How Britney Got Ready For Baby #2

09/12/2006 at 10:26 PM ET

This time around Britney and Kevin wanted to be surprised by the sex of their new baby. Brit, however, had a strong hunch that it was going to be a girl. She went back to Nina Takesh and Samantha Winch, owners of the posh L.A. boutique Petit Tresor, who did Sean Preston’s nursery, and told everyone to think pink. Brit regestered online for pink things like Cuddle Pink Coat and Petal Bunny Slippers. As soon as the store (and Britney!) learned it was a boy, Petit Tresor had a lot of work to do. All her items were being held until the birth so the two owners are busy now hand-picking more “boyish” items for the new Federline-Spears baby, including this adorable Croak Coat. Sean Preston’s new playmate is already full of surprises! — Andrea DeSimone

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Photo: MBF-MWD/X17

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Kristy on

Imay be the first to say this but I’m truly happy for her! Who wouldn’t want a family? Shes still beautiful and shes got a great head on her, she’ll do just fine (it helps if press plays nice too!) and I don’t doubt she’ll get out another chart topping cd! Congrats to Britney!

Marisa on

Sean is so adorable. Congrats to Brit, I am sure her baby will be cute :)

J. on

Congrats Britney!! Sean Preston is absolutely adorable, and there’s no doubt that baby boy #2 will be just as beautiful! Best wishes to you and your family.

Susana on

OMIGOSH, Sean Preston is the most adorable baby! A combo of both of his parent’s in looks~ They all have so much to look forward to~ Memories to make and fun raising those boys~

Brittany on

Congratulations Britney! Best wishes to you and your growing family.

Alyssa on

He is really cute … but come on britney, put some pants on your kid when youre in public! I cant stand when people have their kids just in diapers in places that im eating and shopping!

Sarah on

I have to say that make sure your kid is dressed properly when you’re out in public…your child is a reflection of you and that pictures says alot!

Marie on

I wish nothing but the best for the new baby and the rest of the Federline’s. Britney and Kevin will do just great with their growing family. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Roxanne on

Congratulations Brit on your new arrival. Sean Preston is sooooo adorable so we know the new bundle of joy will be too. Hope baby and mommy are doing well.

Danielle on

Everyone is saying her rep said its not a boy – thats just speculation this morning. Hopefully it is, I have two boys and its great!

I think however she should put some pants on Sean! Every picture he is in just a diaper!

V on

Brittany, CONGRADULATIONS!!! Looking good and your have a adorable son.Which I’m sure this boy is adorable as well. Keep up the good work.

Misty on

Congrats! Britney, Sean Preston is just gorgeous. I am sure that your new baby is just as cute. Good luck and congrats

Amy on

Congrats Britney and Kevin!! Sean is absolutely beautiful and his brother will be too. Don’t let the press get to you, you are doing a wonderful job raising your kids.


I read the comments telling Brit to put pants on her child. I can personally say that I dress my child completely when we go out in public; however, I also know that accidents happen when you don’t have a change of clothes. So who knows maybe the child was dressed and he had an accident or she changed him and they were going to the car.

mmn213 on

I’m so sick of Britney and Kevin and their lives. It makes me want to stop reading People all together! Please let them fade off and try and raise a normal family!!

viola on

I think Britttney is a wonderful person and good luck to her with both of her sons. I couldn’t be happier for her as long as her husband starts doing right all will be well. good lick to the happy family lots of love

Mel on

Congrats to Britney and Kevin. Sean Preston is a very adorible baby so I’m pretty sure baby #2 is just as cute!

jen on

Congrats to Brit-Brit, I hope all is well! She better have a lot of energy stored up because two kids, that close, will be lotsa work!!!!

Sue on

I agree w/ April! As a mother of 3, I know that accidents happen when you take your children out. What mother doesn’t know that? I can think back on several times I’ve taken my children out fully clothed, and an accident occurred where I had to carry them around in nothing more than a diaper and shirt. Sure, you can bring extra clothes with you, but most of the time, you have your hands so full with the child, you leave the clothes in your vehicle.

In the picture above, IMO, Sean Preston would have to had been wearing bottoms to go along with that button up shirt. If I were to tote my child around in a diaper and a top, I would opt for more of a comfortable one such as a stretchy t-shirt.

Everyone is so hard on Britney. And I think most of it comes from with the way the paparrazzi perceive her. They show more pictures and tell more stories of Britney doing something that discredits her parenting skills than they do of her just being a good Mom. NEWSFLASH: NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! Mothers are going to make mistakes. That’s how we learn from them. I’m sure Britney loves Sean Preston, and her new bundle of joy as much as any other mother, and does all she can to ensure their safety. I really do wish that everyone would quit giving her a hard time, and just let her be happy. And the paparrazzi need to start showing her in a positive light again.

Now, on to better things. Congratulations to Britney and Kevin on their new bundle of joy, and congrats to the new big brother Sean Preston!!!

Betsy on

Brittany and Kevin, You both did a fanastic job by bringing another miracle into the world and to become a baby brother to Sean Preston. They might be wild, but they will be very close. The boys are truly blessing to have you, Brittany and Kevin. Congratulation from my true heart.
(Congrats to your baby sister for becoming an aunt again! and your mom to be grandma again!)

By the way, my brother and sis in law will have another baby to add to their family this coming Decemeber.

How exciting it is?

Babies are the best ever happened to everybody!

Good luck! Enjoy Life!

Sally Kellerhals on

It is easy to know the remarks made about Britney’s mothering skills, but let this mother of eight and gramma of thirteen say that I think she is a great mother. You can see her love and pride in her so-cute little Sean, and she holds him close and securely. We ALL make errors in judgment, always a great way for parents to learn, but Sean looks healthy and happy with the loving attention of both parents. So Britney, you are doing a great job, and I have agreed so often with your relaxed approach to mothering. I have no doubt the the safety of your children is topmost in your life, so you keep doing your best! Congratulations on your new baby boy – call me in a year, and I will give you pointers on how to stay ahead of their brotherly antics! Live in peace and good health! God bless you all!

Brittany on

I forgot one thing…we want to know the new baby’s name!! :o)

nina on

congrats on brits new baby… but seriously with all this money she has…. she should dress her baby better… im look at the first kid it never has on pants…

anonymous on

Oh great!! Now she’ll get pregnant again to try for the girl—something Shar has and she doesn’t!! But anyway, congratulations to you and your family.

jessica on

congarts to britney and kevin on your new arrival. i’m so happy for the two of them. i know how it is to have siblings close in age, i have a sister who is ten and a half months younger than me so i know what it is like to be close in age and i also know what it is like for the parents.



Diego on

Hi Britney
Guauuu congratulations, im Diego from Perú, i love your music,videos,etc…. and you xdddd

Ya quiero que saques nuevo disco, todos los fans te esperan porque sin ti la musica es horrible, tu haces que este mundo sea mejor …..


barbara on

welll being a mother myself- yes children that age and older have “accidents” but you know this after the baby is 2 days old! and when you pack a diaper bag(which is never pictured) you put 2 sets of clothing if you are going to be out all day- including bibs and wipes and such. and brit can afford to pack more than 2 outfits!
anyone who carries their child around with no pants and shoes is really rednecky! lets hope he wears pants and shoes when it gets cold.

J.A.S.S. on

Congratulations Britney!!! Your the best
Te amo Britney XDDDDD

beth on

I am happy for Britney. I am just curious as to what she named her new baby boy? I have been checking back periodically throughout the day to see if they have ‘released’ the name. I think she was cute while she was pregnant and I don’t think it matters if a baby is wearing pants or not. One less thing to wash when he gets dirty. Congratulations Britney and Kevin. Good luck with your future career goals and raising your boys (and Kori)!

Nita on

Congrats Britney, Kevin and Sean. I’m truely happy for you Britney, I really don’t listen to your music much, and regardless of what the tabloids say, I’m a firm believer of not judging the book by its cover. I don’t know you to believe all the garbage others write, but as a parent myself, I know you must be a great mom. Again conrats and I wish you and your family all the best that life has to offer. God bless you all.


Sue on

“anyone who carries their child around with no pants and shoes is really rednecky!”

By saying “rednecky” do you mean COUNTRY? Britney is from Louisiana, so of course she is a laid back country gal, and she’s so proud of it, she lets it show.

michele on

That baby does need some pants or shorts on, maybe some khakis. Altho the age he is footwear is optional and sometimes not even recommended for a baby learning to walk. I’m more concerned about the picture in the main story where the 3 of them are swimming and S. Preston looks like he’s wearing a regular diaper when he should be wearing a SWIM diaper. UGH!

I’m a mother of 3 and have screwed up several times and learned and moved on and the press and public shouldn’t be too hard on her-altho I don’t agree with the 2 carseat mistakes she made.

Anyway congrats Britney and I’m dying to find out the name.

Savi on

Congrats to Britney & Kevin on baby # 2, Keep up the good work.

Manuel on

Hey Britney..


I’m happy for u .. really happy..

Ricardo on

Congratulations Britney!!! U Rocks!! Keep Going! U R The Best N Good Luck In Ur Life :D
Kisses From Peru

Traci on

Sean is indeed a cutie. Has anyone heard the name of this new baby? Even if you “think” you are having a girl you would certainly pick out names for both sexes. Brit does need to lose the dark hair AND Kevin! lol

kristina buzin on

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family. xxoo, Kristina

Lisa on

Sean P. is an absolute doll!! I wish the Federlines the best of luck and hope the press leaves them alone!
** Can’t wait to see the new baby boy!

Jenny on

Oh Congrats Britney. i’m so happy for you!! I wish you and your family lots of good luck. Tell your hubby to keep up the good work (music wise). Can’t wait to hear your new album.

D'Rinda Greenup on

Congratulations!!!!! Good Luck to both Britney and Kevin on the birth of your newest addition, asi’m sure you already know boys are so much fun.

Notsuchabritneyfan on

Honestly people….Britney registered for everything pink to throw everyone off! She knew what she was having the first time but kept it quiet and denied it in the press. PLUS…she knew what she was having this time but felt compelled to hide it…so stupid.

slave4brit on

congratulations Britney!I wish all the happiness of the world you for you, your husband and your children, who are so important for you as for all the fans who love you from always, and for those who will love you and that still have not had the opportunity to know yourself. Many kisses and love from Spain.I love you!


Marisel on

I think everyone just needs to stop talking so much trash about the poor girl. Besides, people criticize her but everyone wants to know what’s going on with her life. Anyhow, I really hope she can make a HUGE comeback like before and just be happy because she really deserves it. I have to say I was dissappointed at the fact that it wasn’t a girl, but boys are cute too.. Congrats to Britney and I really hope they pick a cute name…

Lola on

First off Brit…….Loose the hair! You look like you are 14 and experimenting on Hair colors! Your not suited for the black hair,and if your doing it for your man….( pitty) WRONG reason! and What the hell does he know anyway…. And for your son…….I agree put some clothes on your child…TAKE the time to dress him properly. As far as for the comments on accidents.,.What a bunch of BULL !!! Keep your child clean how can he have accidents if he’s being carried by his mom??? Can he walk???? I feel ur not ready for one child let alone two… I pray for the kids not much of a role model in their lives!

Rio on

Great news Britney & Kevin! Congratulations! I think Britney is a great mother. Every time I see a picture of her, she’s holding her son. He’s always with his mommy- not some nanny. Best of Luck Britney & Kevin!!

Debbye on


jackie on

leave the woman alone already the only reason people can say anything about her parenting is because shes under public eye the people who report all the bad stuff about her probably has made way more mistakes than her but anyone wont ever find about that.shes a great mom congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isra on

congatulations britney
i love u
i miss u =(

Shauna on

Congrats To Brit…
With two boys she will have her hands full. Can’t wait to here her new music and she her back in before babies mode!



Evelyn on

Congratulations Britt!!! God bless you and your family.

Ashley on

Hey Britney I want to start by saying you are truly a talented performer. Your baby Sean is so precious. It does not matter what the child is wearing The concern should be how the child is taken care of and hes being raised by a loving family. Leave her alone… I’m from Louisiana and no matter what we will be rednecks our whole lives. Thanks for being proud of where you came from and to show it to the whole world. I want to congragulate you on your new arrival. Hope you and Kevin have a very happy family together. Can’t wait to hear your new music…. Brit’s fan…Ashley

Shasha on

Congrats Brit! I may not be a fan but I wish Brit many good times and hapiness

nyla on

Hi Britney! Cogratulations! I wish hapiness for you and your family. You’re the best and for me you’re 4ever the queen of pop! I love you so much!

Kailah on

All that negative stuff about Britney..i am so tired of it. She is doing a good job. I can relate to her with her children. I had both of my boys back to back. They are exactly a year, a month, and a week apart. Accidents happen, with children as has many of you acknowledged. I am very proud of her and the family she has established for herself. I have always thought that the stars have always acted like they are so much better than the average joe and she just lets me know that she is just as average as the person next door. I have nothing but the unmost respect for you Britney. GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS.

Kara on

Congrats Brit Sean iz so cute i no this 1 will b 2 & u shuld stay wit Kevin.

Andrea on

Congratulations Britney…Im happy for you:) You are a great mother, best mother:) We love you. Kisses from Slovakia.

Lou on

Congratulations! to Britney and Kevin. Say what you want about Britney, but I think she is a wonderful mother to her
little boy Shawn. She isn’t like all the other celebrities that leave their babies at home and go by themselves to where ever they are going. Not Britney, where she goes, her baby goes. I am wondering how she is going to carry both babies at the same time, since she only has the one left hip. Shawn is the most beautful baby in Hollywood, male or female. I love his little face and chubby little legs and have only a diaper on. No wonder his Mommy is so proud of him and I have no doubt this new baby will look just like his big brother.I would love to see what a baby girl of hers would look like.

Jenny on


Nanette on

Congrats! Britney & Kevin on your new bundle of joy! You should never let anyone get in the way of your happiness especially worrying about what people think of you. No one is perfect and 95% of the world doesn’t have to live under a microscope 24-7! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy Life!!!! Looking forward to seeing you back out there performing and doing your thing! Best Wishes!!!

Elli on

Congratulations! My babies are 14.5 months apart so I know you have your work cut out for you Britney but it’s all SO very worth it! Sean Preston is a doll baby as I’m sure Duece is too. :)

Bobbie on

I’m sure britney does not even read these comments, but I just wanted to say I have 3 children and there is nothing wrong with taking a baby out in a shirt with a diaper!! come on look how cute he looks!! some people need to stop judging other people and get a life!! congrats to you and your husband, Sean Preston is adorable and I’m sure the new baby is just as cute, good luck to you both

Bree on

Congratulations Britney!!!

manuel in the mix on

Congratulations!! britney i love you 4 ever never change!!!
and very happy 4 you!!! never change!!!

Courtney on

Im VERY HAPPY for Britney! Congrats Brit & Kev.
I know Brits a great mom & this new child is blessed to have her!

Annie on

Congrats Britney, Kevin and Sean. Hope to see pictures of the new baby soon. Can’t wait to hear his name.

marie on

congratulation to britney. can’t wait for know more info about the baby and see pick. congratulion britney you do a good job.

Brooke on

What is baby #2’s name!?!?!

Logan on

Congratulations Britney! No doubt you’ll be an excellent mother. You’re fabulous and always have been. I say all this assuming you’ll read this, of course.

tracie on

congrats! hopefully the press will be kinder this time around. being a mom is hard enough without having someone there to snap a picture of your every mistake. good luck.

Cathy B on

Being a LA girl myself, I think you are doing a great job.
I saw you at Summit Hospital in BR, LA with your family. You are a drop dead beautiful lady with a great family. (And I know this new little booda will be just as precious as little Sean). Every time I see your pic YOU are HOLDING your son. You are real! You, just like the rest of us, make mistakes. So what! So what if you don’t dress TO PLEASE OTHERS at all times. You live your life. I guess that makes some people upset (or jealous). You go enjoy your babies, enjoy your family, enjoy your success, enjoy your ife and as long as you don’t hurt others, do what you want!!!

Nici on

Congrats to Brit!! i love her and wish her the best with her children. She is a great person and is fabulous! Good Luck girlie!





Anna on

WELCOME to the world little one, another beautiful addition to w loving family. Congratulations Sean, Britney and Kevin. The best is yet to come.

Regina on

So her husband has a 4, 2, 1 and newborn with two different women? Am I missing anyone?? What a weirdo!! Four babies under four? He can stop impregnating women now, but probably will not. Some people think they live in a gerbil cage with lots of gerbils….

anonymous on

“congatulations britney
i love u
i miss u =(”

Are you crazy? She’s not your best friend! You are the reason why she gets attention, the media knows people like you will come out and defend her, and talk about her, and “love” her no matter what she does… It’s sick! Do something better with your time and don’t be so obsessed with a celebrity (if you can even call her that).

For the record: Hate her hair, but I wish her the best of luck in raising her boys. (It’s a hard job!) For the sake of her children I hope and pray she doesn’t screw them up.

Michelle on

I just wanted to say to everyone critizing the babys clothes – RELAX!!! I live in Los Angeles area and I know lately the weather has been crazy cool mornings, hot afternoons. Maybe the girl just wanted to keep the poor kid cool. Another thing I also have two children fifteen months apart and when I was pregnant with my second child I found it very easy to run into a store and leave the diaper bag in the car for emergencies. She may have been on her way some where it is not like she was a photo shot.

Susan on

If it was a “scheudled C-section” what doctor schedules a C-section at 2am?

Efraín on

Britney congratulations for your new baby!!! All fans in Mexico loves U and your family too, kisses. We Love U.

Heather on

I think that we have worried far too long about the ins and outs of Britney Spear’s life. I don’t care what color her hair is, or if she pops out 13 more babies. She’s not on welfare and she is married to that guy. I don’t see these magazines publishing information about women who have 3 and 5 kids with all different men, and are living off the welfare system. As long as she isn’t dipping in my pocket, I could care less.

Mom of 3 in a row! on

Congragulations to both Brit and Kevin. My three children were all a year apart, and I loved every minute of it! Sure, it was alot of hard work, but I never regretted having them close. They have grown up close to each other, and are always there for each other. Brittany and Kevin will find their own way with their babies, and they will continue to be the loving, concerned, committed parents that we all know they both are!



Alexis on

Congratulations Britney!! I hope you´re the happiest person in this world right now, but dont forget it: we want you to the road as soon as posible!! We want a new album and a new tour!!

Carrie on

As a mother of 2 boys you are in for a wonderful experience!! As far as the tabloids are concerned, they should mind their own business. Sean Preston is absolutely adorable and looks extremely well cared for! As for some of these other comments about him not wearing pants and shoes, they should mind their own business. These are your children and as long as they are loved nothing else matters. It truely looks like you love and adore Sean Preston and I’m sure the same will be for the new baby!! Can’t wait to hear his name! Congrats and best wishes to you both!

Carrie on

What kind of doctor does a scheduled C-section at 2am? The kind that works for celebrities trying to maintain some sort of privacy and avoid the unwanted press.

Steph on

Congratulation’s Britney on baby #2. I’m sure he is going to be just as adorable as little Sean Preston. You are doing a wonderful job with him, and will continue with the new bundle of joy. You are one of the few celebrities that really take the time to care for there children on there own, and not by “live in nanny’s”. Keep up the good work.

julie on

Congratulations Britney! Good Luck with your two boys!

Erica on

OMG Britney I wish you all the best in the world with the two boys and your marraige. Hope you can show us a picture when the kids are older. And when you are ready.

abby on

does any one know britney’s second child’s name

Kelly on

hey brittney i think it is soo cool that you are having your second and kevins 4th !!!!!! I am in middle school and me and my friends didnt think you were going to be a good mom for sean…. but you are….keep on going brittney.

mandi on

Congrats Brit!!!!! I have a daughter that is a month older than Sean. I go out in public with her dressed in a shirt and diaper and there is nothin wrong with it and she doesn’t wear shoes that much either. When spring and summer thats what she wears alot,she is comfortable that way and she loves it. Everybody needs to just leave her alone. Us country girls are just tryin to raise our kids the same way we were raised.

jennifer on


Anne on

I am not her biggest fan. I think she used to be great but went down hill. I think Kevin is going to be the end of her career. He just brings her down. Now having said that, Sean Preston is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. He is just so beautiful. I have to say I think he is cuter then Suri and Shiloa.

nikki on

hay brit congrag on your 2nd bub you have been through a bad time hope everything goes your way now best of luck to you all

Brittany on

Britney, congradulations. i wish you and your family the best.

amanda on

you people that are critisizing what her little boy wears
need to get a life!!! too bad ya’ll are not rich and famous like her and have the paparazzi all up in your business. because ya know, ya’ll are just perfect!!!
sorry brittney that you get such a bad rap from everyone when Heaven forbid something happen to your CHILD!!! and a boy child at that!!!! i have two boys 23 months apart, and a new baby girl!!!! i think you should go ahead and try!!!! third times a charm!!! do it before you spend too much time on getting that bod back in shape!!!! amanda


HELLO PEOPLE….CAN’T ANY OF YOU SEE THAT THE BUTTONS ARE UNDONE ON SEAN’S SHIRT. THIS IS MORE THAN LIKELY A ONE PIECE OUTFIT THAT IS UN-SNAPPED(a shortall). SHE MIGHT HAVE JUST CHANGED HIS DIAPER YOU KNOW. FOCUS ON THE REAL SUBJECT HERE WHICH IS THE NEW BABY! (pointing out what Sean is or is not wearing just makes you like the magazines that only show the negative stuff). She surely doesn’t ask to be pictured and put all over every magazine! Grow up and pay attention to what really matters in life.

Melissa on

Congratulations Britney, Kevin and Sean. Sean is an adorable little baby with the chubbiest little cheeks. I’m sure his new brother is just as adorable as he is.

Tiffany on

congrats britney and kevin best wishes, sean preston is absolutely adorable and there is no doubt in this world that this baby will be adorable 2, i hope mum and baby are doing well brit rocks

Vana on

this is really tacky, leaving comments on here and whatnot…but who the hell does this lola woman think she is anyway? accidents happen lady..i mean can sean spill formula on his pants when he’s drinking a bottle, maybe he was super hot and sweaty so she wanted to take off his pants..who knows, but what the hell? come on lola get off it…all that matters is brit loves her baby..and she takes care of him…pants or not… people like lola make me sick…not everyone mothers the same way…so to all you lola’s out there…please..get overrr it

chantelle on


Amanda on

I think the emphasis on what SP is wearing is too much. He is a BABY…it is SUMMER…wouldn’t you like to wear least amount of clothing when the temp. rises? It’s not YOUR child so it isn’t YOUR business. If it outrages you so much, why bother to look at the picture or even comment?? As far as parenting mistakes, EVERYONE makes them. If you haven’t then give me a call and tell me how you are perfect. I would like to know. The hair…is it your hair?? No?? So, why do you care? We all make changes to our hair every now and then, and if we like it for ourselves, then that is all that matters…About Kevin…yea, I think that he APPEARS to be diiferent, but until you have sat down with the man and seen how he treats his family, I think it is in your best judgement to stop judging. So what if he has 4 kids so close together. It obviously happened for a reason(higher power up above)…So needless to say, if you want to congradulate Brit on such an amazing thing, GREAT…but if all you want to do is make negative remarks, then it is obvious that the true feelings you have are that of jealousy. I for one am extremely happy for her. Children are blessings…
And in regards to the comment about SP in the diaper while swimming…it is not harmful, dangerous or anything affecting the well-being of SP, so whether a diaper, a little swimmer or a bathing suit, he appears to be having fun…so LET IT GO!!!

Congrats Brit, Kev and SP!!! Enjoy this precious time!! Your fans support you!

Irene on

Congratulations to Britney, Kevin and Sean on the safe arrival of your new baby! I am sure you are thrilled that you have a new bundle of joy to share all of your love with. Keep on doing what you do best and that is to live for each other. You are wonderful together and if you can continue to ignore all of the negative comments from people who do not know you but feel it makes them important to criticize, you will continue to grow as a couple and even more so as a family. You are doing a wonderful job with Sean P. and I know you will keep up the great work with the latest addition to your family. Greetings from Canada — we love you all!!!


Sherri on

Brittney the child looks happy and healthy and is glowing so are you. looks like your doing a good job. as i always thought you are sopposed to learn and grow with you children. so unless your paying her bills shut up. no one is perfect. learn from your mistakes and grow old with your babys. i hope i get to grow old with mine. congrats and good luck in what ever ya do sweety.

Brenda T. on

Britney has her plate full. She’s a strong women and I think she can handle her business. She just needs to make better decisions regarding her children’s safety. The whole car seat incident was mind-blowing. It’s great she wants to be a young mother and I’m happy to see her do what she wants for her life. K fed well, he’s another story. He’s cashing in! He’s working it. I do hope they can make their relationship work. I have to admit, I don’t have the kind of money Britney does and I probably never know that kind of money. BUT money comes and goes. It doesn’t buy happiness and love. Britney might be in love/lust right now. It seems like she grabbed the first guy she felt lust for after Justin that could tag along with her. She’s not able to date regular like most of the regular world because of her wild crazy schedule/career lifestyle. K fed was in the right place at the right time. Regardless of what I think, I hope they are both happy.

brandi on

congrats brit. dont worry what people say i know ull be a good mom and tell kev he better treat u good and dont spoil the lil ones to bad. lol.

Diogo Rodrigues on

Parabéns Britney pelo novo bébé! Espero que esteja tudo bem convosco… muitas felicidades.


Candi on

Congratulations Britney and Kevin – All the best with baby # 2… SP is has got to be the cutest little celeb babies out, cant wait to see baby # 2… Probably just as adorable. i have a 6 month old baby and i let him wear just his diaper sometimes, it makes it easier for them to crawl around and all that… stop picking faults with her… she is only a human being after all…well done brit!

Em on

I am a mother of two and understand that there are times when something happens and your child goes with no pants but I can’t believe that every time so going out with Sean that something happens and the kid ends up with no pants. If you don’t want pants because of the weather at least put some shorts on.

Julie on

Congrats Britney on baby #2! I’m so happy for you. I love your music and have been a fan since your first single came out. I love all the cute pictures of you & Sean. Especially the pics of him in just a tshirt & diaper. Too cute! Congrats once again, Happy birthday Sean and Happy Anniversary!!! :)
Julie in Richmond, Virginia

Tracy on

How come Sean Preston is never wearing PANTS? He is always being carried around in a DIAPER!
What is with this? Do they not buy him pants or do they think he looks cute with the diaper, its not a fashion statement.



Wendy & Lo on

Congrats to Britney! I happen to be pulling for a Britney comeback! She is young, and will get back into amazing shape! I want her “to win” too! Although she has already “won” the only truly important thing…her sweet baby boys!

Wendy & Lo on

Congrats to Britney! I happen to be pulling for a Britney comeback! She is young, and will get back into amazing shape! I want her “to win” too! Although she has already “won” the only truly important thing…her sweet baby boys!

Wendy & Lo on

Congrats to Britney! I happen to be pulling for a Britney comeback! She is young, and will get back into amazing shape! I want her “to win” too! Although she has already “won” the only truly important thing…her sweet baby boys!

ManyWonders on

Not only does Sean have a new baby brother, but so does Kori and Kaleb (Kevin’s older children). You guys are so rude with you congratulations “Britney, Kevin and Sean”. *eye roll*

Dani on

we spend our whole lives in clothes….if she wants to let him go without pants, who cares? i mean, really, he’s 1 YEAR OLD!!! talk about pants when he’s 3 or 4 and she still doesn’t put pants on him, ok?

best of luck, brittany!!

jen jen on



Renaye on

Go Brit and CONGRAT.

May you have many more and keep on trying because it seems like you want a little girl ( THINK PINK ).

irma on

You people talking about what her son wears or not wears mine your own bussines look at your selfs keep up the good work Britny.

jessica on

congrats britney and kevin. i hope you are all happy and doing well. what have you named your new son? i know what it’s like to have babies back to back because i have three kids that are all fifteen months apart exactly like my daughter was born in may 2003,then my son was born in august 2004 and then my other daughter was born in november 2005 and now i’m expecting my fourth baby in febuary 2007 which is another boy. so i understand what it’s like not to have the body had before you had kids. so good luck on your new baby boy and happy birthday to sean preston.



sue on

congratulations on your new son. by the way sean is so cute.good luck hopeful you will be left alone in peace to enjoy your family.

melissa on

GEES PEOPLE CAN’T YOU ALL TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT BRITNEY’S CHILD HAVING NO PANTS ON.i want to congratulate the happy coupke with there newest member of the family… whats his name?

take care and go bless

Toni on

Congratulations to you Britney, and your family. You all must be very proud. I must say that I am absolutely apalled by some of the very candid and rude opinions of some of the other posters on here. We all make mistakes and we all raise our children differently, who is to say what someone else is doing is so wrong? I think people are entitled to their opinions but that they should keep negative opinions to themselves rather than saying things that are hurtful, knowing you will read them. I have always been interested in you and your family I think mostly because we are near the same age, young moms of 2 children, I want you to know that I think you are doing fine. If these people only knew the mistakes I have made, they would be criticizing me instead of you. Keep your chin up!

Joyce on

Congrats on your beautiful family.. Dont let anyone tell you different. keep up the good work.. Say hi to Kev for me…xo

Aundraniece on


susie on

congrats to you both, You hit the jack pot!! 2 boys are the best. You are officially the queen of your home. Boys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy being “the Queen”

Katie on

Congrats to Britney, Kevin & Sean! I hope everything works out for the 3 of them and as long as they are happy that’s all that matters. Who cares what the press says! Only they know their relationship no one else does and it isn’t anyone else’s business either. Sure we all have our opinions but she is a very strong woman and she will persevere! Congrats again on you’re new child!

Crystal on

I think Briteny is always going to look great even if she has 5 kids she will always slim back down. And her kids will be beautiful. So congrads Brit.

Nikki on

I love Britney, I think she is beautiful no matter what and her personality is amazing!!! I think everyone just needs to quit talking trash on her and let her live her life, she wants to be a mom and raise her kid’s, what’s wrong with that? I think Sean P. is adorable and I’m sure the new baby will be just as cute.

debwired in Florida on

congrats on your new bundle of joy! Babies are a true blessing from above! I am sure that Sean Preaston will love having a baby brother! Don’t let people bother you when they criticize the fact that the boys have been born back to back…that is their problem. Just a little postpartum tip (and this applies to any woman), if you happen to be breast feeding, and you have not resumed your period, it is very possible to become pregnant without using “protection”. Take care and gives those little boys all the love you both can give!

Jean Pear on

LOVE U SO MUCH MY DEAR PRINCESS!… you’re the best in the whole world. I can’t imagine how happy you must be now… sean’s birthday and his little brother’s birth are just wonderful gifts that only a person like you deserve… Love you!

Jo on

Her business. Her life. Got nothing to do with anyone how she dresses her baby. I put my son in a diaper and t-shirt too. AND…I’m no country redneck either as some girl wrote earlier about Britney, I’m a Londoner. Just it gets so hot over here and I don’t want my baby sweating. All I see is a loving mummy in britney. Made a few mistakes here and there, but maybe her own mother, Lynn, should step in and give her daughter some motherly advice, especially about car seats etc. That’s what mothers are there for. Good luck.

Carri on

Alright, lets lay off the diaper issue. Has anyone consider that maybe his diaper leaked??? All you mother’s know what I am talking about! Congrats Brit!

antonia on


Alicia on

Brit I wish you the best.. n please people leaver her alone poor girl everytime I read a magazine they talk trash about her.. what is wrong with beeing a mom .. she decided to put her career aside to have her babies.. how can she not love them…there are so many actresses that way until they are 40…just to enjoy their live or to keep their figure intact…congratulations Brit’re great!!

Darla on

Hi Britney,
Just wanted to say congrads. Don’t let the press get you down. Your fans lov you and, I know you can make a great comeback and still be able to take care of your family. I have 3 children. I know how you feel I had my boys back to back. But hang in there and have faith it will work out for you. I have a daughter that is 15 yrs. old. She is a big fan of yours. Her name is Brittany and, she said to tell you go Britney! she will be waiting for your comeback. Hope its real soon.

Flower on

Did anyone stop to think that it was Sean Preston that didn’t want the pants on?

I have a little brother who absolutely refuses to wear pants (or a diaper). When we finally manage to get him dressed and settled, he’ll sneak off to another room and strip down.

Kids go through funny phases.
I don’t think Britney is a redneck for letting her son go without pants.

Even if it wasn’t Sean Preston, what’s so awful about not wearing pants at his age? He isn’t even considered a toddler yet.
It’s most certainly not hurting *you*.

Rebecca on

Have you ever considred the fact that Sean Preston is wearing just a diaper in public because he might of had an accident and got his pants wet? I am a mother of 3 and diapers don’t always hold everything in!! Give the girl a break. She is a new mom and has much to learn.. as do all of us mom’s. She has a beautiful one year old and a healthy newborn.. Congrats Britney!!

Deborah on

Britney,don’t pay no attention to all these negative retards. I have 5 children and like what all the other good people had to say about your son in a diaper and t-shirt. Who cares, your son is in the greatest hands. You appear to be a great mother. It matters what you think not what others think or have to say. They just could even wish they had your money. Next time just take him out in a diaper alone! Then maybe, the next time, they’ll just wish you would even put a shirt on the boy. I live in Florida-about as hot as California. There were days I took them out in an outfit and LOTS of other days just w/ a diaper and t-shirt. Kids LOVE no shoes, besides, would you really want to have to stop and grag a shoe if it fell off w/ all those poparatzies. Oh, and all you pepole criticizing Brit having her baby in the water w/ only a diaper. Get a LIFE!! Haven’t you ever heard of last minute decisions. Congrats Brit on your new baby. Rock on. Enjoy your life and family!!P.S. Where your hair whatever color you want. Orange, pink, even blue would look good on you.

Samantha Mills on

CONGRATS Britney and Kevin!!!I am truly happy for you!!!I hope everything goes well with your family!!!I wish you the best in making another chart-topping CD, I cant wait for it!!!
God bless~
Samantha Mills
Piedmont Wv.

Mandy on

Why do so many people talk so negative towards other people and their lives? There are so many parents out there that do not love and protect their children. Where are all the negative comments about them? If you cannot say anything positive about Britney and Kevin’s life together with their children, then it is obvious to me that you are miserable in your own life. Just because Britney is always in the headlines does not mean it is okay to say mean things about her and her family. SHE IS A PERSON TOO! Walk a day in her shoes…I could only imagine.

Jennifer on

Congrats to Brit but it sure seemed like she wanted a girl (both times) and no such luck. Oh well Keep Trying Girl!! As a mother of 3 I say go for more!!

Amber on

Congrats to Britney! Although the press might not think she is a good mother I think she is doing a great job, and Sean is sooooo cute!

Shelby on

Hey Brit,
Sean is so cute, congrats to baby number 2!!!
I wish to hear his name soon!!



Sean Preston is so cute, I beleive this baby will be just the same! “GOD BLESS THEM ALL”

mirian on

i love u soooooo much s2

shari finkel on



Heather on

congrads britney,I just want 2 wish them the best of luck & lots of joy with there new son and of course sean. I my self have 2 boys and it is great 2 watch them grow and hope i did a good job so they grow up 2 be men that there dad wanted them 2 be. But i do have 2 say that it would be nice 2 have a girl and buy all those pretty dresses, so take a break brit and try 2 have a girl 4 those of us who can’t !!!! LOL !!!!!!!! just joking. You take care of your self and those baby’s girl. And i’ll be waiting for that new cd 2 come out. LOVE YA !!!!! HEATHER

Audra on

Congrats to the entire family. Being a parent is the most rewarding job out there, and the only honest one I may add!May your family be blessed for many years to come.

Holly on

Congrats!!! I do know how you feel…I have 2 boys 11 months apart!!! It is a struggle for the 1st couple years but then it gets soooo…. fun!!! Our boys are Duncan (12) and Conner (11) and they are both very different people! They enjoy having a “built in” best friend and are annoyed sometimes at everything the other one does!!! Don’t worry about the weight loss too much. You will soon realize they will be great personal trainers! Congrats again and keep your chin up. It will be really tough for awhile so don’t put of getting some help right from the start. You can still do all the Mommy things and someone else can cook, clean & run erronds. Smile Brit, you are going to think having 2 boys so close together is the biggest blessing you could have asked for! Email me if you need any pointers along the way!

Holly on

Congrats!!! I do know how you feel…I have 2 boys 11 months apart!!! It is a struggle for the 1st couple years but then it gets soooo…. fun!!! Our boys are Duncan (12) and Conner (11) and they are both very different people! They enjoy having a “built in” best friend and are annoyed sometimes at everything the other one does!!! Don’t worry about the weight loss too much. You will soon realize they will be great personal trainers! Congrats again and keep your chin up. It will be really tough for awhile so don’t put of getting some help right from the start. You can still do all the Mommy things and someone else can cook, clean & run erronds. Smile Brit, you are going to think having 2 boys so close together is the biggest blessing you could have asked for! Email me if you need any pointers along the way!

Keri on

IM happy for Britney and Kevin. I think she is a little young. but oh well!


I think Britney is a real role model before as a young superstar and now as a proud mother of two… you are an inspiration to all the mother in the world making your family your first priority on top of your career.. wishing you more happiness and contentment in life..

colleen jones on


Kayla on

Everyone just needs to let the negativity go! Obviously some people do not have enough excitement in their lives, that they need to go on a Britney Bashing Binge. Please people let it go! So what, she just lets him wear a diaper and shirt sometimes. She may be a celeb, but she is also a person! Get a life people, PLEASE! CONGRATS to you Britney! I wish you the best of luck!

G on

Give Britney a break. There is nothing wrong with putting just a t-shirt and a diaper on aa baby, after all it’s summer. Start complaining if it’s winter and he isn’t wearing clothes. Congratulations Brit and Kevin. Kids are a lot of fun.

misty on

Britney just ignore those who are giving negative comments. None of them are perfect either. If you want your child going around with out pants or shorts or even shoes on go for it. Your life your decision. As for having them close together theres nothing wrong with it. I have two kids that are 21 months apart and that get along soooooo good. They always have a play mate and when the other one leaves with some one then they miss each other. Theres also nothing wrong with you being so young and having two kids I was 20 and had both of mine already. For those of you with the negative comments you need to remeber the saying if you cant say nothing nice then dont say nothing at all.

Dee on

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of Britney Spears. I am sorry, but I think that she is talentless. I don’t know how she ever became famous in the first place. Man…her television show was so wack. I think the best thing that ever happened to her was Justin Timberlake. She is a fool for letting that fine specimen of a man go. Only to dye her hair black and walk around toting a bunch of kids. I think she owes Shar Jackson an apology for stealing her man. Please chant with me, “NO MORE BRITNEY!”

Emilee on

This is for: Barbara | Sep 13, 2006 1:11:10 PM.

You said that any parent who carries their child around with no pants or shoes on are really rednecky.

Hahahaha….you make me laugh. How can you generalize like that? I have 3 beautiful children. I can honestly say that I’ve toted my children around when they were babies with just a diaper and shirt on. Babies aren’t making fashion statements. Living in Florida and giving birth to my twin boys there, it was ALWAYS humid, by the time they were around 9 months or so, I would carry them on my hip with a diaper and shirt on. That doesn’t make me rednecky, and it doesn’t make my husband a redneck neither. I had my little girl in Arizona. Living here in Arizona during the summer time is awful. It is always hot and on occasional days, especially during monsoon season, it becomes sticky and dreadful. I am only doing what is best for my children. That doesn’t make me a bad parent because I’ve carried my children around with just a diaper and shirt. Britney ISN’T doing NOTHING wrong by doing that. As long as she loves her baby, that’s ALL that matters. I’m sure he’s stacked to the brim with shorts, pants and many other clothing items, I’m sure that Britney doesn’t let him and WON’T let him go without. It does NOT make me a redneck or a bad parent to carry my child around in a diaper. My children are older now, and they certainly wear shorts and sorts, but when they were babies, I did what I felt was best, especially the weather conditions. One thing is for sure, I always made sure my child was taken care of.

Madison on

This is for Barbara-Sep 13, 2006 1:11:10 PM. I figure the comment you made about Sean P. and hoping Britney will dress him in pants and shoes when it gets cold, was a sarcastic comment on your part. Here’s one for ya…NO, Britney is gonna carry both her babies around in summer clothes during the winter time. She doesn’t love her kids at all. She wants them to get sick. I guess you’re right, she’s just an awful mother. Could you tell I was being sarcastic? You are just awful. Britney has good reason to do what she wants. She did carry Sean P. for 9 months and gave birth to him, she’s entitled to raise her son any which way she pleases. She’s a Louisiana girl, tried and true. Like the old saying goes: You can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl. That speaks volumns. Britney seems to have been raised right in the environment she grew up in, so what makes you think Britney is gonna do any less for her baby. Let Britney live. Let her raise her family in peace without someone making fashion comments about a baby! You may not be a redneck Barbara, but you SURE are a snob.

Abbi on

Just to let everyone know, Britney named her baby boy: Sutton Pierce Federline.

olivia on

Hey Lola! (Lola, Sep 13, 2006 2:46:29 PM).

They should call you LOLITA! You are mean and rude! How can you judge someone by the color of hair they have? How shallow are you? Grow up. How do you know what suits Britney? Fashion stylist or no fashion stylist, let her DO what she PLEASES. You have a problem with that? oh well, it’s not like Britney doesn’t get garbage said her on an every day basis. Who are you to tell someone to dress their child? She can dress him whichever way she pleases. When she walks out of the door and she feels a diaper with a shirt on is OKay, so be it. Sean Preston is not the fashionista baby of the world ya know. You don’t know Britney’s predicament. Babies CAN have accidents. Babies have bowel movements, and accidents happen. I’ve changed more than enough diapers and went through accidents with my children to know what Britney may be going through. I think all mothers have. Unless you’re just the perfect mother in the whole wide world, and you have the right to just sit back and point the finger at every other mom in this world. I wouldn’t care two monkey craps if you didn’t agree with how I raised my children. And guess what….Britney doesn’t neither. How do you know what’s best for Britney. She can pop out 12 kids for all I care. She would LOVE them all and give them the very best. Role models? You are so evil. If I were you, you should pray for yourself. You are a hateful person. Quit caring about what Britney should do and fix your attitude oh holier than thou one! What freaking role models do we have to live for in this world? I didn’t have a role model growing up and I turned out just fine! Grow up.

Sammi on

Who cares what color hair Britney Spears has. Who cares how many children she has. I read a post by someone on here, it’s not like she’s living off of Welfare. That’s the whole point here we need to make. She isn’t having her babies by 4 different men, and not even knowing who the Daddy is. She’s supporting her family through her own dollars. There are women who are popping out babies left and right by different men, most who don’t know who the daddies are, and are going through the Welfare system. Like I want to support them! I’m sorry, but I’m a strong and hard butt woman. I live by certain morals. Get an education, get a job that is going to support you, then do all the other BIG girl stuff. Having babies, and not being able to support yourself is doing everything backwards. Don’t point the finger at Britney Spears when there are FAR MORE WORSER things going on in this world. She’s supporting her children. I find that better than most of the women in the United States alone. Let the woman carry her son around with no shorts on, it’s her God given right.

ava on

Even though I don’t like Kevin Federline, I still wish Britney the best of luck. Many people are blinded by love. Britney is a beautiful woman, I thought she was crazy to marry Kevin, but that’s who she chooses to be with. I don’t make her daily decisions. What she wants to do with her life is her own business.

I don’t know if anyone feels this way, but I feel that Britney is with someone because she just wants a family and someone to love her, and on Kevin’s end, he’s looking for a quick buck and fame. Britney Spears is next to Madonna in world models. She’s the next biggest star next to Madonna. If someone doesn’t know about Britney Spears, they must be living under a rock.

Now take Kevin Federline, a person who was nothing but a backup dancer living in a small apartment with 12 other people (it was a large amount of people) while working at the car wash and being a backup dancer, and all of a sudden fate comes his way, he’s introduced to the largest female pop artist icon in this world. He’s got a girlfriend, 1 child and another on the way. Britney steps into the picture. She takes you around the world with her, you are staying in beautiful hotels with all the money in her pockets. You’re going to her sold-out shows. Come on, you get to hang with Britney Spears, and first class. All of a sudden you love this woman. You up and leave your actress girlfriend who really can’t be in the same league with Britney. Who are you gonna choose? Shar Jackson or Britney Spears? My guess would be Britney Spears. Now you get lots of money, you get to travel on jets, stay at swanky hotels, things given to you left and right, you don’t have to live in a tiny apartment anymore, now you get to live in a posh spread in the lap of luxery.

Now you think to yourself if you’re Kevin, I now get to use Britney’s fame to boost my own. I wanna be a rapper, make money and more and more money, I wanna be a superstar like my wife. With Kevin, he can use his wife’s image and moolah to boost his image, while Britney falls for it, and when he can make it on his own, which I highly doubt, because who can take his rapping skills seriously, he’ll no longer live in his wife’s shadow and think he can be better than her. By the way he’ll already have 4 children and gawd forbid for Britney’s sake, she waits to have another, because you just get the feeling she wants to have a family, she wants to be happy and she just wants that little girl.

Although I’m in no position to give ideas, but my idea for her would be to raise her two children for now. I read she said she wants to get her body into shape and she’s working on a new album due out sometime next year possibly. She should focus on that and her kids. Let the baby making be put on hold. My advice would be to wait and NOT have anymore kids with Kevin Federline. It must be hard, because you just don’t know if a person like Kevin is in it for the fame and money or in it for love. I can sort out through the fake tears and it seems his love for Britney is an act. Hopefully the girl will smarten up. She needs to go for a relationship that is publicized just like hers is. She needs someone that is famous just like her. That way she knows that he can love her and she can love him and it won’t be nothing more than that. At least for her sake she wouldn’t have to be used. Thank goodness she signed that prenup or else she woulda been screwed. But remember, Kevin is gonna try to keep Britney in the marriage as long as possible, because for every year they’re married, he will get that sum and double (something like that) for every year they’re married.

Jessica on

Congrats Brit!!! Sean is so cute so Sutton must be adorable too!!!!! You are a great Mom no mattter what people say!!!! Kevin is a good Dad too!!!! Congrats!!!! Love Jessica

Sarah Busch on

Britney I think your second child will be a girl too but when I went online i find out It’s a boy congratulation on you second boy when i grow up i want to be just like you because you are pretty a good singer,dancer,and actress I can’t wait till your new ablum will be out I love singing too and dancing and acting when we have a talent show at school I will sing your ablums because I really like all your songs.I can’t wait to see you second boy pictures anyway I think sean Preston is cute juat like you and your hubby Kevin Federline.I hope that I will be a singer and a dancer and a actress just like you.

Yours Truly,12 years old Sarah Busch.
Git-R-Done y’all

Dayna W. on

Congratulations for the new baby boy, I hope the family is doing great and mom and baby are fine. I’m sure Preston will love his little brother like his best friend, which they will undoubtedly be, and it will be wonderful for Britney as they both grow up.
As a young mother of two boys, I know what joy she is feeling right now, and pride, and sense of fulfillment ; it will be so cute to call them Preston and Pierce, and celebrate future Birthdays together ! What a wonderful journey Britney has in store for her…good luck, enjoy !
Children are a true blessing, they make our lives worth living, brighten our days, and fill our hearts with love. Britney should be proud of herself for bringing these beautiful baby boys into the world. Good luck to her and family, and I hope for the boys’ sake that Kevin smartens up and becomes the man he needs to be, becomes the husband and father that he ought to be in that marriage. Otherwise all this happiness will be tainted with sorrow, and Britney does not deserve that.
~~ Now, to all the “Britney Bashers” , pleeeease leave the woman alone to enjoy her family, she has enough on her plate as it is, support her or shut up. If you are a
parent, you know what she is going through right now, the good and the bad. Obviously the “Britney Bashers” are not parents..or they wouldn’t be bad-mouthing her. Get a life!
And as for the incidents that were captured by the paparazzi, how could ANYONE say she is an unfit mother based on that ?! If cameras were on YOU 24/7, I’m sure we’d see lots of thigs. EVERYONE makes mistakes with their children, if they were to be publicized like Britney’s, we’d all be labeled “bad parents”. But Britney doesn’t have a choice : everything gets photographed, and a small slip-up becomes front-page news ! It is ridiculous and pathetic ! Trust me, her mother instinct kicked in the moment she first held Sean Preston in her arms, and she loves them and cares for them better than anyone else. She is a great mother, and I personally am proud of her that she is willing to take on so many responsabilities at once : an infant, a newborn, a marriage, a husband that’s not really “up to par”, her career, (HIS career !), a new album, her body and the need to get in shape, two step-
-children, AND the scrutinizing eye of the public ! It’s amazing she can even do it all ! Look at the GOOD things she does for a change ! ~~
That’s all. Oh, by the way, I read somewhere that Shar’s children, Kori and Kaleb, are not Kevin’s only children ! He has one or two OTHER older child(ren), like around 7, 8 or 9 yrs old, with his girlfriend before Shar. It was a reputable source, so it’s not a lie, I can’t remember where I read it. Will someone please tell me if they have heard it too ? I think he has a 9yr old son… very downplayed in the press, I’ve only read about it twice. I think he is estranged, and Kevin is trying to hide the fact that he has MORE children (wouldn’t be good for his image!). Anyone know anything ?
Anyway, Happy Birthday Sutton Pierce, and Congrats, Britney !!

Sarah Sterling on

G’DAY and Congratulations on Sutton Pierce, Brit & Kev. You have done a FANTASTIC job with Sean Preston. I wish your family the best for their health and happiness.

*** I too agree with a lot of others…. I would like to see some pant/short and a hat on your son’s. I understand accidents can happen, however as a parent you should have learn you take EXTRA’s with you. And if you don’t I am sure you can buy your son some clothes while in a store. I was once told “my children are a reflection of me”. ***

*** SAFETY NOTE: I am not sure what the weather is like over in LA, here is AUSTRALIA, the sun can be very destructive towards children please put hat’s on your children not matter their age.***

## Keep up the WONDERFUL work. You look as though you ENJOY being a MUM. You will have some wonderful years to come with (hopefully many more of) your CHILDREN.. ##




nikki on

Britney, you are so lucky Girl, pls take care of that beautiful family of yours!!!

P.J. on

Everyone is sooooooooooooo quick to judge!!!! She is a normal human being and EVERYONE makes mistakes, it’s just worse for her because she is in the lime light!!!!! Congrats, Britney and Kevin on little Sutton Pierce, I am sure he is just as adorable as Sean P. Can’t wait to see his pics!!!!!!

keisha Whitman on

Every magazine on the face of the earth said that Britney was having a girl. She must be a little disappointed, after all, she already had a girl’s name picked out.

kathie on

congradulations on your second baby hope you r coming back to the music world real soon we miss you and love your music we also loved your hubbys new song lose control my daughter and i thought it was good hope things go good for you guys now

Megan on

Brittney, Congrats. I think your doing a great job as a mother. I think that the press is being way to hard on you.
Keep up the good work and try to get some sleep with 2 babys now, sweet dreams.

maria on

britnay i love your crazy ways …….everyone does crazy stuff as a but we only here about you … me girl your keeping it real and for that person who said ”redneck ” please all babies go outside wit out pant and shoes in the summer it eazyer….love yah brit!!!!!

Michael R. on

Congratulations Britney and Kevin on your new baby!!! I wish your family the best!!! Can’t wait to see you come back and shake us all up. Love you.

g.c. on

all the people who say that kevin federline is a good father is stupid the guy is a big loser. he is trying to get famous of brit’s money and its not working i am tired of hearing about him trying to make music and know he going to act i think his 15 min. of fame is over he needs to quit bein a loser and try to be a good dad to his 4 children instead of looking like a vanilla ice want to be open your eyes people the only parent here is brit and i feel sorry for her cause she is going to raise these kids by herself and help from nannys of course. i luv brit but she made a big mistake marring that loser and wish she would wise up and get rid of him and move on she can do it by herself. take care brit and your kids also.

sunita on

Brittany Congratulation on your new additon i admire you because you are the only celebrity i see with your baby any where you go you alway with him. that prove you are a grate mom

stacy on

they named it jaylen

Jo on

Britney’s baby boy is named SUTTON PIERCE FEDERLINE

Check for the story!

courtney on

Britney Congradulations on Sean preston!!!!
I am your # 1 fan and i hope the second baby is as cute!!!

Jeannine on

What did Britney & Kevin name their second son????

Andrea on

I am so happy for Britney. I couldn´t belived when i saw her pregned for the second time.
Congratulations for her. Will she return to sing again? i would like to know it . Because with two child it will be difficult.

Billie Jo on

Congrats Brit and Kev !!!! Im sure you all will do fine with the new baby . Sean is adorable and im sure he will be a great BIG BROTHER !!!!

Stephanie on

Although I can say congradulations on your new arrival, I have 3 kids of my own, but COME ON!!! This is a person who we’ve all seen pictures of with her child on her lap while driving! She wants to blame the paparazzi, but why couldn’t she have put Sean Preston on Kevin’s lap? Why is she running from paparazzi like they’re going to harm her? She has her picture in the magazines all the time! I can’t say that I’m happy or sorry for her. Why is Kevin never with the baby??? I’ll have to predict this one as a “Hollywood couple” and just give it time. Who’ll be paying who???

christine wilkins on

Best Wishes to Britney and Kevin!!!

Theresa on

Brit, sean is cute. i think ur other one will be cute to so i hope u have fun with # 2. i know i have fun with my 3 month old

Chrissy on

Omg SeanPreston is the cutestt bundle of joyyy!!!!! awww he is so cutee….i wish britney and kevin the BEST OF LUCK!!!! u guys r so cute together!! good luck with the 2 boys!

Crystal Rhicard on

I would like to say congrats Britney on both on your babies. Im also a young mother of a little 1 year old girl was born September 17th 2005. I would just like to say to everyone who has written nasty stuff about u and ur family its none of there buisness what Britney does and she can dress her kids the way she wants leave her and her family alone.

miss mia on

i am not a fan of briteny’s but many blessings to the new baby. i have heard that she has a new song out on her my space page that you can go and listen too. with all the money she has to hire nannies, it will not be hard to get back into the gym and studio and within the next year and be the britney we all know and you all love!

mariah on

hey Britany congratulations on yours and kevins new baby boy i hope all is well i read all about you soo write back

night on

what an adorable baby. but when will he get his first pair of pants. Now that will be a news story.

Katie on

Goos on you britney, you look fantastic , enjoy mother hood REMEMBER; the only people that can raise your children better then you are the neigbours. (joke). my son william was born 1month before sean and im due to have my next baby in may , CONGRATES

Becky on

You have 2 cute babies and you seem to cherish them. Take time to enjoy what you have because it is something you can never redo. Things happen and life goes on. Sean seems happy and healthy and that is all that counts. I am sure he is not lacking any love. Do what you feel is right and consentrate on your kids and someday you will be rewarded for it.

lorna on

hey britney sean is soooo cute i have two kids kids that are only 14 months different my son was born april,15/05 and my daughter was born june,22/06 i know how hard it can only 21 but you loojk like your doing great i hope life is good for you and your kids i hope you all are doing good and taking care.i wish you the best of luck with life … later days Lorna… :)

Tanya on

I am happy for britney and her family.

Colleen Jenniges on

You go girl, You look hot. Just stay away from that loser x of yours, and you will do great. He is a nobody. And always will be! What kind of father would put sex tapes of his childrens mother on the web?you can have anybody you want. Just keep busy. And stay away from him. God bless!

christina on

britney Don’t pay attencen to people your doing a great job of rasieing your children, baby sean is cute and i bet your secound is as cute so congratulations on your babys, i also have two babys a year and half apart one b-day is 01/08/2004 and my other is 09/17/2005 and i have to other children couple years older and it’s alot of work beeing a mommy but your doing a great job at it & about time you dumped him he seem more into to his self then the family he made so good luck i hope you get everthing you desever it your always with your children & the good mommy. can’t wait to hear a new cd my nices got me listen she a big fan of yours & has always been (shelbey) luv your fans :)

Marina on

britney needs to fire her stylist

Ashley on

I think Sean is so cute he looks just like Kevin!

Shine on

Oh!Brithney’s baby is so cute like Birthney.Sean like a little gentleman.But Btithney looks tired & little ugly.I think Brithney take a rest.Please make your new album.

Bethany Hillegass on

Hello Britney, I justlove your new perfume and I wish you and your family gfood lucky. I also hope you make a couple more albums.

carrie on

i think it is awful the way brit dresses and the way she dresses her son sean. she has alot more money then i do and i alway’s make sure my children look their best, i am proud of my daughter’s. sean will she these picture’s one day. i just think brit need’s a stylist, but, more importantitly get one for sean and jayden. if brit want’s to look like a slob that is on her. but, the 2 boy’s can’t help the way they look. i guess they get that from brit. she alway’s look’s like crap. take care of your kid’s. they are a blessing. people would love to be n your shoe’s(when you wear them) to pop out babies. but, you are searching for love in all the wrong places, bar’s club’s, and poping out babies who will love you anyway. i can’t wait untill they grow up and see all the thing’s you did, shaved head, 3 rehab’s going to gay bar’s , kissing maddona, man hopping. instead of having more kid’s i think you need to grow up. just remember one day your boy’s will see your pic’s and seeing you with all these men, no underwear. think how hurt they will be, or worse yet, they will fall for women like you. you won’t feel to good about that, will you? i never liked you when you were first discovered. i would not let my daughter’s see you or listen to your music. the last thing i wanted was them to act like you. you thought the world revolved around you. and you could do anything you wanted. i don’t like you now either, i think you dress bad, overweight and just disscusting. kevin should file for custody, he is far more responsible then you. maybe he would put some pant’s on sean, and cut out all the happy meal’s. u can tell he is your son, he is gaining weight like his mother from all the late night fast food. i am all for kevin getting the kid’s, you don’t care for them nannies do. atleast kevin dresses well and is respectfull. you are disrespectull. good luck kevin, you are by far the better fit parent. brit is bad new’s. look how she almost dropped sean, he was driving on her lap, who cares if your country, the country folf have seat belt’s. and poor sean falling out of the high chair, it was not the nanny’s fault, look at brit’s trac record. she let her self go, and now her son’s look like orphan’s the way she dresses them. and poor sean gaining all that weight, like mother like son. i hope when the boy’s are older they have a better fashion sense and eat healthier then there mom. they can’t help there weight now, because there mom eat’s bad. you are going to be so embarresed when your son’s read and see how there mother is doing. lose the weight help sean lose his, and get out of the gutter’s. i hope 15-20 year’s from now i see you and your son’s on jerry springer, because how dysfunctional you are. let kevin raise theboy’s, all you no how to raise is your skirt…..

carrie on

i cannot beleive all the positive thing’s about brit, she has let herself go, in more way’s then one, to many to list, and for those who think sean is cuter then shilou, maybe suri. but, shilou is the most prettiest babie’s i have seen. and unlike sean and jayden she has 2 of the most loving parent’s. she will value her family and have a harmoniest and loving upbring. her parent’s do alot of charitable causes and are proud of there children, and they are dressed like children should be, yes brit they wear pant’s, unlike your child,they devote there time and money in various charities around the world and they are proud of each one of there child’s heritage. they are not out clubbing and drinking not wearing underwear. they are respectful, and it show’s thru there children. be proud of your children, don’t let nannies watch them around the clock. you are missing out on so much. they grow so fast and you are missing out. i think the papparitzie can make it without seeing you in drunken stupor’s and tattoing yourself. grow up… you had those boy’s get yourself together and be a parent, you are not a musketeer anymore you are an adult. act like one. everytime you are photographed it is embarrassing yourself. what do you honestly think your son’s are going to think about you????? to me i am tired of you wining about you want privacy and your marraige and kevin are awesome, remember that interview with matt lauer?? you bring it on yourself.. you are in the media because of your action’s. your boy’s should be your first prority not the club’s and man after man. i lost all respect for you. you have 2 son’s that need a mother not 4 nannie’s around the clock, no wonder fevin cheated and your marraige fell apart you act like a child. and let’s face it, you have not been looking great lately. you need to hire your stylist back, your trainer, pyschiatrist, nutrionist, and ban the mcdonald run’s. you can see sean’s weight is climbing to. that poor little boy is going to have a huge weight problem like you. you should be more concious of your choices. i would hate to think of him being picked on for his mother’s behavior and his weight, he has been chunky since birth, you need to let him walk to get excersise not carry him. i hope you straighten up soon before baby number 3 from dating alot of men and losing your boy’s kevin is looking like an angel compared to you. it takes alot for a judge to take children away from there mother’s, but you are just giving kevin all the ammunition for him to get custody. you are really messed up. i hope someone step’s up and get you the help you need. 3 rehab’s in 3 day’s. you are not 18 anymore and going on tour’s and doing what you want, act like you are a mother before it is to late, good luck kevin, you give the boy’s a good home and a great role model, i don’t see you out clubbing, not wearing underwear, shaving you head, and acting like your on top of the world, raise your son’s to be men, ban all the fastfood restuarant’s and take sean to activities for him to be active, he is getting alittle heavier like his mom. she has no respect fpr herself, her boy’s and her family. i am so glad she is not my daughter, this is a mother’s worst nightmare. what is with the strip clib’s wearing there close partying with them. and the gay bar’s. that is disgusting, i am sure there are alot of people that agree with me.

flower_girl220 on

Britney s coll mummy!!!

isaac on



allie weierbach on

britney both of your babies are adorable.

sharna on


get your life back and get help

Love you sharna


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