What's Up With That? Mischa Barton's Shorts

09/06/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

Mischa Barton is the rare fashion risk-taker who can pull off almost any look — Skinny Jeans, check! Ankle boots, check! Diaper shorts. . . Hold on. What are those things? Puffy and patterned, they look like Pampers by way of Bedrock. And pairing them with a cropped men’s undershirt to reveal jutting hip bones doesn’t make them any better. We say: Ditch those baggy britches! Do you agree? Let us know!

To see more of Mischa’s fashion choices click here

Photo: Wasman-Volpe-Leo/X17

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whoa on

horrible, horrible, horrible and the bone – my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!1

twee on

these shorts are sooo not the new fashion n the shirt is just…:S

vern on

What are those things?? It looks like she has tied her flannel shirt around her waist because she forgot to put pants on.

haydee on

looks like my baby’s diaper gone wrong! hates it.

Astrid on

Not a good look!

Maery on

I agree, looks like a Burberry diaper.

mellie on

Those shorts are absolutely awful. And the cut off shirt??? She usually looks so good.
How bout spending a bit of money on decent clothes and maybe a burger or two.
Definately time to ditch that outfit and whoever let her out of the house in it.

Dee JusAnt on

Does this woman own a mirror?

Jaime on

i hope these dont become popular…

Mark Mills on

This is so hot. If a woman looks good, then that’s all that matters.

ztalo on

I dont like them but i dont think she wears them bad either…

Janelle on

I like those shorts very much – so cool. But I don’t like shirt. I think her body looks good. Stomach is so flat and that’s hot. Beautiful girl!

Carlie on

I love them! They are so cute and I want a pair for myself! She looks freaking awesome- effortlessly.

Jerseygal on

She probably paid over 1000 dollars for these shorts which is the disgusting thing, not to mention the un flattering stick figure showing through.

Pamela on

Will someone give that poor girl a burger! She looks horrible. Some people have so much money they don’t know what to do with it, like buy CLOTHES!!

Erin O on

i think they’re very cute. why diss? love the crazy fashion. that’s what makes life fun, right mischa?

Sab on

Seems that she doesn’t have clothes and found these in a road

KAB on

She missed the mark if she is trying to be a trend setter. Unless Gross is the trend that she is going for.

Florencia on

i like the shorts,but hate the shirt!

Florencia on

i like the shorts,but hate the shirt!

renee on

The shorts are a fun look. God I wish I looked like her.

christy on

Hideous. And… please. Eat.

Ashley on

I think they are adorable, I wonder where I can find some myself. Not a big fan of the cut off tank top though…

Alina on

it is soooooooo ugly what was she thinking!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca on

Could’ve been cute as a skirt, but as bunched-up shorts they look like junk.

beth on

I do not think those shorts are flattering for her figure. Actually, the only thing that would REALLY be flattering to her figure would be a cheeseburger and fries. She is tall, but she looks lanky. She needs to gain 5 – 10 pounds back… and I hate ankle boots.. if someone NEEDS to where them, please wear them with pants only. It looks tacky as hell with shorts and bird legs.



Michelle on

I think they would have looked better if she wore a different type of shirt with them.

steph on

Ga Ross!!! That’s terrible!!

fannee on

It looks like it was created by a drunk or drugged seamstress.

I say “nay” to the diaper shorts.

Jess on

Absolutely hideous!!! Never been a fan of Mischa anyway, but OMG could you get any uglier???? I mean what did she do? Wait for her stylist to leave and find the most horrendous thing she could to wear???? CIsco, the trashy guy she’s dating has dressed better than this. I don’t understand celebs…if I had their income I would look cute as all h*** everytime I stepped out the door.

Jen (from UK) on

I dont personally like the shorts but i DO like the fact that she’s trying something a bit different! Go girl : )

Ally on

I think it’s cute… and she looks sweet. I also think a lot of people on here are jealous and petty to criticize celebs all the time…

Stephanie on

As usual she is adorable, but the shorts aren’t! I mean she puuls off a lot of different things, but NOT THIS TIME. And please, put on a bra, so tacky….

cate on

omg those look awful!

Monique on

Ditch those baggy britches…ditch…ditch….ditch cause Madonna she ain’t, PINK she ain’t and Kate MOSS she ain’t and I don’t understand the fuss revolving around Misha Barton…..really, I don’t ;-)

kim on

She always looks like a train wreck, she has horrible style and no fashion sense. She also typically doesn’t dress well for her body, her legs are horribly out of shape, pudgy over the knee, this would go away I’m sure if she just lifted weights or did squats. She’s always wearing really short mini dresses and show casing her legs, she should focus more on her great mid section. Has anyone seen that frumpy sailor suit thing she wears? Yikes.

Jane on

Who cares?!

teresa on

I personally think she can pull it off. Not so sure anyone else could though.

kim on

in connection with my “pudgy” leg comment, I don’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that she’s even close to overweight, I just mean she’s one of those skinny girls who don’t excersize to be fit, they just don’t eat and it shows in the lack of muscle tone, muscles can’t build if there’s no fuel and if they aren’t getting used, that’s all I meant, she’s not a good skinny, not fit and healthy.

bunny on

She looks great! She is young! Understand that she is in Malibu – These shorts are like little beachwear. Imagine retro bathingsuits. It is beach fashion take on that. Adorable. Sure, she coulda pulled them up a tiny bit to cover the pertruding bone – but whatever!

Sandi on

Wow here I thought the stars had a sense of style….wrong again!!!

Latoya on

I’m sure all the anorexics around the world love this look.



yen on

its sort of like “shakespear in love” type of shorts,they aren´t bad what makes it worse is her bones coming out.

DinA on

What the H3ll is that….Nasty….Spend your money elsewhere and eat a burger….sick

kerri on

What was she thinking?

Jen on

Is she wearing a diaper???

Laura on

Those aren’t shorts! She looks like she has a towel wrapped around her waist. Put some of that money to good use and get some style!

Lisa on

It looks like she wrapped a scrap Burberry cloth around her butt and tied it in a bow. :-O

ed on

She is rockin those shorts. You guys are just jealous.

Lisa on

She never looks good. This isn’t her first disasterous outfit and I’m sure it won’t be her last.

Latina on

I can’t believe some of you people think these shorts are CUTE??? HELLO?? Are you people blind?? and honestly what makes it worse it’s the bones sticking out..! But what can you expect out of Mischa when she dates a trashy-nasty- fugly-looking guy, who goes by-Cisco! N.A.S.T.Y!

kim on

awful! what was she thinking? also she is so skinny

Gaye on


A Moore on

Let’s just be thankful that the lovely and oh-so-fashionable Mrs. Federline wasn’t spotted in them …

Tami on

yuck! Yuck! YUCK! this is so awful. even Cisco dresses better than this.

O'Wryly on

Maybe it was a MacGuyver moment and we should all be applauding her resourcefulness … she NEEDED to shop right that very now and all she had handy was a swatch of fabric and a t-shirt cum dog chew toy so she improvised …

Summer on

Looks like a diaper gone bad.

Jillian on

horrible shorts.. but the hip bones-people dont tell her to eat serisouoly i mean my sister has that hip bones and it probably the same size as mischa…and my sister its all the time.. just because she has them doesnt mean she doesnt eat… jeesh you guys are ridiculous

ms. stacilynn on

boobies look real good without a bra till you hit about 25 then the girls head south! please all you chickies wear a bra.

Nikki on

Those short’s are so UGLY!

Bernadette on

She looks like she is wearing a “designer diaper” that no one knows how to fasten – stick girls shouldn’t wear such small clothes – especially diapers !!

Maya on

These shorts are really CUTE! Stop criticizing girls, you are just jealous. Mischa is not a afraid to experiment and set trends, that’s what I like about her.

blt on

what in the heck are those!? thats bad

cassy on

i think those shorts are sooo cute i would definetly wear them

Kimberly on

-10…don’t like the look…but she’s a cute girl

TellMeMore on

She knows that she is going to be photographed in these shorts.
She forgot to look in the mirror and put some lipstick on.

Courtney on

Inetesting! lol

Something that you should wear in public, I would fee like a slut if I wore that.

Coockeetta on

The clothes are horrible. The shorts make her wide hips even wider. How can a person that skinny have such wide hips? She would look like a cow with just a couple extra pounds.

Sabrina on

Looks like she got into a fight…and lost! She had to tie her cloths back on.

Tia on

eww… you can see her bones popping out! I notice that before I notice the shorts! And let’s not forget the tank top! The whole outfit screams “I took 5 minutes to get ready”, but still, everyone just rags on Britney! Mischa isn’t pregnant, she has no excuse.

Stephanie S. on

In one word…Hideous!

christine on

looks like someone made a diaper out of bad drapes….

Alicia on

She looks really bad. Diapers are not flattering on anyone after they are potty trained.

eww on

she looks like a sack of potatos

Teresa on

Horrible, horrible! I think she has no taste to put them on

mariah on

who r u people. simon on american idol………..
i thinks there cute

emmz on

i thinks that she hitting that spot ats a old age where she has 2 wear pampers…………JK. personaly i think the whole look is bad :@

Britt on

Let’s be honest here people this look that she is sporting is completely unattractive. And I love the people that think everyone is jealous of the celebs…haha…we are all entitled to our opinion and that’s what the “comments” page is for.

Beth on

Very expensive Diaper.

rachel on

i doubt she stays that thin normally. eat some burger king. thats one thing i hate. GIRLS, curves are WAY sexier. i like the shirt, the shorts not so much.

Melody on

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! I cannot believe she walked out of the house like that.. okay.. yeah, right….. celebrities do this stuff a lot… wear stupid things no one would ever wear!!! I guess that is why we are so interested in them, who knows!

emily on

i don’t like the top
but i think the shorts could look very cool and classy even if worn differently

Deb on

Hey this is why we have mirrors!! She obviously didn’t look in one before leaving her boyfriends house-she must have lost her clothes and tied one of his shirts around her lower half and cut off one of his undershirts for the upper half!

Ariadne on

Mischa’s body looks fine I mean if you’re going to go on about protruding bones look no further than someone like Nicole Ritchie. She needs to eat cheeseburgers for like a month or more to pack on some much needed pounds.

lea on

it’s a matter of taste.
for me it’s lovely.

doris on

yes, I love the shorts, and the cropped top. The two match perfectly. Why are you so jealous? She looks damn great!
I call this trend, fashion, and personality.
A flat ab deserves a good look!

Satori Messenger on

The shorts are weird, but then again I wouldn’t wear half of what Hollywood stars wear. Mostly, I think she looks dangerously underweight, she’d look SO much better if she’d gain about 5 pounds or so of just plain bodyweight, then add a couple pounds of muscle by toning. If you’re going to show it off, at least work out!

Satori Messenger on

Oh yeah, and as a healthy vegetarian I just have to say, burgers and fries do add fat, but it is more than possible to gain weight by eating food that is good for you!

regina on

these shorts look amazingly ridicolous. i would never ever wear them, i don’t care if the are designer pieces and probably cost more money than i earn in a month. and this girl needs to eat something! she starts looking like nicole ritchie.

Suzan on

Give Mischa something to EAT and WEAR!! Please! She looks awful in these shorts!

Lindsay on

just because you’re famous does not mean you can wear anything you want and get away with it. I can’t believe she actually looked in the mirror and thought this look was good.

Tiffany on

I totally agree with the comment that they would be worth something as a skirt but I think the designer totally missed the mark making them into shorts. And the tee… come on seriously.. this is the outfit that you wear over your hot bathing suit and you know it is only getting you from point A to point B.. You grabbed it out off disdain. But to wear in public as a cute outfit.. UGH! Fashion Police.. Arrest this girl for making me SICK!

Marga on

Fashion disaster: The look is awful.

lisa on

this is just foul. but then again, i rarely see her in anything real stylish.

jenny lee on

sometimes i wonder where the hell celebrities get their style…that looks so bad..i mean dont they look at themselves in the mirror before leaving the house…thats so horrible!!!!!!!!!!

Kopaka on

Anything that short is ok!

Gabriela on

super sexy!!! Love them where can i buy a pair?

Kristin on

Frightening. Absolutely ridiculous. If you want to be a fashion diva, atleast represent something that people would wear. This is horrific and she looks as if her brain has starved away.

Flower on

This isn’t her best picture; but having seen other photos of her in this outfit, I defintely give it (and her) a 10. The shorts are cute. They could be dressed up with heels, or, as seen here, they can be dressed down with a torn top.

Very cute.
Especially on her.

Christian on

I don´t really like the shorts either. But I like, Mischa showing what she has, such as her hip bones – very sexy to me!

Jacque on

Money obviously doesn’t buy taste. Nor does it buy a figure. Eat a burger, buy some real shorts.

Steph on

I think she has a weird shaped body….holy long torso…but not as weird shaped as Katie Holmes….omg when “Kate” wears those off the hip jeans…she looks very weird shaped.

Dianne on

so pretty, yet dresses so ugly, why?

Vi on

She looks like she needs a couple of good nights sleep, 10 more pounds, and a new stylist. I’m all for creativity, and individuality, but come on, she looks like she’s been pulled through the ringer, backwards.

Ellie on

i love mischa and the shorts are so cool! she has such a unique sense of fashion! and she definately has the bod to pull them off…look at those beautiful hipbones!

Lynn on

….Yep – they’re different. Love them! I admire her unique sense of style. She’s got a fab figure. Camera angle this time wasn’t good…

shelly on

They’re cool. strangely cool. I like them. The shirt … not so much … she could’ve tried harder with the shirt. Misha can wear anything. Wish I could wear these shorts & get away with it.

anna on

if anyone can pull this off it’s probably her. i agree that she surprisingly looks okay in these. i mean her stomach is prreeettttyy flat and her she has nice legs i guess but i hope this trend doesn’t catch on. you can’t even tell if that’s a wrap, skirt, diaper, or what!

Kristyn on

NO NO NO! Forget how bad the shorts are! She’s SO horribly underweight! She needs some nutrition advice!

me on

shorts are ugly, and she needs to eat.

Milly on

First of all, give the girl a burger showing bones is NOT attractive at all. Second, I wouldn’t call those shorts although I’m not sure what to call them other than a HORRIBLE experiment gone bad. Don’t these people look in the mirror before leaving the house?

Kseniya on

I think I can see her HALAHALA!!!

~Andrea~ on

Those shorts could almost be cute if they were on JLo or Beyonce. You have to be able to fill them out!!!
Why are these tabloid girls SO thin nowadays?
What is up with that? When you get to the point where all your clothes (smallest size possible) start to just fall off you and your shorts start to look like adult diapers, I think it’s time for an intervention! That’s not cute or healthy. EAT!!! just eat right…that’s all
And who is pressuring them to look that way? Only each other, in there own little world in LA.

Murfiss on

I completely love them .. I would most def wear them .. mischa can never go wrong

Amy on

I think they’re horrible…and look at how saggy her boobs are! She needs to visit her nearest Victoria’s Secret or La Perla!

Sandy on

Sorry don’t like them. She has such a beautiful figure and should ware something more attractive.

Marye on

I think they look totally awful. Looks like they are about to fall off. Hope she throws them out and never wear something like that again.

Lissa on

Ugh. Mischa should wear more flattering clothes. As it is her attire always makes her look older than she actually is, but in these shorts, she looks like she’s trying hard to stay 12! Fire your stylist, Mischa!!!!

Laurs on

Definitely the ugliest thing I’ve seen all week, and I work for a bank that’s inside a WalMart in central Missouri. I see some UGLY things.

KAT on


Toni on

Wow you people are way too critical. Why don’t you take a look at the position her leg is in. The shorts are very unusual and look like Vivienne Westwood or some other English designer. I think there very cute – wish I could look like that in them. I agree you’re all jealous and don’t know forward fashion when it hits you in the face.

Sandy on

I think she looks great, yes v.thin – but I would love to have her bod!

beth on

I just saw a picture of Jennifer Garner on People, and I want to be the first to guess that she is pregnant again. If I’m wrong, then so be it, but if I’m right – I was the first one to guess!!!

amy on

looks like she spent the night with some guy and used his shirts to dress the next morning.

tamika, nyc on

The shorts are not fashionable to my liking. it does look like a diaper, however i do like the color, the projection of her bone may be because of how she was turned while walking. But, hey, it is hollywood, anything goes!!!

michelle on

holy ugliness

Becca Simpson on

ewwww….eat something girl!!!!!!!! then dump cisco.

ilovejohnmayer on

she can pull it off; it doesnt look THAT bad.

Monique on

Modesty. Where art thou? Doesn’t anyone cover up anymore? Because she’s thin enough doesn’t mean she has the right to flaunt it. I would not want my young son’s to see something like that. I’m trying to teach them to be respectable young men. If a girl is half dressed she’s looking for the wrong attention. I’m sorry many women in the world feel the need to walk around in public half naked.

Maria on

I like the shorts on her- she always looks amazing! She’s probably the only one, who can pull it off… And her hips are normal, people. A beautiful body!

Aly on

I think they’re cute!

cesare on

does anyone know what brand those shorts are?

Emma on

I’m not really a mischa fan, but I saw a picture of those shorts in a magazine and loved them. Does anyone know who made them, where I can get similar ones? This isn’t a very flattering picture, but the other pics made the shorts look great.

Gracie on

I love the shorts. I just don’t like the tank top shirt she wore with them. She’s a beautiful girl. She is light, funky, airy and fun. She’s young and is doing her thing. She’s not 30 and wearing them, it would look funny on a 30 year old.

She’s tall and is just naturally skinny. Would I need a cheeseburger too? My body type is just like hers, and I eat like a horse. I love food, but I’m just skinny! I’ve had people tell me I need food too, and I think it’s rude. I’m tall and skinny and just like Mischa I’m best known for my legs. Would you make fun of someone who suffered from anorexia? Would you tell them they need a cheeseburger, knowing that they suffer from a disease? Would you make fun of someone who suffered from bulimia? I would hope not. I’m not saying that Mischa suffers from these eating disorders, but please think before telling someone they need a cheeseburger. It’s so rude. We all have different body types. I guess you can’t have it either way, people get made fun of if they are overweight and people get made fun of if they are underweight. I’m 5’11” almost 6′ feet tall, I weigh around 109, and I’m 22 years old. Making fun of someone and calling them bird legs is also rude. What is wrong with this world? Do we all need role models that are actresses and actors? Why can’t we be our own? Have our own minds on what we should look like. Mischa looks like a healthy young lady and nothing is wrong with her body type. I’m very healthy and nothing is wrong with me being skinny neither. Get over it people and quite being rude.

Eugenie on

Totally love it! But isn’t her legs a bit thick?

samantha on

that outfit is kinda funky i like it

christine on

the shorts are pretty terrible, it does look like a diaper all wrong. I agree that her style 99 percent of the time is fabulous, but what happened here? Of course the whole too thin thing is the top news and mischa barton’s body is not too thin but it wouldnt even hurt her to gain a lot more weight. Dont get me wrong, her body is great, but if she did put on more weight, it’d enhance her beauty, like eyeliner or makeup for women in general, not as coverup but enhancement.

christine on

the shorts are pretty terrible, it does look like a diaper all wrong. I agree that her style 99 percent of the time is fabulous, but what happened here? Of course the whole too thin thing is the top news and mischa barton’s body is not too thin but it wouldnt even hurt her to gain a lot more weight. Dont get me wrong, her body is great, but if she did put on more weight, it’d enhance her beauty, like eyeliner or makeup for women in general, not as coverup but enhancement.

chiara on

i think she pulls it off and the bone sticking out isn’t her problem at all.. there are just people that are born that way.. i eat like a cow and i have the same pelvic bones sticking out… leave the girl alone, she doesnt look too bad and anyway thats her problem.. im sure everyone has had a notsogood-clothes day sometime.

Carla Smelser on

Does she not own a mirror?

Sama A.K on

I actually think she looks good, Mischa has an eclectic and unique style, it’s so ‘her’! She looks good…people are just not used to it because it’s different and that’s what Mischa wants to do, she is a trend setter, I mean…who can blame her? she’s original!

Erica on

actually…. her shorts are not hideous and i think they’re cute!!! The shirt is not very pretty because it’s all ripped up and it’s a little too small!!! She would look a lot better if she gained 5-10 pounds because she is too skinny!!! But at least she isn’t as skinny as Kate Bosworth, Nicole Ritchie, and Keira Knightley!!!

Mette on

i like the shorts.. but i think they should have been longer so they dont look like diapers..

katie on

Mischa.mischa,mischa. Bad fasion choices lately. Try that style at the daycare.

eda on

i think she looks cute. well she’s prettyy. she can pull of anything.

sarah on

i can honestly say that when i saw this picture, i was like aw sweet shorts! then i looked up close, and what the hell. they look absolutely fine except for that little extra baggage in the front. otherwise, cute as hell.

sarah on

to lisa. you’ve never seen her in anything real stylish?

where have you been looking? she’s extremelyyy stylish.

i have the same figure as her, and hipbones just happen to be there. if she pulled them up they’d look too high and it’d look, bad. she’s young, and pretty, and thin, let her wear what she wants.

Carly on

I think she looks gorgeous all the time, you people are just jealous because you wish you were tall and thin and beautiful. These shorts are hot and the shirt shows off her enviable body.

victoria on

I don’t mind the shorts, but look how skinny she is!!!

love her! on

I don’t understand you! I think that those shorts are absolutely wonderful and I love them!

Lexxi on

OMG, she looks sooo good.
But I agree, I the shots are uggh.
The Top is awesome.


delu on

sO perfect!! she’s a Goddess… her bones are showing so beaUtiful, this is beauty =D

lao on

and now everyone is posting photos of her fat and calling her out for that. SHE CAN’T WIN CAN SHE?

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