Scarlett's Big Night -- Of Hair!

09/07/2006 at 01:59 PM ET

Scarlett Johansson always has a retro vibe that really works for her, from cascasding Veronica Lake waves to her va-va-voom dresses. Last night, she was straight out of the 60’s at the premiere of Black Dahlia with her portrait collar dress, winged black eyeliner, pale lips makeup and her, um, bouffant. We think it looks more like Bride-of-Frankenstein-meets-Jiffy-Pop than screen siren. And sticking one of Angela‘s rosettes on the back of it didn’t help anything either. We just want to know what’s holding it up — Aquanet? Sheer force of will? Extensions from Jessica and Ken’s Hairdo line? Tell us: What do you think of Scarlett’s hair-raising look?

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Photo: David Livingston/Getty;Lester Cohen/WireImage(2)

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Monique on

This look is very sophisticated. It is wonderful and blends in nicely with the Chanel dress, however this look is way too old for her. Sophia Loren …not, Audrey Hepburn….not even close. I very much preffered her Venice Premiere look with the beautiful butterfly hair pin and the golden vintage dress. That look was exquisite. Au revoir;-)

erika on

this hairstyle is really weird!!

Christabelle on

Personally, I like the ‘do. I’m so sick of the flat-ironed curtain of hair that all the stars seem to favor. It’s getting to the point where any time anybody dares to do something different, it causes a commotion. Bravo Scarlett! Thanks for having the guts to do something different!

Danica on

I think it’s a great look…it just got too big. I like the flower. And, let’s face it – she’s gorgeous anyway.

roxyseabreeze on

I think she looks so elegant!!! She is such a pretty girl and always sticks to her own signature look…I LOVE IT!!!

Lienne on

i love it! it’s different and fashionable and it works with her dress and shoes.

Peach on

Hmmm… it’s a bit odd, but I’m not going to say it doesn’t work on Scarlett.

Melina on

I think Scarlett looks beautiful as always. It really suits her face and what she’s wearing. Very elegant look. I also liked her look at the Venice premire. She has a great sense of style.

Sarah on

That thing on her head looks like a pair of earmuffs. Way over the top. Plus, what’d they bury inside her hair to support it a foot up in the air like that?

Margaux on

I LOVE the hair, the dress, the make-up. Very glamorous and elegant. I love Scarlett’s style – she is definitely one of Hollywood’s classiest stars today.

ßåßÿ Þhå₮ on

FINALLY! People has a blog! US has turned into crap. Hate the way their website looks!

I totally hate that hair! She looks like a black widow.

angelic on

It’s absolutely beautiful. I think it’s different and it looks great on her.

lynn on

Love it – but it’s a bit too ‘old’ for Scarlett

beach babe on

ewwww…. what the? she looks terrrible ! usually she’s the one working the red carpet!

J. on

It looks good. A little big?..yes, but she wears it well and looks lovely.

Vanessa on

Scarlett can pull off any look, and she looks gorgeous here, but maybe the hair do’s a bit much.

lucy on


Kelly on


Steph on

I think she looks beautiful–very retro and the make up is perfect. Great choice for a European premiere!

Melissa on

I think it looks pretty cool. Maybe a little big, but not bride of frankenstein at all. I think it is neat that she wears her hair and makeup in different ways. Its young and fun to experiment with your look.

MJ on

I really like it. I think she looks beautiful and striking. I think she dressed well for the occasion .

Misty on

Not a big fan of the hair do, but I love Scarlett & I think she looks classy pretty much any time I see her.

Lys on

I think it looks really good!

Jennifer on

I think she looks fabulous- way to go for going for a bold hair style! Sadly, I think only a girl as gorgeous as Miss Scarlett could pull it off- Kudos!!

Miranda on

I LOVE it! She looks gorgeous and sophisticated. It is a nice change from the mini-skirt hoochie look that has been seen on celebrity’s everywhere lately. This look is much classier.

enigma on

Hair Styles are meant to be experimented with, not so much the coloring obsession in Hollywood!!! Brunettes turning blonde, blonde turning black; is so un-cool!! Be beautiful and natural with what you’ve got at hand!
Now for Scarlett Johannson, she has the head and face for this type of style….she seems at ease and very elegant with the dress and hair style.
Yes, she’s not Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn but at least she respects and honors the classic beauties through fashion and Hollywood! Cheers!

kay on

i absolutely LOVE IT!!

Jacqueline on

Love it!!! Anyone who knows anything about hair will appreciate this hairstyle!

Kelly on

I like it, different, but it looks good!

shelly on

FAB … beautiful … she pulls it off wonderfully. I’m jealous I can’t get away with that. LOVE it!

Wendy O on

Can the average person pull off a bouffant? No. Scarlet? Yes. Its totally fabulous and if I could, I would do it.

Nadine on

That girl can get away with anything, even mousy hair like in Lost in translation… shes just gorgeous!!

kim on

i like the flower and the hair is good too ok a little big but at least different

Angie on

I like Scarlet’s hair! I like actresses, like her, who are not afraid to be daring & different. The hairstyle matches her age, and her outfit, and is almost a “vintage” ‘do. It’s cute!

shannon on

I think it looks super glamorous! It is a look only a celeb could pull off however!

Nicole on

I think it looks gorgeous on her!!! Something different…very glamorous. I wish I could pull that one off…

Lady on

Love it! period

harris on

I think her hair is horrifying; exactly like bride of frankenstein! She looks like a bobble head with that hair.

Ashley on

I am not so fond of the hairdo but it does look really good on Scarlett. She is very experienced in what she looks like She would not of worn it if so wasn’t confident in herself and that is the most important thing.

Chelle on

I love it!..I think it looks amazing on Scarlett!!…it is a little big, but beautiful…it’s very old hollywood glamour!

Clare on

Love it. She has the classic look to pull it off.

poire on

…absolutely love it … her fashion sense has much improved and she looks stunning

Vanessa on

I love it! It’s a classic look with alot of volume! Beautiful!

Lisa on

I think she pulls it off very well. I like it on her!

texgal on


Shanna on

I think the whole look is great and very appropriate for the late ’40s vintage vibe of the movie she was promoting.

Diane on

I think it looks absolutely silly

jen on

she looks gorgeous but the hair is just a little tiny bit over the top. too high, but looks good from the front view. eyeliner looks bad…

Jody on

I think it looks really good on her but probably not on many other people.

NYRoni on

ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS! UGLY UGLY UGLY…I personally do not find her attractive and this hairstyle does not help at all.

Rose on

She looks Great………….

Kseniya on

Scarlett is overrated and so is her hair

Rebecca on

I think it looks HOT!

Keri on

I hate the hair! She looks ridiculous, like a Conehead. Too bad, because the dress is nice.

mandi on

I absolutly love this hair style!

Heidi on

I like it. Not weird or over done at all. Brings out her bone stucture nicely.

tracey on

i love it.

martha on

she looks stunning. the hair is a little strange, true… but the fact that she still looks so beautiful makes it work. and i love the flower… i kind of want to steel that idea… not the big hair (’cause i’m not that beautiful) but the hair up with the flower headband turned backwars.

i love her quirky fashion!

margareta on

SJ looks very sophisticated. She is a true Hollywood starlett with all the fashionable attributes.

cate on

i like it on her! its very retro. but i dont think i could ever pull off something like that.

shy on

I like it!

Brenda on

I’m not sure about her hair, but I did think your review of her hair was hilarious! Anyway, I’m less concerned about her hair than about the fact she can’t act. Personally, I find her — aside from her complexion, which looks flawless — bland rather than beautiful. Am I the only one?

adrea on

stunning! this girl is the next big fashion icon, and will be remembered for years. great job scarlett!

marilu on

Love IT!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Very chic.

Sandy on

Sorry but don’t like it. She is georgous and should wear her hair down around her face! Just my choice..

Alicia on

Her hair-not to mention her dress and make-up-looks amazing. She is always so sophisticated and classy. She may be the only person in the world-famous or not-who can pull off absolutely any look. I love it!

Jayna on

I LOVE IT. But no one could pull it off except the lovely Miss Scarlett Johansson. She is one of the very few Hollywood celebrities that has true “classic beauty”. (A timeless look that is unique and iconic.) Most ladies in show business these days look just like every other ordinary woman. That’s fine; but it’s women like Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, and Nicole Kidman–among others–, who really sparkle in today’s modern Hollywood.

And Scarlett is the only one who could wear this hairdo. If it was, say, Beyonce, it would look plain ugly and deformed. Go Scar!!

Lee on

Not a good look for her. Scarlet is so hit or miss – she can look incredible one day and very average the next. Today, she is not looking incredible, in fact, she looks like she is dresssed for Halloween!

candice on

i think it looks amazing on her. scarlett can do no wrong!

Nikki on

I think it is a very different look for her but it look’s good!

kimberly on

It looks so classy,anyway Scarlett is so beautiful everything looks good on her.

Pris on


Sare on

I think she has fantastic personal style, and this hairdo is a good example of it. She takes something that could be done/worn wrong by the wrong person, and yet somehow makes it right on herself. It’s striking, she’s striking, period.

Tara on

I think it matches the movie she’s promoting at Venice :) Her hair is slightly “bride of frankenstein”-ish, but it looks amazing on her; she can definitely pull it off. she looks very retro or vintagey too. props to her for being bold

Cara on

Love love love it!!!

eVerine on

Maybe the updo is a little bit too much for her petite figure. But hey… she’s stunning. Everything seems to be worked out just fine for her.

Erika on

I think she is gorgeous no matter what style she appears in. Like the saying states,” if you have it, flaunt it!”
I would love to look like her any day.


Vi on

It’s so refreshing to see an amazingly beautiful woman who is above and beyond all the cookie-cutter, ultra thin, stick figures that have been invading all the mags. Scarlett is an awesome example of a curvy, real-life, healthy woman who has been blessed with the face and figure of a goddess. She’s what all wannabees should aspire to. Not those bony, sickly, wan girls who would give their last laxative to look half as good as Scarlett.

EChizzle on


Rebecca on

Scarlett looks gorgeous, but I’m NOT feeling the hair- too big, too poofy, too structured.

vanessa on

I think she always looks gorgeous!! I mean the hair is a little high but its Scarlett-she lloks awesome and that flower makes it look more feminine.

kd on

i think it looks completely awesome. she really knows her style. i lik ethat it’s different from everyone else. she has an ability to look like an old-school screen siren. and big hair is coming back! she’s ahead of the trend.

Gina on

I think it looks like they pinned a hairy cake to her head. I don’t like it at all. It’s just too big… everything else is flawless, but that hair – no, no, no….

Jordan on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIRDO!! It’s just like one Heidi Klum wore on a Project Runway episode and it looks just as fantastic on Scarlett. WELL DONE SCARLETT! I LOVE THIS DO!

christina on

it is a little too much for me.

christina on

Also, it is just me or don’t her eyes look weird???

Tara Olvera on

I love love love love love it!!! Scarlett J. is gorgeous and this is a sophisticated look that is just non-traditional, not unattractive. Bravo, Scarlett, you look great!

Sarah on

I think it looks good. All the celebs wear their hair the same all of the time, and she decided to change the norm. Kudos to Scarlett.

Cindy on

I love it. As a cosmo student it’s always fun to see different styles. I get sick of doing the same big loose waves for every formal and wedding. I totally think it’s somethign I’ll atleast attempt to do either in my own hair or on someone else.

Stephanie on

Well, I love any retro style, but her hair seems a little TOO BIG, they should of toned it down a bit. and I think this look is for someone a little older….

Dana on

I really think this “do” looks fabulous! I would just love the hair to be able to give it a try myself! Scarlett is absolutely a beautiful young woman!

magster on

she normaly looks great but looks horrible right now

paula on

She’s fabulous in this outfit. She has the perfect face to play with her hairs volume. I think it’s perfect.

Soso on

Love It!
She looks amazing. Very original. Though very few people could have pulled this one off.
She’s a real beauty, this Scarlett. The kind that can try anything with their hair, and still looks good, no matter what.

laetitia on

Her make up makes her like another one but, anyway she is elegant ! I like this hairstyle!

mono on

Well,I don’t know about the hair,but she does have a nice profile!
And let’s not forget that it was a European premiere she was attending…so I guess it was the right choice.

Monika on

No, this is just so not ok – Her face is so special in the beginning (and a bit flat – almost Asian-like), she should choose a curvy hairstyle that frames her facial shape, or she’ll look like she does now, like she’s stretch and there’s no end. Unlucky, this one.

Barbara on

I think it’s absolutely fantastic!!

Mirjam on

I love this hairstyle on her, she looks gorgeous!

Mary Carmen on

I do really Like it! Its so strange the way that kinda “do” would actually look hideaus on anyone, but its so different, I think it simply looks perfect with her dress and everything, LOVE IT!

Mary on

I absolutely love it! Classy and sophisticated. I want it done to my hair!

Robin on

Less is more, my dear.

Maryann on

I like the style – but think it would be a little better if it wasn’t quite so high. It’s nice to see someone in hollywood actually try to have a nice hairdo when “stepping out.” It always seems as if “messy, bedhead” is the style!! Thanks for the look.

brigitta terry on

Absolutely beautiful on her. She is one of the most beautiful women right know any ways.

Jan on

I like the hair. Good for her for wearing something different!

danielsgirl on

i loved the way she sported the retro look, the dress, makeup and hair-do. she’s not afraid to try something new and i think no matter what she wears, she looks absolutely stunning.

E.C. Lapping on

hmmmm….is anyone else suddenly hungry for popcorn?

mayria on

PRETTY! I love ittttt!

Magda on

lets face no matter what she wears or does with her hair, she still hot!

Jaden on

Scarlett looks like old Hollywood glam. She is absolutely beautiful. The hair is just beautiful on her. Maybe on some people they couldn’t pull it off, but her face is so stunning and flawless, she can def. pull off this hairdo. The cute flower is just perfect and pulls off the look. Look at the pictures of Scarlett, she is amazingly beautiful! Look at the side view picture of her, her cheek bones, lips and just everything is amazing. I love the old Hollywood glam look. This girl knows what she’s doing. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly even Greta Garbo looked so stunning, and soon Scarlett IS going to be classified with those stunning actresses. I wouldn’t be amazed if she won an Oscar one day, because she is a wonderful actress. Scarlett is showing women and young girls today that old glam is the way to go, it shows sophistication, but also pulls off a bit of sexyness. It’s OKay to be sexy and classy at the same time. Scarlett does that and more. Great look Scarlett, keep rocking it.

Tia on

she is so pretty but this hairstyle does nothing for her,

night on

Gorgeous girl. But the hair makes her look as though she was born with cranial malformations. Who told her this looked good? She should fire whomever it was.

Jen on

I am not a big fan of this hair style, but I love Scarlet and I think she looks amazing no matter what!

nes'e on

ı love Scarlet but… I totally hate that hair! She looks like a black widow :)

night on

This young woman can’t make herself look bad…not even with this crazy hair style. She is breathtakingly beautiful

Kev on

Gorgous hair on a gorgous women, I completely and utterly love everything about that look, especially the hair! If only more people were as daring!

Kee-Kee Allen on


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