Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

09/14/2006 at 10:58 AM ET

Last night’s episode ten of Project Runway began with a twist. At a “party” for the designers, Heidi Klum revealed the hidden benefits of winning earlier challenges — she brought back Vincent and Angela for one more challenge, meaning that three contestants would be cut at the end of the challenge. They were tasked with creating a cocktail dress out of only black and white and had to use every last scrap of fabric that they bought in the final garment. Laura grappled with self-doubt, and Jeffrey grappled with Angela being back. With guest judge Zac Posen looking on, Laura won for her young and chic lace babydoll dress. Vincent and Angela were cut once more, as was southern boy Kayne. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I felt nauseous when I saw Angela and Vincent back. My two least favorite! And it just seemed sadistic. Who didn’t know they were the weak links and would get kicked right back off? I thought Jeffrey’s dress looked like an alpine hooker- “cheap” was an understatement. I liked poor Kayne’s simple mini better- I will miss him. He seemed like the kind of guy you’d like to have brunch with. Now I am so psyched to go to the runway show in the Tents on Friday!! (More on that to come. . .)

Clarissa says:
Yes, bringing the taste-challenged Angela and skeevy (“I’ll make beautiful music all my life”) Vincent back on was clearly just an attempt to add more aggravation to the competition for no reason. All they did was prove they were rightly kicked off in the first place. As for auf wiedersehen-ing Kayne instead of Jeffrey (even though Jeffrey’s outfit was clearly hein), it was totally reminiscient of Santino and Wendy Pepper’s overextended stays in seasons past. And finally: Laura. Is. A. Rock. Star. She gives Heidi a run for her hot momma money and still managed to make a rocking dress.

Angela says:
Am I getting too Project Runway-jaded? I thought this episode was rather tedious and a big snooze. I mean seriously, we all knew there was no way either Angela or Vincent could possibly compete with the
remaining contestants on a skill level. And didn’t we all know that Kayne, though sweet, would be the next too go? I’m worried about Uli. If she doesn’t try to stretch herself for the next challenge, she could be next. Michael is blessed. He’s got it… This was first the episode in which Laura seemed human. And her dress was adorable! I’d buy it!

Allison says:
So glad, too, to see Laura finally win (since it was clear she was the reason Angela “won” the Macy’s challenge). Was sorry to see Kayne go; Jeffrey is evil, if talented.

Loved having Pinenut and Angela comeback. I think you all are jaded: Vincent is great! Maybe not the great designer he thinks he is, but a hilarious addition to the show. Can’t wait for the reunion.

My husband, who (true story) made a fashion reference to the Bay City Rollers this morning, agrees with me.

Cara says:
When the teaser for this episode showed Laura whining, “I don’t care about the Olsen twins,” I was positive that the special guests for this episode were going to be Mary-Kate and Ashlee. Imagine my horror when, instead, we were given Rosette Queen and Vincent “Get Me Off” Libretti. Ew. Ew a thousand times ew. The challenge was, at first, not too hard — make a cocktail dress out of black and white fabric. That seemed fine, but having to use all the fabric was the real issue. Michael, I thought, had the very clever idea of using it to line the purse. And his outfit was, in my opinion, the real winner. (I didn’t love Laura’s dress.) The worst outfit had to be Jeffrey’s, though. It looked like something from a 1986 Bananarama video! I thought Uli’s dress was okay, but I have to agree with Michael Kors: We do get a variation on the same dress every challenge. I’d love to see her design something very body conscious. And Vincent… Ugh. That’s all I can say. I can’t wait to see next week’s!

Andrea says:
I am so happy for Laura’s win and I really did like her dress. It was probably the only one up there (other than Michael’s) that I would actually wear to a cocktail party. I thought Jeffery came dangerously close to getting eliminated, but then there wouldn’t be any fun left. What a terrible surprise seeing Angela and Vincent again. Of course they didn’t disappoint us: There was a rosette on Angela’s dress and Vincent’s was terrible. What was he thinking with that cape thing? It was good to see them go yet again. I really did almost cry seeing Kayne go. He is just so nice! Uli’s dress was pretty but the sleeves killed it and Jeffrey’s, well, no comment. I’m not exactly sure what kind of cocktail party that was going to. I think he might be the next to go.I am so happy for Laura’s win and I really did like her dress. It was probably the only one up there (other than Michael’s) that I would actually wear to a cocktail party. I thought Jeffery came dangerously close to getting eliminated, but then there wouldn’t be any fun left. What a terrible surprise seeing Angela and Vincent again. Of course they didn’t disappoint us: There was a rosette on Angela’s dress and Vincent’s was terrible. What was he thinking with that cape thing? It was good to see them go yet again. I really did almost cry seeing Kayne go. He is just so nice! Uli’s dress was pretty but the sleeves killed it and Jeffrey’s, well, no comment. I’m not exactly sure what kind of cocktail party that was going to. I think he might be the next to go.

Serena says:
Watching Kayne slug his champagne and call Vincent and Angela “heifers” and “bitches” when they returned to the show was worth the entire episode. Of course, it’s not suprising that neither of them lasted — it was actually kind of pathetic when they were the first to go and just slinked off the stage. I agree that it seemed a bit sadistic to bring them back. As for Laura, it was nice to see her show human emotion — her pregnancy hormones were definitely ramped up. I didn’t love her dress — I much preferred Michael’s (love that intricate cummerbund!). Uli does need to experiment with her designing — fast. She does keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. And Kayne really didn’t seem lost from the start of the episode — maybe Vincent and Angela’s return just sent him over the edge.

I can’t wait to see the Project Runway show at the tents either — it’s going to be great to see a whole collection from each of the finalists. Oh — and I saw Angela on the street the other day going into the subway. What do you think I did? Scanned her outfit for rosettes. Bingo! There was one on her pocketbook. Wouldn’t expect anything less….

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MelissaAnn on

I can’t believe that they brought Vincent and Angela back. At first I was thinking for ratings, but they didn’t even cause too much drama. Both dresses were ugly and I’m glad they were kicked right back off. I’m sad to see Kayne leave, his taste was out there, but he was such a nice guy. And I loved his dress this episode. I was terribly bored with Uli’s dress, does she know how to do anything else? Michaels was beautiful as was Laura’s. I think Michael has an amazing chance to win. Jeffrey, well he’s Jeffrey, and like Uli needs to step out of his comfort zone and try something new. Can’t wait to see what next weeks episode brings!

Jules on

So sorry BUT there is no place to comment on Jessica Simpson being named in the top ten best dressed and being titled the Bachelorette…HELLO SHE IS A DIVORCEE! I LOVE PR too. live in france though so have not watched the lastest episode because it has not shown up on ITunes yet!

Brenda on

I tuned in late and was shocked to find Vincent and Angela back once again — like an extremely bad dream! Mercifully they were booted off once again which was hardly a surprise. As for Kayne, I figured he would be the next to go, though it’s sad because he’s such a likeable guy. (Actually, I thought his dress was really cool, as opposed to Jeffrey’s which was as ugly as he is.) As for the best dress of the evening, I thought it was Michael’s, but I suppose the judges can’t let him win every challenge or there would be no suspense.

Elizabeth on

I was surprised to see Angela and Vincent back as was every one else it seems. I knew they would be elimated again and I was right. I actually thought Vincent should have left on episode 1 – when he sewed that stupid blue dress with the basket hat! He got lucky because the lady that sewed the white dress was worse. I keep hoping every week that Jeffrey will be elimated – he is so nasty to everyone and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Are the judges blind they don’t see this?

Suzie on

When the show’s credits were rolling last night, I noticed it said the contestants were judged by the judges with”input from the producers”. Is there any doubt Jeffrey is still around just for ratings? I mean, spandex leggings? What a freak. He reminds me of a bad Martin Short character. At least Santino was amusing in his own venomous way. Kayne’s dresses this last two weeks have been beautiful and he is one of three (Laura, Michael) who can actually fit clothes to a body! His couture actually did have hand work on it (and wasn’t that the point?). Wasn’t Michael Kors impression of Uli hysterical? I about croaked!

Summer on

I thought that it was hilarious that they brought Angela and Vincent back. I thought that it was even more hilarious that they both thought that they had a chance of winning. I am a small-town midwestern gal, and I have no sense of fashion. Especially high fashion that is shown on the runways in New York, Paris, and Italy, but I do know crap when I see it. The only reason why Angela “won” her challenge is because she picked smart and picked two of the three most talented designers. They carried her all of the way.

I was sad to see Angela, Vincent, and Kayne go. They all brought different elements to the show that made it fun to watch. I loved the “hate” chemistry that Angela and Jeffrey had together. I loved Vincent’s attitude that he was just the poo and the best designer… and how all-around odd he was. Kayne’s… flamboyance (for a lack of better words) always made me laugh. He did get a little too Las Vegas at the end. So he had to go.

I’m sure we all know whom the last three will be…. Jeff, Michael, and Laura. I would love for Jeff or Michael to win.

Anyhow, I thought that it was a great show and can’t wait for the season to wrap up so I can find out who wins!

Nat on

In my opinion neither Vincent nor Angela should have been on the show to begin with; it was good to see them go once again. They should have known better than to even bring them back in the first place. If they were going to bring someone back; it should have been that cute blond girl who’s name escapes me right now. Jeffrey is pure comedy; his evil giggle makes me laugh. It was probably quite unnerving for Angela to be in the same space with him again.

On another note, I loved Kanye and I was sad to see him go. I hope to see him do so much more. His couture dress was amazing and it fit his model like a glove. Jeffrey won that for putting some scraps together; I thought he was supposed to use the scraps this week!?!?

Laura’s dress was not my style; it was lace for crimity sakes. Who wears lace anymore???? Her past dresses were okay; except for that weird sailor number she put together. Michaels’ dress was on point!!! I would definetely buy that and just about anything that he has put out thus far. Jeffrey is just evil and weird and his clothes arent really that nice. But he has a little style in an off kind of Jared Leto way; he just needs to learn how to put it to some use. Oh, I almost forgot about Uli as I normally do during the show. I didn’t like her dress; it looked like all the rest and I’m bored with her. Uli is next to go!

Cathy on

Well, I seem to be running with the majority here. I think Uli is gone next challenge and we will have Michael, Laura and Jeffrey. I was waiting for a bit of a cat fight between Laura and Angela in their room when Laura expressed her displeasure over Angela getting to come back because of a group win and Angela’s snotty attitude. I was glad to see her go again but it was almost worth it because it caused Jeffrey so much irritation. I can’t wait for the reunion show to see what Keith says about everything!!!

Dana on

I was glad to see Angela and Vincent cut once again. I think it was humor on the shows part to bring them back just to see the others squirm. I was sad to see Kayne go, he had such a good personality, but they are their for their talents so people do have to be cut.

Cassandra A on

I liked that Angela and Vincent came back for one last challenge, just to make it clear that they should have been voted off. I really liked Laura’s dress. I am glad she won a challenge, she was over due a win in my book. Michael as usual didn’t disappoint, loved that his dress was white instead of basic black. Uli had the paisley thing going on as always, at least it was a dress not for the patio. Kayne made the best looking hooker dress ever. Jeffery, what can I say. That was the naughty school girl on the runway, and what brain fart did he have when he came up with the leggings. Hated it!

Esti on

Michael, Michael, Michael! I cannot get enough of this guy! His dress was chic, sexy and looked fabulous on his model. As stated earlier, he can’t win them all, but I really hope he takes it home! As for Laura, her dress was sexy but reminded me very much of an earlier outfit she wore on the show. As for Jeffrey, I don’t have very many nice things to say… His cocky attitude has turned me off.

Patty on

It did seem a bit sadistic to bring back Angela & Vincent and indulge their delusions once more. Alison also won a team challenge; so why wasn’t she brought back?
Once again, Michael proved that simple and well made is sexy. Laura also dazzled with her design & I was glad to see her win one-especially with her confidence so shaken. Uli is a one-note designer. Her variations of “The Dress” are getting really boring! (loved the Micael Kors’ impression!;) Jeffery is designing for today’s hooker. That outfit didn’t just scream ‘cheap’, it screamed “$50 for the evening”.
Lastly, sad to see Kayne go-mainly for his spirit & humor. Though his taste level was questionable, his quips were priceless.

melly on

Congrats Laura, she finally got a well deserved win!
That dress was very beautiful as was Michael’s.

Katie on

I’m so upset that Kayne left! He is such an interesting designer (I bought my senior prom dress two years ago from his boutique here in Norman!).

As for Angela and Vincent…there was a reason they got kicked off in the first place. Angela wouldn’t know style if it kicked her in that snooty face of hers. And Vincent…well…he just doesn’t understand a woman’s body.

JEFFREY’S DRESS WAS HIDEOUS! What kind of cocktail party was he thinking of? A party with a bunch of 80s hookers? He should have left but, I suppose, they wanted to continue with some drama, which would be gone if Jeffrey left.

Uli will be the next go. She is obsessed with the beachy look, and it’s getting old.

Michael should win it all, honestly. That dress of his was just gorgeous.

Though, I’m glad to see Laura creating a dress that a 20 year old like myself would wear. Loved it!

Bonita on

Michael should win hands down. However, you know how these reality show are. They are going to throw in a monkey wrench. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him!!

Melinda on

When I look at the body of work from the different designers, a few emerge with their own signature style which is what I thought the judges are looking for. Jeffery definitely has the “trampy rocker” look, Uli has the “free-spirit”, Laura has “sophistication” nailed…but Michael…hmmm, he has designed some great looks, but what really is his style? To win it all…should you be identified with your own signature style? Eventhough, I think that my personal style is closer to Uli’s … I hope Laura wins. I’m a homeschool mother of 3. I appreciate Laura’s determination not to cave into the sweats uniform. She has a standard…in my books a high standard. I see a soon to be mother of 6 giving it her best shot. Many a day I feel like I’m just treading water with my 3. I’m impressed that she still has HER dreams and does it with such style. Go Laura!

Karen on

I was a fan until this last episode. Kane steps out of his comfort zone and although it was not really black and white I feel it would be a dress my daughter or I would wear. On the other hand, Jeffrey’s dress was dog wear. He never changes his style and it almost always looks cheap. So why not “auf” Jeffrey? Jeffrey is also a miserable human being, not whom I would want my kids to emulate? Doesn’t matter though because now I’m “auf” as of this show. Better luck next time.

Sophia on

i LIKE jeffrey. i think he designs beautifully and there’s a definate statement made in every one of his clothes. he’s a great creative thinker and although he obviously gets obnoxious i applaud him for keeping it real. he didn’t mince words when talking about other designs and though he gets very arrogant i think he’s entitled to a little bit of that. i mean look at his clientele BEFORE the show. i just think there’s something so strong and singularly unique in everyone of his looks. the other designers are incredibly talented yes and they all have differing points of views. but i think jeffrey’s designs has that certain quality, an incredibly unique signature and spin on all his clothes really makes you look. you don’t necessarily want to wear his clothes, but it’s that effect that jay mccaroll had on his designs, what mcqueen and a lot of times balenciaga does. i’m not saying he’s there yet but his designs have that amazing potential. and to me, that’s what project runway is all about. oh and ps. i think project runway really worked on villainizing the guy.

tiffany on




Angeles Berg on

I loved Michael’s dress. He should have won.

fouzia said on

congratulations jeffrey, you deserved it and you were real, I just loved your personality and your creation. You are awsome.After what you went through with Lora bless your heart.

Maurya on

I don’t know what those judges were thinking. Hands down Uli took the show and if they were judging the final show to give the overall crown to even though throuout the season clearly michael showed to be the most versitile, Uli was the one who stepped out of her shell for the collection. Jeffery’s collection was the same old boring “gwen steffani” look we expected from him. But I guess they were looking out of the same glasses they had on for the couture project.

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