Tell Us: What Do You Think of Clay's New Look?

09/15/2006 at 09:12 AM ET

Clay Aiken’s got a new album, A Thousand Different Ways, dropping on Tuesday, but let’s face it: What everyone’s talking about is his makeover! We’re used to seeing a fresh-faced, spiky-haired Clay Aiken, but on the finale of American Idol, Clay premiered his new "I’m a downtown-hipster" shaggy ‘do.  Judging by his album art, this is the look he’s going to be working for a while. But this new k.d. lang-meets-disaffected-myspacer image just looks a little forced to us. Tell us what you think: Is Clay’s new look an improvement? Or do you prefer the old hair?

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Photo: Marsaili McGrath/Getty; Jason Merritt/FilmMagic


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Cassie on

I think his new ‘do is adorable.
He looks younger.

However, I’m partial to shagging hair.
I might be bias. ;]

mel p on

Oh my – the “Harry Potter” look just does NOT do him justice!

Rebecca on

I don’t think this new ‘do does anything to improve the way he looks. I don’t know if he grew his hair out due to all the “is Clay gay” rumors or not. I just think he looks very feminine.

Ruth on

I think it looks awful.

Vanessa on

I like the look. It’s hip and he looks hot. No matter what his hair looks like, one thing won’t change, his AMAZING VOICE.

Michelle on

It is scary, he looks like Pee wee Herman.

Bonnie on

I think he looks so-ooo good. What a difference it is.

Janet on

I prefer the shorter hair on him… the long hair doesnt suit him one bit!!!!!

Dana on

Growing out his hair was the best idea he has had. I think it looks a lot better than when it was spiked. So Cute!

erika on

im sorry but i don’t think that any look will suit him…he’s just awkward lookin…

patty on

He looks good and very hip. What is not to like?

Christy on

OK… I don’t like the way he looks… PERIOD! He just looks like a guy who should have been a girl and is trying too hard to be scene. I don’t get it. I really don’t. I will never say that he has no talent, but he could always put a bag over his head!

maria on

Love it, he looks georgeous. But then again, he was so cute with the spiky as well. It’s a nice change.

Elizabeth on

The new look is awesome — it looks casual, young and trendy. Definitely a great look for him.

Lisa on

I think he looks AWESOME. The album cover picture is amazing. When you see him in action, it looks perfectly natural.

BD on

I think the new hair suits Clay. I like it alot. But who really cares about the hair? It is that unbelievable voice, man!!! The new album is fabulous.

Bunky on

America: where any young boy with enough drive and a dream can grow up to be K.D. Lang.

karen on

Im loving the new look. He needed a fresh new look and this suits him really well. AI Clay was a boy, this is all man.

jean on

I love his new look. Carefree, confident, HAWT! But, really, who cares about his hair? It’s his voice that MATTERS!

faith on

I love his new look!!!…yummy!!!…and the best voice in the land…yeah for 9/19.can’t wait!!!!

Tammie on

He looks great!! Love the new look!

susan on

He cannot be wearing the same style for 3 years. In the entertaimnet business you need changes. He looks good and very trendy. People notices his new do , isnit the point in show buisness?

lynne on

Wow, I love the new look. He just looks better every year.

Stacey on

I LOVE his new look. That American Idol 5 pic doesn’t even do him justice anymore…just look at the promo pics for his CD or even the CD cover…WOW!!!! is all I can say.

billie on

Clay looks sooooooo good. I love the new and the old Clay.
He just so floats my boat.

Susan on

I love the new look, much more mature to go along with that great voice.

Allie on

OMG, he is so hawt, tall, lean, sexy. Sing to me, Clay!

Bindi on

HOT! I thought he looked hot before but now he seems so much cuter!

RoS on

Well neither style looks good all the time, but I am preferring the new look over the hedgehog look because there were too many misses with that one.

It is such a shame that K.D. Lang looks like a man that she brings these comparisons to herself.

Mary Ann on

Two words come to mind…Vogue and HOTT!!!! His look is as diverse as his talent.

Cindy on

looks totally HOT to me, love the look!

kendall on

Clay’s new look is amazing!

Julia on

I love the new hair. He looks younger and more hip.

Judy on

I like the old look but I’m loving the new look. He’s gorgeous!

Shanna on

I really like his new ‘do, makes him look and young fresh!

Lori on

Based on the 2 enclosed pictures- the new hairstyle definitely looks better. He looks younger in the new style- a good thing always I believe.
And man does he have a wonderful smile!

Bejay on

I think he looks all kinds of HOT!!!!
He can sing too!!!!

Lee Anne on

I like it. He looks cuter now. Actually he is really cute now. I did not think he was so good looking before. But now I kind of do.

Jennifer on

I like Clay with long hair or short. Doesn’t matter. Just love that voice so much.

Cathy on

Between the two pictures you are showing? The new look hands down. Between the new look and the spikey hair, the new look also wins out.

I guess it doesn’t matter how Clay wears his hair, people thinks he looks like K.D. Lang, well facial bone structure is hereditary and Clay hasn’t changed that, so I think people just need to get over it.

pat on

I absolutely like the new look. He’s a grown man of 28…time for the spikey do to go…..It’s very becoming.

Terri on

I love Clay Aiken’s new look. Whenever an artist comes out with a new CD they always re-invent themselves in some way. The longer hair is a definite PLUS! And you people with all the “gay” talk…shame on you…just remember that there are people that “assume” things about you too..

Kathy Bendt on

I think he looked good before. What is he thinking?

lynn morphis on

I love his new hair!

buttercup on

I think Clay Aiken looks really hip and trendy with his new hairdo. That is a very popular style and I see a lot of other male celebs sporting it ie. Jim Carrey. I think the spiky hair suited Clay in the beginning but he has matured so nicely and now this is a great style for him. Of course, I wouldn’t hold my breath cause he will probably change it again in the near future.

The women love Clay and he loves them right back.

Maggie on

I love his longer hair. His look is updated and so very hawt!

Lhen on

Love the new look!!!

Jeanna on

I think he looks hot!

Bets on

He looks good. A more adult image for the new album. That is pretty common. He had looked like he was stuck in a time warp and he’s not the 23-year-old who tried out for a reality show anymore. He looks like many men his age.

Kira Richardson on

I think Clay looks Hot either way… but I like his new hip shag do!

Lisa on

I think he looks a littl girly.

Sandra on

I think the new look is so much better. He looks more hip and totally HOT.

Carrie on

Sometimes I like the hair, other times I don’t. There are some pictures, like the one on the CD cover, that are uber-hot. But then there are some where he looks too feminine, and way too young! The hair definitely looks better with stubble on his face! But his smile lights up a room and he sings better than anyone on the planet, so who really cares!

D.C. on

I have always thought he was a nice looking guy but I like his new look better than the spikes.

Carol on

Clay looks beautiful, and sings even better. Go to Clear Channel website to preview his new album.

Sheila Hancock on

The new look is gorgeous. Clay is a very handsome man and this makes him look his age (YOUNG) and is very appealing. I just love it!!

Kelly on

He looks great. The spikes were fun for a while but he’s grown past them and he looks young and hip. Good luck to him in ever making some people happy.

Eileen on

Love the new look. Same wonderful, talented man, just different wrapping. He looks great!!!!!!!!!!

Diana on

I WISH I had hair as nice. Clay can wear almost any style.

Marie on

Oh God, thank you the spikey hair is gone. That was an AI creation, was not Clay at all. The “new” Clay is more the real Clay. Clothes with clean, classy lines. No fuss hair. He looks So hot! He’s a very handsome man, the look before detracted from it.

Laurie on

Love his new look – so hot!!

Davey on

He looks good. Why the big argument about it? What’s wrong with the Kelly Clarkson gang anyways? They descend like locusts and post their nasty hate messages all over. Why? It looks really bad that she has fans like this.

Kate on

He changed his look (I like it), but the voice is still as great!! The look on his upcoming tv appearances will be different, but very hottt!

Laurie on

love it!! went from young boy to hot MAN!

Katie on

I love the new look. It’s fresher, hipper and sexier, but it’s also more manageable and versatile. His old hairstle was lovely, but it never looked right unless it was styled, I’ve seen recent photos of him with it unstyled and it still looks nice. I love the darker color on him as well. He has several new photos up at his fanclub and he looks gorgeous.

Steve on

Love the new look!! The spike do is so OVER!! This look is hip, cool!!

Pat on

I love the hair!! It looks soft and like you could run your fingers through it, unlike the spikes. Sigh. Very, very sexy and hawt!

sherry on

it’s GREAT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!

William Jones on

He looks confident and happy. Check out for more photos.

Better yet, check out his sneak peak in streaming audio here:

Don’t make the mistake of judging this album until you’ve heard it. Forget about the hair and the looks, Clay Aiken SOUNDS fantastic.

Nikki on

I think he looks weird.

Kristin on

He looks hot!! Very hot!

Esther on

Clay can wear his hair anyway he wants. Just let him sing to me!!! Lasting appeal comes from the talent and personality. Clay has both of these traits in aces!!!

toni on

One word…………SCARY!!!!!!

Cindy on

Gorgeous – the cut flatters him, and the color is perfect. And the guy can wear a suit! YUM!!!!

Lucy Lee on

My opinion is that a man has to be pretty confident of his own masculinity not to give a darn what all the haters and naysayers will think and say. Mr Aiken was due for a change in his appearance from his American Idol days and his new hair cut accomplished that and created a buzz that is obviously still being talked about as evidenced by this poll. He’s a handsome man period and no matter what hair cut or style he has you can’t hide that fact.

Sherri on

Clay’s new look is a 180 from his AI days. Have to say that once I got over the shock of the new look, I was impressed. Clay looks very handsome indeed! I love it!

Lin on

I think he looks great with the new haircut!

A bit puzzled by the description in your commentary though because this longer style is what most guys his age and even older, seem to be wearing (including many in the entertainment business, btw). Is Clay the only man that has to be frozen in the styles of 3 years past?

Dianne on

He is such a cutie . This new look is awesome . Trendy and hot . No matter what , the voice is to die for .

sabrina on

WOW! I LOVE the new look. Very hot.

tigon on

I kinda like the new hair if it’s not in his beautiful eyes. I liked the spike do, too. But I really love the the
Elvis look he had for the Jukebox tour. Even recently at the Star Search Gala, he was very hot with his present cut
pushed back out of his eyes. But his hair doesn’t really matter, it’s the VOICE!!!

Jane on

I think he looks hot! Of course, you would put up an awkward picture of him instead of using the album art, but that’s what People does, isn’t it? Create stories where there are none? But really, it doesn’t matter of his hair is long, short or non-existant. It’s really about the voice. Who buys a CD beause they like the guy’s hair?

Annie on

I LOVE the new hairdo!! It makes him look very sexy to me. I loved the old one too, but this one is yummy.

Daniele on

I love it. I think he looks good in both pictures but the new look is HOT !!

carol wright on

I think he looks handsome and sounds great , too. I love the new look.

fan on

He looks gorgeous both ways. Spikes are pretty much out of style now, so the new shaggy look is very hip. He seems to like it, too. I think he’s very sexy. If he has to put a bag over his head, I volunteer to be under that bag with him. :-)

Christel Klein on

Clay looks gorgeous on the outside, but, more importantly he’s a funny, gracious, kind, caring, and wonderful human being — and a Southern gentleman to boot!!

Marci on

I like the new hair a lot. I think it looks great. It really softens up his face and brings out his green eyes.

Lisa on

I….really…don’t….know…what to think except, “M’kayyyyyyyyyyyyy……..”.

Sindy on

I love the new look. The wide-eyed boy who appeared on American Idol has grown up and quite nicely, too. Besides, what does hair have to do with his voice? The guy can sing which is something that 99% of the pop stars out these days can’t do without Protools assistance. Can’t wait to get that new CD on September 19.

Susan on

Sorry, but he looks like a girl. YUCK!

Trish on

I think Clay Aiken’s new look is INCREDIBLY HOT. I have heard his cd on the Clear Channel Sneak Peak. Before hearing it I was dismayed by the mostly covers cd…….now I am AMAZED by what he does with these songs…..and DUMBSTRUCK with what he does with his VOICE on these. I am a fan and still was surprised. YOU GO CLAY. Sept. 19th can’t come soon enough for me.

Susan on

He looks like a girl, that’s pretty scary

Wendi Montag on

I like his new hair style. I think he looks more trendy. No matter how he looks, he will always have an excellent singing voice.

Sammy on

The new look is awesome!

Cyndi on

I see a lot of young and not so young men with this hair cut these days. Looks like Clay is right in style, as usual. In the end, hair is just hair, it’s the voice and the persona that impresses me!!! The new album is fantastic.

Jan on

Personally I like the old look better especially the picture up top. Very handsome, although I don’t think the new look is feminine at all. It’s what’s in right now. But seriously it’s NOT about the look, Clay’s vocals on this new CD are extraordinary as well as the arrangements for these timeless songs. Great job Clay!

Oh yeah, those who want to keep talking about the “rumors”, tune in to GMA next week when Clay finally answers to those!

Katie on

He looks 12 with his new do. He just looks soooooooooo much younger and not in a good way!

Jen on

Call me a geek, but I love Clay Aiken. His talent makes up for his awkward style any day.

connie on

I like the new look very much, the style is very in right now. I think he looks great, but the main thing is he has a voice that is super and no matter how he looks, that MAN can sing.

Diane on

I love both his old and new looks– actually, I love that he has so MANY different looks (maybe “A Thousand Different” ones?). He is NEVER boring! Neither of these 2 pictures are ones that I feel are especially flattering, and that’s too bad, because there are so many fantastic pictures out there that really show him as the handsome, cute-or-hot MAN that he really is. But there’s no denying the VOICE!

April on

I think I’d need to run my fingers through the new hair to really say for sure…
I think it’ll be love at the end of the day.

Aley C on

I think that Clay looks amazing with his new hair! A HUGE improvement from the old style!! HOTTTTIE!!

jane on

I think he looks fantastic. The spikes are really getting “old hat”. Looks more low maintenance also.

Evie on

I just think he’s great. Sing to me Clay!

jules on

Are you serious? Does ANYONE remember that geeky guy that auditioned for American Idol? It just proves that anyone with money and a good makeup team can do miracles. Sorry. He does have a good voice if you like that twang.

tml on

If your going have longer hair you have to be a rockstar like lukas rossi, not clay aiken. He does not to justice to the look at all, it makes is him look more gay than he looked before with short hair.

Caper on

I love the new look – Clay has grown up and having listened to the sneak peak from CC – so have his vocals!

Jessica on

I love KD Lang… oh wait… that’s Clay Aiken? …………………………………………. urrr… nevermind.

Laura on

I love it–looks much more natural than the goopy, spiky look! But his voice is what makes him so unique–hair and clothes don’t matter.

Vicky on

I think he looks fantastic!

Cassandra on

I love Clay Aiken’s new look. I’m going to buy the CD just for the picture alone. Hope the album is good.

Nikki on

I think Clay look’s MUCH better with his hair like that. Not so geeky!

Kristen on

Don’t like it. I love Clay, hate the hair. Cut it, Clay!

Shannon on

OMG I hate it, it looks like he has a mop on the top of his head..

Melanie on

i love the new look. it highlights his eyes and high cheekbones.

Daddy's Girl on

I LOVE his new look! He was cute before but now he is HOT!!!

ricka on

he looks like pee wee herman and kd lang

Debbie on

Absolutely love it, and love what I’ve heard of the new album.

Shelley on

I think he looks fantastic. I always thought he was cute, but now he is smoking hot!!! Yum!!

joe on

Not a fan of his music, but you can’t deny his talent. I think his new look is pretty cool….even my girlfriend likes it and SHE is not a fan of his music either. Like him or not, I do think he is here to stay.

Dianne on

I really like Clay’s new look, as it gives him a fresher, more-in-style and up-to-date look. He has matured very well and has evolved from a cute young man into a very handsome young man and this new look reflects this change. No matter what Clay does to change his appearance, there will always be differing opinions; however, his two most important important and special qualities, his voice/talent and his genuine charm/personality/wit and spirit will always remain.

Betty on

Clay’s new “do” is young, hip and HOT!

And SO IS HE!!!! Cannot wait for his new CD. Missed that beautiful voice singing to MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

jessica on

i like his new look it makes him look…….cute!!! if he goes back to the way it used to look i predict he will not sell as many cds!!!!as soon as i saw his new look i bought the cd as fast as i could before i found out i wasnt going to buy th cd as amatter of fact i didnt even like him before but now i love him hes a great singer and his new look makes him even better!!!!!!

lin on

I like the new / retro hairstyle. It’s cool. Looks good on him. A lot of cool guys have that hairstyle now. Why the poll? Is he not allowed to change his hair to be more current?

Lisa on

He looks like a geek no matter what.

kelly on

I think he looks like Tom Cruise. You know frumpy Tom Cruise, with the bangs and full face.

becky on

Please! He looks AWFUL no matter what! Doesn’t he have some person to guide him through his career?!!! He looks TERRIBLE!!!!

GiGi on

Shagalicious Baybee!! He looks very doable to me. Hot!

becky on

Please! He looks AWFUL no matter what! Doesn’t he have some person to guide him through his career?!!! He looks TERRIBLE!!!!

MaryKS on

I think he looks good both ways, but the new look is much more sexy. He has great eyes…

Jill on

Love the new look…there are even newer pictures that are better than the one posted. The scruffy look works well for Clay.

Can’t wait for the new CD….

Kick the haters to the curb, Clay!!!

Nanette on

eehh? Not so much.

GiGi on

He looks very doable to me!! Hot, Fresh, Now!

Samantha on

I don’t like the new look at all – and I think AI is the best it looked. In the recent promotional photos, he looks like a drugged out, emo wannabe. I also wonder what the point is. Is he trying to say he’s someone different than the geek-chic, three-shirt-wearing guy he’s been the last three years? Very odd choice for promoting the new album, I think.

hotti totti on

When he came on the stage during the IDOL finale I thought it was a joke. It really looks like a bad wig. I understand changing up your image as time moves on but you want to look better not worse. If their were rumors about him before I would say this hairdo isin’t gonna stop the chatter!

elaine on

he look hot

Lynne on

I think he looks great both ways. But I really do love his new look!

jessica on

He is disgusting, everything about him is disgusting. I’d rather stew my own throw up and eat it for a month then ever see his funky face again!!!

linda on

I think he looks great.

judy on

He looks HOT! What a cutie!

Madison on

I love Clay’s new look but I really, really love his new CD. His voice is perfection.

taylor on

He looks like a younger Paul Rueubens, not exactly a look sought after….

Reality on

I think his facial expressions are a little to innocent and childlike to pull off this long and dark hair. The tone is too dark for how fresh-faced his skin tone is. Perhaps if he lightened it up maybe two shades and quit making that happy goofy smile he could keep the length. Otherwise, he needs to keep it clean cut to go with his clean cut face. All that being said, I LOVE Clay and his voice.

Jamie on

When he walked out on American Idol this year at first I thought it was him, then I didn’t, then I thought it was him about to through a wig off. :-) It’s just ugly!

Brittany on

I wish he would just go away…his hair looks like a wig! :o/

Stephanie on

I really like his hair! I think that it looks great!

Linc on

As a guy – I’m amazed at how many “girls” don’t like the look. It’s very cool and I think he looks great. The amount of people so anxious to mouthe off about how they hate it smacks to this outsider as a big red flag. Good grief can you all be any more obvious?

Cecily on

He’s gorgeous. Sexy, beautiful. More like Johnny Depp than Pee Wee Herman – but kd lang? I love her singing and she is rather masculine looking – so I guess I can see the resemblance.

Sandy on

I love Clay and have watched him from the very day he auditioned for American Idol. I will have to say I liked his hair the old way! Either way it’s all about his voice and him and I love listening to him! You go Man!!!!

Sarah Rainey on

Are people really saying that this looks good? If Clay was a female he would look gorgeous…However, as far as I know he is still a male. He’s very pretty and talented, but handsome??? I don’t think so!

Judy on

I think it make him look like PeeWee Herman

Tara on

Looks really stupid. I don’t think he’s good looking anyway…so nothing will really help him.

Vi on

The kd lang look looks great….on kd lang (She’s Canadian, and we love her up here), but on a ‘guy’, not so great.

Tara on

It’s look real ugly. He’s not good looking at all, so nothing will help him anyway.

Stina on

I love it. It is him-the last haircut was cute too but it was all about Ryan Seacrest!

Beth on

The new hairstyle’s great; the old one was fine too, but his voice is what I’m here for anyway.

Stephanie on

There is only one word for his “New” hairstyle…..DUMB! Just like his stalker music!

Sue on

I love the new look! It gives his smile a frame and depth and his serious side intrique. He is gorgeous!!!

Pat on

As long as his voice doesn’t change, that’s what I’m in love with!

Carrie on

I liked the old hair, I like the new hair (check out the picture on the cover of the new album, or the front page of his fan club………but in the end, as long as he sings to me with that amazing voice, he can wear his hair any way he wants.

Craig on

I think it’s a great look. I’ve gotta laugh at all the “girly” comments, though. That’s exactly what was said by the older generation about the Beatles when they wore the same hairdo 40+ years ago. Glad to see the same kinds of idiots are still around.

Carolyn James on

I think the new look is great and for his voice he can put chills up my spine. He is truly the 2nd American Idol next to Kelly Clarkson

Rebecca on

I thought he was a chick when he came out on the stage during the American Idol finale. It’s not a bad look if that’s what he’s going for.

Cristel on

I don’t care for either, but if I had to pick it would be the shorter hair.

pkf242 on

He looks like a muppet and that is not a complement

Carol on

The old way was way better. The shaggy doo makes you want to just brush it out of his eyes constantly. He is an amazing singer and I think it’s a distraction when watching him. P.S. I almost delivered my second child at home because I had to wait until AI was done for the night so I could call in and vote for him.

Mandi Bridgeman on

Im sorry I just don’t see him ever being attractive. Now he looks like Pee-Wee Herman meets Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

amy andersson on

I absolutely love the new look! It’s very much in style with guys his age. There are tons of pictures on the net of his new hair over the past few months, and he looks really great! The new album is fantastic by the way.

Barb on

Love it – very flattering.

Ali on

This is the hairstyle he should have had all along, He looks so cute and handsome.

tx12345 on

i like it – he looks great

Terrie on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!!! WOWWWWW!!!!!!!

Gee, it sure is interesting how all these people who DON’T like Clay Aiken can’t help but to SEEK.HIM.OUT! HAHAHAHA!!! I see Clay’s magnetic personality is in full force.
Love him or hate him……You just can’t stay away.
Clay Aiken is a STAR, folks… DEAL with it!

tx12345 on

it is sad to see all the mean comments about him and all the spelling errors – just shows how ignorance is bred.

Becky on

I think he looks like a girl, and not even a cute one.

Stephanie on

I do not like it at all. It looks horrible.

Lissa on

I think he looks like a chic!

Janet Norris on

While he certainly looks younger, it just doesn’t do him justice in the suit. He reminds me of Tom Hanks “Big” character, Josh, meets I’m not sure who (KD Lang, Potter, or Pee Wee).

Me personally, I think he needs to hire a makeover consultant.

Kim on

I don’t like the new or old look. I believe he is totalling trying to be someone he is not. Kudjo from ET’s little brother….

Paulette on

I adore Clay’s new style. I think it’s more ‘him’ than the spikes were. He’s comfortable with it and I think it brings out his beautiful green eyes.

I also love his new wardrobe. Clay gives us ‘A Different Ways’ to love his hair and his style.

Karen on

I think Clay Aiken looks good with the shaggy haircut but he could have still kept his original color hair. I think that the darker hair color makes his look less natural as he is a natural redhead with fair skin/freckles. He will be one who will age well because of his fine boned features. Hey, that is the real blessing.

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to try new things. In the entertainment industry, trying a new look seems to be commonplace and it must be fun to switch things up regularly.

Stacy on

I think Clay’s new hairstyle looks great. It really suits him. He’s changed as a person and as an artist the last 4 years, and his physical appearance should be expected to change as well from time to time. It’s his own look. Like many others have said, it’s not about his hair, it’s about his truly amazing voice and unrelenting talent. I personally don’t care if he’s gay, bi, has green hair, orange hair, short hair, long hair, if he looks like Elvis or KD Lang, or if he’s a green toad with warts, I love to hear his voice, I love the way so many people are moved by listening to him sing.

Lynn Nicholls on

WOW – love it, loved the way he looked before too but this is TOO HAWT!!

ronda on

I dont think he should have kept the old look but Me just me I dont like the new one at all something in the middle maybe

Karen on

I have an additional comment. It looks as if Clay had his eyebrows thinned out which was a good move because it improves his fine boned features. Funny thing is that I have never watched American Idol and am not sure I have ever heard his music. Clay seems to be doing what most of us try to do — make improvements and try things until we find what we like best. Unfortunately, people can be so cruel. I wish him the best on his career and in his work for President Bush.

Patricia on

I think he looks like a girl. But it’s not half bad.

Fatima on

I guess this page was advertised on the KC message boards and their members stopped by to spread some of the hate, jealous and fear that Clay will sell more then their little darling screamer.

Clay looks gorgeous with any hair and he will never sell out like most of the others do in order to sell more CDs. A new hair; sure, a subtly sexier look; sure, but he will not start wearing skimpy close or tattoos, or get piercings. His “good guy” appearance, his principles, his demeanor and his humbleness will always stay intact.

He is the best vocalist of his generation and no hair style will never change that either.

DonnaS on

I love it! Go Clay, from one North Carolina native to another.

kelle on


Amber on

I think his old look was bad enough, but now he’s purely heinous!

kim on

He seems to need a length somewhere in the middle of the two shown, the longer is more of a rocker style on a show-tune kid. It needs modification.

Mike Garcia on


Dana on

Did Lindsay Lohan get a haircut?

sarah on

I don’t like his short hair one bit. However, he looks like a girl with the longer hair. Ok, maybe I just don’t like the way he looks at all. He isn’t a very good looking guy.

JEN on

He looks like a girl. Seriously, 100% female.

Amy on

He looks like a lesbian.

skip on

I love it…I think it is stylish and Clay can pull it off.

Lina on

he looks fiiiiine.

Brennan on

I think Clay and Lance should come out with a duet….

Anita on

I do not like it at all. I like it better when we could see his beautiful eyes. I am still a Claymate but really prefer his spikey hair to the shaggy look. I am kind of dissappointed in him whether he changed his look or he let someone else do it for him. He should stay true to himself not this.

jackie on

ok um he looked ugly evn before but i never imagined he could possibly get that ugly… ewww.

Nancy on

I think that Clay looks alot better with his new hair. He looks alot better and younger.

Julia on

Aiken looked good before and he looks great now. But that matters little. He sings beautifully.

Meg H on

i love love LOVE it.
id tap that.

Marianee on

I think his new hair is absolutley hot.

It makes him look 10 times younger. It really does. He looks really cute now.

Then again, I am such a sucker for guys with long hair. XD

Sassy on

Neither look gets my motor running.

Maricela on

I love Clay Aiken’s new hairstyle! Clay Aiken is so cute and handsome and is extremely talented!!! Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. Clay Aiken is the greatest and the best male musical artist ever!!! Clay Aiken Rules!!!

Loa from Iceland on


cantstopsmiling on

He looks fabulous. And it’s nice to see he appreas to be the same wonderful person inside although his look is more uptodate.

lyndsay on

I LOVE the new hair! I like it better with a little more body to it, though, not quite so flatironed… And when he wears it with his bangs off to the side, that looks really nice too! :)

April on

Clay is UNBELIEVEABLY HOTTT no matter how he looks!! I absolutely LOVE his new look!! SOOOO HOT!!!

Sylvia on

I LOVE the new look! Clay is such a good looking guy, no matter how he chooses to wear his hair!


Patty on

I personally love his new hair style. He looks like a modern day pop star to me.

Francie on

I love his new hairstyle, very trendy! It does makes him look younger. The new pics of him that are surfacing every day look better and better!!!!!!

Bev on

This is the guy who really brought “sexy” back. He looks gorgeous in both shots, but I like the new look on him!

kim on

He looks hot, hot ,hot!

Lynn on

With Clay’s voice, who cares about his hair?
Hair today, gone tomorrow, but those pipes
are here to stay. This guy can sing! He looks
great, and can’t wait to buy his new CD.

kelly sucks on

What’s with the Kelly C fans. Schools out early huh. I think Clay looks fantastic, It sure was a show stopper. so much so that even Kelly copied the look. and SHE LOOKS AWFUL! Clay’s improved on it and he looks fantastic in his album shots. I give it a HOTTTTT STUFFFF. (kelly fans, grow up.)

Missy on

What’s not to Love. Its Howt Howt Howt.One Hot Man with Golden

Kay on

I think that this new look takes a bit getting used to, but overall I think this look makes him look very handsome!

LAM on

WOW!!! Mr. Aiken looks darling with the new look. Much hotter than before. Beatle-esque, even!!

Wm on

What’s not to like! As long as the bang’s don’t cover up those amazing eyes! Take a good look people…get use to it cause he’s just getting started! Amazing Man….Amazing voice!

Sandi on

I love Clay’s new look. He looks very hot!

Pam on

Clay’s new hair style is perfect for him. Frames his face and highlights all of his best features. So along with his beautiful voice he is one HOTT fellow!!

Harley Dasher on

I LOVE Clay’s look. An artist has to be constantly changing and Clay’s new look reflects his youth and enhances his good looks.
Once he opens his mouth to sing, nothing else matters.

K A Wilson on

Like the hair alot, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “THE VOICE.”

Donna on

Love his new look, loved the spikes too. Most people change hairstyles through the years. besides it’s not about the hair, it’s all about the VOICE! Waiting for Sept. 19th!!!

Dawn on

I like it!!!
Then again the man could be bald and I would think he was adorable too!!!

Mary on

I love the new hair. Many of the current pop singers have similar styles. It has also been modified since the AI appearance. He looks great.

Casey Colley on

I think it looks gorgeous!!!!

Karen on

I love his look now and before. One thing that is so fun about Clay, is he’s always changing it up. He keeps us on our toes and when he is in concert he keeps us on our feet cheering for him, no matter what the hair style.

Donna on

It took some getting use to, but now I really like it.

Karen on

I think this hair cut looks more relevant, the other picture looks like old guy hair. It looks dumb in his eyes though, sorta like an Old English sheepdog. Maybe he brushes out or wears it differently when he’s not on stage?

Judy on

All I have to say is that Clay is the best looking man and singer, in many many years

CLAY IS HOT!!!!!!!!!

Amanda on

I love it. I makes him look about 10 years younger. What a cutie!

Pat on


gwen on

I like it. He can wear it anyway he wants..he’s cute…I just want to hear him sing.

Diana on

I think he looks so good! That’s an earlier picture of his new look, and every one I’ve seen since then looks more and more handsome! The hairstyle looks great on him, and really makes his features stand out. The look is just as hot as the voice and the upcoming new CD!

Sunny on

I always loved his spikey red hair.I’m not fond of this particular picture with long dark hair hanging in his eyes.
I loved his hair on the Insider when it was styled a little shorter and colored a beautiful shade of red.I don’t like it when his hair hides that beautiful face of his.

Patti on

I like both looks, but it’s the man inside that really counts…the true measure of a man. As far as talent, he can sing circles around most other artists, and then some!

maggie on

Who cares what his hair looks like. His voice is fantastic!!!

Shari on

The picture on the right is old already. Nowadays he’s sporting stubble, lighter hair & with the bangs out of his eyes–to die for! Such a cutie pie…and the VOICE…it’s golden!

Joni on

Never thought Clay could be more handsome than he was, but he is knock down gorgeous. Clay is the epitome of sex appeal. I love his hair shaggy, or piked.

Rachelle on

Why compare his hair to KD Lang? I don’t get it. Do you have any idea how many young guys have this same hairstyle now? It is fresh and new. I really like it.

Brenda on

I dont where my hair based on what others feel and neither should Clay! The guy looks great both ways!

Bobbi on

Actually, this poll is silly. A person’s hair is irrelevant. It’s what is inside that matters most. Think up a poll with some substance to it.

Crystal on

Well I didn’t like it at all. But its sort of growing on me because I never noticed how green his eyes were and with the new style and color, it really makes them stand out! I can deal.

Kelley on

Clay is a gorgeous man no matter how he chooses to wear his hair. What’s more important, he is just as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside. I love the hair!!!
You go, Clay!

Jan on

I love it!
Love the man! Love the heart! Love the voice!

alex on

He looks fine

sue on

I love Clay Aiken’s new look.

Becky on

I absolutely love Clays new style.. It’s absolutely to die for…

Eric on

What’s wrong with the guy changing up his hair style? I think he looks updated and a part of the music business without overdoing it. A great improvement as far as I’m concerned.

And those of you with your g** comments…I’m sure you have that on the highest authority. Like maybe a tabloid. And we all know how factual they are.

CLS on

I love his hair this way. It just melts me. I think he needed a new look and this is very hip and today. He has wonderful hair but nothing can outshine his voice.

Sue on

It has taken some getting used to, but Clay’s new style has grown on me. It was a shock seeing him on AI, but think he looks much more in style now. Great voice, no matter what style he wears!

Glory on

Everytime I think he can’t get any hotter, he proves me wrong. The hair is “all grown up gorgeous man”! That hair, those green eyes, that snarky (& I mean that in a good way) personality and THE VOICE all in one package — call me toast!!

me on

Mods should not clear the nasty comments! that said, Kelly Clarkson looks like a slut now and her fans are the ones saying the nasty stuff.

LgLuna on

Absolutely Adorable. He is gorgeous to go with his Wonderful Voice.

Leslie on

I just love the new look! Change is good. We should all try it. Glad to hear about his new CD. I will deffinitely give a listen.

Laura on

Love the new do :)

Sharan Lloyd on

I LOVE Clay’s new look. When he walked out on the AI5 Finale I nearly fell on the floor – MAN DID HE LOOK HAWT!!! The boy is all grown up and he’s a MAN now!! The hair doesn’t change who he is inside just makes him look dang HAWT.

Louise on

I think Clay looks great with either hair style, although I think it was time to change. I like it. Wonder why you feel the need to constantly talk about Clay’s hair? It isn’t any different than lots of the other guys in the media.

karenforclay on

I, too, love Clay’s new look but, it’s certainly true, he will probably change it many times over throughout his career..and he will be around a very long time. Without a doubt, Clay is the best singer to arise in this generation.

It’s humourous that so many claim Clay looks like a k.d.lang ..or, of course, pee-wee herman. I mean, looking at all the young women nowadays who tend to favor the ‘goth’ look and wear dog-collars with huge spikes and muticoloured hair and biker chains. I mean, I’m surprised they can even recognize a girl from a guy these days.

And, on top of that, k.d.lang is a HUGE Canadian megastar..HUGE..and she looks like a MAN so, if you’re comparing Clay to her, Clay wins…because he is the sexiest MAN out well as a HUGE megastar. As for pee-wee, he was popular for multi-generations; all the adults in your small universe were raised on Pee-Wee Herman. And, I’m willing to bet, none of your parents are the ones doing the bashing here against Clay and/or Pee-Wee.

Your comments are getting tiresome. Grow up.

Valerie on

Clay’s new haircut looks great!!!!

Gin on

His hair doesn’t matter to me, only his GOLDEN voice!

Nancy on

I like the new hair I think it enhances his already good looks. Besides it’s the style today a lot of celebrity guys are wearing it too!

Louise on

it just shows what a superstar,a pop culture icon Clay Aiken has become that every little thing he does(in this case,change his hair-style) garners major media attention for months.

Kelly Clarkson,for instance,could probably shave her head bald and it would go unnoticed…not that many people know what she looks like or care.

Tricia on

Well, it’s obvious the Kelly Clarkson fans who are also
“Clay haters” have found this poll!

I think Clay’s new look is hot! Clay is adorable no matter what he does with his hair. The fact that everyone
is so interested in his hair (that many others have, by the way) says volumes about Clay’s popularity! No one can
touch that golden voice….and isn’t that what it should all be about? That is unless you’re in middle school.

Darrel on

The man’s got class, and he is talented; he changes his hair style like so many other artist do (which make him look instyle) and people criticize him for it! Give the guy a break; he looks great! The Clay haters are out in full-force and comparing him to others that have done nothing to them either and they are doing it in a negative way; move on people, Clay is going to have a successful career inspite of you. This is one talented an awesome human being! He’s a good looking dude with long or short spiky hair; main thing is he keeps on singing. It’s all about the voice, really!

Aletha on

Love the hair…love the voice…love A Thousand Different Ways..!

carolyn marsh on

The new hairstyle is hott! He looks more his age and more natural.

Jan on

I think he looks great either way, but really love the new look.

Lili on

I LOVE the new ‘do! Work it, Aiken!

petra on

Clay’s unique and wonderful. I like that he tries different looks. Who cares anyway…..he is the dreamiest singer ever!

Lauren on

Clay looks gorgeous! I love the new look!

Martigyrl on

The hairstyle Clay has now, is perfect for going with his new album. We have seen many different hairstyles on Clay, and each one generates so much buzz.
The AI2 hair, the makeover, the JNT hair, the JBT hair(my favorite), and it’s great to see how many different ways he is able to style it. Keeps us Claymates in suspense of what hairstyle he will come up with next. I think this hairstyle now, will generates younger interest, and younger fans added to his gigantic fan base.

Susan on

Love, Love, love the new look. So it on a commercial this morning for his new A Thousand Different Ways CD.

beach babe on

eww what a weirdo i never liked his music and i never will!

he needs to make a name for himself like kelly clarkson

right now he is a nobody!

Char on

I think Clay looks great. The bangs are a little shorter now so you can see his eyes which is a good thing. We’ll know tonight how “comfortable” he is when he’s on Leno but I have a hard time believing Clay would wear or do anything he wasn’t comfortable with… it’s just great to have him back with an unbelievable album!

petra on

Clay’s unique and wonderful. I like that he tries different looks. Who cares anyway…..he is the dreamiest singer ever!

Denise on

The new look is abolutely HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

Cookie on

Are you kidding? He looks GORGEOUS! Forget the geek, we now have HOTTTT!

molly rogers on

I love Clay’s new do, but I also love his hair short as when he was during the jukebos tour. I think that as he is not a vain man that the short hair would be easier for him to maintain. When he is not in the public eye Clay dresses very casually and doesn’t bother with his hair etc. so the new hair do might be too much trouble for Clay to maintain.

Jane on

I think his new look is exciting. He has fine features – beautiful eyes, long straight nose, high cheekbones,and a thin face with a strong chin. The change in hair, to me, comple,ents an almost flawless face. The SMILE – the VOICE – the MAN!

muriel on

Clay looks adorable in this hair do. Why can’t he wear this style other singers do. No one can sing like him!

Maureen on

Tell you what we think? I thought you were telling us what we think. Okay, I think the hair looks like something I could run my fingers through for hours on end.

JS on

Well, I have seen Clay in person just on the weekend at the David Foster Starsearch gala , and all I can say is WOW ! WHAT A HUNK!!
It is amazing that Clay can have so many different looks, but the way he is looking now is just drop-dead gorgeous.
Clay will be on Jay Leno tonight (Friday) so tune in for yourselves and see just how handsome he is .
Far beyond the hair he is absolutely beautiful down deep in his soul. He is a remarkable human being with the ‘pipes of perfection’ . A SUPERSTAR !

Liz on

I love the new hair – like it darker. It looks great!

Marie on

I think the new style looks great. Actually, I’ve seen him on TV since AI, and the hair is a bit shorter and lighter. I think it’s even better than the pic you have for this poll.

Jan on

When I first saw it, I didn’t know what I thought because it was so different! But now I like it a lot! And as of me writing this, he has trimmed the bangs some and it seems to be more styled and layered and the color is back more to his natural red, so I like it even more. Sometimes you just have to get used to something new. I’m used to it and I love it. But I love Clay’s heart even more.

Lynne on

I love his new look. I think he looks much younger and very sexy. But it really doesn’t matter what he looks like, it is the voice that keeps me coming back.

carol on

His new do makes him look like a female, not a good thing when the rumors are out there. He should have stuck with the short spikey do. And why can’t people have an opinion without dragging another fan base into the equation. He is very polorizing, people either love him or hate him regardless of any other singer.

jakesgirl on


The new pictures and the CD pictures are the best ever.

Annette on

I absolutely LOVE his new look. The spikey do is so yesterday. Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey also sport this style. It’s, hot and hip!!

Nancy on

I really liked his look on American Idol. He then didn’t look too cool for a while…but now he is hot again!!!

Katy on

I think the style looks great on Clay!

Mary on

I liked Clay with spikey hair but I like the new shaggy look too! Mary

Chloe on

Clay is cute with long or short hair but who cares about his hair, it’s his voice that I think is hot! It just makes me smile!

Cindy on

YUMMY look and very “in”.

Carole on

Love the new look – he is definately more “hot!”

Diana on

Since AI he has gone through a few transformations and no matter what the style he always looks great. I love the new look. Hip and sexy.

Marie on

I love Clay’s new look. Very hawt, very now.
Way to go Clay!!

Cecily Taylor on

Clay’s new hair style is adorable as is he.

frank on

I don’t get where people think he’s gorgeous, George Clooney is handsome. Look at the 2nd picture with him smiling and see his gummy ferret looking teeth, not pleasant to look at. Besides men should be called handsome not gorgeous, silly woman.

Mary on

I think he is looking mighty HAWT lately, that is not to say he wasn’t hot before, but somehow he seems to be more sure of his sexuality now and it really shows.

Karen Dunham on

Clay has never looked better! I love his new look.

lynn on

Clay’s new look is HOT!!!!!!!

BB on

I love his voice, his hair, his eyes, his NECK. Long, short, red or brown, if it makes him happy let him be. I think he is hotness in whatever style he chooses at the moment.

Lizann on

Lots of young guys are wearing shaggy hair. Jim Cary is 16 years older than Clay and has worn a similar hairstyle. I don’t hear them taking the same kind of flack Clay does. Clay’s just a young guy trying out his “stuff”. It’s just a fleeting trend. Enjoy the view. I know I am!

Kim on

Clay looks fantastic. Great new look…very hip & cool. The spikey do was forced on him by AI and that’s way over with. I love, love, love Clay’s new look.

Debbie on

I love Clay’s new hair style. Its hip, its sexy and he has never looked better. Even for those who don’t like the new hair you can’t deny the absolute amazing set of vocals he possesses. I hope Clay keeps this style.

N on

I love Clay’s new look. I also liked his hair the way he had it before, but the new look is very modern and stylish. He is so hot!!

Alison on

I loved the old hair but this style is great too, I like the longer length on Clay. I think he looks mature and modern and the album cover photo is super masculine and hot!

sue on

Clay looks HAWT!!!!! I love the new look but it’s the VOICE that grabbs you. It’s one in a million!

playangel on

Love his new look….

Shelly on

Oh My… I LOVE it!!! Although I love from the inside out!
Way to go Clay

rochelleaiella on

Clay looks like he wants to look gay. He’s a crepy guy or thing. I never saw any appeal from him and now he’s just silly looking. YUCK!

Beth on

I think he look’s amazing! He just gets better and better! His new CD songs are awesome and amazing!! Can’t wait to get it.

Love on

The new ‘do is a stroke of genius! It looks great.

sharon on

Whatever Clay does is fine by me. I had to get used to the new hair style. Now I love it.

Monica on

I think Clay’s new look is HOT!!!!

Kathy on

I love Clay no matter what, but I think his new look is wonderful and really suits him.

Denise on

I’d love to date him no matter what, he’s hot.

teresa on

long hair, short hair, dosen’t matter. I think he’s HOT either way

Jaycee on

I like it. I thought he looked fine before but this is more current and he looks real cute. The thing is the voice though, that’s what matters

Denise on

I’d love to date him no matter what, he’s hot.

Lynn on

It was a bit of a shock at first, but now that I’ve gotten used to it I think Clay’s new style looks awesome on him! Hopefully more younger fans will take the time to notice him now and discover his amazing talent.

Susan on

I love his long hair. It doesn’t matter how his hair is fixed, he is and has also been extremely sexy and adorable looking and then he has that amazing smile that just lights up a room. Don’t forget that unbelievably wonderful voice – the best I’ve ever heard.

muriel on

Clay looks adorable in this hair do. Why can’t he wear this style other singers do. No one can sing like him!

Edith on

Actually I have grown to love the new look, he is just adorable, my two teen gals also love the new look. The hair is really nice and looks great on him.

I was partial to the spiked hair, but since AI5, I LOVE the new look, my kids tell me he is HOT HOT HOT. LOL

sofia on

The new hair style is awesome, he looks great, but more important he has a big heart and that no hair style can change that. He’s eye’s shine, did you notice?

Pat on

HOT HOT HOT, that is what I think of the new hair. Glorious.

patti on

I think it looks awesome….but he ALWAYS looks awesome!!!

phoebe on

I think his hair style much much better than Teddy Geiger’s

phoebe on

I think his hair style much much better than Teddy Geiger’s

Joanie on

I think Clay looks awesomely hawt with the new hair. I guess world domination is not enough for Kelly’s fanclub. They needed to do a little drive-by to cause trouble. Typical.

Nancy on

Clay could wear a bag over his head and I would still love him and his one in a century voice. God bless him!

Goldie Reinlib on

I am receiving People now for three years and really enjoy
most everything written. You have put my husband’s name on the address. He died 1998. But if it makes it difficult to change it it is okay. I like to read of the clothes and people who are celebrities. Also of ppeople who have been in the news in different ways. This young man has his hair styple and he looks cute with the new haircut. I personally love all the fun and enjoy this because I believe you live long and happy when you believe in having fun. That is what I get from movies and world news from your magazine. With the world always crazy with war, your news gets me away from the daily news of the world and it’s craziness of war.

Marie on

WOW The people that thinks he looks like a girl must have never seen a MAN!!!! He looks wonderful!!!

Peggie on

Clay loves changing his looks and this is the “in” look right now. Just shows Clay is GQ type of guy.
Way to go Clay. . . ..

anita on

I love it. Gorgeous, cool, sexy!

Geri on

Love it! Absolutely suits personality he shows on stage perfectly. He is saying “this is what I want to look like for now” and good for him doing it.

sherri on

The hair is HOTT!!

deb on

This grannie think his new hair is mighty hot. I love it. I love it. I can’t wait to see him in concert again.

Jennifer on

I can’t understand why anyone would call another person horrible or hideous or heinous. Some of you seem to have less manners and less intelligence than a monkey.

And the PeeWee and K.D. thing is so old. One of you says it and the others follow because your ignorant.

Its obvious that your from the group of “haters” that have nothing more productive to do than put someone down. Your dumb as stumps.

karla on

He looks awesome!

Heidi on

Hot, hot, hot. Love it.

kiki on

Before, a dork; After, a drag queen.

Cindy G on

You change your hair to go with the times. This is the style now. We all didn’t look the same 3 years ago. Clay is beautiful inside and out and has the gift of reaching inside our souls when he sings. LONG OR SHORT I do not care. He will always look good to me.

Don on

What’s up with all the clarkson fans? Are they maybe mad that she has changed her style, clothing and hair several times over the last few years, and it just continues to get worse and sluttier? Or is it that no one cares enough to do polls about her new looks as often as she changes? She certainly doesn’t get near the coverage that Aiken gets–kind of funny. To hear her fans tell it, she’s the superstar. To watch with your own eyes, you know better.

Anyway, I like the hairstyle and think it’s fine. Course that might also be cause both my brothers and I have the same style. And so do probably half the guys at our school. So, guess that means he’s right in style. Just like the spikes were a few years ago. The guy definitely has someone staying in touch. Never cared much for the spikes myself, have always worn mine longer. So yeah, we think he looks fine. Very hip and trendy. Just don’t see any girly there like others are saying. You know, not all us guys are 6 foot something and super macho looking like wrestlers and weight lifters. Course, now that I think of it, he is supposedly over 6 foot. Not too many girls are, are they?

Sue on

To be honest with you, the other hairstyle was MOM hair. This style is a lot more trendy, and sexy. I really like it. Bangs and long hair is IN.

FDW on

PEEWEE HERMAN! He looks like Peewee Herman.

Clay puts on too much make up, too much foundation.

Globs and globs of mascara.

Clay, lighten on the make-up dude. . . ehr gurl

Amy on

He is HOT HOT HOT. He looks 5 years younger. Very hip.

Lisa on

I didn’t like it at first..But i LOVE it now!! spikey or long..i love grows on you!!

Susan on

Love the Hair—Love the voice—Love Clay Aiken !!!

Raroo on

I don’t care which way he wears his hair; his voice is even better than it used to be.

Alyssa on

I think Clay’s new hair style looks terrific but I would like him even if he was bald – his pure voice, his sterling character, and his generous soul are all what make him a great guy. As they always say, it’s the inside that matters most.

Carol on

Love the new hair style. Clay looked good before but this look is more in style today.

Cindy on

I think that he looks adorable. The style is very current – half the guys in LA are wearing that style.

But this is Clay Aiken – just wait a month or two and he will try something completely different – LOL.

Dave on

Just stumbled on this poll looking for Project Runway info (I’m in the desing industry) and I’d say Aiken’s hair is very contemporary and edgy right now. Frames his face well, but he’ll need to watch to see how it “wears” in concert or when it sweats. With a fair complection like his, could really wash him out. I think though he looks great and the dude can really sing (this is the guy who beat Ruben right?)

Mary on

I think Clay Aiken is such a doll no matter which “trend” he experiments with. New hair, old hair, beard (see Leno), spikes, light, dark……….any way he wants to wear it. He is still HOT….the Cat’s MEOW!!!! I call him the voice of the century!

Hope on

I have a good idea. He should have it very short one side, very long the other, and a spikey mohawk -type cut in the middle of his head. Then maybe everybody will be happy.

To those who enjoy the gender innuendo, okay, you live in a free country, so you are free say what you want. Isn’t that nice? But think about this – most people of the alternate lifestyle type actually do not look the part. By bashing someone openly, you may be inadvertently bashing someone you know and love – who has not told you what they are – because they fear your tongue.

To those who bash Clay for the high it gives them, enjoy yourselves, we can’t stop you. Vut think about this. His calling is not to be a megastar so much as the power this will give him to help the weakest in our midst. The children of the world. So when you bash him, you bash his work. And you tell the world you do not care for people who whould help others. Good for you, standing up for your beliefs that way!!

sandy on

I think his new hair is hip and he is a real doll with it any way he wears it

Liz on

I LOVE Clay’s new look! He is HOT! And not only does he have the most thrilling and amazing voice in the world, but he is a beautiful person inside and out. Clay’s work with autistic children, his Bubel-Aiken Foundation, his UNICEF ambassadorship, and his appointment to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities all show his sincerity and desire to help others. Clay is a role model for his fans, something that is all too rare these days. And besides, he is hot, Hot, HOT!!!!

Jackie on

Amazing! I seriously love his new hair although I will ALWAYS love the spikes. Clay can do no wrong in my book. =D

amelia Lamson on

I am not so young but i am not blind yet.
Clay is the most gorgeous man alive right now.

Chae on

Want a good comparison for Clay’s hair? The style is halfway between James Blunt and Johnny Rzeznick and looks good on all three of them. As for kd lang, well, Clay and kd are some of the finest pure voices of their generations. That’s a nice compliment.

Beverly on

Honey, I’m not in love with his hair, if it all fell out, I’d love him anyway.

R4G on

I’m not surprised by your statement but I don’t agree with it at all, I don’t think his new image looks forced at all. I’ve seen dozens of pictures the past few days from the David Foster gala in Canada. The hair was natural and free, his face had stubble, and he looked totally comfortable and totally instep with today. And I might add, very very HANDSOME . I think it’s a definite improvement.

Starry on

I think Clay’s new look is great! I always thought the spikes looked a bit forced, but this style compliments his features and highlights his eyes. But regardless, his voice is phenomenal and his musicianship is unsurpassed.

Rita on

I personally love the new look. I also liked the spikey hair too. But to me, when I hear the name Clay Aiken the first thing that comes to my mind is that powerful voice, and wonderful person, not the hair.


Mary on

I love Clay’s new look. He looks like a mature man now instead of a geeky college kid. The picture you posted is already outdated and doesn’t do him any justice. Check out Clay’s new fan club and see what I mean. The long hair and bangs, IMO, are certainly more natural looking than those greasy spikes sticking straight up. I’ve always thought he was attractive though. He’s totally HOT now!

Susie on

Clay’s hair? Hot, hot, hot.

Sue on

I think Clay looks adorable. I love the new do……

Libby on

Love his new hair style! But it’s just hair! A million other guys have hair just like it but no one else has his booming voice and caring heart.

Karen on

Clay is HOT with whatever hair style he has!
He is the same WONDERFUL man on the inside, the look is just different!

Janet on

I really loved his hair before but I like the mans hair anyway he puts it. I just think hes gorgeous!!!

veronica on

I liked him before, like him even better now. I find him extremely handsome… but also talented, intelligent, witty, caring. He’s shown grace under pressure,.dignity.. and character. And best of all, he is a real humanitarian. Check his references with “Toys for Tots”, Unicef…Bubel-
Aiken, and now with his appointment with the Federal Government. Not only is he an extremely handsome man, he is a beautiful human being. People of his caliber are often easy prey for those around us who do not have, nor care about having any of the attributes listed above… they would rather tear down, or try to tear others down to their level.

Cat on

Don’t like it AT ALL!!! I am disappointed that he didn’t stay true to who he was – as he always said he would. Changing ones image to be more acceptable – or sell more records – is a sell out.

Pam on

Clay’s new look is sexy. I liked the spikes but I’m really loving his new locks. He’s just so handsome.

phoebe on

Ithink his hair look good and it looks much much better than Teddy Geiger’s

Dee on

Clay is like a chameleon in photos. He looks so young & boyish in some, then very manly in others. I love the new hair & bangs, prefer the color a little lighter with highlights. Love when a man has stubble, some nicer shots of Clay recently in interviews and appearances. Clay’s eyes are so expressive and his cheekbones are perfect! He’s a beautiful man inside & out no matter how the hair is cut or colored. With that voice, he can’t go wrong.

Fran on

What’s with the KD Lang comparison? Her hair is short and cropped like a man’s and I have seen several artists on the scene with very similar hair cuts to Clay Aiken. Darken Ashley Parker Angel’s hair, and you have the same look. This is just your way to call into question his private life. This man has an absolutely unbelievable voice which does not need studio gimmick help, ie, Mr. Justin Timberlake and the likes who rap because they can’t carry a tune. This man can sing awsome, has wonderful rapport with his fans, and is adored by his fans. You just don’t get it do you? And for those who deliberately post bad comments, you don’t even bother to look at all the work Clay Aiken does for children, Unicef, Toys for Tots and many other charities. No, since you can’t understand his huge fan base, you attack. Timberlake is an overhyped wannabe “in the hood” so he gets POP radio play, but Clay is the real deal with a voice range that Timberlake and his kind only WISH they could have. Clay has a voice for the ages and will be around a long time after those who get PAID radio play on Pop radio are forgotten.

He looks awsome, sings like an angel, and in fact has the HEART of a decent man. Get over the Clay Aiken bashing okay? Why not bash those artists who get in trouble with the law to keep their names in the papers? Go after Ashlee Simpson who is a wierdo and her record deal was bought and paid for by her sister who can’t carry a tune except if she whispers it. Attack them, what do they give to society?

mil on

Clay Aiken is AMAZING!! Too many people just can’t figure him out (or understand his great intellect) get desperate with their imagination and try to find ways to put him down.

SPOILER: Check out Clay on Jay Leno tonight…..a beard, guys!!

Danielle on

I think the man looks HOT! I love long hair on guys.

Lynn Adams on

Clay always looks wonderful and sings even better. I love the new look.

Kacey Lang on

He’s adorable however he wears his hair.

Nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest hair styles.

Lynn on

While I am partial to the old look (but not the one you have pictured) The “new” look is all kinds of HOT too. But with Clay you can’t go wrong…he is a gorgeous man inside and out who is very photogenic.

Lynn on

Adore Clay. Hate the new look. I miss a getting a clear look at those eyes and that smile. I am a child of the 60’s,but I never really cared for long hair on men then, and I still don’t. Yuk to the stubble too.

Barb on

Clay’s hair is sexy and I love it. Loved his hair before, too. Clay is beautiful on the outside as well as inside. Only the hairstyle has changed. He still has that gorgeous voice!

Laura Coker on

I like Clay’s new look! I also liked the spikey look! Clay could even sport a Kenny Chesney do and that would be fine with me.

Jo on

I’ve read every one of these responses, and from what I have seen elsewhere I believe that about half of those using lady’s names are actually men. So far, from many polls and massive numbers of acquaintences, over 90% of females are extremely impressed by Clay’s new doo.

I also get a vibe from the visious commentary, that seems to follow a couple of recent TV studies where meaness tends to often follow lower IQ and lower self esteem.

In our youth, all the girls wanted to date, and marry, the football players. All the boys loved the cheerleaders. They bragged about thier triumphs and hid their failures. There are a lot of these responding here as well.

My first husband was one of those carved out, handsome stars that all the girls loved. The marriage lasted just under 10 months. Ten years later I married for the second time – a precious, slightly nerdy, college graduate electrical engineer. I spent the happiest years of my life with that wonderful man. Youth isn’t always the best.

Anyway, Clay Aiken is adorable and a sweetie, to say nothing of being a future legend. He has perfect facial features many would die for, and the hair shows off his face. Teens are picking up on this style, so you had better get used to it.

Most of us love Clay as a member of our families. No one is going to belittle him in our eyes, and trying to harm him and his career simply will not succeed.

Ziggy on

As a young female, I am embarassed for my gender.

I expect trash talk from guys, but I would expect a higher standard of comments from females.

We are mothers or going to be mothers someday and it might be your son people are talking about like this and see how you would feel.

It is expected for some not to like his look, but being mean about it just shows ignorance.

I think Clay Aiken’s new hair style looks good, but if I didn’t like it, I would simply say that I don’t care for it. It’s called CLASS ladies…..Learn and make us proud female.

Dot Mahaffey on

I love his new look; loved the old one, too, but he is so gorgeous it doesn’t seem to matter what he does with his hair, that face is just beautiful.

sue on

I am not a teenager anymore but I think Clay is very attractive with his new hair style. Love it!

linda hendrix on

i have loved clay for as long as i have seen him on american idol. i thought he was hot on there and i loved the spikes. but i love this too. when he is not on camera he combs it to the side and i dislike that alot. but i think clay is an amazing singer.

Connie Reed on

Clay Aiken looks good no matter what style he wears, but I do have to say that this is really a Hot style for him. Goes along with that beautiful voice.

Sherry on

I love his new hair style, but it doesn’t really matter what hair style he is sporting or dress style is wearing…..His God given voice is astounding, and he is using it to make a difference..There should be more like him in this messed up world of ours.

Patti on

I love love love the new look! The people who want to make rude comments just think they are too cool.

Felicia on

I love his new hair. I think he looks more modern. His hair cannot change his incredible voice though. What an amazing man!

Kathleen on

I love the new hair. I think it looks very handsome. His new album sounds great too. I jus love it!

Cyn on

I think the newest version of the shag (a little shorter) is a great look. His spikey look makes him more down to earth and the new one is more of the “Hollywood” celeb. Either way, he sings beautifully and for me, that’s what causes the tingles.

nonmisc on

I love Clay, I’m a fan for life no matter what. Yes, one of those who will purchase more than one CD (you know, one for the car, one for the house, one for my mom, one for my brother’s dentist, etc.) I love him 1000 different ways, but I HATE the hair. Sorry. I prefer my Clay with short-short hair (regardless of color or spikes) and clean-shaven. :)

Karen on

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris on

I think Clay looks hot. He looked great before, but looks more hip and cool now. But the best thing about him is his fantastic voice!

Susan on

He can change his hair any way he wishes, just so that gorgeous, one in a million voice stays put.

Was kind of stunned when I first saw the hair, but it grew on me, and he looks younger, and more with it. I see this do everywhere. Much prefer clean shaven, but he is a doll no matter what.

Not everyone is going to like the new look, but everyone MUST recognize his enormous talent and charisma. That’s what really counts.

rebecca on

Any posts starting out by saying, “I’m sorry, but,” are from those jealous Kelly fans, who are NOT sorry at all. They love to spout their venom, and pounce whenever possible. I have NEVER seen a group work so hard AGAINST someone, rather than work twice as hard for their slutty heroine.

I saw a video of her at a concert, chugging liquor from a bottle and feeling up half the guys in the room. No surprise there. She is back to basics, and obviously tired of playing the sweet little girl next door part. I never bought it. The nose stud gave me my first hint!

As for Clay, he sings better than anyone I have ever heard. If he wants to try out new looks, so be it. He has beautiful eyes, gorgeous cheekbones, perfect nose and a personality that’s hard to beat. He’s no goody goody, but certainly a wonderful role model, and great guy. His hair won’t make a twit of difference.

Pat on

Clay looks hotter than ever! He was so cute and adorable before and now he looks like he’s all man. Just got through watching him on Leno and he has NEVER looked hotter! You go, Clay!!!

Pat Gelsleichter on

YUMYUM! Sexy all grown up man! Love he hair! But hey, it’s just the package (albeit gorgeous drop dead one!) but the man is still the same beautiful man he always was – inside and out!

Phoebe on

I love Clay’s new look! I liked the old look too–he is very handsome either way.

And that voice!! Spectacular!!

BTW–he looked totally HAWT on Leno tonight–the new hair goes extremely well with stubble.

Cinny on

Clay’s new look is stylish and hot. He looks great with the darker hair and pulls off the shaggy bangs effortlessly. He’s one handsome guy with a great voice and an even bigger heart. Can’t wait for the new album; it’s going to be amazing!!

jill on

I like his hair either way…but the longer hair is the “hot” look that alot of guys are wearing now and it really looks good on Clay.

Solly on

Actually, I love the new look. For me, he looks sooooo gorgeous and very handsome and he also looks so manly and gosh, his voice is amazing. Just like what Mr. David Foster has said, “Wow…wow, fantastic”, when Clay sings Without You and Unchained Melody on his David Foster Celebrity Gala, which is 100% right on that phrase. Anyways, I hope he stick with his new hair style ‘coz he’s really so “hawt”! A “Hollywood” celeb for sure.

annie on

Love the new look, the voice and the man!

sheri on

I love his hair now, the stubble he is sporting is very sexy. He is hot, short hair or long hair and coupled with that voice, he is ultra hot.

sue on

What’s with the K.D. Lang reference – not in a million years. I think Clay looks masculine and fashionable and modern. Besides, as long as he sings to me I couldn’t care if he were bald!!!!! It’s the voice that counts.

Kimber on

So hip, so cool!!

Kathy on

Clay’s new hair do looks great, but then Clay looks great in any hair style. Clay looks good, period.

klh on

Love his hair; much more natural than the dated spikes. He is drop dead gorgeous and can sing his @#$@ off. End of discussion.

dancingdigits on

I love the new “do!” Very trendy and sexy-looking on Clay.

James on

The new haircut looks good. I don’t think it looks anything like KD Lang — it looks exactly like Jim Carrey’s hair cut. Carrey’s cover on “Blink” or “Culture” magazines make them look like twins! I haven’t read about anyone complaining about Jim Carrey’s new shaggy cut.

Darrel on

This talented artist, like many other artist before him, changes his hair style and before you know it, “it’s pick on Clay Aiken time again!” The Clay Haters come out of the wood-work and make insulting remarks about him; what a pity! The man is a wonderful and generous human being who does so much for his fellow man by the work that he does and these people spread lies and make accusations about him, yet they know nothing about him, but what they read in the tabloids! He looks GREAT with his new look and his new CD is wonderful people (take a sample listen), better yet, go out and buy it on September 19th! Get the facts about his humanitarian efforts before you judge the man people, even if you do not care for his music; be fair to him as a fellow human being. We all deserve that much.

Jen on

He LOOKED sooooo overwhelmingly HOTT on Jay Leno tonight!!! Gahhh!! I could NOT keep my eyes off this hunk!!!!

I loved him with spikes…

But Clay’s new hairDO is even more absolutely gorgeous!!!! And I didn’t mind seeing a bit of facial hair too!!!

If you all missed out on Leno, don’t miss Clay next time he is on television or live in person.. cause I guarantee his “new look” will draw YOU in also!!!

Trust me. He is THAT h-o-t! He looked very manly!!!

He is not only an out-of-this world fantastic singer, but he is rockin that hair!!

It suits him……

Clay on Leno shows he was very much liking his new look too!!! He was CONFIDENT, ENERGETIC, FUNNY.. and HOT!!!

Two thumbs way up! =)


Missmissy1969 on

HEY I love any LOOK CLAY sports……I do however think the spike was really cute on CLAY , but the new look is HOT!!!!!

Connie on

The new look reminds me of the beatles. I can’t say I love it or hate it.

Barb on

I won’t hide the fact that I am a huge fan and I will say that when I first saw him walk out with that hairstyle on AI5, I was in shock. But now that I’ve seen him make a few more appearances and especially since I saw him on Leno last night, I think this hairstyle makes him look absolutely fantastic and is perfectly suited for him.

Cathy on

Clay’s new look shows his maturity-no matter the outside appearance, the inside is still the same gentle caring soul that we have always known.

Joanna on

I think he looks great either way, but the longer hair really accents his gorgeous eyes.

Melanie Thillens on

Clay can wear his hair anyway he wants because it’s his smile that I love!

Joanne In on

I ADORE the hair. it’s trendy, hot, and sexy. Takes 10 years off him, compared to the other hair.

Kim on

Wasn’t sure until I watched Jay Leno last night. Now I love it! He looks great!!

Sharon on

Lovin the new look – he looks all kinds of sexy, confident, mature and “put together”. We all need change sometimes – and I like his!!!

Flynn on

I love his new look – he looks hipper and younger. I think it suits his personality!

Cheryl on

I think he looks hot! I love it!

Ann Blair on

I LOVE his new look! Did you see him on LENO last night? Very natural, and OH MAN, what a voice!!



Mad4clay on

It doesn’t matter to me what he looks like. I love him for who he is as well as a wonderful singer. Either way works for me.

Andrea on

I totally love his hair. His new look is right with the times. He’s young, good looking and I love it!!!

Lori on

I saw Clay Aiken on J Leno last night and thought he looked wonderful! I for one have no idea what ‘hair’ has to do with “Talent”. (?) He has such an amazing voice and I wish him well with his new CD.

Lisa on

As if Clay needed to be any hotter!

Beth on

I think he looks so cute with the longer hair. He reminds of the Beatles when they were young. It looks good on him. I think it makes him look younger and trendy. Especially, when it is not in his eyes. His beautiful green eyes. LOL.

Beth on

I think he looks so cute with the longer hair. He reminds of the Beatles when they were young. It looks good on him. I think it makes him look younger and trendy. Especially, when it is not in his eyes. His beautiful green eyes. LOL.

Katie on

I barely knew Clay Aiken’s music, but saw him on Leno last night. Why are you talking about his hair? I know now what these women see in him – his personality is great, and his voice is amazing. That’s all.

But if I had to comment on the hair, I think it is hot.

Chloe on

PEOPLE: It’s all about the voice! He can look anyway he wants! You’re acting as if human beings stay exactly the same. I bet you go get your hair cut, add some color. I bet you’ve even gone shopping and bought a style of clothing you’ve never wore before. It’s called updating your look.
It only makes sense for Aiken being in the spotlight to keep his look FRESH!
Anyway, I don’t really care what he looks like, It’s all about his voice, PEOPLE!

diane heinis on

Wow, I love his hair! I really love his VOICE….
He sure is popular, I can’t believe how many people have taken the time to comment, the positive ones I can understand, the negative ones…hmm I think there are some people that are very worried that this guy is so great and so loved that he might take away from someone they like and is not going to do as well, or maybe they are just mean, hateful people who have nothing better to do in life but tear down others, whatever I think Clay Aiken is a great human being and I know that he will do very well This crap just makes him stronger.

Meesh on

The first time I saw it I was rather shocked.
I wasn’t sure what to think.
The more I see this new look on Clay
The more I love it. It’s fresh and new.
It’s trendy and dare I say it, “hawt”!!!
Yes keep the hair Clay… it suits you!!

Nita Ingham on

I love love love his hair. He looks absolutely gorgeous !!
Clay keeps getting hotter and hotter, and I didn’t think it was possible. This is the best look ever !

I was completely shocked when I first saw this look, and now the old look is foreign, every time I see it. I can’t believe how fast I have grown accustomed to this hot new Clay. Kudos to his stylist. I think this look is deadly, and then you add the voice along with it, and women will be dropping like flies everywhere.

Just Breathtaking !!!!

Nita Ingham on

I love love love his hair. He looks absolutely gorgeous !!
Clay keeps getting hotter and hotter, and I didn’t think it was possible. This is the best look ever !

I was completely shocked when I first saw this look, and now the old look is foreign, every time I see it. I can’t believe how fast I have grown accustomed to this hot new Clay. Kudos to his stylist. I think this look is deadly, and then you add the voice along with it, and women will be dropping like flies everywhere.

Just Breathtaking !!!!

MissyG on

I think Clay’s new style looks wonderful!! It took a while for me to get used to it, but I adore it now.

I nearly fell out on the floor watching him on Leno last night! He’s simply gorgeous!!

Marie on

I’m liking this new look, he pulls it off nicely.

Lisa on

I think Clay’s new hair looks great, especially since it is the new “in” hair style for guys

Miles on

i think clay’s hair is great, definatly a great new look for him

deb on

ziggy I love your comment “As a young female, I am embarassed for my gender.

I expect trash talk from guys, but I would expect a higher standard of comments from females”
Now, we look at clay wow what Clay he cares more about making a difference than he does about making money. He uses his talent to make a stand a make a difference. He has created his own foundation and ambassader to Unicef.
It is too bad these people don’t use there energy to help make the world a better place. When you do good it will come back 10 fold, when you do bad it will come back 10 fold wait.

Karen on

I think he looks cute. At least he has the confidence to try different things. He is never boring for sure.

Heather on

This man is HOT……..I really wasn’t a fan before….I thought he sang well, but I like the rocker sound better, but WOW, he looks fantastic now, and has won me over….

He is FREAKING HOT PEOPLE. A freaking super star, and all the girls in my school are going nuts over the new look.

Wendy on

I think he is the most perfect man. His looks are to die for, his voice is beyond beautiful, and his smile lights up a room, his charm and personality is endearing, but it is his heart, and his love for others, especially children, that make him the perfect man. I love watching Clay with children. He respects all individuals, and treats each and every person as if they are the most special person in the room. He has this gift of giving his undivided attention, and love to whomever he is meeting, that makes you feel all warm and loved.

This is the Clay I love. His voice sends me to heights, that noone else can. He takes a song, and after he is finished with it, it belongs to him.

There is nobody else like him, and this hot new look, OMG is it ever hot, well I that now getting a ticket to his concerts, are going to be harder than ever. It is gonna be a catfight to get a front row seat, so we can get our eyes and ears full.


Bon on

Just QUIT with the k.d. lang comparisons already!! This looks more like a modernized Paul McCartney than anything and you see it on all sorts of stars now. I think Clay looks FAB in it and certainly it hides his ears very well while still framing his gorgeous greens. LOVE LOVE LOVE it

lois w on

I,m an older fan, but not too old not to appreciate that gorgeous face and that wonderful mind boggling voice. love the hair. Glad he trimmed the bangs slightly.

Jane Russell on

Wow!Wow!Wow! I love this new look Clay is sporting.The hair I really love.The color,the cut is just so suited for him.He looks very grown up and so very handsome.Clay has mastered the big leagues in every way!!

Pam on

I absolutely love Clay’s new look and dthink it suits him just wonderful. I loved te old look too, but I really think this one is better!

And as always, after viewing many of these comment, I see the Clay Haters are crawled out from under their rocks! Well the old green monster is rearing its ugly head again!

Too bad!

Clay Aiken is good looking, talented and love! Get over it haters!


Ellen on

Clay Aiken can wear his hair long, short, spiked or not, brown, blonde, red, or orange, or even bald..the hair DOES NOT make the MAN!!! What makes a man, THE MAN, comes from within, from inside, from his heart, not from how he looks on the outside. From the beginning from day one, I fell in love with Clay’s beautiful voice. Then, after I did my ”homework” on this MAN and learned more about him and his goals in life, I then fell in love with Clay Aiken, The MAN, Clay Aiken, The Person, and now and forever I am and will be totally, completely, and unconditionally in love with this MAN because of his beautiful, enormous heart of overflowing love, warmth, compassion and caring. Clay Aiken has the most beautiful heart of anyone I have ever known and he is truly an American Icon and he has truly accomplished sooooooooo much positive achievements in such a short period of time. Clay has showed us what LOVE truly is and how we can use that love to help others. Clay has a HUGE fanbase that loves him for the person and the MAN that he truly is. His fans respect him, admire him and adore him. His fans actually protect him and they’ve always ”got his back.” Clay has a special ”interaction” with his fans like no other celebrity/performer/artist which is why so many are so jealous of him. The others want to know what this man has that they don’t. Clay has GOD on his side and he is a very religious man. God has set before Clay a wonderful path and journey and I thank Clay for his willingness to follow this journey and path that GOD has set before him. Clay is a man of very high morals, values and standards, and people today, especially in the entertainment business consider these ”qualities” totally unacceptable but my answer to that is….take a good look at Clay Aiken and learn from him what a TRUE MAN should be!!! Clay ”gives” in everything he does and expects nothing in return. Clay ”gives back” for all his blessings and what he has received. He is a very humble man, a very passionate man, and yes, I believe a very sensitive man, and all these things are very, very sexy!!! And yes, inner beauty is just as, if not moreso, sexy than outward beauty!!!

And, one more thing….Clay Aiken has the most beautiful, angelic, and seductive voice I have ever heard. He has a KILLER set of pipes that cannot be denied. Clay Aiken and his voice are all I need to make me happy!!!!

And, just for the record, Clay Aiken is the most beautiful, gorgeous, sexy hunk of a MAN that I have ever laid eyes on!!! Clay’s beauty definitely comes from within but he is also beautiful and gorgeous on the outside!!! Clay Aiken is the TRUE MEASURE OF A MAN, 150%!!!

And, his new CD coming out on Sept 19th is going to make history not only with the sales numbers but also because it is a masterpiece. ThIS ALBUM IS A MUST HAVE CD!!!

Ellen (Calif)

allie on

I saw him last night on Jay Leno Show. Wow He looks very nice, and sounds great too…. I hope He will be on the cover of People soon

Susan on

Clay is Clay either way. A dynamic, generous, awesome human being.
I am still on the fence. I like both styles. At first I hated it, but now that it is out of his gorgeous eyes I’m warming up.
The David Foster Gala videos and Leno look he was just gorgeous.
Either way I love the guy and the voice. No one better out there.

Annette on

The hairstyle takes getting used to…maybe with the beard it is more believable. Problem is…it looks good until he opens his mouth and acts goofy. As for some of the Kelly lovers, you won’t be happy until she shows all in…ahem–cough–some revealing magazine. She is good at what she does, which are angst ridden songs. Give her credit for that. Clay has his own path, and it is MORE than being half dressed and singing pop songs for money. The record company has pointed her down that path. So quit it.They are friends and it kills them that Kelly and Clay are just that!.

Bernadette on

I love it. Coming from the younger person’s POV, this look is VERY hot at the moment, and it looks great on him. It makes him look 3 years younger. He was starting to look a little worn. The spikes weren’t doing it anymore for me.

Stephanie on

I love Clay’s new look. Who knew he could look so sexy??? New look, same amazing voice – great combination!

Polly on

Either way is fine with me. What if all of us had to have a magazine poll to determine how we should wear our hair? The boy, CA, has come a long way in three years in his evolution. If you don’t like this look and prefer the old, I’m sure it will change again.

What matters is the new CD is truly amazing!! And it’s unfortunate I can’t even see Clay’s face to listen to it.

Deanne on

Clay’s new hair style looks great. I don’t why everyone is making such a big deal out of it. Lot’s of men have a few layers cut into their hair, and the bangs may fall across the forehead or may be combed back. Spiked up hair is out of date, and I’m sure that’s why Clay changed it up a bit. I think the big deal is just that it’s Clay Aiken who got his hair styled, and the public seems to have to make a big deal about EVERYTHING that Clay does. But that just goes to show how interested the public is in Clay. By the way, Clay recently had his hair trimmed just a little shorter and he tends to alternate which side he parts it on. When are you all going to start analyzing the hell out of that? If Nick Lachey or Brad Pitt start wearing a different hair style, does anyone give a rat’s ass? NO! But when Clay Aiken starts wearing his hair differnt, the whole world has to have an opinion. Leave the man alone. Check yourself out in a mirror. How’s your hair lookin? That’s what you should be concerned about.

Rochelle on

The Claymates have posted this poll at their main website and are begging ALL of their members to come here and bombard this site with icky Clay GOOP syrup.

The hair is hilarious. It makes Clay look gayer than ever. He can’t help being gay – noting wrong with being gay – but lieing about it and running around pretending he’s a heterosexual heartthrob is *WEIRD*. Clay is *WEIRD*. The only fans I see for Aiken are old women who have lost touch with sexuality altogether. It’s sad and pathetic.

g on

love the hair. he looked great on leno last night. bangs weren’t so long anymore.

Pat B on

Clay’s hair looks incredible. Great look for him. Love his spectacular voice too.

Clay-rocks! on

Clay look at the season finale was awesome! Yesterday he was a guest at Jay Leno show and showed a lighter hair color. I think he looks better with darker color, exactly like the AI finale. Clay, could you get that awesome America Idol finale look again?

Mary Booth on

I didn’t like tne new look at first, especially with the very long bangs, but since his bangs are a little shorter and we can see those beautiful green eyes of his, I love it!

Deanne on

You talk about eating your own vomit, and then you say Clay is disgusting? I think you’ve got pretty much everyone beat in the disgusting department. I hope you are seeing a counselor or therapist. You sound like you have some real issues.

Joyce G. on

I think CLAY’s new hairstyle looks AWESOME! And his VOICE…forget about it…one of the very best in the Music Industry!!!

We LOVE you, Clay!!!

Wilma Karch on

With that dazzling smile, who even notices the hair? Now, that you mentioned it…………’s GREAT!

cathy on

Forget him looking like a Beatle!!!!!!!!!!He looks like a different version of himself, but still great looking.

Kim on

I think the new look is very Hawt. I love it!!! It was perfection on Leno last night.

mary merchant on

I love Clay’s new more natural look! I know the AI style team gave him the spikey hairstyle makeover which was not the way Clay used to wear his hair when he was in school.

shorton on

his new look is awesome…. spiked hair is out. glad to see that he went w/ a new style and look. it makes him even more handsome and sexy too….. i say, keep this look!
like the 5 o clock shadown also!

Joe on

Clay Aiken…Well being a guy and straight..His hair doesn’t have anything to do with who he wife is crazy about him and at first I was alittle intimidated, but hey I like Jessica. Clay is a great role model for our two kids 4 and 7…they like the guy too, probably my wifes influence. Stay off the nasty comments..he is making a difference and hope his cd does well…

Jeanne on

I thought Clay’s New Hair Do is very Trendy. I think Clay looks Hot, Hot and Sexy….

Yvonne on

Hair is just hair – long, short, straight, spiky – whatever. The fun of having hair is trying new looks once in a while. What matters is his heart, his personality, his compassion, and his voice. :) Clay is a nice guy – a good guy – and a wonderful singer. He can dye his hair purple if he wants – what matters is what’s inside and that will always be golden.

Yvonne on

OK – I just looked at the new album cover and I must say the new look is quite sexy. The blond spikes were young and cute, this new look is really quite grown up and sexy. I saw him on The Tonight Show last night and he’s growing a beard. I do have to say “Ick” to that. Of course, I’m not a fan of facial hair on anyone… :)

Patty on

Clays new look is trendy and he looks great! He is truly a star with a fantastic voice and personality.

Carol on

Clay’s new look is trendy and cool. Good for you Clay, changing it up! I’m looking forward to seeing the hairstyle on “rocker” Clay! C’mon Clay – rock out!!

Donna on

It had to grow on me, just cause it is different, but now it looks so natural. I loved his other do, but I think this one is sexier and more hip. He is adorable either way. For those thinking he looks like KD Lang, they are just picking on him. There are numerous male celebs wearing their hair in the same fashion. Why is it that you either love Clay or hate him? No in between. And Clay is georgous. And what an amazing voice.

Katie G on

I do like Clay’s new hair but I like it when it is NOT in his eyes. I think it makes him look younger as well. While I do like this haircut, my favorite will always be the JBT hair……that was how I really like my Clay.

No one asked but not only do I like to see his face but I prefer him clean shaven as well. Stubble never was my thing!…..on the other hand……I can look past it all and see the wonderful person and amazing singer that he is and he could come out bald and I would still love him.

florence on

He looks AWESOME, always has and always will!!! and its not just the hair, its the whole package, tall, gorgeous, and a VOICE to die for!!! The new cd is HOT!!!

diana on

I love Clay’s new look! I saw him on Jay Leno last night and I loved the hair.

Claire on

The new hair is Drop Dead Gorgeous, as is the man wearing it.

Natalie on

I LOVE Clay to death, but I don’t really like the new look. I think it looks okay, but I liked it better before (expecially last year). I mainly don’t like that it is in his eyes and I think it might be a little too dark for me. But I still can’t wait for the new cd!! :)

bgift on

His new “look” looks easy to do and that fits his personality. It probably came about because the other hair style took took too long to do. It makes him look like to star that he is. I like the fact that he looks younger but I like better the fact that he is back with a CD.

Stephanie on

Ah, sigh. The Clay haters have returned. You people are hilarious. I hereby salute you all with my middle finger. CLAY IS THE GREATEST MAN ON EARTH! WHO CARES ABOUT THE HAIR!
And BTW: you all are gay and you need to go eat your own fecal matter.

Dianne Greer on

Clay changes his looks frequently, so the current one is just that – the current one. Some prefer the older looks, many like the new one, and a few don’t care what style he sports.
The picture from the AI5 Finale was in May (was it too much trouble to find a more recent picture?), the style has evolved through several changes already. I’ve seen pictures from the David Foster Gala last weekend and watched LENO last night. As others have reported, the hair is now shorter and lighter, close to his natural color, and it frames his facial structure well. Besides, his eyes still sparkle, his megawatt smile is still there,his wit is inescapable, and his voice still shines. His work with his own foundation – TBAF, his humanitarian involvement with UNICEF, and his appointment to the Presidential Council on Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, among others, are all commendable. So why the focus on old looks that are now outdated?

(Also, it appears that the “mean girls” are out in force in this forum. They are easily recognizable and thus easy to dismiss, but I, like some others here, have heard and seen recent tv reports about a “mean girls syndrome” and how easy it is to manipulate text and pictures on the computer/internet to make the false seem all too real…so sad – and frightening.)

Melani on

If you haven’t seen Clay on TV with the different hairstyles, you can’t really judge based on those two pictures.
I think anyone who saw him on Leno last night will realize how great the new style looks on him, especially with the stubble beard.
The old “spikey” look – which is not well represented in the pic on the right above – was OK and trendy at the time, but it’s “yesterday” and is a high-maintenance style. I’m glad to see the new neo-Beatle style.

In the pic on the right above, Clay looks like a 16-year-old boy. Last night on Leno he looked like a gorgeous grown-up man.


lynzey on

I think he hair doesnt look that bad, when i saw him on the season finale of this years american idol i couldnt believe it was him, but he doesnt look like a cracked out gay guy

Rose on

I just saw him on the Tonight Show last night & he looked gorgeous – his hair was great. A bit different from your picture, lighter. Love that look!!

Jen on

I really love it!!! I think he looks so cute with it!! I’m not even a Clay fan. I’m still thinking about buying the album, but he definitly looks cute!

Linda Lee on

One word “Gorgeous”

Sharon on

I absolutely love his new hair. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it. He looked great last night on Leno with the added stubble… just very hunky. I know it’s disconcerting to a lot of people… mostly guys, who I think are beyond jealous. Ah well.

Bette on

I love his new do.In the past 3 years his looks have matured and caught up with that incredible voice.Hair grows and changes daily but that voice will always be the same incredible voice.

Reagan on

I think the longer hair looks a ton beter besides the fact that it will atract the attention of younger fans. As a teacher myself, I know that this long shaggier style is so much in style right now. In my opinion Clay looks the best he has ever looked.

monique on

Simply amazing……have you seen him on Jay Leno…
man of fire

Marsha on

Clay is fabulous whether he has long & shaggy or short and spikey. Let’s face it the man is hot!!

Danielle on

Yummy! I’d love Clay with short hair, shaggy hair, or no hair! Kudos to Clay for changing things up.

Caroline on

I love Clay’s new hair-do! I have been a fan since i first saw him on Idol and I am all for it!

He is like hot sex basically!

Mel on

As for the KD Lang comment, I guess you’re implying KD Lang looks like a man.

Jen on

I really love it!!! I think he looks so cute with it!! I’m not even a Clay fan. I’m still thinking about buying the album, but he definitly looks cute!

felicity on

IT’S OFFICIAL, CLAY AIKEN IS HOT!!!!! Whew, saw him on Leno last nite and he was smokin’ HOT!!!

“(Also, it appears that the “mean girls” are out in force in this forum. They are easily recognizable and thus easy to dismiss, but I, like some others here, have heard and seen recent tv reports about a “mean girls syndrome” and how easy it is to manipulate text and pictures on the computer/internet to make the false seem all too real…so sad – and frightening.)”

Ugh! Don’t you KC fans have anything better to do…like go torture the neighbor’s puppy or pull the wings off butterflies or something else to make you feel better.

carol on

I think it looks great He also looks happy with it people should quit bashing him

Christine on

I like the new hair…but I have to admit, I like the old hair better. But more important than the hair, I love Clay and Clay’s voice!

Emma on

Clay Aiken’s hair looks great on him. It comliments his fine featured face and that infectious smile. He may look young because he is young. Some people look young all their lives. He is twenty seven years old and look what he has accomplished. The man is a humanitarian with a one in a million voice.

Marie on

I love it. He looks hot!

LJ on

Clay’s hair is a welcome change. He is growing and changing and his look reflects that. I say BRAVO CLAY!

Kay Reinders on

Love Clay, love the new hair, can’t wait to see how his new CD does.

Kimm on

Hair? What new hairdo? I can never get past those gorgeous eyes long enough to check out the ‘do.

Ginger Hines on

His new look scares the **** out of me . Who in the world convinced him to do that? I cannot even bare to look at him.

Clay on

I think his new hair style looks great! Shame on all of you people with the negative remarks. I’d like to see your hair styles!!!! All that was asked of you was do you like the hair or not and not for your nasty remarks. Grow up!

Donna on

Way to go Joe! That’s the Measure of a Man !

Jessica Honey. You need to grow up. Your small mind is showing. Some very young boys are very anal and this is the kind of comments they make when one is trying to outdo the other verbally! Are you a very young boy ?

Mike Garcia says “Give him a guitar and put him on a Harley Davidson” NOW THAT’S THE BEST IDEA I HAVE EVER HEARD ! Let me add- Dress him with some fine leather garb and let the fun begin! Want to line up for a ride Mike?

Here is an amazing thing:No matter where you move in cyberspace that mentions Clay Aiken, the haters, and naysayers and the immature and their ilk crawl out from under the rocks and find the sites. I suppose, if one looked at it carefully, it’s quite a compliment. How else can it be explained? So much time and effort being invested in one they do not like. It keeps his name moving and known.

Congratulations Clay Aiken! I saw you on Leno last night. Your hair? I don’t have a problem with it. I seen far worse. Willie Nelson!(legend) Keith Urban ( good looking -messy head),Kid Rock!(!!!!!no comparison) Howie Mandel (Sexy-no hair).It’s the voice that affects-not the hair!

I’ll stick to what my husband said “Well, he’s grown into quite a man,hasn’t he?


Debbie on

One of things I really like about Clay, is that he is not afraid to change. I think he looks very hip and trendy.
Look for his current style to evolve in the coming months as well.

Katie on

love it!!! he could be bald for all i care, but i think it looks great.

Rosie Lepore on

I think Clay looks HOT!! I love when a man can make changes and still be the same adorable, sexy guy he’s always been. I LOVE the new style! YOU GO CLAY!!!

Beverly on

I think he looks better with the old hairdo. I loved the spikes and think it suited him better. I also preferred the reddish hair that was lighter. Clay’s an awesome guy and can sing the heck out of anything, and that’s what really matters. I’ll be in line first thing Sept. 19 to get “A Thousand Different Ways.” You’re awesome, Clay, and congrats on your recent presidential appointment!!! :) :)

Ashley on

3 words:
Clay looks gay.

Donna on

Joe-You are the measure of a man!(without Jessica LOL)

Cat- Stop! Do not cut your hair! Do not change the style! You will be deceiving others into thinking you have changed! It’s a hair style for crying out loud!

Jessica – Your small mind is working overtime. Very young immature boys are very anal and what you said (about your vomit) is something they would say when competing verbally.It makes them laugh hysterically. Are you a very young immature boy or do you need help with your issues?

Craig- you are so right! Mopheads was an affectionate term for the Beetles!There were far worse!

You Clay Aiken haters sure do expend a lot of time and energy on him. It does serve its purpose though.You are on every Aiken board picking up every scrap of information and bringing it back to your own boards. Buzzards have their function too! Certainly helps to keep the buzz about Aiken going!

The hair? You have the right idea Clay Aiken. Change it up occasionally! Keep the naysayers guessing.It sure created some interest when you made the change back in May and it is still a hot topic four months later! Can’t beat that!

Most importantly, your heart is kind and generous and your voice is glorious!

I think I will stick with my husband on what he said when he saw Clay last night on Leno: “WOW! HE HAS GROWN INTO QUITE A MAN, HASN’T HE?”

Ann on

I really love the new do. He has softened it a bit and it does remind me of the Beatles, but it is his. “The Clay Aiken hair.” I liked the old look too!

Lisa Peake on

I think the new do is incrediably hot looking. If anyone saw him on the Leno show last night, he was very manly looking with the light beard and I just love his new hair. I loved his old look too, so either way works for me. As far as that lame K.D. Lang comment – I think anybody thinking that needs glasses. The main thing is, the man can sing.

Mo on

Awesome….singer, love the new look…glad that he has the confidence, talent and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others and that he is genuinely himself no matter what his hair is doing!!!

beach babe on

ewww……… he is such a weirdo! he needs to make a name 4 himself like kelly clarkson!

right now is a nobody!!!!!!!!!!!

Debra on

Love the man, love the voice, HATE the new look! It looks as if he is being forced to look hip, sexy, and smoldering. Just let Clay be Clay. He doesn’t need a “look.”

Missie on

I don’t care what his hair looks like. I love Clay for the remarkable human being he is. His beautiful voice is an added bonus.

marge on

I love the look it’s John and Paul all over again WOW CLay is stunning. Leno show was amazing. Clay keep it you are hip, vogue. And your singing is amazing this CD is incredible.
To those of you fans that don’t like it, your right. OK. Good ot come and give an honest comment.
To the people who are mean and insulting, remember give out bad Karma, get it back. You could do beter in life than be a nasty troll

Donna on

Joe-You are the measure of a man!(without Jessica LOL)

Cat- Stop! Do not cut your hair! Do not change the style! You will be deceiving others into thinking you have changed! It’s a hair style for crying out loud!

Jessica – Your small mind is working overtime. Very young immature boys are very anal and what you said (about your vomit) is something they would say when competing verbally.It makes them laugh hysterically. Are you a very young immature boy or do you need help with your issues?

Craig- you are so right! Mopheads was an affectionate term for the Beetles!There were far worse!

You Clay Aiken haters sure do expend a lot of time and energy on him. It does serve its purpose though.You are on every Aiken board picking up every scrap of information and bringing it back to your own boards. Buzzards have their function too! Certainly helps to keep the buzz about Aiken going!

The hair? You have the right idea Clay Aiken. Change it up occasionally! Keep the naysayers guessing.It sure created some interest when you made the change back in May and it is still a hot topic four months later! Can’t beat that!

Most importantly, your heart is kind and generous and your voice is glorious!

I think I will stick with my husband on what he said when he saw Clay last night on Leno: “WOW! HE HAS GROWN INTO QUITE A MAN, HASN’T HE?”

Lisa on

I saw him last night on Leno and it looked much better. On AI it was really dark and I didn’t like that at all. He must’ve lightened it because it looks so much better now.

jordan on

i hate it! he looks as if he’s trying to be 14 years old. well clay i have got some shocking news for you, your old!! not 14. go back to your old haircut!!!!!
no hard feelings- lol

Jenny on

I think he looks great! Sexy as all get out. Yeah.

Katie on

Clay’s new hairstyle is really cute. Not sure why anyone would say something mean like he should wear a bag over his head. What do YOU look like and how would you like it if someone made a similar comment about you? Just because you’re posting anonymously online is not a reason to be unkind. If you don’t like the hairstyle, that’s cool — you’re entitled to your opinion, but there’s no need to launch an unwarranted personal attack.

Debra on

He looks simply ADORABLE!!!

susan on

Even if he wears his hair “a thousand different ways,” I’ll always love Clay. First, it was the big voice and then it was the man-a man, whose grace and kindness eclipse the hugeness of his voice.

Go Clay!!!

Kay on

I love Clay with short or long hair!! Simply put, the man is HOT!!! Not to mention he has an amazing voice that we all have been patiently waiting to hear, when his album comes out on Tues. the 19th!!!!!

Laura on

wow I can’t believe the jealousy over this young man he is great and he looks great he sings wonderful can’t wait for the cd the boy has it going on

Lynsey on

At the AI finale (as seen in your pic), I absolutely hated it — too dark, too much greasy product, too unexpectedly different. But after seeing it quite a few times since then, without the greasy product, and now that it’s a little lighter and more red in color (you really should have used another, more recent pic), I *really* like it. Even better than his old spikey look, which must have been a real pain to deal with. Actually, I think the new look is rather HAWT (and I’m >40).

BTW, what exactly is “this new k.d. lang-meets-disaffected-myspacer image” supposed to mean? Quite obviously it was meant to be an insult, but I don’t get it. And it doesn’t sound like something a real professional writer would say …. I’m sorry to see PEOPLE opted in that direction.

Sandra on

I think the new hairstyle is out of this world…he looks more sexy than ever and I like that he is not afraid to experiment and by changing his look now and then, can never really be put into a mold – his hair is a reflection of his attitude toward life … sure I’ll try that! And there are swooning Claymates covering the globe who are so very happy that he did!

Susan K. Grabowski on

I LOVE the new Clay look…OMG…did you see him on Leno last night…looked like a handsome, confident, British rocker! Even my husband said that Clay is looking much better nowdays…I love Clay for his philanthropy, his voice, and, of course, his gorgeous self!

renee on

i think he looks better with lighter shades and about the hairstyle .. the shaggy look makes him looks younger and the spike hair makes him look .. CLAY :) haha either way, his voice is hot.

Mee Mee on

The Mom in me say he needs a trim! I love Clay, I just like the older cleaner looking hair style better. Why ness with a good thing? The darker hair is great…just trim it and keep the face clean shaven, Norny

Julie on

I love his new look! It’s a great cut and very face-flattering. THe hair moves very well on TV when he sings. I also like the facial stubble on Leno last night. He sings like no one else on the current pop scene and it is very refreshing to listen to someone who sounds distinctive and unique.

brianna on

I love the way he had his hair on Leno last night. The color and style were absolutely perfect……very HOT,trendy and sexy. Loved the suit and especially the voice as well. Can’t wait to hear the new album!

Ulanna on

I like the new Clay Aiken look. It’s great to change up your look. But, I’m not too concerned about how he looks, I like his voice. His voice is amazing. He’s got the God given talent to sing, better than all those people in the industry today who ‘think’ they can sing. Clay is aloud to change his look up, he’s aloud to do whatever he pleases, so if he feels it’s time to do justice with the hair, then so be it, it’s great for someone to take risks, and it takes someone very strong to go through the garbage ridicule that someone like Clay has to go through. I don’t think Clay is hot, but his voice is amazing, and we need more talent like him in this world. Go CLAY! and GL with all your success.

PS: I read through a post, and it happened to catch my eye, with all the other 500 comments, but someone stated about spelling errors. I’m sorry, I thought I was on a message board talking about Clay Aiken’s new hair-doo, I guess I’m really on a board telling me how to spell, we call it the “Spelling Bee Board.” Grow up. This is a message board. On occasion, I make a few mistakes too, sorry we all can’t be as perfect as you are.

Barb on

Celebrities change their looks. Why is this different? His recent Tonight Show look was different again. This time the long hair was trimmed, & lighter. A bit of scruff added to his face also. I like it!

Bonny Sadler on

I LOVE his new look.

Brenda on

I love Clay’s new look! I think it makes him look real sexy, not so much the boy next door look now, but totally HOTTTT!!!

marlene kapalko on

love his new hairstyle. He looks totally different. this comes from a 60ish granmother.

nicole on

I think Clay looks like Eddie Furlong. I also think he looks very feminine with this new hairstyle, to put it politely.

Mar on

Love the new look. Gives him an edgy statuesque appearance.

Lillian on

Clay is growing up and his new do is the absolute best! He continues to amaze me with his voice and his beauty. I really love this man!

Erin on

I think it makes him look worse than he did before…….he has a fabulous voice and should be showcasing that – not his hair.

Sara on

I love it. He looked great on Leno’s show a few nights ago.



Lisa on

He looks redicilous. He looks like he had $30,000 work of plastic surgery. He looks like a women!

Bren on

It needs to be out of his eyes. And the make up person went overboard. But change is good.

Linda on

As many have said, liked his hair before, like his hair how. He is HOT. His voice is HOT. Looks do not matter, it’s the voice. Buy his new CD the minute you can, listen to the voice. Get IT.

sherri on

I caught Clay’s appearance on Leno Friday night, and I just have to say *WOW!!* to his performance! What an amazing voice he has! I mean, I knew he could sing, but whoa, I had no idea how well! Clay Aiken is crazy CRAZY talented!

I thought he looked REALLY good too. GREAT hair! He’s a very handsome guy. Those closeups were to DIE for! My God! In fact, he’s jumped to the very top of my ‘hot guy’ list. I just might have to google him…find some pictures, etc. :)

Karen on

Anyone who knows Clay knows he probably feels more comfortable like this. Clay has been known to have many hairdo’s and this certainly isn’t any crazier than ones he’s had in the past. I love it and I bet he does too!

Jenn on

I love Clay but not thrilled with th do. I’ve seen some photos where it’s parted to the side, I like them better. It’s too long into his eyes. When he has his scruffy face he looks like the cartoon character with Scooby Doo. But I love hime anyway.

Betty on

I really like the new look. I never really cared for the spiked hairdo. My actual favorite hairstyle for Clay is the way he wore it for the Juke Box Tour. Whatever he wants to do with his hair is just fine with me. It’s the voice, the talent, the man that keeps me in awe! I’m so proud of him and all that he stands for.

denise kotecki on

I like Clay, but not the new do!!!!

Laurs on

I think this makes him look like a bigger doofus than he did before.

Brandi on

I love Clay’s new look. He looks so HOT!!!! Good luck Clay on your album release.

lee on

Whats with the eye makeup?

Linda on

I think he looks more handsome then ever. The hair color and the style is the best.

scg on

He was handsome with the old look, but with the new look, he is drop dead gorgeous!!! The man is just so beautiful!!!

Abigail on

And BTW, this is about his HAIR. It’s trendy, sure, but he was never trendy. What’s next Clay, a tribal tattoo arm band?

Lisa on

I think Clay looks soooo HOT> He’s so much cuter than he wuz before. Yay 4 Clay!!!

Jill on

Whoa. Clay is a celebrity and everyone here acts like someone just kicked their puppy. He’s a star and therefore everything he does is open to public debate. And yes, he seriously looks like a chick. An uncute one at that.

Jojo on


Autumn on

I think it makes him look younger,perhaps that’s what he’s going for??

Tane23 on

I love the new do!!! 10 times better :)

Laura on

YUCKY! Bring back the old “do” for sure!

Rebecca on

like the bangs… but the back seems a little mullet-like

skye on

I LOVE his updated appearance! LOVE his new look!!!

DeAnne Brumfield on

Looks great Clay! A great Beatles look!

phil on

Didn’t like his old look and could really care less about his new look. Or his singing for that matter.

Emily on


Andrea on


Courtney on

Scary both ways.

Maggie on

Clay’s new look was awesome!

dtan on

I love it!

mega - CLAY HOT on

if you want to see CLAY HOT, check out his rolling stone cover.
otherwise it’s the usual clay-safe but clay-cute. (which is OK too!)hope he does another christmas special!
he will find his own style, just like his voice.
love you stay sweet raleigh boy!

Ann on

I love Clay Aiken’s new hairstyle. Clay Aiken is very cute and is the greatest and the best male singer today!

Rosie on


sara on

Ugh, hair in the eyes just gets on everyone’s nerves – pretty much like her singing. Nice eyeliner, though.

susan cook on

the first time i saw clay with his new look i didnt even know it was him. i thought it might be k.d. lang. but i do love his soothing voice and he has talent thats for sure. i pray his anxiety and panic getsa better.

catherine on

um, i think he looks a bit better before. his new hair style doesnt match him. it looks too shaggy on him.

krista on

Clay is an absolute doll. ‘The hair’ doesn’t matter. Long or short, he always looks great. :)

I have to add… I got his cd last night. He sounds ~amazing~!! um, the way he sings the word *baby* on the song ‘Broken Wings’ is just **omg**! SO sexy! :D

The entire cd is totally smokin’ hot!! It’s a great balance of showing off his powerful voice on some songs, combined with other songs that are sooo soft & sexy. It’s awesome! :)

Patricia on

I absolutely love the new look of Clay. I loved the old look to. I don’t care how he looks I love Clay. I am a proud Claymate

olha on

eewwww…he looks like harry potter…

s.winters on


Alexandra on

I liked his old look better -.-

He looks ugly now -.-

Brian Belovitch on

He’s starting to look like Lindsay Lohan’s older sister.

Paigie Poo on

I think he looks more like a girl now. I liked it sooooo much better the way it used to be.

Lynn on

Clay’s hair on the Jimmy Kimmel Show was awesome! No product, just pure Clay, blowing in the wind. So Hot!
Love Clay, love his hair, he is soooo cute.

Christine on

I’m not a huge fan, but i think the longer look suits him much better than the spikey look. He looked like a geek before…

Tiffany on

i think he looks sooo much better with the short hair. when i saw him with the long hair i just looked at the tv funny like .. whats going on here? lol. he was so much cuter with short hair

Dee on

It is not a natural look for Clay, and although looking “fresh” in entertainment might be the trend, a forced look like this ( especially on a guy) is transparent and will not likely last long. Nerdy or not, gay or not, Clay has one of the most incredibly flawless voices in the industry, so does it really matter?

seighdee on

he looks so much better, he should
keep this look….definately!!!

kss on

Oh that’s just wrong. Seriously. Bad, baaaad badbad badbadbad look.

Gertrude on

i think it looks o.k but he looks like a girl so he should probably cut it shorter or spike it! or he should get a mohawk or go bald!!!!:)

Elizabeth on

He Looks SOOO Sexy with the longer hair, but he’s back to the shorter look now. Not to mention the chestnut brown on him? *whoo*

amy on

i think it’s cute.

amanda on


Elke (Belgium) on

Clay’s new look is amazing !! He showed the world that he’sn’t that boy from american idol, but he’s a star. LOVE YOU CLAY !! BELGIUM SAYS: YOUR NEW LOOK IS HOT !!

Freddy on

He looks like a girl!!!!

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