight, anything!!! I wish I had her hair!

imogene on

I think Angelina Jolie has the best hair and style always

abercrombiegurl on

Kate hudson all the way, but aniston should curl her hair once in a while or something.it always looks the same!!

Abby on

Nicole Richie, no questions asked!
Im she’ll be definitely one of the century fashion icons.
And that hair style is just so fabulous

lauren on

to me i think nicoles hair looks the best, it looks amazing on her. kate hudsons looks great too! her hair full of energy and excitement. jennifers hair is too boring for me, i like it when she has wavy hair it fits her face better.

Colette on

Christina, hands down. It’s different and pretty.

Laura on

Jennifer is THE BEST !!!

Clarice on

Kate Hudson is famous because her parents are hollywood insiders that got her in. Otherwise, she is another wierdo. How old will her kid get before he gives up his pacifier?

jaydean on

Kate hudson’s hair is the best it looks nice and natrural jennifer’s hair is to boring she should curl it every now and then and then it will look better and christina’s hair is way to side parthed but still looks all right

Maggie on

Christina most deffinetly.

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