Would you wear it? Forehead Bands

08/25/2006 at 06:00 AM ET

I know that Nicole Richie already wears head scarfs all the time and that Mary-Kate Olsen is known for her quirkier fashion choices, but are they serious with these across the forehead headbands? They look like a  combination of 80’s aerobic-instructor sweatbands, Matthew McConaughey’s workout gear and an elementary school Pocahantas costume. Is Mary-Kate’s actually made out of hair? I am all for trying new ideas and accessories (and I think these two are some of the better risk-takers around), but they have lost me on this one.  Tell us: What do you think? Would you wear this look? Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage;Splash News

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Angela on

I thought they were cute when Olivia Newton John made them popular in the 80’s, and wore one then! Although I wouldn’t where one now in my 40’s, I would definately encourage my daughters to wear them!

Sara on

I hate it, it looks hideous. The head scarf is ok but this…no way.

Jacqie from Holland on

Oh my Gohh! No thank you!
I most def like Nicole Richie and her style, but she has lost me (as she has lost Melissa) on this one!!!
But I look forward to her next try outs….

Sue on

The headband look that Nicole and Mary-Kate wear reminds me of the gypsy/hippie look of the 70’s. They are both beautiful girls who love to take fashion risks, so I guess it’s just their thing to try to start new trends! :) If they really like this look, more power to them, but I personally don’t like it.

Norah on

This look is ridiculous. Can I mention how HORRIBLY ugly Mary Kate looks. People will probably start wearing this retarded look because the celebs wear it. You would neverrrrr catch me wearing this. Looks like they’re going to a pow wow.

laura on

i think it’s cute (as seen on Mary Kate)if you are dressed hippie-like but that’s only when it’s cute. otherwise you would look like you are going to jazzer-size class (as seen on Nicole).

Leslie on

They look absolutely ridiculous! I don’t get these so-called “trends” at all. There was a reason people stopped copying Jane Fonda in 1985….the look was already over by then! Seriously, they’re not unique or original. They’re just trying to step back in time….and not a very fashionable time.

Cat on

I really think that its looks great, totally refreshing new look, well even though it might a repeat i say why not! Also i really think people should be open to ‘all’ fashion types whether old or new. So comon people dont be so closed and boring…just let it ride!! x

diana on

they look a little hungry…maybe they were aiming for their waists and just got mixed up due to the lack of nutruition.
Its funny they both want to be these “trendsetters” and they end up trying all sorts of stupid looking outfits and accesories until one finally catches on. heres hoping this one isn’t it.

at least mary kate dresses herself.

Ellie on

I alsolutely love Nicole and i think she has an amzing style. I also love MK (But not so much her fashion sense). However, i do not think this look is flattering at all. they should stick to the headscarf, which i think is sooo cute.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

me, myself & I on

CALM DOWN EVERYBODY!!!!! why are you guys so quick to insulting them. its not illegal or anything to try and start new trends or anything. nobody has the same style so maybe they like something that u dont, but it doesnt mean its down right UGLY or HORRIBLE. give them a brake for once.

Bunky on

There’s this scene in Platoon – I think – where Forrest Whitaker is walking through the jungle, hits a trip wire and collapses under an explosion. The camera shows a close-up of his face, and there is some kind of small band (maybe a vine?) wrapped tightly around his head. Anyway, that’s what these remind me of.

Ashley on

She looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle with that thing…its horrible!

Lisa on

cute look for young girls with long hair (and no bangs)

emily w on

this is SOOOOOOOOOOO not new…..check out all the hippy, flower-child chicks from the 60’s early 70’s and you’ll see one of these on all their heads.

anney oakley on

NEVER! I would not ever wear this! This is something I classify under the “starts could wear anything and it would be called a ‘trend'”. It looks terrible on both parties

shirley temple on

I think they look terrific….So vintage…….BLAH!

Jessica on

Hate it!!!!!!!!!!

Liza on


Kelly on

Can anyone say Rambo wannabees? Hate the look!

ellie on

I think the head bands are awesome!! i perfer the thicker head bands but the smaller ones are cool also. So rock on girls!! shouts out to tha cincinnati, northern ky,and the whole tri-state area!!!

Alicia on

I would never wear it, but Mary Kate looks cute in it. Still, this is not a trend that I can see catching on (I hope). Now Nicole Richey- I don’t know about that one. That just doesn’t look good at all. When I first saw this photo, I actually wondered “does she know she has that thing on her head”. It is kind of like walking around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Angela on

I love Nicole’s funky style, but I have to agree that the headbands are a little too out there. Head scarves are way cute, and I’ve actually been wearing them since seeing Nicole in them. Such a great way to change up your look without doing anything too drastic. But these little headbands…not as attractive. Nicole needs to get back to her scarves. And Mary Kate has billions of dollars, shops constantly, and has absolutely no fashion sense. I wouldn’t trust ANY style she puts on.

Stacia on

Ummm…. No!!

nicole on

No way!

Desiree on

I guess they got out of bed too late after a night on the town and didn’t have a change to do their hair so let it loose and the band is keeping it away from their eyes…
still don’t like it.

Tabitha on


Steph on

Looks dumb. Really, really dumb.

M on

It’s just another one of those things celebrities can pull of because they are celebrities. Because it is mk and nicole you sort of expect off beat/different choices 60% of the time. If it was a girl at the grocery store you would just think she was a hippie or maybe give a weird look.

Steph on

They both need to throw this look out ASAP and eat a cheeseburger.

Rebecca on

As much as I hate to admit it, it makes Mary Kate look like a drugie. I mean come on. She was so cute when she was a young teen WHAT HAPPENED? The Olsen twins are defintaly not someone I will encourage my daughter to look up to.

Mara on

Heck no. I’m sorry but those things are ugly.

Laura on

No way headbands are just wrong. They must be suffering from not getting enough food to think they look good.

Rebecca on

Ewww…. yuck! I agree- they’ve lost me on this one. The head scarves look pretty and keep the hair off your face. The forehead bands on the other hand, look greasy and serve no purpose.

Kathy on

I think Lindsey Lohan started this first, wearing the thicker scarves around her head this way while at the beach. In that sense, it was okay, because it looked more like a bandana and at the beach, it had a reason, to keep your hair in place–but this skinny little band around your head looks really lame…like they got drunk and their headbands slipped down and they are unaware.

Nah! And the funny thing is, they probably paid more than the $44 Brad paid for his wrinkled shirt for these headbands (at least Nicole–MK’s is her or someone else’s hair). I could see them in US next week–being offered at the reasonable price of ONLY $79!!! LOL…not at all attractive.

roxyseabreeze on

Nope, this isn’t cute at all..

Mechille on

I don’t think head bands are nice accents to fashion. Only for fitness wear.

Monique on

No! No! No! I would never wear this look. I guess it was cool in the Olivia Newton John “Let’s get physical” era but please, it’s dated, unflattering and probably very uncomfortable to wear. It would drive me nuts. I’m all for “la bohême” but this looks like Pocahontas on Mars indeed;-)

Jill on

I think this is a sure sign of the coming apoalypse.

Jessica on


Mindy on

Never, ever ever. This is a terrible idea. Please stop.

erika on

yuck yuck yuck!

Alexandra on

no way!

Ericka on

I thinks its really tacky…. are they trying to bring back the hippy era with this look? its out, they both look hideous.

jessica on

Mary-Kate has now given the hobo look another reason to crawl out of the celeb scene and die. I think hers may be a tad bit too tight (puff head). I am also shocked that Nicole is actually trying to start a trend… she is usually a follower. It’s a no go!!

rachou on

no , i though this so ugly, but every1 got his own style

Katie on

I’m not diggin’ it.

trix on

Do you think that MK or Nicole really started this trend – or their overpaid stylist? They pretty much wear what is chosen for them.

Peach on

Really, really unattractive. I love the headbands Nicole normally wears, but the thin forehead band is just weird.

Jessica on

I think those headbands explain the lack of oxygen in their brains, which explains their shortage of fashion sense. Ugly is ugly no matter how many pretty pennies it cost to get there.

Sara on

I feel that I would weara forehead band, if and only if there were matching wristbands involved.

sara on

Nicole is purely a Mary-Kate WANNABE! I’m so sick of everyone saying shes got style! First of Rachel Zoe dresses her, and all they do is rip off Mary-Kate and Sienna!And for everyone who still enjoys wearing leggings under denim minis, you can thank mk. There is nothing ORIGINAL about nicole’s style.

Rachelle on

When bad fashion happens to very bad actresses/singers.

Becky on

Nichole Ritchie and MK Olsen weigh about 20 ponds combined why do they insist on wearing 50 lbs of accessories? their purses are huge they wear way too much jewelery and their hair is always a mess.

Cheri on

A world of NO!

Nikki on

I think they absolutly look ridiculous!!!! They have all this money and they choose to wear these thing’s around thier head’s, I would never wear one around my head! What are they hippies

jenna on

i thought it looked okay. not bad not great. but it is catching on. i was flipping through a parenting mag and some of the girls in the clothes ads had them. they were cute and a bit more subtle. i think it was just leather strips. and it was trendy brands for pre teen age.

Ashley on


Amanda on

They are starting to look like members of the Charlie Manson family!!!

ariesgirl326 on

Not good… they just need some feathers coming out the back and they will be all set!!

LeAnne on

I think that is one of the dorkiest looking things I’ve seen in fashion for awhile, besides leggings.

cate on

omg noooooo.

Rachel on

Totally ugly and only people with no taste like this trend……….to me, it looks like the Native Americans’ style!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirena on

well… i think its cute… but i would never wear it… not for me…

mega on

two words: AXL ROSE, but he looked a lot better with his head gear

mimi on

it actually looks cute on both of them, but no i would never wear it.

lisa on

somebody needs to tell these girls that halos go above your head.

Lauren on

I think that this trend is cute but it will only be worn by celebrities. I don’t believe that it will become popular with the “normal folk”.

Lydia on

NEVER its 2006 not the 80’s!!!

J. on

bleh…princess laya anyone…add some funky pig-tail buns and your only short a jedi knight for a full on stars wars reunion. nicole can be adorable…but not with that…thing…on her head. i usually don’t have a clue what mary-kate is thinking anyway.

Lovely on

NOO NOO NOO….hideous so ugly

andreina on

These girl are such fashion victims, That sometimes they look ridiculous. I wonder how many guys they’ve dated ended up making fun of them!

Angela on

I am in their age range and no these are not something I would add to my accessorie drawer

Courtney on

NEVER! But Nicole Richie pulls it off.

cheryl anderson on

this is NOT a scarf it is an indian headband and they really, really stupid unless they worn by indians.

Kristin on

This look is insulting to hippies and Jane Fonda. Also, Mary Kate needs a lesson in chosing the right shade of lip color. Bright red and hippie headband are so very, very wrong.

!!! Y.H.G SHAWTY !!!! on

ii think they both look like they are on crack !!!

Anne Rogers on

Not in a million years and I don’t have a fraction of the money to spend on my hair products as these celebrities do.

Marcia on

EW! yeah I would wear it if I was dressing up as a native american princess for halloween!

peg on

as a child of the 60’s and 70’s I get a very retro hippie feel when I see them, but I love them. Although I would not wear them now, I believe the younger generation with their long hair look great in them.

karrie on

Maybe if they wore them in true, hippy fashion with a lot less makeup and competing jewelry? I could kind of see Kate Hudson pulling this look off, in an I- was-on-the-beach-running-around-barefoot- and-threw-on-my mom’s-old-tunic-and-this-band-to-hold-my-hair-away-from-my face, kind of way.

katie on

no way…it looks retarded

Kayleigh on

That’s Hot……Luvs it!!!!!

courtney on

Not happening

Dee on

Mary-Kate reminds me of myself and my friends in the 70s – hippie-wannabes in middle school. Suits her retro style, tho. With that pious heavenward gaze, it looks like Nicole’s halo slipped.

Celestine on

you’re kidding right?
is it lookalike indian tribe dancer day today?

Brooke on

Yeah, NO… definitly not!

Laura on

Uh, no. They went out of style in the 80’s for a reason! They look like idiots.

Kelly on

Yeah this look is excellent…..if you want to look like a freakin hobo…mary kate and ashley dress like they just climbed out of a cave and under a rock. So i wouldn’t copy anything they have done.

Megan on

No, no, no….they are rich, please tell them to use their money for better looking head gear, and while they’re at it…eat a cheesesteak.

ayah on

i honestly think it doesnt matter what you guys say, whether you wear them or not. mary kate and nicole richie just wear whatever they want and your complaining about how ridiculous it looks isnt going to do good. but, i would wear it, because it looks good and not because im trying to follow a trend

Kashandi on

I actually like the hippie/bohemian look.

sarah on

omg HIPPIES return ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i think jay (america’s next top model will be in tears
my eyes r burnin help

Cassy on

It really upholds the phrase “what goes around comes aorund?” i am so sure i saw this in another era!
Defeinetly a look of the past that is not meant to be revitalised. Come on girls, look in the mirror before you walk out the door, i know it may be catching but unfortently not in a flattering way. I would say for those with a larger forhead, stay we’ll away from this excentuating fashion trend!

charlie on




Ashlee on

YUCK! I hated the head scarf as well. The cute headbands are the hot things, please stop trying to reinvent something so hidious that took place back in the 70’s. It was meant for the 70’s, that’s why it hasn’t come back. I can understand stars wanting to try to reinvent a look, but please, if it was meant to come back, everyone on the street would be wearing this. The head scarf looked like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who would wear that? The Halo-Bands look ridiculous, do away with them.

angel on

i love the hippie era, i was raised by hippies, and wore this style headbands, alot in my younger years… as i got older, i converted to bandanas, (which i affectionately called my halo, and all my friends would ask me, where’s yer halo, if they saw me without one…) i had a different style and color for every day of the week, and was always complimented on them… i wore my hair loooong, and over the top of them, (just the front would show) and there’s a certain way to fold them, in order to get the design just right in front) i folded them for all my friends who wore them too. i love the look, altho, now, i probably wouldn’t wear them, just cuz i’m older, and would probably get some looks, doing so now, lol however, if i were goin on a nice long ride on the harley, (course yer leather jacket, will help pull this look off too) yup, i’d still wear ’em… i say go for it girls, whatever floats yer boat…

Shelley on

These headbands have come into style throughout each generation. Headbands over the forehead started in the 40s disappeared until the 60s. The 80s. And now fashion designers are trying to bring it back again.

C. on

Awww.. isn’t that cute.. both girls fell into a closet… and tried to dress themselves.
It looks as if they are trying to play dress up, to me. I think that half the time they both look like they need a scrubbing in a hot shower and a comb. Poor little things.

dbev on

I find the similar dark roots and lighter ends of their blonde hairdos more remarkable than the headbands. As these are both waif-like women, what’s going on that they appear to be near-clones?

Karen on

just looks painful to me…

cara on

in my opinion it depends on the person, some people look good with it, some just dont.. I myself wouldnt wear it though

Kathy on

One word: Ew.

jess on

in australia this type of thing is considered normal. Especially in melbourne amongst chapel st. You’d be surprised in our style differences.

Robin on


maddy on

I am all for the hippie look, I love the halo bands and Marykate’s style.

klds on

oh NO WAY! They were aweful in the 80’s and still are! I want to see these two wear the headbands with an orange leotard and rainbow leg-warmers out in public…neither of them have any style or class!

Red on

They both UGLYFUL! they just need an attention thats why they wore that! everybody get it?

star on

yeah, okay whatever for a few apprences per celebrity that’s it.

Kseniya on

These girls are out of ideas

penny lane on

i just want to comment on how sad it is that everyone is so quick to bash this look. give them a break! at least they’ve got some originality…most of you are probably looking at this because you have to read magazines to find a trend or come up with ideas.

Penny Lane on

Oh, and another thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this look became chic and you all missed out because you were too stuck on what the mass of people are wearing.

chubbygirl on

Sorry ladies, but ya’ll look somethin terrible!

liz on

DEFINETLY! It’s all about the 70’s = LOVE AND PEACE.
REMEMBER! Bell bottoms and All!

Timmi Vaughan on

There’s nothing to say but NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela on


Taylor on

i swear she needs a
BIG makeover

Jill on

Looks like their jeans belt scooched up to their forehead.
Maybe it was too small for their waist.

Kelle on


alannnnaaaa on

o my no way
what a waste of money and it actually loooks like it hurts! and it looks awwful!!!

i love headbands on

nicole looks HOT with the headband! shes lucky that she has the right face shape for it. i think MK’s headband look will be better if her hair was styled differently. she still looks gorgeous though…

Kylie on

Nicole Richey looks cute in everything. =] Of course, she is Nicole Richey.

Raffaella on

I think both mary-kate and ashely look absolutely incredible in all these pics, and i would much rather know where mary-kate got those beautiful boots, rather than read about some one saying ‘what was she thinking??’ personally i think she was thinking….’STYLE’.

errrrr on

whats everyones problem? im sure if MISCHA BARTON or PARIS HILTON was wearing this, then u wouldnt think there are ugly. ive liked these for ages now, and i wear them. and not just me, heaps of chicks my age wear them, the celebs have only just caught on. but whats wrong with them? there different from the alice band that everyone is wearing and make a completely new look. besides, when they were big in the 80’s im sure u all wore them and thought they looked hot so let us have our fun! oh and btw, saying these girls are out of ideas, as if! at least they have originatlity and have fun with fashion! fashion should be like dressing up and having fun!

alexis on

Ya, i would definitely wear this..i love it.

hate copy cat on

hate copy cat like nicole richie she to be mary kate?

hate copy cats on

nicole want be mary kate.

Elizabeth on

I love Mary Kate’s style.
in regards to norah’s comment, what the hell is a pow wow?

Rease on


mandy on

ok, maybe i’m alone on this, but i actually want to get one of these headbands….does anyone know where i can?!
any tips would be greatly appreciated…even if it does make me a victim of bad fashion. :)

Silje on

I love MK’s style!
And guess what? I like the headbands! It looks better on MK than on Nicole though, I have to say…

lola_forever on

MK looks good with it. as for nicole, no. it doesnt suit her at all. dont get me wrong, ill raise my fingers to my head and salute her for trying it out, but never again please.
really suits MK though.

Daniel on

It would look good if that’s all they were wearing.

igbg07 on

I give all the people below me three months, and i reckon theyll be heading up to sportsgirl keen on a forehead band. This looks awesome and its gonna take off, and youre going to be the pesismist tapping away at your computer shutting down every new trend.. for gods sake i bet you acoupe of months back you were having a go at ankleboots and now youve got your eye on that new pair up at david jones

lydia on

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these head bands.
they are sso adorable.
i love everything about the 70’s.
hippies, the whole peace && love thing…everything!
if i could go back in any time….it would be the 70’s.

Wannabe think about your in the morning. on

Wannabes Every one want tobe MK&A OLSEN with her dress sence so get your own style. nicole is wanting to look loke mary kate start look first nicole after get your own style wannnabe.

Think about your style in morning. on

Wannabes Every one want tobe MK&A OLSEN with her dress sence so get your own style. nicole is wanting to look loke mary kate start look first nicole after get your own style wannnabe.



Izzi on

well i reckon this look is so freakin hawt…but under the hair looks better so u can see it through the ffront only…and fluro coloured bands are so sex…

Bailey on

Adorable, I’m searching for them !!!!!!!!

ashlee on

ARE YOU KIDDING…..its all the new rave, you would be an idiot to not wear it….everyone who is anyone is wearing it…and its adorable

Lindsey on

I actually have one just like MK has on. My grandmother gave it to me. I thought she told me it was from the 70s though…not the 80s. I could be wrong.

Roxy on

I know most people don’t get it but i love this look! these 2 pics aren’t great examples though i’ve seen a lot of other celebs wearing it and it looks way cuter on them. but i understand some people don’t like it i did it on my friend the other day and she HATED it but w/e… & some people commenting this are WAY too mad about it its just a headband…

donny on

they look fantastic i love there collor bones
sicking out.

donny on

they look good loving da colllor bone noicle

donny on

lovin da bones nicole you look great dont care wat any1 else say loving ya look.

kyla on

well now we are in 07 and it just so happens that this look is huuuge in australia. maybe not so much the hair band mary kate has got going on but nicole richie’s look is everywhere!! and its hot…of course you have to wear it with the right clothes to save you from a gypsy look.

lexi on

i think they look cute, but you have to wear the headbands with more of a look with jeans and a pretty top. i have seen Mischa Barton and other celebs wearing headbands just like these, not just these two. i am definitely going to be wearing this soon, but not everywhere i go.

Isabella on

I personally think this look is Hot, i dont know why so many people find it ridiculous its cool chic, and keeps your hair down…trust me it will catch on, I wore one to school one day and even though everyone was saying nasty comments, the next day half the girls were rocking it…

Karla on

wow i think that looks really ugly. its no way near the new style, i usually see stars do it when their dresses down. i hate it it looks tacky, but i guess tackiness is also a new trend

moi on

for sure! so hot right now!!x

Ana on

i think this is a great look, i bought loads of bands today when i went shopping and they look great! i love the hippie look and i think it adds fun to any outfit :) x

Jenna on

I absolutely love them. They are so stylish.
I am actually wearing one now :)

katie on

I think they look great! Theres are loads selling on ebays. I esp love the sequins ones which are so trendy at the moment !

Leslie on

I LOVE EM’! their real nice but only if they arnt as braidy… maybe a stingish thing with some assesory on the side would look nice.. kinda like what Ive seen Taylor Swif wear…

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