Orlando's Movie Looks: Vote For Your Favorite!

09/14/2006 at 03:16 PM ET

Let’s face it: There are very few guys who can look hot, regardless of the character or role they’re playing. And Orlando Bloom (sigh…) is one of those special few guys. He’s been Elfin Hot, as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings. He also looked like the missing member of Nelson, but we’ll overlook that. He’s been Man-in-Uniform Hot in the action-packed Black Hawk Down. He’s even been hot in movies most people haven’t seen, like Australian Gangster Hot in Ned Kelly and Crusader Hot in Kingdom of Heaven. My personal favorite is Pirate Hot in (Pirates of the Caribbean, of course. What, did you think I’d say Elizabethtown?). Yarr! Talk about booty-licious. — Cara Shultz

Now PEOPLE magazine wants to know: Which of his movie-screen looks is the hottest? Click here to vote now! See the results in next week issue!

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Shasha on

Pirates without a doubt.He looks so dirty and rugged*Siiiiiggh*

mega on

Got to be Elfin hot. Legolas all the way baby!

Iris on

Orlando as Legolas. The pointy ears, how sexy! It makes me want to have mixed babies with Legolas. How cute would half-elf babies look?!

Tara on

I like the kingdom of heaven hott. very very sexy ;)

Mandy on

Definitely Pirates(all the way baby)!!! but wht can I say he looks pretty good no matter what:D

~Andrea~ on

Oh my….the one with no shirt!! Have no idea the name of the movie but YUM :) Orlando is so Sexy with his sexy facial hair and gorgeous face and smoldering eyes!
Did I say YUM?!

nora on

what can i say?!he is always sooooooooo hot!!!

clare on

wow. i mean really does he ever look bad? but if i’d gave to pick i’d say legolas cause he made one hot elf.

JEssica on

He’s hot in every friggen picture. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah on

definitly pirates.hott:)

? on

I love his elf look.

Laura on

What about Troy (hubba hubba)? Or Elizabethtown, in which he was actually clean-shaven and playing a modern, everyday gorgeous guy-next-door?

Crystal on

Women all over the world are going to hate me for this, but the only time I ever thought he was cute was as an ELF.

Tania Ladino on

Orlando is so hot… but i love how he looks as Legolas because looks like an angel, that ears and hair are amazing but he never use to look like that then as is right now in pirates of the caribbean is so HOT!!!

Vi on

He is very cute, but he looks too much like my brother for me to find him attractive in THAT way. But, looks aside, he is an amazing actor, and, from all accounts, a really nice guy. So, way to go, Orlando.

JJ on

Lord of the Rings! Hands down! The hair, the eyes and the pointy ears. YEP

staceymay on

You totally forgot his Troy look! I’d say Pirates look though.

evie on

ooh. can`t decide. just soo yummy.

chainee on

i’m torn between legolas and pirates of the caribbean!


erika on

ohhh…pirates and lord of the rings

EmO giRl on


K. Winfree on

I first fell in love with the elf……from there he’s only gotten better and better….He is sooooo yummy.I love the troy look also..

Laura on

I think Orlando is hottest when in Pirates! so glad their making a third!

Isabel on

Pirates and Lord of the Rings definitely.
I liked him in Elizabethtown.

Stephanie on

I thought he was adorable in Troy – very babyfaced ;)

Stephanie on

ps – kate bosworth, you lucky duck!

beach babe on

people posting their comments will probably hate me but i don’t think he’s attractive! in fact why do women go for the english guys?

Annette on


Tracy on

Definitely Legolas!!!! He is SOOOO HOOOOTTTT as an elf!!

Monica on

beautiful!! pirates

May on

He is hot no matter what movie he is in. He just has that appeal that you can’t descirbe. Yummers!!!!!!!

Alicia on

Wow it’s so hard to choose because he looks great all of the time. I guess I would have to go with Pirates though because he has the whole rugged look happening.

Deanna on

I agree with Crystal…did ya’ll forget about Troy? Orlando is SCORCHING HOT no matter what role he plays. I particularly like the real Orlando in his funky hats walking the streets of NYC and LA. I remember a picture of him & Kate wondering around Disneyland…I’d have starred despite the fact that he’s a celeb. He’s is the sexiest man alive…PERIOD!

jennifer on


katie on

Legolas, no question about it, he was a hot elf! There was something about his long, blond locks that was very appealing… I was disappointed when I discovered that he’s a brunette.

Lisa on

Orlando Bloom is much like Johnny Depp. Both can fit into the role of their characters so well. They look HOT no matter what! But I have to say…PIRATES turn me on!!!

tatito! on

legolas, will turner and balian!!!!!!!

alejandra on

He looks hot any which way. GORGEOUS

mega on

yes yes yes! i agree with ~Andrea~ PLEASE tell me what movie he was in the fourth picture!

and beach babe – what is it about the english guys? the accent goes a long way too…!

dolores on

elfin hot at first, but pirate hot turns me on the most!oooh that dirrrty,and so Manly look!heavenly!

sarah on

hez with out a doubt gorgeous………..so hot …….kate bosworth is sooooo lucky……………i wish he was mine

KNN on


vicky on

he looks fine in every movie. i loved seeing his shaped body in the movie troy x

Jamie on

Ooohhh, it must be something about Pirates! When he and Johnny Depp team up it is an EYE CANDY FEST!!! So gorgeous!!!

Lisa on

He is quite beautiful. I’ve never seen him look bad.

Rebecca on

Its impossible to choose one! He is just so sexy!!!

Renae on

Pirates for sure but he’s hott in just about anything!!

Michelle on

Let me wipe the drool from my keyboard. Will Turner does it for me. He is so sweet and down to earth.

My daughter thinks he is it. Does anyone know if he has a fan club?

Christy on

Well, see, how can you chose?! I did vote, but STILL! I mean, look! 5 pictures! That’s one Orlando Bloom a day! LOL! He is so hot…

Emma & Marisa on

He looks hottest as the elf in Lord of the Rings. He just looks dirty in the other ones.

Emma & Marisa on

He looks hottest as the elf in Lord of the Rings. He just looks dirty in the other ones.

Emma & Marisa on

He looks hottest as the elf in Lord of the Rings. He just looks dirty in the other ones.

Emma & Marisa on

He looks hottest as the elf in Lord of the Rings. He just looks dirty in the other ones.

Lisa on

What happened to really good looking men (like Clooney). None of these guy look good at all to me. Orlando is so feminine. Don’t know anything about the other dudes.

Natalie on

I first saw him in lord of the rings and he was soo HOT!! I adored the long blonde hair and the ears *sigh* but I do love his brown hair and deep brown eyes, they are so romantic! orlando will always be hot!! (well except when he saved his head or when he used to have a mohawk..that was a bit strange)

me on

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………pirates! mmm mmm goodness! :P

Cee on

I think that man looks good in anything. I loved his Kingdom of Heaven look. He was clean and dirty in that and I loved his walk in that. I also love Pirates too. Clean and dirty in that as well. In LOTR, everyone was dirty and just yuck but that elf looked clean and still looked good after a fight. Yeah, People do us a favor…Make Him Sexiest Man Alive….PLEASE…Oh and I must say this…the man looks hot when wet!!!

Wanger on


krystal on

I dont care what movie he is in. He always looks hot. I heard he is single now.

Kseniya on

He looks like a sissy on all of them

catherine on

omg! its orlando bloom! he is like one of the hottest dudes in the world. just that nobody is hotter than david beckham…by the way, orlando looks gorgeous in all the movies. everytime i see him in a movie, i fall in love with him! and i hope orlando and kate are still in a strong relationship! they make a good couple!(L)…

Kris on

I can’t pick!!! I love him as Legolas…but he gained like 50 lbs of muscle for Kingdom of Heaven. And what girl wouldn’t mind have a piece of that?

I’m going to have to go with booty liscious Will Turner. I swagger a bit for those hunky pirates…..argh

savannah williams on

I think Orlando Bloom’s hair in pirtis of the carabben.

savannah on

Oh I’m going to waich Elizabeth town. I how it will be
a good movie. I can’t want to see it becouse I’m a big
fan of Orlando Bloom.

Jen Stone on

No matter what movie he does, he ALWAYS looks like he smells bad.

ermira on

orlando bloom is the hottest guy on earth so he is gorgeous in evey movie!!!!!I lOve him!!!!kate bosworth is stupid to leave a man like orlando

amber on

I like so much legolas….because I love this character for him I was falling in love of orlando…

LeeAnn on

one word HOT i cant choose cause he is so freakin hot, i first saw him as legolas and he is the hottest elf ever!! then in kingdom of heaven, then pirates, oh i would kill to be kiera knightly she is so lucky!!!!!!

Erin on

omg orlando bloom is so beautiful. i saw him in LOTR and wasn’t too thrilled the first time around, but when i saw his face in pirates, i LOVED HIM. omg and in the second one my friend and i were at the theater and were like “omg how can a guy have features like that”. he is like perfectly shaped chiseled everything. but i’m not going to sit here and say stuff like yum yum in case he reads that and it sounds like i want to eat him! ha ha but i dunno. he is (YOU ORLANDO) are soo gorgeous. i luv u

Randi on

Totally pirates that’s what made me his biggest fan!I

Tashawna on

Definatly pirates of the carribean hello! he is all sweaty and dirty and his beautiful hair OOOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!
But before i go to far off its pirates of the carribean for sure. Did any a uz see pirates of the carribean 2! i saw it and he is still gorgeus but it don’t surprise me cause that is how he will always be…

Tiff on

OMG that is a easy question (DEFINATELY PIRATES…) Oh so sexy!! orlando is always sexy though lol

Carol on

I definitely think he looked the hottest in POTC 2. He was so sweaty and dirty and wet most of the movie and he looked hot! A close second would be Kingdom of Heaven. Orlando was so buff in that movie.

KiKi on

*drool* *drools some more* XD

LuLu on

omg i just watched POTC2 for the second time and he was SOOO hot….i love that scene where he gets whipped, though it was sad, we saw some bare back there! i have an OB calendar…….soooo hot. i’ve been lingering on september for the past 3 months :-) you could maybe say im obssessed. yeah so my vote is def. pirates. SUCH a babe

ashleigh on

oooooooh!-the bloke is so fit!!!-i love him!!-gorj

kristin on

Though Orlando’s face looks much better when he’s sporting stubble and a dark goatee, he looks better overall in the Legolas wig. Why? In his newer roles, when he keeps his natural hair colour, his hair tends to look greasy and unkempt. That ruins his natural look for me.

Indira on


Evy on

Obviously I love his elve look… I love it!! his hair, his ayes… ummm

Lill on

Pirates of the Carribean… he looks so Hot!!!! =)

Phoebe on

he is so damn hot.

paigeywaigeywoo on

hot hot hot! orlando makes the purr-fect pirate! ow! hottie!

harriet on

well obviosly a pirate he looks so damn HOT grrrrrrrr

Kate on

He’s just gorgeous. At all times. I must say that when hes all rugged and sweaty as a Pirate… its amazing.

ces on

definetely as legolas i love elven guys they alway end up looking cute maybe its the hair ilove long hair on him

Kelsey Ogilvie on

Wilde, Black Hawk Down, Lord of the Rings 1 2 and 3, Pirate 1 2, Kingdom of Heaven, Haven, The Calcium Kid, Elizabeth Town, Love and other disasters, Troy and Ned Kelly!!! He looks hot in ALL OF HIS 14 MOVIES!!!!!!! soon to b 15, when pirates of the caribbean at worlds end, comes out!!!! Can any 1 actually comprehend the pride that his Mother must feel towards him?????? He is the SEXIEST guy alive!!!!!!! Am i right or wat girls?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I cant wait to see him i Pirates 3! Did any1 now that he has actually cut of his hair?!?1 He cut the will turner look off! its all short now, but he is still the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!!!!! there is no1 to even coome CLOSE to his hotness!!! Luv u Orlando, Kelsey!!!!!!

Tania on

Orlando is hot everytime, he makes me happy whit his beautiful face and his hot body.

Christine on


sam on

OMG!!!! These pics are sssoooooo HOT!!!!!! I can’t decide.. But I definitely LOVE him as pirates!! He’s SSSOOOOOO HOT!!! (especially in the 2nd pirates when he’s coming on the island soaking wet… sssiiiggggghhhhhhh)

carolyn on

will turner, hands down. he’s hot in troy but his character is such a wimp it’s impossible to like him. will turner is just….BANGIN.

angers on

absolutely pirates.he’s so hott there:)

becca on

i absolutely love Orlando Bloom. i have seen all of his film that he has starred in and he looks really fit in all of them. HE IS SUCH A HOTTIE. I WISH HE WAS MINE.

Phieps on

he’s very very very very hot and sexy….. i love him.. he is the best and the hottest man alive ;)
ahhhhhhhh he’s sooooooo handsome and cute =) muhahahaha

Alexandria on

lord of the rings. he looks the hottest in that movie

Danielle on


Saz on

definately Pirates, he’s just got such a good looking body!!!

Anjana on

he is hot in all the movies…especially in pirates

Ashleigh on

Definitely in Pirates of the Carribean. Uhh yum. Hmm yeah i guess so as Legolas aswell.

Andrea on

Oh my god, he is so hot and sexy i love him so much, in all movies!!

Kayla on

Pirates…..he is so hot but hes hot no matter wat but in pirates hes so sexy!!!

becca on

he is soooooooooo sexy in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie (he was in all of them)at the end(sigh)iv only got one thing to say he is gorgouse. A liked him better wiv long pirate hair though

Elise on

I’ve just watched the third Pirates of the Caribbean XD he’s so nice in the movie^_^ I used to not like him much hehe but after I watched all the Pirates hehe i’m sure i like him hehe

Emeline on


Orlando's soon to be wife on

OMG!!! Orlando is sooooooooooooooooooo hot and adorable in Pirates!!!! He is most hot in the 3rd Pirates which I almost cried in when he died ,but then he came back to life. He looks so hot in Lord of the Rings too but he’s hot matter what movie he’s in!!!!!!

Looloo on

Orlando…definatly pirate look! No one is a bigger fan of those movies than me!!!+

Tonya on

I LOVE HIM!!! Eeeek!

I think he looks the sexiest in pirates.

OH MY — Did you see at the end of the third one where he’s all tanned and has that pirate-like blouse on???? OMG I’m talkin- SEXXYYYY

elliephantoness on

definetly pirates! im obsessed w/ the pirates movies! orlando is soooooo hot!

VB on

i like the one with his shirt off… ;) also pirates though.

shley on

definitely LEGOLAS

with long blond hair

anonymous on

Ooooo i would have to say Orlando in Lord of the Rings but he always hot.

Steve on

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