Can We Talk About Last Night's Project Runway?

09/07/2006 at 10:37 AM ET

Last night’s episode nine, Couture du Jour, of Project Runway kept the contestants in Paris to create a couture-style gown, focusing on hand sewing and detail with 20 hours to complete it. Vincent felt that he had the edge going in from previous training, and Michael was anxious about having never sewn anything by hand before. After some snipping at each other and some lovely shots of Paris, the contestants presented their gowns to Catherine Malandrino and Tim Gunn (left) aboard a riverboat in the Seine. They all flew home to NYC, where their gowns were shown to the usual panel and guest judge Richard Tyler. Jeffrey won his second competition in a row for his bright yellow plaid gown, while Vincent was sent home for his ill-fitting, ill-finished tapestry column. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Melissa says:

I am so psyched that Vincent is gone!! I never have to hear him say that anything gets him off ever again. Thank the lord. That dress was a total monstrosity too. I really liked Uli’s dress best, and I don’t know why she didn’t take this one easily. Michael stumbled, but he’s still my favorite-at least he’s humble, unlike Jeffrey. And now, all I want out of life is to take a trip to Paris with Tim Gunn. Seriously, Tim, call me.

Andrea says:

All I have to say is so long Vincent! I cannot believe he basically glued his dress together, how awful! Not to mention, Uli was right, the skirt did look like a sofa. I am so glad I never have to hear about anything else that gets him off, cringe. I actually liked Kayne’s dress even though I was thinking the whole time I would have worn that to my prom. I could however see it making a red-carpet debut on Vanessa Minnillo. Jeffrey’s wasn’t too bad I mean at least he hand-made almost everything and the color was great. Uli’s, as always, was beautiful and totally something I would want to wear if I could afford couture. I am not going to comment on Michael’s because I know he is better than that and Laura..well there isn’t anything to say.

Clarissa says:
Thank god Vincent’s gone! I thought Catherine Malandrino was seconds away from getting a restraining order when he cornered her on the boat to tell her how “spectacular” he thought she was. So skeevy! Otherwise, you are SO right about the Kayne-Vanessa Minillo connection: she’s totally his target customer! And wasn’t she Miss Teen USA at some point? The woman wears so much jewel-toned satin she’s like a refugee escaping from the Forever 21 warehouse. But I digress.

Angela says:
Forgive me, but I must gloat just a moment before I comment on the show: I met Tim Gunn tonight! He was a guest at PEOPLE party earlier for photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, and I just couldn’t help myself, I had to say hello and gush just a bit. He was as delightful and charming in person as you’d expect.

Now, for the show: Did Vincent find one of Angela’s forgotten rosettes for the back of his gown? Eek! It was hideous. And I am with you on the creepy factor there. My skin crawled every time he said he was turned on or got off on something. Double eek! But Laura’s was such a monstrosity. I could barely look at it and not laugh. Quote of the night, came from Michael who admitted he was sweating more than a whore in church! I am really looking forward to seeing the collections at the finale. I’m betting that it’s Michael, Uli and Jeffrey and that it will be very tough to pick a winner!

Allison says:
Sayonara, Pinenut, we hardly knew ye.

Though one couldn’t reasonably expect Vincent to have a real shot at a fashion week runway, he did liven the place up. We’ll miss hearing what else turns him on.

Also, can I just say what a bust their first field trip was? As a Top Model devotee as well, I love when they jet off to Bangkok or Johannesburg and there’s Tyra, Nigel and Miss J just waiting for the contestants. Tim and a local guest judge? So low budget, Bravo. At least UPN -— sort of like Vincent -— had the courage to go all the way before going bust.

Cara says:
Vincent finally got off! (Although, I have a feeling his dismissal wasn’t what he’s been talking about for several challenges.) I have to say, I’m so happy he was the loser of the challenge, with that upholstery fabric and ill-placed rosette, which he’d obviously contracted from Angela. And nevermind the fact that he treated the entire project like a kindergarten project — he held the entire dress together with paste and glue! The winner was Jeffrey, and I kind of saw it coming when he picked out that bright fabric. I think he deserved to win — I could totally see that on the red carpet, worn by Chloe Sevigny or someone like her. But oh, poor Michael! He deserves at least some kind of credit for hand-sewing everything, and still making the dress look presentable even though he got pelted with eggs. Next week is the Olsen twins… Will Laura stick them in a clown collar? Can’t wait!

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Maggie on

Am I the only person that finds Jeffrey incredibly rude and obnoxious? I don’t think he is extraordinarily talented either. His design was different, that’s it. It wasn’t beautiful and it certainly wasn’t couture. Uli shoud’ve won last night, hands down. One last thing, can someone please remove the stick that seems to be permanently lodged up Tim’s ass?!

Chrissy on

Thank God Vincent “got off!” Who makes a dress out of a sofa, anyway? That dress would make a perfect dog beg or doormat. Every time he said something “got him off” or “turned him on” it creeped me out. Ick, what a loser. Too bad he’s going to be a washed up designer now without a 401K. See ya Vince!

Poor Micheal. The man has real talent and he’s one of my favorites, but damn, that dress was sad. The color was beautiful and that was about it.

Laura — what the hell was she thinking? The dress was not only tacky and boring, but it made me laugh because the collar was beyond ridiculous!

Jeffrey, I really can’t stand the guy, but he has talent. I wasn’t very fond of his dress though. It reminded me of a picnicking blanket.

Kayne, I love him and the dress was beautiful, however, it was very prom-ish. He has amazing talent, though and I see him being in the top 3.

Uli, loved, loved, LOVED her gown and I was absolutely shocked that she didn’t win the challenge!!

Can’t wait until next week’s episode!

Cathy on

That was a close one. I was seriously worried about Michael, I love his work but that dress was awful. I was impressed though that he seemed to realize it and was just happy to sqeak through to another challenge. I didn’t see anything spectacular in Jeffrey’s design, it looked like a sundress with lots of exposure to me. I liked Uli’s a lot. But I am still hoping for top three of Michael (love him), Jeffrey and Laura and Michael coming out on top.

jen on

i love heidi and i love this show. i hope to see laura, uli, & michael in the top three. i believe they’ve shown the most talent. jeffrey however…he needs to work on his social skills. & possibly make time for a shower?? i know every reality show has to have it’s ‘villian’, but that guy is too much.

Juliette on

Last night was the first night I could really sense the direction the producers of the show were “leading” this season’s contest. I have never seen ALL the judges give such off base criticism, they were simply, completely wrong. That Jeffrey won is ridiculous, and the rest of the commentary clearly revealed that Heidi and the producers alike have a vision for this show before it ever starts. It really is beginning to seem stale and fixed and its a shame

Rita on

I am sooo glad Vincent is gone! He’s just not good enough… I think this was a nice challenge and maybe Uli should have won. i love Laura and i hope she wins, my top 3 Laura michael and Uli i hope Jeffrey leaves soon.. Also i am going to vote for Allison for the 10.000 win i hope everybody else too so i really hope she wins I feel so bad for her that she was kicked off because Heidi was jealous of her….

Erica on

Last night was okay..But next week looks good! I wonder if Laura has her baby or something..hmm..But yea, I think Uli should’ve won last week..I think Jeff’s was good..but he does kind of annoy me b/c he think’s he’s the greatest designer…I think this season is a pretty good..with the desginers…It’s gonna be really intense to see who makes it to fashion that vincent is gone…The remaining are all very talented so I’ll be sad to see whoever goes next. Until next week…

MarinaZ on

Vincent HAD to go! His buttering up of Catherine Malandrino was so over the top. Jeffrey’s dress was unattractive and I don’t understand the judge’s choice of of that sunshine monstrosity, nevermind the fact that the guy is rude, has no manners or social skills.Uli’s dress was beautiful, but it looked the same as the last three. I thought Kayne’s was the best, but again don’t understand the judge’s criticism. Michel is my favorite. He freely admitted he didn’t do a good job and I was sweating in church right along with him. Did anyone else besides me think that Richard Tyler looked like some homeless guy they cleaned up to judge the runway? I would like to see Michael, Uli and Laura in the top three.

Andy on

Am I the only one that hopes that Jeffrey loses! His dress last night was the ugliest gown I have ever seen BUT they voted it the winner! would you be caught wearing that dress. . not even washing the toilet! He’s got to go! Not only should you be a good designer BUT you need to be nice to people and I think he should have gotten thrown off the show a long time ago! Go Uli and Kayne!

koko on

I don’t know why Michael(great designer) tried to do something he had never done before in 2 days. Not a wise decision. Laura seems like she is stuck to one kinda look and she needs to expand although that dress she travelled to Paris in was hot. I can’t wait for the reunion show because Jeffery has been rude to everyone (directly and indirectly) while everyone has tried to be nice to him, oh but when they find out it should be interesting. As far as Vincent is concerned, he is a special case (therapy candidate).

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