What do You Think Of J.Lo's New Look?

09/13/2006 at 04:00 PM ET

Now we know what was hiding under her headwrap! Jennifer Lopez unveiled a radical new look at the Toronto Film Festival last night (right) — her hair is now a deep espresso brown! We haven’t seen J.Lo with hair this dark since her Fly Girl days. Was she inspired by all the other stars going dark? We’re so used to seeing her with her perfectly highlighted honey-colored locks (left), we’re a little in shock! But we give it a big thumbs up. Tell us: What do you think of J. Lo’s new do? Which look do you like better?

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Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage;Dara Kushner/INF

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Chantal on

Jo Lo’s hair looks great.
It compliments her skin tone and makes her look younger.

Mrs.Borrego on

I think J-Lo’s new look is super glam and sexy. She is beautiful already, but I think the dark color hair goes great with her skin color. You go girl!

Renae on

I think she looks much much better. She looked too fake before and now she actually looks human.

Teddy32 on

Much better J Lo!

Jacki on

I don’t like her red hue but the brown is lovely on her. I prefer her with her chestnut/auburn look. Not the red you have posted next to her darker shade.

Jane on

I love, love, love it!!! Jen looks beautiful and more youthful with what seems to be her natural color.

Andrea on

I think J.Lo’s look makes her look stunningly younger. It brings out her face and her latina look that we all love. Her previous look was gorgeous as well; it just made her look a little older.

Leslie on

I think it looks terrible…her face looks washed out. She needs to go back to the previous color

Teddy32 on

The darker color is a much better look for J Lo!

Maria on

I think she looks amazing, much better! She looks more sophisticated with the dark hair color.

Millie on

I think this woman is incredible, anything she wears looks good on her, she never has a bad day, ever!

B.Austen on

I love it! She looks radiant! I didn’t really care for her light eyebrows anyway, I like the darker J.Lo! She looks fly!

Kimberly on

It looks good, she looks like her hair should be that dark anyway.

Sarah on

She does look better darker than really light, but in general I thought the look she had about a year ago (in between these 2 in terms of darkness) was WAY better.

aquamarine on

I think it’s great. Her skin looks flawless and her new hairdo complements her complexion. She’s clearly repping her roots

Ann on

I love it. I think it makes her look much younger, fresher, and happier.

Nicole on

J LO looks so much better with darker hair. Red eyebrows were never meant to be for her!

Kim on

I think she looks way better with her hair dark. She looks younger and fresher. The lighter hair made her look like everybody else in Hollywood.

Babette on


jo on


jo on


Trinismiles@hotmail.com on

Jennifer looks great as usualL: This look deserves 4 thumbs all the way up. It reminds me of when she first came on the scene – she had the allure of ‘fresh elegance’ with an array of class. Go Jen.

Trinismiles :)
A very special fan.

jenni on

Jennifer looks beautiful..it goes better with her age as well

marianne on

She looks better, is more natural…I really dont like latina girls trying to be blonde or lighter because they look fake…the dark hair is a good look for JLO. That being said, I cannot stand her, she is the most selfish, greety, and cold hearted celebrity out there…and she should be looked up in jail for the unjustified pain and suffering she puts innocent animals through.

krista on

I think it suits her much better, far more natural looking. She looks stunning with her darker do!

Robin on

She looks much younger with her hair darker. The more natural makeup palette really suits her too. Go J Lo!!

Jen on

I love this look. The darker hair makes her look younger, thinner, and refreshed. It is so nice to see people going back to their natural hair colors. Highlights and bleach are so overdone these days. Kudos to all the girls who dare to go darker (not goth…that’s a totally different story!).

madison on

J.Los new hair looks so amazing i love it. it looks so muchbetter on her.:-)

Amy on

I think that it is about time she changed her look. She was starting to look a little old. She looks like a fresh 20-something.

Courtney on

GORGEOUS! Looks a lot better!

Alabama on

I love it. I just did this – went with the coca cola look switching from light brown. I, too, have the same color eyes and when you go dark like this, it really makes your eyes look lighter.

LN on

Like the change.Suits her coloring,and makes her look younger,and radiant.

Lisa^Lisa on

she is pretty no matter what, but i LOVE it dark

Leanne on

She just lost 10 years and has gained an authentic Latino beauty.

Peach on

I think she looks great. I wasn’t a huge fan of her honey-tinted hair. The dark hair really brings out her Latina features. Good choice, JLo!

Jen on

I think Jennifer’s new hair color looks fantastic.

Bea on

I think she looks far more glamorous with her rich, dark hair color, as opposed to the “bottled” color, which was all wrong to begin with. Plus, I think her skin looks creamy and radiant!

Ashley on

I love her new hair color. She looks much younger! I hate the reddish, brown color…it made her look like some old lady who just got plastic surgery.

JLo's biggest fan on

I think she looks fab no matter what she does, but I definitely think the dark hair looks better… she was looking a little old with the lighter hair… the new dark hair perfectly compliments her skin tone and her makeup looks 10 times better too… what a hottie!!!

Lisa on

Much, much better! It seems to be her natural coloring, which suits her perfectly. Jennifer is always a beautiful woman, no matter what she does to her hair!!!

Claudia on

Jennifer’s hair color makes her look simply beautiful.
It tones profoundly with her features. I say — “YO GO, BEAUTIFUL”!

ShoeGal1321 on

I think she looks great! She looked so old in the other picture!! It’s like she took 20 years off….beautiful as ever. Love ya girl!!

Claudia on

I believe J-Lo’s hair color is simply beautiful. It definitely tones in and makes her features finer. I have to say “You go, BEAUTIFUL”!

Vanessa on

Amazing!! The dark hair really brings out her eyes, BEAUTIFUL!!!

tracie on

i think she looks great!

Danni on

I think the new darker hair really suits her.

zsuzsa on

I think that most people just don’t want to say it out loud, but the truth is that we all fell in love with her during her P.Daddy period, when she was what she really is: a high fashion trend setter babe from the Bronx, who knows who her fans are. P.Daddy was the best thing ever happened to her career and her looks. I can see that she is trying to give us new looks, and yes she is hot. But her simple girl house wife life makes her not more than one of the so many pritty latinas who is. by the way, getting older in front of our eyes. Sorry Jenifer, I think you look good no matter what, but you are no longer the hot pop star you used to be. Thanks to your husband and to the fact that you on your own do not have a specific style or personality. Having said that, P.Diddy is still fly, and all the girls are trying to look like J.Lo used to look. Think about it…..

Monica on

I think she look’s great at what ever she does, she got it like that…

Amy on

Love it, love it, love it! Fantastic any way that she does her hair. She is total class and beauty.

RSB on

I think Jennifer’s new hair color looks great on her…She’s beautiful and the darker color only emphasizes her beauty!



dominique on

I Agree that j.lo looks better with the darker hair, younger and healthier. I think that she dyed it so dark not for the trend but because she is possibly pregnant and won’t have to dye it for a while.

Sarab Lohara on

Love it!, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Those eyes of her make me melt everytime I see her on t.v. or in your magazine.

Rachel on

Is it just me or does her chin look different? Plastic surgery anyone?

Nikki on

I think if you compare the 2 pictures she definitly look’s better with the dark hair! I also think maybe the color is a little to dark, I like her hair a little bit lighter than that!

erika on

she looks a lot better as a brunette…black hair makes her appear more pale and really bland…

Olivia on

I’m not sure about the color, but the ‘do is just awful! It looks like a bird’s nest.

Deena on

I think she looks ok…..i dunno..to me J’Lo’s overrated…

Lisa on

What is up with all the followers lately?? Although she looks better in the dark hair pic then the other. Man, she’s getting OLD! LOL

Jennifer on

She looks younger!! Looks great!!

Kathi on

Love it! The gal is gorgeous and can hardly do anything wrong in the fashion department.

She’s a stunner from the word go!

Lisa on

I really like this color on her. It makes her look relaxed and younger.

cecilia on

I absolutely love her new hair, she always has it light, but she looks really fresh and pretty with dark hair!

Eli on

I think she looks better and it makes her look younger!

Britty bear on

She looks stunning now. Her old look wasn’t flowing on her. She now looks soft, younger and brighter. Love it.

anthony on

I think Marc is still talking about his first wife and JLO wants to look like her!!!!!!!!!!!

girl on

Darker hair looks much better on J.Lo.

legion on

Screw P.Diddy…stop talkin’ such ridiculous nonsense. She is a trillion times more famous and successful than him. Why are you still bringing him up anyway, he’s such old news in her current fabulous life. Jen looks gorgeous, rejuvinated, classy and still damn as SEXY!!! Very proud of her and overjoyed that she’s found peace and happiness. Rock on, Ms. Lopez.

LaTonya on

I dont care for Jennifer’s new look. It makes her look older. I like her better with the honey colored hair. But I still like Jennifer!

andreina on

I totally agree with Rachel, her chin looks different… hmmm!!!…

I also agre with Olivia, it looks like a bird’s nest (though very well built and organized, must be a woodpecker’s.)

Though I like her better with dark hair. It’s just that she looks soooo AWFUL in the first picture that even a monster would look better!

kelly on

What is up with everyone dying their hair black? Hmmm…..Cameron….Lindsay……Jennifer….. I think we have some Britney Spears wannabees!

Jessica on

I think her hair looks great. It’s a change, which is nice. The hair colour suits her. J.Lo is beautiful. She always looks great!!

Gabriela Ruiz on

I dont like it. The dark hair hardens her features too much. She looks better with a caramel color.

Erica on

First of all, what’s up with her updo? Second,
Jennifer has always been my favorite when it comes to beauty I think she is the most gorgeous women out there, but the color, to me it’s almost black, not brown and I don’t like it, she fits better in a little lighter brown with some highlights in it, but still she looks good, it’s impossible for her to look bad, with that perfect face.

And I do not think she have had plastic surgery, she is just smiling diffrently in the two pictures.

nc on


lisa on

I really dont like it. It was better light brown w/ dark highlights.

Kelli on

It’s looks like crap….lighten up JLO!

Mel on

Her eyes TOTALLY pop with the darker brows and hair.

Loves it!

erica on

I like the lighter honey locks. Not this pic exactly but other times when she had light brown hair. The dark shows her for the plain face she really has.

Therebel on

Love it!!!!

lynda on

*sigh* I Love Jennifer. ‘Nuf said.

melissa on

The woman can do no wrong. I’ve been dying for her to die her hard dark. She’s had the honey colored hair for way too long. I practically screamed when I saw her new pics. I love People Mag, but you need to stop putting Britney on your cover every two seconds and start profiling people who deserve it, like the delightfully contagious Ms. Lopez. Media respect for her is long overdue. She shall prevail as always.

JLOlover on

I think that JLO’s hair looks awesome on her, it compliments her so much. Brown is the new blond!!

Katie on

I think it looks great on her, and I agree, she looks younger!

Nina Johnson on

She totally looks ten years younder… the dark hair brings out her eyes and she looks radiant!!!

Jennifer on

I love this woman… she is the most beautiful and sexy person. Her new look is great!

Brenda T. on

Jennifer looks great! I truly love her new look. I so so hated her fake highlights. She seems to be embracing her ethnic looks. She’s a beautiful women and I’m glad to see her get back in touch with her true self. I hope it last for a long time. Gorgeous darling!

Jennylee on

I think she looks great…. very much younger and radiant than before…anyway she is already very gifted and beautiful… hence whatever changes or makeover will works perfect for her…

missy on

For sure I’ll love it for a while. It makes her look even more seductive. But time will pass and I’ll miss her caramel honey-colored hair. Hey, it’s the J.Lo we all know and love!

michael on

Off topic a bit, but I predict she’ll grace the cover of Time Magazine one day. It’s inevitable. Love her or hate her now, she’ll be in the history books. She’s accomplished too much, especially as a Latino…and she’s hardly even begun.

Anon on

She looks great! I love the new look! When I first saw her I thought it was Mandy Moore. I had to take a second look to realize it was Jennifer. She has a fresh new look!

Brenda T. on

Oh another thing I am so glad Jennifer didn’t end up with Ben. I was so over that whole media MESS. WOW! That was a sick time. During that time of her life, I felt Jennifer was at her worst. She acted like a snobby, selfish diva. She made me sick. I would love to see her STOP using animal fur in her fashion line. Have a heart and leave those animals alone. Yeah, I like the new hair color. It’s much better. She’s a very pretty Latin women. I wish Jennifer would stop with the fake highlights. I wish she would also STOP with the jargon “YOU KNOW”. Okay Jennifer “WE KNOW”.

caroleena on

obviously jenifer lopez dyed her hair black—with all the runours about her being pregnant she cant maintain her hair dyeing routine to light blond… i dont know a bout north americans but in latino culture dyeing your hair when one is pregnant its a big huge NOOOOO badDDD for the baby…fumes and all PLUS THERE IS THE BELIEF that if you dye your hair when you are pregnant it ruins it: dries it up and brakes…sooo why not look good through out her whole pregnancy after ALL she dye it to her natural color,,,and by the way guys/ladies get your story straight we HAVE NOT seen lopez in dark hair since SELENA THE movie NOT fly gUrleeees halllooo

caroleena on

1st of all of course lopez looks FAB…she is THE embodiment of FAB—but too clearafy: obviously jenifer lopez dyed her hair black—with all the rumours about her being pregnant she cant maintain her hair dyeing routine to light blond… i dont know a bout north americans but in latino culture dyeing your hair when one is pregnant its a big huge NOOOOO badDDD for the baby…fumes and all PLUS THERE IS THE BELIEF that if you dye your hair when you are pregnant it ruins it: dries it up and brakes…sooo why not look good through out her whole pregnancy after ALL she dyed it to her natural color,,,and by the way guys/ladies get your story straight we HAVE NOT seen lopez in dark hair since SELENA THE movie NOT fly gUrleeees halllooo

saricka on

I think J.Lo was better in her honey locks.In my opinion this makes her lokk a lot older than she really is…..It´s just too dark

Tamra on

Jennifer’s hair color is a nice change for fall. I like it both ways but I’m so used to seeing her with highlights, I believe I still may like it better when it’s heavily highlighted or a little lighter.

Tamra on

Jennifer’s new hair color is a nice change and compared to the color it is in the photo beside, it’s a big improvement. She does seem to look washed out and pale with the darker color but her eye look more defined whereas in the other photo she doesn’t appear to be wearing any eye makeup, liner or mascara. Her eyes don’t look defined. Honestly neither of these looks are va va voom. I really like her hair with heavy high lights.

EChizzle on

Much better. She looks great!

Jess on

I don’t like it at all! It’s way too dark. Her makeup here makes her look younger, not her hair.

Cindy on

I think it looks awesome…IT make her look a lot younger!! Loving this look on her!

Crystal on

It’s her natural haircolor, that’s why she looks so great! She had lightened her hair, but now wearing her true color she looks fantastic!!!



Gabby on

I love the new look. It compliments you so much better. Good job!!!!

anna on

jennifer can carry any color she wants, she is a beautiful woman the only thing i dislike is the fur she normaly wears, makes her look unresponsable and dump


She looks so much better the other color made her look too old.

Corie Gladys Rodriguez on

She is a real beauty and any hair color and style is ok we love ou Hispanic Beaty

alejandra on

I think she looks beautiful. the new color looks great.

Suzee on

I think she looks marvelous! So much more natural and glowing. Her face is fuller and lovlier than ever before, too. Maybe those baby rumors aren’t just rumors… Congratuations if a baby is on the way!

Alisha on

Jennifer Lopez looks great with any color!

EChizzle on

She looks great! When I saw recent pics of her, I thought she looked really old but she was probably still in makeup for El Cantante Movie.

I can’t wait to see Marc Anthony as Hector Lavoe. One great Puerto Rican singer portraying El Cantante do los Cantantes!!! My girls and I can’t wait to see that movie!!!

Britt on

I really like this color on her, it looks very natural and really compliments her eyes.

Susane on

Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman and looks good in anything but this color is way to dark it washes her out, best coler is a warm brown not a browm black. But she’s a movie star so i’m sure it will be a different color in the next couple of months.

Ashana on

Jennifer Lopez looks amazing!

Liz on

I think she looks sooo much better with this darker hair shade. It goes great with her skin tone and it seems most like her natural hair color anyway. I hate when you can tell people dye their hair!

GP on

I think she looks younger, it looks like it could be her natural haircolor. You go Jennifer because U R the stuff!

Vi on

With the new darker hair, she looks so much more natural. Not like the almost-orange, fake tan look she sported with the lighter hair. She is a beautiful latino woman, who is finally showing us a more natural, glowing side. Married life certainly agrees with her.

Noemi Lopez on

i love it. I want the same color too! I think i will copy it! You go girl!

Summer on

She’s gorgeous no matter what. But I prefer light to dark. The new dye-job certainly squashed those pregnancy rumors!

paula on

I think she look great and amazing!

sandy e. on

Love her hair, as usual. I was never a Marc fan but those two seem so genuinely in love, it’s quite comforting to behold, actually. Ya know what I love about J.Lo…she doesn’t whine. She was kicked, spit on and buried by the press a couple of years ago, and still has not complained about it. She takes it in stride and returns in full force. That’s definetely something to admire. Can’t say the same for her ex-Gigli co-star. If he talks one more time about how bad he had it for the couple of years they were together, I’m gonna scream. I can’t stand people who use scapegoats for their own downward trajectory. Can’t even decide whose worse in that department, Affleck of Kevin Smith.

Jessica on

I think it looks fabulous!!! i also think it makes her look younger…i dont agree that it washes her out in fact i think it just makes her glow she LOOKS GREAT!

Alicia on

She looks wonderful as always but I agree with one comment that it is the make up that really makes an impact. Recently she changed her make up quite drastically and I don’t think it suited her. In the “new” look, she has gone back to her glam makeup look and the darker hair just accentuates it. I truly admire her and what she has been able to accomplish. And she seems truly happy with Marc Anthony. I’m happy for her.

marcus on

Such a pretty lady! Sweet but a badass at the same time. Just like I like ’em. She looks stunning even with grey hair!

p on


melissa on

Whoa! I completely agree with everything sandy e. has posted. Rock on sista! LOL. I was always put off by how Ben Affleck and that Jersey Girl director always pointed a finger at Jen when things went awry. They should be thankful that she even associated with them. Bet J.Lo’s looking back at that time in her life saying to herself, “What in the world was I thinking?”

Inamhkus on

I think Jennifer’s hair looks AMAZING. It makes her skin look more beautiful and brings out her eyes. I think it’s great she went dark, because its sexier than the usual honey blonde.

valoot on

I hope her baby look EXACTLY like her!

Patricia on

i think jlo is incredible.
She’s a good actrice and a good singer!she’s beautiful!
i like this new look, very sexyyy :D
kiss from Portuguese fans!

Kristina on

Gorgeous, Sexy, Stunning, Beautiful, Smart, Classy, Sweet Face, what else can i say?

Angela on

I love her new look. So many are over highligting these days! Some people look better in dark brunette hair. When you have dark brown eyes it brings out your eyes more if your hair is dark.

Maribel on



Tara on

Jennifer is always so beautiful…but this hair color looks WAY better!



ELI on

I think Jennifer Lopes is a beautiful woman…she should not be judge for her personal life, but for what she has accomplished in Hollywood and music industry. We all have our faults, that she is a Diva? all “stars” are!!! so stop hating and start celebrating the fact that she is the first latino to be taken seriously in Hollywood and in the pop world…with that said. I LOVE the hair!

Evangeline on

She is SUPER sexy with dark hair. It brings more appeal to her and she looks so young. Jennifer Lopez is a stunning and beautiful woman. I have always loved her fashion trends, her flawless skin, and I admire her for her curvey appeal. She lets women today know that it’s OKAY to be curvey and it’s ultra sexy.

This lady overcame obsticles, she had a great family that raised her well in the Bronx. She overcame and has now achieved what many of us dream to achieve. She’s an actress, singer, designer, plus she’s got perfume and lingerie, which I LOVE. Now she’s a fashion icon that always does it right on the red carpet and off the red carpet as well.

The only thing I think she did wrong was Ben Affleck, lol, and especially being a Bronx girl, how can you date a Boston fan? lol, j/k, I’m a New York girl representing the Bronx Bombers (Yankees) all the way! With that said, I love the hair.

gokatgo on

i think she is beautiful inside and out. she would look good bald;but i opt for the lighter look

Shantae on

I love everything about J.Lo’s style. But, I like the lighter color better. Its brightens her face and makes her look younger. :) It makes her eyes more gorgeous too.

SG on

J-Lo looks like SELENA with this color.
I personally don’t like it, I think she looks better when she was with P Diddy.Can’t stand Marc Anthony -Esta HORROROSO ese hombre.. FEO ..PERO mas FEO QUE un CHANGO!

Kutang on

She looks sexier with gray. More men likes gray young beautiful like JELO

nicole on

she is sooooo beautiful anyway…radiant…flawless

olha on

darker of course…it makes her look so much younger!

Chris on

I love the new hair, I’ve wanted to see her in darker hair for a long time. Now if she’d only wear some darker lipstick too. I’m soooo sick of the 1970’s pink/frost/cream lipstick look on her, it’s tired and it’s so not flattering. Her natural coloring is so striking, she should play it up. And enough with kimono dresses please, they make her hips look enormous and her chest flattened.

Mike on

I think jo-Lo is one of the sexists woman on this planet!! not only has she has one of the best Butts in Hollywood she really is a very sweet, nice person I wish her the Best.

Red on

This hair color took 20 years off her appearance!!!!

Val on

JLO is beautifull no matter what!! I love her music, style, perfumes!! The new look is wonderfull!! It makes her more look younger and more natural. Love ya JLO!!

Pamela on

I love JLo’s hair and new look. She looks radiant and looks like the glow is from within and not by makeup! She looks so fresh and approachable! Great change!

Karina on

I like the new look cuz it makes here look younger and natural.

Nicole Mehaffey on

I think she looks gorgeous :)

Ciara! on

Faabulous! She looks like Penelope Cruz! Really flawless makeup and beautiful hair colour! Hats off to you, Jen!

Kiki on

She looks much better. Before she looked a little orange and plastic. Now she’s more glamorous and natural! Reminds me of Sophia Loren.

Angela on

She looks horrible, she had a unique latina look before, and now looks like everyother hollywood star on the block…HATE IT! She should be proud of what makes her different….I usually love the red… but certainly not on her!

amr3482 on

JLO looks awesome any way she puts her hair…. but comparing both pics, she looks much younger with dark hair than with the highlights… she looks like if she was in her 20’s…

Roxanna on

I love both looks but I have to say she looks younger with her hair darker.Keep being the best dressed and sexiest woman alive Jennifer

Linda Maldonado on

Jlo looks great with any color but the dark color makes her look younger and it goes great with her skin color. Great choice Jlo, specially now that you are single. :-)

Ceaser on

DAMN babygirl!! YES this is the not “JLO” but the Jennifer Lopez i remember before Phonywood took hold of her!! This looks reminds mew of her days in money train, and out of sight!! Two of the best movies IMO I think she was the absolute sexiest in!!!!

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