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08/24/2006 at 10:40 AM ET

Last night’s episode six of Project Runway gave the designers a very personal challenge: to create a fashion-forward look for the everyday woman– with their mothers and sisters as the models! The twist was that no one could select their own family member to design for, and some of the designers ended up with their not-so favorite contestant’s mom. The sparks flew between Jeffrey and Angela‘s mother, and tears were shed by many. Michael and Uli once again shone, but Vincent ended up being the surprise winner. Angela and Jeffrey barely stayed in, while Robert was voted out for being continually boring. Click through to the next page to read more and leave a comment.

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Melissa says:
I almost had to get a box of kleenex to watch this episode! Everyone was bawling every 2 seconds. There were so many shockers on this one- it was like watching a soap opera! Laura is pregnant with her 6th child and broke it to her mother in front of Michael Kors and his mother Joan! Jeffrey was so sweet to his mother, who clearly adores him, and was so unbelievably nasty for poor Angela’s mom. I am sad to see Robert go, as apparently was the rest of the cast (more tears), but I have to say, I would have been flummoxed if I had gotten the largest woman in the group too. Waaaaaah. I hope next week’s episode is more of an upper.

On the brighter side, I can’t believe how good: a. Uli’s mom looks. Damn,girl. Uli should be psyched about how well she is going to age b. how much I liked Vincent’s dress. I was so sure he was going to lose this week.

Andrea says:
Being forced to think outside of size 0, 5’11" supermodel box seemed a challenge to the designers, who were asked to make everyday clothes for their fellow contestants moms and sisters. Poor Robert was sent home for his lack of creativity. Though I really  like him, I have to agree with the decision. It did seem like he just cut a few holes in a sheet of fabric. Uli really worked with the "everyday" woman though and went for the pattern making her plus-size model look totally chic- one of my favorite looks.
Jeffery came close to getting the boot and the way he talked to Angela’s mom really had me hoping it was his turn to go. In the end I didn’t think his outfit was THAT bad, but the customer is always right.

Angela says:
This might just be my favorite PR episode EVER. I mean this challenge  is really a wake-up call like no other: These are the women of America. Dress them! And there’s was so much personal baggage floating around the room, it really showed everyone’s true colors. On that note: Well done Vincent! Even though he has seemed like psycho on past occasions, he was mature and professional and amazingly positive. Yes, he had the GORGEOUS Mrs. Uli Mom’s as a model, but he did a great job. I personally think Uli’s outfit for Kayne’s mom was just a little bit more interesting. It was so flattering and perfect for her coloring and size. It was perfect.

Jeffrey.. well, what can we say about Jeffrey. I want to like him, because he the rebel-underdog, but he’s such a whiney, spoiled brat, he makes it impossible. Angela is still a twit with bad taste. It will be fun to see their next showdown.

I was never a fan of Robert or his work. I found myself missing Alison throughout the episode. Wouldn’t you have loved to see her mom? Or Malan’s? Poor Malan. I still pine for him.

Serena says:
Jeffrey was so horrible to Angela’s mom and his mom said absolutely nothing to him about his behavior. Is it that she was afraid if she scolded him for the disgusting way that he treated her that he’d fall off the wagon or go back to being a junkie? I wanted to punch him in his tattooed neck!

At least the rest of the episode was heartwarming (A Very Special Project Runway…). How much did you love Uli’s mom? Despite their language barrier, her interaction with Vincent was adorable. And props to Vincent for actually creating a stylish dress that didn’t look like it came from the Twilight
Zone. I loved the outfit that Uli created for Kayne’s mom (how funny was she saying she was going to work it on the runway and embarrass Kayne??) and Michael, as usual, came up with a fierce design.

A final thought: Is anyone wondering how in the heck Laura manages to look as impeccably styled and svelte as she does with five kids and now another on the way? What’s up with that??

Clarissa says:
Change is good. Jeffrey is bad. How can anyone be so mean to someone else’s mother? Why doesn’t he just kick a few puppies and steal preschoolers’ lunch money while he’s at it? All I know is that if he ever pulled that crap on MY mom, the authorities would need that stupid neck tattoo to ID his cold, lifeless body.

Allison says:
So many thoughts, so little order:
1. Jeffrey should have gone home, and not because he made whiny Mama Angela cry. Yes, Robert was boring but his client was happy (wasn’t that the challenge?) and the outfit didn’t make you want to point and laugh, as Jeffrey’s did. 

2. Loved Joan Kors, though when she spoke she reminded me of Kathleen Turner playing Chandler’s drag queen father on "Friends."

3. Why didn’t we get Heidi’s mater? Nina’s mami? Tim’s mom? Was so hoping for that.

4. Did anyone else rewind the lesbian kiss in the commercial? We did. (Remember, I watch PR with my husband…) Way hotter than the bitchslap in the "Workout" finale promo.

5. Six children? That’s nothing for a woman who stands all day and most of the night sewing in heels while pregnant and poured into a form-fitting pencil shirt. Go Laura! Your clothes are a little dull, but we who went through pregnancy in nothing but yoga pants, tunics and backless sneakers salute you.

6.  Finally, YAY PINENUT! We’re so happy to see Weird Vincent win a challenge. Even my husband, who takes the words "wash and wear" and "one size fits all" at face falue, could see that Vincent was the clear winner.

p.s. since i was on vacation last week, a moment of silence for Zayra getting booted off Rockstar. The stage clothes are far, far less interesting without her.

Cara says:
Captain Cranky strikes again! Of course, I’m talking about Jeffrey. The way he treated Angela’s mom was absolutely inexcusable. And that weird patchwork dress was just another insult. When this season first started, I thought Travis Barker — er, Jeffrey– would be someone to root for, but nothing he’s designed has been that impressive. The more his fashions disappoint on the runway, the meaner and snottier he gets behind the scenes. Laura apparently learned from her near wardrobe malfunction from the last episode and kept her girls restrained in a turtleneck. Too bad she didn’t restrain her mouth — I can’t believe she let it fly that she’s pregnant! But the biggest surprise in this episode had to be Robert’s dismissal. Kayne must be crying into his pageant programs. Granted, I was worried it was coming if Robertdidn’t throw some Santino-like touches onto his designs, but for some reason the judges decided to keep Jeffrey’s dress (apparently made of funeral bunting) to get rid of Robert’s basic, if uninspired, outfit. Oh well. I wish he had ripped the fringe off of Angela’s goofy dress and used it to spice up his getup. After all, it just made her outfit look like a lampshade in a brothel, not something the every day woman would wear! 

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Kelly on

I really enjoyed this episode, but it was sort of sad how perplexed these designers were for women who, some of them not even plus sized, were normal sized people. I was hoping to see all of them do a little bit better.
I really enjoyed Uli’s and Vincent’s (surprise!).
I think that Robert had been pushing his boring limit far too much already and he had been given 2 or 3 chances to change his look and he didn’t.
Jeffrey was blunt, honest and to the point. However, he crossed the line into being very rude and insensitive. I agree with him that Angela’s mom should have spoken to him, not get Tim on her side first and then have Angela play the “Mommy” to her. It’s pretty clear why Angela is a cry baby. However, like I said, the rudeness and snotty attitude of Jeffery is unacceptable and I’ve about had enough with his shenanigans.
I loved Uli’s mom and Vincent this episode, because he calmed himself down and was very patient with the language barrier. So, props to Vincent (This will probably the only time I will be caught saying that…)

Ladan on

I have to say that I love Jeffrey as a designer and person, and last nights episode did not change this feeling one bit. No I am not some crazy male womanizer or anything, but on the contrary a 22yr old woman who is very caring and respectful of other people (especially my family). And no I’m not stupid either, I am a recent college grad on my way to veterinary school in the fall so I know the importance of being caring and respectful, along with pleasing your client. He might not have said things to Angela’s mother in the nicest terms, but she wasn’t being much of a help either. She didn’t give him many options for what she liked wearing and he was right, the colors she suggested (deep purple and deep green) don’t look nice together. When she was worried about the choice of periwinkle she should have brought this concern up to him first (ex. ask how much of that fabric is going to be used since only a little was used as an accent), rather than immediately telling Tim Gunn that it wasn’t what she wanted; she should have gone to the source. Besides, I don’t think it is really anyone’s place to critique the actions of any of the designers on the show since we are not in that position and do not know how we would react. Everyone reacts to stress differently, we don’t know what is happening in people’s private lives behind the scenes, and I don’t care what people say, if you were in that position you don’t know if you would behave in the nicest manner possible (at all times) either.

Brenda on

OK, so Vincent won because he had the best design. I can accept that. But Jeffrey should have lost, not Robert, because his dress was absolutely the worst — not to mention his incredibly rude and unprofessional behavior. As for using the mothers and sisters as models, THAT was totally cool. You got a chance to know each designer on a more personal level and become even more invested. Personally, I think Michael, Kayne, and Uli should be the final three — and Jeffrey and Angela need to go, but in that order. All in all, the show just gets more and more exciting — and having Michael Kors mother as a judge was a true stroke of genius!

Krissy on

I thought Jeffery was so rude and out of line. I do not care for him one bit. I think anyone that has that much lack of respect for adults (none the less someone’s mother) and talks to them in that matter is very unprofessional. How would we have felt if one of the other designers made him mom cry?! I just thought he was very out of line and this is not the first time he has ever been rude. He preys on the other designers and we never see him say anything nice. Mind you, I have no idea how much editing goes on (he might have been chosen to portray the “villian” type person) but I think that like Vincent said “his true colors shine through” and I think that is a test of his character. I think he should have gone home! His creation was truely embarassing to that woman!

sandy on

I think Jeffrey could have been kinder to his elder….his problem I think is more with Angela than with her mother….he needs to go HOME!!!!! he has no talent and is arrogant and not entertaining

gio on

Jeffrey was rude and obnoxious. I hope that his mother really did call him to task about his horrible behavior and they just didn’t show that part. I don’t care how old my son gets, if he’s nasty and rude, I’m going to tell him. I may not do it in front of others (especially on national television) but I would definitely let him have it. I don’t care how whiny Angela’s mother is (and she really was, but not everyone can be assertive) jeffrey was still totally disrespectful. Would he do that with a high paying celebrity customer? Of course not! And if he did, he’s be out on his ear, lickity split and it would serve him right! He was disrespectful to her because he knew he could be. Although I thought that Roberts, again, was totally boring, at least it was not totally UGLY as was Jeffrey’s. It was disgusting, and I believe that he did it on purpose. I agree that both Jeffrey and Angela need to hit the door next. Although he won, and rightfully so this time, Vincent will be a close 3rd behind Jeffrey and Angela.

Sheila on

I am not only disappointed on who went home, but by the actions of one of the mothers.
Yes, Robert’s dress was boring, but that is what his client wanted. We all have different tastes and not everyone wants to dress in the unique way that Heidi K. does.
Let’s face it Jeffery’s dress would have been on a 90% off rack in any store.

How Jeffery’s mother did not walk over and smack him upside his empty head is beyond me? To make excuses for rudeness is never O.K. Even my ten year old son understood that while watching the show. Obviously this was acceptable behavior while he was growing up (if he has grown up that is).

Meraji on

Jeffery’s behavior was unacceptable. Angela’s mother was his client, and anyone who has worked in even basic retail knows that even with your most difficult clients, you have to maintian your professionalism. He not only failed MISERABLY at this, he made the whole thing very personal with the “insecurities” comment. He had met this woman, what, two times and he’s commenting on her insecurities? Are you kidding me? That would be unacceptable in any situation, and especially in one where he is the employee. His mother should be ashamed of his bad manners. And, Angela should have stood up a bit more assertively for her mom. If somebody made my mama cry, i’d let them have it!
And, also, this was a very uneven and unfair comptetition. The designers that had slimmer models had an easier task for them because that’s what they’re used to desiging for. And, yes, it was sad that so many of the designers were lost with the heavier models. I mean with all the makeover shows, and stores for heavier models (Lane Bryant, the Liz Claiborne store–i forget its name), any fool who lives in America could have done a better job than most of the designers.
Finally, Uli should have won. Robert’s was boring as hell but if i was a plus size, i’d rather wear that than wear Jeffery’s ugly tent and vest ensemble. Vests? Are you kidding me???

Rita on

OMG! I can’t believe Angela allowed Jeffrey to be soo rude to her Mom! That was not right he’s just jealous because Angela has won a challenge and he hasnt even won one. Believe me i am not an Angela fan but Jeffrey should use his energy on making better outfits instead of fighting with the Kesslar’s, loser! I looove Laura so much isnt she awesome? I cant believe and I am so happy she is pregnant she looks awesome! I was still really sad to not see Allison and it was Robert’s time to go.. Although I would’ve switched him with Jeffrey for being such a jerk.

Jennie on

I really loved Uli’s ensemble. She is a great designer and I hope to see her name in the fashion industry very soon.
I was greatly disappointed by Jeffrey’s behaviour towards
Angela’s mom. It seems like he went through a lot in his life and it clearly shows through his behaviour. He has not only showed disrespect towards Angela’s mom but he also slapped his own mom in the process. If Jeffrey was my son, I would’ve probably kicked his ass on TV. He is not a good designer and he should’ve been OUT last night. Robert’s ensemble may have been boring but still far better than Jeffrey’s mega ugly whatever it is.

michael on

I think tim set up jeffrey with this one, knowing that angela and jeffrey don’t get along with one another, and have to fit angela’s mother with a suitable garment. I think jeffrey was absolutely right about his garment. Even though his garment wasn’t what you expected to be, you have to admit that angela’s mother wasn’t being more cooperative with his decision on her garment. You would think that your mother would be more supportive of your work, and not whiny. Robert had vincent’s sister and pretty much did what she asked for in her colors, which robert wasn’t to fond of in the first place, and he lost, which was a mistake. I think angela should have been “YOUR OUT”. Her comments about jeffrey were derogatory and a cheap shot at jeffrey . Also my mother thought the crying with angela’s mother was well acted out, and will burn more fuel with angela and jeffrey through-out the show.
If you watch other programs such as (blow out-what not to wear-miami ink,etc..) your pretty much at the discretion of the host. The host doesn’t want to see anybody leaving their program not looking their best.
That’s why putting your faith into someone you don’t know might turn out better than you thought, so give it a chance (angela’s mother should have gave jeffrey a chance before judging him).

pree on

I think Michael comes up with creative designs and changes the styles each week. Uli, although great, uses the same patterns, material, and floral pattern in her designs each week. I think you have to give Michael the upper edge just in his creativity and his insight for each piece of clothing.

Annie on

as much as i also thought that jeffrey was rude to angela’s mom, it also really bugged me that she was such a manipulative victim. she waited until tim came in to say that she didn’t like the colors and it was pretty obvious through angela’s coaching in the fitting area that she and her daughter were making a joint effort to get jeffrey booted. i don’t like people who play games and play innocent so i must admit that angela and her mom tend to bug me. that said, jeffrey should have taken the high road this time and match his attitude to his talents. he won’t get far if he punishes his clients for their opinions. i’m glad he wasn’t voted off, he’s one of the most talented of the bunch.

Evy on

I think that Angela’s mom should have the same class as Laura’s mom. Laura’s mom did not like the outfit but she kept her opinion to herself rather than bad mouthing and sabotaging her daughter’s competition. Angela’s mom said that she felt bad that she was limiting his designs then she turned around told Tim that the dress was awful. I thought that it was a straight up sabotage.

jessie on

I thought Mr. Jeffery was waaaaaaaaay out of line, he was very disrespectful and I think he should have gotten booted for his nasty attitude.

Chelle on

Okay let me start off by saying that I think that the judges made the correct decision to send Robert home…week after week his designs were boring, blah, there was nothing to them…now that said I also think that Jeffery did a terrible job this week…however, i do think that what he said at the end of the show was correct…he was trying to listen to what Angela’s mom said (which by the way was very miss communicated) at the same time he was trying to create a design of his own…he is a GREAT designer…no i don’t always agree with how he handles himself, but he is in fact a great designer…which is what this show is about…i think that last night he was stressed, like all the other designers, but handled his stress in a different way…although i think Jeffrey was EXTREMELY rude in the way he talked to Angela’s mom…i do think that what he said to her was correct…she did not need to go behind his back and talk to Tim…she should have said something to Jeffery first…and what was up with her crying?!…I also think that Angela “coaching” her mom was completely wrong…but all in all i think that the designs from last night we for the most part pretty basic…i would like to see all the designers step it up a notch!

Danette Roark on

Every year there is one designer who should be booted off, but they keep him and let someone more deserving go! I waited for Santino to go last year, and this year I feel the same way about Jeffrey. He is a jerk, and isn’t talented enough to get the free pass he got last night.
Also, was it really such a challenge to design for a plus size woman? Most of the designers were completely dumbstruck, please, welcome to the real world! This episode was boring, unfair, and an insult to all women over size 2!

Sober Chick on

Jeffrey is a very talented designer. He is wonderfully passionate. Yes he is clean and sober today but sadly he still displays the behavior of a sick alcoholic/addict. Angela’s mom hit it right on, she recognized so much “Anger” in his voice. Ego consumes his character and he seems to build resentment towards many (not just Angela’s mom). This is not good for someone of his make-up. I hope that he will be able to humble himself and put Ego on the back burner.

Ann on

First of all, I think that last night’s episode was very interesting and dramatic. I just love how each episode is full of surprises!!
I totally sided with Jeffrey over Angela’s mom. She was just plain annoying. Jeffrey is the designer whose future is at stake while Angela’s mom is just a model for a day. Also, you have to feel bad for Jeffrey who got to pick last. Maybe there was a reason why Angela’s mom was the last model standing.
I thought Uli’s mom was totally gorgeous! I also thought it was cute how she and Vincent communicated, even though they speak different languages!!
Robert’s sister was gorgeous. Too bad he got sent home. I was hoping that Angela would get booted off.
And Kayne: what a transformation!! It’s so great to see people turn their lives around and come out of the bad and embarrassing past.
I still can’t believe that Laura is a pregger!! She looks great for a mother of nearly six. I do feel bad that she didn’t tell her husband!!
Lastly, I hoped that either Uli or Michael would win the challenge. I’m happy for Vincent, but I honestly thought their outits were better.

Karen on

Jeffrey is a punk! No one should treat anyone’s mother as rudely as he did and he made a horrific dress. Excellent work Michael and Uli. Vincent . . . okay, he pulled one off (thank goodness for normalcy). I love this show!

Jodi on

I think Angela and her mother are pathetic. There was clearly a lack of communication between Jeff and Angela’s mother, but for her to railroad him behind his back, and then act like a hurt child when she got called out on her actions is inexcusable. Shame on her and Angela. Jeff was right to defend himself. I wouldn’t have been so kind!!!

Madison Porter on

Jeffrey was extremely disrespectful towards Angela’s mother. yea there were miscommunications but jeffrey went freaked and went overboard. nobody was trying to embarass him like he said. i dont know but he needs to calm down and start learning his manners. he seriously has a problem.

debbie on

Jeffrey is so rude and his creations have to be the ugliest things I have ever seen. Saw Angela’s outfit in Macy’s the other day. DID NOT LIKE IT! Those little flower things she makes and sews on everything are hideous. Michael has to be the most versatile and he has good taste.

Leslie on

Even though I despised Angela after the episode in which she worked with Vincent, it truly broke my heart to see her mother cry. I think Angela’s mom was actually making an effort to be polite. That can’t be said for Jeffrey. On the contrary, Jeffrey was blatantly disrespectful. She is his client, and if he can’t create good relations with a client, then he doesn’t need to be in this competition. He’s like an angry teen who escaped from a detention center. I don’t think I have ever heard him say anything positive towards ANYONE. As for his clothes? They aren’t as creative as he is given credit for. You see the same crap in Hot Topic at the mall. Please, someone knock this jerk off his high horse!

Melissa ferme on

I thought it was such an unfair challenge. Some women were huge and I do not think designer who had them had any chance to win… and if you notice, the designer who were at the bottom had, for a majority, the big mama. To me it would have been better to give them all bigger models and see what they would be able to design.

Cassandra A. on

Okay everyone knows by now that Jeffery is a weasle and should have been sent packing. That was the worst shapeless piece of cloth ever made, and I should know I took sewing in Home Economics in junior high, and what we made back then was better than that. What I can’t get over is how young Michael Kors mother looked, I thought she was his sister. Too bad he didn’t get those good anti-aging genes, just the good fashion sense.

Cathy on

I love Michael. He seems very grounded and down to earth. As far as the fight….that is a pretty petulent, fussy group of people, Jeffrey is just a little more so. I would have loved to have seen what Keith would have done with it!!

mary on

I think that Angela is to blame for what happened with Jeffrey and her mom. Egging her mom on was just wrong. Her mother was just too sensitive and passive/aggressive for me and Jeffrey was a jerk. Why did his mother lecture Angela’s mother but not Jeffery? I thought Uli rocked this week and should have won. She was creative and flattering for the plus size woman. Whoppee…Vincent was nice to someone and made a flattering plain dress for a smaller person. Michael and Uli are the ones to beat as far as I am concerned. Kayne makes alot of clothes that show up wrinkled on the runway…including Miss USA’s dress she wore at Miss Universe. I kept wanting to have her pull it down where it was bunching…but I do like Kayne and his designs except the garbage insanity moment last week.

rhonda on

I just found these comments and i’ve LOVED reading all of them! You have said it all. Angela’s mom was simply trying to be polite and trust me, anyone more aggressive would have given Jeffrey an honest opinion in a MORE voacal way. I’m happy that Jeffrey has recovered so well from his addictions but he needs to work on his emotional and social skills. I’m not always thrilled with Vincent’s designs, though I loved his dress for Uli’s mom, but his real caring sweetness showed itself when he told Jeffrey he needed to make it right. I can’t believe the other designers did not give Jeffrey some kind of grief and remind him that he would not want his own mom treated and talked to so rudely. I thought Robert’s design might have been “boring” but it was a real design that his model may have bought. I cannot say the same for Jeffrey’s unflattering design. What does it matter if something has a “point of view” but it is ugly and unwearable?
I loved the comment above that said this challenge should be a wake-up call to designers. I was shocked and disappointed that these talented designers have never even considered designing for the real woman even though many of them appear to have shared homes with REAL sized women.

Rob on

Jeffrey seems to think he’s God’s gift to fashion (how did we ever get along without him?!) And he never puts forth any effort to be decent with anyone on the show, he’s very back biting. And all I can say is if he’d been that rude to my mother, I would have wrote another letter on his thick gross tattoo’d neck! Angela’s mother did nothing wrong. Jeff just seems to have this big chip on his pathitic little shoulders and he made what should have been a very pleasant event for all out to be an akward and upsetting one. I mean who cares if you’re a recovered alcoholic and drug addict if your still a mean person! And he should have been voted off for that horrible HORRIBLE dress as well as for his conduct. The winner Vincent? personally I dont like the guy or his designs…he’s weird. Michael Korrs should have slapped him around a bit last week for getting mouthy with him for the recycled challenge when he said “I get off on it.” Frankly I thought Uli should have won this week for that beautiful and flattering butterfly top.

Naz on

I agree with those of you who believed Angela’s mom to be a passive-aggressive and manipulative woman. She, like Laura’s mom, could have been more graceful about the situation by acting like a mom… and not just to her own child. She probably isn’t used to being around such eclectic and creative people with lots of tattoos & so she felt threatened by Jeffrey. However, she’s clearly older than him and as a mother she could have had a much better approach instead, she very comfortably fell into her fat-girl victim role. Quite frankly, I doubt anything would have looked right on her. Also, keep in mind that Jeffrey used to live on the streets, I think we should praise him for his recovery and his ability to relatively keep his cool with the “victimized mom” than bash him for not being able to create a nice outfit with Angela’s mom’s negative voice and energy around him. Angela and her mom both need to seek some therapy.

Sharon on

I love this show!! It is the only one I really look forward to every week. I was really appalled to see the behavior of Jeffrey last night. Wow, is he an angry man. Now I salute anyone who has overcome their problems with addiction and I commend him for staying sober. However, that does not give a person the right to suddenly be downright mean to other people. Somewhere in his recovery he forgot how to be grateful and loving. I wonder if Jeffrey has always been an angry person, drunk or sober? Sometimes, even when someone gets healthy, it doesn’t always improve their core nature of being a mean, jealous, or vindictive person. You would think that starting over would mean you are a new person, but sadly that isn’t always the case. I hope he has a chance to see his behavior on TV and make amends and learn soomething about himself.

Anne on

I’ve worked with many bright, talented substance abusers in recovery. That anger Jeffrey displayed comes quickly, begins with fear and is rooted in the biochemistry within his brain. On a good day, he is having to control more fear and anger than the rest of us deal over our entire lives. Given that he so wanted to do a good job while appearing before millions of people, some of who will make or break his career, Jeffrey displayed remarkable control. Yes, of course his behavior was rude. No one knows it better than him. And the hard work of his recovery shows.

Leasa on

Uli should have won this challenge — her outfit definitely complimented Kayne’s mother’s coloring and body shape. Uli’s and Michael’s were the only ones I could honestly imagine any woman wearing. Vincent’s dress was boring bordering on sophomoric – no collar in the back? What was that? It look like he ran out of fabric or just plain couldn’t figure out how to make one. I am disgusted with the show b/c it is so painfully obvious that the show is more concerned with ratings than actual work. Vincent is still there…I’ll tell you folks, I look at Michael Kors’ clothes now and wonder what he thinks since the decisions on this show are so bizarre. I wonder if anyone else does that as well.
Laura and 6 kids – you go girl. Just do me a favor Laura –the promo showing your children running around the house with baseball bats while you pose looking chic makes me very nervous….no matter what happens on PR, PLEASE take the baseball balls away from the children and tell them to behave in the house!!!!

allison on

I know that Jeffery was rude to Angela’s mom and everything, but come on people! Stop acting so outraged by it because A) he was under an incredible amount of stress. Could you make a garment for an uncooperative woman with a body type you’ve never made a garment for before in a day? B) All his other designs were amazing and he is an incredible designer, and C) say it with me people, REALITY TV SHOW.Everyone can stop being so insensed like it actually happened to them. It didn’t. But of course, that’s only my opinion.

Kim on

Hard work of his recovery? Do it on his own time, if Jeffery is such a mess that he can’t deal with his career challenges professionally, then he should spend some more time alone, instead of being a calloused ass who couldn’t make it in the real proffesional world.

ginny allee on

come on get real. jeffrey was a horse’s ass. no matter what a mother says and does you do not respect a person who is older than you. what has happened to jeffrey to make him soo evil.i guess his mother should have been treated the same way. jeffrey,vincent and angela has to go. i thjink jeffrey has the hots for angela and she won’t give him the time of day. that’a why he is so mean. try kayne, now that robert is gone he may need a friend.

projectrunwayluvr on

OMG jefferey was terrible on that episode! How could he possibly be so mean to angelas poor mom…i totally want to punch him in the face after that episode! The worst part is they didnt make a good outfit either…i really wanted to see jeffery leave the show instead of robert….poor robert….btw his sister is GORGEOUS!!!

so is uli’s mom!!

Fredda on

I would like to agree with anyone who felt there was a basic unfairness built in to this challenge. A morbidly obese woman should not be categorized as the “Everyday Woman.” Women like me qualify: not a size two; more likely a size 12-14; figure having settled after menopause; bit of a spare tire; not buff but not shapeless either. Whoever posted the comment that all the relative models should have been equally heavy to be fair is right-on. Tell me, how do you design for a woman who is so overweight? And I don’t mean a size 16. Especially with 30 minutes to map out a design, and one day in which to “Make It Work.” The episode made for great tv, but it wasn’t a level playing field.

Sue VanKampen on

I think Jeremy was very much out of line. That lady was a big lady and just wanted to make sure he understood that she likes being covered. He is very prejudice told large ladies I think and I wouldn’t buy something of his if I could afford it just because of his prejudice attitude. I also think he should have been the one dropped this week. Thanx for letting me express my opinion.

Amanda on

On the contrary, I had a big problem with this challenge. In theory, to design for the everyday women was a great idea. However, the challenge was to make the everyday woman feel comfortable and accentuate her body. The judges seem to have forgotten there was NOT a level playing field and awarded the best design to the person who had an EXTREME advantage of having a thin, blond model. What was the challenge in that?? Jeffrey should have been out, not Robert, who was merely trying to please his client, SUPPOSEDLY one of the purposes of the challenge. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the judging of this show. It seems as though they pick who they “love” and “hate” and then bend the requirements to affect the outcome to their liking. Shape up, bravo! This show is about the design process, not drama.

kim on

I agree with Amanda, it didn’t seem fair that some of the models I’m sure have trouble dressing themselves. Micheals dress was great but that girl looked like any of the normal models. Which could be a representation of the everyday women, but the pool of which to choose from was wildly varied. Jeffrey’s outfit was garbage, I think they kept him because he’s so edgey, better for ratings.

diane on

Ulis’ was the winner. Roberts, was good, she asked for red and black and she is heavy people!!! I was not surprised at all the slender models got picked first. Kaynes’ looked bad. Vincents’ was acceptable but WHY IS HE STILL THERE? Lauras’ was bad. Jeffreys’ was HORRIBLE and he acted the same. I am a plus size so I have a different take. I found the entire show hillarious. These designers did not know what to do with the large models. Wake up… the average woman is not a size 0 and a Heidi Klum lookalike. I think it should win an Emmy on this episode for its comedy factor. I am not laughing at the models I am laughing with them.

Hardcore sexy on

jeffrey is soooo coool i dont care what he did he deserves to win the show. i hate angela no offense.

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