What is Jared Leto Thinking?

09/12/2006 at 11:56 AM ET

Jordan Catalano, where have you gone? Over the past few years, Jared Leto has morphed from brooding teen hunk to gloomy rocker, fronting the band 30 Seconds to Mars. But his recent outfits, (left) at the VMAs and (right) at a Fashion Week event, have us confused about his bad boy image. First of all, rockstars do not wear their blackberrys clipped to their skinny jeans like a member of the tech department. Second: Crocs? Yes, they are comfy, but they are still gardening clogs. We know he’s been through a lot lately, what with all that weight gain and loss for the film Chapter 27, but we miss Jared-the-pretty boy. Tell us: what do you think of his rocker style? Should it stay or should it go?Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Photo: PseudoImage/Shooting Star; J. Graylock/JPI

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erika on

he can wear whatever he likes…self-expression…

Bunky on

If they ever make a sequel to “Edward Scissorhands”, Jared’s ready.

Allison T, on

Do you think he’s getting ready to audition for a new Tim Burton film?

luvpeoplemag on

woah… when i first looked at him, i was like ‘is he gay?’ But then I remembered, he used to date Cameron Diaz so I figured he’s not.

Bess on

Not a good look, looks like he is getting way out there. the crocs are ugly

michelle on

he’s sexy no matter what he is wearing.

Kassandra on

He’s scaring me with that new look. He use to be cute not anymore he ruined it.

Teresa on

He looks awful like this, but it’s his choice.

Kassandra on

He’s scaring me with this new look. He use to be cute but not anymore. Fashion Emergency (YIKES)

Sarah on

I don’t think he was thinking when he dressed himself that day….he just threw on whatever was clean in his closet and called it an outfit….

CassieThadeus on

You know…It doesn’t look to bad for his personality. I mean he is coming from the era of Jordan Catalano…HELLO he wasn’t normal either…I don’t think he could get any better…He is still good looking even if he did or didn’t change his clothes/hair ect…He is the way he is and I support him! :)

Katie on

Someone help him! His clothes are a terrible!

Katie on

Someone help him! His clothes are terrible!

Alicia on

He scares me.

Kelly on

I think he is gay and doesnt know how to come out with it.
The way he looks and the way he acts has gay writen all over him! The once sexy Jerad is know scary Jared!

lee on

In one word….YUCK!

Genise on

He still looks hott to me. Look at that face. Skinny Jeans on guys = sexy only real men can rock them


You couldnt pay me enough to wear those “Crocs” in public. No offence to anyone who has them. I just think its horrible. He looks horrable now – not my type, but if he’s happy than he should do it its his way to express himself

Renee on

His new goth look is smoking…love it, love it, love it. I think he is ten times hotter than he used to be and he is so not gay, at least for my sake I hope not.

Jo on

He looks very feminine. Self expression?

Kimberly on

Looks like he is trying WAY too hard to be a rocker. Hahaha and trying WAY too hard to look weirdly fashionably at Fashion Week. He is still hot though.

genise on

Wow calling him gay is not nice. Prince and Dave Navarro wear makeup in fact Prince wears heels is he gay I dont think so. Come on people open your eyes. He’s owning this look.

Bonnie on

Only one work come to mind….FREAK!

Bonnie on

Oops! I mean only one word! I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe he is just trying to get attention since he is not in the press much these days. You know what they say, no press is bad press.

Angie on

I like the people who wear what they want & don’t care what people think (like me). If you don’t like what I’m wearing, don’t wear it. I like it, and think it’s comfy, so I’ll wear it. Good for him that he doesn’t follow trends and likes individuality!!!

Meghan on

I am with all the other people that are waiting for him to come out of the closet. This look is repulsive. I used to consider him one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, but now that he looks like a woman, I have to bump him off the list.

Heather on

I use to think that he was so amazing…I mean could he be any hotter. But now it is clear that he is a total poser and it pisses me off. I mean he had cool in the bag and now all of the sudden he is some scenester rocker? That is great if that is your thing, but since when has that been his thing. It is not Halloween yet, take off the costume! I am only so passionate because I like him so much.

deb on

I love his Goth look!! Not crazy about the shoe’s but that’s his choice.

melanie on

umm.. he’s always been weird and out there – i guess his earlier “unique” phases occurred during his brief lapse in celebrity status, but he’s never clung to the “heart throb” look for any measurable length of time.

Bonnie on

To all of you who think he is being original – he isn’t. Goth is a trend just like any other. The only difference is that it’s a repulsive, freakish one. As for the gay stuff, wouldn’t be surprised. When he joked about being gay recently, he was probably testing the waters to see what the reaction would be.

melissa on

maybe his style is not that great but who are we to judge all i know is that is music is awesome!! his cd is great!!! so who cares what he wears as long as he sounds good!!

Katie on

He looks totally gay. If he doesn’t want that kind of a reputation, he needs to clean up his act. And why is he crossing his legs like a woman?

laura on

i really don’t care what he wears. i’m not going to lose sleep over it or get really depressed cause he’s starting to look gay (guys DON’T wear skinny jeans) but i do have to say (and this is only cause i used to swear i was going to marry him…back when he was on “my so called life”), that he is starting to scare me alittle. i like rocker guys much more than i like pretty boys but this is too much. i know celebrities think they can wear whatever cause they are rich but half the time they go too far. i understand the look for the VMA’s but the second look is just awful. i don’t even know what to say. skinny jeans? and that vest? he looks like lindsay lohan when she’s trying to be cute. (but i still love her anyway.)

Pebbles on

I think he still looks totally hot!! He (and his shoes) can come hang out at my place any time.

Lisa on

He looks horriable. I remember first falling for him in My So Called Life. I thought he was sooo hot. Just not like this!!! This look is not right for him.

NB on

What a freak!!!!! He used to be so hot, now he looks like a freak!!! What the hell is wrong with him… YUCK. He makes Marilyn Manson look attractive.

Tiffany on

I think he is trying too hard to fit into what a rockstar is supposed to be like rather than just being himself.

Dana on

YUCK!!!! He looks absolutely freaked out and I am freaked out by his look! He does not look cute anymore!!

Vanessa401 on

Honestly, I used to think he was cute but now he is def looking suspect???…He seems way too feminine these days regardless if he was w/ Cam, its too bad!!!!

Gloria on

What Happened? There is a line that he has crossed. Rockers have a sexy bad boy thing going for them and what he is wearing is not reflecting sexy or bad boy. At this point his look just questions his sexuality. What’s with all the eyeliner covering up his beautiful blue eyes? Eyeliner I can deal with but skinny jeans? I don’t care how sexy a guy is, skinny jeans will take all that sexy and scrunch it into the same place everything else goes in those jeans.

joann on

He’s hot no matter what he wears, actually the ROCK GEAR LOOKS AWESOME

Lisa on

I’m all for freedom of expression, but skinny jeans on guys are a NO NO (unless you’re gay…which he clearly looks) and crocs on ANYBODY are hilarious.

lindsay on

I personally LOVE rocker guys, so the current Jared Leto is like the man of my dreams! Extremely handsome and sexy and cute, he looks adorable with black eyeliner and that striped scarf!

Jessica on

I can accept the goth-rock-punk situation on the left for stage presence and all with his band, but i’m pretty sure that metallic crocs are unacceptable at New York’s fashion week. And yes, he’s flaming.

Crystal on

The whole croc thing / outfit on the left has got to go! His goth look I love it, it fits him for some reason. His band 30 Seconds to Mars makes GREAT music everyone should definitley check it out, especially their newest song The Kill.

mrs.leblanc on

lmao @ his silver crocs. oh yes hes soooo goth. what a joke, I liked him better when he was on his meds.

Karen on

He looks like an idiot!

april on

I think he looks girlie! he needs to go back to his other style. he used to be hot now hes not!

Alicia Ann on

What is going on? He used to be extremely sexy, but ever since he was in Alexander I’ve noticed he’s getting more and more gay looking. Look Jared, if you are gay, be proud and come out, if not, stop posing.

Sophia on

I miss Jordan Catalano

Lisa on

Jared has to wear the crocs because they have a special cushioning. He has gout so he need to wear certain types of shoes right now. I am not a fan of crocs however he has to wear them right now for comfort.

Daile on

His “Rocker Style” is hot…. I totaly love the band.. but the skinny jeans and crocs?? Maybe his luggage got lost and he sent someone to get him stuff to wear?? Either way, he’s still hot!!

Dwanna on

His new look has got to go… He is trying too hard!

Lisa on

Jared is sexy, he can pull off anything….

M Gregory on

I used to think he was cute…now he is just creepy.

melissa lesperance on

He was never cute but now he is just gross.EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!

skyscraperbabe on

I think he is 30 Seconds from Mars…

Carly on

I think he’s just doing it for attention

Jen Vaughn on

How sad. He seems to be regressing…the older he gets, the scarier he looks, the younger the girls he dates!

Susan on

I think he looks amazing. Guys always look a little hotter with some black eyeliner, nailpolish and skinny jeans. Hott.

Dana on

I don’t think we should care so much what he wears but I agree- He was totally hotter as the rock guy. I met him at a concert here in El Paso and could hardly look away. I think if I had seen him dressed he has been recently, It wouldn’t have affected me so much. Anyways- He’s free to wear what he wants though!

Angie on

All you people sound so shallow! “He was so hot in My So Called Life, but he’s gross now.” He’s changed his profession to Rocker and he’s changed his style to compliment his new profession. SO WHAT????

Lisa on

He looks ridiculous, although it is his choice to dress like that. Maybe it’s a good thing he’s at fashion week… he may pick up some style while he’s there? Crocs are really ugly.

kate on

I don’t care what he wears or does as long as it’s genuine. The problem I have is that I don’t feel like what he is wearing is part of his genuine personality. I think he’s wearing what he “thinks” a rocker should wear. It’s all very contrived. The hottest part of fashion is being yourself and original, not wearing what you think you should. That’s called dress up.

Lisa on

And another thing… He may not look so bad if his hair weren’t so greasy. That is the gross part. Wash your hair. If you can take the time to put on makeup and paint your nails then you have time to wash your hair.. obviously he isn’t spending time picking out his outfits.

Nanette on

Wow! I’m not sure what kind of statement he’s trying to make. Maybe for the attention? or maybe he’s in between laundry days? nice crocs though…didn’t know they came in silver.

Lisa on

Kate, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Rose on

he looks awful!! Its so sad! He used to be so darn cute. I don’t get the new look–why Jared, why??

Kronk on

oh leave him alone… he’s got a ton of money and lots of time to reinvent himself over at least 10 more times…. he can do what he wants.

moviechic182 on

Okay, the crocs look bad, but I like his new look.

Susan on

I think he looks HOT!! Jared looks hot no matter what!! He could be wearing a shower curtain and still be HOT as HELL!!!

Monica on

He could wear/or not wear for that matter, anything and still be one of the most gorgeous guys out there. The only no-no he’s had was getting fat for that role. Ick.

Laura on

Ok…what the? He is trying way to hard to go against the “norm.” I thought goth was for repressed teens…isn’t he a little old for that? We get it Jared, you are soooooo dark and mysterious.

Stephanie on

Well, this is not a great look, but at least he can express himself and not be afraid to do it. Some stars only go along with whatever everyone else is wearing!

kittbelly on

I could handle the dark make-up and the sassy nail polish…but add in the skinny jeans and crocks…not so much. He can pull off the flannel look, but not so much *this* I don’t even think there’s a term for it.

Lisa on

The more I look at the picture the more I realize her really should have worn ballet flats. :)
That would have been wayyy more feminine than crocs. That IS what he’s going for, isn’t it?

Lindsay on

Got To Go! He is a weird-o!!

Amanda on

I love Jared Leto! He can dress however he wants, as long as he doesn’t get too skinny; he is looking pretty small. But I don’t think it matters how he dresses, he is still a hott actor who makes beautiful music!

Ashley on

I totally love Jared’s look! My future babies daddy looks gourgeous all the time. A lot of people may not embrace his look or whatever, but I think he is awesome. Jared has always gone against the norm and I think it is great! He could be sexy in a brown paper bag.

TR on

he’s looking a little sweet if you catch my drift… But when he’s cleaned up he is one of the prettiest guys I’ve ever seen…:-)

Leila on

I think it should go. He’s a poser. I met him backstage at his 30STM concert and he trust me, it’s all show. He’s trying to set a new trend and sell records.

Jess on

HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!! I love 30 Seconds to Mars but it’s hard for this to work when we all knew him as Jordan Catalano, the only real reason girls watched “My so Called Life”, he was sooo hot when he sang The Ramones with his original look. I realize this is all an image but it would work without the skinny jeans, crocs and makeup.

Merit Castro on


roxyseabreeze on


mary on

He was the same way in the 8th grade. I was there.

Rebekah on

hes stunning. hes in a rock band, he should dress the way he does. not to mention the band is amazing.

he has foot problems because of the weight gain and loss, the crocs are probably recomended.

Lauren on

i feel in love with him during My So Called Life. I recently went to see his band 30 Seconds to Mars and i was missing my Jordan Catalano, i wish he went back to his old look, and maybe put some weight on, hes too skinny

tanny on

um, who cares? have you seen his face? he is gorgeous.

Julie on

Jared looks amazing. It is his choice how to dress, and the media shouldn’t scare him into conforming with what the world sees as “sexy” and I personally love the new look.

krisie on

odd! Looks kind of like Kelly Osborne in the 1st picture.

cayem on

To all of ya crazies that think he has a sexy face and a hot bod… how can I notice these things when I am blinded by his alluminum foil crocks?

lorelai on

he looks ridiculous, crocs ARE FOR LOSERS.

Kassie on

Wow. I don`t think that guys should wear skinny jeans..yikes! leave it to the girls! I don`t think the goth look works with him…

Delle on

I dont think it looks all that hot. Bring back the old look he is too gorgeous to look like that

Courtney on

I love him! He’s awesome. Great band too.

Lauren on

Jared Leto…. getting hotter.

RandyGirl on

Crocks rock!

Jennifer on

Jared in blackliner? Yummmmm! He’s determined to be a rocker now, so he’s gotta dress the part! He looks awesome!

sheree on

Jared is HOT and can wear any darn thing he wants! :)

Lynnette on

He is trying way to hard to be a rocker and change is style. He really looks like an idiot!!!!

Ana on

He looks super HOT no matter what he wears!!

jr on

It’s not called self expressions, it’s called being a “poser”. Self expression is fine if you aren’t mirroring other people or styles. Jared Leto is playing a role as a rocker….he was better off just being a pretty boy. It didn’t look like he was trying so hard.

Melissa on

A lable is only appropriate for clothing. Let the man be and dress as he wishes without trying to define it as anything. He is still a beautiful man in whatever he feels like dressing in.

Christy on

Yuck. Someone get him a milkshake. And men’s jeans.

:: Ellie :: on

He looks good he has a unique style…

Sharlene on

I agree, he can wear whatever he wants but personally I think he looks better as a pretty boy.

:: Ellie :: on

He looks hot and he has a unique style…

Louchi on

he’s still cute but i like him better without that goth like make up.

kim on

he certainly looked sexier before, but i guess its what he is comfortable with.

Michelle on

Even though Crocs aren’t sexy footwear, I don’t think he looks too awful. I read somewhere that due to his excessive weight gain, he developed gout. This is a form of arthritis that affects the big toe. So cut some slack about the plastic shoes!

Emily on

Ewwwww…Goth isn’t my personal favorite. He needs to wash his hair. Men who look like they’ve never seen soap before are gross. Even when he was a pretty boy, I still thought he was ugly. Puhleeeeease! Can he really rock? Is he like those bands Fall Out Boy or Panic At The Disco? If he can really do some REAL rock music, KUDOS, but if he’s these Rocker Boy bands who can’t really rock out, get out and leave. Those bands suck. They aren’t real music. Nirvana was some real music, even bands in the 80’s that can REALLY rock are better than these stupid bands they have today. Sorry to take this off topic, but that’s my opinion. In other words…Dear Mr. Jared Leto: Please find some soap and shampoo. Please leave make-up to women and for all that think the skinny jean looks good on a man…he must have A LOT of confidence, because REAL men don’t wear skinny jeans, leave that to women also. He can dress which ever way he wants, that’s his perogative. This is just my opinion and I’m NOT afraid to speak it. Thank you.

Vedran (ECHELON) on

Here’s the point you dillholes: He>you. End of story.

ECHELON over and out

Robin on

I’m sure he could care less what you think.
30 Seconds to Mars is one of the best rock bands on the road
and is finally getting the attention they deserve
gold record, MTV award, many new nominations for other awards
learn what you should have known in 8th grade and look beyond the clothes you think are “cool” or not cool

Echelon on

For the record, Jared isn’t “playing the role of” or “posing as” a rocker. He IS a musician. Period.

cocokat_89 on

Why don’t you just leave Jared Leto alone.
He wears those crocs for a reason and it’s not to look pretty.
He’s not Catalano anymore so leave it alone.
30 SECONDS TO MARS is where it’s at.
Jared is as Jared does so leave him the hell alone and worry about what YOU look like.
I say it STAYS.

Me on

Who cares? Leave the guy alone. “What do you like his rocker style?” Like he cares what anyone thinks.

Li on

Only if poor Melissa knew what she was talking about…3 things..gout, blackberry babies, and individuality. Jordan Catalano was 100 years ago and it only lasted one season. Granted, My So-Called Life was a great show, shouldn’t have been cancelled, but Jared was a kid then, people change. I personally like him this way, that way you can see Jared for who he really is.

EmO giRl on


Lin on

Horrible………for such a good looking guy!!!

tracie on

are straight guys supposed to wear skinny jeans?

marsarmy on

Is it really necessary to judge someone by what they wear? How old are you? Because the last time I checked that stuff was left up to people in high school.

Lisa on

He’s so gorgeous and pretty that it’s a shame. I personally don’t like the new look; however, to each his own, and Jared is a grown up and can make his own decisions.

Robin (the other one) on

Vedran = my hero.

You people = pathetic.


Cassie on

If you people actually took his music seriously maybe you wouldn’t NOTICE or CARE what he is wearing.

Would you sit and post about someone who dresses like him or stranger that you saw passing by in the mall or something? Give it a rest.

rafaboreanaz[brazil_echelon] on

Why do people care so much? I’m glad he’s not a sheep like almost all the other artists out there. He’s an extremely talented man who doenst give a rat’s ass to what people will think if he wears his blackberry in his jeans or not. (wtf is wrong w/ him doing that??)
Since you seem to know so much of Jared’s life, you should know that because of all that weigh he put on he now has gout. So that’s why he’s wearing clogs all the time.. geez.

Stacy on

On the aol interview he did say he was gay. They kept asking him if he was joking and he never answered yes or no straight out. I think he is. Even if he changes he clothes he has that look. Gay or not I don’t really care, but he doesn’t have to look horrible. He is just plain ugly.

alyssa on

i think he looks hot

becca on

He does not look good with the black hair or the “goth” look. I think it is out of style.

Me on

Jared is NOT a poser. If you look back at pictures of him through the years, he has always dressed “down”. Does anyone think that he really cares what people think? That is one of the beauiful things about him. He does not care!

Marisa on

I think he is still hot as ever. I don’t care much for his outfits I hardly notice. He is still a hottie.

jane on

I think he looks terrible, the clothes need to go. What kind of a message is he sending to his fans…nail polish?

Karen on

He used to be cute I do not like the new look!!!

ztalo on

he looks like a girl!!!

Kelli G. on

My 16 likes him now. I liked him when he was with Cameron Diaz. Maybe, he’s trying to find himself…

lina on

He looks fine, but he has to do something about those jeans, there too tight. Tightness may cause shrinkage. Other that that he is okay, like someone wrote he is creating his own look/style.

Tara on

he was definitely hot before; i’m definitely NOT turned on by those pictures. he definitely needs to lose the crocs and the fake rockerboy-ness, but to each his own. i think he is gay. :-P anyway, he is a musician, and aren’t they all a little strange and eccentric (all the ones I have met andor known are)…? :-P

Cassandra Lee on

I do miss the Jordan Catalano days, but I think he is sexy no matter what he is in. He could be in a potato sack covered in mud and he would still make me get the chills haha. But I dont know about the silver clogs and the skinny jeans. Not my fav.

Laura on

Fake!! I saw him in concert and it was NOT genuine. Don’t buy the look and didn’t buy his performance. He’s marketing himself. Just like Ashley Simpson went from “punk chic” to the now “glam girl.” She wasn’t selling records as a punk, so she changed her look. I bet in a year Jared Leto will have a new look too. Don’t be fooled. He’s a lost fool.

Nan on

Jared can wear whatever he wants. No matter what he puts on, he’s a beautiful man and he can pull it off.

beth on

Do I like his style? No way. In fact, I’m not even sure I like him as a person. Granted I do not know him personally but from interviews and being on t.v. – he seems off to me. But I suppose his weird style goes right along with weird personal character. I can only say I have no interest whatsoever with Jared Leto and if he is on the cover of some magazine, I can guarentee it’s one that I won’t be buying. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for self expeession, but there are too many people who wear all black, dye their hair black, and wear black nail polish for me to think they are doing it to show their individuality.

Tonja on

The shoes? Not so much, but I still think he’s HOT!

Devon on

That man looks good in anything! And I bet he looks great in nothing as well ;)

jakie on

I’m all for self expression, but this is getting ridiculous! I find it very hard to believe that this is really “him”…

superman on

Crocs should be illegal.

Aubrey on

He’s still hot.

Rebeca on

doesn’t matter, I love his band..

Erica on

It should go. Please Jordan what are you doing?? I miss my fantasy boy.

Clarissa on

I think Jared is attempting to copy Clay Aiken’s new HAWT “emo” style. Clay can pull it off, but I’m not so sure about Jared.

Tee on

I used to see his picture and wonder how anyone could have such beautiful blue eyes. When I saw him on the awards show recently I couldn’t believe that was cute JL. Don’t get me wrong “to each his own” but in my opinion you don’t see how pretty he is with this style. Just very different.

Iyama(Ghana on

stop hating. he is still hot and burning. yeah, yeah ,the clogs are ugly but that is just a mistake. let’s pardon him. I love Jared all the way from Accra Ghana.

Amy on

I think that he usually looks good but this look isn’t him. I think he’s trying too hard to look the part of a tortured rocker.

ashlee on

naste, get a stylist

camelia on

jared used to be hot hot hot
now he’s just…. well, not
black black black
whats up with that?
wish he would go back to the way he was with scarlett
go jared! wear white and NO MASCARA

Sami-Jo MacAulay on

Well, basically I dont really care what others say. He’s absolutly georgeous the way he is now with 30 Seconds to mars. I am a fan of the band (EXTREME FAN) and he is now doing what he wants to do so that even hotter, You all should love him for what he is. AMAZING!!!!!

Staci on

Whoa! I use to think he was hot…yeah, not so much anymore. I hope that’s not something he thinks about doing again!

Kathi on

This guy is too wierd for me………he looks like the walking dead. Maybe he’s a nice guy, but he always appears like he’s hiding some kind of deep, dark, secret…..he’s creepy!

melissa on

I think that he looks absolutely terrible. I think he looks like he is trying tocome out of the closet but hey to each is his own….

Erica on

When I first saw him on my so called life, i thought he was SOO hot! With his long hair and those eyes!! But now, he tries so hard to “be a rock star” it’s sad.

Suzy on

I believe he’s thinking…”maybe if I beg for attention I can hang on to being a peripheral celebrity.”

elizabeth on

hot, hot, hot…he can wear whatever he likes!

Stephanie on

I could never date a guy who wears more makeup than me?!?

nina on

is he trying to be cool? i don’t like at all, think he looks stupid

andreina on

I think he’s really cute! Though, I wouldn’t hang with him in those outfits. I’d be way embarresed… If he’d dress a bit less wierdly, I’d totally $%#^@ him!!!

Nikki on

I think he could be very cute if he would just change the way he dresses (especially those shoes) and quit wearing so much makeup! It makes him look gay!

sherri on

I think Jared is an *amazing* looking guy and I love his style! He’s unique, and that’s what makes a STAR! Rock on Jared! :)

monique on

Jared is a person who has his own style so why can’t he express it? I think he looks way HOT in this outfit.

dana k. on

he’s hot,the kill video,makes up for it all.

Kseniya on

Finally! I know what those ugly shoes are called – “crocs”

Jen Stone on

He looks like a freakin’ clown. What the heck did Cameron Diaz see in him anyway??

Lynde on

OMG.. i remember him from ” My so called life” He sure has changed! I really don’t dig the eyeliner.. only Captain Jack Sparrow can pull that off!

Nikki on

Little Fruity, but to each its own.

Carrie on

Jared Leto is doing what few actors-turned-rockers (ie Crowe, Depp, Bacon) have done. He is actually quite successful with his band 30 Seconds to Mars. He has a great voice, similar to Bono. His image is in line with other groups like Panic! At the Disco, AFI and even Evanescence. If you know anything about the type of goth/theatrical music that has re-emerged (ie. the Cure), you will know that he’s fitting right in. ROCK-ON JARED!

esther on

he looks like a guy wanting to look like a girl but who is a guy just wanting to wear girls make up, looks like lindsy lohan really knows how to turn ay!!!

Andrea on

Okay, I could handle his style until I noticed the crocs.. and the fact that he’s sitting like a girl. He needs to put a pair of old beat up chucks on and uncross the legs and then it’ll look alright. Course.. the jeans need to be a tad bit looser. I’m surprised he can breathe.

manny on

i think he is SEXY!!!! i mean come on how could you not!! love the look and i hope he keeps it!

sprout on

If you’re a celebrity, you’re putting yourself out there for critique — so for those who say “(s)he can do what (s)he wants to” — while true, that person is still up for critique and criticism (in all threads, not just this one).

That said…

There are hot guys who rock the skinny jeans…

Jared is not one of them. He looks downright frightening. Seek help.

Natalie on

I think he should be able to wear whatever he wants without people getting nasty about it. They’re just clothes.

Natalie on

I think he should be able to wear whatever he wants without people getting nasty about it. They’re just clothes.

chelsea dahm on

i love his style….plus he looks gorgeous

Jamie on

i think jared is sexy either way.

but i love his rocker/goth look && eyeliner.

hes a major sexy beast to the maxx :]

Jenny on

Ok….look at him,,,he is the hottest man alive, he can wear what he wants….AND no EVERYONE likes a pretty boy!!!
i happen to love how he dresses!

souhaila on

huum cmon ppl he is so hot and his style is freakin awsome
i just luv the way he dresses ppl


I find it slightly amusing that everyone is defending his right to dress however he likes but if you check out the women on this site- there’s not the same….how can I put it…leniancy.

I like his music but he looks like a child playing dress-up. Not to say he is perfectly lovely but…this look isn’t my cup of tea.

Zeela on

Jared is fully committed to his work, gaining all that weight and losing it must’ve been a horrible thing to endure. He developed gout and was forced to wear those shoes because of it. At least he’s expressing his own creative side with what he chooses to wear, unlike most folks who all have to look alike.

Dalys on

i think jared is hot whatever he wears or feels like it’s still jared Leto!!
p.s I luv 30STM they rock! and r the best!

Katerina on

Jared Leto looks like an old middle-aged PUNK who is trying too hard to “shock” and be different – it’s rather hilarious. He’s a fake who is very feminine. He’s a copy-cat trying to copy Marilyn Manson and Ca$h in on it!! But it seems his fans are buying this new image and his new band (which sounds terrible – all he does is scream on each song). But whatever you can do to earn money – that’s the name of the game! He’s not original, that’s for sure. He’s a copy-cat – yawn.

katie on

i think that he is sexy no matter wat and people should just leave it alone alreay

kay.b on

ok you guys who are bashing him just back off its not ur place 2 judge him k? so just get over it my god!

Gaby on

shame on some of you! those who sed that u used to like him, but now think he’s gross just coz he’s wearing something different to wat u think looks good. i think he looks gorgeous in wateva he wears. i mean look at that face!! and i dont think he’s being a try hard wats o eva!

Bru on

he always look hot and fashion!!!! ;-P

he’s a beautiful man no matter what he wear….

jared on


nick on

jared is cool no matter what.

sydney on

I think you need to lay off Jared. He wore the shoes because of the weight gain/loss and it had a toll on his feet. He wears what he is comfortable in and what he likes. Just like all of you.

jaimie deaver on

Jared can do whatever he wants, he is a god.

Jaimie Deaver

Kelly on

The outfits he wears are sexy 99 percent of the time. I mean give him a break. I don’t like crocs either but he’s wearing them for a health reason so get off his back. Fashion may over ride pain, but fashion does not over ride health. I think the look is cool.

L0stL0ve on

His looks are way better now.
I love his make-up.
These days make-up isn’t just for women.
but also for men.
He has done a great job.

barefoot on

he is the most beautiful angelic being on the face of the planet even if he decides to wear clothes that nasty preppy girls dont like. personally if i dressed him i would have picked the goth emo look ANY day but i dont care what he wears. he is extremely talented i am listening to him right now and he has so much character behind his face and in his eyes its almost ethereal. XD man hes hott.
dont like what i said email me.

Lisha on

Ahhhhh…Jared is so much hotter now than he used to be. I didn’t even pay attention to him until now, and now I can’t look away! I’m personally attracted to unique looks, as opposed to the regular every day jeans and t-shirt with blonde highlighted short hair. The black and red hair just makes it so much hotter when he puts his hands through it or head bangs his head at shows. His clothes suit him so much better than the old image he was sporting. He’s an insane man, in a hot way..and his fashion expresses this eerie sexy vibe even more. Go Jared!

Jacqui on

People, it’s his choice. Let him live. Maybe he is trying to be an “individual” which means DIFFERENT. As in, not the same as everyone else. And besides….. he is still talented, isn’t that what we really care about? You wouldn’t like him if he wore stuff that you liked but sucked right? Exactly. So as long as he still has that sexy voice…. stop criticizing.

night on


Roxana on

Gay or straight, gloomy rocker or “unfashion guy”, fat or slim, actor or rockstar… HE’S GORGEOUS, he can do whatever he wants.

Roxana on

Gay or straight, gloomy rocker or “unfashion guy”, fat or slim, actor or rockstar… HE’S GORGEOUS. he can do whatever he wants, it really doesn’t matter when you look like that.

Andi on

I think that Jared can be who he wants to be!He can wear whatever the hell he wants to wear and no one can control him with that!I personally think he’s hot and a great musician!Keep rockin Jared!

tricia on

ok i think wutz he wereing iz hott!!! like really really HOTT!!!!!!!!! n im wondering is black hiz real hair color cuz i heard it wuz blonde

mb on


Marsha on

He’s gorgeous.
He just wants to wear something else.
And he still looks great.

banana on

i think that he is amazingly hot with black hair and eyeliner etc. :)

DONISHA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ on

hes sexy…but he kinda looks like my friend haley and shes a girl……..does that make me a lez…..hes hot and your not!!!!!!!!!!!

charisse on

jared is amazing, and he looks amazing in anything he chooses to wear.

personally i love this look, his new hair looks amazing.

mallory on

i luv u

rochelle on

shoot. i miss ‘jordan catalano’ too.

Hannah on

I am sick and tired of hearing “What did Jared do with himself” or “What ever posessed him to start up a band?” Can people just shut up about his career moves? Let him do whatever he pleases.

Aderyn -Echelon- Dawn on

Who cares about what he’s wearing. He’s a great artist and a great person.
He looks good in everything, btw. I love those outfits >>;

(don’t flame me on hypocrisy or irony or whatever, just cuz I like the outfits, doesn’t mean I care about it particularly, or would judge anyone on them)

magen on

jared leto looks HOTT i LOVE this look!!!!!! it soooo works for him….it duznt matter wut he’s wearing, is IS THE SEXIEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ALIVE!!!!!!!(or dead :) )

myranda on

jared can wear watever he wants, i mean he could wear a trashbag and he would still look sexy lol

mak on

jared is HOT with a capital H o T and it dose not mater what he wears he is 100% SEXY and it dosen`t mater if for one day he whants 2 b a pretty boy and the next a rocker it is just his way of exspresing him self and he has an AMAZING band named 30 seconds to mars and his vocie is beautiful and he makes great song wrighter :D

Katie on

leave Jared alone…he’s a rocker that’s trying to find his image…sure…we did like the pretty boy Jared look…but now he’s even cuter…punk rokers are WAY cooler than dumb preps…i mean…why would you want to be a prep? they suck big time…being a rocker/skater/emo dude/chick is way better…and no one should jugde people by the way they look anyway…but still…Jared’s whole punk/prep look says that he’s transforming…he’s just not all the way there yet…it’s cool…and i think that after he finds his inner self…there will be even more to love!!! and who cares if he gained a LITTLE weight???? it’s JUST a number!!! besides…u can barely even tell!!! just LEAVE HIM ALONE ALREADY!!!

Stevi on

wow, leave the guy alone, no mattter what he does, he’s still gonna be sexy and he doesn’t go around making fun of you. this is what the rocker look is these days so get used o it, or stop complaining. he doesn’t even look bad. he’s just being himself and maybe that’s just what he wanted to wear that day.

Tiffany on

Jared is gorgeous. He totally pulls off both looks. He makes Crocs fashionable. I think I may go & buy a pair right now.

emochick on

ok, i dont care what any of you people think, and im pretty sure he couldnt give a damn either. jared leto is HOT…like unbelieveably HOT!!! and his band 30 Seconds to Mars is really awesome too (im a huge fan!) yes of course, we all know that jared looked great before, but hes soooooo freakin hot that hed look amazing in a potato sack…or nothing at all ;-) he could pull off pretty much anything and still look incredibly sexy. and regardless of what all you preppy abercrombie people think, not everyone likes a pretty boy. i say he looks even better now than he did before. his new emo/goth/rocker look is totally amazing and fits him perfectly (and in case you havent noticed, hes in a rock band…how do you expect him to dress?)with his dark clothes, black nail polish, long black hair and eyeliner – its just like WOW…this guy is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!…i could stare at him all day!!! ok, the crocs could go but other than that i wouldnt change a thing. and one last thing, STOP CALLING HIM GAY! if his look makes him gay then that would mean a lot of rock stars are gay…which is highly unlikely…plus its just plain mean. jared leto is pretty much like the hottest guy alive, so rock on jared, i

Erika on

His rocker style is more…well…emo…he’s hott! no matter what…as long as he has long hair…but i think his rocker style is way better for the style of music in 30 seconds to mars

im emo but no one knows it... on

I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U EMOCHICK! Emo guys r hott…and jared is like the hottest one out there, thats famous anyways…hes amazingly sexy and u dont have to be a prep to be hott…u ppl just dont understand what he is. HE’s not gay! u can have that hair and u can express yourself however u want without being gay. I love you jared.OMG…ok the crocs shud go definitly tho…;-)

Robbi on

it’s totally his choice. He’s SO hott! i love “the kill” vidoe! if he wants to dress like a freak, it’s totally up to him! *you go Jared!*

lydia on

jared can where whatever he wants to where and i think he is even hotter with his new rockstar look..i love it!!!!!!!

Adriana on

First of all it’s the “emo” style. . .that’s what he’s goin for. He’s sexy eyeliner or not and he’s one of the most talented musicians I’ve heard. . .he’s a good screamer. ROCK ON Jared!

Taylor on

i think he looks sexy.

M/!R3N on

i like jared very much and he is very sexy !
he is a great actor and a very good singer !
i think he should never change him self just other like not his stil !

Brenda on

OMG!!! how can he be wearing that kinda clothes!!…he’s so so so soooooooooooooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! he looks like a gay with that outfit. PLEASE JARED…IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU ARE A GOOD OR BAD BOY…just look as a MAN!!!

Tanner on

I think he still looks absolutely gorgeous!

edith on

i think he is pretty HOT as a rockstar and so do my friends.

AshLey on


tittelityy on

I think he looks just little bit gay, but he´s still HOT HOT HOT!!! oh god, i wish that i would meet him someday!

may on

it’s all about his eyes, with those eyes his clothes don’t matter

Brittany on

i love him, think hes the sexiest man alive and love his music and films but he can not dress himself for the life of him

30secondstomarsx3 on

uhmmm HELLO, he doesn’t make fun of how u dress. he can pick whatever the heck he wants to wear, its his own body he can dress it how he wants. and just because he wears tight pants, and is really hott doesn’t mean he’s gay. okayy? he’s a really talented guy, with an awesome voice, and an awesome band behind him, all the critism is pointless because 30 seconds to mars rock. i mean seriously, if he wants to wear ugly crocs its up to him, and if he wanted your opinion he’d ask for it.

AJ on

He looks great! The shoes could change, but the cloths match his personality. But one thing i dont like it how he so… in the bed with girls. I think he should become a clean goth. Why not? He could become WAY MORE famous if he stopped all the sexy mombo jumbo (bad choice of words). I love the band, and i love his hair, and i would love to meet him (Which could happen!… in my fantasys). But he should change the shoes, and clean up his act. And i hope he accually reads stuff like this, to actually hear his own mistakes. I mean REALLY! He rocks at band stff and movies, but he should stop with making out. Oh, and i love the makeup on the eyes, only real men wear tight jeans and eye liner.

tania on

i think he looks cute but he could really loose the gardening clogs

Cherry on

He should hold on to vest and tíght jeans, ’cause he looks damn hot!!!!! also with the nail polish nd the smokey eyes!!!! hot hot hot!!!!

sd on

I love the way he looks in the band! DAMN!… saw him live… pictures don’t do him justice!

amy on

k, jared is prolly the most sexy, perfect person alive, or ever to live, and can wesr whatever he likes. i dont know about you guys, but i think his pretty damn hot in that outfit. so, frigg, leave him alone!

katie on

jared leto is hot.
tight jeans on guys
are so cute. i like
the eyr-liner. he looks
good. even if some say
he looks girlie he pulls
it off well.

Eriko on

He is sexy no matter what he wears or what his hair looks like, although im very fond of the black with red tips. must agree with the shoes though cant stan them. oh well i still love him + his gorgeousness!

courtney on

gared leto is hot, rocker or not

bob. on

He’s one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen. His new look is amazing. stop trashing.

Sierra on

i love Jared.
it doesnt matter what he wears or how he looks.
he’s always hot.

Jaredfan on

I think he looks great no matter what, the whole Blackberry thing is so halerious and totally cute, and if you are a fan of his or 30 STM than you know why.

Why the hell are you plopping him into “rocker/punk” category…? When people get older, they tend to change. AMAZING isnt it?

And tight jeans on any guy is so effing hot, and especially on Jared. and the two toned hair, SO gorgeous.

P.S. Real mean wear makeup.

P.P.S I REALLY dont hink Jared would care if hes placed in the “What was he thinking category….” Just a guess though.

The crocks are so cute to. He totally pulls them off. And to those people who think hes gay.. pfftt whatever, less competetion for me. AHAHAH.

ALicia on

Jared Leto can do what ever he wants. He dosnt have to fallow stupid Hollywood trends because your talking about how he cant dress when he infact looks fine. And hes SEXY what ever he wheres. He could come out wearing a to-to and ballet shoes and still have all the chicks wanting him.he can wear whatever he likes,self-expression.

Mark on

Most of the people slamming this guy really need to look long and hard calling him gay how old are you? Really his group totally owns one of the best rock groups i have heard in years apart from evanescence.

You shouldnt be judging him from the way he dresses or looks he is his own person and by the way you dont become a rocker for dressing like one he is one because of his outstanding music he needs to stop making films and focus on making us rock fans more music.

And fashion is what you make off it i wouldnt wear it but i would have his hair style its amazing and different and i just wish i could pull some of his rocking styles off.

Kelli on

God I love him. But Crocs? Seriously? I think what he doesn’t realize is that no matter what he wears or how he acts he’s always going to be seen as a pretty boy.

Cassea on

He’s definately owning this new look! I find it looks better than the old one. I woulnd’t change one thing about him, I saw him live in concert a couple days ago, and he was hotter than hot. the skinny jeans with the bandana around the neck is definately a look he can pull off. I say keep it up, the long different coloured hair is amazing, and theres nothing wrong with expressing yourself. He’s good at acting, and with his music, and a guy who breaks out from the ordinary like that deserves attention, he has a complex mind, simple clothes just don’t do justice for him. I like the style, and would be sad to see it go. Major hottie.

Christine on

I LOVE his new look. He looks absolutely amazing. *drool*

jessy on

its JARED LETO. he is hot no matter what he wears. but it doesnt matter what he wears because his music isnt about his fashion. he will always be an amazing actor and brilliant musician no matter what he wears. and maybe he doesnt care what you think.

Christina on

Okay honestly who are you people to know if he is gay or not?? Have you walked up to him and asked him personaly?? If not then shut the hell up, who are you to determine if he is gay or not. He could be bi, ever think of that? Guess not, you guys are too busy dissing on him for wearing crocs…My god I hate them too, but you don’t see me calling him gay just because he wears them. So what if he wears skinny jeans, is it really hurting you? So what if he wears make-up. So what if he paints his nails, are you going to walk up to him and tell that to his face? I’m pretty sure half of you wouldn’t do it. I think half of you need to focus on what is happening right now and not what happened in the past. He isn’t that character anymore, he is Jared Leto the rocker. He is an amazing performing,I had the chance to see them live and it was amazing.He does anything for his fans. Its awesome. Oh the whole weight thing, I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but some actors do gain weight for certain roles. You know Christan Bale looses weight for roles all the time so does tons of other actors. Have you looked at the female actors lately?? Why are we so obessed with what he wears or if he is gay or not? You guys are acting like you are in high school and have to gossip about everything out that. Come on leave that to the high schoolers.

Morgan on

the only reason Jared had to wear those crocs was because he had gout. His toes swelled so much his feet couldnt fit in regular shoes. I love his new look he is so hot!! saw him at the Taste of Chaos last week and i almost died. His skinny jeans and bandana and long dark hair makes him a total babe!!!

kayley on

you guys are crazy(except the chick under me) Jared is Sexy no matter what he wears you guys are just hatters!!!! xP

Manula on

JARED LETO IS SEXY stop hating i love this man! he is awesome ^DROOL^

Kayley on

^Pebbles | Sep 12, 2006 1:27:21 PM

I think he still looks totally hot!! He (and his shoes) can come hang out at my place any time.^


kaospilot on

hes wearing the crocs cuz of a gout on his foot that he got from his weight gain-weight loss thingo

Tabitha on

He’s Jared Leto..whatever he puts on his body works. PERIOD.
I’m diggin’ the crocs…it works.[I’ve started to wear them and they work with my clothing…others agree so yeah] I hate it when Fashion Consultants insist a style is in or out. It’s pointless to follow trends. Forget following…start one!!!
Jared wears what he wears. He never lets the clothing wear him…no matter how strange it may look to you prude bastards. Rockers wear what they want…he’s awesome his band is awesome so is his fashion sense.

alyse on

I think that Jared Leto looks hott no matter what he is wearing. Although the weight gain makes him look worse, we always know that he can loose the weight again. OMG Jared Leto will always be the hottest man on this earth!!!

Guagua on

verdaderamente éste nuevo look no me gusta…se extraña el chico lindo que era…los pantalones chupines no le van a ningun hombre, no quedan para nada sexy! de todas maneras, está muy bien que se anime a usarlos! demuestra mucho coraje!.jaja!! adios!

courtney on

jared leto his the hottest thing that has walked this earth and o man hes gorgeous!

Lauren on

I dont care what anyone think’s this guy is still absolutely gawjuz n talented!! if he wants to wear crocs then who should blame him it doesnt matter wat he wears its all about his inspiring music n amazing acting ability!!! anyways i love a man in eyeliner lol, too cute!!

Nili on

OK, the crocs are horrible. But Jared can wear what ever he wants, he always looks great. I don’t want Jordan Catalano back.

JoJo on

i really don’t get y ur makin such a big deal about this
he grew gout on his foot cuz of the sudden weight loss u cant expect him to think bout fashion
and the whole blackberry clip to his jeans thing cant he have a easier way to take out a fone? giv him a break
i wanna c u try gain 62 lbs and lose it in lik 4 weeks
o and one more thing y r u comparing him to jordan catalano?
he’s himself and that’s all to it btw he’s not a gloomy rocker

luisana on

jared leto looks HOTT i LOVE this look!!!! Uffffffffff.. i love jared letoooo

monica on

he can wear what he wants he looks sexy

deLiia on

i love his style!!..he´s so damn hot and sexy!!!
i luv u jared!!..
and i´ll always will!!!

30 seconds to MARS_ rockss!!

and if u don´t like it..why do u have to publish it?

JARED LETO is soo talented..he sings..acts..he´s funny..cute..DAMN HOT AND SEXY..plays guitar..!!
JUST PERFECT!!..what else could he ask for?

Farah on

I’m all about creating your own creative style! He’s hot and can pull this look off!


allison on

i think his new look makes him hotter

Lauren on

I personally like the look. But then again, he could wear anything and still look gorgeous.

me me on

he is much better now ! he is very sexy ! i love that ! before he looks like a gay :D sorry , but it’s true .
30 seconds to mars rocks . my favorite band !

roompje on

i think he is so damned hot like this!!!
and if he want to look this way, he can!!!
again, he is so hot like this.

giselle on

i think he should stay the way he is as a rocker if he turned back into a pretty boy i might just kill someone if he wants to put the blackberry on his skinny pants then he will if he wants to wear crocs then he will remember u can still be a rocker just chill at times nobody gets that but me u guys are so ignorent

betzy on

ummm..jared is a hot piece of emo…but wats up wit clogs..i hate em!! but i have to admit that round the time when he was shootin alexander, his looks were at their best

Heather on

I think its an awesome look!
He should be able to wear whatever he likes when he likes. So he likes all sorts of fashion and is gradually getting big with his band but what does it matter what outfit he wears good either way :D

Izzy on

What the heck is wrong with you people?? Jared Leto is the hottest guy ever. OMG. I love Jared Leto. I like the new look better. His hair is like perfect, and I love the eyeliner.
Although… This may be a little scary for people like you. But I think Jared is amazing.

Laura on

gloomy rocker jared leto = gorrrrrgeoouuss

Charisjuh on

I think that he looks amaizing, he is a real hunk now!!!!;)
He can wear what he wants to wear!
He is an incredible rocker whit beautiful eyes!!!
I like him very much.

I love J.Let on

Hot! Sexy! You all haters are soooo jealous. Mr. Leto, not only are you eye candy, but you got the vocal chords to boot!

I love J.Let on

….and another thing, he’s wearing Crocs! How adorable is that?! You got your own style my man.

Gabrielle on

He looks good either way.
VERY sexy like this, though.
Even better up close and in person.

sarah on

hes hot naw!!!! i think he shud ceep the rocker look!!! it sutes him!!!

Anonymous on

I LOVE his new stlye!!! i think he looks so much better!! Before i thought he was gay but now hw is hott and it fits the whole emo/punk/rock look all the band like 30 seconds to mars have. Keep it up Jared!!!

mandy on

It should stay the way it is! I love rockers.. maybe because i am one.. but he looks hot defenitly in the left outfit!

Femke on

I really like this emo-look ^^

Sandra Sousa on

The right to be ourselves belongs to everyone..And if everyone had the courage to be what they really are, this planet would be a so much better place.
I dress up in black, black nails, black eyeliner..what is the problem?

Guess what you can hate us but we don`t care, it all.

P.S. Hate is a ugly feeling.

ankha on

well..since u asked, it’s fashion, it’s his own way of dressing, hey! i wouldn’t mind if he didn’t wear anything at all.but that’s just me..or is it?

meli on

Jared Leto is the Best..

and NOT awful..

he is hot, sexy and soo beautiful..:D

i <3 him

Mariana on

I think he looks better whit the “rocker style”, cause like a “pretty boy” he looks gay, but anything he wears is perfect,is only close!…the fact is to be confortable.!!

dayana on

loooo amooo tantooo

shelby on

he almost looks like a brunette version of andy warhol in the picture on the right. strange.

Liz on

The crocs were something he wore because of the gout he contracted after all the weight gain and loss for chapter 27. Even he’s said he hates wearing them.

Christa on

I think Jared is just doing whatever he wants. Who are we to judge? He’s a human just like us and whatever floats his boat is fine. He’s still a great actor/artist so.. let’s leave him be

Roxy on

i think he looks hot anyway
but i can see how the crocs could be a problemm

Nikki on

dear godd. he looks hot in the first picture. keep the rockker(: thats a deff!!

katy on

I think he’s perfect…the most pretty man in the world…he has his on style…Everione have…

JAckie on

Girls i am a huge jared leto fan but saddly i believe he is very much gay he has been seen kissing band members and even bam margera… look how he dressses and hes always been eye candy for the ladies ever since MY SO CALLED LIFe. it was given to easy so he converted to liking men

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