Tell Us What You Think: Emmys Red Carpet

08/27/2006 at 08:06 PM ET

We’re loving seeing all of our favorite stars glammed out on the Emmys Red Carpet- are your predictions coming true? One look has already caught our eye. Sandra Oh certainly has made the most of borrowed bling, mixing multiple necklaces by Loree Rodkin and vintage Coquette (not to mention her spinning ring!) with her lavender chiffon Vera Wang gown. She described her look for the Emmys as “czarina, last of the Romanovs. . .mixed with Run-DMC. Like a duchess.” Tell us what do you think of Sandra’s look: Royalty or rapper? Who else’s look do you love so far?

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Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

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so u want a name on

what was she thinking? Most og them are so tiny now their dresses probably weigh more then they do! The gal from closer looks lost in hers! It’s no wonder our daughters are all starving themselves!
Get real women 90 pds is not a healthy weight unless your 13!

Barbara on

Ooh, Sandra’s wearing way too much jewelry! It totally distracts from the dress.


marie on

she looks good…just because shes skinny doesnt mean shes too skinny…ur just jealous u dont have ne self control…ya know!?!

Beth on

Way too much! She looks hard rather than feminine.

Rachel on

Sandra Oh’s dress is ugly. Evangeline Lilly looks amazing. The Office rocks!!

Amanda on

She looks stunning! The combination of a romantic dress with vintage jewlrey is perfect. I don’t think the jewlery is too much. It gives her the perfect vintage touch.

Jamie on

She doesn’t look to skinny to me. But I agree – way too much jewellery.

Ellie on

i totally agree, marie! sandy looks gorgeous, and if you think she is too skinny you are jealous!

Debbie on

I think she looks beautiful and she stands out from the crowd!

PhDucky on

Rather funky–maybe fun–tiring to look at, though. Sandra’s petite frame is overwhelmed.

monica on

I can see it both ways. But she looks kind of cute.

Alicia on

She is SO cool. I think she always looks fresh and I love her look. So unique.

Lucresha on

beautiful dress but too much hardware. Great figure–she is not too skinny! Whoever thinks so needs to go on a diet herself!

Avery on

Ughhh…I’m not wild about it. Jean Smart looks gorgeous tonight! :) She definitely deserves credit.

cate on

i love the dress but i think it would have looked MUCH better if shed gone with 1 simple diamond necklace. wouldnt that have looked pretty?

foxy on

The dress is okay – TOO much jewelry that takes away from it. She’s tiny.

courtney on

The dress is great on its own. The jewelry is great also, but not with this dress. Don’t think she looks too skinny either but I don’t see a reason to start attacking other posters and assuming they are fat because they find someone too skinny – how immature!

Sarah on

I thought Sandra Oh looked stunning! She is an exotic beauty and the dress, complete with her gorgeous accessories, make her stand out from an otherwise drab crowd (with a few exceptions).

She looked gorgeous and was ROBBED of her well-deserved Emmy award.

Chelsea on

sandra looks cute…it’s pretty funky,

heather locklear was radiant on stage, as were edie falco and heidi klum. but felicity huffman looked radiant. best-dressed, hands-down.

Diva on

Sandra Oh’s dress was horrible! I think Ellen Pompeo looked stunning!

No. 1 Fan on

The color looks great on Sandra…

But I think Mariska looks spectacular – curvy and confident! And she’s setting a great example of sensible post-pregnancy weight loss.

shar on

I think Evangeline Lilly’s dress was absolutely elegant…understated but stunning.

Claire on

I think the dress is fabulous, but really doesn’t need all that jewelry. It makes enough of a statement on its own. Love the dress, not a fan of the bling bling.

Carmen Hekkala on

The gown was cute, but mixing multiple necklaces???!!!! What was she thinking???

Flavia on

I love it

abbie on

I like her dress but she accessorized it too much, one diamond necklace will do the glamour.

tallulah on

sandra oh; too much is happening all in one place, but great actress, lol.

Stephanie on

THE DRESS IS SPECTACULAR!!! The jewelry is a bit much, but it’s still a phenomenal look all together.

Irene on

I really really like it!!!!!!!

sis on

Although I live in China right now I am a western european american. I think that in general, yes movie and tv stars are too thin but Sandra Oh is simply Asian in all it’s glory. These lovely ladies have naturally petite forms and most of them don’t even work at it. So, on the question of too thin or not I think for her she is just right. In terms of dress if you look at her sense style more from a culturally diverse point of view I would say that what she favors is simply what most Asians I see favor, which is funky cute over a more elegant. I like it for her.

Kellie on

Katherine Heigl from Grey’s Anatomy was was the best dressed! She trumped all of her castmates! As usual Dr McDreamy looked gorgeous too! Gosh I love him!!!!!

Island Gal on

I like, its hot, fresh, and very indvidual

Crystal on

Sandra Oh looks terrible… But Evangeline, Eva and Debra look fantastic!!!

Gail on

love the top of the dress, the bottom is horrible, she needs to shed some of that rapper jewelry.

Celestine on

Her dress is all very nice. But when it comes to the bling, slow down! the dress would look better if it was accompanied with a nice simple, delicate necklace. lose the bling, and add on some GLAMOR!!

Lauren on

It’s not just the bling, the ruffle-plunge is horrid. It makes her look like she’s wearing a lei in addition to all that awful costume jewelry effect.

anneinvt on

simply fabulous!! Daring and Bold, and she totally pulled it off!
Kim Raver and Catherine Heigl both out did thmselves as well.

dancin on

I thought Virginia Madsen looked the best out of everyone. Great dress and GREAT jewelry!!

Isabel on

I think that she took a bold step but she looks great the dress is very prety and the jewlery looks nice

Jen on

i think that she looks ok but out of the whole Grey’s Anatomy cast Katherine Heigl looked stunning!

Ulla on

She is ugly. The dress is ugly, her hair is ugly. Everything is ugly. She needs a mirror and better yet a stylist.

Lindsey on

she looks fantastic. she is working the Marie-Antoinette style that is sure to be huge this fall/winter!!

michele on

we need better representation from the asian community in hollywood, i say. better as in hotter.

Sarah on


Ugly is an extremely nasty word. Sandra Oh is not ugly. You may not have liked her look last night, but to call her ugly is classless and completely mean.

Your behaviour is ugly.

alicia richmond on

I think Sandra looks great, that dress is beautiful!. A little too much jewelry but sometimes you need to spice things up…It’s so easy to go the safe route

erika on

i don’t think she looks bad at all…maybe all of the necklaces are a little too much, but the outfit overall is nice…

Iris on

Hey you guys!! I loved th way Sandra looked. She usually has that sarcastic edge and now we see a soft feminine side and she’s pulling it off just fine–thankyou vry much.

Sam on

Eww I hate her dress i loved heidi klums dress though

Kaitlin on

The dress is,I think, too pale and the jewelry distracts from the rest of the outfit. She isn’t too thin either.

Kim on


Gwen on

Sandra’s dress is beautiful but would have looked better with a bit of less jewelery. And the other point is why when someone says an actress is too skinny the automatic response of some is to say shes jealous. My niece is 12 and already thinks she’s got to lose a few pounds. The girl is skinny and reads all the fashion magazines. Maybe one day it will be realized that healthy is better than rib showing on tv but money is money.

sheri on

I like the look.. but not on her. And I don’t like her hair, it looks like she pinned it up in the limo

givemeafreakinbreak! on

i think we found Mrs. T

Courtney on

Sandra looks ok, too much for me.


they all looked absolutley stunning!!

I was dissapointed in how Eva Longoria looked, I wish she would have put her hair down and wore more color and a “more flowy” dress.

roxyseabreezee on

I think that most of the ladies looked super pretty! Eva Langoria looked so pretty, loved that dress!

brandi on


roxyseabreezee on

I think that most of the ladies looked super pretty! Eva Langoria looked so pretty, loved that dress!

nvalenti on

Sandra looked just OK. She’s looked better at other award shows. The dress and jewlery combo were a bit much for her petite frame.
My favorite were the “three angels”. They all still look amazing. It’s unbelievable to think they were on the air more than 30 years ago.

Sarah on

OK, enough with the UGLY comments already! Ugly is a very powerful and wounding word and should be used with caution. Everyone is entitled to their own opionion, but for goodness sake, temper it with some more appropriate adjectives.

If you didn’t like Sandra Oh’s look, then that’s your opinion. Calling her ugly, too skinny, or a poor representation of the Asian community is rude.

Sarah on

I love Sandra O, but this dress did not flatter her at all. Also, too many necklaces. Maybe without them she could have pulled it off.

Renee on

I think Sandra looks AWESOME! I don’t think her jewelry is too much or rapperish…it’s more along the lines of vintage. Everyone who thinks she looks overdone needs to get some fashion sense. Her outfit was unique and different…not something that everyone could have worn.

Kelly on

I loved Sandra’s look! I hate when all the fashion experts tell you it is cool to wear certain trends (like lots of jewelery and mixing) and then make fun of you when you do wear that trend. She is beautiful and the dress is amazing.

Megan on

Oh my GOD….I don’t even know where to start….I hate it! She looks like she is playing dress up with her grandmom’s cloths.

Lola on

I think the dress alone would have been enough. The ruffles distract from the jewels and vice versa. However, Bottega Veneta did this look on the fall runway. See Flare magazine, page 236!!!(A Canadian fashion mag).

lola on

Sandra looks LOOOOOVELY! I LOVE the dress and the jewelry make it so much better!

Elizabeth on

I think that Sandrah Oh looks fantastic. I don’t really have a problem with the jewlery, but i agree that a diamond necklace could really have dressed it up. I think that she completely pulled it off, but there were people on the red carpet, say Katherine Heigl or Heidi Klum who were better dressed. One thing i know for sure is that Vanessa Minillo looked terrible, her dress was too tight and not something you should wear to the Emmys, maybe she could wear it clubbing. Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman looked amazing.. and Grey’s Anatomy was robbed for best drama series !!!!

Cha on

I think Sandra look great and her accessories were the bomb! She looks good in Vera Wang

Allison T. on

I loved your selections of best and worst (particularly Heidi Klum in that stunning red dress), though I find it somewhat amazing that the best looking dress — and star — was pregnant! Perhaps that says something about the dearth of great designs this year . . .

KL919 on

Ellen Pompeo looked great!! So elegant. Hope she didn’t have to stand close to Sandra Oh – whoa! All that clanky metal around her neck drew attention to her neck and (long, unattractive) face. “OH” = OH NO NO NO!

Therebel on

She looks great, except the jewels! A bit too much!

alexandra on

sandra looks absolutely amazing- her dress is chic and sophisticated while staying young and fresh…i love it- and pairing it with her jewelery only added to the look. sandra is one of the few hollywood women who i know will always look great!

Vi on

It’s exactly like my prom dress (minus the half-ton of jewelry), circa 1988. It is nice to see that someone else has my mother’s taste. Brings back some nice memories. She’s Canadian, like me, so I would never say anything bad about her.

Margenne on

A little too much jewelry; the dress itself is lovely. I’m 50-50 on it. And it reminds me of Maria Bello a couple of years back with the piled-on jewelry and white satin button-front dress. But Maria did it better. Evangeline, Heidi, Katherine & Mariska (love her!) all looked stunning. Kyra’s dress was gorgeous… but that pouf has to go. That’s a “what were they thinking?!?” moment. She’s got favorite hair of the night for me, though.

emmyfan on

KL919, you got that right! Sandra Oh = OH NO NO NO!!! ha ha ha And true, her face IS too long – weirdly porportioned.

JK on


sarah on

Ohhhh Sandra! You are wearing far too much jewelry, dahling…and that dress is hideous! Looks like Grandmother’s old curtains! Sound of Music, anyone?

SunnyAng on

Gorgeous gown. Like a Virgin accessorization.

Ericka on

I think she looks tacky with all that jewelry… she should have stuck to one simple, elegant piece. Normally she picks better dresses too..

My favorite Dresses are:

1) Calista
2) Heidi Klum
3) Evangeline

Sorry but Eva’s dress reminded me of Biorks. The white swan.

PK on

Oh, Sandra! The dress is so feminine and flattering (style, color and fabric), why would you bling it to ugliness?

Megan on

I don’t completely dislike Sandra’s dress but it feels very Project Runway to me- like something Santino would have put together last season. It doesn’t seem very high fashion although it is. And I totally agree- way too much jewelry. If the shoulders of the dress were more simple and she had her hair down, it wouldn’t be so abrupt to go from a busy dress and busy jewelry to an overly simple hairstyle. And please, for the love of all that is holy, why, why, why the matching eye shadow???

Lindsey on

like I said before..
she is working the MARIE-ANTOINETTE STYLE that is already huge in europe!!!! just wait until the movie comes out here in october.. then look back and you’ll know that she looks fierce and fashion forward!!!! ps heidi did look outstanding– who is her stylist!?

Virginia on

I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked great and I am so happy she won.

yen on

i think the dress is pretty ,but she wore to much jewellery.She should have kept it simple.

Skrtachy on

That first chick from Grey’s looked like awful. And is it me, or has Deborah Messing not lost the baby weight? Oh, and Sandra Oh looked so cool. . . Very groovy, not glam come-on layered necklaces — some has a good stylist. Sandra and Kyra were so groovy and cool, relaxed and knowing. Tyra looked like a drag queen version of herself, and can we say big butt, A-line, not fishtail! Mariska looked like a fat dead garden. Eva longoria disaster! What was going on with the top of that dress?

megan on

I hope all of those pppl calling sandra ugly look like damn supermodels themselves!

Lu on

Although I would never dress myself in Sandra’s outfit, I thought she pulled it off quite nicely. Honestly, how many simple sheath dresses with dainty jewelry do people want to see? Variety is a good thing, good for her.

Peach on

Like the dress, but it would have been better as knee-length rather than formal length. And she wore so much jewelry it looked way too busy.

I thought Evangeline Lilly looked best…

Susan on

Sandra Oh-liked the dress but waaaaaay to much jewelry at the neck.

My vote for worst dressed was Candice Bergen. The outfit did nothing for her. She could have at least ironed the shirt.

Best dressed was Heidi Klum. Pregnant or not, she always looks great. Seal looked great, too.

Jeremy Piven-lose the ascot.

Best accessory-Calista Flockhart…she had Harrison Ford on her arm!

kate on

Sandra Oh’s dress was cool, a little too much hardware, but whatever. At least it was original. Too bad people on here are nasty and said she was too skinny and too ugly. Look in the mirror and deal with your own issues. Or contact Sandra and offer her your fashion advise. I’m sure she’s take it.

J. on

I think she looks beautiful, and I thought so as soon as I saw her. I think she’s soo cute.

Pamela Doughton on

This is awful !!!! Just totally awful.

abbei on

barbra, your daughter does not wanna b u

Jenn on

She would of looked amazing with only one or two necklaces.shes been wearing some really funky stuff lately. Good for you Sandra! Wear what makes you feel beautiful!

Marlo on

Loved it!!! Haha I don’t care all you haters but I think she totally rocked it. It is edgy and feminine and she has enough diva to carry it! It was tight!

Diya on

She look funny with all her jewelry.

Nikki on

I think she look’s ridiculous, she has on way to much jewlry! It’s to much for that dress!

Sophi on

The jewelry is a bit much but that shouldn’t discount the fact that this dress is very pretty. Other sites call this a disaster but I would personally wear that dress if I were a size 0-6.

jules on

like her dress but too much jewelry going on…

Holly on

The dress was nice. However, I feel like I’m going back to the 80’s with all the jewelry. Hmm.. maybe she’s bringing the 80’s back. We’ll have to watch!!

Zanna on

Can you tell us where to find a less expensive version of Heigl’s nude vintage Escada dress?? It was absolutely gorgeous & I want to find a replica to wear to a big event in Vegas. Thanks!!

chopsueyluey on

Less is always better……..

Lucya Coil on

She had it almost perfect. She should leave only one piece of necklace or just a bare chest because her outfir is already gave a sense of too much!
The less is more beautiful is apllied for her appearance!

Julie on

Sandra is not too skinny but she still has a little too much jewlery. The two best dressed in my opinion are Evangeline Lily and Jenna Fisher from The Office. When they were accepting that award (which they totally diserved) her dress was this cream color without straps but still classy and fun with a few sparkles and her hair was up which made is classical.

Denise* on

She is a great actress but WHAT WAS SHE THINKING????

Crystal A. Bennett on

Love her on the show but the dress has got to go!!!!!!!

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